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Every farmer who mal
takes pride in exhibiting the
show to best advantage, the
hair must be brought out; tl
snowy white and not tingec
" I hae used it for man
tical purposes superior t an
It leaves the skin soft and c
produces a beautiful growt
glossy and free from harshn
rain water, which I find is th
lather, and helps loosen all s
te the skin.
prdcskt.ss a7 baTifu gran
Many Murder PenaltIes.
Here are some of the wars in
which society rids itself of those
whose existence has become a men
ace to its safety:
In Austria a he executions are pub
Manad y ther al s. I aai
te ai soe the aguillotine, but its
work is performed in private. in
Brunswick the r,e is employed. just
as It was In the Middle Ages, though
with this difference, the public is ex
eluded. In China, sword or cord,
Public; Denmark, guillotine. publi;
Ecuador. mu'tsket. publie: France,
guillotine, publie: rea Biritain, guil
lotin.e private: Italy, c:pital punish
ment abolished: Netherlagds, -allows,
public; Oldenbur. musket, public;
P'ortugal, gallows, publie; P'russ;in.
sword, private: Ru.sia. musket. gal
lows or sword. publie: S,xouy. guillo
tine, pbrivate: paiu. garrote, public;
Switzerland. fiftten c:ntIns. sword;
public; two cantons. guillotine, private;
two cantons, guillotine. pmblic; Uni
ted States, other than New Y ork. gal-;
lows. mostly private.-PilJadelihFj
Press. _______
Trhe number of books p
Frane~ in 1808 was 14.7 / /
- Three Womenr a0r ~ n
From Mr-s. ' . , 59 Summer
St., Bi1 rd, Me.:
'or several years I suffered with
various diseases peculiar to my sex.
Was tr jabled with a burning sensation
acr)ss the small of ml,'back, that all
gone feeling, was despondent, fretful
and discouraged; the least exertion
tired me. I tried several doctors but
received little benefit. At last I de
cided to give your Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound a trial. The ef
feet of the first bottle was magical.
Those symptoms of weakness that I
was afficted with, vanished like vapor
before the sun. I cannot speak too
highly of your valuable remedy. It is
truly a boon to woman."
From Mrs. MELIssA PHILLIPs, Lee-.
ligton, Ind., to Mrs. Pinkham:
"Before I began taking your medicine
I had suffered for two years with that
-petite, and a run-down condition of the
system. I could not walk across the
room. I have sk.den four bottles of the
Vegetable Compound, one box of Liver
1i11s and used one package of Sanative
Wash, and now feel like a new woman,
and am able to do my work."
From Mrs. MoLLIE E. HEmBE., Pow
ell Station, Tenn.:
"For three years Isufferedwith such a
weakness. of the back, I could not
pTerforifli'ny household duties. I also
had falling of the womb, terrible bear
ing-daonn ains and headache. I have
taken two bottles of Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound and feel
like a new woman. I recommend youL
medicine to every woman I know."
*'Yy wife had pI)mples on her face, but
she has been tking CASCA.RETS and they
have all disappeared. I had been troubled
with constipaaon for some time. but after tilk
ing the first Cascaret I have had no trouble
with this ai.ment. We cannot speak too high
Iy of Cascarets." Fr: D) WA RTMAN,
5"708 Germantown Ave.. Philadelphia, Pa.
Pleasant. Palatable. Potent. Taste Good. Do
Good. N'ever Sicicen. weaken. or Gripe.10Oc. 25c.50ce.
hterling Remedy Coumay. Chicago, 'eontreal. Ntew York. 314
0T-A CF is""F*eRO BAON
Sprained his. Back and A.nkle. Kno-k
ed one. of His Fin..ers. out Joint-Used
- was out in 'ew days.I CresE;
ery 'Time if Tou Will Use it
50' ''"""be made selling PE.RFU''E
$15 TABLETh. Samnple etc. I" cents. Agents
wanted. .1 J.- MY ER cheeter. Pa.
