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thing in the
WhI renkrandinother talk
shoes6 said Molly Putting
-eep. 1She was in my room thw
her day and I had my closet door
Ppen, and it really was 19. odd sight
a see the shoes standing up in line
Aere. Of co.rse my evening shoes
I keep wrapped in soft paper and put
t -ay in a drawer, so that the shoes
iauding there in the closet were an
kat-of-doors-looking lot, and they
eut down in height by degrees.
'here were my tall bicycle boots, in
ie first place, two pairs of them; then
golf boots, only a little shorter and
pith straps at the top, like the bicycle
ots; then a pair of rainy-day boots,
xtra high, but a little shorter than
ie soft boots; then ordinary walking
boots and low shoes of different kinds,
ad two or three p.irs with big brass
"I presume grandmaauu, own
loset does not look so very difereut,
or she plays golf, wheels and trarps
,u rainy days, bat I suppose She justi
happened to think of the difference'
there was between the shoe;; -'he wore:
she was a girl and mine. There
=nsthave been a strong contirast.
"'I would not have been induced
o wear shoes like that whea I was a
irl,'she said, looking at my basines -t
ike array with a remiiscent wir. '
would as soon have thouge of earing
he -copper-toed shoes that my little
trothers wore. I should ha ve f elt
t1hat I was disgraced. we had no0
.tames for our walking boois, and you
may be sure we had no heavy ones,
ai heas none of the girls wo were in
goodacircumstanes. The idea of the
eadis' gentleman shoe' or the 'man
.ish shoes for women,' as I sto thema
uarked in the shop window-. well. I
hikit would have roused the co'm
aanntierthy. or mnih ot.
"The Onl named shoe it- I ca,
temember ini my young days was the
ckroquet slipper. How happ I was
whe I had my first croquet slippers!
T*hey were pretty little slippers with
high heels and long tongues and pretty
andkles. aWhy did they call them
-roquet slippers? You would not'
Chave to ask that question if yon had
rseen a pretty :ittle foot in a croquet
iglipper poised on a ball to give a
!-rizorous stroke. They were much
iprettier than your 'mannish boots.'
I remember the first time I met-yes,
{there was nothing more graceful thaun
"By that time I looked so aton
'shed that grandamma aught me
iaud she actually blushed. She had
ireally forgotten me. My sensible
Igrandmother was growing-snietL
ud forgetting that she was one of'
e best golf players in onr part of'
the country in summer. I asked
er 'tllme ho sh mt1 adi
oino~ U&STufvc~ the gr'
tablet,-was bande to on4 of the
tendants, with an order to present
the disappointed one iitt a roll of
silk. ~She, with her siTM-,was then
conducted back to her car' Ud was
out of the competition. O,-: the Ust
occasion, the third serntiny left fif
teen, who were retained in the palace
until it should please Fier Majesty to
summon them to farther examina
Clever Capture of a 1::r1ar.
A Chicago womau, who has the
bump of observation largely developed,
found it of matchless value in eaptar
ing a burglar last Monday. Mouday
is bargain dy in Chicago, just as it is
in New York, so after Mrs. Nordstra i
had seen her husband ofN to busiuess
she locked up her little honse oi
Washingion Boulevard. ad we-at
down town shopping. While riding
home on a trolley car, szveral hours
later, P mai rode pat ou a bieycl
painted a peculiar color-- eit r. iL
fact, which Mrs. Norastram was sre
no bicycle in Chicago bui iac has
band's possessed. Quick a; a
she stopped the ear, hailicd ap i
cab and gave the diiver orders to
follow the cyclit while %h kp: a
lookont for a polieemau.
