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One Year, - . - $3.00
Sic nths -s.a. 1.50
Tuesday, Janury 31. - 1899
The Bible Stadent and R"e11gwus Outleok.
Several libraries of the " World's
Best Literatrwe" have been recently
published and advertised and bought
extensively. We do not particularly
admire these works. But the idea
set us thinking, and we purpose writ
ing now of another library, of sixty
six volumes, which are in the reach
of all, and which may justly be styled
"The World's Best Literature."i
This is really a comprehensive
library, of sixty-six works, by some
forty different authors, including
history, philosophy, poetty, fiction,
law, essays, letters and religion. The
writings are not confined to one age
either, but c6ver a period of 1,600
years Moreover, the masterpieces
here gatbered together are the foun
dation and fountain head of most of
the rest of the world's good literature.
The most able of all the world's
writers, with few exceptions, bave
acknowledged their indebtedness to
these authors by continued quotation
and allusion, it not by actual confes
sion and tribute. No one who makes
any pretensions to literary culture,
can afford to neglect these writings.
Dr. Wordsworth speaks thus of them:
"The Bible alone, of all books in the
world, addresses itself to the whole
man. It exercises his memorv,
strengthens his reason, controls his
passions, informs lois judgment, iega.
ates his conscience, sanctifies hie will,
enlivens his fancy, warms his im9gi
na.ion, cherishes his affections, stimu
lates his practice, quickens his hope,
and animates his faith."
Others have testified similarly. Sir
Wm. Jones wrote on the fly-leaf of his
Bible: "I have regularly and atten
tively read these Holy Scripturea, and
am of opinion, that this volume, inaa
pend.-ntly of its divine origin, contains
more sublimity and beauty, more pure
morality, more important history, and
finer strains of poetry an-! eloquence,
than can be collected from all other
books in whatever age or language
they may have been composed."
Any one who is perfectly master of
- the literature in these sixty-six volumes
-~- must of necessity have a cultivated
taste, or in other word~s, literary cul
tare. Where can historians be found
so perfectly accurate, mpartial, and
dramatic-to useiProf Rogers' word -
as Moses andjthe wri:ers of Samuel,
Kings, Chronicles, and tthe Gospels
and Acts? -Calmly land majestically
.the facts are narrated without comn
ment to bias the reader. The short
comings and falls and egregiou- sins
- --f -the-heroie, wise and good are told
without concealment, qualification or
- . apology. Yet nowhere do we find the
dry, mechanical record of the anna
Or take heroic poetry combined
with dramatic form, aid wbare have
we anything grander than the Epic of
-- Job? Whero can sublimer passages
be found than in this work? There
san be no grander bursts of seloquence
than are to be found in the prophets;
ne profounder soul-thrills than those
in the Book of Psalms; no more beau
tiful and absorbing passages than in
the parab:es; no more powerful rea
soning than Paul stives ui on occasions.
- Tbere is humor '.iin Judges, wit and
wisdom in Proverbo, a4rcaem and
-satire in Galatians and elsewhere.
We are arguing on a low earthly plane
-for the excellence c& th.: Bible as a
field of study for literary cuilture. be
cause we expect to help our readers
who will follow us to better mneth'ds
of study and a better untderstandinig
of the Bible, which is in truth a library
of sixty-six volumes, though' ordinarily
bound irto one.
For fear that we will be considered
as ezparte and biased in car estimate
of the literary excelience c' th volumes
in this library, which ' - wish to
commened to the examins; : , o:or
readers, we will close wi,.. toe esti
mate of a literary critic, ntot tu
biased. We take the quotation fr.>mn
Shutter's "Wit and Humor of the
Bible." "As i partlcuiar book, the
* Bible is r.n unequaled son rce of literary
inspiration. As a boot of religious
truth, it is supreme; but religious
truth without any impairment of its
value or obscurity of its meaning, may
be studied from the literary stand
point; in fact, in the light of literary
criticism, or tested by the usual canons
of the scholar, it will appear more
sacred, mnore beautiful, more divine.
Never forgetting that it is our manual
of religiou, it is also the vehicle of the
most wonderful literature in human
annals, and precedes in importance all
others. There is no book so com
posite in character and yet so har
moniioue - in plan, so multiplex in
styles and yet so educational in
rhetoric and logic, 5s) vr.ried in con
tents, and y et so progreesive ini phi
losophy and religion, as the Bible.