Best c a sgp. T:-s:es Good. Us
i I IK
es a specialty of fancy stock
finest product of his farm. To
natural colors of the wool or
e white in particular must be
I with dirty brown or yellow.
V years and fintd it for all prac
ything I have ever used. ...
ear, furnishes life to the coat, I
. . and leaves it smooth,
ess. I use it with luke-warm'
e best. This forms a rich, oily
tubborn scales and blotches of
& Gambe Co.. Cindatu.
A Good Match. t
"The doctor and wife seem to be
well mated." "Think so?" "Yes. 1
People call him a quack and he calls
her 'Ducky.'"-Life. .
Beauty Is Blood Deep.
Clean blood means a clean skin. No I
beauty without it. Cascarets, Candy Cathar
tic clean your blood and keep it clean, by t
stirring up the lazy liver and driving all im
purities from the body. Begin to-day to
banish pimples, boils, blotches, blackheads,
and that sickly bilious complexion by taking
Cascarets,-beauty for ten cents. All drug
gists, satisfaction guaranteed, 10c, 25c, 50c.
The Plymouth, Mass., Woolen tcompan5
hn. been incorporated, with a capital 01
?400,000. G. W. Moses is president. t
To Cure a Cold in One Day.
Take Lazativo Brono Quinine Tablets. Al
Druggists reiund money if it fails to cure. 25c.
philippines contain 123 miles of rail-j
road. So. 1.
wo-To-Bac for Fifty Cents.
Guaranteed tobacco habit cure, makes weak
wen strong, blocd pure. 50c. 1. All druggists .
~jrsemeat constitutes chicken feed at San1
Jo5 Cal.~
' .winsow'sSoothingsyrup fr chtibren
f eet g,softens the gums. reducing inflama
tin allays pain.Ours wiUd colle 25ca bots.
P; o's Cure for Consumption relieves the
rn -t obsti late coughs.-Re~v. D. BUcn:MUEIr
L5a Lexington. Mo., February 24. 1"%.
Manila correspondent states that
naire~s there regard Admiral
struggle ( t scr-aps of cloth or any1
other article he has possessed, think
ing they have peculiar healing vir-i
tues. -
A careful scrutiny fails to reveal
a single song that possesses any char
acteristic melody or sentiment which.
will permanently identify it with the '
Spanish-American war. It is reported
that the natives in Manila believe that
the song "There Will Be a Hot Time
int the Old Time Tonight" is o'ur na
tional air, they have heard it so often.'
A native band, when asked if they
had heard our national song, respond
ed with pride that they had, and pro
ceeded at once to grind out "The Hot
The German servIce contemporary
gives some interesting details on the
marching performances of the troops
engaged in various celebratedl cam
paigns, says the Army and Navy Jour
nal. Thus the highest average of dis
tances marched by troops during the
campaign of 1796 is to be credited to
the French, whio, on the authority of
General Lewal, marched daily on the!
average a distance slightly exceeding
ffteen and a half miles. lIn the war
of 1366 the highest average was that
attained by the Prussians, marching
thirteen and a half miles, while during*
the France-German war the highest
averages were for the Germans (dur
irg the march on Sedan), thirte.n
mles, and for the French troops, nine1
and a half miles. In the case of the
mounted army the record is held by
Murat's cavalry, which marched 497
miles in twenty-four days during the
perate"ns if 1F5t
An insulated Cat.
Jacob Titus. or Spring Valley. has
an insulated Maltese cat which h'as
been shocked by trolley, telegr-aph anld
tlephone live wvires, b)ut does ne
mild it.
On Sunday evening the c-at was
chaed by a Newfoundland dog. She
Isprinted for the nearest telegraph pole.
There was a streak of Malt.ese up the
p'ole and then the ca t w-as secure on a
eoss trece thirty-five feet fr-om the
round. walking with imprunity ont ali
ots of live wires. For- more thatu
thece hours the cat de-fled electrocution
and the dog go.t tired of waiting and
-an away. The insulaited cat kept a
sharp watch and slowly descended toa
the ground. The hair on one of the
ca's paws had been singed. That was
al.-New York Press.
lier I.ong Suit.
