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Beauty rs Blood Deep.
Clean blood means a clean skin. No
beauty.ithout it. Cascarets, Candy Cattar
tic elean your blood and keep it clean by
stirring up the lazy liver and driving alfim
rom the body. Begin to-day to
ni pimples, boils, blotches, blackheads,
and that sickly-bilious complexiont by taking
Cascarets,--beauty for ten cents. All drug
giW satisfaction guaranteed, 10c. 25c,50c.
The Utica EnIttin- Company has decided
fo increase its capital stock from $100.000 to
2000. bo. 2.
To Cure A Cold in One Day.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All
- ruggsts r4und money if it fails to cure. 2:c.
Some 7.000.000 tons of coal are ainuI.y
used in the United Kingdom in the mauufac
ture of gas.
Don't Tobacco spit and Smoke Tour T.We Awar.
To quit tobacco easily an forerr. be mat
metic.,full of life. nerve and vigor, tae No-To
Bac. the wonder-worher, that rkes wcak men
strong. All druggists, 50c or *I. Cure guaran
teed. Booklet and sample free. Address
Sterling Remedy Co.. Chicago or Ne-r York
The Penman Manufacturing Company.
Paris. Out.. will makze a large addition to its
underwear factory.
' Educate 7--nr Bowels With Cascar ,
Candy Cathartir. cure constipation forcret.
00,25. I CC.C.fail, druggistsrefund:r.ont.
The new cotton yarn mill at Hnrietta, .
C., will start work soon with 25.00) spindles.
Pains and Aches
Of Rheumatism Make CountleSS
1 housands Sufr'r.
But this disease is cured by 11.0-l's Sar
saparilla, which neutralizes the a!id in the
bloot. If you have any symI-tot" of
rheumatism take Hoo('s Sarsapirilla at
once and do not waste time aw: money on
unknown preparations. Tiie tric of
Hood's Sarsaparil'a is unquestioned and its
record of cares unequalled.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Hood's PII:s eure aJ iiver iU.- :cents
oVsnel nlullders Hop-ek.
From the Kennebec Journal. Not
'fur very many years have Maine ves
sels managers in general felt so deep
an interest in the prospects for busi
ness for a coming year. Th%z close of
the war has brought along, for Ma ne,
at least, a new hope that her old-time
:ea prestige is coming back, fn the
new necessities set moving bi our ex
tensive foreign acquisitions aid the
general 'deep-water trade impetus
which has been started. From all in
dications the biggest revival of co"
zaerce by sea that the United States
ever :Faw is about to take place. The
acquisition of oversea possessions
Porto Rico, Hawaii and the Philip
pines and the new conditions of Cuba
-will necessitate a great enlargement
bf the merchant fleet of the United
States. Only ships having an Amerl
can register can tr.de between two
ports of the United States. There
fore, the commerce between this coun
try and our new possessions wdl1 re
Quire American ships. This means
work for the ship yards, for the
present fleet Is inadequate for the
'work, and It Is seldom that a foreign
built ship can get en American regis
- ter-__
UkLtversity standards.
Lepsig university refuses to accept
time .'pent at the University of Frei
burg, in Switzerland, in the count of
its degrees, on the ground that the
teaching there has deteriorated below
university standards since the Domini
(an monks have obtained control. The
other German universities are likely to
follow the example of Leipzig, and will
.refuse to recognise the Fraiburg de
grees as well.
Mrs. Pinkhiam's Advice Inspires
SConfidence and Hope.
Examination by a male physician is
a, hard trial to a delicately organized
She puts it off as long as she dare,
and is only driven to it by fear of can
eer, polypus, or some dreadial ill.
Most frecruently such a womnan leaves
__a physician's office
where she has un
-dergone a critical
,.~examination with
San impression,more
- or less of discour
-This condi
tion of the
mind destroys
the effect of
' advice; and
worse rather
th:an better.. In consulting Mrs. Pink
ham no hesitation need be felt, the
story is told to a woman and is wholly
confidential. Mrs. Pinkham's address
is Lynn, Mass., she offers sick women
her advice without charge.
