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Ons YSar, - - - $3.00
-ii *OUCI-1. - --1.50
Tuesday, January 24. - 18994
R. T. R)berts has built a store on
the Armstrong place, six feet by two
feet, his line of groceries consisting of
sodi, needles, pins, ribbons, beads,
side combs and corret laces] It is said
to be the larges stock of the kind that
has ever been brought to Rion City.
He bas severil lady clerks and every
body is waited on immediately.
Everybody fron the qaarry attend
ed - the turkey and oyster sup,er at
Mrs. George Washington Brooks'.
The quarry band was employed for the
The ivell fever ha somewhat abated.
Everybody has a well and we are
E.is Jamison his moved his large
family to the city,'of Columbia and has
rented the Hampton .mansion for sev
eral years. So much for having a job
at the dispensary.
Master Pope Brooks hs returned to
the Croaked Run section, having been
criticailv ill at his motber's residence.
He was for several days speechless,
asking for chicken soup and beef hash.
Mrs, W. H. Walling's b'ackberry
wine is said to be very fine. She will
send several bottles to the Etate Fair
this year.
Willie Melton has built a pen for his
hog oat of a cigar box.
W. H. Walling & Sn'a store at the
quarry is doing a large basiness. It
keeps open some days about eigbt
minute;, that is i case the clerks do
not go out hunting. The millinery
department this year will be in charge
of Mis Marie Louise Hilchcock, of
Paris. They secured this lady after
considerable trouble and expense.
The german that will take"piace at
the quarry on the 27th will end the
festivitien fot this season. President
W. H. Jamison has secured Gilinore's
Band, a~nd he will himself lead the
W. F. Pierson has been sick for sev
oral wee'ks with a severe case of "ner
vous debility," We are pleased to:say
he is out once more and pulling tht
throttle on 237.
Secreta~ry Chas. Prons~e, of tbe Stone
Cutters' National Union, paid th~e
quarry a short visit a few di ya ago.
:He found the union in good order and
all the members in good. stanaingr, but
all of them sitting down.
Master Leslie Lyles bade all his rela
tives and friends gosd-tbye, but did
not go to Charlotte. S.
.January 23, 1899.
The best thing a farmer can raise on
his plantation is corn To ms-ke 'gonr
homes happier, farmera, I would ss.y
plant more corn and less cotton. Tsy
the experiment of nking all our
farms self-sustaining, or a: near so as
we can, by the iniensive system of
farming in everything we plan . by the
thorough preparatio i all feeding. the
land. Atter you are certain of hav
ing enough food crops of all kind to.
make everything plentiful,-id~fapy
for all thingfa-ti Em for twelvo
,then plant c.attozm or tl e
four-ba!e-to-the-acre syst. m, which r e
quires so much less to 1..- --'n'ed to
get the coiron you need Ttis has
been done in Georgia. This plant, to
a great extent, is being done by the
farmers of our county. that is the
agricultural club farmers. One of
them ma,1e two bales weighing nearly
one thousand pounds, and an )iher one
made nearly the same amount of cot
ton, and very good yields of corn and
othe- food crops are certified to and
My fath..r made twer-tv-four hund red
pounds .-f seed cot ton on one acre of
old land on the Dr. Clod systemn-four
feet row-, in checks of three or four
feet, one stalkc in a place. That was
about 1809, and before guano had come
into use. That was thought to be the
best yie'd in the county at that time.
Those wecre good old slavery times,
with plentyr of cotton, corn and other
f ood cre p
This ~has beeun a very hard, cold,
cloudy winter, with much rain and
o:.e sleet and snow. There was a
heavy frost and froz'n ground this
mornir.g and a lignt snow y esterday.
The tarmers have a little wheat and
much'oais to sow y et. Tbe raini have
made 'he roads very bad.
TLe many friends of Mrs. C. Laddi
will regret to hear of the serious ill
ness of her daughter, Miss Josepine.
We alt fe el a deep solicitude in the
case and :rnst that God wHl spare her
to her feeble,:blind mother.