When they returned from the bridal
tour they found themselves the embar
rassed possessors of eight soup ladles.
"I hope," said the blushing bride to
the jeweler-. "that you will change
these ladles, as our soup is served ini
the pantry."
The jeweler became interested, and
with a knowing wink passed the ladles
to the junior clerk.
"Wedding presents'" inquired the
acetious clerk.
"Yes," answered the bride, "our sil
ve wedding."--Judge.
he Old Sailor Who DrownOd in a
They sat a little way apart on the
eck of the Cleveland boat one morn
ig. One was a young woman, pos
ibly 25, with bright brown eyes and
air and a pretty face, and the other
as old-she must have been 65 at
last--with tired eyes and gray hair
nd a wrinkled face, says the Detroit
'ree Press. The first would sit still
moment, then wriggle around in her
hair and look over along the dock as
hough she feared something. The old
idy was sweetly calm, and observed
he actions of the other with a curious
ittle smile. Finally she decided to
peak to her deckmate, if one may use
hat term. "Be yew lookin' for some
ody?" asked the old lady quietly. The
ther woman sighed as though it were
relief to her to be spoken to, and
ushed her chair a little nearer her
uestioner. j.No," she said; "I am not
>oking for any one." "I thought yew
aote be," went on the old lady. "I
een yew a-gazin' off toward the dock."
No," repeated the young woman. "I
m not looking for any one. I'm just
little bit frightened, that is all."
Skeert, be yew? Why. fo' th' lan's
ake, what of?" "Well," continued
he fidgety one. "since the sinking of
hat ocean steamer I have been dread
Lilly frightened on the water." "Sho,
ew don't say? Well, yew needn't be.
'hey ain't nobody drownin' but them
chose fate it is to drown." "Oh, do
ou think so?" 'Of course I does. I
ade up my mind t,; that twenty
-ears ago." "What makes you say
hat?" asked the young woman, with
little look of interest in her eyes.
Well, my husban' wuz a sailor on
hese lakes fer twenty year. After
while he was 'pinted captain an' he'n
ae uster go all over everywhere. He'n
ne seen a lot o' storms in our day.
3ut they wuz never no disaster. I sez
o him onet, sez I, 'John, yew're a
ailor an' I know it's yewr fate to die
y drownin'.' He looked at me a minit
n' then he sez, sez he, 'Marthy, I'll
ool yew.' I didn't say nothin' more,
ut I knowed that his fate would be
wet one. I jes' felt it like. Yew
now how yew'll feel things some
imes. Well, it wuz thataway with me.
knowed John would be drowned some
lay. 'Twouldn't be no more'n nach
ral. Well, we sailed and sailed, me'n
rohn, an' he a capting. Arter he'd
een at it fer mcre'n twenty year he
vuz retired an' we made up our
ninds t' take a little farm away out
he Gratiot road an' spen' our re
nainin' days in peace an' quiet. By
hat time I'd almos' made up my min'
hat John wuz goin' t' fool me an'
ot die drownded arter all. Then one
nornin' in airly summer when I wuz
L-puttin' up a little fruit th' en' come.
rohn went out t' the pump t' draw
ne a pail rn' fresh water, an' he didn't
'ome bacik. Bimeby I went out thar'
in' ho an' behold: John had a 'leptic
it an' fell inter the pump tub head
ust. HIe was drownded w'en I reach
d him. 'Th' Lord's will be done,' said
.I knowed it wuz his fate. An' I've
aid ever since that they ain't nobody
Irownded les' it be his fate t' be
irown&d: but, do yew know, when I
;een that he w.uz drowned in a tub or'
water I felt just sorry fer him an'
-ceM44 [email protected]'ciw silagied
ie'd be ef he'dTnowed he yuz
rownded in a tub o' water arter sail
n' these lakes fer twenty years 'Ithout
1 disaster ever happenin' t' him. And
:he kindly old lady had wiped away a
ear that the wind, probably, had
:aused to g'n.thA
"Love and a Cough
Cannot be Hk."
