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I Year, - - - $3.00
,conths. - - - - 1.50
t1 V.IPT173lY( 11AT UAS:
* I ). t . L ; i I I .'L),; , 1 i' .1
11-i-, inrer
I'1. -5.) tciai tf) Itcti'L adver
ReA'-r rates ch trged for obituazies.
Orders for Job Work solicited.
This newspaper is iot respunsible for
-oons ad views exptessed anywhere
i -,e than in the editorial column.
All articles for piblicat.itn must be ac
zompan.ed by the true name of the author
nd written in respectful langumge and
rittet on one side of the paper The true
ame required as an evidence of good faith
All communicatsons-editorial, business
lodal-should be addressed to THE
W. D DOUGLASS, Editor.
JAS. Q. DAVIs, Treasurer.
W. J. ELLIo'rT. Business Manager.
Thurs lay. October 17. :. 15
IT looks like Talbert will be with
Irby on the suffrage question, he hav
ing announced that he is opposed to
any property feature.
TEE Mississippi plan, .pure and sim
ple, is a traud, pure and simp'e, and
to adopt such a plan, pure and simple,
is to propose fraud, pure and s-imple.
as being epposed to the property fea
ture of Mr. Tiilman's suffraue report.
If you don't have this feaure, Mr
Talbert, how are you to eiwin-te the
negro, abQut vhich yon an.1 yur
friends have had so much to siy r
This is one time that we -hali 1:ave to
go with Senator Tillman.
all things personalities and partisan
vghts shon1d be kept eu of the con
vd-nion. If any memb.-r has a good
suggestion to make, he shonld offer it
as an cmendmeut at the proper time,
and it should be discussed briefly and
dispassionately." You show your
sense, Mt. Talbert, and you are ex
actly right. See if you can't convince
MeRsrs. Tillman and Irby that you are
Now TIAT the convention has reas
sembled, we presume that the battle
between Senators Irby and Tillman
will begin. We hope tYat these two
dis:inguished gentlemen will spare the
people of the State, and!r:ot consemne
too much time in trying to decide
which has been most devote,d to tbe
"Reform movement" and which one
of them has done the most for it. The
people of their respective counties
have sent them to the convention to
frame a constitution, and not sor :he
purpose of affordirg them an oppor
tunity of showing which one should
gain political power. If they discuss
strictly matter-s that are proposed for
adoption in the constitutio.n, all very
well; but a me.re political fight be
tween them will be a u-eless expense.
Ridgeway, Oct. 14.--Our bustling
little town has beet in quite a commo
tion for th.e pa--t thrtee days, e tused by
the presence of th.o Fairfield Baptist
Association meeting with the Baptist
Church. of this place. This association
is composed of thirty-one churches,
a,nd while it is not the largest in the
State, yet it has within its bounds
some of the abiest minds of the Bap
tist denomination. The churches were
fairly well represented by tbeir pastors
and numerons delegations; but the
hospitality of our little town and
vicinity was equal to the occasion -all
found homes and a h..arty welc->me.
It is conceded, by those~ th'tt k:now
whtereof they speak, that this menlig
was one of the abiest and most inter
esting held for many years.
The body was organized by th,e
re-election of Dr. B. J. Quattlobsumi
moderator, W. R. Rabb treasurer, and
*Wm. G. IIinnant was elcted clerk.
We noted among the delegatesd>res
ent Dr. Osborn, of the Benedict Col
1e.ge. We have met few men that im
piresssd us as Dr. Osborn, possessing,
as he does, a highl> cultivated nd,
a courtly and Christian bearing, with
the happy faculty of grasping the
situation as few men are able to do.
To know him is to respect him.
The session was a busy one and
much work was accomplished. The
discussions were not only interesting,
but highly instructive, and no one
could listen to them without being im
pressed with the magnitude and im
portance of the work in which this
body was engaged.
R'ev. E. A. McDowell preached the
introductory sermon on saturday, and
Dr. Lindsay, of the Baptist Church,
Columbia, preached the annual doc
t rinal sermon on Saturday. Rev.
