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.Eb.e Bralns...or the Sensitive Pant.
The Sensitive Plant, which is such a
delicate house ornament with us, fairly
enamels the earth in Ceylon, growing
wild from Adatn's- Poant to Point de
Galle, multiplying~ifs; dainty, bell-like
pink blossoms, mingletTwth~ the deli
cate feathery Acacia. Growing so ex
posed and in weed-like abundance, It
is. natural to suppose tUat it would be
_ome hardened, as -t were, to rough
'Usage, but it-is not~so, as it retains.all
itnative properties In exaggerated
form if possible. Our puny little hot
house specimens are not more delicate
nor sensitive to the human touch than
is this Ceylon Mimosa. It is the most
impr ssible of all known plants. and is
appropriately named. Curious experi
ments prove this. If a person will fix
his eyes upon .a special branch and
slowly approach it, the plant is seen
gradually to wilt and shrink within it
self, as it were, before it is touched by
the observer's hand. It is endowed
with an inexplicable intelligence or in
stinct, and what appears to be a dread
as regards rude contact with hunian
beings. A few years since the author
was at Cereto, -in the island of Cuba.
where he was the guest of an English
phpsician-.who was -also a coffee
planter. While sitting with the family
on the broad piazza which formed the
front of the bungalow, a thrifty Sensi
tive Plant was recognized and mane the
subject of remark. The doctor called
his daughter of eleven years from the
"Lena." said he, "go and kiss the
The child did so, laughing gleefully,
and came away. The plant gave no
token of shrinking from contact with
the pretty child:
"Now," said my host, "will you touch
the plant?" -
Rising to do so. I approached it with
one hand extended. and before it had
come fairly in conract the nearest spray
and leaves wilted visibly.
"The plant knows the child." said the
doctor. "but you are a stranigcr." It
was a puzzling experience. which seem
ed to endow the Mimosa with intelli
gence.-Saturday Evening Post.
A Nation Without Nerves'
The Chinaman can write all day, he
can work all day, he can stand for a
whole day in one position. weaving,
hammering gold, or cutting ivory, with
out once being attacked by. nervous
ness. This peculiarity makes itself ap
parent in early youth. The Chinaman
can bear any kind of bodily exercise.
Sport and play. are to him unnecessary
labor. 3e can sleep anywhere and in
any position-amid thundering ma
chines, deafening noises, the cry of
children, or the wrangle of grown peo
pie; on the ground, in bed, or on a
'aair. In his own innocent way the
Chinaman Is almost a Sybarite.-Satu!
dlay Evening Post.
That Eve-r1atiig i-ltatlng itch,
That'describes Tetter,' Eczemns and other
skin disease.O4 cents will cure them-stop
the itoe at once. 52) cents pays for a box of
.Tetterine at drug stores or postpaid for 50
centsin stamps from J. T, Shub. r;ne, Savan
nah, Ga. -
Two.Havana cigar factories are rnnning.
B. RB. OCures M1ercurial Eheumatism,
.- 8~rfnla.Syphilitic Rhleumatism in its worst
o~it. $1.00 per large bottle, 3 for *2.50,
a;4u18;,or sent on receipt of price, ex
pes.dbyBlood Balm Co., Atlans, Ga.
Wokofwonderful cnres sent free.
If riches didn't have wings they would be
unable to i sto high.25
~bt. ou~writes: "I oan with conni
GP OWlIL:S) as tile besf
ad mu1e6diei1n4 I ever used for Teethinw
1did dth& Bowe disorders of our
tion, gSu3aZe h Bowe. ad makes teh
ing easy._________
The swallest cows in the world are to be
found in the Samoan islands.
To Cure a Coid in One Day.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All
Druggistsrefund money if it fails to cure.- 25c.
At New Orleans, La., the Alden Knitting
Co.lIs running day and night with two sets
of eniployes.
S. K. Coburn, Mgr. Clarie Scott. writes: "I
find Hall's Catarrh Cure a valuable remedy."
Druggists sell it. 15 cents.
After physicians had given me up. I was
saved by Piso's Qure. RALPH ERtIEG, Wil
1iaMport, Pa., Nov.22, 1893.
