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-, ano-Ometa1s trytag Is
T. Break Up the Practice,
stated recently by several of
railway companies having ter
the metropolis that the ques
tion of the tipping of porters had been
engaging the attention of the respect
ile general managers, says the Lon
on Times. The subject was one which
bdstled with diftculties, Inasmuch as
ithet"aveling public encouraged, rather
than discouraged, the practice. In the
rules and regulations for the observ
ance of the staff of each o2 the railway
companies there was a clause specially
directed to the question of the accept
ance cf tips, which provided that any
servant detected receiving gfatuities of
any kind was liable to instant dismis
sal. Unfortunately, passengers werb
not aware of the existeace of
such a regulation or totally ignored it.
If the public would only report cases
of incivility on the part of porters on
occasions when tips were not forth
caming, the railway companies would
be in a position to deal more effective
ly with the question. The companies
desired It to be known that the direc
tors did not, as bad been suggested by
.the men, take into cnsideration the
amount a porter was likely to receive
In tips when fixing the wage of an em
ploye. The wages paid to the men were
commensurate with the services ren
dered to the companies. The m9nag
ers were, of course, well aware that at
many of the larger stations a porter
could easily earn, in the nature of
tips, on an average at least fl per
7co-To-BCe for Fifty Cents.
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"Only the First Step
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The flrst step in Spring
should be to cleanse Nature's
house from Winter's accumu
- ations. Hood's Sarsaparilla
Toes this work easily. It is
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Medicine. It purifies the blood,
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inkes the weak strong, as nervous
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* Bad Blood-" Although past 70 years 01
* age I -am thoroughly well. It was three
bottles of Hood's Sarsaparilla that madi
*me so after spending over $60 In medical
attendancegMytrouble was a raw sore or
my ankle." Mas. .Lomsa MAsosr, Cour
Street, Lowell, Mass.
Hoods Pills cured me of dyspepsia and
constipation." Mas. KATE E. THoMAs, 3]
Governor St., Annapolis. Md.
Consumptive Cough - "Five yeart
ago .1 had a consunmpuve cough. which re
duced.me to a skeleton. Was .advised tc
take Hood's Sarsaparilla which I. did and
~ecovered normal health.' I.have been wel:
ever since."'MATILDA BRID'GEWATRr, Cor
Pearl and Chestnut Sts., Jeffersonville, Ind
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the only cathartic to take w:zth toods sara,aparlia
The CroodilWs Eggs.
* ~ The erot odile lays a large numbe
* af eggs. which are remarkably small
for so large a reptile. being just a
* shade larger than those of the do
mestic duck. Its nest is a huge mound
of long grass, leaves, reeds, flags and
- a kind of broad-leafed grass, built to
b~ the height of four or five feet, with a
circumference of from thirty to rorty
feet, and always near water. .The
northern crocodile lays its eggs ill
January or' February. Neither parent
does any sitting. The eggs are depos
Ited to the number of forty or fifty
near the top of the mound, which
looks jrst like an ordinary haycocc.
The rain and .the hot sun create a
great heat in the mound, which hatch
es the eggs.
Jennio E. Green and Mrs. Harry
JENrx E. GnEEN, Denmark, Iowa,
writes to Mrs. Pinkham:
"I bad beeni sick at my monthly
periods for seven years, and tried
almost everything I ever heard of, but
* without any benefit. Was troubled
with backache, headache, pains in the
shoulders and dizziness. Through my
mother I was induced to try Lydia E.
-Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, and
It has done me so much good. I am
now sound and well."
Mrs. HlAnnv IIAnI)r, Rliverside, Iowa,
writes to. Mrs. Pink-ham the story of
her struggle with serious ovarian trou
ble, and the beneCfit she received from
the use of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vege
table Co:npound. This is her letter:
" How thankful I am that I took
~' your medicine. I was troubled for
two years with innlammation of the
womb and ovzaries, womb was also very
low. I was in constant misery. I had
heart trouboic, was short of breath and
could not walk five blocks to save my
life. Suffered very much with my
back, had headache all the time, was
nervous, menstraations were irregular
and painful, had a bad dischiarge and
was troubled with bloating. I was a
perfect wreck. IIad doctored and
taken local treatments, but still was no
better. .I was advised by one of my
neighbciis to write to you. I have now
fmnishekh6 second bottle of Mrs. fink
4m's Vegetable Compound, and am
bdtter in every wvay. I am able to do
- aflmy own work and can walk nearly
a mile wvithout fatigue; something I
had not been arble .to do for over two,
years. Yc-ur medicine has done me
Calcie carbide known commony a1
earbide, is a compound of lime and
carbon; water is oxygen and bydro
gen. When these two compounds
come into contact each is decomposed,
the hydrogen crosses over to join the
carbon and form the peculiar hydro
carbon known as acetylene gas; the
oxygen and lime also cross over and
form a refuse remainder, "slacked'
A German investigator, by steriliz
ing each element of milk separately,
has found that the altered appearance
and taste are due to a caramelizing of
the milk sugar, with the formation of
a small amount of lactic acid, also
that the albumin was coagulated, and
the casein partially precipitated.
