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'be Tekiz - - - -U3.0
ti Nonts - - - 1.50
Taesday, Narck 21, - - 1899
The farmess are greatly behind in
their work owingito the land being
too soft to plough. Grain has been
much injured by the severe winter,
Some of it has been planted over.
Very few have been able to do any
gardenind yet. The main diet just
now of the Back Lick folks is cow
peas and turnip sprouts.
Every family in our section has
been visited by Ia grippe. He is a
very unwelcome visitor, but Dr. Scott
- and some of the neighbors have at
last succeeded in driving him away.
A splendid weapon used by one in the
Aght was one half teaspoon soda and
one teaspoon cream of tartar dissolved
separately in a little water with a little
sugar in the soda. Pour the two
together and drink fast. Taken three
or four timas a day it will cure the
worst attack in a few days. Try it
and see.
Our town is on a boom. Mr. T. E
Smith has the old Peay Ferry opened
up for travel now with a uice new flat.
This will contribute areatly to the
trade and pleasure of our town.
Messrs. B. F. Cassels &nd T.. B.
MSmith have each epeDed up a ver
beatiful line of spriog and summer
goods. It will be well to uall oa
them before purchasi g esewberte.
They are prepared to suit the most
fantastic in taste. Write them for
Mr. P. C. Melliehampe has peas
ehickens and eggs for sale Write
him for price list. He also has a
number of nice fat rats which he
wishes to close out at once. They are
s well fed that abait in a trap is no
temptatfon for them whatever.
some one will inf I
poee of them
"is uapoca .e ?Aman O'
been reading w9L' pleasure
deconiums written on Maj.
ad. They echo the enii
sf.many others- wb t so
* ~ with the ipen.
- .rch 18, '99; M. C. P.
Nor over Fifty Year.
has been used for over fifty years bO'
millions of mothers for their. children
while teething, with perfect succese.
It soothes the child, softens the gums.
allays all pain, cures wind colic, and
is the best reme4y for diarrhoea It
will relieve the poor Ii;ttle sufferer~
immediaely. Sold by druggists in
-every part of the world. Twent y five
cents a bottle. Be sure and ask for
"Mrs. Winslow's Sootbinag Syrup,"
and take no other kmndA 1-1-17
Herob seems to;have been buried
under the snow, but now tilat spriog
Is approaching she seems toibe reviv
*tag up a little, In travelin'g through
the rural districts we :ir forcibly
-reminded.ot the cold spe :. AFebruary
by the anseuce of the frmit b4l ,soms,
which always greatly .enhanices the.
beauty of spring. Later on we shall
iniss the fruit for which this section is
noted, both for quantity and quality
'A"ft for ye gods." ebati
- We are now enjoying sm eui
ful spring weather, and everyone seems
busy making preparation for vplan;ing;
but owing to the rain there hs been
* but little done. Gardens are also
very backward, with the exception of
one which is being nicely managed by
a very industrians young man of the
neighborhood. It is aid that his
cabbages are nearly large enough for
the "table." "We see where be's
Our echool Is progressing under the
excellent management of Mrs. Cyrilla
Misses Lqvie Irby, Annie and Nannie
Bebinson spent somne time at Mrs.
- W. P. Cassels' last week.
Miss Carrie Lyles, of Rockton, spent
a few days at her grandmother'., Mrs.
Irbuy, last week.
Are F. M. Irby and Mrs. E. E.
it~ereturned bomne after a
jptvisit to their sister,. Mrs.
Mis Ennaeta Ruff has returned to
her-hom at Jenkinsville after spend
several weeks at her cousin's, Miss
* I sRuccs t NEws AN
March 18, '99. Guess Who.
Buceien's Aralea saive.
- Th Best Salve in the world for Cats,
- ras6e Soes,Ulcers, Salt Rhenmm,
gevdr 5is,Tetter, Chapped Hands;
=hiHblain.., ~u, and all Skin grup
uins and positively cures Piles, or no
g ru ired. iIss uateed 10give
~~ ~~money' refund
i.Price85cen-boL Fo.r sak- i
I~MMster Co.
General Order No
Charleston, ch 15, 189.
I. The Ninth union of the
United ConY eterans will be
bold in e of Seession,"
Charlesto commencing on the
mornin 0th,1890.
The rs of the Division,
during union, will be at Market
Hal, g and Market Streetsl
Com will please register there
and ing their stayi make it their
ge" I assembling place.
While the comrades of the Divi
#Ion will be the guests of Chaleston,
(id indeed of the people of the State
of south Carolina), none the less they
must. play the part of hosts, and be
prepared to share their blankets, and
the contents of their haverseks and
canteeis with the visiting comrades
from the other Divisions, and with all
Confederate Veterans who may join us
in comntemorating the memories so
dear to us.
