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"Peace Hath
Her Victories
Jo less renowned than
war," said Milton, and now,
in the Spring, is the time
to get a peaceful victory
over the impurities which
have been accumulating in
the blood during Winter's
hearty eating. The banV
ner of peace is borne
by Hood's Sarsaparill;,
It brings rest and comfo o tho weary
body racked by pains of at! orts and kinds.
Its benefleal effects ove it to be the
great speciic to be ed upon for victory.
Hood's nerrr di" nts.
S"t R ^e -"My mother was serious
ly afflicted wit/ nt rheum and painful run
nlng sores. inedicine helped her until
Hood's Sa- tparilia was used, which made
her c.nti y well." Essi E. I.tLr.SToNE.
853 De ,orn Street. Chiea,o, ill.
Ti d Feeling--I had that tired. dull
f g, dvs -P.sia, hen:daches and siweking
S, but I o's S_rs.iparilla made me a
ew man. I never was better than now.
Jo$s MACs, Oskatluos:, Iowa.
Hood s ills cure lsver ills. non-Irrttatina and
the only cathartic to take with mood's Sareaparilla
"ttonse" Seymour.
Seymour, the actor, was locally
known as "Chouse," because on one
occasion, when playing Othello at the
Limerick Theatre, he, in the well
known passage, "Excellent wretch
Perdition catch my soul, but I do 1
thee, and when I love thee not, c "
is come again," pronotunced th y
"chaos" as if written "chous' le
mour hated the nickname, e . was
o'rded of him when one i ceue a
olafing Otl.ello in the .red out.
:oice from the ho - e:'' Then
"That's blessed goo' ' a singular
the audience wiV .c bolt upright,
spectacle. Oth'' f'direction of the
shook his fist r voice of rage in
disturber. T :tzrC a man, to come
vited him, ' his head punched.
down ai/ /'no answer to his chal
There /piess Moor solemnly turn
leng nd !proceeded to die, to an
ed ' of t itters from the entire
-The Arsgonaut.
dree German cities possess electric r:til
,ys. Sc. 1?,
Mrs. Rosa Gaum Writes to M1rs.
Pinkbam About it. She Says :
DEAB Mns. Pixsv:-I take pleas
ure in writing you a few lines to in-.
form you of the good your Vegetable.
Compound has done me. I cannot
' thank you enough for what your medi
aine has done for me; it has, indeed,
helped me wonderfully.
For years I was trou
bled with an
ovarian tumor,
ing worse~,un
til at last I
was compelled $
to consult with
a physician.
He said
be done for
me but to go under rz operation.
In speaking with a friend of mine
about it, she recommended Lydia E.
Pinkhiam's Vegetable Compound, say
ing she knew it would cure me. I then
sent for your mnedieir e, and after tak
ing three bottles of it, the tumor dis
appeared. Oh! you do not know how
much good your medicine has done
me. I shall recommend it to all suffer-,
ing women.-Mrs. RosA GLm, 720
Wall St., Los Angeles, Cal.
The great and unvarying succcss of
Lydia E. Pinkrhamn's Vegetable Corn-.
pound in relieving evecry derangement
of the female organs, demonstrates
it to be the modern safeguard of wo
man's happiness and bodily strength.
More than a million womcn have been
benefited by it
Every woman who needs advice
about her health is invited to write to
Mrs. Pinkham. at Lynn, Mass. -
deg "Thrilling Stories
of the Spanish American War
by Returned Heroes.ori
lished. For terms nd terrLory, address
D. E. LUTHlER'VUE. GO., Atlanta, Ga.
V tell
the I
git Y
/' eyes
the 1
t alotv
elt.Seweighed only go pounds,
z~ en~adhsnte aTo-dry she is entirely cured, r.nd is
The genuine DT.Yfilliams 9
Sold onig- in:paaes, the,~
the j1l*&'me. -At all Tul
0-w wiim Merdirne Co
Twenty-eight Thousand Square Miles B e
Over In 1874.
