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In the head, with its ringing noises In the
ears, buzzing, snapping sounds, severe
beadaches :in disa-,eeable discharges, is
permanently cured by Hood's Szsaparlla.
Do not dally with local applications. Take
Hood's Sareaparilla and make a thorough
and completa cure 1y eradicating from the
blood tbe scofulous taints that cause
eatrhlj. Remember
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Is America's Greatest Medicine. SI; six forS3.
Hood's Pills cure all Liver Ills. 25cents.
4C~ASCA~RES do all claimed for them
and are a truly wenderful medicine. I have often
wisbcd for a medicine pleasant to take and at last
baVO f~zd It In Cascret$. Lince taking tbem. my
blood has been puri~ed and my complexion has ha
proed wooaer dl and Ice mr.ch better in every
way.* MRS. SA LLiS E. SELLAas. L:ttrell. Tenn.
'r~earant. Palatable. Poent, ~~
Good Never Sicken. Weaken. -
... CU R
The-nn rtio always does as iie
pleases is often displeased with what
bze does
Do not think for a single
moment that consumption will
ever strike you a sudden blow.
GIt coes not come that way.
It creeps its way along.
First, you think it is a little
* cold; nothing but a little back
i~co-.ih ; then a little loss in
* weight; then a harder cough;
* then the fever and the night .
The suddenness comes when
you have a hemorrhag'e.
iBetter stop the disease while
iis yet creeping.
You can do it With
You first notice that you
cough less. The pressure on
the chest is lifted. That feeling
-of suffocation is removed. A
cure is hastened by placing one of
-Dr. Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral Plaster
over the Chest.
A Bok Fr'ee,
It is on the Diseases of the
Throat and Lungs.
Wi'ko us Freely. itee
and ilslre he best medcal advie yo
freely yYo fwillire'iveaprompteiy
cII.j. C AEfioweli, Mass.
aEllW ns a dsi z, f o
drilling wells for house,
ater Works. Facto
ries, Ice Plants. Brew
ineral ProspetingOl C an
Gas. etc. Latest and Best. 30
yeAs exence. WRITE US
LOOMIS & NYMAN, Tiffmn,Oh's
$1 L5f0.--SPE't1AL.0FFER.--S1.5O.
* arvl ' i t) si . ua r a~-)] it yon are no,
lo-t-- ( mi'nerci-t Coeier :AR:.OTTE. N. C.
&s p Set, reo.I-on.
Met6n as Kiteen Workerb.
It Is an interesting development of the
woman suffrage agitation that Miss
Alice Stone Blackwell, editor of the
Woman's Journal, at Boston, is devo.
ting a good deal of her time and atten
tion to finding situations for zn as
kitchen workers. She says that the
chief difficulty she meets in the way of
getting housework for her' proteges to
do is the conservatism of women. In
her experience there are always more
young men willIng to take domestic
service than there are Yankee house.
wives willing to give them a trial. She
affirms that it Is as hard to convince
some womentbat men man do housework
as it is to convince some men that a
woman can be a principal of a public
school. But, she continues, the women
who venture upon the new departure
are sometimes rewarded by finding in
it a perfect solution of the vexed 'do
mestic prblem." Mrs. Isabel C. Bar
rows, whio Is one of the innovators, pro
claims that the young man now doing
her housework is the best help she has
had in thirty years. The man giving
such distinguished satisfaction is a c
lege graduate, who finus his education
most useful in the kitchen.--New York
An indorsee of a negotiable note waz
has made a written assignment there
f which is not indorsed on the note,
order to transfer it as collateral
ecurity, is held, in Taug vs. Riley
sa.), 40 L. R. A. 244, entitled to
g an action upon it when the note
-rendered to him, although it is
for the pmopose of collection.
teful Women Who Have
ped by Mrs. Pinkham.
Dave suffered severely
i of their ills by Mrs.
' and medicine are
ublication of their
nefit of other wo
such letters:
aY, 256 Merrimac
.at pleasure to tell
I thebenefitlhavo
g Lydia E. Pink
apound. Icanhard
ssmygratitude for
orme. My trouble
i womb. I was un
. Upon examina
en very large ulcers,
good. I took sev
E. Pinkham'sVege
used the Sanative
Mrs. Pinkham's
e, and I would
ering women."
