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Uanifh- Ra&iroad Ofilaus TrYin tW
Break Up the Practice.
Ois stated recently by several of
clasof railway companies having ter
-mini in the md.ropolis that the ques
tion of the tipping of porters had been
engaging the attention of the respect
ive general managers, says the Lon
don Times. The subject was one which
bristled with difficulties, inasmuch as
the traveling public encouraged, rather
than discouraged, the practice. In the
rules and regulations for the observ
ance of the staff of each of the railway
companies there was a clause specially
*directed to the question of the accept
ance of tips, which provided that any
servant detected receiving gratuities of
any kind was liable to instant dismis
sal. Unfortunately, passengers were
not aware of the existence of
such a regulation..Or totally ignored it.
If the public would only report cases
of incivility on the part of porters on
occasions when tips were not forth
-c-ming, the railway companies would
be in a position to deal more effective
ly with the question. The companies
desired it to be known that the direc
tors did not. as had been suggested by
the men, take into consideration the
amount a porter was likely to receive
In tips when fixing the wage of an em
ploye. The wages paid to the men were
commensurate with the services ren
dered to the companies. The manag
ers were, of course, well aware that at
many of the larger stations a porter
could easily earn, in 'the nature of
tips, on an average at least i1 per
?to-To-Bac for Fifty Cents.
Guaranteed tobacco babil cure, inakes Wea
men strong, bood n1- 5c.M. All druggiStS
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"Only the First Step
is Difficult."
The first step in Spring
should be to cleanse Nature's
house from- Winter's accumu
lations. Hood's Sarsaparilla
does this work easily. It is
merica's Greatest Spring
Medidne. It purifles the blood,
as milbns of people say.
It makes the weak strong, as nervous
imeni and women gladly testify. It
cures all blood diseases, as thousands
of cured voluntarily write. It is just the
medicine for you, as you will gladly say
-after you have given it a fair trial.
Baci Bl00cd-" Although past 70 years o1
age I am thoroughly well. It was three
bottles of Hood's Sarsaparilla that made
me so after spending over $60 In medics.]
attendance. My trouble was a raw sore os
ankl." ns.lous. MAsoh', Couri
months I gave mty children Hood s barsa
parilla and it cured them of running sores
Hood's Pills cured me of dyspepsia and
constipation." MRs. KATE E. THoMAs, 32
Governor St., Annapolis, Md.
Consumptive Cough -"Five years
ago I had a consumpuive cough which re
duced me to a skeleton. Was advised tc
take Hood's Sarsaparilla which I did and
recovered normal health. I have been well
ever since." MATmDA BRIDGEWATEa, Cot.
Pearl and Chestnut Sts., Jeffersonville, Ind
Hood's Pills cure liver ill., the non-irritating and
- the only cathartic to take with Hood's sarsparilla
- Angora's Silky Far.
A recent writer on the Angora goal
calls attention to the fact that the cli
mate of Angora possesses some re
markable peculiarity causing the de
velopment of a silky coat on animak
of various kinds. Not only the famous
goats, which produce mohair, are thus
fturnished, but a similar tendency is
'exhibited among such animals as cats
and greyhounds living In Z.a same
country. _________
The saaest Island in the World.
Rockall is, perhaps, the smallest
Island in the world. It is situated In
the Atlantic over 300 miles west of
Scotland. and IS a mere rock about CO
feet high and 225 feet round, arising
from a reef of sand. The rock Is basalt
and granite, very magnetic. It is
haunted by sea-birds, and the mackerel
of the surrounding seas are very fine.
Of course, it was never Inhabited, and
is very seldom vis, . , owing to the
*diffculty of landing'fl'it.
JTennie E. GrH N s arry
JEssa E. GREEN, Denmark, Iowa,
'writes to Mrs. Pinkham:
"I had been sick at my monthly
periods for seven years, and tried
almost everything I ever heard of, but
without any benefit. Was troubled
with backache, headache, pains in the
shoulders and dizziness. Through my
mother I was induccd to try Lydia E.