In 1S74 some hunters stayted a prai
rie fire in Bon Homme County, D. T.,
opposite Niobrara, Neb. There was a
strong southeast wjnd, and it swept to
the northeast fo9over 300 miles, lick
ing up the dr.' prairie grass and roll
ing up gre.. columns of smoke on the
soft Sep' mber air for upward of a
week. his one was comparatively
narpow, being kept from spreading to
t west by the Missouri river and
from making much progress to the
east at first by the Jim river, and later
by the wind, which shifted more to
the east, but in some places the tract
burned over reached a width of sev
enty-five miles, and it averaged, per
haps, fully fifty. s
It found few streams impede its
progress on that side of the Missour-,
what few it did encounter it had.
difliculty in leaping. Indeed, the se
tance fire will jump in crossing ows
prairie streams, where the gras edge,
rank and tall to the very wat .case a
seems almost past belief. ;(here is
fire cannot cross In one pg and so it
usually a place where it/,aving large
rushes on, frequently. daped places
unburned irregular 4kes, but leav
along the streams hole, black, bar
ing the country .
ren and forbiddi over a week to go
This fire ,an 200 miles. This may
rather moi'but several things must be
seem slg; consideration. In many
taken g grass was short, which nee
plac9 /hindered its progress. There
es. /,le or no wind during the nights
of course, traveled slowly then.
S/other times, when it got among
fetches of blue-joint or other tall
/grass, it, like any other prairie fire,
traveled at such a rate that a hors^,
be he ever so fast, could not keel)
ahead. The front was, of course, ir
regular. and, as usual, it would fre
quently happen that two long advanc
in: arms would join several miles
ahead of the main line of flame and
rush onward, forming a necv front and
leaving a rapidly disappearing island
of unburned grass behind.
The left of the mighty advancing
column of flame was retarded the see
ond or third day in passing through
the Bijou hills. Lat. lie right be
came entangled anong the Wessing
ton hills and fell behind. It finally
died out among the coteaux close to
the Missouri river, in the neighbor
hood of Le Beau and Boise Cache
creeks. In fact, it was the river that
stopped it, for had it not been there,
or had the wind got into the south, it
would have swep: on 250 miles fur
ther, out of Dakota and on into the
British possessions, no one knows
how far. Probably about 2S.000
square miles of prairie were burneJJ
over by this moving sea or fire. About
thirty hunters andl a few families
were caught in that fire and burned
to death. -
Preserving the Skia.
The treatment of the skin of the
face has always excited a great deal
c" comment. Seome people will de
clare that it is best to wash the face
with soap and water and allow na
ture to do the rest. These are gen
erally people who have remarkably
good skins, and do not need to be
careful of them. Those who are
troubled with pimples of the ugly lit
tie things called tlacktheads feel that
more care must be bestowed. The
removal of blackheads is thought to
be a dililcult matter and few under
sand what causes them. They are
noL:bing more .than the accumulation
of dust and 1]ying dirt lodging in the
pores -of the skin, and held there by
the oil that exudes in greater or less
degree fromi these pores. The par
tiehes become black from the dust, andJ
as thiey are imbted~ded in the pores
mere wvashing of the face will not r
move them. Thre only way .to get
tem out is to press them o'ut with a
bodkin or wide-eyed needle. Pressing
with thme ingernail should not be r'e
sorted to. Tfhe face should be washed
and steamed befu:e beginning to re
move the blackheads, then the irri
tated' surface should be soothed with.
an alplicat:on cf benzoin and water.
If this solution is used constantly the
blackheads will not continue to ap
The latest innovation introduced In
the English postal service by the Duke
of Norfolk, the postmaster-general, is
a system ot mailing boxes placed in
private houses. Letters mailed in
these boxes by residents are collected
twice a day, for which extra service
tie governmen?t charges live dollars a
~y Girl Can Tell~
physician who maRes th e
and. is honest about it can /
ou that, in many cases,the (
er of Ted coTpuscles in the 'i
is doubled after a course'
eatment with Dr Williams' .j
Pills for Pale People.
That this means good blood j
not be entirely clear pTom
L.otoT' statement, but any'
rho has tried the pills can tell
that it means red lips, bTight
good appetite. absence of~
ache, and that it tTans
5 the pale and sallow girl
Smaiden who glows with
~eauty which perFect health
can give.