Fits prmanentiy cured. No fits or nervout..
ness after first dys use of Dr. Kline's Great
Nerve Restorei-. $2ral bottle and treatise free
Dn. R. H. KLINE, Ltd:, 951 Arch St.. Phila, Pa
Mrs, Winslow'sSooNhii Syrup for children
teetWng, softensJbe gumzs~ reducing infiaia.
tin,allays pain,cures wina colic. 2c. a bottle.
Hip Disease
Nad Five Running Sores-Could
Not Walk Without Crutches.
"I s' ffered from hip disease and had arve
runn' gsores ogone of py hips. I culd
not walk without crutches. I was con
fined to my bdd for weeks at a time. I
began taking Hood's Sarsaparilla andi it
hag accomplished a perfect cure. I am
now well and have no trouble from impure
blodd." Annie Rtobert, 49 Fourth Street,
Fall River, Mass. I.omem ber
Hood's Sarsaparillia
Is America'b Greatest M4edleine. $1; six for $5i
Hood's Pills cure biliousness, indigest:on,
"I have-used your valuable CASCA
RETS and find them perfect. Couldn't do
withodt themn. I have used thcm for some time
for indigestion and biliousness and am now com
pletely cured. Recommend them. to every cne
Once tried, you will never be without them in
the faiily~." EDw. A. MARX. Albany, N. Y.
Pleasant. Pnlatable. Potent. Taste Good. Do
Good, Never sicken. v{eaken, or Gri>e.10c. 25c. Zde
steiAug Rlemedy Conpa. C'aago, m7enltea. New York. Det
KG-TO-BAC Sl?afnd 'rno:edobya r
A Ne and Quick Methed for makinu your owni
mattress, try t. .Box Soo. Frauk!in Grove. tIl.
Aug usta. Ga. Actual buies No texl
boom. short tjne. Cheap board. Send for cat.lce
oSe ~ * o0 0 0 0 0 0
ULLY a mile and a
quarter north of
the Court House
on Franklin street,
in a grove of Flor
ida pines, lies the
camp of the United
States forces in
~~w'- ~- Tampa.
The Northerner reaching Tampa at
night now can hardly realize that he
left New York or Washington so short
a time before. The real color of this
first impression is given by the brown
faced, roughly clothed troops, who
tramp up and down, and gossip in the
doorways-men who show in their
faces the grit and daring that have
led to victory since C.esar's time, and
in their bodies the endurance of
Indians and the strength of a 'Var
sity rush-line. At first the careless
ness of their attire creates an unfa
vorable impression. Half of them
parade the streets in their shirts.
Every man seems to have an individ
'I -
u al way of wearing his hat. Some
stick the top straight up, otl,rs jam
it flat, and the rest wear it as sane
people always thought it should be
worn. Their leggings are of un
dressed leather, neat and serviceable.
For the most part their chins are
covered with the faizzy beginnings of
campaign beards.
Electri'c cars run from the camp.
Once on the camping-ground the visi
tor finds the soft shade of the pines
in place of the whif,e glare of the
open he has. left. He sees the new
-K r ag -Jorgensen
r ifl es stacked
,down the comn
- / pany streets, and
/ th.e ammunition
belts, each carry
ing two hundred
Scartridges, hung
over them. The
new bayonet is a
knife-lime weapon
several inches
SHa wEnY wEArHER.. shorter than those!
of the old triangular form, and fur
nished with a haft.
Most of the men, when at leisure, go
into town, the others lounge in their
tents, reading and talking. A reason
able amount of good-natured horse
play is seen among them. Among the
men nothing but words qf praise are
to be heard for their officers, and
among the officers nothing but good
things of their men.
The officers know
that in battle the i
troops under them
will do as they are1
ordered, to the let-I
ter; and the menj
know that they will
be told to do the -
right thing at the -
righit time.
Outside fatigue " -
duties, their regu- AFTERI THE R.AIN.
lr routine consists of drill at six in
the morning, half an hour's march i
full kit at noon, and "guard mount"
in the ev-ening, followed by "retreat."