- Her intimate knowledge of womnen's
troubles makes her letter of advice a
wellspring of hope, and her widec experi
Sence and skill point the way 'o health.
" I suffered with ovarian tr'te:ble for
seven years, and no doctor kryer what
was the matter with me. I had spells
which would last for two days or more.
I thought I would try Lydia E. Pink
bam's Vegetable Compound. I have
taken seven bottles of it. ar. d am en
tirely cured."--MBs. Jon- Fota:IN, 26
N. Woodberry Ave., Baltimore. Md.
The above letter from Mrs. Foreman
is only one of tousands.
"MJy wife had pimples on her face, but
she has been taking CASCA1ThTS and they
have all disappeared. I had been troubled
with constipation for some time, but after tak
tng the first Caqcaret I have had no trouble
with this aliment. We cannot speak too high
tyo eCacrets."' FRF.D \Vw?trM.
6706Germantown Ave.. Pil!adel:hia, Pa.
Pleasant. Palatable. Lotent. Taste Good. Do
* Good, leever Sicken. weaken. or GCr1; e. iUe. 2.50.&c.
Etereg Remedy Company. CMengo, Xontreal. New. York. sr
MaYalTA ia Sold and gnaranteed t-v all drug.
U"aU*WRV gistst CUR E Tobacco Habit.
- ~BestCough syup.Tatesoom. Us
ntn.sodby drm'.gists.
When Winter Reiang-Deferred Proposal
-The Necessary Material-A Theory
One Advanta-e-And Makes Mone*#
Too-The Slater's Retort. Etc., Etc.
Now comes the time when plumbers rage
And coal men pile up bilis
Nen nigh:s are lona and gas accounts
Are added to your ills.
Sad time indeed, but there's one thought
Tat ia., a bit of cheer
!.c-iitoes aro away frc:= us
Uii another year.
--New York Wor'La
Deferred Proposal.
"Why is it that stuttering men are
nearly always bachelors?"
"Well, they get so much s to
think before they speak."-Detroit
Free Press.
The Necessary Material.
Bacon-"My partner and myself
want a wooden partition across the
Builder-"Well, I think if you put
your heads together you can accom- g
piish it."
A Theory.
"What makes that noise in the
heater?" askea the visitor.
"I don't know," answered the man
who is constitutio-nally chilly; "but I
gaess it's the temperatare dropping."
-Washington Star.
One Advantage.
"Still, living in a boarding house
has its advantage3." a
"I don't know of any."
"Well, there are generally a few 3
umbrellas around that one may bor- a
row."-Philadelphia North-American. d
Oh, My Prophetic Soul!
African Traveler-"Ha! Here is a
sign of civilization at last! My Uncle
evidently does business on this street."
The Sliter's lZetort.
Elder Sister (patronizingly)-"Go- r
ing to bed, I suppose? What a shame! C
Never mind. In a few years you will
be invited out, too."
Younger Sister (independently)
"Yes; and in a few years you will not
be invited out." ,
And MYakes Money, Too.t
"I thought you said that Paynter ~
was e.professional artist; he tells me
that be only sketches for amuse
"Well., that's true enough; you see,
he illustrates the jokes for a comic
weekly."--Philadelphia Record.
.ight on biistory. b:
Jimm-"I wonder why they al- a
ways put the preacher away back in
the back end of t ie church?"
Tommy--"That was done in the a
d!ays when they was Injans around and a
the preacher picked out the safest
place. "-Indianapolis Journal.
A Noble Young Man.
"I trust, sir, that you have not
been indiscreet enough to speak~ to my
daughter about marriage,'' said the P
stern parent to the youth who had .E
just asked for his daughter's hand. :
"I have nof., sir," replied the youth; C
"but I was strongly tempted to do so j
Jjast evening when she kissed megoo'd r
night on the steps ."-Chicago News. I
A Close Guess.
"How do yo - - e
couplegppite are marrie d?" askedia
thegan with large business interests |5
~'f his wife as they sat in the cafe after 'a
the theatre. You can't tell anything
about it."!r
"Oh, can't I? She wanted lobster|
and he ordered a couple of ham sand- r
wiches. They're married all right ~
enough. "-D)etroit Free Press.
