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On3 1-ar. - - $3.00
;it Uiati. - - - 1.50
Thuts-lay, January 5. - 1899.
All of the nenpapara in th, State
have had articles on the new I ear, and
the burden of m->st of th-nm is giving
adviee t) farmer;. Possibly we ought
not to be alone, but we may say in the
outset tbat we do nt expect onr ad
vice to be taken.
We are inclined to be optimistic.
It is true that the times are hAr:), bat
in Fairfield we do not believe they are
any harder than six or seven 3 ears azo.
It is true cotton tells for abut what
it takes to make it, but this, in our
opinion, is the best thing that could
happen t the South, and toe only fear
we have is that the price will not stay
down long enongh to exercise a good
eff-ct on c~tton planters. 1z has been
fully demonstrated that farmers ::l
not unite in reducing the cotton, and
tL: necessity alone wi!l reduce the
number of acres in cAton. Thi :;e
cessity is four cents cotton, and let us
hope that that will te theyruling price
next fall. Already the blessings of
four cents cotton are ob3erved. From
all parts of the State the news comes
that more small grain has been planted
thin in many ye. ;. 'Ir. T K El
liott, at the meeting of tle Wateree
Cina, made the point thar it. wats a
great ert >r to say that the--e %v,> no
market for wh-at, o-itz, c'orn, ptatoes,
eggrs, mint, e-c A srenor's h-r.ee,
mu.ez, cattle, hog, sl.e,;p, and his
own family would ay~ fuirnki-i a
market." Tnis is trut?, and when the
full force of it i. anrdiat', and
acted upon, a new era wil! have come.
If Farmer A can raise a!l the meat,!
floar, chickens, beef, butter, vegetables
and practically everythin n-ed on his
table, and :hen make two or three:
bale; of cotslon, and cme-;n& our ever. ur
with a fe w dollars shliad, hvw rauch
better off b i. iha, hi- mte hbor!
Farmer B who mnda-ter t
cotton, which he sol for ab 'ut 4c,
and couldn't paylh's bile for fertilizers
and groceries?
iversideation in at! Ilines is the
-pumedy. No country -can prosper
whibh depensis upon onc thing. In
Winnsboro a beginsinig has been
made, The effects of the ctton mills
have often been nioted, but other kinds
of enterprise should be tried.
Chester, De ~smber 24.-Special to
the News au Courier: News reached
Chester to-day from Richbarg that the
death of Capt. Oscar Barber occurred
at his old home there this morning. In
his death Chester Couurv losea one of
her oldest, most influential and mnost
highly esteemed citizens.
Capt. Birber was born in Fairdf/d
County, October 24, 1830. and was
therefore' in the G9t.5 year of his age.
lHe received his ednec. ion, in Fairfield
and Chester counities, and has lived
most of bia life in th.a vi'age of Rlich
burg. this county. lHe has been a mnost
successful farmer, and he. has in ra
time amassed a comnfor taml tortune
lie was ait one time presi ent of and
a large stockholder in. the C--dir Sh:,als
Cotton Manfacturcing Co uany, near
He entered the war a~a a private and
served an a brave Confe~derate soldier
during the entire four year? o:f the war.
At the eloeof the war hie was captain
of Com.>av B, 4-h Saath :'arolina.
Regimen?, in General M. ''. Bader'
He has always been oont ic4l
leader in ttia county, d,.i'. - -o t et
fective work during the it~e astruc
tion perio I. He was in 1876 chn~ir
man of the connty executive co nmit
tee, and la 1878 was elected to the
Legislature as a Representative,
w here he served two :er'ns. For the
past two years Capt. Barber has beeni
a great sufferer from tbe effects ot
two strokes of paralysis. Yesterday
r:ernoon, as was hi< custo~n. he was
riding over his piantation. anid seemed
to be free of pain and in good health.
This morning early he waq suddenly
summoned 1o his etern&al .ewvard.
He leaves two souis. a widotw,
brotber a-.d a large circle of relati'res
and friends.
One of his sons, Mr. J Bar:;r, is
in business at Rcwourg, and th~e
other is well known ..e- S iuth
Carolina as Attorney t;leral W. A.
Buerten's Aroia sa~re.
The Best Salve in the wornd for (>..
Bruisee, Sores, Ulce:s, Snt RD::
Fever Sores, Tetter, - rd aa
tionr-, and positively eure Pies, or no~
pay required. It is aaranted to :e I
perfect satisfaction, or monmey refund
ed. Price 25 ceum per iox. 'or sale
by McMaster Co.