Mothers whose dtaughtemS
debilitated as they pass
~iTlhood into womanhood
I snot neglect the pill best
ted PoT this paTticular ill,
xe., Detroit, Mich., says: "At the
ughter from school on account of ilt
was pale and sallow and the doctors
ive her Dr. wiims' Pink Pills for
o boxes she was strong enough to
months was something like herself.
big, strong, healthy girl, weighing.
y si-.cc."--Detre||' ?vening- News.
nl PiIls foi Pale People are
icppei aIways be&rnng
st,o. direct f'rm the
honetadoyrnY5pc hbox.
If She Qad a Crown-Slightly Tjewarned'
Able to Navigate Himself-re Cheerful.
-In the Near Future-;-Etc., Etc.
Idiot-The Market Dulye a queen,"
"If you some day were/
The anxious lover s .n a throne,
"If you were placed your head,
With a crown up' iuld you
What thinVa
Propose * ,at day
Tb.e 13r8t of a.' ,aght would be
What : to thee,
The. ,st. I pray?"
fAnd up r .- +
" e made a queen," she said,
"If I: .'splendid it would be
"; A a crown upon my head
If d a grand throne under me
What thing would I
Do first, then? Why,
rI would leave the hall of state
For a moment, so
That I might know
If my crown were set on straight."
-Chicago l9
In the Near Future.
"Got the latest accident?'?
"What is it?"
"An autocab in trying to dodge an
autoambulance ran into an. autopatrol
wagon:"-Cleveland Plain Dealer.
"May I call you mine?" 'e asked.
"You may call me a min.e, if you
please, George," she replie d; "but I
doubt if you'll ever strike czy paying
ore. "-Philadelphia North-American.
Slightly Different.
Watts-"Say, was it you who told
me Browne had a habit of thinking
Potts-"Not I, I told you he had a
babit of talking to himself."--Indian.
.olis Journal.
Able to Navigate Himself.
"Have you given Mr. Staleight any
encouragement?" asked the impatient
"No, mamma," replied the confident
laughter, "so far I haven't found it
necessary. "-Brooklyn Life.
Could Recomniend It.
"This is the latest style of bracelet,"
)bserved the detective, deftly apply
ing the comealongs to his victim'a
wrists. "How do you like it?"
"It's very fetching," coldly replied
the prisoner, as he walked away with
,he officer.
The Market Dull.
De Broker-"Why is it that the
stock market is so fearfully dull?"
De Crbb-"Um-I believe most
of the bank officials, city treasurers
and confidential clerks who have been
speculating in stocks are locked up."
-New York Weekly.
A Discouraging Sign.
"How is your son getting along with
his literary work, Mrs. Rockingham?"
"I don't believe he's making much
headway. Nobody ain't accused him
of stealin' any of his writin's from
anybody else, so I guess they can't
amount to much. "-Chicago News.
The Cheerful Idiot.
Nobody found out what he had in
mind, but the Cheerful Idiot askedl
the landlady:
"Have you heard about the advance
in tin?"
"No," said the landlady, "all I am
up on is tin in advance ."-Indian
apolis yournal.
A Wise Course.
Blimbus-" Yes, I always make it a
rule to be prepared for the worst."
Hamby-".AIf I were in your place
i'd do the same thing. There's no
telling when that stupid offce boy of
yours may go to sleep and let some
:-ollector crowd his way in."-Chicago
Daily News.
~A Happy Escape. '.
She-"It is useless to urge me to
marry you. When I say no, I mean
He-"* And can nothing ever change
your determination when you once .
make up your mind?"
She-"Absolutely nothing."
He--"Well, I wouldn't care to
marry a woman like that anyhow. ~
The Playful Germ.
"Tag, your it!" cried the Microbe,
The Person was hereupon naturally
much concerned.
"And you?" asked the Person,
"Oh, I expect to be in it!" retorted
the Microbe.
From the fact that wealth cannot
buy immunity from disease, it was
already apparent that microbes have
a sense of humor.-Detroit Journal.
"There was a time," remarked the
man with the small valise, "when I
couldn't walk a block without some
body asking me if I knew what was
good for a cold. N'ot one person in a
million ever asks me now."
"To what do you, attribute the
change?" inquired the other man.
"I don't know, unless it's because
I am a doctor now, and Iwasn'tthen."
-Chicago Tribune.
A Crucial Test.
] e
Chimmie (anxiously)-"I hope me
udder made a good job w'en she put
rLat. eh in1"-Nau Vnk1r Innenl..
Queer 1loney In Abyssinl.
