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Tueusay, June 14. - - - 1898.
-Sea Sheriff's sale.
-Read notice of Board of Registra
-See ad. of books of subssription
-Remember that the examination
of teachers will take place on Friday,
Jane 17th, commencing at 9 o'clock
one day only.
--Shoes, millinery, dress goods and
everything to be found in a fdrst class
dry goods establishment. See Cald
well and Rsff s advertisement.
-The %amen's Societies of the
A. R. P. Ch9rch will meet at the resi
dense of Mrs. Ann Elliott this after
nbon at 5 o'clock. A full attendance
is requested.
-About 5 o'clock on Sunday morn
ing, a negro discovered that the stable
on Q. D. Williford's vacant lot was
on fire. It had been set on the inside,
but fortuately was discovered in time
to be extingualshed.
- -An effort will be made to reor
ganize Mt. Zion ;Society. A meeting
for this purpose .will be held in the
town ball on Thursday morning at
10 o'clock. A full attendance of the
citizens of the town is desired.
--Council has offered a reward of
one hundred dollars for the arrest
with sufuelent evidence to convict of
the party or parties who set fire to
Miss Fripp's chicken house, or the
stable on the old Withers lot, or the
stable on Q. D. Wiliford's lot.
Attentio, Firemeal
Attend annual meeting of steam -ire
company in town hail this (Tuesday)
afternoon at 4 o'clock.
By order of the Presidera.
G. B.Mc*aster, secretary.
Eg u Tit lus lwhlls 8ght
of A ~ K
The quarantine against Columbia
has been raised. The smallpox in
Volnmbia is now under control, and
council came to the conclusion that it
would be unnecessary to continue the
quarantine longer.
By request, the "'Tambourine Dflill"
will be given by the, young ladies of
Mt. Zion Institte on Friday'fter
noon, June 17th, at [email protected] a'clock, under
the old oak in front of' the college.
Aftr.the drill ice cream, uherbet, etc.,
willbe sold.
- AnOid Coin round.
R. Jack Mayburn, an old colored
m ian while 4oeing cotton a few days
a~ go near the old McGraw graveyard
on Mris Conup an old finger
Igwihappears brasand an
told Spanish coin bearing date I5
Jack thinks that there is more money
.round that place, and that it has been
buried for over a hundred years.
~la1ble informtion from Colum
bia that a'ilpox is under perfect
control, an w cases have devel
oped .inc the Town Coun
ci has decided to the qurrantino
to-day (Monda7) at
June 1s,1898 io, I
MisWilli, ' r lefC for Balt
more oni Saturday. Mdya
and Stenographer McCaw are in the
Boro attending court.
*Mr. Boyce Elliott passed through
Sunday night on his way to Ta..npa,
Flrida. He has been assigned a po
aition us pharmacist on one of the
warships in the Cuban waters.
Mr. Scott McCaaley ' has been in
town for a few days before returning
to Columbia. His holidays have been
spent in Rock Hill with his sister,
Mrs. Byors His sist'er, Miss Anna,
joined him in town and together they
left tor Columbia on Montlaye
U. S. Cadet Pressly BriCe has re
turned home from West Point to
spend the summer holidays. On ac
* count of the war with Spain there
was some doubt about .his being able
to secure this holiday, hut we are glad
to say these doubts were rumored and
he is with us again.
For Over. FIfty Years.
Mas. WZisLow's SooTHImG Smer
has been used for over fifty years by
millions of mothers for their children
while teething, with perfect success.
It soothes the child, softens the gums,
allays all pain, cares wind colic, and is
the best ren.edy for diarrhea. It will
relieve the poor little sufferer imme
diately. Sold by druggists in every
part of tbe world. Twenty-five cents
a bottle. Be sure and ask for "Mrs
Winslow's Soothing Syrup," and take
no other kind. 5-26tx1ly
gEsiy,Quickly, Permanently Restored
__ written guar
Vailing Memory-the result of()yer-work, Worry,
Sickness, Errors of Youth or Over-imdulgence.
Piee see. ad SI: 5 boxes 85.
For quick, positive and lastin results in Sexual
Wea** .ipteuaY. Neros sEita L ot
Ondeffc nment cure. Chepsadbst
soo PilsS$2. by mail.
pZt wlbeivsith as$b, or meeof tg
netic Nrvine- free. sold onlyby
J. J.'OBEA, Dugg t,
Court convened on Monday morn
ing, his Honor P. A. Townsend pre
His Honor stated to the grand jury
that he wuuld not make an extended
charge to them as that had been done
at the previous term of court, but if
any tine during the term they might
desire any instruction they should
call for it.
