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Thursday, January 12, - 1899.
- R. Brandt has began the New Year
by making greater reductions than
ever before, and he advises buyers to
call and Lsee his goods. These bar
gains will be continued . until the
spring goods are brought in.
-By wearing Selz shoes you can
have comfort, success and satisfaction.
Read Q.,D. Williford's advertisement
and see what they have to say about
them. They self these shoes and have
on hand all sizes, styles and prices.
-Caldwell & Ruff, in order to get
rid of their remaining winter stock,
are offering their gooda at cut prices.
In dress patterns and wool underwear
they have great bargains. It will pay
you to examine their goods *3d.ae,
what bargains they bavey.
-Wednsday was pr'bably
worst ayof, th iter.
treated to ?nd of b&* ibr
*berfcases ofrip.
-Forty Kentucky and Tennessee
mules have just been received at A.
Williford's stable, and he advises all
wY.o need good mules tq call and see
his. He also has on hand a few milch
cows. For terms see his advertise
mient. Mr. S. B. Crawford has been
employed by Mr Williford and he
will be pleased to see his friends.
-There were several candidates for
the position of sergeant at arms of the
Senate, and one of the candidates for
this ofice was Mr. S. F. Cooper, of
this county. As Senator Ragsdale
was absent Senator Hay, at the re
quest of the people of Fairfield, nomi
nated Mr. Cooper. Mr. John T.
Gaston, of Columbia, received the
greatest number of votes and was
- elected.
-The State, a few days since, pub
lisheda report on the subject of the
petrified man exhibited in this State a
few years ago. It was claimed by
the owners to have been found in
this State, and they have probably
made a fortune out of it, but scien
tists in Berlin have since examined it
and have pronounced it a fake. They
say that it is an artificial compound of
-lime and clay silicate, No donbt
many in this county saw the petrified
man when It was exhibited in Co
lumbia and will b~e surprised to hear
that it is a fraud.
--Usually, dnrirg the first part of
January, there is a great deal of mov
-ing about and chenging of houses in
'town, but this year there is not as
anoch as usual, probably because a I
number of people changed their resi
Mr. Tnifan n family have ibed .1
into Mrs. Sarati Robertson's house on
Main street. Mr. and Mvrs. Cly brrn 2
and family are occupying .a part of i
Mrs. Connr's house. Mr. and Mrs. I
S. B. Crawford have moved into the i
Bsptist parsonage. Mr. Lucas and '
-family who oscupied Mrs. Robertson's 2
-house last year have gone to Georgia, C
to live.
Mimlons G5iven Away.
* It is certainly gratifying to the pub
lie to know of one concern in the land
* who are not afraid to be generous to I
the tieedy and sutfering. The proprie
tors of Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption, Coughs and Colds, ibare
given away over ten miilion trial bot
tles of th;G great medicine; and have
- the satisfaction of knowing it has ab
solutely cared thouseds of hopeless
cases. Asthma, Brrohchitis, Hearse
-ness and all diseases of the Throat,
SChest and~ Lungs are sured by it. Call
on McMaster Co , druggists, and get ai
tria1 boule~ free. Regular size 50c. and
$1. Every bottle guaranteed, or price
Masonic Meeting.
The regular monthly communication
of Winnsboro Lodge No. 1I, A. F. M.,
will be held this (Thursday) evening
* at 7.30 o'clock.
By-order of the W. M.
C. M. Chandler,
* On Wednesday afternoon at a
* quarter past five o'clock Mbs Lizzie
T. Gerig, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
F. Gerig, was married to Mr. Edwin
* P. Wolfe, a surgeon in the 8th cavalry.
The- ceremony was performed in the
Presbyterian Church, Rev. Dr.
* Jordan officisting. The church was
very prettily decorated xor the oc
casion and the following youllg ladies
acted as ushers: Misses Lanra Gerig,
:Lizzie Careton, Fannie Creight andi
:Annie Aiken. The brides wore a
handsome tailor made suit with hat
to match. After the ceremony Dr.
-and Mrs. Wolfe left on the six o'clock
train for H untsville, Alabam~a, w here
Dr. Wolfe's regiment is st ationed.
IESTOiSif'$. ITA3.r
t THE ie.