L. T. Carroll, of the Second Baptist
Church, Columbia, preached the mis
sionarv sermon on Sunday, at the close
of which a collection of $3o228 was
taken up for State missions.
Alter this service, the body con
vented for a few moments to c!ose up
the business of the session, and to an
nounce that Little River Church would
be the place of next meeting and Fri
day before the second Sunday in Oct*o
her, 1896, the time. Delegate.
For Over FIfty Years
been used for over fifty years by millions
of mothers for their children while teeth
in -, with perfect success, It soothes the
chil:1, softens the gums, allays at' pain,
eu;r- wind colic, and is the ben: ren:edyv r
tor I larrho~a. It wilt rel!eve !.e* p-r Hi
tie sufferer immuediately. Soi' by )>rue
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f:' ants a buttle. He sure a::d ask f
a~Irs. Win.dowv's Soot!:ing Syrut)." an
aeo no other kind.:/ v
One of Co'unbia's Best Citlrens Dies
After a Very Brief Illness.
Columbia Register, October l.
After one short week's illness one of
,olumbia's most popular and esteemed
itizens, Mr. Joseph Means English,
,esterday afternoon at 6 30 o'cock
>reathed his iast, dying us he had
ived, calmly and peacefully. Al
hough his scores of friends in the city
6nd State had been somewhat prepared
'or the worst, the ann-mucement of his
intimely end will be a shock to all.
[t was known several days ago that
leath waa inevitable, and no one real
zed more fully than did Mr. English
.imself that the end was merely a
matter of a short time. He bore the
:>rdeal as only such a man as be was
::ould bear it-with rare fortitude and
ravery. He was a man whom men
telt proud to know and call friend.
Though unassuming and of a retiring
disposition, his manly manner, his un
usual kindliness of heart, and affl
bility made every one his friend, and
all selt better for kno-wing him. lie
was a manly man, upright and honest,
brave, true as steel, yet possessing a
heart thoroughly human, which com
bined with his gentle manners and
erous instincts, tide all know him
only t love him. From his scl,ool
days and college days on through life
he was popular with all classes, and it
can safely be asserted that he was a
man who bad no enemy.
He was born on May 15, 1852, ill
this county, and consequently was in
the 44th year of his age. He was a
son of the late Col. Johi English, long
a resident of Columbia. and Maria
Coulter Means. He was a graduate of
the South Carolina College. Some
years ago he married Miss Annie Rus
sell, of Augusta, Ga., and she with
two children, a son and daughter, sur
vive him.
He was a member of the First Pres
byterian Church, and without any
'ostentation, he lived the religiouii he
For years he has been in the business
of dealing in lands. At the time of
his death he was the traveling agent of
the British-American Land Loan Com
pny, which company held him in the
nig!iest esteem and trusted to his abiL
Lv and discretion transactions of the
u most consequence.
The malady that cut off his life in
the prime of perfect manhood, was
Brigit's disease, which only made is
appearance a few days before be took
to his bed, a week ago.
He leaves one brother. Mr. B,:verly
English, and one sister, Mrs. Sadler
He was a man of tLe highest char
acter, and of sterling worth to any
community. By his uitimely :.dcath
Columbia loses a valuable citizen.
The funeral services will be held at
4.30 this afternoon at the First Presby
terian Church, and the remains will be
interred in the churchyard of that
church where repose the remains of
his ancestors.
Mr. English made occasional visits
to Winnsboro and made many warm
friends by his genial and gentiemanly
irtercourse with all who came in con
tact with him. We bear testimony to
the tribute paid his memory in the
above article, speaking from personal
experience. His death is a great loss
t> the city of Columbia and to the
State of South Carolina.
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Coiitigation, Bad Blood
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Cotton States and International
SEABOARD AIR LINE. Mary M. Armstrong vs. George 11
McMaster, James A. Brice, Theias
H1. in t0cWn. Mary E. Ketchin, and
. N Thoma.- K. Elliott, as Agent of Jen
YESTIBULED LIMITED !nie . lRAMough, (substituted tor
Upon which no Extra Fare Is Charged. Hen v *.1 io tt.)