The firt case tried was State vs.
Mose Smart for breaking into Mc
Master Co.'s drug store. The jury
rendered a verdict of not guilty. Mr.
J. W. Hanahan represented the 'de
The solicitor nol prossed in case of
State vs. J. C. Clarke, and on motion
of J. W. Hannahan, attorney for de
fendant, he was discharged.
The case of the State vs. Janie
Evans was started but after the ex
amination of a few witnesses, the
solicitor granted a nol pross, and upon
motion of Mr. McDonald, defendant's
attorney, was discharged.
The case of Robert Ellison was
called, but the solicitor granted a nol
pros. He was indicted for assault and
battery of a high and aggravated
nature, and upon motion of W. D.
Douglass, defendant's attorney, he
was discharged.
he case of the State vs. John Smith
for murder was begun late Monday
afternoon, and the trial was in pro
gress at the time of going to press.
Messrs. J. E. McDonald and J. W.
Hanahan were appointed by the court
to defend Smith.
Biceea'i Arnica Salve.
The Best Salve in the world for Cats,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum,
Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands,
Chillblains, Corns, and all Skin Erup
tions, and positively cures Piles, or no
pay required. It is guaranteed to give
perfect satisfaction, or money refund
ed. Price 25 cents per box. For sale
by McMaster Co.
Horeb postoAco has become quite a
popular place since we have been able
to get daily mail, and particularly so
sines the war started. The hour for
the arrival of the mail is 3 p. m., con
sequently about 2 p. m. the men of the
neighborhood can be seen pouring in
from all quarters to get their papers,
then read and discuss war an hour,
and then give the parting word which
is. "See you again tomorrow at 3
Just to show you, Mr. Editor, how
unctual we are,' one of our number
at the offce yesterday (Thursday) was
nissingand yrour correspondent was
etailed to look him up, and if sick or
isabled in any way, I was to give
im the war news. I found him, but
e was neither sick nor disabled, bat
was out in his plantation binding
what proved to be after careful ox
nination) oats. The oats being
ery inferior, and of course short
straw, he had taken the precaution to
nvest in three yards of white home
spn and tear into strings and bind
his would-be oats with said string.
ood idea, don't you think?
Mr. T. C. Camak gave an ice cream
festival last Monday night and the
writer hrd the pleasure of attending
nd of course enjoyed it hugely.
Hot and dry in this community,
othing seems to be growing except
elens. B.
We have not all enlisted in the army
In this section but are preparing to
ebrate Childiren's Day here at
Nh Church on Saturday the 18th
pr ongs and speeches are a
9 i * 'e occasion, and
Ser. will be much frying of
chiken and baking of tarts. Candi
dates cordially invited.
Children's Day was celebrated at
onticello two week since. The
school there taught by Mr. Banks, of
ewbrry, closed with an entertain
ment on Thursday the 9$h inst. Mr.
BAnks has given satisfaction as
teacher, and the patrons are anxi,aus
to secure his services for another year.
The school at Shiloh taught by Miss
Bessie Crooks, of Newberry, closed
with a picnic some weeks since. She
left at ence for her home.
Miss Fannie Hunter, of Union, is
visiting her aunt Mrs. John McMeekin
of this section.
Miss Madie Chappell is visiting
relatives at Honea Path and Donald 3,
Miss Lois Chappell is at home, her
school near Donalds having closed.
Messrs. Charley Brown, Douglass,
nd J. S. Swygert, Jr. arrived at
home on Tuesday last from Clemson
College, and Misses Qaeenis Swygert
and Susie Yarborough came from
Winthrop on Thursday.
The pressing need of rai is the
all-absorbing snbfect, as the drought
is becoming serious. T.
There is more Catarrh in this section
of the country than all other diseases
put together, and until the last few
years was supposed to be incurable.
For a great many years doctors pro
nounced it a local disease, and pre
scribed local remedies, and by con
stantly failing to cure with local treat
ment, pronounced it incurable. Science
has proven catarrh to be a constitu
tional disease and therefore requires
constitutional treatment. Hall's Ca
tarrh Cure, mannifactured by F. J.
Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, is the
only constitutional cure on the market.
It is taken internally in doses from 10
drops to a teaspoonful. It actsi directly
on the blood and mnceus surfaces of
the system. They offer one hundred
dollars for any case it fails to cnre.