At all times of the day troop-trains
with artillery-men, and pack-trains
with their guns and horses, pass
through Tampa on their way to Port
Taulpa; white and colored fly through,
fooxed by cheers and blessings
Then the last car swings out of sight,
and we kno1w that in half an hour an
other battery will be uder cavas in
Inth captee sdilvr
thernighbtorevn ca; regimetatl an
brigatdil. of Sanintneo o
regiments are scattered among the
eramped army posts of the United
States, it is to b.e noted that many offi
cers have now seen regimental drill
for the tirst time. Brigade drill is a
still greater novelty. After morning
drill the men are allowed and expected
to loaf. In this hot weather loafing
is'in fact, a part of the regimen. The
camps look like very sleepy places by
noonday, though all as they should be.
On Sundays there is still greater re
FE -
- - way piles and
docks at Por t
/ Tampa, where a
breeze may be
had if waited for
=. .ong enough.
- O n e excursion
-is to Batteryh
- . \ Point, on theh
other shore of
CAMP FORAGERS CAP- the stubby pen
TIRE A- PRIZE. insula wh,ich
supports Port Tampa. In the fore
;round is the high hulk of a vessel
left to strand there several years ago
nuder yellow fever quarantine, and
since used for storage purposes by a
phosphate company. The vessel is
or was the Osceola, of Buenos Ayres.
3lue-shirted soldiers fishing for suck
ers and occasional pompano from her
rotting decks or stripping and swim
ning in the shade of her uplifted bilge
re among the exotic sights in Tampa
bliese days.
The camp of a regiment is laid out
like a little village and is a model of
eatness and order. Not, a scrap of
paper or vestige of debris.of any sort
is e en through it's length and breadth.
and the men who "police," or clean,
go over the field as a New England
housewife picks threads from her car
pet. All the work of this sort in a
regimont is done by its prisoners
men who are under short arrest for
misdemeanors or for some breach of
military regalations; and, clad in
brown, they go about in detachments
of two or three under guard of a sen
try, who bears a loaded rifle and who
is responsible for the prisoners he is
in charge of.
When a regiment is going into camp
the busiest and most harassed person
in it is the quartermaster. He it is
who has charge of all camp equipage
and who is responsible for the trans
portation of it. Also he must stand
eady to supply any deficiency, from
feed for horses or mules to a coat for
some private who is suddenly minus
his; and he and the commissary ser
ge ant, his right hand man, think not
of themselves until the regiment is in
stalled under cover. Each offcer car
ries his own camp outfit-tent, blan
Lets and mers chest-aud sees to it
before he leaves garrison. There his
responsibility practically ceases and
falls upon the shoulder of his' "stryker"
-not a socialist, but a servant pro
vided an oflicer by army regulations.
The stryker is a sort of general facto
tumn, and is usually a man from the
officers own company or troop. .He
is a jack of all trades, and good at
them, too; and when the regiment
hi . It istesrkr h,ice
t~ahen campdh unaks wat onggeo his
superor mIay have aftcr lhe has list.
extracted it fromn the pi le of regiment -
al impedimenta. H-e fetches water
and puts the towe!s by the hand ba
sin, and .jometimcs he eve:a bailds a
In the mneantimae, while officers'
tents are going up, those for the comn
naies are being pitehed with perfect
order, and in an incredibly short time
are t:ant and fast. They are laid out
in sets of two lines on what are called
the "company streets," and day and
night are pat'olled by sentries who
iately. Near the conUny street are
he kitchens-tho teo where the
'grub" is cooked for tinen. and for
he oflicers as well w' have theirs
ierved in the "mess ," where two
>r three have gathMf together to
ye served as one se .ead of eating
eparately. Not o to the officers
hus have cne ano ''s society, but
lubbing togetherc down expenses,
or whatever an o has in mess
)utside of the co issary provision
ie pays for from hi wn pocket.
There are always veral "messes"
the work strikes ilian ears most
inpleasantly) thro . the regiment,
tnd those officers w are known to
ye bons viveurs und all conditions
ire eagerly besough to take into
heirs those who are t so expert in
)roviding the goods clife even when
hey have the money id inclination.
['he officers' "line" ialways a little
way from the men's its, which are
inder the immedial charge of the
irst seargeant and c orals of each
ompany, and at the of the "line"
s "headquarters," jere the colonel
nd his staff are esta shed.
The men in camp ually smuggle
n some kind of a - or "mascot,"
vhich is not always behind when
he order comes to ove, unless it
nay be into action.
The Antiquity esunpowder.