Taken as a whole, it is massive, comn
prahenaive, a revelation of the Infinite.
Studied in its parts, it stimulates
single faculties while it ministers
nourishment to :he whole frame, Its
histories are more compact than those
of Herodotus, Gibbon or Macaulay ;
its poetry, whose ker iM a myvtery,
quiets Homer, Shakespeare and Teniny
son ; its prophecies are unique climaxes
of wisdom, both in drapery and sub
stance; its biographies excel those of
Plutarch, Irving, Carlyle aturi Bosweli;
it: chronicies of wars atre superior to
those of Julius Cae'sar, Wellington,
Napoleon and Ulyssea Grant; its.
epistles eclipse throse of P in- . Madame
Sevigne and Francis Bacon; i:s l.ws,
in their ethical and spiritual import.
are quite beyond Jnstinian, Blaskstone
and the English Parliamett. Every
phasis of literature, every norm of
wisdom, is in the Bible. It ministers
t. all tastes and arouses the slumber-.
inj intellects of all who can compre
hend the difference betwcen reality
and Action, and who inc i ie to virtue
rather than vice."
iaekNin confesses his indebtenness to
the Bible, Homer and Sir Walter Scott,
for his mental discipline; Charles
Reade pronounces the characters in the
Scripture a literary marvel. Matthew
Arnold daily read the New Testament
in Greek for its style; Milton could
cot have written Paradise Lost with
out Genesis: Renan's witchery of style!
is traceable to the New Testament.
Job has taught the poets the art of
construction, and David has sungan
unaving melody into the ears of the
raca. The Book of Rath is the model
id% I, and the Books of Estber anL
Daniel abound in incomparable dra
matic elements; 14aiah has plumed the
statesman for oratorical lights; Jere
miah has opeued the fountains of
pathos and Eentiment in pathetic souls;!
Ezekiel has furnished a usable style of
jidicial denunciation for tbe criminal
lawyer. Of all books, whether rhet
oric, logic, vocabulary, pocetr, phil
osophy, history, or whatever te the
end, the Bible should be firt aud most
care*ully studied, it3 literarv spirit
and form should be slosely traced and
described, and its truth should be
reverently incorporatei into the daily
speech, thought and life."
With all thi, Christians seeking lite
rary cu'ture will spend the Sabbath
hours even reading Marie Corelli,
Alphonse Daudet, or some sensational
newspaper, while this library of the
World's best literature rests idle on
their shelve;.! B
Regardless of Age.
The kidneys are responsible for
nore sickness, suff-ring, and deaths
than any other organs of the body.
A majority of the ills af1licting
people to-day is traceable to kidney
trouble. It prevadet all classe; of
society, in al climates, regardless of
age, sex or condition.
The symptoms of kidney trouble
are unmistakable, such as rheumatism,
neuralgia, sleeplessness, pain or dull
ache in the bick, a desire to urinate
often day or night, profuse or scanty
Uric acid or brick-dust deposit in
urine are iigus of clogged kidneys,
causinst poisone. and germ-filled
blood. Sometimes the heart acts
badly, and tube casts (wasting of the
kidneys) are found in the urine,
which if neglected will result in
Bright's Die.Asc, the most dangerous
form of kidney trouble.
All these sy!mptotns and conditions
are i,romptl I removed under the in-I
fluence of Dr. Xilmer'a Swamp-Root.
It has a world wide reputation for its.
wonderful (ures of the most. distressing
No one need be long without it as it
is so easy to get at any drug store at
fifty "cents or one hollar. You can
have a sample bottle of this wonderful
discovery, Swamp-Root, and a book
telling all about it, both sent to you
absolutely free by mail. Send your
add:ess to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Bing
hamton, N. Y., and kindly mention.
that v--u read this liberal offer in Txi
An Editor's Life Saved by Chamberlale's
Cough Remedy.
During the early part of O.tober,
1896, I contracted a bcd cold which
settled on my lungs and was neglected
n..il I feared that consumption had
appeared in an incipient state. I was
con'-t:sntly coughing and trying to ex
pel something which I could not.I
became alarmed and after giving the'
local doctor a trial bought a bott e of
Cnamonerlain's Cough Remedy and the
re-ult was immediate improvement,
and alter I had used three bottles w y
lungs *ere restored to 'their health
.ate.-lB. S. EDWAnDs, Pubiisher of
The Review, Wy ani, Ill. For sale by
McMaster Co.