We are much gratified your paper is
just it' re-gard to the prohibition cause
-the cante of the coming generatior-,
the cane' of sobriety and peace. I amt
gla.d to sec this advocated by our cor
I close with the prayer for 'l'.e suc
ces of the e.fforts of the farmiers :o
by the blessing of God have peace,
plenty and happiness. J. C, F.
January 20, e899.
The Deadly Grip
Is again abroad in the land. The air
you breathe may be fall of its fatal
germs! Don't neglect the 'Grip" or
you will open the door to Pneumonia
ad Consumption and invite death.
It. sure signs are chills with fever,
headache, dail heavy pains, mucous
discha-ges from the nose, sore throat
and never-let-go congh. Don't waste
preci.-us time treating thic cough with
troches, tablets, or poor, cheap syrups.
Cure it at once with Dr. King's New
Discovery, the infallible remedy for
bronchial troubles. It kills the disease
germs,, heals the langs and prevents
the dreaded after effects from the,
malady. Price 50 cts. and $1.00.
Money back if not cured. A trist
bo:tie free '.t McMaster Co.'s drug,
Mr. J. W. Blain had the misfortune
of having his s!ore broken open a few
uigh-ts ago, or it is supposed that the
rogue concealed himself under the
counter before Mr. Blain closed the
store and then help.d himself to a
suit of clothes ani a great many o:her
things. Some of ti-e slo'en goods
have been found where the rogue dis
tributed them among other colored
people, but it has not as yet been as
certained who did the stealing.
Mr F E Hood is now occupying the
house which waq vacated by Mr M 1
Mr II L Baxter went to Columbia
last Monday.
Mr H A Brown and family are
visiting relatives in Batesburg.
Mrs A M Black, of Columbia, is
spending awhile with her father and
mother, Dr and Mrs S W Bookhart.
Mr George Moore, of R;dgeway,
paid a fl) ing vi-it to our city last
Tuesday afternoon.
Miss Carrie Brown returned home
last Sunday,
Mr A L Dunn has been visiting
rela'ivcs in Winnsboro.
Miss lizziC Rainf leturted to Co
lumbia last Thursday afier visiting her
father Mr J M Ilains, who lives near
An old negro man, known as John
Hall, who lived near here was found
dead'in his house ote morning last
week. It was supposed that be froze
to deatb darizg the night.
Mr Lawrence Wooten and family,
of Smiths, 8 C. are the g u.' Mr
and Mrs Lem Wooten.
"Taffy," we are very glad to learn
that you are still numbered among the
living, though we .hope that next time
youappear you will be ''in a better
humor." I presume you have heard
it said there was a difference in "having
a cross to bear and being as cross as a
bear." Chrysanthemum.
January 21, '99.
Kidney Complexion.
A The pale, saisow, saken-chee~ked,
distressed looking people you so oftei
meet are afflicted with "Kidney Corn
Their kidneys are turning to a pars
nip color. So is their complexion.
'Th"y ?may also have indigestion, or
suffer irom sleeplessness, rheumatism,
neralgia, braIn tronble, nervous ex
haustion and sometimes the heart acts
The cause is weak, unhealthy kid
Usually the sufferer from kidney dis
ease does not fi;d out what she trou
ble is until it is almoist too late, because
the first symptoms are so like mild
sickness that they do not think the;
need a medicine or a doctor until they
find t bemselves sick in bed.
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root will buld
up and strengthen their weak and dis
eased kidneys,= durify their diseased,
kidney-poisoned blood, clear theit
complexion and soon they will exiov
better health. ..V""~mr
You canget the regular sizes at the
drg-st&fe, at fifty cents and one dol
ar, or you may first prove for yoursel:
the wonderful virtues of this great
discovery. Swamp-Root, by sending
your address to Dr. Kilmer & Co.,
Binghamton, N. Y., for a sample hot
le and a book that tells all about it
both sent to vou absolutely free by
mai!. When writing kindly mentiol
that you read this liberal offer in The
News and Herald.