, Ellenburgh
he time my baby
me to have milk
in bed for eight
me no good. I
umld die. I was al
!ling of the womb.
ad faint spells as
a day. One day a
eand told me of the
derived from taking
ns medicine, and ad
t. I did so, and had
a bottle beforelIwas
ib -.. - - chair. After taking
three bottles I could do my own work.
I am now in uerfpot h'ealth."
ow the Rivers Are Changing the
A recent explorer in a part of Alaska
s far removed from the newly discov
ered Kiondike region as Washington is
rom Boston has said: "That country
s one-half made; the glaciers are slow
y doing their work, the mountains are
moking and the rivers are vomiting
ut quantities of quicksand." What is
true of the Cook's Inlet country of
Southern Alaska is also true, in a
measure, of the valley of the Yukon.
T-e'e are, however, some differences.
u the region of the gold fields there
a en glaciers. Actiie volcanoes, too,
neso far away that it is only by the
oeeasional reports of Indians or pros
pectors who have made a longer trip
than usual that their existence is
known. And yet one can see, through
ll the valley of that great river of the
north, abundant evidences of the un
formed character of the ,country.
The one thing which strikes the trav
eler, be he layman or geologist, is the
mmense amount of work which the
streams are performing. The- Lewea
River, down which he takes his way to
the diggings, rises, as is known, in a
series of lakes, the largest of w-hich is
over thirty milies long. The country in
the upper lake region is mountainous,
with torrents plunging down through
rough valleys from the eternal snowm
The contrast -between this water of
the lakes, whIch is clear, and that of
the stream emerging from them is re
muarkable. The latter soon becomes
turbid, being full of sediment, so that
one cannot see more than a quarter of
an inch belowv the surface. A basinful
taken out and allowed to stand clears
itself in time, and a thick deposit of
mud is found in the bottom of the re
The current boils and flows very rap
idy and as the boat nloats along a
sound is heard like thrt of frying fat
Upon searching for the cause of this
soud it is found to lie in the grating;
ainst the bottom of the boat of the
very fine particles of sand carried in
suspension. From the moment of en
tering the Lewes River until the end ofj
the trip ti is sounel is never absent.
truly eneC. nouis amount of material is
thus borne along by the Yukon and
finaly emptied into the immense delta
at its mouth in Norton's sound.-Les
lie's Weekly.
*f4w% Thompson's Eye Water'
i Nrth and Nothwest
IHow Tom Did His Friend John a Good
Turn Without the Latter's Knowledge.
"John" and "Tom" are room-mates
and chums. They are employed in a,
office in LaSalle street. If John
passes round the corner it is probable
that Tom, if not keeping step along
side, will surely follow in a few min
utes. The former is tall, white-fated
and abstemious. Tom is low, stout,
phlegmatic and inclined to be ruddy.
Until very recently he was one of
those who delighted in having a "good
A day or two before Christmas Tom
was presented by a friend in a whole
sale whisky establishment with a two
gallon jug of the best brand of rye.
Tom took a "nip" on Christmas morn
ing and invited a choice coterie of
friends to sample it in the evening.
They sang "Here's to good old
whisky, drink it down," and pro
nounced it the best that ever hap
By and by Tom took kindly to the
jug and drank it at all hours o. the
day. John realized that his friend's
position was in peril and determined
on prompt action.
One afternoon while Tom's rubi
cund nose was chasing up and down d
column of flgures John hastened td
the room. About half the contents ol
the jug had been consumed. He
added about a pint of water. That
eiening the old circle of "good feb
lows" assembled, but they did not
sing the same old song. The former
eulogy of the chief article of enter
tainment was lacking. Tom did not
detect the dilation and could not un
derstand the strange apathy of his
guests. Next morning and. the next
after that he took his customary drinks
before eating, John always surrepti
tiously pouring in a modicum of water
immediately afterward.
Tom's visits to the bar during work
ing hours began to grow less frequent
and his collars and cuffs were not
changed at midday with their former
regularity. One morning he ate. the
eggs and drank the- coffee minus the
customary "bowl." He took toreading
in his room o' nights, interviewing the
jug at very rare intervals. The amount
drunk was always replaced by water
in a nowise mysterious manner. -It
was not long before his eyes, became
clear, his hand steady and nerve as
firm as that of a lion tamer.