IN n et. o4L ait order of the
SOLIDT( IL ( on Pleas, made in
SOLI TRINSthe abo% -~g iase, I will offer for
Chareston and Columbia to Alanta sale, bel:0r, o 00ourt House door it
without change. Winns mro,' ;., on the
CHEDULE. 403 41 45 nx,wti h glhuso ae
vCatawba. .. .10.29 a m 9.50pm !... ...Wi
v Chester..1105a m 10.38pmi...... . (1)"l htcrantatcnC
v Carlisle....11.2 an111.09pm ...... touGo I l~ntr a.A
v Chiarleston...!........ ....-----' 7-00 a BieadTo.I.K thn w De
v Sumter..... .............. 9.44 aofenanJeing,atdrdD
Lv Columbia:: ... ...... 5.00pm 11.15 a cme,18,cnann
Lv Prosperity.. .... 7.28pm 12.29nl
Lv Newberry........... 7.8pmi I12.43 p TOhNRDADSXNVFV
Lv Clinton. ....12.29 n'n112.0sn't 1A 40p
v Greenwood..t2.57 pm .04 amnl 2 34p Ace,pr re~ nteha ae
lv A bbeville... . 1.24 pn m'145 amI 3.00 p io iteWtreCek n one
v CalhounFalls! 1.46Gp m 2.16 am 3.2G pbyandofRsGale'1.1tic
r Atlanta..I 4.09 p m' 5.20 aml1 6.4 pan Fr ci Geig n te R ck
Trains 403 and 41 are composed of adcneetoTos11Kthi
e handsomest Pullman Drawing-yDedc .B Ptirw,dtdt
Roo, Bffe Slepng arsandD - N9t Augu, eS0 oainiodenfg h
No.; 4-3 ("TheoAtlontPleas,imade it
ves~iuiedfromend ~~o ~ the :abor: les boundaed by riloafe fro
o7,lTed ~oi'1frm Va.ti'fln , I. isal,hbor to A fourd tFIuedr, it
~ 4 ~ oltrtec ohifro:iP~ts- evW lnnsrgi ;.,on he alr a
mont toAtlata it :"fl ch ~ puoflicT utry, ato the D hig east der
Ne. 5, ip~?dof Dy (oace~, (1.) "Aloall that certain tract cee
isopraed~oidfomChrl~i:i~j an c~~ ato us (Geo. I-. M Masn
Atana th~.gl Si:t.r,' o1zn'i~ e:, asA.Brice and Thos. II . Ketch yDe
Proseriy atut ewiry)wit of enjamin Deedfnncng dathedrt rdate
change 7ceMer, 188, containig
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~at~va....~.. . 120. M O 5~5of WilliA. Iohn, ndf vans. JolmW
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iosperity.am...New erry w it 0 tdlinatDed o sadnty Cthrtdter
aemer ' 17th65 40 B Marb, 880). Tcontwon stng n
Clinton ain...'.... (ase.ge. in 1h0 ione mtract ben the T saCREyed
poritnw ground.... asi trouhl se o' or Thosa, . etched by land now. Ker
rs via yline are.... bu.ded. C C P.,ne oen 3rdn oMrs. ag
uabonTals......I56 (5.) "Also al that certain tract of
-land, c4uit g abu .w ilsfo h
-OLMNA-i A.L C.l dal . e-hOlNu ]JNRE AehnD byV ACeEdfs
Januay 7th 1896,It'eor le, designte by thieletter
-da sa plarof raurve in te cas
Otaba.........s. s1210 -a:' o I 5e 45 of.cs Wo.. A. Cook, pint vs. Joel b.
