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Theailor and Cutter. dep
presetit lowly condition of
tioners of the art. "In the .
dawn of history," it says, "away
at the birth of time, we find the ta
sitting cross-legged, as he sits to-d!
making the garments.which 1will statr
their'wearer as peasant, priest or kin
and passing through the ages we fir
him in old Rome. where he ranks hig:
est of the oders of craftsmen, an
takes his place beside the -iiysiciai
and surgeons, with whom he shar(
equal honors and privileges." The
w' nothing fortuitous about the era
In those days. The tailor, "like ti
physlian and surgeon, was obliged 1
law to be a member of his college. Ti
institution regulated all the affairs
the tailoring trade, anl was called U
College of the Vestiarli (vestment m.'
kers). Without its diploma no on
dared, under heavy pains and pena
ties, practice the craft and myster,
of the master tailor, and, needless I
say, the master tailor had asb to be
freeman. The physicians and surgeon
still possess their college, which regi
lates the aflairs of these profession
and prevents, as did the old College c
the Vestiarii, persons from carrying oi
a calling without due training." Doc
this explain anything? Is it possibl
that here we have an explanation o
the decadenco of masculine togs? I
the old system had been retaine,
would the outside of mankind b
marked by beauty, grace and prospei
ty? If a man is what his clothes mak
him, and the clothes are what the ta
lor makes them, does it not follow tha
man is what the ta.4or makes him
If we have a college of veterinarian
why should we not N'ave a college o
- tailors?
2o-To-Bac for Fifty Cents.
Guaranteed tobacco habit cure, makes weal
men strong, blood enr-' 50c Sa. All druggista
Parisians eat'100,O00 pounds of s.-ail
.-"ly. - -So. 10.
-ri.Winslow's Sooth:nU Vrup for childrei
leething,sofenszb $he:UM-4, redUCing-intAlma
tlon, allays' pain.cures win o,.' : a uottl*
Fits permanently cured. No fits ornervous
zebs after first day'-s u-'s of Dr. Kline's Grea
Nerve Restorer. Strial bottleand treatiqe frei
Du. R. H. KLIsE. Ltd.. 31 Arch St. Paili. Pa
" OnlY the First Step
is Difficult."
The first step in Spring
should be to cleanse Nature's
house from Winter's accumu
lations. Hood's Sarsaparilla
does this work easily. It is
America's Greatest Spring
Medicine. It purifles the blood,
as millons of people say.
It makes t:e weak strong, as nervout
men and women gladly testify. Il
cures all blood diseases, as thousands
of cured voluntarily write. It is jnstt th
medicine for you, as you will gladly say
after you have given it a fair trial.
Bad Blood-" Although past 70 years ai
age I am thoroughly well. It was three
bottles of Hood's Sarsaparilla that mnade
me so after spending over $60 in medical
attendance. My trouble was a raw sore or
my ankle." Mas. LouIsA MAsOS, Couri
Street. Lowell, Mass.
-R ni!ng Sores-" After worrying tog%
~months 1 gave my children Hood's Sarsa:
- ~arila and it cnred them of running sores
F' ood's Pills cured me of dyspepaia and
constipation." MRS. KATE E. THoMAs, 31
Governor St., Annapolis, Md.
Consumptive Cough - "Five year
ago I had a consumptive cough which re
duced me to a skeleton. Was advised tc
take Hood's Sarsaparilla which I did and
recovered normal health. I have been wel
ever since." MATII.DA BRIDGEWATERt, Cor
Pearl and Chestnut Sts., Jeffersonville, Ind
Hood's Pills cure liver ll. the non-Irritating anc
hie only ,zihartic to tafe with kunod's Sarsaparill
He had called on her several times
and fina ly mustered up "ourage an
assurance to be somewhan 4aore affec
tionate than the circumstances war
ran'ed, perhaps.
"You must not do that," she said
somewhat nervously.
"Do what ?" was the innooentquery
-"Put your arm round my w aist,"
"Why not ?"
"My brother might come in sud
denly and see you."
"Well, what of that ? He couldn'
kill me."