"John," said he one night when
they met in the room, "I have de
termined to quit -bothering with that
stuff," pointing to the closet. "Some
how whisky doesn't taste to me as it
used to. I have no more desire for
the stuff."
"I haven't much use for it, myself,"
said John.
"I haven't a bit of use for it at all,"
said Tom.
John and Tom's friends in the office
have decided that a trip to a dipso
mania care institution is a needless
expense, and the same results can be
obtamned under ordinary conditions
right here in Chicago and without
a '-shot" in the forearm. "--Chicago
By the electric hemostat of Lawson
Tait bleeding is arrested without the
use of a litagure.
Human beings have six muscles to
each eye, that they may move it on
either side.
The place of the old magnesium
fashlight, which has done good service
to the photographer, is about to be
taken by a flash wand of great brilli
ancy and ease of adjustment.
Heretofore it has been possible to
dissolve gold only ipn a mixture of
strong acids. In Liebig's Annalen der
Chemnie, Professor Zsigmondy now
describes a way he has discovered of
dissolving gold in distilled water.
The fact that skeleton remains of
elephants are so rarely found in mny
part of Africa is explained by an ex
plorer, who states that as soon as the
bones become brittle from climate in
fuence they are eaten in lieu of salt
by various ruminant animals.
,It is now practically demonstrated
by scientists that light is capable of
producing sound, an.! that according
to the color or texture of the material
upon which it falls, the sound is
greater or less. Green silk givess
sound best in a red light, a green
light also thrown upon red worsted
will produce an audible sound.
Owls iu Chicago.
Chicago has a novel trade in owls,
the supply coming to the commission
merchants from the farmers' boys in
the rearby Sutdes.
The first owl which came to Chicago
in this manner was sent as a venture
by a farmer boy, who had somehow
managed to entrap it alive. It proved
so unexpectedly successful in 'ridding
the warehouse of rats and mice-hav
ing been freed at night with the idea
of making an experiment in this di
rection-that it was purchased by the
man in whose care it was resting.
The freedom from rodents which it
brought induced other commission
men to look out for owls, and from
the commission firms the idea gradu
ally spread to the grocers, butchers
and market keepers generally of the
city. Now a large percentage of theses
men keep an owl down in the cellar
during the daylight and bring it up to
the store when darkness falls.
It is said that the expense and care
of maintaining owls are more than re
paid by their services in vanquishing
the rats and mice. The owners d
janitors of the large apartment houses
in the city are also beginning to realize
the value of possessing an owl when
rats, mice, cockroaches and vermin
generally are to be exterminated.
Chicago Times-Herald.
Horrors of the Guillotine.
The Medical Journal, of London,
publishes the report of Dr. Cinel, of
Paris, asserting that gaillotining does
not immediately affct the brain. The
French doctor says the blood first
comes fromn the lzeger vessels of the
uek, and taat thecre i3 hardly any
lrain upon the circulation in the
craniun. The brain, he adds, finds
nourismennt for an hour after decapi
tation, during which time the person
decaitated retains his or her senses
of hearing, smelling and seeing. Ab
solute death, Dr. Cinel claims, does
not ensue for three hours. Thus, it js
pointed out, guillotining, instead of
big speedy, id one of the most pro,
longed and horrible forms of capital
punishment.--New York Times.
Pathetic Stories of the Sufterings of the
Deluded Miners.
Montana's history as a Territory is
full of pathetic stories of rushes of
gold-hungry men to ne diggings.
The annals of the mining camps of
Bannock, Last Chance, Silver Bow,
Confederate, Pioneer and Lincoln are
full of the sufferings of miners. One
of the most pitiful rushes amid the
snow and ice of an intensely cold
winter in Montana was that to Billings
Ledge in March, 1873. The mercury
ranged from fifteen degrees above to
three degrees below zero that spring
for weeks. No one in the camps about
Helena and Butte knew what ore had
really been discovered at Billingsi
Ledgo, but the story grew fast as it
passed from mouth to mouth. In four
or five days every man who could
rustle a small grub stake and cayuse
started for the supposed new gold
fields. At that day the country to the
north was not inhabited and the suf
ferinji endured by the stampeders
were terrible. Many were frozen in
the pitiless storm. It turned out, also,
that there had been no discovery of
gold made, which added disappoint
ment to the sufferings of the stam
peders, and if the man who started
the story of rich gold discoveries had
been found then his days would. havo
been short.