There is no better medicine for the
babies than Chamberlain's Cougt,
Remedy. Its pleasant taste and prompt
and effectual cures make it a tavorite
with mothers and sinall chiidren. It
quickly cures their _coughs and colds,
preventing pneumonia or other serious
consequences. It also cures croup and
has been used in tens of thousands of
cases withotu a single failure so far as
we have been able to learn. It not
only cures croup, but when given as
soon as the croupy cough appears, will
prevent the attack. In cases of whoop
ing cough it liquefies the tough mucus,
making it easier to expectom ate, and
lessens the severity and frequency of
the paroxysms of coughing, thus de
priving that disease of all dangerous
sonsequences. For sale by McMaster
"I think I would go crazy with pain
sere it not for Chamberlain's Pain
Balm," writes Mr. W. H. Stapleton,
He'miinie, Ps.. "I have been afficted
with rheumatism for several years and
hire tried remedies without number.
but. Pain BalD is the best medicine I
nave got hold of." On'e application
relieves the pain. For sale by McMas-.
ter Co.
Tetter, Salt-Rheum and Eczema.
The intense ilcaing and smarting in
cident to these diseases, is instantly
silayed by apying Chamberlain's
Eye and Sin Ointment. Many very
bad cases have been permanently cured
by it. It is equally effcient for i'ching
piles and a favorite remedy for sore
nipples, chapped, hands, chilblains,
rost bites and chronic sore eyes.
25cts. per box. For sale by McMaster
are just what a horse needs when in
bad co;ndition,. Tonic, blood purifier
and vermifuge. They are not food
but medicine and the best in use to
put a horse in prime condition. Pu ce
25 cents per package. For sale by
MMaster Co.
E&siy,Quik!;, Permnanently Rasered
':: to . are Insomnia, Fits, D:zzm-"ss. H ysteria,
reous~ Debilit'.. Lost Vitality. Seminoi Losses,
- -iling .rmory'-the result of Over-work. We.rry,
ein-. Errors of Youth or Over-indutgen~ce.
're 5%. and $1: ; boxas $5.
Foti. .k, positivecan'd latigre. it-.i Sexual
..eakny.w. !m,notenev. Nerv. ue-rTritty and t 1.
italiy s YELLOW LABEL. SPEcIAL--double
tre~. -. -il give strength and tone to every .t
tnd effer )Lmanenlt cure. Cheapest and best.
.oo PilUs &. Av 2:ail
F REEC--A bott:c of thec famous Japanese L-er
Pellets wil: be give. wth a er box o- mcr of Maj
netic Netv i .:ree. Sold only by;
J. J. OBE AR, Druggist,
Winnusboro, S. C.
AegefahlePrep ara tion for As -
similating iheTood and Redgula
Oig tha5toRrhSandBoweels o
PomoW Deston,Cierfl
'ness gdfest.Cotains neither"
Op,- mPorphine tor Uneral.
ApefectlRemedy for Consfipa
tion, SourStomach,Diarrhoea,
ness andLOSS OF S.LEEP
TaeSimle Signature of
11-EW -YORK.
ti SeingLi Los.%-'r, C:rr
Vife J: to h -"a:"t
to th ivk tihs h:,pi:esi r ::r
whi f- v:o~ ito~ Rom a~ ma hrX.
r h enie ttlIe o ne sh1 1aH niu upo . 1
breast ,J. he-tterly she s' all h"r it i.
the : -t and holy n:1ne, "mothc.
But I .:'ppy anticipatiou t.uickly V::
.nd srmic. throu:gh . - 1h0 m L
pss xhile brngin1g theC l.:ti, oneC i.
ang:.1r :'-1:.tendat upon t orip se
..is..i.pi. ie oyfailness
ThoIL d of... ~ic women hav$ *er-*
y e'x:nice that therc . bolu
fol--:-.v or the su!Te'ing.wih
endI c:: -'irthi; the:: ?rw'-that !
he * f"Mother's Frind-. si
iic li.ument-for~ a icw week.'s bere
he fruntrg hour, ex >edt&rm mothers~ e.
o prcparo the,~ vles~ forth fin
onr, that the 1k m! andi sud eri' o' Oi
rea ad event4re entirely obviated a
t is safely passed throu;:n with ces
artively ht.tle discom~ort.