"No, 'I suppose.not; but he woul<
try to borrow some money from you
and I bave lost two chnees alread;
by his- doing that. "
The Atlantie ocean is crossed month
I.000 shIps.
Jennie E. Green.aend Mrs. Harr3
Hardy. -
JEssIE E. GRE, Denmna'k, Iowa
writes to Mrs. Pinkham:
"I had been sick at my monthl:
periods for seven years, and trien
almost everything I ever heard of, bu
without any benefit. Was trouUlei
with backache, headache, pains in th
shoulders and dizziness. Through m;:
mother I was induced to try Lydar.
Pinkhamn's Vegetable Compound, an
it has done me so much good. I at
now sound and well."
MIrs. UAnt HlAn.DY, Riverside, Iows
writes to Mrs. Pink am the story a
her struggle with serkus ovarian fjo~
ble, and the benefit she received fror
the use of Lydia E. Pinkhamn's Vege
table Comnprod. This is her letter:
" How I .ukful I am that I tool
your my' :e. I was troubled fo
two years with infiammation of th
wonib a.ud ovaries, womb was also ver
low. I wasin constar.timisery. Irha
* heart trouble, was short of breath an
-could not walk five blocks to save mn
life. Suffered very much with mn
K back, had headache all the time, wa
nervous, menstruationls were irregula
and painful, had a bad discharge an
was troubled with bloating. I was
perfect wrcck. Had doctored an
taken local treatmel ts, but still was n
better. I was advised by one of mn
neighbors to write to*'ou.' I hate nos
finished the second botte of Mrs. P'ini,
ham's Veget'able Cou'pound an"d at
better in erei-y, . I an able to d
all my own work and can walk nkari
a mile without fatigue; something
had not been -able to do for ov~EYtw
years. Your medicine has done In
1 Some
And som
t "A rag
. Dip
Anol let
y Tiiey s
I -Clneinn
Ras a
V They were talking
"What does he do for a
"He's a husband."
S Family Economy.
' The Visitor-"What a pity it is he
t- doesn't grow any faster."
The Mother--"Oh, well, it is a
ss great saving in car fares."-Indian
apolis Journal.
Valuable Fresh Air.
"Do you believe in the value of
f fresh air?"
f "I do, indeed. I spent a week in
y the mourtains, and it cost me $200."
-Brooklyn Life.
All the Same.
2 "It's always a word and a blow with
me," said Bluff Big.ley.
t "Yes," remarked the quiet man in
the corner, "and. they both come
from the same place-the mouth."
Boston Transcript.
More Fact Than Fiction.
Miss Worth-"It's considered im
polite to give jewelry to a girl to
whom you're not engaged."
Mr. Strong-"By whom?"
Miss Worth-"by all the other
girls. "-yewelers' Weekly.
Spoiled by Coo-ng.
"My life was spoiled, lady," said
the traveler, "by my wife's cooking."
"Was it so very bad?"
"No, lady; it was good. So good
that my friends ate me out of house
and home."--What to Eat.
A MIan Revenge.
"Mr. Bank's marriage didn't come
"What was the matter?"
"His tailor was an old rival and
didn't get his wedding clothes done
on time."-Chicago Record.
A Confession.
"I suppose," she said, "that you
sre a close student of literature?"
"No," answered the young ;man
with black-rimmed glasses, 1'.rm a
student of illiterature. I likc dialect
stories."-Washington Star.
A Curie Phenomenon.
Joaie with his mouth open as
wide he can get it-(1) for medi
ine; (2) for honey. --yudge.
Punisheng Him.
Friend-'"It's really shocking, dear,
the way you and your husband quar
rel. I wonder you don't separate."
Injured W:te-" What, go away and
leave him do as he likes? The
idea. "-llustrated American.
-An Earnest Prophet.
"I told yones it would rainL every
day for two weeks, but he laughed at
"What did you say to the scoffer?"
"Well, as a gaarantee of good faith,
I offered to borrow his umbrella!"
-"Isn't that young man fond of
music!" exclaimed the young woman.
"I don't know," answered Miss
I Cayenne. "Judging by the way he
will stand up and listen to himself
sing by th6 hour I sho.ulJ eay he
isn'."-Washington Star.