It is generally co4ded that gun
)owder was use e inee 's an
xplosive in pre . ,Wen
hey first discover appled its
>ower is not known t is said that
n the century bef the Christian
ra a cannon was eloyed bearing
he inscription "I hl' to death the
raitor and extermin n to the rebei."
:t has also been ass ed that India
ias equal claims wiihina to the first
tcquaintance withjgmpowder. The
ncient Sanscrit witigs point very
)lainly to the oper4oi of some pritni
ive sort of cannon, ;en, in record
mg the wars of the *yptian Hercules
n India, it is state hat the sages re
nained unconcerne pectators of the
tttack on their st ghold until an
tssault was attemp' , when they re
ulsed it with whir nds and thun
lers, hurling destr ion on the in
aders; and a Greek storian.of Alex
inder's campaign tes ed that the Hin
lus had the mean of discharging
lames and missiles 4 their enemies
,rom a distance. Acirding to Meyer,
;he preparation of unpowder 'was
leseribed by Julius ,fricanus, A. 1.
15. In 1073 King Slomon, of Hun
ary, bombarded Belrade with can
non, and in 1085 thehips- of Tunis,
in a naval battle net Toledo, were
said to shoot "fiery tnder." All of
which would go to pie that the cus
tom of ascribing the ~ covery to Ber
holdus Schwartz'in 10, or to Roger
Bacon in 1267, as is 'quently done,
s open to conside le obj;etion,
lthough these men .obably intro
:luced it in Europea warfare.-De
:roit Free Press,
The Sailors' He oop.
A sailorman is fond.d~ pets, but a
ship is no place for anisialife. How
ver, there' are few s~', sail or
steamn, that do not carry of port a
soop of hens and a too . These
seem to- be- for- compoc
ion, or s.omething of sort, for the
oldest m.aiiner never of one of
the hens being killed fol ir' ess,
and a hen at sea absoute ds' to
lay eggs, and small blame to then.
The hen coop is generally pilced on
the forward deeck, near the fos'sle, in
which the sailors live. ,Thei have a
box of sand in which to:of! and are
made as comfortable as p ssible. Af
ter one or two voyages ~e hens be
come excellent sailors, nd it is a
queer sight to see them l1ance them
selves on their sea-legs en the ship
tosses and rolls.
When the ship is in dIk the fonls
are always driven into tl4ir coop and
k~ept there until the shp is at sea,
when they are released d given tl-e
freedom of the -deck. . night they
seek the shelter of their ?pp of their
own accord.--Kansas Ci (Mo.) Star.
A Runaway s4.
There is in the constelation of the
Great Bear a famonis litye star which
has been called a "runawy," because
of the extraordinary spe4 with which
it is moving. But it i~ so far away
that the effect of its mo|ion can only
be r.oted by careful astr'nomical ob
servations. Professor ~imon New
comb has said of this: star, which
bears the name "1830 Geombridge,"
that the united attrates of the en
te known- 'universe ciuld not have
set it going with such velocity and
would be unable to arr4t it. Nowv
Professor K'ipteyn annoinces the dis
overy of a telescopic .star in the
southern hemiisphere, inthe constella
tion Pictor, which appeir to be mov
ing considerably faster yet. What
its real velocity is, how:ver, can only
be told when its distane.is known.
San Francisco Chronice
Elastic Shoestrms.
Our English cousins hve addedn
great convenience to the toilet in the(
form of elastic shoestrine, elastic cor
set laces and other siniliar articles.
They are far superior to bhe old styles
of elastic cords, which atc nais both
there and here. They a;eremarkably
strong and durable, and give a play to
the muscles and joints,which prevents
stiffness and discomforfr. For low~
shoes they are simply Relightful, as
they enable one to have a laced shoe.
which is the neatest ani trimmest of
rJl footwear, and at thtesame time to
have the give and yieling quality
which is the chief charm of elastic
gaiters. -San Francisco Chronicle.
How the Publisher Made O'ne Illustration
Answer For Four Chapteg or the Novel.
Prmojed by.r~tn her father's
d own the putairs a through
Found an Owl in the Cook Stove.