Tictims of Adverse Fate.
"That day it rained so bard," com- e
plained the man with the Galway Y
whiskers, "I found when I started for
home that I'd brought my cane down
town instead of my umbrella."
"You haven't any worse kick com
ing than I have," rep'ied the man witht
the prognathaous jaw. "The nightt
when I was held up on my way ho'me b
I found I had brought my umbrella
down town instead of my cane."
Chicago Tribune.
How It Struck Him, a
The boy was taking a little jaunt cl
with his father, and it so happened ai
that they caught a crowded street car r
three times in succession. The first t
time the lad hung on to his father's a
coat and said nothing. The secondE
time that they both had to stand there fi
were signs of rebellion, and the third ii
time the youngster blurted out indig- v
nantly: U
"Say, papa, is everybody going I
everywhere to-day?"--Chicago P'o:t.
Eis Patriotic .me.
The solutions to these puzzles will ap.
ea; ia a 41cceeding Issue. -
---- 6
21.-A Charade.
'ithout my first no voice is heard;
'ithin my second, lives begin,
Sthird must end delibghtuilv;
y w2ole tells how they strive who win.
22.-A Novel Acrostic.
All the words described contain the
une number of letters. When right
guessed and written one below the
:her, two of the rows of letters, read
:g downward, will spelthe name of
popular book.
Readiag across: 1, tendency; 2 cov
:ings for the heaa; 3, pertaining to
aginary dwarfs; 4, instruments of
>rture; S, a bard. heavy wood; 6,
ne.-rs: 7, poets; 8, the century plant;
Venetian rulers; 10, inmature.
23.-A fravein! PuzzIe.
Begin each word with the final let
rs of the preceding word: Example:
nffalo, lotion, Icnic, Icelani.
The fare from Kamchatka to Chica
:> is:
1. An insect.
2. A thought.
3. A festival.
4. A mistake.
5. A small bird.
G. A point where two lines nocei.
7. A beverage.
8. A discussion.
9. A viceroy.
24.-Five Hidden States.
1. Come here, mamma; I need help
t once. 2. The bear almost overtook
im. but a hunter c-une to his rescue.
We were afraid that we might miss
ur ice cream. 4. He did a horrible
ced. 5. The boatman said that he
ad no more gondolas to hire.
17.-Word Squares -
18.-A Double Cross Word--Texas,
19.-Eight Behcadments-H-iglit,
-each, b-rain, M-arch, t-wig, c-able,
-early, n-arrow.
20.-Somo Novel Ladies-1, Ella
'ant; 2, Minnie Ster; 3, Emma Grant;
, Minnie Ride; 5, Ann U. Ity; 6, Ann
.tomist; 7, Ann T. Diluvian; 8, Polly
'ishun; 9, Della Gate; 10, Minnie A.
hoor; 11, Carrie K. Choor; 12, den
ie Rosity; 13, Millie Tary; 14, Anna
ondor and Allie Gator.
Thunder can be heard eight miles
Au average star of the first magni
ide is one hundred times as bright
s one of the sixth magnitude.
Charcoal absorbs, the gases and re
ees the distended. stomach pressing
gainst the nerves wicgh extend from
ie stomach to the head.
It is anucunced tha- a first-class
eteorologist observatcry is to -he
uilt on the Zugspitze, the higliest
iountain in Germany.
While the gold fields of the world
over an area of more than 1,500,000
guare miles, Mr. B. J. Skertchley,
n Australian geologist, finds that the
elas of tin, which metal is the most
paringly distributed of any of those
a general use, occupies less than
2,500 square miles.
The curious fact that corn, potatoes
nid other plants thrive better when
laced in rows running north and
oath has been proved by Dr. Woliny,
f Munich, ]Bavaria, This reduces
le shading by each other to a mini
iumn, more uniform aud regular light,
eat and moisture resulting.
The latest use of glass is inst_e;'K of
old as, a material for sto'ppin;; de
Ered teeth. It answers splendidly,
udl is far less conspicaous than the
ellow metal. Of course, it is not
rdiary glass, but is prepared by
ome new patented process whichi
enders it soft and malleable.