RJENCH R.EMEtY produces the c~ ma
! In 30 days. Cures Nem'ous Debility k .:?
pu..nricde, Failing Nemnory. Sto; s .. d raws,~ .&
..ses caused by emrrs of y outh. It wa-13 cfr iai
t :dty and Consumnptionl. Viounz Mei m~ on
h.ood and old Meni recover \-t.:i \igor. .a
v'es vigor and a ze to shrunken c'zz.us. ana las
V . mn for business or norage. E:..i- carried io
to- g'zfar'cc i. JFy CHR . ?aris
th Sold only by J. J. OBEAR, Drug
~~jihit.Winnsboro, S. C.
Oke he most Isights, is
to'see a cehild almost eJio g with1
the dieadful whooping Ii. Give I
the child Dr. Bull's C the,
greatest pulmonary - redy, an3 re
lief will ccme at once, the coughing
spells- will 3-oced less- frequently,
a* in a few days,. the sufferer will be
ezitiiy cured. No other remedy can
boa$ of so many cures.
t~OS to teke:.I'eurs
r R5 cents It an. dnggsts.
eska*y.of York Confy,
a -ewn.
Mrs. Chas. Stevenson are
o I -returd home from Fioria,
in Ounay.
.ilson, of'Charicslon, will 'ain
-ive ini eek to visit her aunt. .
H. A.-illard.
- M ss :Jessie: Jennings returned. on
Monday from a visit to Mr. and M s.
Marvin Jennings in Camden.
Miss Minnie Suber and Miss Wilie
Counts, of Fairfield, are visiting the
home of Mr. R. B. Dominick in No. 2.
-Newberry Herald and News.
Mr. E. B. Rzgsdale was prevented
by sickness .fron going down to Co
lambia to the opening of the General
Assembly. For 9 everal days Mr.
Ragsdale has been confined to his
room with grip and is still sick with
it. It is hoped that he will shortly be t
quite well.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
The Best Salve in the world for Cats,
3rises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rhenn,
Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hand., d
Chillblains, Corns, and all Skin Erup- r
ions, and positively cures Piles, or no a
pay required. It is guaranteed to give
erfect satisfaction, or money refund
d. Price 25 cenos per box. Por sale
by McMaster Co. V
The Christmas holidays passed off .
very quietly, though pleasantly, in
onqtown. The 25th coming on San- c
ay prevented the children from ccle
brating the day as they usualle do-j
rcrakers and other things incident
a noisy observance of the day of
morse had to be dispensed with. The
eather, while chilly, was not cold
togh to. be disagreeable. 9
There was a Christmas tree at ther
wer' Longtown school house on the
enig of the 23rd nit. The twe
esen tad a beautifal appearance, a c
eting much credit upon the teacher,'
P. Jones acted as Santa Clan-.r
'here was a picnic and sham ba: t e
~upper Longtown yesterday. No
thstanding- the disagreeab'e dia
veryting passed oft pleasantly. TheI
attle was fought between the Ridge
ay Rifles, Captain W. J. Johnson,
a Cantey Hill Rifies, Captain Lorick,
fKershaw. The Ridgeway comn~:: .
m off victorious. By a bold flank
>vement they rendered the positio ne
the Cantey Hill company untena
e, compelling them to sar render.y
he old Confeds present pronoun~ed
e battle quite a succes; it undo~ubt-,
il; reminded them of former times
es they stood where bnllets fe
hick and fast. The battle was fought
nthe fields between Mr. D). N. Tid- of~
als and Mr. S. L. Dixon's. A large.
owd was present. All seemed to a
mjoy themselves very much. About ?
e o'elock all assembled in front of r
he school house to partake of the die- o
r prepared for the occasion. T
apt. Johnson is due much praise for
us untiring efforts to make the occa
in a succese, which it was despite
ie unfavorable weather.
Tere have been a good many visitors
uLongtown since our last commnuni
ation, among whom are the following:
Mr. William Mobley and Mr. Caul- s
vell, of Chester, spent some in Long
own rcently at Mr. S. L. Dixon's.
Miss Mamie Higgins and Mr. John
Riggins and Mr. Bankhead, of Mor
matown, are visiting relatives and
riends in Longtown.