EasiIy, Quickly, Perm'anently Restored
.tee toCure Insommna, Fits, Dizzimess. Hysteria,
.rvous Debility, Lost Vitality. seminiai Losses,
miing Memory--the result of Over-work. Worry.
i.kness, Errors of Youth or Over-mndulgencc.
Pice 50c. and $1: 6 boxes $5.
Fox quick, positive and lasting results in Sexun'
'Veakness, Imsr'oenev. Nervous Debhility and Lr
Vitality use YELLOW LABEi. SPECIAL-double
srengtb- e ill give strength and tone to every nar t
and effect a~ permanent cure. Cheapest and' iest.
too Pills Sz. by moail.
FR EE-A bottle of the famous Japanese Larer
P'ellets will be given with a Sr box or more of ?Jag
ntic Nervin:e. free. Sold only by
J. J. OBEAR, Druggist,
Winnsboro, S. C.
A powder to be shaken into the shoe.
At this season your feet feel swollen,
nervous and damp. If you have smart
ing feet or tight shoes, try Alien's Foot
Ease. It warms the feet and makes
walking easy. Cures swollen and
sweating feet, blisters and callous spots.
Relieves coi.ns and bunions of all pain
and is a certain cure for Chilblains and
Frost bites. Try it TO-DAY. Sold by
all druggists and shoe stores for 2.5c.
Trial package FREE. Address, Allen
S. Omsted, Le Roy, N.Y.
Shake Into Your Shoes
Allen's Foot-Ease,- a powder for the
feet. It cures painful, swollen, smart
ing, nervous feet and instantly takes
the sting out of corns and bunions. It's
the greatest comfort discovery of the
age. Allen's Foot-Ease makes tight
or new shoes feel e:1sy. It is a certain
cure for Cliin111. s.weating, callous,
tird, aching feet. Tr;; it To-DAY.
Sold by all dru'ggists and shoe stores.
2c. Trial package FR EE. Adidress,
A egetabiePreparatiortforAs
s'Allating Wdood andReg Ua
Cige mac's ar.: Bowio
Pro,otesViaesqin,ChE ful
Opna-morphinoior 1ral.
GSa -'rs
t 'S,J'c I'mVO r I h
IAperfectliRmedy ior Constipa
~:lon, Sour Stomach.Diarrhoea,
'1Worms,Convulsions,reverisll- I
rcSurle Signaturc of
ry-x T COPY 07 VR APPER,
Success-Worth Knowing.
40 years' success in the. South, pros
Hughes' Tonic a ereat remedy 1
Chills and all M%larial Fevers. Bett
than Quinine. Guaranteed, try it.
Drnaggist;. 50c. and $1.00 bottles.
Look! A Stiteh in Time
Saves nine. 11ughes' Tonic (new il
proved, taste pleasant), taken in eat
spring and fall prevents Chills, Deng
and Malarial Fevers. Acts on
liver, tones up the system. Better th
Qainine. Guaranteed, try i.
Druggists. 50c. and $1.00 bottles,
When you can not sleep for con
ing take Chamberlain's Coagh ftemef
It always gives prompt relief. It
mnost excellent for colds, too, as it a.
expectoration, relieves the lungs a
prevents any tendency toward pnc
onia. For' sale by McMaster C
Mr. Elisha Berry, of this place, st
he never had3-nything do him so mn
ood and give -such quick rehief fre
heumatism as - Chamberlain's P:
Balm. He was babered greatly wi
shooting pa'ns from>,hip to knee un
e ifsed this linam ni, which affor
prompt relief.-B. F; B.AKER. draggi
St. Paris, Ohio. F6r sale by McM
tr Co., druggists.
When You Irave a Bad Cold.
You want the best medicine that e
e obtano!i, ar-d that i-: Ch. mber]ai
Yon. wont a remerd-. tha:t will
>nygv ac relieft but efie: a
h u t. an k~epb exot:i
Y u wat a rem:edy '* ae
ernet au-: ten.dncy te ra pnu
YX .m a remnede th....les
and sa e totake.