But no one seemed to know then
nor does any one now know exactly
how the stampede started. It is sup
posed to have been- caased by a letter
written by a man who had gone north
from Butte in the fall. This man, no
doubt, believed he had met with flat
tering success. He had fallen in with
some friendly Blackfoot Indians and
secured a squaw who had some horses
and a tepee in a land filled with wild
game of all kinds. He thought it was
the next thing to paradise. He wrote
to a friend in Helena that he bad
struck it rich; intended to stay all
winter and was well fixed and was
well satisfied with his find. To the
miners who saw it there was but one
meaning to his letter. They never
stooped to consider that the letter
writer meant anything else than that
he had a paradise in gold mining.
Some ten years later came the re
ports of rich gold mines in the Cccur
d'Alene Mountains, and the name of
Pritchard, the discoverer, became
known from the Atlantic to the Pacific.
A great stampede set in and many
hardships were endured.- Every one
wanfed to be first'on the ground, and.
the result was that the country was
soon overrun, notwithstanding that
the snow was still deep and it wasex
ceerlingly difficult to reach Pritchard
Creek. From Thompson Falls to the
diggings was forty miles over a rough
and heavily timbered mountain coun
try. The snow was too deep for ani
mals to be taken in at that time, so
the forty miles were made on snow
shoes. And many men made the trip
who knew less about snowshoes than
they did about trigonometry. All
rovisions were taken in on toboggans,
anled bf hand; at the rate of twenty
five'cents a pound.
- Some Uses of Water..
A strip of flannel~or. a soft napkin,
tolded lengthw~ise, dipped in hot water
und .wrung out, and: then applied
round the neck of t*'child--that has
~he croup will~surely bring relief ina
ew minutes.
A linen towel folded several times
and dipped in hot water, quickly
wrung and applied over the site of
toothache or'neuralgia will generally
afford prompt relief.
This treatment for colic has been
found to worlk like magic.
Nothing so promptly cuts short a
congestion of the lungs,'sore throat or
rheumatism as hot water, when ap
plied early in the caseyand thoroughly.
Hot~ water taken freely half an hour
before bed time is an excellent cathar
tic in the case of constipation, while
it has a soothing effect upon the
stomach and bowels.
This treatment, continued a few
months, with the addition of -a cupful
of hot water slowly sipped half an
hour before each meal, with proper
attention to diet, wifll cure most cases
of dyspepsia.
Ordinary headaches almost always
yield to the simultaneous application
of hot water to the' feet and back of
the neck.-Philadelphia Press.
Robin Roosts.
For many years naturalists like
Audubon and Wilson studied and
wrote of this bird before it was known
that there were "robin roosts" as well
as pigeon roosts. Only within the
last few years was the fact brought
out that a bird more famiiarly known
than' the passenger pigeon 'followed
this mode of spending the night, al
though it adopted spring instead of
fall for massing by hundreds in ashigh
sheltered wood for a night's protec
tion from cold, or- because it is the
period before pairing time, or for
some other reason at present beyond
man's ken. With what stealth must
this well-known and much-observed
b rd have found its- way in such num
bers to the same patch of timber night
after night in the early months of the
year, according to locality, coming
from all directions so swiftly that a
secreted observer- could not count,
keeping up a chatter that could be
heard for a long distance, until the
last bird, somiewhat belated, perhaps,
found she'ltei 'in the darkening grove,
when all became as silent as thou
sands of wings' were folded to rest.
Im'portance. of Earache.
(1) Earache, however slight, may
signify disease that, neglected, may
terminate in loss of hearing, even of
life itself. (2) Becurring earache in
children is almost always associated
with lymphoid hypetrophy of the
pharynx, depend on it; and perma
nent impairment of the function of the
ear is prevenited only by early surgi
al treatment of the "adenoids." (3)
Acute inflammation of the middle ear
may be frequently aborted ii proper
treatment-mostly of a general seda
tve character-be administered early
and with precision. ('1) If relief be
otained, by the second day, an ex
pert examiination of the ear should be
miade, and proper surgical 'treatmens
apphxed to relie'.e intratympanic pres
sgre and possil involvement of the
:nastoid cells orintracranial structures.