About the Size of It.
The Dude-"Bat awiter- all, I
weally suppose but for youahi birth
you would be me equal, doncher
The Engineer - "Undoubtedly.
Had I not been born I suppose I
would be a nonentity also."-Chicago
- "What you lack," said the man who
is always taking an interest in people,
"is the bull-dog determination."
"No," said Willie Wishington,
thoughtfully. "I have bull-dog de
termination. The trouble is that it
never asserts itself until I get to do.
ing something that doesn't amount to
anything."-Washington Star.
The Womauly View.
Wife-"I found an egg in the coal.
bin this morning. That's a queer place
for a hen to lay in."
Husband-"Jus5t the place, my dear;
ust the place."
Wife-"Just the place?"
Husband-"Why, certainly. If out
hens begin to lay in coal for us we
won't need to mind how the price
fgoes."-Household Words.
Some Valuable Dogs.
S"They say there is one dog at the
dog show that is worth $12,000."
"Humph! That's nothing. My wifE
had a dog once that was worth a good
many times that much to me."
"How was that?"
S"I rescued the measley litde thing
from under the wheels of a street car
and got .acquainted with her in tha
Sway. You know her father left u~
i 100,000 when he died."-ClevelandC
* Leader.
1 The Maiden E'rotested.
i The youth, indifferent to conse:
quences, bade her defy the parenta.
: interdict and fly with him.
7 Beyond, it was true, all was uncer
e tainty, but 'when was love wont t<
:think ofs.that? .
2 "Let us," he .pleaded strenuously
o "cross the Rubicoo!"
e"Ah, bat I had my heart set upo!
I rossing the Atlantic when I m;arried!'
, p1rotested ihe maiden with a sigh.
I tok
beast wo
me, and we
wolf howled b
got to hunting an
for its mate. We
mound, sat down and
voice, because I feared it
the deception. It did not ans
pretty quick came trotting through the
small brush.
"As it ran alort-, mr 'fallen, rottet
pine tree I shot it with my revolver
and over it went. We ran ap and found
it badly wounded, and. wQf-life, sulk
lag. Its skin made a pretty ood rug.
"A while after that I was gong fron
Mount Oregon one morning on a cay.
use. when a big wolf came intu the
trail and kept on before me, turning t
the left after a while where I had to go
to the right. I went on a way, got oil
my animal,- and howled to see whal
would happen. An .nswer come bacik
quick and long, and. though I knew I
was perfectly safe, I felt lonesom
with the dread a wolf's howl gives mue
I started ont after a bit, and on reach
ing the divide looked back, and there
was the wolf on my trail. I kept on till
I came to a thicket, howling once in a
while in a way that made the wolf fol
low, though suspiciously. When I was
half tirough the brush I disimountet
and crawled back. When the wolf
came to the edge or the brush I pulle<
on him with my revolver and over he
went, shot through the heart."-Fores1
As most. of the other small animals
.now how hopeless is a contest against
the strength and vindictiveness of the
weasel tribe, instances of resistance on
their part must be classed as courage
of a high order. The following ex
ample of a rabbit attacking a sto%t
rests on the first-hand observation of
a trustworthy field naturalist. He was
sitting on a log in Gunton park, in
Norfolk, near some nettles, when he
eard a curious grunting noise in the
ettle-bed. Presently a stoat ran out
nd almost immediately a rabbit
ushed from the nettle-bed and knock
d the stoat over. The rabbit then ran
ack a little and repeated the odd noise
which had been heard before. The
stoat picked itself up and ran, not at
the rabbit, but toward the nettles. The
efore it could enter the nettle-bed. It
did this four times in all before the
stoat wars able to get past. When It
id so it almost immediately caught
md kille I a very young rabbit, which
the doe had evidently been trying tc
"Every morning I have a
bad taste in rmy mouth; may
tongue is coated; my head
aches and 1 often feel dizzy.
I have no appetite for breakfast
and what food I eat distresses
me. I have a heavy feeling in
my stomach. I am getting so
weak that sometimes 1 tremble
and ray nerves are all unstrung.