It is this fact that makes
the lover" and his sweethieart
happy, and sends the suf
feer from a cough to his
doctor. 'But there are hid
en ills lurking in impure
blood. "The liver is wrong,"
(t is thought, "or the kid
zeys." 'Did it e-ver occur
to you that the trouble is in
your blood?
Parify this rIver of life with Hood's Sar
aparilla. Then illness will be banisbed,
Ld strong. vigorous health will result.
ood's Sarsaparilla is the Dest known, best
mdorsed and most natural of all blood
"atarrh - "I su.ffered1 from childhood
v'th eatarrh. Was entirely deaf ir. one ear.
on''s Sar.-anarilla enred me and re'tored
ny hearing." 3IICS. d . STOKES. 31idi'and.TeX.
S,re Eyes---Humor in tie bl]ood made
ny daughters eyes sore. s;o that we feared
1 1ndness, unaHad liarsrilla' made
H food's Piti' erE l ivr i .; n on irrittir.s and
t,he onh' cathartic t take with, hood's_Sarsaparilla.
An AdJventurous BSaronet.
Sir Claude Champion de Crespigny,
Bart., is credited with having more
livs than the average cat and with
possessing more marvelous good luck
than any other personages in the pages
of Debrett. Here is a catalogue of his
broken bones and the manner in which
they were sustained: Two leg bones
(balcoing), three arm bones (hunt'
ing), three ribs (steeplechasing), on3
rib (cab accident), one finger (borse
kick), two fingers (boxing). To this
may be added repeated visitations of
concussion of the brain, none of which.
however, have seriously affectedl thE
galant baronet's health. The name of
Sir Claude has not been mentioned for
a long while in connection with any
thrillingly narrow escape from some
particularly agonizing kind of violent
death. Perhaps it is because he has
now reached fifty-one. In his earlier
years episodes of this kind were fre
quent, as the list given will show.
To cure, or
-- *
lie pesnmto and bowl,gnl eto
Inb the Cafrnias ofg Srutu
of panmtso known to he dCialf
Consumceptbl tof the syistem pr
liyver cpand el,retles imit
the heos of itls,anufatrtil
byrcasehod knwThe Calif i
and aloi iittis, pelease liquidl
knoledger of the Coicest pri
payteen ceas ao, forthes eialt
more pleasant to the taste and m<
remedy, as a medicinal agent and
annually, and by the high approv
SYRUP OF FIGS is manufactured
will assist.in avoiding the worth1
For &ale by All
She is a Klondike Baker.
Mrs. J. A. Nelson or Hailey. Idaho.
ent to the Klondike last spring and
pened a bakery, which. it. is said'
nys her a p,rofit of $-5 to $100) a day.
h bought a claim which is paying
well. Mrs. Nelson is an energetic wo
an who emigrated to Idaho ten years
ago. married, and has helped her bus
band develop mining property there.
Don't Tobacco Spit and Smoke Tour IWe Away.
To quit tobacco easily and forever, be mag
netic. full or lire, nerve and vigor, take No-To
Bac the woznder-worker, that makes wealt men
srong. A 1l druggists, 50c or SI. Cure guaran
teed. Booklet and sample free. Address
Sterling Remedy Co., Chicago or New York.
The iron works at H{antgau. China, emplov
2000 men. The plant cost $4,000,000. onIy'
10 uropeans are employed.
Educate Your Bowels Witft Cascareti.
Candy Cathartic, cure constipation forever,
Oe.25c. If C. C C. fail, druggists refund money.
Colorado miners are to enjoy the eig~ut~
:ur day.
To Core Constipation Vorever.
Take Cascarets Cand.v Cathartic. 10c or 25c.