Gaberili's Cougi iten:i- , ist
nv mnedica:e inue that meets afl
thn acquirements. This remedy
famon, for is cures of b:-.ti co!
troughzont the United Sm:s and
many foreivn couics. It has men
rygdeWiW eif spedy and peCrn
nent cure of bad cods stands wiihs
a peer a::u is splar.did qnalhties
verywhere cdm" rd and pratised. I
sale t>y Melaster' Co., druggi-ts
F Mothers!
.forts and 0
-child-birth can -W
br almost en- {\/
ti-ely avoided...
- Yvneof Cardui
re'i evesex-'
peccant moth
ers. It gives
toneto the gen
puts them in
condition to do their work
perfectly. That makes preg
nancy less painful, shortens
labor and hastens recoveryafter
child-birth. It helps a woman
bear strong healthy children.
, MC ELqEE"5
has also brought happiness to
thousands of hoe arnfor
years. A e doses often bring.s
joy to -ving hearts that long
for a d.. ing baby. No woman
should neglect to try it for this
trouble. It cures nine cases out
of ten. All druggists sell Wine
of Cardui. $i.oo per bottle.
For advice in cases reuirir s;ccial
directIons, address. giving symptoms.
the * Ladies' Advisory Department."'
The CNattaniooga Medicine Co., Chatta
ndaga. Tenn.
or Jefferson, Ga., says:
"When I first took Wine of Cardul
we had been married three years, but
eoidnt have any children. INine
___h lte I had a frne girl bary."
Augusta, Ga. Actual Business. - No Teat Bool1
Sb-u tm..ea..ax. Se forCatalogee.
- Th agstCohn
3n 3Y
2 tj
to IS Sul
U Brith Exr P PtsadH
202-204 E. 102d ., NEW YORK CITY
The Largest Clothing
Manufa turrs in America.
we ee ay Epressge.
c .-te Zto ge ar.difc! toir e :oae from 7r
.- ported WOOl chev-~.~z ok lc Grcy and Brow
tn 2stzss from 3 to o a of age. Made up doub
brete. wit% Sainr CotEr-Collar fancy embrolde
1 4 ed-I2ed wit:, Mz~ ac. Albert Tv.111 Sat en ari
patent wse sand!. Tr-=m1n; nd WorFsoafsbf
- xp esMoey Srde:- for Rot ed.:ars ibotS
M l aeand if large or sm=lnfr
- blIrnks.tc
tili ~ Debility. '
t endriness, o i cnacene
th Epe digeystive orgn rtaeo h
geers.al aness, and are unabl
no aimlae sufficient fodt. bid
eauthetov wsted~. *ise. I sch
sajus Chenutition of d
stmlae heapeie I id h
digethon rom fovord, dbing rota
fresin leep.rncnvlscne
= cthe dig estieogn prefth
hienrl eanes,adaeual
o fassmilae sufcEasy foodymebus.
..u thcommstedns barge. Borrower
asacles t fpretn o
, OH B.tPA m ach, Snd
stimultes th luppeitetaid the G.
esioorn o.fW fod, dG brnsS,e
fes. ing sleep. st
Central Timo Between Columbia and Jack
sonville. Eastern Time letween Co
iumbla and Other Points.
Effective January 16, 1899.
- n -No. 38i. 36 No. 32
Northbound. Daily. Daily. Exsun
Lv..T'ville, F.C.&P.Ry.. 8 00a 8 00;t 12 10 p
" Savannah. . 12 01 pi 1 05 p 3 57'p
Ar. Columbia......... 40p i45 4- 7809P
Lv. Char'ton,SC&GRR.1 7 0 a 5 S0PI........
Ar. Columbia. 1100., 30 10p .......