I am getting pale and thin. I
am as tired in the morning as
at night."
What does your doctor say?
"You a-e suffering from im
pure blood."
What is his remedy?
You must not have~consti
pated bowels if you expect the
Sarsaparilla to do is best work.
But Aycr's Pills cusre constipa
We have a book on Paleness
and Weakness which you may
have for the asking.. -
Write to our, DoctoMas
rerhnps yo would lke to consult
In y our cam. You will receive a prompt
rpl. Ades l.JCAE
Go to Sleep Uood-letured.
Now, one word of warning. Try
keep your face as reposeful as possib
when sleepinlg. This is the time th~
nature repletes the waste of the da
And if you would be pretty you mu
help her. Sh a cannot do it unassiste
If she wants to fill up the tissues of tU
skin at night try to remember th:
when you go to sleep you inst do
with a reosfunie on your fae
To quit tobacco
netic. full of life, n
Bac, the wonder-worker, that w
i trong. A11 druggists, 50c or Si.
tecd. Booklet and sample reds
Sterling Remedy Co., Chicago ew York.
W. T. rarham -, .ons. Ofr ifo.yvillo, have
Iet the0 co:traet for their new woilen mill at
south Knoxville, Tenm.
TO Care Constipation Forever.
Take Cascarets Canudv Cathar.i 103 or15c.
f C. C. C. fall to-ure. druzgists refund mony
In South America a parrot costs 15
l4ucate Your nowels Wilt Zascareta.
eCatharrie. cure constipation fore7er.
C. C C. fail, druggists refund monet
men. *id's navies. empjoy 1,696,00
I !so's Cu7o c
trouble of threid me of a I hroat and Lung
Hun.ington, Ind', . CADY
There is more Catarm t
couutry than allot4er" th:ss ction of the
a d until the la t -feirea-er put together.
j incurable. Foragre)"t supposed t->
prowsupced it a iocal die. earsdoctos
loca remedles, aid by cnn'tan 3Wscribed
cure w;th local treatment yton Ooai ingto
urable. cience has proveu catied i. in
constit tional disease ndthereiore .,'> beAI
constitutional trottment H .11's CAWis
. ure, manufactured br F. J. Cheney & Cok.
oledo. Ohio, is the only constitutional cnro
on the market. Itistaken internally in doses
:rom10drops toatemspoo3f,:1. Jta--tsdirectly
on the blood and mucous surfaces of the sys
ttem. They offer one bundred dolla rs for any
case it fails to cure. Serd for circu arsand tes.
: monia s. Address F. J. CHma Co., To.
edo, 0.
ol br Druggists.'75c.
Uall's ]Family Pills are the best
-i B
This Signature
Peoplr Who Live lIg.
Among the many cious th a s
noted by the actuariesie following~
are a few of the mostinterestinig. Wo
men have a much byter prospect of
long life than men ad the chances of
married people are istinctly higher
than those of bachelos and old maids.
From the data proviLed by the records
of various churchef it has been de
ducted that the peaeful Quakers have,
most freqjuently regived the blessing
of long life promisej in the fifth ccom
rmandment, while ti death rate is re
markably higl anang Methodist cler
gymen. Annuitaits, as a class, live
from three to fiv years longer than
other people, anc this is, not due to
human perversit~ as sonle hpniorists
have suggested. It is undoubtedly
due to the lack f- woregardinp
the changes of fokne/lien a reguh.ir~
income is a cerpan t/ Although no
statistics law.deer- ollected on the~
death rate i&'fie ci service, where~
the yearly Jacome , ost partakes of
the charaiter of an/nnuity, it would
perhiaps4fe found tkit there is some
scientific basis forgresident Grant'
cynical observatil regarding this
class: "Few die aid nine resign." -
It has also bedi obsrved that the~
greatest numnberbf diths occur be
tween the hours of thme and six Ir'
the morning. whie the west average
is between the lihurs o$en a. m. and
three p. m. Acecknts ai deaths fronm
violence happen most tEquently be
tween the ages of tyty-five an<i
fort:-five, and the ravy.g,of con
sumption are gientcst litweet*m
ty-frve and forty-fi'e.-Lnslee's Mlag
Life' a the Lug
The Oriental offiii huckled glee
fully. The iron bo Ad been placed
on the foot of the tim, andi the
royal minions were s, wing It tightet
and tighter to force sconfession frorr
his lips. "Aha!" mndrily laughed thE
official. "Dost the not feel almost
persuaded to confe~ that thou wer!