Pinkhami's Vegetable Compound, and
it has done me so much good. I am
now sound and well"
MJrs. HAarR HIAI'DT, Riverside, Iowa,
writes to Mrs. P.tnkham the story of
her struggle with serious ovarian trou
ble, and the benefit she received from
the use of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vege
table Compound. This is her letter:
" How thankful I am that I took
your medicine. I was troubled for
two years with infiammation of the
womb and ovaries, womb was also very
low. I was in constant misery. I had
heart trouble, was short of breath and
could not walk fire'blocks to save my
life. Suffered very much with my
back, had headache all the time, was
nervous, menstruations were irregular
and painful, had a bad dischargie and
was troubled with bloating. I ivas a
perfect wreck. Had doctored and
- taken local treatnients; bht stM was no
better. I was advisd big one of my
neighbors to write to you. I have now
finished the second bottle of Mrs. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound. and am
better in every waya 'I fidle 'to do
allmy own work and c a narly'
a mile without faticone; something I
ha'd not been able t do for ~e'r two
Heavy Vote For Good Roads.
Complete returns of the Minnesota
State election show that the State aid
amendment to the constitution has
been passed by the people by a vcto
of 70,013 to 38,017. The returns only
recently have been completed, owing
to the unsettled condition of the
northern and eastern portions of the
State. This is the tirst time that a
popular vote has been taken in any
State upon the good roads question,
and the result is a most emphatic in
dorsement of State aid as its solution.
The Farmers'National Congress,which
met at Fort Worth, Texas, recentiy,
passed strong resolutions in favor of
State aid and commending the efforts
of the League of American Wheelmen
toward its introduction. The Min
nesota vote is another notable indorse
ment of the work of this organization.
The constitutional amendment was
introduced at the session of the Mia
nesota Legislature by A. B. Choate,
of Minneapolis, as the representative
of the League of American Wheelmen,
and its passage by that body was the
result of his persistent and diplomatic
work in behalf of the measure. This
left it to be submitted to popular vote
for its final passage. A strong educa
tional campaign for good roads was
carried on by the league throughout
Minnesota last summer and fall, with
the active assistance of the Bureau of
Road Inquiry at Washington and the
press of Minnesota. A large edition of
pamphlets, explaining the State aid
system of road-building and its advan
tages to farmers, was distributed and
numerous a-.icles and editorials upon
the subject appeared in the papers in
various parts of the State. The re
sultin; vote for the amendment is al
most two to one in its favor.
The Minnesota Legislature now
will take the necessary steps to put a
system of State aid into operation,
such as is in force in New Jersey and
in idew York. Faraers especially
will appreoiate this, as it will enable
them to obtain durable highways
without being obliged to bear the en
Cre expense, as they do a& present. In
Yew Jersey and New York the cost of
r(-,ds built by State aid is divided be
tween the State, the counties and the
local taxpayers in the towns. Many
towns availing themselves of the New
York law are securing funds for road
buildingpurposes from outside sources,
equal to 1our or five times that which
they raise themselves. Country tax
payers have learned that State aid to
roads provides a means by which the
large city taxpayers and corporations
owning valuable franchises from the
State are made to share in the expense
and that it remains optional with the
farming districts to avail themselves
of this assistance or not, as they may
choose. This explains the popularity
of State aid in Minnesota and the
large vote in its favor.
The Benefit of Good Roads.
At the suggestion of General Roy
Stone, Director of the office of road
iaquiry of the Department of Agricul
free delivery of mails upon good road&.
The object was to prove that improved
highways in country districts would
enable the Postoffice Department to
operate rural free deliveries at about
half the present cost and time, thus
permitting extension or -twice-a-day
service at little additional expense.
The postoffice of4icials selected four
routes in Burlington County, N. J.,
for the test. These centre at the
towns of Moorestown and Riverton,
and lie over good stone roads. In
most rural districts it has been found
impracticable, on account of the high
ways, to deliver more than twelve
miles from the distributing centre. It
was found that at the test places in
New Jersey the mails could be deliv
ered twenty-two to twenty-four miles
away in the same time usually taken
for twelve, or instead there could be
two deliveries a day for little more
than the usual cost of one.--Washing
ton Star. ____
Tests or Road Metal.