asero........... 11 5 l I'9 SmAsh,ord . d ot r, defendants,. and
raseson.......... 13 95~7f7. 1025- 20Oesttehf ird t. Ashford inoC tO
tonte............. e be6 trato ines oundred ad Fity Acres ~n
umd, ...........d., 1xib t .fo~i F .E ei n t d n sial t y t el te
wher ........ CLfri 910| Mi5e 4G the (Rlac 850).fo T e twiofs oe
itnSatso .......... 8Gi35 ti tioand toras, in twe ame conveyed
niew.te od....... Bnih 15i5 ad itaThmas, H.iKthinet by W.e~ f.hr,
bvili l ........... th, 40|b 4~ l0re he whole P., onnd vmber, 1884.va
lb ud n l.......5e5 a 5e 19 to 5.) "sec r , aly th at cerb ti theact of
moogmanyothe ~IYActO1l5 .Aab,d te aboute rptimlyesfomthe
DATnESe O S.IdMexiAhvMags sirr Then puchisor o, )uconveyem toa
1.tUho A.Tket old haiv y th > dil Toassry perimnby Ded-s
-embe a5:h with exatrem." hin .A. srace; al ashignee oiR
anuary 7h, 18,oF.ethieprhs er ort .roeme1 r,186
LUMN f.o tickets eid "T lly & De- cohaers.
e mer Seeti, wit r exremerioit 1 Clr' -mee. .. C. PEr.riv
la e rmde 1 fute. ni-ainWnsoo .C,Ot 2 ~5
LiMnhduo E- Titpldatiy io any .Acres moeo htdv :nddb
embe o0th, ebo Aith exue, 0 wto i -ea' F -r oa,6 -- ofW.E
lavsL fr.omdate fsl.Sih 1. 1L. En i, oR , WAl. - .an
TrafficManagE (~en.~ A Ft 10 dVL fl ae r."i)I ot
'pases mT Jo mN Verese:a . E Lp e-thir be oe tbe Curtha se (::0y1t
on et eld in meica II re on e a i i n c ashbe (en g the 2ndo bul- ,n
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Ald pesof ravin cxio andthe day ofandle,uDavable annuu ly, unDi.
ic Contn o he oet pe.ece ilpre- to b. securden,th bond of Caher pur
oog amay othir officons,m Ab of Otepeiesrsecieyod
mest ad o Mexi ca n bei-ag e, o i The Cucale o:rV puc s rsni to pay
h ohos pepe aeehct*dil o any ncesa y bi es adfr eod
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10-15 Atlanta, Ga.
Between Loyd and S. Pryor Streets.
Within half black of two car lines
leading to Exposition.
By 11c day, week, or inoth.
10-15 Proprietress.
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worn and weak, and vitality is at a low ebb. The brain fcrce is
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the mind becomes timorous and melancholia takes posssession.
he digestive organs fail to fully perform their functions, the heart's action
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ke Dr. tiies Nervine to restore health.I
'-I feel it my duty to inform you what your Nervine has done for me. I
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ms trouble, which gradually grew worse, notwithstanding I was under
e care of a physician. I finally became discouraged and gave up, thinking
never would be better. I cannot tell you how great a sufferer I was. I had
nterical fits, sometimes two or three a day, an oppressed feeling through
y chest. I was troubled with palpitation. and could scarcely stand on my
et. and was totally unable to walk alone. Not even the lightest kind of
od would digest. My nerves were in such condition that I could not write,
id I was reduced to but the ghost of my former self.
I saw an advertisement and purchased a bottle of Dr. Miles' Restorative
ervine and from the first I noticed a change for the better. In a month's
me there was a great improvement. in my looks as well as my feelings. The
pressed feeling in my chest entirely disappeared, my food digested much
tter and I could walk a short distance. It is over 'two months now and I
n walk a half mile, and I am happy to say I am better than I have been.
r two years and am just beginning to feel like my old self; and I owe all
is to you for Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine. It is my best friend. I often
ak the remark that it is worth its weight in gold.'
96 Plaindleld St., Olneyville, R. I., Nov. 27. 94AxnN E. RATsURN.
Jr les' Nervine

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