V'The fer,t'avelers who have taken
t' e time and trouble to look into
7ifenelek's queer kingdom of Abys
sinia tell strange tales of It. Besides
the Marie Theresa, 1,780 dollars, the
people of Abyssinia, for small change,
use a bar of hard crystalized salt.
about ten inches long and two inches
and a half broad, and thick, slightly
tapering toward the end, five of which
go to the dollar at the capital. Peo
lpe are very particular about tha
standard of fineness of the currency.
If it does not ring like metal, or if it
is at all chipped, nothing will induce
them to take it. Then, it is a token
of affection among the natives, when
friends meet, to give each other a lick
of their respective amolls, and in this
way the maternal value of the bar is
also decreased. For still smaller
change cartridges are used, of which
three go to one salt. It does not mat
ter what sort they are. Some sharpers
use their cartridges in the ordinary
way, and then put In some dust andl
a dummy bullet to make up the dif
ference, or else they take out the pow
der and put the bullet in again, so
thK;t possibly in the next action the
unhappy seller will find that he has
only -miss-fires in his belt; but this is
such a common fraud that no one
takes any notice of it, and a bad car
tridce seems to serve
The degeneration of another Latin
race is indicated by the report of an
abnormal increase of crime in Italy,
without an increase in population. The
report is made by an Italian odicial.
the Procurator-General, and must be
accepted as authentic. He declares
that "never has public security, wheth
er of person or property, been at a
lower ebb in Italy." The crimes of
blood in that country have exceeded
in the last year those of all other
European countries put together. The
publication of this report ought to
have the effect of the most careful
scrutiny of riving Italian immi
grants at op ports.
"A tape worm eighteen feet long at
least came on the scene after my taking two
CASCARETS. This I am sure has caused my
bad health for the past three years. I am still
taking Cascarets. the only cathartic worthy of
notice by sensible people."
GEo. W. BOWLES, Baird, Mass.
Pleasant. Palatable. Potent. Taste Gond. Do
Good, Never S!cken. Weaken. cr G ripe IOv. Zc.c.
SterI'!ng Remedy Company. Chie.,o. 'Yur,treal. New Yo:t. 313
NO-TO-BAC ,WfaE"Wb"cscHai."
COTTQN is and will con
tinue 'to be t/ze money
crop 9f the South. The
planter whd gets the most cot
ton from a 'given area at the
least cost,,rthe one who makes
the most money. Good culti
vation, suitable rotation and
liberal use of fertilizers con
taining at least ,3o actual
will insulre the largest yield,
We will send Free, upon application,
pamphlets that will interest every cotton
planter in the South.
oi Nassau St.. New York.
lund er $and BSolste'r in fronrt:Iand be
*tween the Bolste'r and Axle hbh!d which
9 creates alive weight,makes the lDraftlight
+er. saves the Team :a nd. prevents 25 per ce.fL
of0 the usual breakages.
If your dealer does r.ot handle this Wagon
write direct to
Means ''~
of Quality"
on Athletic Coods
insistupon, SQalding's
Handsome Catalogue Fro.
A. G. SI'ALDING & BIhos.,
:New l'ork. chicago. Danror.
nes coghsyrp.Tastes Good. Use
1'aper Bath Robes.
flath robes made of paper are now
manufactured, and their use Is becom
ing quite a fad. The kind of material
used resembles blotting paper. It
quickly dries the body. and as the pa
per is a bad heat conductor the much
dreaded cold after the bath can be
avoided. Whole suits are made of this
paper stuff, Including coverings for the
head and feet. One advantage of the
fad Is the cheapness of such a gar
ment, making it possible for the poor
est person to own one.
To cure, 0r1
An Excellent Combination.
The pleasant method and beneficial
effects of the well known remedy,
SRUr OF FIGs, manufactured by the
CALIFORNIA FIG Svnur Co., illustrate
the value of obtaining the liquid laxa
tive principles of plants known to be
medicinally laxative and presenting
them in the form most refreshing to the
taste and acceptable to the system. It
is the one perfect strengthening laxa
tive, cleansing the system effectually,
dispelling colds, headaches and fevers
gently yet promptly and enabling one
to overcome habitual constipation per
manently. Its perfect freedom from
every objectionable quality and sub
stance, and its acting on the kidneys,
liver and bowels, without weakening
or irritating them, make it the ideal
In the process of manufacturing figs
are used, as they are pleasant to the
taste, but the medicinal qualities of the
remedy are obtained from senna and
other aromatic plants, by a method
Co. only. In order to get its beneficial
effects and to avoid imitations, please
remember the full name of the Company
printed on the front of every package.