Send for circulars and testimonials.
Toledo, 0.
WSoldni by Dergiasn.75c. *
I noticed you had my letter mixed
with the writer from Longtown
Sweet Peas.
We are having a drouth now. It
has been over six weeks since we had
rain. Most of the cotton planted
after the dry weather set in. is in the
ground yet. If we could get rain soon
it would greatly benefit the corn crop
and all other crops.
I would say to Mr. R. i. Jennings
that the Messrs. John B. Feaster and
Willie Coleman are natives of this
county, and are off with, the First
S. C.V. Palmetto Regiment at Chica
I am sorry'that the Lord has taken
by death from us our friend Mr.
George Butler Pearson. He was
buried at tbe Pearson cemetery on the
morning of the 7th inst. I regret I
could not attend the funeral.
Capt. Thos. Lyles returned to his
home in Louisiana a few weeks ago.
Capt. T. M. Lyles is expected home
to-day from a visit to his daughter
Mrs. Amos Davis.
The dispensary has been tried. It
won't do. Now let the people have
what they want, and try prohibition.
June 11, 'S8. J. C. F.
CA5'O4.1zA. -
Ban - The (ind You fave Always Bought
On old neighbor and friend, George
Butler, is dead. This solemn event,
this final hour that will strike for us
all,came to him about 5 a. m. on
Menday 6th inst. To him it was
neither sudden :nor unexpected. Ad
monished by recurrent paralytic
strokes, which had sapped his vigo
rous and active manhood, he was fully
conscious that his term of life was
near its close, and contemplated it
with composure. Like the ready
debtor, he was prepared to pay this
final debt to nature without demur or
perturbation. He was the only son
of the late Dr. G. B. Pearson. Of his
sisters, Mrs. Boyce, relict of the late
Hon. W. W. Boyce, alone survives
him. He was twice married. His
wife and four children, three daugh
ters and a son, are left and lament
their great loss.
He wss a loyal soldier o the Con
federacy, and served his country
faithfally and bravely at the front
throughout the war. He was a fond
and devoted husband and fa ther, pos
sessed of a most happy sociai tempera
ment, genial, jovial and generous, a
true and loyal friend., His friends
will always recall to memory with
regretful pleasure his bright, honest
yes, his -beaming countenan'ee, his.
pleasantpersonality. He died in his
sxty-'ninth year.
Peace to your ashes, old friend.
Mr Ed4dor: The following, though a
bare recital of names, may interest
some of your readers so many of the
names being household words with
many of us. The founders of Mt.
Zion Society and College in 1777 were:
Francis Adams, Robert Buchanan,
Robert Ellison, Joseph Kirkland,
ohn Kennedy, John Milling, David
illing, William Strother, Richard.
Strother, Thomas Taylor, John Winn,
ad Thomas Woodward.
From that date for two score years
early all the men of any prominence
n South Carolina became members of
t. Zion Society, which up to 1824
nt in Charleston. Alter that date
the meetings have been held i&Winns
or foi . li ist of
James Adger, Isaac Means, Ja *"
arkley, Henry Moore, Ker Bo) :e,
Robert Cathcart, Au~stip F Peay, Ri >b
ert Martin, William Aiken, George
Pringle, Burr Johnston, Elisha Catison,
ichard T Nott, Win. .Strother, Thos
leing, David Rl Evans, Caleb
alarke,, David I Means, P Edward
earson, Rev W Brearly, Rev E R
ater" Jno J Woodward, James G
all, Wm McCreight, John McMaster,
Jno Buchanan, Terence O'ilanlon,
Samuel G Barkley, J W Hudson, Hngh
Barkley, Samuel E Norton, Daniel Ii
Kerr, David Gaillard, 11 D Frasei,
John Campbell, Theo S DuBose,David
MDowell, David Aikeg,'Wm Bratton,
eo R Hunter, James R Aiken, J D
Aiken, Win R Robertson, Jamesi B
cCants, J Elliott, W M Bratton,