Pasteurizing produces the same alter
ations in a slighter degree. His tests
prove that sterilizing milk does not
render it any less digestible.
It has been sbown that, while Nan
sen's observations prove that the
North Polar region is a great ocean
cavity, nearly two miles deep, the
South Jolar region, on the contrary,
is, apprent!y, a vast solij mass 0
land, surrounded by a belt of watex
about two miles in depth. The area
of the South Polar continent is esti
mated to be about four million square
miles, one million more than that ol
the United States, excluding Alaska.
The expedition sent from England
about a year ago, under C. W. An
drews, to explore Christmas Island
(south of Java), has returned. Among
the curious things in its report is a
statement that the forest is so dense
that the natives never penetrate more
than half a mile from the shore; and
that ordinary rats, evidently irom
wrecked ships, have multiplied on the
island, where, unable to fAnd sufficieni
food in,the ground, they have taken to
climbing trees for fruit and othez
Sir Robert Ball, the great English
astronomer, in a lecture recently, dis.
cussed approvingly the theory of Dar
win that the' moon was thrown oi
from the earth years ago by tidal
action, and then touched on the ques
tion of the future of the earth itself.
In regard to the end of the world, he
put forward a new theory that il
might be brought about by explosion,
the water of the ocean breakinE
through a great crack in the crasi
down into the hot core forming the
interior of the globe. Being vapor
ized by the heat the consequent out
burst of steam would fracture the
earth and destroy it as a habitable
world. Sir Robert emphasized hi,
theory by photographs of the huge
craters and cracks on the moon anc
the markings on Mars as evidence ol
tremendous explosions on these
bodies, which indicated the future
fate of the earth.
A process likely to develop int(
great 'value in the -arts is that broughi
forward by Professor Henry, of Sar
bonne, France, viz., a device foi
catching colors. The object to bi
colored, say-a sheet of waterprood
paper, a plate of glassor a smooti
board. is Ana.ama lpval i
falikrbsi, and water is then lei
in, through numerous little jets, fron
the bottom of the tank until the objeci
is covered to a slight depth; a drop 0:
two of a volatile solution of some gun
or resin, insoluble in water, is allo wec
to drop in the water, and at onci
spreads itself into a thin layer ove:
the surface. When a portion of the
volatile -solvent has evapora'ted, leav
ingc an- eiceedingly thin film of th4
resin reposing on the surface of th4
water, the professor's plan is to whistli
a tune over it, and the water and th
film are thus thrown into rhythmica
undulations, each representing a cer
tain tone. In a short time the solveni
vanishes entirely and the film of resir
is left floating on the water; the latte1
is now very gently and slowly with
drawn from the basin, and the film ir
thus gradually lowered to the surfacE
of the paper, glass or wood object, as
the case may be. When it c"mes int(
actual contact, the object carrying thi
film is removed and allowed to dry,
ipreserving all the time the attractivi
display of colors that it presented
,while on the water.
A Self-PropeUing Boat.
In the current number of Pearson's
some interesting particulars are fnr.
nished by Mr. Herbert C. Fyfe ofa
craft that propels itself, and to which
the inventor, Mr. Linden, of the Zoo
logical Station at Naples,has given thE
designation of the Autonaut. With
out the help of engines or steam or
electricity or "man power," this curi
ous vessel makes headway against
wind and wave at a speed, it seems, of
from three to four miles an hour. Sin
galar enough, too, the rougher the
sea the faster shr moves, the explana
tion being that she is propelled by the
action of the waves. The secret of
her propulsion lies in a couple of
pieces of apparatus, not unlike grid.
irons, fixed, one at the bow and the
other at the stern, about level with~
the keel. These strips of steel are
what the ingenious inventor calls
"feathering pins," aud it is stated that
he was led to his discovery by closely
observing the motion of fish's fins, es
pecially the dolphin's tail. In the case
of the Automant,these so-called "fins'
are moved by the waves in one direc
tion, and rebound back to their own
elasticity. Hence, it is explained, no
engines are required to propel the
strange craft.-London Telegraph.