For sale by all Druggists.-Price 50c. per bott1
Edison's Plan for Removing Snow.
Edison's latest suggestion is that
snow can be removed from city streets
not by melting machines, but by port
able steam power compressors, which
will scoop up the snow in steel scoop
buckets and squeeze it into cakes 12x
12x12 inches in volume, which will be
practically solid ice. Carts and men
following the compressor can take up
the cakes with tongs as they drop to
the street, says Edison, and a market
can be found for enough snow cubes to
pay the interest on the cost of the
Beauty Is Blood Deep.
Clean blood means a clean skin. No
beauty without it. Cascarets, Candy Cathar
tic cli-an your blood and ke.ep it clean, by
stirring up the lazy liver and driving all im
purities from the b;.dy. Begin to-day to
bianish pimples, boils, lotches, blackheads,
and that sickly bilions comnpexion by taking
Cascarets,--beauty f':r ten cents. All drug.
gists, satisfaction guaranteed, 10c, 25c, 50c.
There is a vast difference between
speaking "one to auother" and one
about auother.
To Cure a Cold in One Day.
Take I.asative ErcnroeQa:inine Tnaets. All
Druggists reimnl n: n--y U 1t is to cure. '!5c.
It is stated that nine-tenths-of the mobair
plush used in the United States is manufac
tured at Sanford,_3Me.
Don't Tobacco Spit arnd Smno!e Tour .ife Away.
To a uit tobacco casily a::d forever, be mag
netic, full of life, nerve and vigor, take No-To
Dlac, thec wonder-worker, that mak-es weak mea
strong.. All druggists, 50c or St. Cure guarazi
teed. Blooklet and sam'ple free. Address
Sterling Rlemedy Co., Chicago or New York.
The Cargo of the first ship of the r.ew line
between San Diego. Cal., aind 3i;tuima, con
sisted of wihiskey awl beer
Educate Tone Thowe WItn CatscareZs.
Candy Cathari ic, caire constipation forever.
10,2c If 0.0. C.ra;i, dr.uigistsrefund mone.
H ereford, Eud., bricklayers get 15 .centi
per hour.
wto-To-Dac f:r Filty Cents.
Guarar.teed tobuacc i:rbit eurc, makes wealt
tnen strong, bUMod pue tA0c.s1I. Al! druggists.
Blaltimore, Mid., is to have a home product
To Cure CountIpntion- Forever.
T?ake Casects Ca::dy Cat:artic. loc or "Sc.
!f C. C. C. fali to cure,. dru,mps:s refund money.
A Texas ranch has an area ci 5,000- square
3! rs. WiioaoSothituyrup for childlren
4 ethirr.so tens the ;:umis. reducini; inllama
iknh. allays paini.cures wuid colic :~a a bott!a.
11. TI. Gass.x's so.x-. or Atlanta. Ga.. are
Ine only suea .s.'u Dropsy Special:sts in thu
world. See thecir liberal offer in advertise
ment in another column of this paper.
I am entirely cured oif hemocrrhage of lungs
byPiso's Cure for (or.siumtption.--Lonsa
LNDAMAN, Becthanuy, 310., January 9,1891.
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by localapplications, as they cannot reach the
diseased portion .. f iho oar. ' Ihere is only one
war to cu:e deafness, and1 thtatis by constitu
tional remedies. Deafnet:s is caused by an in
fiele condition ot the mucous lining of the
Eustachian Tube. n hn this tuba get4 in
flamedI you have a ruml>Hug~ sound or imper
feet hearin;r. and whent it is entirely closed
Deafness is the resuit, and unless the inilam
mation can h;e taken out and this tube re
.tored to its normal condition,. hearing will be
detroyed forever. Nine cares out of ten are
caused by catarrh, which is nothing butt an
iniameLd conuditioni or the muco;as sut tfaces.
We will ariv One HTun:dred Dollars for any
er.eof DeafnesA (canased by cat-irrh) that can
not be c ureti by Hall's Catarrh Cure. &end
for circulare, free.