Lv. Augusta, So. Ry....2 101) 9 30P 5 40p
Granitevillo ......-' j 10 15 p 603p
Aiken............... 2 2-0 p 10 10p 55p
Trenton............. 3 08 p i OOP 6 34p
Johnstons........... .19p 11 20t 6 46p
Ar. ColumbiaUn. dep't.t 4 ;1 p 2 30.t 8 20p
Lv Col'ba Biand'g st... 5 15 p 5 55 a 8. 49 p
" Wintsboro ........ 6 07 p 7 09a: 0 39p
Cheter. G 54 p .45 at 10 17 p
" Rock Bil... 7 26p 8> 17 a. 10 45p
Ar. Charlotte............ 15p 9 15 ' 11 N4;
Danville............I1 51 122p! 310,
Ar. Richmond ......... 0 40a 6 25 .
Ar. Washington ........ G 42a 9 05p: 9 45a
BaltimtorePa.1. R. 8 00a 11 25 p 11 05a
Philadelphia........ 10 5 2 56. a 108p
" New York........... 12 430p 0 23 3 53P
Soutlbound. NO. 31 No. 37 No. 35
Subn Exsun Daily. Daily.
Lv. New York.Pa. R.R. 12 b0n 4 M0p 1215nt
Philadelphia ........ 2 25 p r ,5 p 3 50 a
Baltimore........... 4 .7 p 9 1' p 6 22a
Lv. Wash'ton, So. Ry.. 5 50 p 10 43 p 1115 a
Lv. Richmond .......... 12
Lv. Danville .. ......... 12 10 a .5 50a 6 02p
" Charlotte ...........344a 9 35al 10 20p
" Rock Hill........ 425a5 10 2O a 11 14 p
Chester ............. 4 54a 10 55 a 11 43p
Winnsboro.......... 5 34 a 1141-a 12 $2 a
Ar Coi'bia Bland'g st... 6 30 a 12 4Znn 1 37 a
Lv. Columbia Un.dep't. 6 50 a 1 15p 4 00 a
Johnstons........... 8 27 a 2 53p 600a
Trenton............. 8 40a 3 08p 6 25a
Ar. Aiken............... 9 20 a 3 45p 7303
Granitevle ........ 9 0 3 a 3 3p 7 07 a
Augusta.............O94n 431p 800a
Lv. Col'bia, S.C.&G.Ry. . 3 55p 6 45r.
Ar. Charleston.......... .. 8 17p 11 003
Lv. Col'bia, F.C.&P.Ry. 5 40 a 11 55 a 12 47 a
SSavannah........ 25a 4 47p 5 08a
Ar. Jncksonvill.e ....... 1 00p 925pi 900a
Nos. 31 and 82-NEW YORK A'ND FLOR
IDA LIMITED. Solid Vestibuled Train of
Pullman Drawing-Room Sleeping Cars. Ob
servation and Compartment Cars, and Dining
Cars running through without change between
St. Auguitine Fla., and New York, via Jack
sonville, Savannah, Columbia. Charlotte and
Washington. Pullman Diawing-Room Sleep
ing Cars between Aiken and New York, con
nOcting with this train at Columbia, for the
accomnimodation of Augusta and aiken travel.
Excellent daily passenger service between
Florida and New York.
Nos. 37 and !38-WahingtonandSouthweltern
Limited. Drawing-Room Buffet Sleeping Cars
between Augusta and- Now York. Soli Ves
tibuled train with dining cars and flst class
coachei north of Charlotte.
Fninan driawiigiroom,nsleepin. cars between
and Nvw York.
Pul0man S,reping Cars between Charlotte
and i!.-huned.
P:- drawing-room slein'; ears bo
twe- -:- ;)oro and Norfo!k. Cloe onne
tion: .. k for O)D POINT CO3FORT,
arrivitig;; 1.1 in utie for breakfast.
No. .:5 :' :--U. :5 F:a;t Mail. Tnrongh
I Pullman di::wimn.' room baftet seir cars ha
Stwein .b: nile .and New York and Pll
an -!pin- l)etween Augustoa and Char
lot-. Dr-.n %ars serve all neals inrou.^.
umm n (.ar-c, between . ..Ileonvile
and Cuanl,,i, ote- da.ily ,> weA W- lacksn
U Tille and City:iunati. via
r. WA. TRN. SC K
i . .A hington. .' A.. A tlanta.