IIn order to discover the source of
'he constant accumulation of mud on
tone roads, Professor Elliott, of the
Engineering Department of Cardiff
University College, Cardiff, Wales,
recently undertook some interesting
experiments. He secured samples of
about twenty kinds of stone used in
road-building, and subjected them to
tests by percussive attrition and ab
sorption. For the former test, each
sort of stone was "subjected to rapid
motion against the ribbed sides of an
iron cylinder in a manner calculated,"
says Stone, "to reproduce the action
- aulting from vehicular and other
traffic." In a four hours' test, Three
samples produced less than seven per
cent. of dust; five gave between seven
and ten per cent.; six between ten
and t.hirty per cent. and three between
thirty and eighty-nine per cent. In
the absorption test most of the stones
showed but a mere trace after seventy
two hours of soaking, only two varie
ties actually absorbing any amount of
Broad Tires and Good Roads.
In France, when they set about
making good roads, wide tires were
insisted on in the case of all country
wagons, and some of them are so con
structed that the outer mark of the
six-inch front wheel just meets the
inner mark of the six-inch hind wheel,
thus making a twelve-inch track of
both, and turning the wagon as it
moves into a sort of road roller on a
small scale. With this hint, we leave
the matter to the further considera
tion of all concerned.*
Paragrapha About the Crusade.
Good roads are profitable.
Hard and smooth roads, formed of
white coral, are found in Barbados.
The- farmers of Missouri have or
ganized improved roads committees in
every county in the State.
There is a growing sentiment ini
favor of adding a department of road
study to our college and university
co urs es.
Highways v.'hich are rendered imn
passable by ormueiry ra:ns-ana
there are mnaiy of them-are not it
o be call roadh.
3foney spat e~n constry roads i
wae2; it is only that which goe~s in
More than 100 laudatory poems have
been sent to Lord Kitchener since his
return to England.
H. K. Baker, cashier of the Hallow
ell. Me., Savings institution, who cele
brated his 92d birthday last week, at
tends to his official duties daily.
Mrs. William C. Whitney, who was
injured while horseback riding some
time ago, shows no sign of further Im
provement. She h confined to bed,
from whic It Is feared she can never
Governer-elect Roosevelt of New
York, driven to desperation by the
army of office seekers by *whom he is
besieged, has issued this notice: "No
person, no matter who he may be, need
come to see me hereafter unless he has
an appointment."
Princess Theresa of BavarI, is a
scientific writer of considerable merit.
She has already published one book on
South America, and is now at work on
another, to get materials for which she
made a journey of exploration in the
wildest parts of Bra;il.
The bazaar In London in aid of
wounded Spanish soldiers and of the
widows and orphans of the Spanish
war was opened by the Princess Bea
trice, and a Spanish dance was given
by Otero. The pope sent a cameo like
ness of himself and there is a collec
tion of paintings by Spanish artists.
The prince of Wales Is unable to ap
preciate the solemnity of the ancient
game of golf. One of the caddies at
St. Andrew, asked of the respective
merits of the prince, Mr. Asquith and
Mr. Balfour, gravely replied: "Aye, I
mind the names. They'll hae muckle
to learn. I telled the prince so, but
he only laughed. A light heart is
very well for crlcket, but it's a solemn
business Is gowf."
Mrs. Sarah Josepha Hale, a Boston
woman and editor of the first woman's
magazine published in this country,
worked for twenty years to have a
definite day set apart for Thanksgiv
ing. Time did not daunt her courage,
but rather increased her insistance.
She wrote to governors of states and
to presidents of the United States. At
last President Lincoln adopted her sug
gestion in 1864, when there was reason
to rejoice over the success of the north
in rstoring the union.
P Ehiladelphia man named Lubin
says he has succeeded in almost''eu
tirely doing away with the "squeaky"
tone of the phonograph.
Before his death he expressed a wish
to have his body taken to Montreal for
burial, pronouncing a fearful curse
upon those who neglected to obey his
last request. Among other catastro
phes that were to follow a denial of his
wish were the sudden death of the
camp foreman, the loss of the year's
cut of logs, and the burning of the
camp. He also said that If he were
auried in the wcods a living cross
would grow up from his grave which
should serve as a perpetual warning tc,
all unbelievers.
Beaupre died in November, 1894. His
body was sewed up in new blankets
under tlie roots of a great yellow birch
tree which had lately been overturned
in a galc. When thj-remains had been
duly disposed i.ttle stony opening one
of the men chopped off the fallen tree
trunk with an axe, allowing the stump
to fiy back, thus filling the hole and
burying the body under tons of erath.