The French periodical L'Electricicn
eports that the town of Blankeu-.
e ghe is acw supplied with water iu
hich all- germs have been killed by
ieans of ozone, generated by au
lectric current. The same principle
-ill soon be applied to the dangerous
eine water at St. Maure, Paris.
The Last Days of Carlyle.
He generally spends his mornings
.11 about half past two o'clock be
-een lying on the sofa, reading in
is easy chair and smoking an
easional pipe, writes Carlyle's
iee, Mary, to his sister, Mrs. Han
ig, in the Atlantic. At half past two
e goes out to drive for two or two
d a half hours, sleeps on the sofa till
inner time (half past six), then after
inner sleeps again, at nine has tea,
3ads, or smokes, or talks, or lies on
ie sofa till bedtime, which is usually
bout midnight,. and so ends the day.
[e looks very well in the face, has a
ne, fresh, ruddy complexion, and an
amense quantity of white hair, his
oice is clear and strong, he sees and
ears quite well; but for the rest, as
have said, he is not good at moving
lout. In general he is wonderfully
ood-uored and contented; and on
me whole carries his eighty-four
ears well. He desires me to send
r his kind love, and his good
ishes; as you know, he writes to
obody at all. I do not think he has
ritten a letter, even dictated one,
r over a year.
The Orfain of Week Days.
Sunday-The day devoted to the
orship of the suni by our forefathers.
[on(d2y-The day de~vote.d to the wo~r
ap of the moon by our foref,thers.
uesay-The day devoted to the wor
>ip of Tieu or Tyo, the god of war.
Jedn esday-The day deveted to the
orship of Woden or Odin, the god of
iul. Thursday-The d:ty dlevoted
>the worship of Thl.or. m.~- mad t
mnnder. FidaQy- The day devoted
the worship, of Freya or Yrio. the
'ens of the North. Niaturay-The
a devoted to the worshmip of S.tmn,
e god of agriculture; or Satyr, the
Henry Dixey will s t VaU
deville this winter.
Mr. and Mrs. Ken will produce
their new play, "The Eldest Miss Blos
som," at the St. James', London, this
It Is unlikely tha*t Olga Nethersole
will produce "The Termagant" in
America. She now contemplates giv
ing a version of "Romeo and Juliet."
It is said that Olga Nethersole will
have to do a tremendous b:siness with
"The Termagant" in America if she
hopes to retrieve the losses she has
sustained with the piece in London.
Charles Wyndham, in view of the re
cent accident to the Prince of Wales,
will provide in his theater in London
an elevator running to the royal box.
so that his royal highmess may -ea
the play without imperiling his lim'bs
.n the stairs.
Wilson Barrett Is reported to hs
discovered an infant prodigy in Aus
tralia-a little girl of the name -)f
Clitheroe, who played the child in
"The Silver King" with remariable
power. It Is not improbable that Mr.
Barrett will take the child-to England
with him.
MINme. Melha has I.'n spending her
summer holiday on the upperiThames,
but has now left England. fdrFrance.
She sails soon for this boiary. M.
.an de Reszke, with his le and his
brother. were recently in. P'is for a
short time, but are now oi tIlfr way
to their estates in Poland..
It is estimied by those*hd ought
to know that J. N. Barriez oyalties
from "The Little Minister" will ulti
mately ameint to $250,000.: The piece,
in 1 niitinn to playing to bitween-$10,
000 and $12,000 a week in Jznerica, has
begun its second season fm London at
the Haymarket theater, whe the au
diences are enormous, ani' _is.also
going in Australia to very larghoses.
It seems. however tW be ent
Xind of success.
_______We ku
of nothing better to tear'
lining of your throat
lungs. It is better than
feet to cause bronchitis
pneumonia. Only kee
up long enough and
will succeed in reducingy
weight, losing your ap
bringing on a slow fever
making everything-exa
right for the germs of e
Stop coughing and
will get well.
cures coughs of every kind.