Uniequaled for
Range of Work,
Old Sewing Machines taken iln ex
Dealers wanted in unoccupied terri-.
try . Correspondence- solicited3.
Machinery !
Manufactturors' AgenI( s i-r i.e
.phonle cro-k t o.
Piine in otnr CO)IN WV E! I . C
offiee on Winnzsbnpr,
and Chester line. 4 6-l y
AFRIANA .11eme hema.sma-d
Scroah o Sty Cred
NEWS ***
Tri-Weekl5, $3 a Year in Advance.
Weekly, $1.50 a Yearlin Advar .
and every thing in job line don.e
as cheaply as any whcre else i
Every peniny spent at
home is kept at home.
As protty a Stock of Goods as
has ever been brought to
the towa,
Consisting in part of Rogers &
Bro.'s ce?ebrated plated wares
-Ladles, Knives, F o r k s,
Spoons, Carving Sets, &c.
Handsome China Cake Plates,
Berry and Salad Dishes,
Vases, Cracker Jars, &c., &c.,
and invite an inspection of
them at your earliest conve
The Equitable
Life Assurance Society
of the United States.
The mnanagement of ti
4. Equitable Life A s:urance Soci, t>
'e int this territy in desirous of secui -
igthe servi~ce of a man of char.:
: cr and ablity to represePt it.
;terest w;ith Winnsboro as head
qiirters. The right :nian v. i;l be
moreughly educated inl :hP scen''
of life insure.n~ce and the~ art
s-ces~ful solicitinig. 'Lhce e i
busi::cs or ;:refe.-sion not re
Squiring capital which is mo;re r!
renneaive~ than a life agcore
:,on tvncd nith eneriy an;d abi
i-2 (orrespodence wi!h m
who<tesi~e to' secure permnai
e'aployment a.rd are amlbitiou's
at tain' promninece in the~ profe
s on is in-vited.
t o19.om W-ck Hilt, 3. I
o m die. . Lave levied upon
,--d w"Il 4e :. the .ighest cash bidder
-e:o.e !,I C-e: Hr u-e icor in Winns
h.ro S. . te fir-t M.onday in
F..btu:ry, o : itt!n b;i:er, oneS
":ek A. -jnw ;tas:dh pie
d biraue icreto. -
L-pr- ern' ot J. D.
- utON, . F. C.
. . 1, 1899
C 3~A L E.
rk! vs. William D.
n i, and a; Ad
e.awe of Joseph
d. Fanoic C.
Aro Bank and
T d :dechanics B:a,k,
S:.c: ot an order of the
C r e (omen 7Vleas, made in
albov,: ' ted uss- I will offer for
, rhe Curt House door in
s S. C, on the
rcxt, withiI the legal hours of sale, at
, ublic outcrv, to the highest bidder,
Ithc fo*Ilow:ng described property, to
Al that tract or . parcel of land sita
a- t.c CCour.ty of Fairfield, in the
S:.e afore-aid, a litte south of the
v;1lge of aoilcelo, containing
r-,~'. more or :e:s; being the same
!and conv e d to Joseph K.
vI) .v, c :e i, by Jclhn Bauskett, by
t ! .cd the 4!h day of April,
1861, a- d recorded in Book W W, page
2ic. in the office of the Register of
I Me ne Conveyances of Fairfield Coun
t., and described in said deed as
bounded on the north by lands of
Thomas Bell, William Blair, E. F.
Lyles and the said Joseph K. Davis;
on the east by lands of Joseph K.