"Every morning I have a
bad taste in my mouth; my
tongue is coated; my head
aches and I often feel dizzy.
I have no appetite for breakfast
and what food I eat distresses
me. I have a heavy feeling in
my stomach. I am getting so
weak that sometimes I tremble
snd ray nerves are all unstrung.
I am getting pale and thin. I
am as tired in the morning as
at night."
What does your doctor say?
"You are suffering from i
pure blood."
What is his remedy?
You must not have consti
pated bowels if you expect the
Sarsaparilia to do its best work.
But Ayer's Pills cure constipa
We have a book on Paleness
and Weakness which you may
have for the asking. ..
WarIte to our Doctops.
Perimpa you would ilko to cntt
t r.nt usvkC'2 etou po ndars
in your case. You will receive o prompS
Tratning the Otter.
It is said that Indian fishermen have
in ingenious way of training the otter.
They catch the small cub and put a
colar' round the throat. The littlJ
ereaure, linding Itself unable for day.;
geter to swallow anything It catch
s. gives up trying to do so, and firmly
believes for the rest of its life that as
otter can only swallow such food as
it receives direct frcm 1ts master's
he.d and, accordingly, It faithfully
br.ngS to the hank all the fish it may
Says a dispatch from
to the New York S n: liry
Canadian resident of He bell
that a miracle has beei performed
over the grave of Paul hupre. who
died and was buried in thoods above
Grindstone Falls, fourears ago.
Beaupre, or Bo Peep, as *was called
by his acquaintances, wt fortune
teller and peddler of snak(in charms, I
who traveled from camp) camp in
winter selling his amuletid preying
upon the credulity of hilountrymen
by pretending to reveal fire events.
Four years ago he was thn ill with
pneumonia while staying a camp On
the East Branch and dieinside of a
Beauty Is Blood eep.
Clean blood means a cla skin. No
beauty without it. Casearets ndy Cathar
tic clean your blood and ke.it clean, by
stirring up the lazy liver and-iving all im
purities from the body. B6 to-day to
banish pimples, boils, blotch blackheads,
and that sickly bilious compien by taking
Cascarets,-beauty for ten cet. All drug
gists, satisfaction guaranteed,ie, 25c, 50c.
L- don boasts of a 6500-..und sewing
To Cure A Col< in ox Day.
Take Laxatlve Hromo Qtinin;'ablets. All
')ru;;,isth refund money i it ta to cure. 25c,
In India sheep are used as 6sts of bur
Don't Tobacco Spit and Smoke Tr .ife AMy.
To quit tobacco easily ard fiver. be mag
-netic. iull of li.1c, nerve and vig take No-To
3ac. the wrnder-worcr. that m:e, weak men
itrong. All druggists, 50c or $i.iure guaran
-eed. Booklet and sampie re. Address
Starling Remedy Co., Chicago - New Yorr.
W. T. rarbam & ons, of 1-yville, have
.et the coiftract for their new vulen miiW at
South Kuoxvilie, Tenn.
To Cure Constipation brever.
s.ke Cascarets Caudy Catbart. 10c or 21c.
. C. C. C. fail to cure. drugists fund money
la South America a 1 art costs 15
Educate Your nowels wvit.ascareMt
Candy Catiar ic, cure constip;ion forever.
:0c.25c. if C. C C. fail. druggistsifund moneY
The world's navies enip.y 1,696.000
isn's Cu.e cured me of a 'frat and Lung
roual - of thre ears' s a li,i.-E. CADY,
.iun ingtoni, Ind., N.ov. 1.0, 1894.
I here is more Cat-irra in th:s, ction of tne
-o :.ry thani all other .ilsoesut io.gether.'
d until the la t f-v years w.ASupposedt to I
.e incurahile For a great many ears doctirs
>r ced it a ocal dise s aul pr.scriod
zmedies, aid by const-nty lai ing to
ui th local treatmcnt. ptiunced i in
e. -cience has prove.v ctarra to be a |
t tonal disease ndtheriore reqmires
nnr-ttutional tro- .me,,t 'H :-'s Catarrh
ure manufactured by F. J. CAeney & Co..
oledo, Ohio, is the only constittaional cure
in t e market. t is taken -nternaly in doses
rom iddropstoatemspoonfi-l its tsdirectly
.n the blood and mi.c-us surracei of the sys
.m. They offer one nundr.-d dot-irs for any
*atse itfailsto cure. Send iorcirct arsana ;:es
monia S. Address F. J. CBESIY a Co., To
edo, 0.