An ordinary cough disap
pears in a single,.mght. The
racking coughs of bronchitis
are soon completely mas
tered. And, if not too far
along, the coughs of con
sumption are completely
Ask your druggist for or'
- of
Chferry Pectoral
It will aid the action of the
Cherry Pectoral.
ever anldesire the st mdica
advice yo "a obye bai
promrt reply tat may be of great
1)1. J.9C.ulYI owell, Mass.
True Democrat.ic Doctrine.
Presi~-ent Van Buren said in his
message to congress in extra session
In 1837, called because of the then
financial crisis:
"It is not designed..y the constitu
tion that the government should as
sume the management of domestic or
fo'reign exchange. It Is indeed author
ized to regulate by law the commerce
between the states, and to provide a
general standard of value ot medium
of exchange in gold and silver, out it
is not its province to aid individuals in
the transfer of their funds. As justly
might it be called upon for transporta
tion of t.heir merchandise. These are
operations of trade; they ought to be
conducted by those who are Interested
in them, in the same manner that the
Incidental difficulties are encountered
by other classes of citizens."
This was the Democratic doctrine or
that period. It was just after the~
Democratic party had won its great
and crowning victory In obtaining
mastery of the money power. But the
scene has changed. Now "money Is
king," and controls not only the ac
tion of the government, but the des
tinies of the people. It is no longer
our servant, but our relentless master.
Useful Now Hats.
Most of the girls look very neat in
those new style campaign hats. They
ought to be a popular theater hat.
They are the kind that can be taken
ejr without mnussing the hair. Rain
won't spoil them and later the felt,
Iif washed, will becoms useful to filter
"La Creole'
Every farmer's wife kr
the milk buckets, pans, chi
the dairy be- perfectly clean
mon yellow soap that smeli,
for washing these. Such s<
you. would not use for an)
sticky and the soap will get
stay there. Ivory' Soap is I
sweet, clean materials are u:
t(/ 0 ~ ~ r pr ; I- 1 k . TI r, 9 1 0 0 0 . . 0
The State's ClimaLic Uonditionz AMected
by Their Destruction.
According to report written by Fil
bert Roth, a special agent of the Unit
ed States department of agriculzure,1
state of Wisconsin, with a popuiat.on
of about 2,000,000, and taxable prop
erty to the amouut of $600,000,003, has
a home consumption of over G00,000,
000 feet of lumber annually, beside3
enormous quantitics of other wood ma
terials, which, if imported into thc
state, would cost the state over S2L
000,000. Of its northern half, a I=.n:
surface ol over 18,100,000 acres, onlY 7
per cent is cultivated, the rest forming
one continuous body of forests and
wasts land. From this are a there
have been cut during the last siYtY
years or more than than 5,000.000,001
feet of pine lumber alone, and the an
nual output for the last ten years has
exceeded 3,000,000,000 feet every year.
The industries exploiting this resource
represented in 1890 one-sixth of the
total taxable property in the state,paid
to over 5,000 men the sum of $15,000,
000 in wages, and the value of their
products was equal to more than one
third the entire output of the agricul
tural regions. Of an original stand of
:.h~out 130,000,000,000 feet of pine, about
~000,000,000 feet are lert. besides 12.
d0,000,000 feet of hemlock and 16,000,
000,000-feet of hardwood. The annual
growth which at present amounts tol
about 900,000,000 feet, and of which
only 250,000,000 feet is marketable. is
largely overbalanced' by the nattural
decay of old and over-ripe timber. Al
present nothing Is beino d"~ eit er tC
protect or to re + the denuded lands
of wbi . u ly 80 per cent are unpro
e tive. This policy causes a contin
uous and ever-growing loss to the com
monwealth, which at present amounts
to about 800,000,000 feet every year O!
useful and much needed material. A~
further result is th.at the spoliation o1
these forests is making a ma4rked
change in the natural climatic cond!
tion and Is operating injuriously on
the amount of rainfall the state should
receive. To remedy this co-nditio'n,Mr.
Roth is of opinion that stringent legis
lation will have to be imm'ediately
adopted, and measures framea to pre
serve and restock. He concludes his
report by saying that, in his opinion,
it will be necessary for the state 0o
repossess itself of these lands, either
in whole or in great part.