III. In oi-er to take part in the pro
ceedings and'-tdye the right to vote,
Camps must pay hei! dues of 10 cents
per capita to the V. C. V. S., U. C. V.,
New Orleans, L,%, or through the
Div. Ad!. Genl. Raes of 5 centsper
capita to the Divisi n to be paid to
the Div. Adj Genl., (wi arrears for
those Camps that have no done their
part heretofore in sustainin the Divi
sion); all must be paid before nril 1,
IV. Camps and comrades are ur
to bring with them any Confederate
battle flags they may have, as well as
their Camp colors for the parade,
especially as they will be wanted in the
ceremenial of Memorial Day, May 10,
(the anniversary of Stonewall Jack
son's death), the day observed in this
city. The Ladies' Memorial Associa
tion having invited the U. C. T. Or
ganization to join them, and General
Gordon having accepted the invitation
of the Association to preside.
V. Miss Mary Carwile, of Edgedeld,
daughter of Brigadier-GeLeral T. W.
Carwile, commanding 2nd Brigade, is
announced as Diviqion Sponsor for tbs
current year. and Mits Lula Cassels
Lake, daughter of Colonel George B.
Lake, as Maid of Honor. The Hono
rary Maids of Honor (for the Charles.
ton Reunion) will 'be Miss Minnie
Agatha Wrignt, of Gainesville, rexas,
and Miss Lnlie Wagener, grandniec-a
of the tate General John A. Wagener,
of Charleston. The comrades of the
Division are to e congratulated upon
hAviug as Spout4or and Maids of Hc-uor
four young ladies wh> mill worthily
repre-ent names tb:t appear upon the
honor roll of the Confederacy, and
they will vie with each other in honor
Ing them. To Miss Wright the thanks
of the comrades are due for her modest
but elocilve efforte to ininence .t4e,
vote of the Tex " n a -
lanta in favor o'harleston, and her
acceptance of ti Sponsor's invitation
to serve as oM tLe Honorary Maids
of Honor-another pleasirog evidence
of heiracious contideration for the
Crate Veteras of our State.
L The Camps of the Division are
nestly called upon to put them
aves in.position: to exert the full in
luence this Division is entitled to, as
e representative of the first State to
essert itself for States rights in the
tixties, and all Confederate Veterans
the t8tate, not nQw members, are
tenlyivted and urged to join
~pnlYaps of the Division, o
inmanding general of
.As, ' hat a-, many *"
I .i do so, uniform theim
24 dark hat. This seems to be the,
~entiment and custo)m of many Cama's
r. other divisions of the U. C. V.
kEh Re-union shows more uniformed
Damps, and the So. Ca. Div. should
eep pace with the growing senti
By order Major-General C. IRVINE
ALE. James G. Holmes,
- Adjitant-General, Chief of Staff.
The Kidney Complexion.
The pale, sailow, sunken-cheeked,
istressed-looking people you so often
meet are afficLed with "Ki dney Coin
plexi' n."
Their kidneys are turning to a par
snip color. So is their complexion.
They may also have indigestion, or
uffer from '-eeplessness, rheumatism,
;euragia, brain troub!e, r.ervous ex
haustion and sometimes the heart acts
bahle cau.e is weak, unhealthy kid
eysll the sufferer from kidney dis
see doeE nor find out what the trouble
t uni! it is almost too late, because
the first symptoms are so like mild
#ickness that they do not think tney
ed ai medicine or a doctor untli they
kind themselus sick iu bed.
Dr.KEilmer's Swamp-Root will bul
'p and strengthen their weak and
ieased kidneys, purify their diseased,
kidne) -poisoned blood, clear their
omplexion and soon they will enjoy!
better health.
Yonz can get the regular sizes at the
rug store, at fifty cents and one do!
lar, or you may first prove for your
self the wonderful virtues of thia great
disovery, Swamp-Root, by sending
or address to Dr. Kilmer k Co.
3ir,haton, N. Y.,~ for a sample bot
tle and a book that. tells all about it,
both sent to you absolutely free by
mail. When writing kindly mention
..at you read this liberal offer in The
ews ard Herald.
Tear, salt-Bhcana and Eczemas.
The intense itching and smarting in
cident to these diseases, is instantly
slayed by applying Chamberlain's
Eye and Skin Ointment. Many very
bad cases have been permanently cured
by it. It is equally efEcient for i;ching
ples and a favorite remedy for sore
nipples, chapped hands, chilblains,
frost bites and chronic sore eyes.
26cts. per box. For sale by McMaster
Made a
-Well Man
TH E ...of Me.