R B Boylaton, T G Robertsen, J B
ickle, J M Buchanan, J S Stewart,
B McMaster, J A Woodward, Saling
Wolfe, E H Britton, G M Leventritt,
William H Ellison, E G Palmer, Jr,
John Adger, Jno H Means, A W
Yongue, R C Johnston, S H Owens,
Bej P Ravenel, TF J Caldwell, R E
Ellison, Sr, 0 R Thompson, Edward
Palmer, Sr, W W Boyce, H- J Neil,
James H Rion, G H McMaster, John
Bratton, A D Hilliard, H L Elliott,
W P DaBose, R S Ketchin, I N With
ers, S B Clowney, James A Brice,
B Wainwright Baeot, M W Dwight,
D B McCreight, DnBose Egleston,
C H Rivers, F Gerig, Henry A Gail
lard, Pierre Bacot, W S Rabb, J H
Cathcart, W E Aiken, C H Ladd, G N
Reynolds, H N Obear, Jas H Law,
A S Douglass, J C Mobley, Jno S
Reynolds, Jas G MbCants, Thomas R
Robertson, D R Flenniken, Jas BJeaty,
J E McDonald, W H Flenniken, J F
McMaster, James Q Davis, Wm R
Doty, I H Ketchin, W H Kerr, T W
Wood ward, J C Caldwell, G A White,
E B Ragsdale, Chas A. Douglass, 0O
mud WV Buchanan, T B Madden, R E
Ellison, R B Hlanshan, Jno T Chal
mers, J M Beaty, T K Elliott, W C
Beaty, R M Haey, J D McCarley, J HI
Cmmings, Ulysse G DesPortes, W C
mRio W i Jaorlan, Charles S Dwight
W0Brice, WD~
J Bni g Means Davis, BufF,
P M Brice, A, E .Davis, -J J Nei l. R
A New and Complete Treatment, consisting of
SUPPOSITORIES, Capsules of Ointment and two
Boxes of Ointment. A never-failing cure for Piles
of every natureand degree. It makes an operation
with the knife, which is painl,and often results
in death e unnecessary. a Why sudr this ten ible
diseasoI' We pack a Written 6uarantae In eath
$1 Box. No Cure, No Pay. Soc. and $ia box, 6for
$5. Sent by tnail. - Samples free
OINTMENT, 250. and 500.
CONSTIPATION Ti ;re" lt,,t;e
BLOOD PURIF$ER. Small, mild and pleasant
to take: especiafly adapted for children's use. so
doses 25 cents.
FREE.-A vial of these famous little Pellets will
be given with a $i box or more of Pile Cure. e
Noric-Tw ccxvuas PRE5U JArarta5K FL'KI
CURE for sale only by
J. J. OBEAR, Druggist,
Winnsboro, S. C.
AXZX.wa Disa-FaMng-Nw
-- my.Impc. Slo No,emad
Fo aeby JNO.e H,'M COeXaasad.nr
l it a maanfor utd* o~im r ms.
Prevent Iasn467 i
n otime. Theicrue .h
me antid Cofets a CURB whfet er Ist
sat upon having the genuine Ajax Tablete., The7
have ourfd thoamaodand willcmero we rive a ee.
itiveWritten gnarantee todet
each cuse or refund the mones.Prc 2
pca or six pkaee (full treetmet r B7
T.-. SIGHfChirman.hi
F'or sale by JNO. H, XeXASTR a CO.,
Winnboro. , C.
of Fairfiel County meets on the first
Monday of each month and remain i
session three days.
T.bW. SLIGH, Chairman.
W. W. CROSBY, Cler. 614 2
$100 _Reward
pay $100 Reward for information
leading to the arrest ad conviction of
the party or parties who set fire to the
wood-house of Miss Fripp, or the
bars of A. S. Douglass or Q. D.
J &S. E. COAN,
[L. s.] Intendant.
June 13, 1898.
conferred upon the undersignea by a
commission issued by D. H. Tompkins,
Secretary of the State of South Caro
lina, the books of subscription to the
capital stock of the Leiper-Davis
Gravte Company will be opened at
The Winn'boro Bank on Wednesday,
June 15th 1c9r.
Alic GEOrG G8 c. Nrth
and4- Batoyard of ororors.h
Sh ey iffns Sa lSe.sn
BEYitate of Mauryes 196 mce.
toth higes R.Ah batik;east beyr t..
Coatik Houe by Wi.nAb.o onith;e
SCHoOL DISTarcr NO.42..
J.ic . Powe, 25- acres. Borthe
an tby lands of s.o. Withr, s
Kiw,est ads of A. F. Gudd and
6-1t by B. A. ELrIkN, es byF. .
Parc;. ot O. yolase. A mt;ws
TryW Powelr 22blende Boa,ndc
band Soc. prs puNd-none,rs
beterlor estatef Tladdnn
we. elk .
gr ade rac e licut n d
N.kes Moec e s.tic vr
Your patronage is always
and GROCERIES of every
. kind.