She said she roLe blo-ks beffore she
found one. PerhaP the barglar
cyclist knew their haunts and avoided
them. At any rate the ease had
lasted for a mile before a ian w i Iue
and brass hove in sight. Then the
hackman slowed up the cab a little.
while the lady be.:oued to the minion
of the law, hastily explaiaing hr sas
Dicions to him while he rode alon, on
the carriage step. The cy,list was
pursuing a leisurely way aud was soon
overtaken and collared. In addition
to Mr. Nordastrum's bicycle. .2330
worth of jewelry was found concealed
about him, all of which Mrs. Nor d
strum identified as hers. Of course,
the prisoner protested it was a mis
take, and the police were almost in
clined to believe him until they
accompanied Mrs. Nordstrum home
and found the back door of her resi
dence broken open and every bed
room in confusion. The thief finally
confessed.--New York Mail and Ex
An Oddity in Sleeve Decoratihn.
The latest prank in sleeve. decora
tion-and this is a regaular find for the
woman whose best frock sleeve is giv
ing away at the elbow-is to make
the arm bag in two pieces of diametric
ally different goods and colors. To
be more explicit-if the inside of the'
arm is covered, we will s.y with black
silk, the outside half is clothed in gray
renaissance lace, or tucked moss
green velours antique, or very fil!
gathered geraninm red chiffon. The
edges of the outside half always over
lap the inner portion, which is usually
kept quite smooth, and in a plain dark
color. Frequently a silk or velvet
sleeve in any solid tint will be thickly
sewed with jets or sequins over its
outer half or striped with narrow,
eendicular bands of steel beads or
. or ribbon, if the sleeve is a light
g oods. The acme of smartness
-these days is to have it
lose and high, and the
-cut in a series of
tat the face is
'iarose calyx.
chin you
tions a curionus
origin stilLprac
ussia, and known.
IL o(cow-death) and
"opachivani l g roundabout).
If pestilence or 'I revails in a
village, an old woman of Ute as a
seeress or fortune teller en b
confines of the village at midnight and
beats a pan; Thereupon all the wom
en of the place assemble in haste,
armed with divers domestic utensils -
frying-pans, pokers, tongs, shovels,
scythes and cudgels. After shutting
the cattle in their stalls, and warning
the men not to leave their houses. a
procession is formed. The seeress
takes off her dress and pronounces a
curse upon Death. She is then
hitched to a plow, together with a
bevy of virgins and a misshapen wou_
an, if such a one can be found, and a
continuous and closed farrow is drawn
round the village three times. When
the procession starts, the image of
some saint suitable to the occasion,
that of St. Blasius, for examf e, in the
case of murrain, is borne in front of
it; this is followed by the. seeress.
clad only in a shift, with disheveled
hair and riding on a broomstick; after
her come women and riaidens draw
ing the plow, and behind them the
rest of the crowd, shrieking and mak
ing a fearful din. They kill every ani
mal they meet, and if a man is so un
fortunato as to fall in with them he is
mercilessly beaten, and u3ually put to
death. In the eyes of these raging
women he is not a humau being, but
Death himself in the form of a were
wolf, who seeks to cross their path
and thus break the charm and destroy
the healing virtue of the furrow. The
ceremony varies in different places,
and generally ends by burying alive a
cat, cock or dog.-From "Supersti
tion and Crime," by Professor E. P.
Evans, in Appletons' Popular Science
Our souls crave a perfect good; we
feel the pull thitherward, we own the
law that points in that direction.
William M. Salter.
If any one speak ill of thee, consid
er whether he hath truth on his side;
and if so, reform thyself, that his cen
sures may not affect thee.-Epictetus.
In every loving woman there is a
priestess of the past-a pious guard
ian of some affection, of which the
object has disappeared. -Henri Fred
eric Amiel.
Suspicions among thoughts are like
bats among birds-they ever fly to
twilight; they are to be repressed, or,
at least, well guarded, for they cloud
the mind.
Many brave young minds have
oftentimes, through hearing the
praises and famous eulogies of worthy
men, been stirred up to effect the
like commendations. -Spenser.
Look in all things for the beauty
which is their soul, and shall fill your
soul. Seek it and dwell in it, for,
rightly understood, it is a part of
your deepest life.-Henry W. Foote.
Self conceit is a weighty quality,
and will sometimes bring down .thie
scale when there is nothing else in it.