REAT , -
- awck FeiCH n R MEDY v prd cs bv ne t
us ed sd Ols.e rC,w er m u bui ir t
iv 'vigor and- :e to siirezken orgas,. and fitsI
a masa for buasines- .r ir.-rri.-. E.esde carried in
he vest rocket. IrcSf-I .. Boxes $2.3
y aul plin pack- ),A g e . w: t t
w ritte guarantee. DR J t s .'f-'. ?arts
Sold aniy by J. .J. Obear, Drug.
.ist Wiahabro. 8. C.
iml tingffoodiaadneula
Lig1Stom eISof
- - DAj
Promoes tsf on. ferul
Ap.ecj*giedy for Consipa
vess andLOSS OF SLEEP.
Wacsimile Signature of
Climbing Up
' / eases. Th
wil ligal
metore th
- dency to o
Gerstes.,Female Panacea
m $eie *s curernd she is ioui(
Get this medicine from your
send us $.00 anid we will send yc
L OBRSTLE & C., Props
hIt is an easy matter to claim that
a remedy has a wonderful curative
power. The manufacturers of
leaves it to those who have been
Spermanetly and positively cured
of RHEUMATISM to m a k e
claims. Among those who have9
Srecently written us voluntary let
ters saying they have been cured
are: Rev. J. L. Foster, Raleigh,'
SN. C.; Mr. J. E. Robinson, Editor,
Goldsboro, N. C., Daily Argus;
Mr. A. Daus, aprominent mer--'
Schant, Macon, Ga., and Mr. W. R.
Duke, a railroad man, Kansas
City, Mo.
SMauactreil 1y TiE BOBBITT DRU
CO., Raleidb, N. C.
SSold in Winnsboro by McMastcr
Co., and by Druggists generally.
Price $1 per bottle.
202204 E. 102d St., NEW YORK CITY.
The Largest Clothing
Manufacturers In America.
BwtsExtra Pantsan
Thea suits are guaranteed to be made from I..
Wee iCheviot. Ia B ack. Blue, Grey and Brow
bWt. thSailor Collar-Collar iac ebroilw
Patent Wait Baud.. Trimiming and Workmaaahi5
th very best. Sisas for 'o to zS years, without Ssilos
Coltar. Mention age ad lI large or small.
This style
S Slzessato 9
with Extra
Pair Pant
- j O.
Whe orderist send Pest Office,
Upres Money Order or Registered
Letters lse age ot last birthday,
sif :rge or smal fr fI ane
satisfactory. send xc. stamps for
Saples tape measure, measuring
blea". *e. *
Ys Boughts
-n Stairs
G h ens washing, iron
~rubbig er lborious duties
ductive enW i.6nous amount of
eogw a aag" Already weak
eae ra eseh
perfo. Women, bu labors
)ry to e Of th househOluffer
This fet Oved ifWOmnen Willnlr
sobere arn0W. Afewrbottleso
e all Imengtrual irregulaxities, and
female organism to its
-Take St. Joseph's Liver
im*ldoses if there is any ten
sip .ton or indigestion.
s de ost wondefl cueon the
ONnRO.Claiborne, Ala.
dn If he does not keep it,
aall charnges paid.
Chattanooga, Tenn.
WOMEN used
male diseases "
could only be
treated after "lo
cal examina
'tions" by physi
clans. Dread of
such treatmnent
kept thousands of
modest wcmen
sileg4 about their
suffering. Thein
troduction of
Winaof Cardul has now demon
stra.ted that nine-tenths of all the
of menstrual disorders do
uire a physician's attention
.The simple, pure
In the privacy og a woman's
omue insures quick relief and
cure. Women need nct
te now. Wine of Cardul re
no humilIating examina
'or its adoption. It cures any
(saethat comes under the head
f "fmae troubles"diordered
~nenses, falling of the womb,
'whites," change of life. It makes
omen beautiful by making them
pin t th h y. $1.00 at
thidrug store.
d!ros addse j rLn -ypos
W. DIS01Np. Cary, Miss.. says:
d Shines ~ es.
7o S irware o~o
'd Surprsinl
S p1e sent if you say so.
l1e kall others s tfi.
-~Sl vry where.
Teecto Silicon Co., 40) Cliii, Street.
For Sale.
A r L ttle River, belong1lo
land ouand bounded by lands
e-stae of R. G. SimontOn, Stev
of i and others.
e so te ap D. DOUGLASS.
Attorneys, Wjifnsboro, S. C,
Unequaled for
. Range of Work,
Old Sewing Machines taken in evx
Dealers wanted in unoccupied terri.
tory. Correspondence solicited.
-I HAVE--- e
As protty a Stock of Goods as A
has ever been brought to
the towa,
Consisting in part of Rogrs k
Bro.'s celebrated plated wares
-Ladles, Knives, F o r k s, Ar
Spoons, Carving Sets, &c.*
--ALSO-- ?