M. W. DOTY & Co.
APRIGANA will cure Costipation and
is awoneggLiverMeMeiae. Try it.
Figured Organdy and Colored Dot
bought late in the season, and very
Goods, Dotted Swiss and Plain Orgs
If you want son
thing very chea
Here it is. Yard wide Percales at 64
Ualico, 3c.; good Unbleached Homes
the bargains. We have many others
select from.
We have a fall stock of Ladies'
goods just received in Ladies' Clush
weather. Will please you and give
We are offering at reduced price
We have something new in wide Sas]
Come to see us, our bargains w
weather is hot. Respectfully,
Crash Suits, Alpaca Coats a
Coats and Vests, Serge C
Alpaca Vests, Fancy M
White Vests, Crash P
- - ----~and W
I have some extra size Al)
in stock-sizes up to 48. -
I have a line of Men's, ]
Coats and Vests, and odd C
fifty cents on the dollar.
Ladies, I want you to s<
BOOTS, in vesting tops ar
PERS of same-something:
sale if you are in need
We will also put in this
in this class of goods.
We have a big line of tl
out. Bargains every day thi
goods. A look will convinct
Call on us whether you
tention to all. Respectfully.
The next session begins September
pupil is required to pay an entrance
TbIN.--Scholars in the Graded
Literary course, 75 cents)
Scientific c<
Each higher course include all that
nThe record of te scholars of this
thei stadn i r the air es
WV. H.
ted swiss. These goods are very pretty,
heap. Also some good bargains in White
ndies, from 10c. to 50c. a yard.
.; Printed Challie, 21c.; Good Shirting
pan at 2&c. a yard. These are a few of
In all lines of goods, and good variety to
and Misses' Oxfords. Also some pretty
top Shoes. Men's Low Cat Shoes for hot
'on comfort.
s to clean up balance of Spring stock.
h Ribbons-.pretty and cheap.
Ill pay you for the trouble even if the
nd Vests, Alpaca Coats, Serge
>ats, Sicilian Coats and Vests,
arsailles Vests, Silk Vests,
ants, Striped Duck Pants,
ite Pants. - - - -
aca Coats
oys' and Children's Seersucker
oats, whfch I will close out at
e my line of FINE BUTTON
d black aAlso SLIP.
ew andn
.3A OP
of a Straw at less than
. 50 CENTS 01?1 THE OLL.
special sale both GENTS' and
t prices that will astonish you
e above and mean, to close them
oughout our manumoth stock of
i you.
want to buy or not, Polite at
DuG, Li .S TE.1E[PHtNE 15
3GROi S. C. -.
2, 1897, and ends Jane 24, 1898. Each
fee of 50 e;nts- to meet conatiDgent ok.
School are. .not r-equired to pay tuitionF
itrastudies ii the COllegiate Department
~xtr, *1.
rse, $1.00 per nmouth.
Classical course, $1.60 per month,
precede. Good b e.rd .aza be obtaine
shool at competitive examinations, an4
is the best guarantee of its effiemey.
WITHERQW, P~rincipa1.
f!w- "NIf" 1
From every sidemakes
all of us take-grea~
pride than ever in
Jnst so has -
R1 Badt'g tarei
been put to the test aa have won
victory everywbre
We have reduced prices in order to
suit the times.
Our Wares Wear and
Our Prices Please.
Under Tower Clc EE A 1I I
* E MT B
Range of Work
-- andlSimplieitv.
Old Sewing EMine taken in er
I)aeswanNi~en ucpidterji
try. correspond..ene ecie.
Address, '
The Equitable
of the United States.
*The mainagement of the
Equitable Life Assurance Society
in this territy is desirous of secur
ing the service of amaofdchar
acter and ability to represent its
interest with Winnsboro as.head
right man will he
of life insurance .and the art of
successful soliciting. There is no
business or profession not -re
quiring capital which is more re
-munerative than a life ageney
conducted with energy and abi
ity. Correspondence with men
who desire to secure permnnt
employment and are ambitious to
sion is invited.
3443m Rock Bill.8. C, -
"Pride of Fairfield,"
14 hands high, jet black with white
points, good style and action.
'-True Blue,".
medium sise,- high-headed and game
Terms, 48.WO to- insure with foel.
((meios of either.)'
- W. ..DAVIS
[email protected] - 3Iotello, B.C.

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