City Treasurer Hacheney is one of
those old-fashioned men who get up
first in the morning, build fires, and 0
make some coffee for the refreshment
of himslf and the others as they turn
Monday evening he laid the fire in
the kitchen-stove, as usual, before go-,
ing to bed. Yesterday morning when
he opened the stove door to apply a
match to the kindling, be was startled
by a vicious snapping and the sight
of some hideous, sooty-looking goblin,
with huge eyes and ears, which caused
him to junrp half way across the kit
chen. Or recovering his eia.animity,
he made an investigation and :ound
that a gray owl had found its way
down the chimney through the stove- I
pipe and draught into the stove. Mr.
Hacheney co'ild hardly believe his
senses, and at first imagined that some
one had been playing a belated Aprii
fool trick on im, but the disclaimers
of all the family and the fa-t that the
owl was ii uera.-y covered with soot '
and ashes convir'C d him that the bird
had conic down the himney.-Morning
Don't Tobacco Spit and Smoke Your Life Away.
To quit tobacco easily and forever, be mag
netic. full of life, nerve and vigor, take No-To
Bac. the wonder-worker, that makes weak men
strong. All druggists, 50c or $1. Cure guaran
teed. Booklet and sampl3 free. Address
Sterling Remedy Co., Chicago or New York,
If it wasn't for the weather some people
would be conversationless.
Educate Your Bowels With Casearet,
Candy Cathartic, cure constipation forever.
10c,25c. If C. C.C. fail, druggistarefund money.
Alexandria possesses the largest artificial
harbor in the world.
Bearty Is Blood Deep.
Clean blood means a clean skin. No
beauty without it. Cascarets, Candy Cathar
tic clean your blood and keep it clean, by
stirring up the lazy liver and driving all im
purities from the body. Begin to-day to
banish pimples, boils, blotches, blackheads,
and that sickly bilious complexion by taking
Cascarets,-beauty for ten cents. All drug
gists, satisfaction guaranteed, 10c, 25c,50c.
In Sweden the railway startions where
meals are served are known by the picture
of a crossed knife and fork opposite the
name of the station.
To Care Constipation Forever.
Tiake Cascarets Candy Cathartic. 10c or 25a,
If C. C. C. fail to cure, druggists refund money.
A North Carolina man named Ace has just
been presented by his wifd with four sons at
one birth, and the joker on poker Is of course
hard at work.
No-To-Bac for Fifty Cents.
Guarantoed tobacco habit cure, makes weak
men strong, blood pure. t0c, $1. All druggist.
The Government paid 575,000 for the se
cret and right of manufacture of the White
head torpedo..
Nature's Radiator.
"Over near the West Virginia border,
but on the Kentucky side of the line, is
an mmense stone which is known as
'the devil's rock,' because it is always
burning hot," says a correspondent
from Ripley, W. Va. "I went over to
the 'hot rock,' as some of the moun
taineers call it, and must admit that it
is tlhe most unusual freak of nature I
ever looked at. The stone is 10x14 feet,
and looks like it is about i or S feet
thick, although there's no way of meas
uring the dep'h, only a -few inches be
An above ground. The rock contained
o much heat on the day I visited it I
ould hold my bare hand on It but a few
moments. Where the heat comes from
and why the monster 'radiator of na
ture' is not cooled by the blizzards and
'ero deathcr of winter is more than I
-an determine. Th:e superstitious will
not go near it, as it is believed by many
to be the very 'chimney -:orner of
nades.' I took a picture of the great
natural phenomenlon. but of course that
;nn give no adequate idea of its miost
wonderful characteristi."-Louisv'ille
Seal o' the Treasury.
The seal of the Treasulry Department,
which has been in use for thirty-six
years in the division of loans and cur
-ency, begins to show signs of serious
wear, and it wil-l he regulaced it a new
In these :roublouis times the new
woman shoul make no ostentatious
display of her' blligerency. The mio:4
beautiftm young woman in the world,
d~iss Venus de Milo, hm's a ma-'ble heart
,1t never goes armed.
A 'Fatailty Avclded.
From the .Democrat, Goshen, Inr,
Whon neuralgia is accompanied by a dull,
heavy pain near the heart, frequently be
coming intense, it generally terminates
fatally. Mrs. Nancy Flynn, who lives near
Goshen, Indiana, survived such an attack
and her advice is worth heeding.
"In the fall of '92," she said, "I began
to have trouble with my heart. There was
a sharp pain in my breast which became
rapidly worse. The doctor was puzzled
and put me under the influence of opiates.