-o' by DrugiLsts. 75c.
Halls Family Pills are the best
;e e
______ -. NAD._____
Qa Ia yssin!a.
The few rs o have taken
the time ar' 2 tronb e , tG look into
Menelek's queer kingddm of Abys
sinia tell strange tales of it. Besides
the Marie Theresa, 1,7S0 dollars, the
people of Abyssinla, for small change,
use a bar of hard crystalized salt.
about ten Inches long and two incihes
and a half broad, and thick, slightly
tapering toward the end, five of which
go to the dollar at the capital. Peo
:le are very particular about th2
standard of fineness of the currency.
If it does not ring like~ metal, or if it
is at all chipped, nothing will induce
them to take it. Then, it Is a token
of affection among the natives, when
friends meet, to give eacfl other a lick
of their respective amolis, and in this
way the maternal value of the bar is
also decreased. For still smaller
change cartridges are used, of whicht
three go to one salt. It does not mat
ter what sort they are. Some sharpers
use their cartridges in the ordinary
way, and then put in some dust and
a dummy bullet to make up the dii
ference, or else they tas:e out the pow
der and put the bullet in again, so
that possibly in the next action tile
unhappy seller will find that he has
only -miss-fires in his b'elt; but thlis Is
such a common fraud that no one
takes any notice of it, and a bad car
tridae seems to serve
They are having trouble in Australia
with feathers. The custom department
to prevent the slaughter of birds made
it compulsory to have all feathers
passed through the customs house
eissified, but when action came to be
taken, it was found that with the arti
deiial feathers and so-called feathers
>f one bird made from those of an
entirely different one, not much could
ue done unless ti customs house
was turned into a department of nat
,ral history with a p)rofeso'r of orni
thology in charge. It wioulid also be
necessary to open all packages of
feathers and examnine aill kinds of muil
inery, and the gentlemen in charge of
the department found themselves in
something of a dilemma. It was stat
ed then that the egret and osprey were
seldom used on account of their price,
> an ounce. Heron feathers are fr
ulently made of whalebone, so the
nakers claimed, and porcupine bris
les make beautiful eg:ets. "Winas
>leked from liv-e birds to preserve
heir colors"' are mnade from the wings
~f the damestie duck. That is what
tihey say in Australia. There are cor
tainv many milliners in tis country
who now assert that tne~y have only
te feathers of domestic 1'owls,
J* d
Riding in the wind and d
often causes painful chapping
Those who are so affecte
Ivory Soap is made of vegetaI
their nature; it can be used f
, for there is nothing in it to irri
as good as the'Ivo y';" they ARE NOT, bu
remarkable qualities of the genuine. Ask fo:
T rade-Mark
of Quality"
on Athletic Coods
Insist upon Spalding's
Randsome Catalogue Fro).
New York. Chicago. ' Denv6r.
ATED--ae of had health that R-1-PA*'s
w:l not .enetit Send A 3re. to Ripan.: 4beinjal
Co.. ewY>rk. fur lo Faimples and lu u tesirnoinals.
kic. ET- F'. CTre gnar-ateed.
FBYW-Uiil,30c. FlRO$IDlTE CU..Rultue'e,.J.
is on every box of L.axative Bromo Qui
C'OTTON is and will con
~tinue to be the money
crop of the South. The
planter who gets the most cot
on fro:n a given area at the
east cost, is the one who makes
he most money. Good culti
ation, suitable rotation and
iberal use of fertilizers con
aing at least 3% actual
Iwill insure the largest yield.
We will send Free, upon application,
aphlets that wvill interest every cottou
>anter in the South.
os Nassau St.. New York.
A Beauty of the Arctic.