Berry and Salad Dishes,
Vases, Cracker Jars, &c., &e., ix
and invite an inspection of I
them at your earliest conve- Lv
mience. tv.
is: only a . :mpo--not a F
disease. So 3:. V: tekache, and
Nervousness, D)ininess and the *,"
Blues. Theyc~ all com from an a
unhealthy stat ofhe men- * "
strual organs. If y ou suffer arrj
from any of these symptoms--~
if you feel tired :a::d'languid in jt4
the morning a:xi wish you could sa
lie in bed ano-her hotir or two Firn
-if there is a bad taste in the andC4
mouth, and no appetite-if . FR$
there is pain in the side, back I '"
or abdo nen- flaAiDFIELD'S .
bring about a s:: ereTh.*
doctor may cal' yor.r trouble
Ica trouble i:n the mjenstruaI ]
organs, and Brad:eld's Female
Regulator wvil! re.e.tre you to *
health and regulate the menses
like clockwork.
ANKRUPT in health,
rnstitution undermined by ex
LXagance in eating, by disre-*
rding the laws of nature, or*
ical capital all gon~e, if so,
utt's .iver Pills will cure you.
or sick'hadache, dyspepsia, M
ur storna- .malaria, torpid O
n-er, constipa" biliousney' .1 co
Id all kindred ges anterei
Tutt's 1/Ver PLIs
an absdt.&gr. ot ?
We are offering a limited
45, 46 and 49, end Hartfords,
reduced prices. These were
Don't fail to get our A
matral Tim. BetweCamad i.
sonville. Eastern Time lotween C.
lomba ad Other Petateo
Effective January 16, lIP.
Northbound. le
. J'ville, F.C.&P.Ey.. 8 00 j 8I12a
,.ColumnbiaU de'.?2 3
Coaand'ahs...52 a '
R1ok.0........20 17
Chrluott...... 80 91 6o 8 3
a..............1151p 1 2*p8 p
Raien......... 6 0 a 125p ....
Wshmnon........4a 9 9p.
enhbe nd.- 81 o. Weast
NewvYork, Pa. f.B. 12 00* 4 2" -N
Philadelphia........ 6 20 p I
Baltimore..........Tspg aa
Was't,o. By.. 5 80p 10 us1af
Richmond..........---1% Dl
Rock i.........1025 10.'
.....ot........40. 33. 4 ~
........--- 61a
ha boo... 55
LVI... :.9 100 g 500gga
in . Pn .1
anj 4 con
caa2-ffrs nflA t Ilaas
an Drewinag.o CaSbeten Cartt
grtwen timenfor breakfat a
35 amcar-U. d. Fa st Ma laThoug
enz '.m plngcars betweensta Chartt
,vn rwa-omsleeping cars betwe.kovn
ad Clciai,dr aNrok Ase le cnn
zI -Ue. Sg. FaT. M.asi Thon. fo
arsK between Ast sad CaWie
. ~. & aigon. g. - .. Wauta o
-- a
aife Assurance s fY seo
f the U7nited St~
The maln ' he
Equit able Life Ass '
ai this territy is des- - Cf eer. a
1g the service of of char. /xt
cter anld ability resent its y
Iterest with W'' OrO as bead.
nartrs. t.an will bet I ba
narter. T i the science IFORD)
lorouglly.. and the art ot pleased
r ieI twg. There is no friends.
ccess professionnor
itel which . mort re-I
iho desire to seci-r
miployment and ar a*1~nn
ittsln prominence n the profee-.
W. J. RODOEY, Mgr.,
-94mn Rock,Bill, S. C.* r
arming landa. Easy paym/ms. Cath<
mmissionls barged. Boslower close<
ctual c'%t of perfecting loan. tie
t 8 per cent. WItti
Colauibia, S. C.,
Wionsboro, 8. C. S
ibition at- prices ranging -
PatteAtColumbias, Models
the leadi" a'd 8, at greatly
~els of 1898.
ns.n. 1899 cata.gu\
IlI, Wubin, 8. C.
go 8Lat is sabe
NTUkeep tnhareewoyla
Win h or drbe boAlway
r ed goo **ukbr. -
C n t borol. C6. on,. e
Ce th orboe dOterS.l
ehBookseof Rgistoo n fr tes
Mancl3O EWecton, tobhed on- s
1 3dkexta~,, foltednta
:Ill o the tobwn'.of Wiaso
,gil e pen for athe lgisig
>ers at tra e- r f ipok
fo th se.sn s
Jhr. E. L.AN
1 3rd nxt for Itedntendat..
,ailpero or of e gattom.

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