S. J. C EN EY &CO., Toledo. O.
Sold by Drug&ts. -50*.
H{alr Family Pilis are ihe best.
Spraine d his Back a.ni Ankle. Kno..k
ed one of Ilis FiniE-rs oat .Joint-Ued
wvas out,in lew days. It (ures Ei
ery T(imei if Ten WIll IMe it
it!aht. Us'e Plenty of it.
W, in 'S oe~ at what youz neet1-a
a i rg. M er. I. aart. sure (enre ror
4-t'machz Tre cblie.. No. Fre-e Fak.. Hlone.t Goodis
I-i.are Dea. One v:ek' trca:;iment. O)ne DJollnr. I.v
~la;) 1.;ir,:s a. 1t. l.,Unx . Cin"etia.G.
D F? 0p Sy NEW DISCOVERY; gives
quickire!ie! and cres worst
ases. Ba~ck of t, amnen:as and 1 0 dinye' treatment
Free. Dr. H. E. GREENt'S 60N5. Bcx D. Atlanta. Ga.
25,000 Song Books for Soldiers.
Recognizing the good results that
acrue from soldiers singing when on
he march the minister for war of
England has just ordered 25,000 books
f patriotic and military songs as an
experiment. These will be distri
bted to the men in infantry regi
nents and classes for singing will be
nstituted in the barracks. A similar
xperiment, made in France by Gen.
oillowe of St. Mars, has been at
ended with marked success, the num
er of stragglers on the march being
educed by 70 per cent owing to the
iney reifnnded hy vnne m1
'1RIALS melt the
brass out of char
- '' acter.
Virtue is finer
than any of the
Half hearted
I \ 6 service is always
Neglect bolts
the door of oppor
Small boats
should keep near
the shore.
Love turns duty into delight.
Bigotry is not peculiar to religion.
Meditation is a tonic for poor mem
Some little men love to live in the
In order to do right, it is necessary
to be right.
The wings of riches are poor aids to
heavenly flight.
More souls are saved through service,
than by sermons.
Kind words, like fragrant flowers,
are admired by all.
Policy sits on the fence while princi
ple fights the battle.
An iceberg in the pulpit cannot kin
dle a fire in the pews.
Dress does not make character, but
it often proclaims it.
Modern theology teaches that man
fell up instead of down.
Those who know when to speak,
know when to be silent.
The man who confesses his ignorance
is on the road to wisdom.
Fidelity in little things, is one of the
surest tests of character.
Love is like a convex mirror-it
broadens what we see in it.
The Pione
is Aye/s
Before sars
expeimen, uyan
'i ' R
hav conf .iec at B0:
yo ant a ure yo
[Tbel.2rsap r1a l
3SazW pkals re_arruc cto- *rdce
ales n ble:.F.TorF &ceds,51.00 ub ol
idv. along. NI. rgolt3~b a?r.o.m
It i an easy matter to,e Welaim ta ai
Thei manw uam ctue tsenof o
eav it to - thsen h~ So,ave een rmee
are Rev. . LI Foutr.tt~ Rae e. .
'l.4J. E*.obsn Ediour molro
N. C. alyCu Argusr.A.aus, arm.
Duke. r~a.oio e m oan.Kansas Ctyo.
Mauatuu TheQO BOBB.iTT DRUta o.
EIG al.nN. C. -
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It Price $1.19. E14.g0), Bglrtte
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Why are we doing
4 business in every
"_ state and territory
in this country?
s Why has our bust
: ness doubled itself
duringthe pastyear?
rOur Free Catalogues
"tel the story. Which
_do you want ? Write
today. Address this High Grade
way, Seing NacMde.
upwar from $8.50.
JULIUS HINES & SON;Baltimore, Md. Dept.310
Saw Mills
$129 TO $929.00
With Improved Rope and Belt Feed.
SAWS. FILES and TEETH in Stock.
Engines, Boilers and Machinery
All Kinds and Repairs for eame.
Shafting, Pulleys, Belting. injectors,Pipe&,
Valves-and Fittings.
LOST ANHOOD CURED. $ box. 100doResfor
i$i post paid. DIt. C.K. SEIDEL, ReadinLPa
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SALET. [email protected],
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*4". I Thompson's Eye water
Price 50c,

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