These sharp attacks followe~d one another
at intervals and I became weak and had a
haggard look. I was constantly in pain,
seldom Slept and had no appetite.
"At the end of two years I was confined
to my couch most of the time and the doc
tors agreed that my death was only a mat
ter ' . short time.
"One day
I noticed in
a newspaper
ab.'tout a
. 9\woman hav
..- J I i n g b e en
.l b , t 2cured of
l ne~-n uagia of
- -.: - theoheart by
-- --Dr. Will
lams' Pink
Pills for
/ . Pale People
n and 1 con
cluded t o
A Serious Tine. try them.
"When I he'd finished one box I noticed
an improvement inmy condition, and when
I id taken twelve boxes I was completely
cured. 'Those pills have done for you
what we could 'not do,' said one of my
physicians, 'they have saved 'your life.'
"That was two years ago and my heart
has not troubled me since. I believe I owe
my life to Dr. Willia:ms' Pink Pills for Pale;
People, and I take pleasure in telling oth
ers about them."
Among the many forms of neuralgia are.
healeht.. nervousness, paralysis, apo plexy
and loccmotor ataxia. Some of these~ wero
sonjsideod incdrable until Dr. Williams'
ik Pills for Pale People were formnu
lated. To-day thousands testify to having
been eured of such diseases by these pills.
D octors frequently prescribe them and
all druggists sell the:n.
Lyon & Co's "Pick Leaf'' Snmkin: Tobacco,
is the "best of the best" 2 ounces and cigar-i
ette book for 10 erts. Tr t
If yon have to cover the distance It doesn't
lend enchantment to the view.
TN ordering goods or makina enquiriesi of ad.:
.. ~..n-. --- to rncnr a ;vanmee to men
For the asking we
mail you or Litho
grabbed Carpet Cata
logne, showing goods
ilithographe colors.
cents. A L LCARPl:TS
p $3.95 *
Buys this (exact) @
solid Oak Retriger
ator. Our 112s-pare
Catai:guc of Furni
S+rc ture, Draperies.
Crockery, Baby Car
riage s, St oVe,C
Lamps, Redding.
Mirrors, Pictures,
&c., is mailed to all
who ask for it.
All-wool Cheviot Suit. EX
0 STATION. Catalogue and
Samples Fre.A d d r e s s
(exactly as below.)
Dept. 310. BALTIMORE, MD.
fhe~ Interior ofat ta;, ana.
Professor J. B. lIa.cher, of Princeton
iversity. has nevly returned from a
e.markable trip of exploration in a
uitherto unknown region of South
Africa--namely, the wild interior of
t'atagonia. H visited Washington a
tew days ago for the purpose of de
positing with the Bureau of Ethnology
a rich collection of objects illustrating
he mode of life of the various tribes
f aborigines in that part of the world.
These natives are among the strangest
and most picturesque savages in exist.
ee, some of them being described as
representing almost the lowest stage in
the scale of human development. Their
ountry, too. Is more than ordinarily
interesting, being associated since the
earliest times with rumors of gigantic
human inhabitants and an astonishing
fauna. Quite recently some skeletons
of birds that had heads as big as those
of horses have actually been dug up
They stood at least nine feet high, and
had short wings, claws -like an eagle's
and a beak like a condor's. It is likel3
that they- attacked with success the
largest mammnils contemporary witt
them, being the biggest fowls of prey
that ever lived; but they became ex
tinct long ago, and so there was no op
portunity for Professor Hatcher to se
cure a living specimen.
is due not only to the originality ai*
simplicity of the combination, but alsi
to the care and .skil with which it i:
manfatred by scientific processe
Co. only, and we wish to impress upoi
all the importance of purchasing th
true and original remedy. .As' th<
genuine Syrup of Figs is manufacture
only, a knowledge of that fact wil
assist one in avoiding the worthies
imitations manufactured by other pai
ties. The high standing of the CAL1
FORNIA FIG SyituF Co. with the medi
cal profession, and tihe satisfactioi
which the genuine Syrup of Figs ha
given to millions of families, make
the name of the Company a guarant;
of the excellence of its remedy. Iti
far in advance of all other laxativei
as it acts on the kidneys, liver an
bowels without irritating or weakeI
ing them, and it does not gripe no
nauseate. In order to get its beneficia
effects, please remember the name c
the Compan
Pictures Drawn Without fands.