The President is Served First.
When the President of the United
the host and there are ladies at the
table, he is always served first, like
the President of France and Queen
Victoria, the Czar of Russia and all
other rulers. It is an ancient and
honorable custom observed in all
countries. It is a matter of personal
politeness, however, for him to wait
until the rest of the company is served
before he begins eating.
Where a Woman Leads.
IThe central provinces seem to be
distinguished for peculiar crimes an-1
peculiar criminals. On ene page of
the report on the police adlministratiou
there are details of a raid on a village
by a band of dacoits "led by a womian
who carried a sword!" Ar.d yet it ii
said that there is no hope of the emcr
cipation of the women ofIndia -Tie>
f Tn(lio
Som od f eewp, the Nmus
Aesn b rated fabulist, Was
born ab3?T0BC. He is supposed
to have bein a native of Phrygia, but
the place of his birth is very uncer
tain, several Grecian cities claiming
the honor. While quite young he was
brought to Athens as a slave, where
he served several masters, but was
finally made a freeman in considera
tion of his wit and beauty of mind.
It is said that he was at one time the
chief servant of a philosopher named
Xanthus. One day Xanthus wished to
give a grand dinner to some of his
distinguished friends, and- he in
structed Aesop to buy for the occa
sion the very best things in the mar
ket. Aesop went to market, purchased
a great number of tongues, and told
the cook to serve them with differ
ent sauces. When the dinner was
rcady, there was "tongue in all styles,"
and not one thing else. Xanthus was
enraged. He called Aesop to him and
said: "I ordered you to buy the very
best things in the market. Why did
you not obey me?" "I did obey you,
Master Xanthus," Aesop replied. "Is
there, master, anything better than
tongues? Is not the tongue the bond
of civil society, the key of science.
and the organ of truth and reason?
Is it not by means of the tongue that
cities are built, and governments es
tablished and instructed? Do not men
instruct, persuade, and preside in as
semblies by using their tongues?"
"I'll excuse you this time," said Xan
thus, "for your reasoning is truly
good; but these same friends will dine
with me to-morrow, and as I want to
diversify my entertainment, go to
market again and buy the worst things
you can find." The dinner the next
day consisted also of nothing but ton
gues. Xanthus, violently angry, de
manded an explanation of Aesop.
"Master," said the servant, "you told
me to buy, for this dinner, the worst
things I could find. Is there anything
worse than tongues?Is not the tongue
the instrument of strife and conten
tion, the fomentor of lawsuits, and
the source of divisions and wars? Is
not the t6ngue the organ of error, of
falsehood, of calumny, of blasphemy?'
Aesop was not punished; for he con
vinced Xanthus that the tongue, when
used aright, is the best of all things,
and the -very worst when put to a
wrong use. Soon after Aesop was
made free he visited Croesus, and he
and the rich Lydian King became close
friends. He went to Athens, and while
there composed the fable of "Jupiter
and the Frogs," for the instruction of
the Athenian citizens. About 564 B.
C. Aesop met death in a very cruel
way. Croesus had sent him to Delphi
with a large sum of money that ne
wished to have distributed among tae
citizens, but a quarrel arose over the
matter, and Aesop refused to distrib
ute the money. Then the Delphians
-became angry, accused him of sacri
lege, and hurled h'm from a precipice.
He regarded her disdain fuly.
"What absurd air -castles 1", he ex
-'Well, you know very well te-au
I n a $10 flat is by no means such air
as I was accustomed to before I was
married !", she protested/ and burst
into tears.
Then he taunted her with not dar
ing to-say that to the .ianitor.
It was more than ever manifest t.hat
love flies into the light.-well, when
poverty yells up the du'mb waiter.
"Every morning I have a
bad taste in my mouth; my
tongue is coated; my head
aches and I often feel dizzy.
I have no appetite for breakfast
and what food I eat distresses
me, I have a heavy feeling in
my stomach. I am getting so
weak that sometimes I tremble
and ray nerves are all unstrung.