Mr. D. E. Mellichamp, of Farmnaa i
University, spent the hnlidays at home n1
Cadet R~ E. Reever, of Clemsoo, 1I
came home during the holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Stewart, of t
rebriar, have been visiting num.er
os relatives and friends in this see
Miss Stelia Rosborough, of Aunstd _
Ga., spent some time during the fr'i-t
days at Mr. J. P. .Jones'.
Miss RI>xie Harrison, of Ridgensy,
pvisitig at Mr. S. L. Dixon's.
Messrs. Barnes, Arthur and DauvidJ
Mobey and Ed. and Willie Dixooofl
Gladde's Grove and Chester Cyintv.
bave been~ visiz relatives ana f: iculd.
n Lonatown.
M' and Mrs. Mc(arrety, of G eeter
ont,' are visiting at Mr. Rob rc
As a sad sequel to th CThri- ni
~siivities, death has come; anV4h i
nirit l-aa been Lorre 10 that :<e
from -.hence it sallt ma it:i Nii
Ross McCormick. daughter o r
Wi:lismi McCormick, Cied at her borrne
in Long: awnt yesterday. The dei es.-ed
had been in a declining sate of eat
for omne time. De'at m ~~na retM
IHer remains were interred at the *ee
bterian Ch urch to d a'. Re'v J. .
Hlerdon conducting thec furhe: i
vices. To the bereaved we extend o r
eartel symnathies. Verily la the'
niidst of life we are ia death. -Yet
littie while and we too shall go (b
.-av from whence we shall not r-eLur:
.huiy7, 1899. E. I. D.
Vor Over Fifty Years.
i been used for over fifty years b:
r;ilious of rothers for their childre;
7. ie ieethiug, with perfect succes
f iothes the chi!d, softens the gimns
-ys al pain, cures wind colic, and I
,i'm best relLedy for diarrhcea. It wl
,ve the noor ittle sufferer imme
it.:.i1. Sold by druggists in ever:
pra: of tbe world.- -Twenty-five aent:
a .ttle. Be sure and'ask for "Mrs
WA; slow's Soothirg Syrnp," and taki
.o ot-her kind. , ...5-26?fx17
.*qS oF ITEB1!ST
Twq hei ds are better than one
except in a eermon.
If you want to learn humanity
tudy a good woman.
.The Biblo offers no premium on
laztness or improvidence.
Sales of fine American horses in
Kexico now reach $100,000 annually.
When the devil can't go to church
-ii-iflf he always sends a hypocrite,
Six-tenths of the population of
lapan do not earn more than $10 per
,Statistics sbow that d'ivorced~iiea
er rry to a greater ex'ent tban di
-on;- women.
Ti.- f0ol seldom thinks of what he
:. .d the wise man rarely says
riv he tbinks.
The United States troops keeping
rd-r in Havana are encamped in the
eart of the city.
Mormon converts in Pleasant Hill,
., carry shotguns to protect them
eles from whitecaps.
The American fRig fies f.orn the
rreck of the Maine, blue-jackets from
e Texas having unfurlet the colors.
General Wheeler ascribes his hardi
ood to regular honrs. He goes to
ei at 10 and arises at 7.30 in the
According to statistics, women to
av are tWo inches taller, on an ave
%ge, than they were 20 or 3& years
In Hungary it is te custonw for the
room to give the bride a kick afier
ma wedding ceremony to make her
,el her suhjection.
Calomel, tulphur and lard, mixed, is
ceetain care for sore heads in fowls;
u met. destrovs Ii humor-sniphr ;
d iatd heal the ;ore --
;one alarmn prevais' among Amer
tri at Havana, owing to the spread
e-~tageo:13 diseases. Three deaths
oim Asiatic tholera are reported.
A Cle-er Trick.
it cerliinly looks like it, but there is
ally 13o trick about it. Am body
a fr it who has Lam;e Back and
tc k Kidaievs, Malaria oc nervous!