1 0. C. C. fall to cure. drucmsts refund moncy
In the Tratavaal each lawyer is taxed 912
year. _________
Fits permoanently cured. No fits ornervous
ess a fter first d ay's uzm of Dr. Kline's Great
Nerve Restorer. $itrial bottle and treatise free
i. R. H. Ir LI NE. latd.. 'JI A rch S't . PiPi.l t .
FRAKt J. CH ENEY mnakesonth that be is the
meior partner of tnle irin of .J. F. ChrExr. &
Co.dointolusinos in the Cit.y of -1 iedo, turn
ty and State atore: id, arnd that said firm will
as the sum of O.'E flrYlURED oLLARs for
ah and every case of CATAI I1n that cannot
be cured by tbe use of HALL's CATAnnaH
Ct:. F1IANK JT. Cusssa'.
Swrn to before me and anbscribed in my
Spresence. this Gth dez of ecemoer,
SEA & A-).1-9 A. - GLEASON,
Notary Pubiie.
Has Catarrh Gore is taken internally. and
cs directly on the blood and mucous suzr
fces of tho system. send for testimonials
ree. F. J. 'ussey & Co., Toledo, 0.
Sold by Druggists. 75c.
Hai'Family 'ills arc the best.
JATED-cas!eof had health hatR!-AN8
TVwill not benefit SeudO5 te. to Ripnne Chemr.1
o.ewurk, fer 10 ,amples and 1000 testimoml&i.
Massaging the Face.
Massage is a grent science, and be
lngs essentially to wise hands. There
fre, if one cannot afford proper trent
ent, use your own steamer or bowl
of hot water but once a wek then
rub te muscles of the face with a ro
tary motlon upon the forehead and
heeks. and, if you have wrinkles. rub
n the opposite direction. Keep greasy
compounds away from your face, eX
cpting they are prepared by persons
wom you know thoroughly under
tand their business. Then huy only
what suits your particular case. Use
only the best soaps and powders. and,
xcepting your baths, diet and treat
te face regularly as directed.
ana rafunded by vynu 3
ficial effects of the well-k;nown rem
ompany, illustrate the value of obta
- laxative and presenting them in t
is the one perfect strengthening lax
-AIULCNTPTO.y objectionable quality and substa
ptly. without wteakening or irritatir
ig figs are used, as they are pleasan
-nia Fig Syrup Company only. In<
er the full name of the Comllpany pri
Dducts of modern commerce purchase
.ionls. To come into universal denif
must be canable of satisfying the t
rup Company ha;ving met with the
xative remedy, prRU OF FIgS. it ha
S roduct. ,The California Fig Sy ru
ioshe one npafctutrengtnd sing
oftheCmpns PEeffots,iNGtete
l obmosteionbentualiyicans. Aus t
itelfrnia Fig Syrup Compa:I
ssr iteflation manfatred bopy othr
3rugis of mocr Po rce 5(chs
itos T oeQ nunesiodn.
mAs thoroupabl u ofstsyn the ub
ject Cohay provng hat with thel
uairemanyb prevented byS uitng
ferdtilz e Caifniga FiaSre
nprene of Pofa triganse;ino
e enecal linettloko thn anye ofe
Potahe writtenbys authortis, isatee
woul teCliorsna Fio eveyfrupr freenof
eost if ilonly mautried k foti
mDentgnd alsru. Pri-e15
jecthsprov ne at cro fail.
urs a b rete batoy leing .
perenage o Po ash no
Wqae Daea l itle ook oamnthOe subjer. of
. otash A ite n by E aumt.oro iti ati,0.
wouldla edt ryAfarmer.reo
c.T 'ost, fh ni : any rte an as for iak t. e
d a 4.J.O g L,93 Banas S. Nae. mork.
Spadi g' OffJicial
PRicE 10 CENT, OSTPit.