F ailure at this stage to obtain as exact
kaowled-ge as poseible of the condi
- 'ath ieldle ear is~ criminai neg
hi-..i Bale~'lo 31 edical Jour
This is the young actor who has just
married Marie Tempest, the well
known actress. Cosmo Stuart is only
his stage name, for in reality he is a
son of Lord Henry Gordon Lennox.
He is considered quite a stage success
Iu England.
How to
6et Strong
A system which
has become run down
by the trying weather
of the pastsum mer
is not in a condition
to meet the severe
winter of thisc dimate
and will easily fall a
preyto disease unless
(' a proper tonic is
Dr.Will iams'Pink
Pills for Pale People
are th-e best medicine
in the world for build
ing up andstrengthen
ing an enervated
Do not conf use
these pills with ord
inary Purgative pills.They do
further'Weakening the body.1
trengt hen the nerves.
. Major A. C. Bishop, of/!5 Thir<
civil en *meer. He says : wen]I
-~ out ofthehospital I was a sorry si
and could not walkc over a block fot
( hih co nne me tht tey wer
I did not take them for my comple:
I felt better, and know they did
recommend them to invalids who
constitution."-Detroit Free Press.
A statistician' declares that the
wheat supply will soon be insuffleient
to supply tbe world with bread. This
condition will probably occur at just
about the same time that the coal sup
ply is exhausted, as scientists predict,
so that there would be no fuel with
which to bake it, anyhow.
-Beauty Is Blood Deeps.
Clean'- blood means a clean skin. No
beauty without it. Casearets. Candy Cattar
tic clean your blood and keep it clean, by
stirring up the lazy liver and driving all' im
purities from the body. Begin to-day to
banish pimples. boils, blotches, blackheads,
and that sickly'bil ious conmp!cmon by taking
Cascaiets,-beauty for ten cents. All drug
gists, satisfaction guarairteed, 10c, 25c,50c.
An attempt is being made to start an
agitation against the high rentals put upon
hcuses by-London landlords.
To Cure A Cold In One Day.
Take Laxativo Biromo Quinine Tablets. All
-Druggists refund mouey i f it ails to cure. 25c.
Toledo is to havo the greatest plate glass
factory in the world.
Don't Tobacco Spit and Smoke Tour Life Away.
To quit tobacco easily and forever, be mag
netic. full of life, nerve and vigor, take No-To
Bac. the wonder-worker, that makes weak men
strong. All druggists, 50c or I1. Cure guaran
teed. Booklet and sample free. Address
Sterling Remedy Co., Chicago or New York,
Toled ' is the largest clover seed market in
the world., So- 47.
No-To-Bac for Fifty Cents.
Guaranteed tobacco habit cure, makes west:
anen strong, blood pure- 60c, $l- All druggists.
The manufacture of straw is one of the
most important industries of Germany, giv
ing thousands means of support.
To Cure Constipation Forever.
Take.Cascarets Candy Cathartic. Zoe or 25kb.
I~ C, C. C. fail to cure, druggists refund money.
The mines of Bavaria (coal and metals)
yielded only C2.700,000 last year.
Educato Your Dowels With Cascarote,
Candy Cathartic, cure Constipation forever.
l0c, 25c. If C. C. C. fail, druggists refund money.
A New York department store has gone
into the printing and hank business.
Pi.-o's Cure for Consumption relieves the
most obstinate coughs.--Rev. D. l~crcEL.
LER, LeXington. 31o., January 21, 1891.
Mre. Winslow'sSoothiag syrup for children
teeting, softens the gums, reducing inflama
tion,alays pain,cures wind colic, 25c. a bottie
Fits permanently cured. No tits or nervous
ness after fArst day's use- of Dr. Kline's Great
Nerve Restorer.S2tr-ial hottle and treatise free
Dn. R. H. KLINE, Ltd.. 931 .rch St . Phila. Pa
COLUEUrs. GA., Aug. S4, 1877.
DR. C. J. MoFFETT.-Dear D)Octor:. We gave
your "Teethina" (Teething Powders) to our
little grandchild with tha happiest results.
'i he effects were a.lmost magical, and CERt
T IYG wE EVER Us ED. Yours., very truly.
JosEPH S. KEY, Pastor of St. Paul Church.
(Now Bishop southern 3Methodist Church.)