All womni'f are intereed, an1d C
ecially expectatnt.mother - ho. for 1
frst timae hae to imdergo ths trial.
uch a reed for they knw the p
nd sufrering, to say nothing; of thed::
er, whin-is in store for' thm "Mot
r's FrienU'' is wvoman's F?reamst. b.e
ing, for it t:akes~ her safel ha
evre:t edt cl of her life. Evry :n
hould be g.::ad to read theo lttle bo
Before Baby i. Born," 'V:hi eorta;
normation of great v.e -.>. Ln
ill be sent free to anly o:' who se
heir address to The Bradfield .Reg
ltor Co., Atlanta, Ga.
Thoands of
troubled at - =Lj
monthly inter
vals with pains
in the he ad,
b ack, breasts, & JE
shoulders,sides -
hips and limbs.
Btt they need
not su.ffer.
These pains are symptoms of
dangerous derangements that .
can be corrected. The men
strual function should operate
mnakes mnenstraation painless,
and regular. It puts the'deli
cate menstrual organs in condi
tion to do their work properly.
And that stoys all this pain.
Why will any. woman suffer
month after month when Wine
of Cardni will relieve her?* It
costs $z.oo at the drug store.
WVly don't you get a bottle
For advice, in c.ases requiring
special directions, address, giv
ig symptoms, "The Ladies'
Adv;oty partment,", The
ttnoo Medicine Co.,
of svle Txs says:
~itrible pain In my head and baCk,
batltebeen entirely relieved by Wine
Frxn F.s.,TaZef reme:'n
Prof. W. H. Peeke, wh<
inmakes a specialty o
SEpirepsy, has -withou
doubt treated and cut
it ed1 morc cases than atv
Iiving Physician ; his
success is astonishing
We have heard of case:
of so years' standing
*his dis
asc, whic1
ie send!
ieof his absolute cure, free to ay sufferer:
rho may send their P. 0. and E.x .wessaddress
Ce advise any one wishing a c ~o to'addres;
af.W H. w lw1r Y.1 P .g . 3t.. NfewYor
'2 -IVT '
rA Th
YOu Hav
202-204 E. 102d St., NEW YORK Ci
The Largest Clothing
IManufacturers in America
$ witn: Extra Pan'and .1
we Pay Expressage.
These Suits are gIarantecc(!to Iema4ifro
ported Wool Cbevlst, in Biack, Blae, Grey and Rr
on sizes from 3 to 9 y:Crs of age. Made up do
breasted, wit's Sailor Collar-Collar fancy embro
ed-lined with fast ':::ck Albert Twill Sat en
Potent waist Bands. Tri:n-min and Workmaw
the.very bcst. Sizes far to to 35 years, without 5
Collar. Mction age and if large or smatl.
Iize 3[o
e This style
o z to 15 -
wh len ordering send Post O0ice,
Express .Money Order or Reetstered.
Lettera. atlso age at last birthiday,
and if large or sma l fir lhi; :N.
Mon-:r cheerfulyv reft::: ;; '.:t
i satisfac t ory. send.~ c .. : 7 for
sampk.s, : -. - . ze::.:uring .
blanks. e~
A psowde~r to be shaken into the sh:
At "thi s'eason your feet feel swoll
niervous and damp. If you have smn:
ing feet or tight shoes, try Allen'sF<
Iase It warms the feet and mal
wa1lng easy. Cures swollen ai
sweaqting feet, blisters and callous sp<
Reieves coini and bunions of all p:
Iind is a certain eure for Chilblains a
-F'rost bites. Try it 'rO-DAY. Sold
all druggists and shoe stores for 2
rial paickagre FREE. Address, All
S. Ohnsted, Le Roy, N.Y.
Shake Into Your Shoes
Ale's, Foot-Ease, a powder for
Sfeet. It cures painful, swollen, sma
in mg, nervous feet and instantly tal
the' sting out of corns and bunions. ]
Ste greattest comfort discovery of 1
I age. Allen's Foot-Ease makes tig
ii or new- shoes. feel easy. It is a cert:
eL' cuefr Chilblains. sweatin:g, callo
tired, achi'ng feet: Try it To-D2
Sold by all druggists and shoe stor
25c .a! package FREE. Addre
A! .O!rmsted, Le Roy, N. Y.
lenon rOIlase a ilai Cold
Youl wf:aL :he best meldiCineCii t C
bCoh . -d- .iti inc
You wmt ai. rrened, that wiil I
-only give quick ru ef but efhet a pl
mauenit cure.