Zasily,Quiciy, Permianerdty Restore
-toInseonnia, its. Diz,zess, Hvsteria,
vosDebility, Lost Vit.e!ity. Semiinal Loises,
- ImgMemory-the result of Over-wo'rk, Worry,
tIess. Errors of Youth or ()ver-indulgence.
P'rice 5O:. anid Si: 6 bexes $5.
Ft. quick, positive -ind lasting resuzks ir: Sexuti
we.kness, I:mtenev. Nervous Dehiiity and Le
Vitality usec YELLOW LABEL SPEciAL-double
strength wi'. zive strength and tone to every par i
and cifeet : prraert cure. Cheapest and best.
.co Pills -' Ev a.
r:R EE..... seti of the famious Jare-nese Lite
te'llets oili be given with a sr box or rtore of Msg
ne tic Nervi:'2. iree. Sold only by:
J. J. OBEAR, Druggist,
Women Should Know it.
Many women suffer untoll agony
and misery because th nature of their
d.sease is not coricctly understood.
They bave; been led to believe that.
wottib trouble or female weakness of
soine tort is responsible for the many
ilk that beset womankind.
Neuralgia, nervonsness, headache,
puffy or dark circles under the eyes,
rbeumatisw, a dragging pain or dull
ache in the Lack, weakness or bearing
down sens,,lion, profuse or scanty
supply of urine with strong odor,
freqent desire to pass it witt scald
ing or burniag sensation, sediment in
it after standing in bottle or common
glas; far twenty-four hours, are signs
of kidney and 6ladder trouble.
The above symptoms are often at
tributed by the patient herself or by
her pbysician to female weakness or
womb troub!e. Hence. so many fail
to obtain relief, because they are treat
inz, not ttie disease itself, but a re
flection of :he primary cause, which
is kidney tronbie.
In faci, wcfmen as well as men are
made miser Ide with kidney and
bladder troub:c and b:th need the
Fame reiedr.
Dr, Kihiner's Scamp Root is tha
great discoverf of the eminent kidn''
and bladder specialist, and is easy to
gt at any i ig store for fify ceuts
or one daliar.
To prove its wonderful merits vou
may have a ample bottle and boo.4
te!ling all about it, both sent aban.
latel (reew: mail. Kindiy mentio
;our addr to Dr. Kilroer & Co.,
Bingham'o, N Y.
Look! A Stitch In Time
Saves nine haghes' Tonic (new im
proved, taste pleasant), taken in ear'y
spring and fall orevents Chilis, Dengne
sr.. Malarbii Fevers. Acts on the
liver, toncn !p the system. Better than
Quinine. Gmarauteed, try it. At
D)ri.gsts. 50u-. and $1.00 bties. *
Success--Worth Knowing.
10 years' necess in the Sout, proves
lugbes- To.ie a treat remedy for
;hiis and :! Mla:ial Fevers. Better
han Qui'i.-. Guaranteed, i-y i;. At
1, i t . f0a ..d $1.00 bv tles*
n the hsir.
-k: rowth.
1A~ ~~v --r;'Riatertore 6=7y
;;air 6 1 'Y-tiqla Color.
A puwder Lo be shaken into the shoe.
At this sena-f: n your feet feel swolle-,
nervous and danp. If you have smart
ing feet or t ight shoes, try Allen's Foot
Ease. It warms the feet and makes
walking easv. Cures swollen and
swerating feet, blisters and callous spolt
Relieves co nI and bunions of all paiu
and is a certain cure for Chilblains and
Frost Lites. Try it To-DxY. Sold by
all druggists and shoe stores for 2-.
Trial package FREE. Address, Allen
S. Olmnsted, Le Roy, N.Y.
8'k Into Your Shoes
Allen's Fo~t ~ nowder for the
feet. It cures painful, s mart
ing, nervous feet and instant
the sting out of corns and bunions. It
the greatest comfort discovery of the
age. Allen's Foot-Ease makes tight
or new shoes feel easy. It is a certaim
ure for Chilblains, sweating, callous,
tired, aching feet. Try it TO-DAY.
Sold by- all druggists and shoe storess
25c. Tiel package FREE. Address,
Allen S. Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y.
* is a wonderful aid in the :
*l maintenance of health; it is 3
an easily assimilable form of
nourishment in illness, and 8
-is invaluable in restoring!