I am getting pale and thin. I
Iam as tired in the morning as
at night."
What does your doctor say?
" You a.e suffering from im
pure blood."
What is his remedy?
You muLst not have consti
pated bowels if you expect the
Sarsaparilla to do its best work.
But 'Ayer's Pills cure constipa
We have a book on Paleness
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have for the asking.
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h le~ptiia3 aou you coni
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Courage among animals seems to
bear no relation to size, for many of
the sma:lest creatures are brave to an
astonishing degree. The weasel- are
the most courageous of any. Unfor
tunately they are also the most blood
1thirsty, but while their victims are
usually small animals, there are ree
ords of their having attacked man or
some large animal fiercely and without
Says a dispatch fro Town, I
to the New York Sun: ery Frenc'
Canadian resident of..- bellev
that a miracle has . been 'erformi
over the grave of Paul BeaupR7,%--w!
died and was buried In the wods abo'
Grindstone Falls, four- years ag
Beaupre, or Bo Peep, as he was call(
by his acquaintances, was a fortun,
teller and peddler of snakeskin charm
who traveled from camp to camp I
winter selling his amulets and preyli
upon the credulity of his countryme
by pretending to reveal future event
Four years ago he was taken Ill wit
pneumonia while staying at a camp o
the East Branch and died inside of
Beauty Is Blood Deep.
Clean blood means a- clean skin. IS
beauty without it. Cascarets, Candy Catha
tic clean your blood and'keen it clean, I
stirring up the lazy liver and ari-ing all ir
purities from the body. Begin to-day 1
banish pimples, boils, blotches, blackhead
and that sickly bilious complexion by takir
Cascarets.-beauty for ten cents. Ah dru
gists, satisfaction guaranteed, 10c, 25c, 50c.
L'mdon boasts of a 6500-pound sewiE
To Cure A Cold in one Day.
Take Laxative Bromo quinine Tablets. Al
Druggists refund money if it fails to curo.
In India sheep are used as beasts of bu
Don't Tobacco Spit and Smoke Tour 1.ife Away.
To quit tobacco easily and forever. be-na
netic. full of life, nerve and vi.-or, take No-T
Dac, the wonder-worker., that makes weak mt
trong. All druggists, 50c or St. Cure guam
teed. Booklet and sample free. Addre.
Sterling Remedy Co., Chicago or New Yor]
W. T. Parham & sons.,>f Maryxille, ba
!et the coi,tract for their new woolen milli
South Knoxville, Tenn.
To Cure Constipation Forever*
T'ake Cascarets Cand:; Cathartic. 10c or 25
If C. C. C. fail to cure. drurgists refund mono:
In South America a parrot costs
Educate Your Bowels Witn ;scarets.
Candy Cathartic, curo constipation forevei
10c.so2c. If C. C C. fail. druggists refund mone3
The world's navies empioy 1,606.0(
Viso's Cure cured me of a 'I hroat and Lu
trouble of thre.- 3 ears' sawling.-E. CAD
,Uunmington, Ind., Nor. 12, 189X
There Is more Catarrh in this s ction of Lb
country than all other diseaser put togethe
aud until the la-t few years was supposed t
e incurable. Fora great many years docto2
p ronouiced it a local dise.is - and prescr:be
ocat remedies, and by constantly tal ing t
cura- with local treatment. pronounced ir. it
curable. $cience has proven catarrh to be
constit itional disease ' nd there:ore require
constitutional tre-4tment. I Htll's Catarr:
cur. manuiactured by F. J. Cheney & Co
'foledo. Ohio, Is the only constitutional car
bn the market. Itistaken internally in dose
from 10dropstoateaspoonful. Itaf-tsdirectl
on the blood and m:cous surfaces of the syi
tem. They offer one hundred dollars for an
aseitfalls to cure. Send tor circu!arsand ze
imonia a. Address F. J. CnZNY & Co., Tc
edo, 0.
*ol b Dr ists 75c.
Hall's amily Pills are the best.
.'* *:e
This Sigmture
I 'What has hsppened to my clock
Jane ?" cried Mrs. Peck.
Jane, the housemaid, came runnini
into the library. The little Swis;
clock that hung on the wall was try
ing to strike eleven with a hoarse
rasping sound. The small door, fran
which the bird used to make his ap
pearance, crying, "Cuckoo ! Cuckoo
eleven times at this hour, was open
but no bird was there. "'Deed, an<
I can't tell you, ma'am; buit I'm 'frai<
them boys been after it.".