.anbh-s. We mean he can einre him-I
f right away by taking~ Electric:
nrs. Tnis medicine tones up :
;oie syst em. acts as a siimulant to
eLiver andT ii~c- is a blood
ifier and nerve tonic:. P cures
s purely vegetablef a mild laxative,
restores the system to its natural
~or. Tre Eietrc Bitters and be
viuced "that they are a miracle
~rker. Every bottle guaranteed.
y 50z a bottle at McMaster Co.'s
g store. 3
Catarrhi Cannot be Cured
rb. cannot reach t be scat of the dis
". Catarrh is a blood or constitu
rol diseasc, and in order to cure it
n must take internal remedies.
iii's Cata.trh Cure is taken internally,
ii acts dire'ctiv ou the blood and
:Outs surf aces. Hlail's Catarrh Cure
i>t a quiack medicine. It was pre
!bed by one sithe best physicians
this country for years, and is a
ainr 'erescription. It is composen' I
tne best tonics known, combine
th the best blood puifiers, actimi
eetly on the matcuouis surfaces. Th<
rfect combinrtion of the two ingre
ts is what produces such wonder
i resnlts in curing Catarrh. Send
r testimoniails, free.
Fj. J. CHIENEY & CO., Props.,
Toledo, O.
Sod by Druggists, price 75c.
Offic at Mrs. Ellen Cathcart's, next
or to Jno. H. McMaster & Co.'s Drug
PNight call at Win nsboro Hotel
Notice to Creditors.
te estate of Fred Scruggs, deceased,
ehereby notified to make payment
thie undersigned, and all persons
dirg claims against said estate ar~e
~questd to present them duly attested
he undersigned..
1-J0 St Administrator.
hat we :ye Fruit Cike in cnn
and fir epound lin s. Raisins
in every shap2. Carrants,
iiai Co.' Cakies in endless
S uia Bisit!sI ireh every
WVhein iiiecd of anytin zg
goodl to cat eQ ti s
cured at home with
out pain. Book ao ar
ticulars sent FREE.
A Ne-.- and.C*On T
Boxes of Ointm t ..c-.e
oie eve cy us=ure 9Ie:
with the.e I fe: i -.
in death, .n: E
diseas? Wasa to
SIox. NoC r,
;5- Sent by mai.
reat LIVER, MCH rAIy! -
EOOD PQR. Sri. -
to' take: esp d
5 doses 25 cens
FREE. s res.:r -
he giventh- # - cr miore of :
coas for sale _
EAR Druggist
Winnsboro, S. C.
Noti to Voters
The Books Registrction for the
next Manicib 'lection, ^o be held oE
April 3rd.ne. r IntenCanIrt and fouI
Wardens for tcwn oZ Winrabor'j
S. C., will ib sn for t1c lceclstering
of voter a e 6tore of S 'pson &
Cathcart Ad tnury 1, 1890, asd
closed Apd! , 1809 - ir
thb- eleiC* re teiC-e ! re "e
J tLin()d .
W C .1 .,
rSOefv - o Registratton.
KENTUCK- MULES at my stable
in Winnsbor, from three to five yeari
old. These "les can be bought chesi
for cash or n good bankable paper
payable in tb Fall. Come one, comi
all who nee good mules. I will ex
eange thea for broken down mnle
or plug miljs.
I also hao a fen good Mares and.
couple of' ood 8addle Horses, on
new Two-brse Wagen and one goo'
Second-haii Baggy.
I also k on hsnd a few
McLL eH cows
ad will zeTi them cheop for cash o:
exchange,'bein for dr' e. Ainwy
readsv ror trde.
j Winnsboro, E, C.
I have iraged Mi% I. B. CRAW
'ORD f ~ ihe season, and he wi~ill b
peaed 'se an. and al or lY-in
Te ld That Gltt
heman cannot always I
1es 3. ny a wvealthy man would giv
ll he now possesses to have the healti
nd happ' ess of a young athlete
ealth is r~ot hard to get and keep I
good judgment is used in earing for an<
supplying the needs of the system
ature often needs assistance; yoi
ometimes abuse nature by overtaxini
our norves, your brain, or your body
nd you haven't time to relax, ant
take the rest that you need. You muns
have outside help. Pabst Malt Extract
The "]Vmt" Tonic, will supply the ex
ra fu, tood, and strength; it is abso
n':pure--an unequalled asietant t<
aa..: 'i "iving health, vitality an<
strength. It will make you eat an<
sleep.wel., and causo you to feel lik<
ourself again, or perhaps better thar
you ever felt in your lifo. The " Ucst
onic was awarded the 100 points c
pe'fection nAi the Worki's air, and 'n
- bnly 3.lit Extract, 'ho "csvt
ionor uYour nearest drnggists car
~c in stdck.
Perfect Health.