Davis and Jonathan Rabb; on the
south by lands of Dr. Thomas Farman
and John Willingbam; and on the west
by John Bell, John Willingham and
Thomas Bell, the present boundaries
of the said land bing more particu
larly indicated by the plat made by
Edgar Trapp, Surveyor, on the 25th
day of August. 1898. The said prem
ises to be first (ffered fur sale in Eepa.
rate trct-F or p zrc. s indicated on a
plate thercof made by Edg-ii Trapp,
Surveyor, on tte 24th and 25th An
gust. 1898, whie.i plat is filed in the
ofiice of thC I.I: o f the Court in the
recerd Uf c.uti, and wili be ex
hbia.d on i i f sa e; the bids of tbe
hig,hest bdc. for s.id separate tracts
to be cccc by te Clerk condition.
ally, that is C..ition that the
r,reise wh: m:d i*.* one enttre tract
as~ ~ Ierend' drece. '.hall bring less
jthe) th * :: uf the amountls of
fto - gben~ bid fr t 'e tracts as offered
searate!. A:a n. 'he - 'll of paid
senarate ~tract.: or parcels have been
offiered fr -a e and knocked down to
th e highes- bi *i: sC Cerfo condition
a,ll as .bove . :4rh. the said 'lerk
shan: cff&r th. e::r prem es, mnade
up of ad o( e msse, a, a snl
hunit' ~. . . the aggregat6for
the amount a e igbest bids bid
for aid :ca- .e c- k offered sepa,.
r:teh sJ l ee the amount bid for
the entire tremises -s a whole. then
the Cie. k -la: . up':m ou-n:p'gance wIth
the terms ef -e . at to each~ of
the re; e' vi.rc a-ar. for said
separat - :t e for th trsc.s se
repan: ch:or I if the amounnt
bi.dfor tix b e*:re premise- en masse as
a single tract she.Ai ?-x('ct the aggre
?rate of :Lh: :anoam-. of the. highest
'bids ofler'd ;o;r he m.id premisem as
then the saiid t-!c:k shall execute a
deed :t. Ih: ire ;remrise-s to the high
eeL >,dder for : ie ea:tr.' t5act, and ttie
bids f -r rh: tracts as dThce,d separate
i aIl be w4 holly direaardea.- (P;at
of said igua can, be seen in Clerk's
ofiic3 ro ami time beere sale.day, it
One-thiid of the purrebase-money to
be paid( in ce.sh o:: the day of sale, the
balance i:: two Equal anrnuai inistal
mncn! ir,.mz :hc dIay ' sale, with in
terest f:rm the dav of sale at eight pet'
centum oer armam. to be secntedby
he 'oond~of the purchaser or purchias
erg and a mnortgage or mortgages of,
the premises sol, or for all. cash at the
op8('I of the purehaser or parchasers.
2 he purchaser or purchasers to pay for
all ncessary papers. And if the pur
ebiscr fails to compt with the t.erms
of -ale, tte Clerk sh-d! resell the said
premrises on thle same or some sneceed
ing -a!esday on ihe same terms with,
ou! further rppiication to the Court,
an~ .t t:he r isk ..t: be for mer purchaser.
Sold at thet zi-k of the former pur
cha'e r.
Jan. 13th, 1899. C. C P. F. C. -
T.Adior 's flice w il be ope.n to
ree-ive tax returt. f..mc -bnuary the
1st -o Febru::r, 20;!. All persons
tai'n to m;k' 'u.ns within the
ab ve mn- : w. 'a wil incur ;he
50 r. e :: a.y All mnae citi
z7a cm .. r g e21 and 60 are
libeto x nc-i ex--mp,t by
: '1T Am ' o hi- d'ty wvill
be i: ;h- f*i:-6g Ec,o days
F' b)n -.20 . flic : '-i i',nsboro.
Woling. Tbe ay.J:nary 12.
t :- AyuIe. :-'y, .Ja?:uary 18.
W4oodward :vuday. Jamr:ary 14.
h: Oak ' .:d , Jauary, 1.
R dg-war. Ir .t Jenary 20.
Lc'ngtow:, oa, 23. 24
M. L Co per. 3e eiiday, Jana:..ry
Blvthewood'. Tfhrra. , Jr.nuiary 26.
HIoreb (F. M. tAi *r<esmr) Friday,
J L RI il. iOND). A. F. C.
A. FRICANA w.cure Custir,ation and.

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