Just then a little boy came bound
ing into the roam "Mamma," h~
said, "Aunt Anne came by the gat
in her victoria just now, and tool
Charlie up on the driver's seat. Thea
are going to Cold Sulphur Springs
and won't be back till night; but shl
said that she knew you wiouldn'
"Do you know where the cucko<
that belongs to my clock is, Jamie ?'
asked his mother.
"No, mamma," he answered, open.
ing his blue eyes very wide. .I didn'i
know that it was gone."
"Master Jamie," said the housc
maid, "what's in your' pocket ?''
Jamie pushed both hauds down intc
the pockets of his short tron'ors, and
drew forth the little painted wooden
bird beionging to the clock.
"Mamma," he cried:<LiX..didn't know
that it was in my pqket, and'I-never
had it in my hand b!fore."
There was a st.lless in the room
for a minute, and thai Jamie's mother
said sweetly: "I cat trust. you, my
boy; you never toa me a story in
your life. We will Snd out how it
happened some day.'
And so they did. When Charbie
came home, he ownel at once that he
had been playing with the ciock and
had broken it.
He had not menit to do it, and he
was very sorry..
' But why did ya put it in Jamie's
pocket ?" asked his mother.
Charlie laughed,:and Jamie joined
in merrily enougli. "That's wha,.
comes of our being twins." said Chax
lie. "Jane never can tell us apart.
She calls us both Master Jim Charlie;
and, although my clothes are marked
with a big 'C, sh- hangs them on the
foot of Jim's bed half the time, be
cause she doesn't know which is
Cherlie had to pay for mending the
cuckoo clock out of the pocket of his
own short trousers, as a punishment
for meddling; butt to Jamie's ears the
little burring sound was always sweet,
-as swveet as his nyother's voice wilen
she said, "I can tr st you, my boy."
[email protected]
- 8Riding In the wind and
often causes painful chappii
I Those who are so affe<
SIvory Soap is made of vege
-their nature; it can be use<
for there is nothing in it to i
as good as the 'lvory':" they ARE NOT.
remrkab!e qualities of the genuine. Ask
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of Quality"
on Athletic Coods
Insistupon Spalding's.
- /
H andsoMG CatalogUe Fre-3.
A. . bDiN t Id anos,
Neiw York. Chicago. De*ver.
IANTED-ra-e of W.had ath that R-1-PA-N--8
will not Aneft Send 5 cets to Ripan Chemical
Co., Ne wYrk, for 10 amples and ino terstoals.
RATED FEE". E (I. Cre granteed.
y ml. 30. FROST BITE Cu., toslle. N. J.
Cee a e0
O'" TTNr isadwl
cropf QualtheSoth
ton Athlet ice Coeada
agtn,soiCtale rio
. liewr . Cuse o. erili er
taiino baleastb %atuBVal
Po zStasRpn heta
pamphlets~rk fo thailnest ever uc ~nnas
plantSer in Ethe outh. regurate
I Bymdl 30c FIosTBE Casu .. New Yl
m.soe epsverbo ofp Lare tie O o'
therahoN ihse with smallc
wibe eited be girl mot
clant fers wh getse ostte
chfon isfromed githn abre an
easeessof Rissne oneceh man
ey most mnoneypec oobe plce
ton, bsditbe rtto
'lrmiatios of Chantillyznders -
g.lengt cat leas bo%h atuarylo
wil nured ote aest iemnt
Weppliend Fareades an apl o
be used in tesinuta h. o.otejw
-owthteda trimmings dfoem
kendsconeed u ie and xdwt p
pmoqe speaysi tyf lae utae 0er
Ah rele te with malmols,o
withgarland a, pct andlaed oer
leapetinysated btween, s wiall
lvery fingaer chfA blouse. anttd
s1ap hfof i trimmeinh ea bercarried
downleeach sodeRbnaitsane ae not act
ently neenry e to e d
"Aout er alsome iows ear.a cor
org i ootal." ofll hat's ad hea-.
limne brefundedhat y shape n
ftd o ul s a p ure s00c o p . Co
mayw't op.ec esne to be' " jmt
I c
dust roughens the face and
ig and cracking of the skin.