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh that
Contain Mlurcury.
as mercury will surely destroy the sense of
smell and completely derange the whole sys
tem when entering it through the mucous
surfaces. Such articles should never be used
erGept on prescription from reputable physi
cians, as the damage they will do is ten fold
o the good you can possibly derive from
them. Hall's Catarrh Cure manufacturedby
F. J. Cheney & Co.. Toledo. 0.. contains no
mercury, and is taken internally. actingc dl.
rctly upon the b!ood and mucous surfaces of
the system. in buying Hall's Catarrh Cure
be sure to get the genuine. It is taken inter
nally, and is made in Toledo. Ohlc', by F. J-.
Cheney a Co. Testimonials Free.
W- Sold by Druggiste; price, 75o3 per bottle.
Hall's Family Pi:is are the best.
S-nd your address and we will express 50 fine,long
tier~lcelcisar-s. When seid, remit us -S
we wvill mAll you,free, ahbandsomesemun
Christmas Gifts, 50c. to S1000.00.
covered wit
lour. The bact
#~)'t is tufted, o71T
V V are used wak
Thte Chair me
- catalogueY
isg ull o
for C
-, - -mas Gylts
at pleas
ing prices
PRICE, $14.25. in adton
ture, Crockeryl, Sewing Machines, Sil
verware, Clocks. M:rrors,.iterrigrators, $
Pictures, Bedding, Stove-, Upbolste:Y
eto IdBbyC rt s Tin are, Laps,
ejtc.. all t whiuch you tan buy from tte V
manufacture at Ou to 60 per ent below
. retail prices. Our~i~tt7raphe Ca~aoguc
6 of Carpets, Rugs, Portieres and Lace Cur- 4$
1 tains shows the actual designs in hand
V painted colors. We setyCarpets free, fur
nish Carpet lining
f r e e and prepay
freight on Carpets.
]ijurs and Curtains.
OI u goos ren
inon or inV. e
Il;am l. It 4 29 12i tiho c uy o W .
lonr 2i. bh. 1 inches
ed os a Frendch
t ile Pt $10.01. C. do re
Our gods are
4known 3.n e-,er
corner of the civai
ized World. and
togues utell PRICE, $3.95.
( Dept,310 BALTIMORE, MD.
NOT act on the bowels.thereby
ey build up the blood and
IAve., Detroit, Mich., is a well-known
ad nmy last speln of sickness and came
illiams' Pink Pills for Pale People, I
orth trying and I bought two boxes.
mio but for strength. After using tema
neatonic rtoil psattera
from the Dt. Willemsr M'ed.
i.Y. Price sity cents per boa;
An Anlinal Fiower.
The inhabitants of St. Lucia have
discove'red a wonderful plant. It
grows in~ a cavern, in an immense ba
sin of brackish water that has over*
flowed from the sea. To the sight it is
a perfect flower, but on the approach
of a hand or a stick It retires quickly
out of sight.
Close examination shows that the
middle of the flower-like disc Is pro
vided with four filaments, which move
round the petals with a brisk, spon
tuneous motion. Each of these fila
ments is provided with pinchers for
receiving prey. This animal flower
lives upon the spawn of fish and mar
ine Insects. Whenever the pinchers on
the filaments make a catch. the petlas
close and there Is no escape for what
ever has bacn so unfortunate as to
fall into the creature's maw.
To prevent locomfotive spark-s from1
atting fire to buildings a new spark
arrester has been designed, consist
ing of a pipe running from the boiler
to the top of the smokestack to force
water through the sprinkler against
the sparks.
is due not only to the originality and
simplicity of the combination, but also
to the care and skill with which it is
manufactured by scientific processes
lnown to the CALIFOI.A FIG SYRttP
Co. only, and we wish to impress upon
all the importance of purchasing the
true and original remedy. As the
genuine Syrup of Figs is manufactured
only. a knowledge of that fact will
assist one in avoiding the worthless
imitations manufactured byv other par
ties. The high standing of the CALI
FOIA FIG SYruPu Co. with the medi
cal profession, and the satisfaction
which the genuine Syrup of Figs has
given to millions of families, makes
the name of the Company a guaranty
of the excellence of its remedy. It is
far in advance of all other laxatives',
as it acts on the kidneys, liver and
bowels without irritating or weaken
ing them, and it does not gripe nor
nauseate. In order to get its beneficial
effects, please remember the name of -
the Company- -
TJA TEDCaeof bdheath that -I-At-8
Co., NewYork, for 10 samples and 10u teslonals.