There is a beautiful bird called the
rosy gull, very few specimens of which
exist in any museum, and whose entire
life is spent in the immediate neigh
borhood of the eternal ice that sur
rounds the north pole. A paper de
I .cribing these curious birds was read
at the recent meeting of the American
Assocation in Bloston by M\r. John
Murdoch. They follow the advance of
the ice towards the south as winter
comes on. keeping near the loose edge
of the floating pack ice, and then re
treat with it toward the north when
the summer sun begins to I'ise high
upon the Arctic circle. The bird is
Ismall and of a deep rose color, whereas
all other gulls are white.
In the boardi scLhools of Great
Yarfoth. En:igland, there has been
for several years a children's HvIa
inth Mission, its idea being to sup
ply- the children for tile nominal pay
mnt of a penny with a choice hya
inth bulb, a good plant, which thlei
are to cultivate at home and brinie
back later to be exhibited at a flowei
show organized for the purpose. Ths
East London Horticultural society has
adopted a simUilar~ plan and is organizi
Ing the children's Chlrysanthemun:l
Mission, being aided in the work by
the assistance of the schlool teachers
Such efforts must tend to brlghteu:
Imany a home. some in much need of
brihtning, and it would seem ais it
they might advantageously be adpoted
In other countries, this included.
nnnQav refunded "o
ast roughens the face and
ind cracking of the skin.
1 should use a pure soap.
tie oils that are soothing in
reely even on tender faces,
tate or injure.
Y white soaps, each represented to be "just
like all counterfeits. lack the peculiar and
Ivory " Soap and insist upon getting It.
.... G.....C..tl
We wish to gain tbe year2.003
new curtulnerd, sajj!jne offer
I pkir. is bay li.adiah. 10Ca
Iphg. Earif RiV ab'898r 00.
1 L..,ni Li,7ht1, Cuctimberv9
i;aizer't RiestLett-ice, 15 4
C..irnizLa Figwe T~um, 2GO
1x Worts $10,for '14 eenta,%L0
- A r.v Din nes.w rn $1.00. Ic0
n ee dwCll
nowI he aogthcer wit h o r 0
grp.r, l,jiL%t and 6eud CtnlooauO 0
u pon~ rece'ivt of t his notice &4C 0
puptage. %Ve ivitey4iurtrAdeand )
kno en Va.t! t .% L zr2 sh~.tit
and Whiskey Habits
vaireO' at home witIL
- p out pain. Book of par
ticulars sent FREE.
.a19nt. a Office 104 N. Pryor St.
ine Tablets. Accept nto substitute re
res, hig re equiyment thruhou, finest i:
A WEE' K Address, SEA
enes. Bok of sonanta and ie ad cur' treatn
Fre. Dr. E. I. GREE5'S So:MS. Box D, Atlanta, StL
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..g.ate.C..anu.-LIr .LWkort.N.Y
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for hlipmni: . Wak -n Id ..d uce .go
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grown in tile o en ir ant wi I tand seve e
.ld.Adld ess Nonr A N H{.BLurCI Mlegest.S.C,
'e TIRUIE. &
aches and pains, rheumatism. nenralgin.
prains. biruises and burns. Ittosalso warrant.
u to cute coids. croup.coughs and la grippe
qnicker than anly known remedy. No cure
no pay. Solnd by all drn:rgists and cener-al
stores. MaIde only by 600OSE GREASE
[.,1M i.NT CO.. GgHEENSeoRo. N. C.___
"I have gone 14 days at a time without a
noeent ot" tite boweis. not oeing able to
noe thema except by using hot water injections.
Chrnice constipa: ion for seven years placed me in
tis terrible condi!.Jou; during that time I did ev--I
srytig I heard of butt never found any relief: such
as my case until 1 began using CA&SCARtETH. I
w have frI'n cite to three passages a day, and if I
as rih 11 1would giee t100.00l for each movement; it'
s uch a relief.-' Ar1MiEItL. HUtiT. I
lIWJ Russell st.. Detroit, Mich.
Pleasant. Palatable. Potent. [email protected] Good. Do
od, Never Sicken. WVeaken. or G ripe.10c.20ce.50e.
taig Rlemedy Company, Chieago, Montreal, Jew lark. 32
hut. sn whoy nQt f.ry i4
bloh Is Easily Cured a,'
ELEY INSTITUTE, aiesrra sr
hq Remrdy builds up the system I ol
Ly. removi ng perm-1 no -tlY any desreor do
md for LIquor .r Drng. All rtent An
er the cae of kiled institu e Phye fan
10 is it voter in ir;vluate of theoure Aud 421
is eac ively In REELY work. Write fo
erature. Large ma team ted.