" hteed nerves and in con
valescence. A doctor writes:
"I have found it especially!
* valuable for persons conva- ~
lescing from fever, and for a
-nursing mothers. .I am high
ly pleased
with it and
= ~ my patients
-- could not do
-... Drus Stores
''.- BY n!'YI NG DiRECY FRO oM
202-204 E. 102d St., NEW YOR||CITY.
The Largest Clothing'
SManiufacturers in America.
rzS' AD01
ax~t .xra Pants and U
we2y '.xressage. .
'i'.-jite...-:m:rar~teeto 'emade from Je
.:e W..n c::;-t, fn Besck. Btue. Grey and Browr
: ew fro:i 3 ts cj --ear of a4te Made up donb!
e..e.w.ta s.: r ce.tar-cuItar 1'acv embroider
. *-,1o wate :,c Blacik Albert Twill'Sat en or
" -: W .o, bea T~mingia cod Workmansh!
-. - . z r 20 to :5 years. whout sal.
-!:Me a... nd if large or stan'
i to
10to015 inK
i .rin; a ..d Post o0isce.
AVegetablePreparationfiorAs- i
smating theTood andReguta
tig thaStomachs and Bowels of
OpiUmmorplhine nor Haeral
w E:, d +-Sag
Aperfectiemedy for Constipa
tion, sour Stonch.DiarrhOea
Worms,Conv'ulsions,Feverish -
ness and LOSS OF SLEEP. I
yacSurile Signature or
*- d
t des
8 u yc1
__ .- ust
tWsever-aflottas dinn ad herar
*L GERSTLE & CO., Proprietors
forFloraduterte wit)
th fllyt everaclite kn
Yo Four, rdlerlhated prom
ahe oes Freninmtt
Agstu delhiv1red you stton.
aboTE andsL MEDA Flut
Forte speedyad peranntdur of
;etr havtre an stceas, upa-to
era'ye andkn itentirl byiat
Yitour odequlrivs wihe ptch
the bant satttialoinstnln
uffealivecredso stch atritch,
p-anulated GOMEAL.
Dr. Cay. CniondERRYfc
ore the ey tniod pentcurifie:
tnderifuge.an kin Oicntmen Sodb
.'11C CE4-0!Z.,.C"r..NY. UCW YOr-KCIT'I..
E RYwroman is underobliations
to) herself and the man se mar
ries tobe inthe most healthy con
ion possible. She should be free of
female diseases and menstral irreg
rities, because the condition of the0
'e makes or mars the home. Don't
ay because you dread to consult a
:tor, for a consultation is unnee
ar.Get a few bottles of
Trade(Or -1-.,,Iak
I treat yourselfI in the privacy of
-r h t- it;here
my cotvns ori.. tin e
ouBrYcs i omiate andwe igaton
rutou rsef h age show to
ieste iou themos edithyon
*ion psil.g s ould ea freel as
feae dimes e f and erieg
W.itE, becUNER th cotio henAa
TA mae o Arteh. Do'
ra emae udreadstof consulters
Ctornc:, ora ctton istarch,
r. Gen an ftertis date
ERtES Maa~ 0 arEl
tr yorerlocfe in te hart of
>n o It wl o.I therbsnes
p t shmfewt quick deser o andt
urMeais compitd, rnand Shwip
trucesou free your gcar how toB
-ands faous-pregoods,
e evergscoulant, fasille
Toe g Teimeit ErTOl:i ef an bs~o :
reed for CoRnsump.t. tephes Ailyau
thousandstof h ope a, Teebenalrad
Lung Trube i te v:l-rtem h~
As protty a Stock of roods as
has ever been brought to
the towa,
Consisting in part of Rogers &
Bro.'s celebrated plated wares
-Ladles, Knives, F o r k s,
Spoons, Carving Sets, &c.
Handsome China Cake Plates,
Berry and Salad Dishes,
Vases, Cracker Jars, &c., & c.,
and invite an inspection of
them at your earliest conve
Machinery I
lachemepphs nuiRimus
Manufacturers' Agents for tiLe
Our MR. S. C. McKEOWN is a Teie
phone crank too.