- Newly Minted.
"'ve got a new Idea." "HmhT It
ought, then. to be a bright one."-Ei.
To Cure Constipation Forever.
Take Cascarets Candy Cathartic. 100 or miS,
If C. C. C. fall to cure, druggists refund money
In Hungary there are thousands of il
aces and hundreds of small towns without
a doctor within ten miles.
Mrs. Winslow'sSoothing Syrup for children
teeting. softens the gums, reducing inflama.
gion, allays pain.cures wind colic sie a bott le.
The Edgefield (S. C,) Cotton MIanufacturing
Company has placed the order for the ad
dition of 2.500 spIndles..
I have found Piso's Cure for Consumption
an unfailing medicine.-F. R. Lorz, 1305,
Scott, St.. Covington, Kr., Oct 1 1894.
Last year the United States exported
sewing machines to the value of $2,503,000,
and typewriters worth $1.500,000.
No-To-Bac for Fifty Cents.
Guenrnteed tobacco habit core. makes west
mnaSiroag, blOOd pure. 090,$i. All druggists.
The Taibot Woolen Mills Company, North
Billerica. Mass., is building a new dye house
and a large four-story addition,
.Flts permanently cured. No fits ornervous
ness a fter first dlay's use of Dr. Kline's Great
Nerve Restorer.Strial bottle and treatise free
Dn.RH.1H. KL1NEF. Ltd..931 srch St.- Phila. Pa.
Ltcas Cot7YTY, '
FnANK J. CHmEEY makes oath that he Is the
,enior partner of toe firm of J. F. CH ENET &
Co..doin-.r nusiness in the City of T oledo,' oun
ty and State a: orestid, and thatsaid ftrm wtll
paY the sum of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARs for
och and every ease of CATAnan that canno t
be cured by the use of HALL'S CATARall
sworn to before me and subscribed in my
.-presenic", this 6th day of .ecember,
-sEAL1 A. D-1838. A. A. GLEASON,
....,Notary Pubbic.
Hall's Catarrh Gure Is taken Internally, and
a'ets directly on the blood and mucous sur
f -cas of the system. Send for testimonials
fre. F. J. 'HNEYt& Co., Tole3do,O.
'-rld by Druggists. 75c.
Hall's Family 'ills are the best.
' Hir Rstorer is a Perfe<
...-..- --... . . ...... .
ows how necessary it is that
irns, and. other implements of
and free from tSit. A com
of rosin should never be used
aps are rr ade of materials that
purpose. Besides, they are
nto the cra&s and corners and
>ure, it is weil made, and only
;ed. Then it rinses readily.
=c*. & Gamble Co.. CeinUS
The Potash
A thorough study of the sub
ject has proven that crop fail
ures can be prevented by using
fertilizers containing a large
percentage of Potash; no
plant can grow without Potash.
We have a little book on the subject of
Potash, written by authorities, that we
would like tb send to every farmer, free of
cost, if he will only write and ask for it.
93 Nassau St., New York.
L esson in
it Shows the Only Method by Wh
Organs Cani Be R
Va.s.g eoi the
constructeri es
*-.ie Lt an!l Dry
- Air be:ore en
o ng the Bronchi
. Tubes and L:in:;s-q
eyed here by
.ggLiquid M,ed
Sense of taste de
;t-oe by s:rong
Liquid medy~iines ,
inl Sprays. Vouches.
.A:omizers and
Vnyers stop here.
Dr honpermotte efou Hyoe uentg toI
toitns. for usng W)sue also end F hi wrEE
boxe of thye Ba , othe nn wondcerft~ u
bruises,rs , s rain, h ~~1s.ncds, andlaC
i rritantions. Sed ofe totn thee MAINe
THoEi. T.hle B O:Tfit C.,0 I.~BTHCA,
Larest ib owtie of yordC .t ~ott
Jaese . dfRiha trdon, hoi died re
Dopper, goer of otton sficin to
tiwor busi.W also efn FE
the bes apone antationdern the
ofhis pes, n, Msris,scald, cmplee
iraions. deotd atocuiel to the AI
ar est th erofnta tton.mpod
semeral Ruihads on his re
renious onaes.f hnich antationse in i
Msissppi, Aranas nd oyisiara.
wold men aso teae owne ooe o
comn.Th isome oetonon.
ofhi Dr eslississnd iRestoet
Which Is Easily Cured at
The Remedy builds up the system in every
way, removing permne:tly anydesire or de
mand for Liquor or Drug. All patients are
under the caie of skilled institute physit-lan
who is a veterAn graduate of the cure and ix
years exclusively in KEELY work. Write for
iterature. Large mansion. -%team Heated.