In a conspiracy to pison the waters
of the Golden Hornevith the conten:a
of the vial which .y faithful ofilers
found In thy pockc By the beard of
the prophet! Sce tighter, men, for
he seems to be enjjing the whole af
fair!" "Why, yodloddering old fos
sil!" cheerfully rjlied the victim
"that vial had cor'gezure in it; and at
for your old fash? ;ed iron boot here
why, let me tell: Jtu that I lived it
Ame.rica, when t4 styles o' shos
- changed from br 'd toes to pointed.
Screw away! Y~ bring to my mem-~
ory a hundred so iety dances in New
.0 York."-New Yorl Journal.
PRIE na it
for there is noth
as good as the Ivory
remarkame qualities of
Means _
of Quality"
on Athletic Coods
Insistupon Spalding's
Bandsome Catalogue Frm.
o r. .LDu>m+ a zu0S
4 York. Chicago. Denvwer.
willI ot e of bad healtb that R-1-P-A-N-S
Co., Sew-rk, edid t. toRipanbnfca
C-7. Newsrk,f(j Lzamples and luou resLnials.
Ct e an
.nev o b Lie BmonQui
crop of the South. The
-lanter who gets the most cot
ton from a given area at the
east cost, is the one who makes
he most money. Good culti
ration, suitable rotation and
iberal use of fertilizers con
aining at least 3% actual
vill insure the largest yield.
We will send Free, upon application,
~aphlets that will interest every cotton
~lanter in the South.
'.Z Nassau St.. New York.
A Pen Picture of Damascus.
Compared with Jerusalem, Damas
~us is Parisian. Tihe Jerusalem air
resses heavily with its melancholy
ast. Half a score of sects make it
renidezvous for pillage or for mum
ery, and its memorials of imperish
ble events have to be looked at
rough the dust of perished dynasties
: is mystie, solemn, arcnne. Damns
as is practical. positive, and even
euo. The wail of Israel sounds
LamaseuSfigs a voluptuous carol byI
ne:mns of its ice-cool, fabled river. The
inkle of its bells mingles forever witio
the gurgle of its waiters. and above all
von hear the silvery laughter of the
Syrian girls, and catch. thie daneing
iumor of thekv dark en througo
heir little veils. JerusaletL has its
ustere character to snstain. 1ta temn
ies are tomb's. Its weight of poig
mm.D h5:tory keeps it grave. But in
Damaiscus you are undee na liga
ious to the past that the preen.~
tot nike you forget. Ils :inera-6
le shuttles :ml armories call youl
lack to the bustling eXIgencies of life.
Ihe coffee hauzars defy melaneholy
so this stranIad city on1 the shores of
time--the gold on whose mosques
-iever co-rodes--ba5ks in thg, sun and
-ats figs merrily just as it did when
~an1 cf TarSUS journe~yed that way.
.. C. Wheeler in Iar'sr Magazine
Don't jde the railway by the ci
.eg anid on its trains.
e .FOR 14 CENTS:
W cis to gain tsya
nt- casavers. a.tnmce 2o 1
aPkgj Ri iCabage,
1"ngL n' 200be
I California Fig Tomato, 200
I Early Dinner Otj:ou, bia
3 Brizut klower Seeds, 15a
ornh $1.00, for 14nS, IL-W
Ab6rve IQ) pkgs. worthW$1.00, wo will 6
mail you trce, together with ou t
Q grea Pian and Seed CatlogueI
pun receipt of this notice & 14
koowe hen ynz one trvSLizerys
.0le.u ,i-,e?EcdGSe.&d,
~upga ib. Kotateen at S1.109
g a s . Catalog alone o. Wso.
fM nd Whikey abi A
P Ps cured at home with
ot paiu. Book of pRl,
ticulars sent FREL
a a. Ofice 104 N. Pryor St.