Yo'u want a re:zed) h a: will relie
the innes and keep expeclorati Il eaw
Y ui want a remedy that w il cor
teract anyl teiden:cy to-sard pneurrI
Youi wantl -' remedr that is pless>
aucd sa'e' t'o tke.
Chamberlai's Coigh Remedy ist
only medcin''e 'in use rhat meets al
thes2rc regniremnte. This remedy
famous for 1s cures of b:ad col
througlhot ith U'nc.'ited States and
mflny] iire~in coutie s. It Lac ma:~
rivals . tt for the" speedyi and perrr
a peer- and -t spbmlfdidt quaiti-s a
everywhere adm:r-:- and praised. F
sale by M c- 'rr Co , druggists
oo am ~Ci!i h-e -nennquick re:c fafo
Iprompt? rJi-f.--D. F, BAKER. draggIS
St. PS,h Ohio. For sale br Mc M
~ter Co., d ruggists.
A-FR~ICANA il.l cure Constipation in
time we are prepared to
These Wheels are in
No. 1 Condition
and are offered at reduced
prices, being shop worn.
6 A Fresh Lot of
Ider. B L L
Garden Seed
LOnion Sets.
rt-th toa
hie Conssin evrin roug tog&
ht Bro.'s celebrated plated wares
Ln -Ladles, Knives, F o r k s,
s' Spoons, Carving Sets, &c.
ss, . -ALSO
- Handsome China Cake Plates,
Berry and Salad Dishes,
S Vases, Cracker Jars, &c., &c.,,
's and invite an inspection of
them at your earliest conve
ct nience.
r- Rspectrully,
lie gThe Equitable
org Life Assurance Society
S of the United States.
The management of the
Equit able Life A s-urance Society
t inthis territy in desirous of secnr
re intg the service of a man of char
oac-er and abilitt to represent its
Sinterest with Wjini-boro as head
quarters. The riglet man will be
t oroughly educa'ed in t he se'ence
Sof life insuranCe anid the~ art of,
8 ussu olcitinig. T1her e is2n
- ~bu;iness i o r'fe-s'en notL re
quiring capital which is moie re
tm:unerative than a Iife agenrcy
conduted i.h -'.ergy and abil
p i.s (orrespndence i-h rm in
-, 0h dieire to seenre permanent
Se'nplos mient and are amb'tions to
s ,-.ttain' pr ominei ce ini the~ profes
'on is invited.
W. J1. ItODL)EY, Mgr.,
3_19-3.n 1?nck Hill, ai (.
Unequaled for --
Range of Work,
Old Sewing Machines taken in e
Dealers wanted in unoccupied terr!
tory. Correepondence so)icited.
Central Time Between Colimnbla and Jack
sonville. Eastern Time Between Co.
lumbla and Other Points.
Eifective January 16, 1899.
No. 36 2,. 36 No. 82
Northbound. Daily. Daily. Exsun
Lv. J'vilie, F.C.&P.Ry 8 00Oa 8 00:4 12 l0p
"Savannah.........12 01p 12 09 p 8 57p
Ar.Columbi.........405p 445a 789p
Lv. Chaan&.CG'RR. 7 00 a 580p...
:1oliiinb~ia..~..1#10 ...
D.A t,S.R.. 210p 540p
"Graiteville ...2 39 101p .6 08 p
"Aiken............ 2 20p 10 lO ~555p
"Trenton.......... 3 08p 11 0p .'6 Sep
"Johustons.......... 31 11 U20p -6 48p
A. ColninbiaUn. dep't. 4 5ip 2 10A . .320p
LCol'hia Bland'gs;. 51l5p 5 55a 8 49p
" Winneboro.......G07 p 7 00 a '. '
"Chester...........OG54p 7 45a 10 17 p
"Rock Hill.......728p 8 17 a 1045p
Ar. Ch:ariote........ 8 15p 9 15 a 11 34p
" Danvlle..........i 115Pj 122p 310Op
Ar. Richmrond ......... 6 405 6 25 p...
A r. Washington.... 642a 9O0p 945 a
"EaitimorePa.R.R 8 00Oa 11 25pi 105a
'Phi:adelphia...10 158 256a 108Sp
*New York........12 43p 23 a 53 p
Southbound. No. 31 No. 37 No. 35
Exsun Daily. Danly.