Official sie-tific
s iieh1 o r ahcc e o r e e a an. iCt ood e
MAl. AdCON.PADIC & Co OS.Coifot
NewYoa.Dner. Offical0
B e Bal-ud
Nmnan:n 1nwh ott5
ce, an Rit actiGS man ed
ining the liquid laxative principles
he form most refreshing to the tas,
.ce, and its actin.~ on the kidneys,
ig them, make it t-e ideal laxative.
t to the taste, but
)rder to get its beneficial effects, and
nted on the front of every package.
at about the same price that others
Aid and to be everywhere considered
ints and tastes of the best informed
highest success in the manufacture
.s become important to all to have a
p Company was organized more than
laxative remedy which would be
nown. The great value of tTie
>v the sale of millions of bottles
e true and genuine remedy named
yonly, the knowledge of that fact
) Per BoIfle.
6 - new c nuere and hneoe
I Pk. Erl Cbage, 100
1z alzBestLttce. 35c
1 Caifnia Fi Tomto.21
O 3 " BrilSnt Flower Seeds, 1-:
1. -Worth $1.01, for 14ecent., ~~
i.o -iht~ one hr i hte?
E4up.n rec ' t this notic~
a Ili t~. ne e c i o n a
jot:~ .. .I ie: . z:, 1'o.. L.A caossE. wIs.
itis an eRav r :tter to claim thata
'ihe mnufacturer' oZ
eae it to those.who hav.- beeni perma
nontir and positiv ly cured .f RwEU
. rISM t ma i.ke clims. Among those
Swho haves recenit!y written usvolunta.
ette:s sayingC thter had been cured
arc: I':v. J. Ih. Foster. Raleuch. N. ';.;
Nr. J. . iobinso. Editor. Gold-boro.
N. C. Daiy A rgus;.1r.A&.Daus,a prom
Duke." rail:-dad mUan.KansasS Citp,Mo.
Iheurnac Will Cure 'Eou.
Ma.&ctucred by The BOBBITT DRUG CO.
- ni IrGU.N1. C.
S'o'd byi I rue' .t:peneral:y. Price $I)per botti
OD Our Smalley and Bat.
Drgsaws are the
standard of the world.
Also all sizes of Oircuiar
ating. Silo Machinery,
Feed M Ils,RotC
ters. Corn Shellere.
BM A .EY G.0.,Seleaera MamitoWoeWI5.
dSYg; "iThrilling Stories
of the Spanish American War
yReturned Heroes." Onyrtenti
ihed. For terms and territory. address
. E. LUT HER PUB. CO., Atlanta, Ga.
ybetrink thtanCA TE ' IN
we do-we don't
kaowhowtO. We Is the best that can be
can make poorer mse tcssyun
b"w won't:. ' more than the poorest.
Funny booklt "How to Make Ink Pictures "free.
CARTER'S INK CO.. Boston, Mass.
D RO PSY ck*.tt'fan urswos
ae... Book of testimoniassand 10o dn es' treatment
Free. Dr. H. H a's1YW sows Box D,. Atlauta Ga.
cured at home with
out pa- Book of par
tlce]rs nut FREE.
Pr1oe 50&.
Y: r
The White Men Who Live1berc of ThIir.Owt
It seems strange that with Oasedo
to come and go civilized men should
choose to dwell in a region so terribly
bleak and sterile as Labrador. Yet oi
the 8,700 inhabitants of that great
peninsular, 3,000 are of the white of
mixed race. They mainly are descen
dants of English sailors, some of whom
were shipwrecked and more of whom
probably left their ships without leave.
Finding themselves stranded on thi3
lonely shore. they made the best of
their lot, marrying Eskimo wives and
living after the manner of the country.
In later times some Newfoundlanders
chose rather to settle in Labrador
than make the uncomfortable trips to
cnd fro yearly from St. John's for the
"llunil codfishing off the Labrador
,hore. These brought their. wives
antl ehildren with Il;ein and intro
duced a new strain of civilized life.