It magnifies a fault beyond proportion,
and swells every omission into an
outrage. -Jeremy Collier.
Books well chosen neither dull the
appetite nor strain the memory, but
refresh the inclinations, strengthen
en the.powers and improve under ex
periments. By reading a man does,
as it were, antedate his life, and
makes himself contemporary with past
ages.-Jeremy Collier.
It is surprising how practicnl duty
enriches the fancy and the heart and
eepens the affections. Indeed, no
e can have a true idea of right un
*does it, any genuine reverence
'ii he has done it often and
v peace ineffable in it till
Sand with alacrity.
- ungle.
*rom the
ye that
and b11 dta
ests, '2550
U n t e irunning a3i
Atlaiia th cost of con
straction So. 4.
T A Cold in n-Day.
Take Laxative Bromo Qui no Tablets. All
Druggists refund money if it tcre. 25c.
An Australian sporting paper records a 90
foot jump by a kangaroo.
Don't Tobacco Spit and Smoke Tour IdB Away.
To qu!t tobacco easily and forever, be mag
netic. full of life. nerve and vigor, take No-To
Bac. the wonder-worker, that makes weak men
strong. All druggists, N0o or it. Cure guaran
teed. Booklet and sample free. Address
Sterling Remedy Ca., Chicago or New YorY
Telephone lines u-2e 12,000.000 pounds of
copper ,yearly.
To Cure Constipation Foreve-.
"'h.ke Cascarets Candy Cathartic. 10c or 250.
EC. C. C. fail to cure. druggists refund momey.
London enj.ys a greater area of open space
than any other capital in the world.
zducate Tnerr Iowels With C:iscar3lZm
Candy. Gatharth% cure constipation forever.
io, 25c. If C. C. C. fail, druggists refund money.
Protestants in France only number rather
less than 2 per eent of the population.
No-To-Bac for Fifty Cents.
Guanteed tobacco habit cure, makes weat
men asrong. bcod pure. 9c.. All druggist.
The dee-est coal mine in the world is the
Lambert, in Bel;.iun. You can descend
3,490 feet.
H. H. GREEN's So-,. of Atlanta. G., are
the only succesful Dropy speciualists in1 the'
world. See their liberal offee in advertise.
ment in anotiher column o, this paper.
How's This?
We offer One Hundred :!ollars Reward for
any case of Cat tri ttat, cannot te cured by
11ail's 6;tarrh G ure..
F. ;. IHENEY & Co.. Prop!., Tokdo. 0.
We. the -nderAigned, have known F. J.
Chezey fo: t1he In4 1- yearF, and bei:eve him
perfectly hoor.,ble In all business transae
tions and lnancialr able to carry out any
obligations made b their lirm.
WEST& T;tCAX, holesala Druggiste, Tole
do. Ohio.
Dr-uggits. Teledo. Ohio.
1-!'s Catarrh Cur.- Is tnken Internally,
actin directly upon tho blood and mucoai
sur!w.es of the system. Pr.cc.7 . per bottie.
Eold by all I'ruz at'. Testmonia-l Erve.
IIAl's Famly I ills are th-e be:t.
That Pimple
On Your Face is There to Warn
You of Impure Blood.
Painful conseflueneos may follow a ng
le:t of this warning. Take Hood's Sarsa
parilla and it will purify your blood, cure
all humors and eruptions, and make you
fe,-l ;otter in every way. It will warm,
notirish. strengthen and invigorate your
whole body aUd prevent serious illness.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
13 AMerica's Greatest Medicine. Price, SI.
Hood's Pills cure all Liver :s. :n cents.
Bco:ned by the Rain.
Tlieve is one Commercial harvest
which scarcely ripens at all except in
rainy weather. That is the harvest
of the umbrella-makers. Supposing
that out of of the 100.000 faiilies in
tie c-itv of St. Louis one falmilly in ten
-which Is a very small estimate
sliculd have lost a.n umbrella in that
recent rainy two weeks by leaving it
in the street ear. by lending it or by
the more violent method -of having it
"borrow~ed'' without one's consent.