Keep the system in perfect or
der by the occasional use 03
Tutt's Liver Pills. They reg
ulate the bowels and prodluce
A Vigorous Body.
For sickheadache,rnoalaria. bit
ousness, constipation and km
dred diseases, an absolute'v cutv
TUTT'S Liver P!.
For Sale3
land, ou Little River, belonging
D. M. Brooto, and boundedl by ]an<
of thbe estate of RI. G. Simon ton, Ste
e~son and others.
Fo ersapply to
A.r S.& W. D. DO)UGL ASS.
11-17 A ttorneys, Winnsboro, S.(
I - AJ .- 2s.>-'a{lr;I
by'JW Al'us, or c-?e1LJcs~ and F'
- fr tc: 'a j r . W:ar' ud - -
- ncro t 6.05. iu C o uM-Cf
fi mnb ctdyr.n rza~
.. b~z~4 1,:* '.v 1-23 a cosTEt en
-- nn. o o S. C
*aba's Lung Tronbles, Debility, dia'erm: s tornach S1
Sale ills, at.d is 'i'edi ic- m:aking :ures whenu allUt
t ~eat:. fails. ?e: mo mv and invahid should hnvs..
Clecnns and be-.fine the ha.
- Pro~nc~eg a luxuriant -growth.
Never Fais toBetrG
Curea scalp diseases a hair talling.
.so.ana S1.< atru st
HINDE RCORI9S Teon1se~cre
Voru.S:s S. am n. makes wolkne ssy. eZ'rc.
Beas te _i ......lJ SY IWVSE
511t1rntO ,$f&4
. -- - - - good
We have some sp-ecial values
Patterns and DresFlannc
ioer special bargains
Wt NCt
And foa a little money will
Try it a
A Good
YOU couldn't make
a better one.
Because it embodies -
1Comfort, Satisfaction
and Success.---~
ISelz Shoes fit well.
I SuccESS.
your health, sa
S pursue your dai
prices. Come
Qi.O D. W'tII
\.< /1 . J7r~ . .L )1i+
The no-3t sessica begflus Septe~.iber 2
ppil is required to pa:y an entraace fc
TitrioN.-Scholars ini the Graded Sc
except in oases where thy-k upextr
One extra, 75 cernts per moulth; two est
Literary course, 75 ce-nts pCI
Scientific cor
-Each higher course inciude all that p
Sin private families.
The record of the schaolars of this~ so]
their standing in the higher colleges, is
- r'For fuirther partienlars address,
WV. H. \
4I jl'~ C~oico
(No Od s.
I (Gon~xv )(2
t 3ALL
incs ard offer all heavy
L Dress Goods, especially in
s, at low cut prices. We
in Wool Underwear.
give a great many gyods.
d see.
L & RUFF.8<
I all wear SELZ SHOES thils year."
o..-- Because Sel ;Shoes wear
-Because Selz Shoes preserve
e you money and enable you to
ly duties with ease and freedom.
them. All styles, all sizes, all
and see.
)RO S. C.
,1897, and ends June 24, 1898. EscJ
e of 50 cents to mea1 contir~gent er
bool are not required to pay taition
studies in the Cellegiate Department
ra, S1.
Se, $1.00 per mionth.
Iasical~ course, $1.50 per month.
recede. Good board can be obtaine<
LOOl at. competitive examninations, an:
the best guarantee of its efficiency.
rIT HEROWX, Principai
N o. 1
CapuredL by the First S, C. Regimm~
at the evacuation of dan Juan.
F SH ..121. .ES 01F ALL
A Hearty
are closir.g out our entire stock by
th n have ever yet been rade in our
until our
Spring Goods
begin to arrive. Shrewd buyers are
ri questcd o call.
Hi3 DlkD~ Th Jmle,
TriWeeklT, 53 a Year in Adyanie,
Weekly, $1.50 a Year in Advance,
and everything in job line done
_as cheaply as anywhere80 ele1~
theState -
Every penny spent a
home is kept at homen~
with a fall stock of Ca~kets,Bun
Cases ntd Coffins, constantly on
and us <-f hearse when r~esrt
Thankfal for past patroniagean
3 tation for a share in the fatore far
old stand. M
Calls at ten'ded to at all hourn.
* J. MX ELLTOTT.& 00

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