L YSimple. Reli. ble. Efretve. Com
plete treatmnent sen bymai :ostpaid
ec.munujl.:A E IOiVTNC.
The City by he Sea.
N. E. Co. Vanderhorst a Smith Sts.,
Atlantic Ocean Surf Bathing,'Yatrblcng.
Boating and Fishing. Trolley and Ferzy
Rides, 18 and 23 e Sullivan Island
the Isle of Palms, a to be enjoyed while
nnder treatment for
Whiskey er Morphine Addition.
Opens Oct. 3rd and will be the only
Keeley Institute in the State.
Organs from $15.00. 125.00. $35.M and up
ward. Uuright Pianos from S175.0, $1M.0
$22. and upward. Address
M. A. MALONE, Couimbia S. C.
Av E8 Engines and Boilers,
AULTMA'N & TAYLOR Threshers,
-MONI. OR" Dustless Grain Separators
Gins, Presses, Corn and Cane Mills
ENGLEBURG Rice Huller and Polisher,
DE LQACH Saw Mills,
1ather & Rubbpr Belting, Laeing,
Packings. Pipe. Iron Fittings, n*
jectors, Pulleys, Shafting, Hand
Pumps and General Supplies,
Try our B-L Co. Anti-Frktiol Babbitt Meta
8AW iLL..
If you need a saw mill, any is wrft
n. before buying elsewhere. I have
ile most complete line of mims of any
dealer or manufacturerin the outlb
Teryhighesigrade Stones, at unusu
ly low prices.
Planers. Moulders, EdgerV 10a436'
Band Saws, Laths, etc.
Talbott and Liddell.
Engleberg Rice Huller in stook, quic
delivezy, low prices.
No. 1826 Main St, Columbia, S. C.
When in Need of IYTHING In the Naclihaery
or hIll Supply Line, Consult Your
Jnterest by caUlling on or Writing
Liddenl Co., Charlotte, X.C- Engines, P40WM Saw
itmproved Cotton Ginning Xschinet7.
EAle Cotton Gin Co., Bridgewater: Mass.
A. B. FarquharCo., York Pa.. ErginesandfTreth
ar Machines. ,
Chandl~er :&ZyorCo., Ind'iapolis, la, EginSSl
andi B-lenr.
Salem n WorksSalemN. C.. Sawims
J. A. Fay Egan Co., Cmulnna ., woodwomi
XSrubhlnery Co Ci1nsAt 0. Grist =na
Brennen & Co., iLVFiililo Ky., Maead SM& &V1
achliner -l., r
Kills and Tanks.
Deering Harrester Co., Chicago. Earvesing a.
Goulds 'f e C"'. enaa P.11 .N.TY. -ups
Peerless Rie rg Co., NwokRabbersi.
Instructions Individual. C.enter
ime. Railroad farensild. GautsslP.
romt each-county. .'xb *dad b zautn
anks and business men. Forl foiS e
fos and catslogues,- address.
B.DbR'SI.IYER Pil~Th? 2'
EF re o cmbied hatthey dofourthtigs
1st. They sa on the Liver.
2nd. They set on the Upper Bowels.
3rd. They act on-the Lower Bowes.
4th. They act upon the Kidneys.
NoTey do not siecken or~p other~~4 ~
25 Cenet a Box ab
rho Howard de Wallet~t ~ p
B. B. BABINGTON, Pnor., Shelby, N. 0
F ines, Boilers Pips Fltti~
Every~sn ithe Foundry Ln. ~
We enlarge from Pastel or CrynOLD*
PICTURES. Country t-d oiis pr
iculrly. Amateur';ameras Spple.eu
or prices enlarging and tramning Old Photos.
Knabe, Chicker~ing, Sohmer, Fischer, anid
uine other reliable makes to choose from.
~erms and prices in keeping with the times.
Address -. A. IAWLNE, - Columnbla, 8. 0.
Gme AAT& Ir, Nov.16,3805.
ught three grosa already this year. In all our en
erlene of 14 years. in th dru bnina hav
erdan au~l that g~esuh unversalaaes
S ~ Atsr.CAUa kCO,
~eatent Free. Dr.E.0sa's5 sons. Atlaasa.4s.
ordering goods or making enquiries of ad.
Lv rUbeers at will be to your advantage to uses..
on this paper. .So. 47

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