About the average pricer paid for an
umbrella is $2. That one spell of
weather, therefore, mieant the imnme
diate circ-ulation in St. Louis of $20,
000. to say nothing of the large sums
of ironey which will be paid out in a
few weeks for handsome gifts of umn
'brellas, the appropriateness of whnic-h
has been suggested by the continued
rains.-St. Louis Globe-Democrat.
What Mr-s. Nell Hurst has to Say
About It.
DEAnt Mns. Pxts.-u:-When I wrote
to you I had not been well for five years;
had doctored all the time but got no
better. I had womb trouble very bad.
My womb pressed backward, causing
piles. I was in such misery I could
sarcely walk across the floor. Men
struation was irregular and too pro
fuse, was also
'- troubled with
-- .lcucorrhcea. I
,s had givena up all
-.hopes of getting
eli; everybody
ought I had
'r taking
tftles of
In fifteen minutes' time,
Soap and water, yot can m
a better cleansing paste that
Ivory Soap Paste will I
and will clean carpets, rugs, I
enamel, russet leather and c
paintedi wood-work and fur.
of Ivory Soap in this form a
can ie used witL a damp s
many articles that cannot be
not stand the free applicatior
and one-half ounces of Ivory Soap cut i
the Soap is thoroughly dissolved. Ren
venient dishes (not tin.) It willkeep
rgaiit, 1E, tyne Pre,
The bitterness of a grain of .trychine can
hI;e tasted in 600.000 grairs of water.
Cabba-e Plant. now ready for de ivery i.M.
000, lne,'llealthy,. str ng. vigorust Cabbj:;e Plan I"j
for swe. -ol!owing v.ir'l-tiecr. grown fromw
i,rchpswil fron Peter llenders-on a: Ci., New York;
fenderson's Dirge Type Wakele.d.
Henderson's Early n4) ig.
LHM-nders--in s Exta Eariy Jersey Wakefield.
ffonder,:(n's Succes-1i;.
Plants grown in to- open air. and will wtthstand ze
"eli!ered at expreis ..fltee: 1.4jo to 5.'Ai. $1..0; tn
o 1. S .2'.; (.i anti ovsr $1 per M. AUso P r Sa:e
A-m il 1, t- JUne 1St hardl i--ned Spring Cal
1-ge b Ohe crate. by exp..si or frei;h".
Llvlng Ueaty and Li%;ugt-n - r.i Tomato
'!aniis. pr ce $R. ppr f v. 1). xpre.,:; olce here.
*Send alioroerso E0 *EnvTri Tn18
:xpress and P. u. AWress, YLXNG'S ISLAND, S. C.
ZJR P uickDrlief and co worst
.cr. s-nd or bouk of tebtinoniais and 10 daya'i
treatment Frec. Dr.E.E.GkEEE'8 60ES. Atar.ta a
WAVTED-Ca.^ of had health that R-I-P-A-N-S
will not ' senil i ts. to Ripan. Che:nical
Co., NewYork, fur I0 iatples and 1ho0 te,4mnonials.
"I Iave been uK11na CASCARETS for
ir-somnia, with which I have becn -i-ticted for
over twenty years. and I can say that Casarets
have given me more relief than anyother reme
dy I have ever tried. I shail certainly recom
mend them to my friends as being all they are
represented.-' Taos. G1LLA&iD, Eigin, Ill.
Peaan. Plarabe.Potent. Taste G.one! no
Good. Never Sic:cen. weal:en. or Grire. 14%. 2:,e 4e.
Sterling 10emedy (.:pany, Cicago, 3antrenl. New York,.1
HO~OA ists UcR E Tcacco Hbt
Could .Otve Us Points in Running and Swim
The Hawaiian native Is especially
tage in a tug of war, foot ra'dag and
broad jumping. As a long datance
runner his speed and endur-ance would
excite the envy of more than one pro
fessicual. In olden times, runners
were the only means ol' sending im
portant messaiges from one chief --or
tritbe to another, and the H-awaiian
forefathers seenm to haive handed down
all the essentials which go to makte
up a good race.