W. 0. MeKEOVJN &
Phone in onr CORNWELL.
effice nit Winisboro
and Chorer line. 4-G
"We haTe three car -
birth of the last on:%'.
ties of :0 .'. . 1 ~
PiCr. is cf Our chi t a e so
a gance that thc l:t:
is tealthiest, pre:.:.:
flnest-ooking ofL.hs
My wife thinks MiGi - -
Friend is the -r~.
and: grandest ,
remedy in the -
world for cxpect
a nt niothers."- ~
Written by a Ken
tucky Atlorney-at Y
suffe: d~ ..ent to chil I
ositionl andJ t.ic - :i nrh
ughout the o :.: tctse this relax
,penetrating u:r.:leves C.1c
usual distress. A ::.: : d rn-.:: .e
is pretty sure to have a gc .Y :ured cuP?i.
The patient is kept it, : ,:.~, Lealthy
condition, which the c'.d n:. inter s.
Mother's Friend tal:-s . .: *-:-u'hta.
crisis quickliy and :L1.:.: ~..sl. .1
assists in her r.pl. -. . :-,:::..
off the dangers 11 .z *3-:1fG -.
male diseases "
- WNds could o nly be
treated after "lo
c a 1 examina
V tions" by physi
clans. Dread of
such treatment
kept thousands of
modest women
silent about their
suaffering. Thein
troduction of E)
Vjn f Cardul has now demon
stated that nine-tenths of all the
cases of menstrual disorders do
not require a physician's attention
at all. The simple, pure
kcen in the privacy of a woman's
wnhome insures quick relief and
1eycure. Women need not
Etate now. Wine of Cardul re
~tsno humiliating examina
for its adoption. It cures any
~se that comes under the head
Semale troubles'"-disordered
res, falling of the womb,
P'es," change of life. Itmnakes
94~ beautiful by making them
Ici It keeps them young by
keeg them healthy. $1.00 at
thetg store.
' dvcoin cases reuring special
di, address, tu ig symptoms, ~i
th 'es Advfsory Deprtmeilt."
Th~tnoiMedicine co., Chatta
W.l. ASON,M.D., Cary, Miss.,says:
"I USine of Cardul extensively in
my preandind ita most excellentl
Drepaza for female oubis."
hr Sale.
"d A" River, belongin~ o Ca
I '. \l. Brc& and bn::de'd 17y h. ,
of 1.ees 1 G. Siet-,t Tb
onson and o4,ia
For termns. i,-o old
A. 8- .D. DOUG;LASS. C
11-17 Attoys, Win.... ' a
FICANIh-cure Constipation and'
Central Timo let wcen Col uambla and Jack
sonville. Eastern Tue Between Co
lumbia and Other Points.
Effective July 6, 1898.
No. 38 No. SG
Nort~lhbound. Daily. Daily.
Lv. J'vilne, F.C.&P.RY......... 8 00a 6 50p
1Sa~anna1......... .....12 08p 11 20p
.&r. CofumbiP .............. .4c05p 4 24a
Lv. Char'ton,SC&GRR... 7 30 a 5 80
Ar. Columbin............. 10 5a 19 1CP
ASpartabirg, So. Ry 2_85' 11 25a
Ar.Ahe e................. 6 03p 245P
Lv. Augusta, So. 7y...........2 lp 9 80
Graniteville............2 9p 10 15p
Trenton. .......... ..- 3 08 11 Op
.Johnstons.. ........... d 19p 11 20
.ColumbaUn. dep't........ 4 51p 2 10
v -Corlbia Bland'g st ... ....... 5 - 684 a.
Wiunsboro ................ 6 p 6 28 a
Chester ...... .... ..... . 64p 7 18a
lock Hill ............... 26p 758a
Ar. Charlotte....... ........ P 900a
Ar (:rccusboro ................ 10 43P 12 10p
Lv. (reensboro ...... .... .10 50 p
Ar. Norfoilk ..... .... 50 a .......
Danville................ 1151p 1 85p
Ar. Richmond ................. 6 40 a 6 2p
Ar.Washington................ 642a 985p
BaltimorePa.R.R........ 803a 1185p
Philadelphia........... 10 15a 2 56
" New York............. 12 43p 623a
Southbound. No. 37 No. 35
Daily. Daily.
Lv. New York, Pa. R.R......... 4 80p 1215nt
" Philsdelphia ................ 655p 850a
"Baltimore................ 920 -I p 1681a
Lv Wash'ton, So. Ry... 10 d8p 1 25a
Lv Richmond.................. 1210nt 12 Cjm
LT. Danville .................. 550. 6Up
Lv. Norfolk................935P.
Ar. Greensboro.............845..