MrgP PiAZz"'
le Only KEELEY INSTITUTE, In the Wae.
We are State Agents for and Make a
)ecialty of Equ pping Modern Ginning Out
s with the Improved
le simplestantd beizt.
Wealso con r . the 31PPOVEN IURRAY
'EFI)EF., the s niest and most efficient Gi
e der in existct--L
Nf.achl-ry aad 31 upPlies of all kinds
tow is th- ti: to pla e an ord r for a
hre;hinc Nr-tchioc. Get the best from us.
he Ar-&Qc1y;%L
tat. Lcnts L,odel Co.,Eagle Cotton G:nC.
Upward. Write
me for Catao
lo.-ues. Terms
EAsY. Address
Columbia, S.0
Contraets Taken to Furnish Complete
Eqipments for
One of the la gest manufacturers of Flour
i1 'Xacbine - in the - ountry, and having
xLerienced m.lwrig ,t-, I am prep-red to
bui.d mil s on tb mo t improved plans and
at prices to com:,le-e wi nb any on in tne
:tade. We guar .itee the preots of our
m"Ils to equalhe urades o the best We<tern
fils. ire p!& i%g your orders writ. to
i. ci al, 11itno e comp,lete lin" of I'Vood
S.orking MaIebIery, saw 7XIlls, En
inen, BollerL, and Corn IMlis and Ma.
; hnrynfeneral.'
ae in eeestablished In hunaps% beo
I for 16 year-. I have built up my tra-le by iell.
Ing the very hig .st la of m -chinerr. and
sm in a better position tn serve the intereitot
my customers than ev r hetore.
V. C. BADHAN, Columbja. S. C.
LTS6 "a StreeL
presented to be "just as good.
Druggists refund the mney
R E it fatis to cure
-OkRY__NE__DutLAR 00 W
ad ut a n4uitG wnth SI.... sal
wehrGent orLdes'. and we wilL.snl.ro
JE .ICYCLE, by.e:r
Press, '.0 .sect to exm
nthe raa ga
one at te ar -kei
toiece hner
9It is an ease mittPr to claim that a
irene:yl h-' sd wodrful curaitive power.
'ihe manuifw-tuers of
stAr:sa to make- el- ims Among those
, wh have recent:.; written usrolnunta
re: itt. J. I. Fostr. Raeie.N
r. J. E. lobinu-on. Ed tatr. Gold-boro.
N. C Daily .Aru;Mr A.Daus.1. prom
1itse nr ehin*,.t am- . ' ..Mr.W.R.
L'uke.s railcoari mn n.Kannis City.Mo.
Bhelaum adcide Wil1 Cure Tou.
Ma.f.ctur~' hy Thi B8BITT DRUG CO.
~ou by r,r- g-'.encr:.I . Pr-ce t per bott!
And good enough for you. There is more of
Carter's Ink used by the 1.. S. Governme.nt than
of all othcr makes put together. It coats yo'. no
more than the poorest-ask for i:.
Fu:y booklet" How to Make n Pictures "irce.
CARTER'S INK CO., Bostor., Mass.
WOO Our Smaley and ar.
tho Creek~ self-teed
atad~ard of the world
Alhso all izes of Circular
Saws, and thte celebrated
AWSS B C. Picket MllI
IIorse Powers for oper
ating. Siio Mcinecry,
- ~ Feed M!ills, hoot Cut
tcrs, Corn Shillers.
c'.1ALLET EG. Co., B.I.Naker, aaenwe,IL..
tiul-mpa ' a. It wi. it in bet trat.
entu &s:dnior us, '0. 10
Saw M ills
$129 T0 $929 00
With Irnproved Rope and Belt Feed.
SAWS. FILES and TEETIT in Stock.
Engines, Boilers and Maohinery
All Kilnds and RepaIrs for samon.
Slafng. Pullers. Belting. Tnfectors,Plpee,
Valves and F.ttln;ts.

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