Lv. New Yorkc. PA. R.R. 12 00 4 30Op 1215nt
"Philadelphia...2 26 p 6 55p S 50 a
"Baltimore........4 37p 916p 622a
Lv. Wash'ton, So. P.y 5 50p 10 43p 11 15 a
Lv. flichmnond .............. 1210nt 1201mn
LY. Dannvillo........... 12 10 a 5S50aI 6 02p
*Charlotte........3 93 1 0
"' Rock hi11..........4 5 02a1 4
"' Chester............4a 0a14p
*Winnsboro.........5 i 14a1 2
jr Coi'bia Bland'g st... 6Sa1 Sn13
v. C.olumibiaLUn.dep't. 6Sa1ip4Oi
" Johnstons..........87 25p60
"Trenton..........80 5p 2a
Ar. Aikewn............20 4p7a
" G raniteville ........p7&
"Augusth..........dO 1p80
Lv. Col'la, S.C&G.Rt. .SSp65
Ar. bar]sto..... 4..... 1 20 1114p
Lv. ol'ha, .C.&.R S 4a1 115.51a 12327a
Savnnh 956 30145nn 137a
Ar.asovije:.:> 8 OOp 25p 600a
Ar(arlesnito....... ...ou c8ng 1be11we0
L. Cogl'hine F.P.y an 40 Yo11,55a 12ack
" ;'ilcSavarnah.... Coubi, 25 arl47tt0 ad
P~..utn.imlian Dro Siceingo Slep.b
Stlugus btwne FA,e and New Yorkvi Jcn
ne::tin2g with this train at Columbia, for the
accommecdation of Augusta and Aiken tralvel.
Er.eellent daily passenger service between
Florida and New York.
Nos. 37and8-ahntnnSthser
bet n eenfl Augusta and New York. Solid Ves
tio.n!ed tra'm with dining cars and fist class
cona.-es no'rth of Charlotte.
Pullm:mn draiwing roomnsleepingcarsbetween
Tampa,. .1.nekson,nvi'le. Savannah, Washington
and New York.
1-l'ilan $ineping Cars between Charlotte
19: d. rawing-room x|eeping cars be
tw * n.-.,oro and Norfolk. Close connee
tion :t ..!k for OLD POINT COMFORT,
a7: n ;:. u ee timec for breakfast.
Ns5 and2 :i-U. S. Fast Mail. Through
Pu:!maLn din -room buffet sleeping cars be
tweeni .':,-.T .D and New York and Pnll
rnan :4-p1:n1 c ar., he t ween Augusta aind Char
1ot t . D;n ears serve all meals enroute.
Pum ::n a ei, ing cars between JTacksonlvilio
ad C .inmida. enur(,nte daily- bet ween .Jackson
ville! ,:md C icimnat i, via A.hev-ile.
TlI d V-P. & (Gen. Mgr. TP. 31.. Wa-'hington.
(3. iP. A.. Washingt on. (4. P. A., A tlanta.
Manufacturers' Agents for tbe
Ou.\ R. S. C. MCKEOWN is a Te:e
phone cr-ank t. o.
Phonie in our CORN WE L L, S.C
offise on Winntsbomo
and Cbester line. .-1~y
A FICAA w'llcure Rheumatism and
to me directed, I have levied upon
and will sell to the highest cash bidder
before the Court House door in Winna
boro, S. C., on the first Monday in
February, one engine and boiler, one
brick machine, and all tools and imple
ments attached and belonging thereto.
Levied on a; the property of J. D.
Neal at the 1-uit of DesPortes Mercan
tile Company.
Winnsboro, S. C., Jan. 13, 1899.
Zun;:n A. MNeekin vs. William D.
D.vis. in his own right, and as Ad
moinistrtor of the estate of Jseph
K. Davis, deceased, -Fadnie C.
l'owl, The Winnsboro Bank and
The Farmers and Mechaniqs Bank,
of Co,umbia, S. C.
'N pursuance of an orde of the
I Court of Common Pleas, made in
the above stated case, I will offer for
sale, before the Court House door iur
Winnsboro, S. C., on the
next. within the legal hours of sale, at'
public outcry, to the highest bidder,
the follbwinm described property, to
All that tract or parcel of land sitn
ate in the County of Fairfield, In the
State afore-aid, a little south of the
village of oaonticello, containing
Acr,s. rmore or less; being thesame
tract of land conveyed to Joseph K.