We are usuaUy inclined to think th:
an artist without hands would be
absurd and useless as a wvatchmt
without eyes. But an Englishml
named John Carter, who was a hl)
less paralytic, having only the use <
his head, was an artist of world-..wis
Fourteen years before his death 3]
Carters neck was dislocated by a fa:
and he retained only the use of his het
and shoulders. During all the 101
rears that he lay in this helpless co:
dition Mr. Carter drew pictures with
pencil that he clasped between his lip
fis sketehinsg board being propp)ed t
close to his face. lie finished muany
his sketches in India Ink, using a fii
brush which he manipulated with hi
lips and tongue. John Carter died:
June, 15~>0. leaving behind a number
pictures that ranked high as worlis
When one muan piroposes a got
thing, anotheCr man usually piropos
one so much better that nothing
MAKE Chainless
Chain Wheels, $75
M artfords, . . 50 _____
Vedettes, $40 & 35 f
Conn. - -
fiLGOROLlG AVacationandaCUre,
MORINE Private, Resmml, e.
TOBfiGGO oek.V
USING If not yourself an habitue,
have you not a friend who needs tte trea
ment?' This treatment Is positively aSpecif"
lc. The Diseased Nervous System Is restor
Sed. The wllpower Isre-eCsabtished. Pri
vate accommodations for ladies. Don't let
Q false pride keep you away. Write or call
+ The Keeley Institute. Greenville, S. C.
Absolutely Harmless.
time is lost on
music unless
she is provided
with an instrument.to keep up her prac
tice. I represent the builders of standard
makes of Pianos and Organs and am in a
position to save you money and sup pythe
most reliable instruments the market af
fords. Write me at once for prices, terms
and catalogues, stating whether you pre
fer Piano or Orzan. New Organs from $25
*upward. New Pianos from $175 upward.
Ad- Columbia, S.C.
Y dress M. A. Malone, Pianos& Organs.
Use lurray's Mouth Wash' and your
breath will be pure.
Your gums will bo healthy and bright;
Your teeth, the gems you most value in life,
Will always be perfect and white.
Oe e PRICE 25 CENTS. eSe
Send Your Orders to
Then when you need anything in this .
line get our prices- before you order.
We Make a Specialty of Equipping
Modern Giunories with the Cele
brated Murray System, the
Simplest and Best.
Engines, Boilers, Saw, Grist and Cane Mills,
Gins. Elevators, Presses. Pumps, Rice Hull
ers. Threshers. Harvesting Machin.erv Wind
Mills, ood Working Machinery, $e=ting
Pipe and Pipe Fitting, Packing Etc.
W. H. GIBBES & 00.,
s..-iddell COLUMBIA, S. C.
If you need a saw mill, any size, write
-me before buying elsewhere. I have
the most complete line of mills of any
dealer or manufacturer in the South.
Very highest.grade Stones, at unusua
Iy low prices. --
Planers, )loulders, Edgers, Be-Saws
Band Saws, Lath, etc..
Talbott and Liddel. -
Engleberg Rice Hulleg~intOC o k
delivery, low prices..
pieiuesin 1Zms
TePrincess of M t~~
beautiful mother eof th'rwl1 R '-'n4
of' Italy, has beem isiting ome
startling the Romans -by erig
picturesque n.ational (coStn~.
driving she wears a bright scarlet silL
loak. thickly embroidered writh.t,l
and on her head a diadem of black ve
'ret glistened with gold coins and gems.
'~or the opera she dresses fn-eloth o
g old. ________
Chinai prospects of: being civilized
off tihe face of thie earth seem to be im
proving every.day.
1GALT,A.Ir.Ls., N~ov.16,3183. ..
[ Paris Medicine Co.. st. Loufs, Mo.- '. .
,f GlVE'S TTELF S CE TOIUC ndhave -
pought three gross already this year. In all-our ex.
p~erince of 14 years. In the drug business, have
never sold an article that yve suc universal sans. e
id acion as your 'Tonic. .-ours try,
Is If amcte with } ~ Top n's y Water -
And Repairs for same. shafting. Pulleys,
Belting, Injectors. Pipes, Valves and Fitsings.

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