IIf a Hawa.fian does wehi as an ath
lete on terra firma, he certainly excels
In the water. For diving and swim
ming he seems to have a na:ttural apti
tude. In t-he early days of t he mis
sionary the "'men of the cloth" tell
in their records how it was no uncom
nmon thing for a native to swim from
one island to another. Diving '.hey also
delight in. A native often throws
himself head first from a cliff I;tty or
tty feet high int a shallow pool
"ecely tell or twelve feet deep. Asb
body strikes the water it archies
- ow. with his head almost to
dIs. and the next instant shoots
urface with a broad grin on'
A Kanaka, in fact, is well
-hibious. Iii ifanIcy be
1I almost unconscioutsly.
not a native boy or
ewho could not
>3s' in thie wa
'hout hailf
withonly a cake of Ivo
ake in your own kitchen,
you can buy.
ake spots from clothing;
id gloves, slippers, patent,
anvas shoes, leather belts,
ifture. The special value
rises from the fact that it
ponge or cloth to cleanse
washed because they will
t of water.
one pint of boiling water add one
ato .havings, boil fire minutes after
ove from the fire, and cool in con
rell in an air-tight glass jar.
belivve Pl.o's Cure for Consumption Fav
ed my bny's ie last summer.-MRS. ALLIE
DOUGLAS, Le Roy, M ich.. Oct. 0 1894.
.r. Win-Iow's!zoothing Syrup for children 1
tecthinz,siftens the gums. reducing infLama- i
Mon. alliys p-tin.cares wind colic:Dc a bottle
Old Waverly Abbey.
Wa-erly-not the novel, but the fa
-Iioiis abley lcal: Farnmsin-is occupy
iN! the attention of the Survey Arch
eoloica 1 l ocieRy, and excavations
am-ng the ruins executed under Its 1v
supcrvision have resulted In some in
tersting dic:(.overies. The foundations
of ti.e church and the outline of the
mo.n:s' doraitories Ive been laid
bare, as have also 'he kitchens and
disciplinary cells. in the cloister, op.
pnsite the chpter house door, the cof
fin was found of William Manduit, the
third Baron of Hjanslape, and king's
chaiberlain. wliose burial took place
in 1104, as recorded in the anrals of
Waverly. Several others were also
uncovered. These colilins were not of
stone. :s is usual in English abbeys. t
but o n a:.n nt The wood -as almost
as sound as on the day It was laid in
the earth. Many other ojcts of in
turest hlave been brouight to light dur
'mg the excavations. including some
painted window glass. Wlih portions of
the lead easen:ents in which they had
been fixed; a large number _of lioor
tiles, manny of which had designs oni
them: besides a great store c.ifrg
ments of mnediaeval pottery, somne of
considerable interest, and other ob
jectS illustrative of the dlotmestICic
of a muonaslery. Tihe exeavations so
far have shown seeh good results ~
that the c'oicil of the soeiety has de
ei led to conttinue tihe work next year
if s~'uleInt funds are fo:- heomint.
London Telegrap~h.
What does it do?
It causes the oil glands 1
in the skin to become more
sctive, making the hair soft
and glossy, precisely as
* nature intended.
It cleanses the scalp from
dandruff and thus removes
one of the great causes of
It makes a better circu
Iation in the scalp and stops
*.the hair from coming out.
II PPCeVeRis un4 II
Caes BaMIness _
.Ayer's Hair Vigor will
~.surely make hair grow on
bald heads, provided only
Sthere is any life remain
Ng in the hair bulbs.
restores color to gray
~e hair. It does not
ia moment, as
etye; but ina
gray color
'v dissp.