De Jets. Accept no substitute repres
- ..O R..
tbe kr h'bmd equipment throughout la Sni
WCA'o ~OA WEE~ Addresse SEARS
[email protected] Dr. . E. GREES' ONls. Box D. Atlana.. Ga.
Bet Cough yup. Tastes Good. Use
Ofor Shipment. Wak -i Id .. nd sne ssion
ete oresst.la g st ani est kn' n va.
5 000tol1.000. $1.:I5.or rl10,000. SI.00. Th i re
grown in the 0. en -ir anui wi I tand isove e f~
:old.Add ess NonstAN H.BLITCnI 31egge:t,S.C.
Rice'soseGrease Liqnent
[s iways sold under a guarantee to cure allI
aches and pains, rheumatism, neural:ria,
prains. bruises and burns. It' !al so erarrant.4
LINiM Ea co.. GiRrENsilono. N.( !/
"I have gone 14 days at a time withot a
movemuent of the bowels, 0 n eot ble
inove them exce;;t by using hot water ieCin
Ohronic constipation for seven years pl0 me dinv
was my caso until I began using -ACBE~
now have from one to t bree passages a day. n
was rich I would give g100.00 for each moY i j mer
16s. useU Stro etti .
Good ever Siken Weaken.ort.~.) v
rerchant.5 sowh .$t i?
si plest and best.
SeaP controltheIMPROVE)
, cCthe simplest and most eMcientGi
der in existence.
achine ry and Mill 5upplies of all kinds
Ianufactrurest Prices. -
ow is the time to pla- e an ord r for a
eqhing Xachiee. Get the best from.,
te Agents Lddell Co..Eagle Cottn G'u Co.
flou mill' M Ri*
Contrats Taken to Furnish Comp
quipinents for
One of the Ta gest -manufacturers of Flour
[ill Machinet y in the ,ountry. and having
oerienced mi- wrig-t-, I am prep%redto
ui.d mil s on the m. -t improved plans and
t pr.cvs !o coMp[ .eI.i h any on,: in te
ade. We guar tutee the Droducts of our
tills to equal he crades ot the best We4tern
,ill.. Befero pla-ing your orders writ- to
.-. I als hande complete line of Wood
ork1n= Xachinery, aw ills, E-n
ines, Boilers, and corn 3Mflhsand M.
hinery in -eneral.
Havinc ben established in husines% here
>r 16 year. I have built up my trade by sell.
)g the very hiu--est tlNs-% of m -chinerr. and
m in a better position toserve the interest of
Ly customers .had ev. r before.
V. 0. BADHAVEF. C:lumbia. S.C.
1= Main Stre.L
ented to be "just as good."
.nDruggists refund the mozey
. .press,' ODJ subjexaLm.
..pess sexaies dS
'n twopeesa hanerhi
A youix era ceArd on,pa
It isan es m tt---t claims taest ah
'lhe manu,acturer.,aof
les e tothoe w o:iv- h bee e.
MA'rrse to mae ima.TH Am those
ry lete: SS:ynethe hat1:cen tcured
inen merhane . t.o-pI c b... er. .R.
Imke, raiload a ~an C ity,M
eSaoled bisrugg:st,era y. mara nc t nI'
tr's n uead byU.tS. clvermen than
2 oter~ mae ogethe.It cots pouero
re -anft rr~o
levtow tco a e n ptue"re.
nentyandp.tiveI cred self-l..A
MAII o u:~ r Smaile amnd Bar. -
ry Ittes Dray:n i aws are: 'ue
are It.v J I. Fstra ofth X.r:d
Mr. J E. -~obrWs, ld trc col.'rod
F,umu ce .il -nc~o
ter,,,:!.. Cr.
byandnavoru .
ES toandT in tockfr.
agines,'' Ce., Bon , Maisr
All izdsanir hpais r ame
aftingPulleS t-Inj o tetor,Ppes
Value andfl Fatn;;s.at
)MBHlal S's o JPC O.,

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