Lv. Greensboro............ 05a 782
Charlotte... ...........985 102p
*Rock 1UI.................10 na11COp
Chester..................... 10 a 1187V
- Winnsboro.................lidla 1225a
t olbi Blaqd's st.....12 45a 187a
Co 01'baM t*.:::i 115p 400a
" Johnston&.............2Wp G0O&
" Trenton...............SO0p 625 a
" Granitevill .............8pTo.
Ar. Augusta.................... 8 ODA
I .Ashevile .......... ........ 2& 5
1,. patabug...........1140a 515p
Lv. Col'bl, S.C.&G.Ry ....... 850p 7..
Ar.Cblesto .5.............. . 4 .
Ly. Co c.&P.Ry........1155 a 1247a
. 447p 508
ExeetdaI1lypassenger weryios between
INoz, bland8-WasbntoandSouthetern
Limited. Solid Vestibule.d trats with dining
cars and first clan oaes north of Charlotte.
Il11511man drawing room sleeping carsbetween
, a ,Jacksonville, Savanah Washington
Pullman Sleeping Cans between Charlotte
and Richmond.
FulLman drawing-room sleeping ears be.
tween G~reensbnro and Norfolk. Close eonnvec
tion at Norfolk for OLD POINT COMFORT.
arriving *,here in t r for breakfast.
Solid train, wnih Parlor cars, between
ICharleston infd As~.eville.
Nos. 33 n3d .A-U. S. Fast Mail. Througxi
Pallman drawuj g room buffet sleeping ears be
tween Jacksonville =nd New York and Pu: i.
Inan slccrning cars betw een Augusta and Char
lotte. Pr.lrnan sleeping cars between Jack
sonville and *olumbia, en route daily between
Jr~cksonville and Cincinnati, via Ash1e.
F R A'NI S. G A N.NN , J. M. Cuil?,
T'hirdl V-P. &Gcon. Mgr T. M., \Vashintoa.
P.k. A.- Wshngton. G P. A.. Atlt
Uoartarg......... 11e0ver15
LP.CEl , 50.G2..... CE TS 00 0
Excelen asly er avCo jewe
Limted folidoc o aske ts, Buinin
cas and Coris, cs tahno o harlote
Pullman frpawingaromnepage asbtween
Tanra Jsnlle, Sate ntu, Wingo
and eYok
and atchmnddt. talhus
ton atNoL O OIN T O ORT,
Soli tri, wLIhProrT crsbetee
Cleso adAseile
Tu Retuns 1888.9
The Auditor's office will be open to
receive tax returns from Jannary the
1-t ;o February 20th. All persons
failing to make returns within the
above mentioned dates will incur the
50 per ceit pevalty. All male citi
zens between the age of 21 and 60 are
liable to poll tax unless exampt by
inw The Auditor or h4 deputy will
be at the foltowi- g places on days
*I,ecified and the balar-c. of time to
F. bruary 20th in < ffice in Winnsboro.
Aluit1:, Tuizsday, January 10.
Ulh -:d, Wednesday, Januarf 11.
i., 1 hursday, January 12.
i''e, Friay, January 13.
Wo. ( ward, 1artnday, January 14.
Wlh- - Oik, Monday, January. 16.
G~add. isGrovaTuesday, Sanuary
F, zr i 1', Wedn< eday, Janust y, 18.
R-dg way, Friday, January 20.
1.o6gitow, Monday, 23.
entreville, Tuesday, January 24.
-1. L. Coopcrs, Wednesday, January
Blthe wood. Thursday, January 26.
Horeb (F. M. Curlee's store) Friday,
January, 27.
Monticello, Monday, January 30.
Jenkinsville, Tuesday, January 31.
Tri-Weekf, $3 a Year in Advanee.
W~ekly, $1.50 a Year in Advanos.
and everyth ing in job line deoe
Sas cheaply as anywhere else ia
very penny spent at
home is kept it home.
The Equitable
Life Assurance Society
of the United States.
The management of the
Equit ab~e Life A s-urance Society
in this teriiry is dlesirous of secuir
ing the service~ of a mant of char
ac'er and ability to represent. its
interest with Winnsboro as head
quarters. The right man will be
thoroughly educated in the science
of life insurance and the art of
successful soliciting. 'there is no
business or profession no re
quliring capital which is more re
munerative than' a life agency
conducted ni h ' nergy and abil
ity. Corresponidence with men~
who desit e to secnre permanent
e'nployment and are ambitions to
attain promninetice in the profes
sbon is invited.
W. J. kODDEY, Mgr.,

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