:ted should use a pure soap.
table oils that are soothing in
i freely e,ven on tender faces,*
rritate or injure.
nanywhte soaps, each represented to be "just
but like all counterfeits.!acck the peculiar and
for " lvory " Soap and insst upon getting It.
m ew cu.;Wlutm and hV2"e offer
I Pit. is Day KAdish. .l00
1 Eer., C g e
phg ~ Rht' Bee'
1r" J..;ng Libta Cuc.Gm
%.33 10 0 6xze' B" et&uco. 0v 00
* . Fgr 14t.ENTSn
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potgWe tointhisyear2r00,000
I Enrly Dinnr Onion,
3, e Brillizat flover Seeds, 1.CL
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and Whiskey Esbits
i cured at home with
out pain. Book of p
ticulars sent FREE.
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inine Tablets. Accept no sublto e rei
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tindWW* Wbti
cured at. h eh
Rice's otse Grease Liniment
Is - ways sold under a guarantee to cureal
aches and pains. rheumatism, neural g,
sprains, bruises and burns. Its also warrant
ed to cure colds. crou.p. coughis and la grippe
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stores. Made only by '.OOSE GREASE
'I have gone 14 days at a time without a
moement of the bowels, not beinig able to
move them except by using hot water injections.
Chronic constipation for seven years placed me In
this terrible condition; during that time I did ev
erything [ heard of but ncver found any relief; such
was my case until I began usIng CASCARETS, I
now bave from one to three passages a day, and if!I
wras rich I would give $100.0O for each movement; it
Is such a relief.' AYL.MER L,. H UT,
1CI9 Russell St.. Detrois, Mich.
0od leverSckIen. Weaken.o'r Gtipe I. IC. G c
mians3msyCme, hgSe. Eatr.al, Sew leek,.2
LOCep 8 h
Which is Eaily Cured at
41he Remedy builds up the systemin eeT
way, removing permano .tly any desireOrd.
and for Liquor r Drug. All patents are
under the caze of skilled institte.physit ia
who is a voter ta grad nate of the cure sai A
ears exclusively in KcEE'r work. Write fog
iterature. Largemansion. -team Heated.
l.arge Piazze
The Only KEELEY INSTITUTE In the State.
We are State Agents for and Make 3
Specalty of Equ pping Modern G:aing Out.
fits with the Improved
the simplest and best.
We also con*r.-l the I3fPFOVE) MURRAY
FEEDER., thesi mn:)Iebt and most eff.cieut Giz
Fe der in existence.
Machin-ry ntd .Vill %upplies of al kinds
at 3anufnetrureO, Prices.
.\ow is th- time to pla e an ord r for a
Thre-hin Ma.chi e. Get the best from us,
5:at - A4ent- L ddell Vo.,Eagle Cotton G n C.
Upward. Write
me for. Cata
logueA. Terms
EAY. Address
Columbia, S.0
Cottra.to Taken to Furnish Complete
Equipments for
One of the la gest manufacturers of Flour
NI -11 Machiaei y in the - ountry. and having
a xnerienced mi wrig it, I am prep1,red to
but.d mi s on the m4 t improved pians and
at prices o com-.le.e WI h any oanu in te -
t' tide. We gr.ar LItee the products of oul'
m; Is to equal the L:rades o the best We-tera
Mills. 11.f, re pst+osc your orders writ- to
M--. I al ha 'e com Oete line of Wood
Vork1ng TachInery, .aw Mills, En.
ginee, Bollers, and corn Mlls and Ma.
c1inery -n teeral.
Ha% i-ac been btablished In buclnesn hore
for 16 years. I ha. e bailt up my tra-lo by sell.
ing the very hi .-st las! of M chinerr. and
am in a better posit;on to serve the interesto
my vustomersthan ev rbelore.
V. C. RADHAM, C-lumbia, S. C.
18 Main Street.
Jrsntto ist asgood
rBggists refuu [email protected]
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mar t mae c:bist Amaonga tho~
who hve reentlywie e volnta
enamlet- sIayin thd been cured
S,r J ROBnso. Editor. GoldAAboro,I
Inent mean, m.t'- to Gli t.r.W.R
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CARER'Sv INKL. Cot. Boston, Mass.
N. C.Dai . C.gsM Pickset prom
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SnoetAWS FtES arnd-s TET i toc
EnginES Biler Cand MacinerMsy
Alo iD nd Repairs and s ame.
Vav Sad, Fantheges. t
AUGST. C. Pce '

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