All of these people live in little set
.ements strung along the coast, on
islands or in fiords, from Battle Har
bor south to the Gulf of St. Law
rence. They dwell in houses of stone
or logs. In winter they wear hooded
fur garments like the Eskimos; in
sumIler the ordinary garb of New
roundland [ishermen. The women
dress in gray or blue woollen stuff,
with a gaudy gown for best. On their
heads they wear z knit hood or a
bright-colored haadkerchief, and, it
may be, at out-of-door work or abroad
on the water, a man's sou'wester.
Against the walls in their houses are
pasted such picture& as they hive
been able to clip from the few news
papers that fail in their way, adver
cisiug lithographs that have come with
goods to the trading stores, and pic
tures of thes ort issued by tract :so
cieties. On the table or shulf in the
living room is always a Bible, reli
giously read on Sanday when the ood
are not biting or a fare of fish to be.
dressed and flaked. It is a devout
and sober-minded conlmunit:r that of
the whites along the coast of Labra
dor. Their religious-ministrations are
provided by the Moraviane, who have
several missions in Larador; their
temperance is assured by stringent
laws forbidding the landing of any
liquors in Labrador, and these arc
made effective by a thorough patrol
by the Dominion revenue steamships,
whicib deal inesorably with smugglers
nf stror:r water.
There Was a Lady at the Other End
of the Wire.
Of course, It is really nothing to
Jack Lawson's discredit that he. is a
beauty man of the ultra-British -type,
but the other riders of polo ponies -and
wielders of 'golf sticks at BurHngame.
don't exactly like his exceeding pop
ularity with the girls, and they telt an
illustrative atory about him-with great
gusto, says the San Francisco- News
Letter. "Some one wishes to speak to.
Mr. Lawson at the telephone," said a
servant at the club, in respectful.*ce
cents to the tall LiverpooUprv1oduct
"Aw! Who Is it?" was the langgid in
quiry. "A lady, sir," and then Isirson'
moved. Hastily jumping to hit teet,
he fastened .the lower button o~ his
double-breasted waistcoat, 'wheli of
course, like the P,rince ofMWales - E
ways wears open 'when he i.Soa
ing his shoulders, he rusheov
the nearest mirror, adjustedi neck
tic- and pulled down his coar' "Here,
boy," he called. "Brush af'off! Logh'
sharp, now. I can'tk ~~ lady. Wait.
ing." Then, thoro yy'spraed up,
he dived into the telphione ro.omWcon
scius that he looked well. enough- to
talk to any lady in Sai Matee county.
Thought Transftariion. -
Mrs. Le-Count of Chicago (calling or
Mrs. Stimleton of Boston)-I suppose.
of course, you have a telephone ^- in
your house? Mrs. S.-Ohl, my dear
Mrs. Ie Count, we use direct thought
transference. We have a spea-inn
tube.=Boston Transcript.
We are State 'Agets for and Make a
Specialty of Equippin Modern Ginniag 0ut.
fits with the Improved.
the simplest and best.
FEEDER,thesmplest andmost e Gt
Fe der in existence.
Machnerysad Mill Suples.of all kinds
at Mlaniufactrurest -iics
Now is the time to pl-e an order fora
Threshing iachine. Ge the best from uam
State .agent Liddell Co.,Eagle CottoniGinCA
L. B. ~MM H AGENiT. Mul ins, S. 0.
Contracts Taken to Furnish C
Equipments for
One of the la-goat manu.facturera of
M l Machine in lthe <onntry, and havI
ud mlson the mo%t imrove pl
at pricest tcomplete wi hay One In
ulteuihBad rt te best Wests
mils. Before pia'lng yororders write
me. I als hande complete line of W
Werin 'a eneal
favin been eaablishe& in business bt
for 16 years. I have built up my trade by
ing the very hig eat -lass om'chinery.
a in a better oWn to5re tnt
my customersthauev- r before. ,
V. C. BADHAM, Columbia,'S. O.
1328 Main Street,
m-, for
U. ft. N
____ Columb
bia, S. C. Free scholarships on cc
Ra. iroad fare paid. Cheap board P
secured. Notesacetd
Ipartly be paid by workinthecol
w- .mwma..A

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