VIIch liEasily Oui4 4t1_
The Remedy builds up the
ray, reinovn .permanently anydor~d~-~"
sand foroquor'r Drug- All etin 7.
uder the cate of skiled t physida
rho Is a veteran graduate of thekeure
ears qXelusively in3 KmLy *6rt. -WrItA fti-~
[terare. Large mansion. bteam Heated.
,arge Piazzas'
The Only KEELY INSTITUTin the State.
Knabe, Chickering, Sohmer, Fischer, a*nd
line other reliable makes to choose from.
:erms and prices In keeping with the time. 4
Address - M. A. MALONE, - Colmbia, S. C.
Of the ye%r for you to consider the advis&
ility of adding
Improved Machinery
' your plant, or of engaz ng in a profitable
usin ss. To be suee-sful, you need the
2ost modern and labor satvin-- mqchinery.
If at any time you should decide to buy. ^r
,ish information in regard to anything inthe
ne, we shali be pldased to hear from you,
nd shall take p.-asura in su -miting you
rices whica can not fAil to be interesting.
South Caro Ina Agency Liddell Co.
-Yotirs !ruly,
W. H. GIBBES & CO., C,LU v BIA. S.'V.
ontracts Taken to Furnish Complete Eqip
ments For
One of the 1-rgest manufacturers of Flour
[i I Machinery in the count- y. and having
lperienced mill wrights. lampfe-pared to
uid r L1s on the moic improved plans and
t prices to comp!te with any one in the
ade. We guartnteo the products of our
L ls to equil the grades of Lhe best we'stern
ills. Be.ore placinc your oiders write to
te. I alio h-Andle , complete line of Wood
Vorking LMachinery, Saw [email protected], En
Inex a id Bollers, Corn ILs and .\a
iieyi eneral.
= gmnbeen established in business here
>r 163 years., I have but up my trade by srll
k the %err highet class of r-chinery'. and
n in a better vo-sitio-i to serve the interest of
.y cu-tomers than ever befora.
V. C. BADMAX, Colrimbia, S. C.
I=:. Main Street.
Organs from $15.Co. r5.00. SZ5.00 and Up.
-a.rd. Turight Pianos from $175 00. $15.00
25.00 ai:d upward. Address
M. A. MALONE, Columbia S. C.
OTTON is and will con
tinue to be 'the money
crop of the South. The
>lanter who gets the most cot
on from a given area at the
east cost, is the one who makes
he most money. Good culti
ration,' suitable rotation and
iberal use of fertilizers can
aining at least 3% actual'
vill insure the largest yield.
We will send Free, upon application,
amphlets that will interest every cotton
lanter in the South.
'3. Nassau St.. New York.
b ellelle c olill.
HED by
AVEst.ABOR) in"o"R t dSAcre
AYES GRAIN' >SraI'C tRw;nak
.Innangj maay-o plants bue,n- peats.
room corn, beet, sor.th m s ed. etc.. by~ use
Fp.rci1 paes > h h wne can frnis.
so be furn,.hed it d..ired. A-..ents wanted
~every county. Apply Early for Exclu
[ye Territory. Write for testim..,nialse
H.W DI ONGU & CO.. Charlotte, N. C.
Macen Si. 18.
re CornPlaner an &ni 6t~z- - n
eo ebly the bes far,n.rng Ipl mnen ilia I
yan it an aitrbes thr 1 :zer In any qn -
ner. t a ce ep at amist an n c to
UM0IM and Whiskey Habtt
cured a: home with
out pain. Book of par
tieulars sent FREE.
B.M.wooLL., M.D.
A. ta. us. Oiice 104 N. Fryer St.
mento nthi paper. It s~! b tes. treit
rut and javor u. 60. 4.
TPermnaneuntl Cured
ene fenweu .F,pzm
freetb-p% U.g .ta,*eo
lP'g. -ne abbne e e
* Salzer' Best etnee -ie
1 " California Fig Tmto, c
3 * Brilant Flower Sed,ci
Worth 61.00, for 14eents, T~~
mal yu a re together wit ou
uponreceip ofthis notl e & 1 e
JOnxS A. sALESE t o. LI COS.Ult

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