DaXiz, d,eceased, by John Bauskett, by
(erd dated the 4th day of April,
1FG 1, and recorded in Book WW, page
246. in the office of the Register of
Mesne Conveyances of Fairfield Coun
tA, and described in said deed as
bounded on the north by lands of
Thomas Bell, William Blair, E. F.
Ly les and the said Joseph K. Davis;
on the east by lands of Joseph K.
Davis and Jonathan Babb; on the
south by lands of Dr. Thomas Farman
and John Willingham; and on the west
by John Bell, John Willingham' and
Thomas Bell, the present boundaries
of the said land being more partica
larly indicated by the plat mide by
Edgar Trapp, Surveyor, on the 25th
day of August, 1898. The said prem
ises u, be first offered for sale i- iepa
rate tracti or parcel as indicatcd on a
plate thereof made by Edgar Trapp,
Surveyor, on the 24th and 25th Au
gust. 1898, hich plat is filed in the
office of the Cle:k of the Court the
record of this cause, and will be ex.
hibited on day of sale; the bids of the
highest bidders for said separate tracts
to be accepted by the !erk condition
ally, that is up.'n condition that the.
premise~ ~s n nold as one enttre tract
os hereinter directed, shall bring less
than the aggivrgate of the amounts of
the highest bids for the:tracts as offered
separately. And when all of .aid
sep.arate 'tracts or parcels have been
offered for sa:e and knocked down to
tehighest bidders thereforcodte
shall uffEr the eta!ire. p:temises, made
up of seid parcels en masse, as a single
undivided t ract. If the aggregate of
the ammai:ts ot the highest bids bid
for said trct or parcals offered sepa
rateh% shall e'xceed the amount bid for
the entire premoises as a whole, then
the Cle; k a bai:, u pou compiance with
the termts of shle, execute to esch of
thet re.sprc:ivu purcham9ra for said
separate tracts ::deed for the tracts se
separutely sch!. But if the amount
bid for the ct:t!re premises en masse as
a single tract shell exceed the aggre
sate of the amuounts of the higtiest
hids cflTered Icor the said premises as
co::diitionaeiiv sold in separate tracts,
then the said Cleik shall execute a
deed to t he cet ire premises to the high
est idder for the eutire tract, and th.e
bids for thie tracts as offered separate
iy sal ae wholly disregarded, (Plat
of said lantd c,an be seen in Clerk's
offiee a; any~ time before sale day, if
de:-ired.) '
On:.t bird o th.e p,uretase-money to
pm p,d in eh on the day of sale, the
'ai:.n 'h: day Cf sate, with in
retfr'.m:hhe av of sale at eight per
on:tir rer' a:n:m. to be seented by
be: bond of .he purchaser or purchas
ers an.d a nnrtgage or mnortgages of
:he prer:. ..ol, or for alil cash at the
;,jof the purebaser or purchasers.
Th- pu:ccaser or purchasers to pay for
ain necsessr;. papers. And if the par
ch w'r f ails to comp;ie' with the terms
of a:c, tt.e Cler k shdi! resell the said
preise onthe same or some succeed
uvr --cesday ont the samte terms with
r.nt further- application to the Court,
andi .t the risk of ihe form<r parchaser.
So d at the t isk ofi-he former pur
eh zer.
TeAudhor's afi5ce wiu be open to
receive tax rturl's from; .T4nnary 'he
1st to F.bi nary 20.hb. All persons
failinu to ma~ke returns within the
-ibove mr.w 'ned dates wih incur :he
50 per ce nt p-: 3:Ct. All male citi
zmns tec o; ie age et 21 ;i.d ^60 are
liable to ia x un:ess exempt by
''w. TEhe Au;t'r or his depity will
be :i' ib f.h..wi: g places (on days
-peelne.' end the balar c3 of time to
Februtary 20:.h 11 lce in Winnsboro.
Alhior, Tlu'nday. January 10.
Wol:ing, Thi .ay, .Janary 12.
Cr, sby vi!e, Fit iay January 13.
Woodwvard, s. nrday, January 14
Whee Oak. Monday, January, 16.
Giedder ( Goye. Tutsday, Sa-iuary
Rdtd waty. 1 r:day, January 20.
Longtown, M onday, 23.
M. L. Coopers, Wednesday, January
11 i'e' (F". M. Curice's t'tore) Frida3,
.JEnu.r v, 27.
Monticello, Mondlay, January 30.
.Je~ kinsvilte, Tues'day, January 31.

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