Large Piazzas
The Only KEELY INSTIIUTE in the State.
Organs from $15.0, $25-00. $35.00 and up.
ward. Unright Pianos from $175 00. $15.O
$:3.00 aLd upward. Address
M. A. MALONE, Columbla S. C.
Contracts Taken to Furnish Complett Equ;r
ments For
One of the largest manufacturers of Flonr
Mi I Machinerv In the count-y. a:d haring:
experienced mill wrights, Iam p.-pared to
build m 11s on the most improved plas and
at prIces to compete with any one in the
trade. We guarantee the products of on:
millsto equal the grades of the best we-,t-rn
mills. Blefore placinwr yoar otclers wrize ti
me. I also handle complete im e of Wood
Working Machinery, Sa%- Mills. En
g ines and Hollers, Corn ML.71s and a
chinery in General.
Having been established in business here
for 16 years, I have built up my trade by s-Il
!ng the % err highzs' class of m-achinery. A2d
am in a better positio- to serve the interest of
my cu,tomers than ever before.
V. C. BADHAX, Columbia, S. C.
W. H. GIBBES & 00.I
Knab, Chickering, Sohmer, Fischer, :-nd
nine other reliable makes to che.o-e f.om.
Terms and prices in keeping with the times.
Address - . A. JLONE, - Columbia, S. 0.
Money in Chickens
For *4c. lin stumps we mnud a 1-)
ot a practicau 1oultry wicsr-uoC
an amnaLeur. 41mi :Bmau worrmax
lor douar and cents-uurtu : .
yea itLeacties now to Liet4.;
and Cure Visises: eeed tor &w
also ior Fatteuo.;: wDlea Fewls.*
- ave or srecug; everytilug r.e
QUilLe for proitubte r'ouityraS
Ing. 110011 I'UIS1.1-A!i
-. 13.1 Leauard Streei. New herA.
ch Diseases of theRsprt y
e and Cured. earnorL
c Co sedbyirriltat.
- ingp:ay,Douches
/ At oumize rs anad.
Van rs. c a s iing
iubes anlLi un
- 'rroug~h it alono
enn Diseases of
these Or.caus be
reached and cared
'uprezna-e every particle of air brsathed. yet Ieav
21ll thes bail wech ce (naarrh, Uatarhi
' ee ndorqe by h ~is p o derfuon
orbe al.Pmhes consiLcation and advice
Imaltevrpesnsending us 25c.
ips or cash, mentioning this paper,
sisting of an Aluminum Inhaler, Wire
last two weeks, gauze and fall direc
' The Story of Hyotaei " and a sample
iti-septie healer and cure for piles.
, saddle-sores, eczema and all sitriace
N. y.
AIYNTED-Case of had health that B--PA A-N
twiflnot M#r-.n*- Senid 5 cts. to Ripan. .hsttmuic.
Co., NeowY >rk, for 10 isamples and 1000 testimoniaills.
TICE. When yon write adrrre a. ki d p
Imention thmis pace. It "1L1 ubtain Itest tr.'.t.
uetl at d labor us. bj, 2.
S17.50.-SPECIAL OFFER.-S17.50.
n IrJ an puytne35 weyou comnte t bar.
lotte cmmerc.mt conIe.e. .A.m .orrel N. C
nV L 'o >Vw.ca ana rood La a
MLN..T 00O. 13's incoln-treet.. n.DI .
cured at hoincer;th'
P1 - out pain. Bookof par'
ticulars sent FR EE.
At.tnta. un. Offico 1i1 N. Pryor S:.
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