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Every farmer who mak
takes pride in exhibiting the I
show to best advantage, the
hair must be brought out; tb
snowy white and not tinged
" 1 have used it for many
tical purposes superior to any
d It leaves the skin soft and clf
4produces a beautiful growth
glossy and free from harshne
rain water, which I find is the
lather, and helps loosen all st
bthe skin.
ocoortR" ^oonnsnn nnnn
Always the Same.
Somebody has unearthed a booc1
written by arthomolew glicus,
a6k, of which on i the st
chapters is on the chil dre o
dread no perils mor/e than
'ng with a rod (be wriIs), and
they?'ae an. I;pple more /than gold,
and ake 'more sorrow and woe for
the loss of an apple than for the loss
of a heritage.
They desire all that they see, and
pray and ask with voice and with
hand. They keep no counsel, but they
tell all that they hear and see. Sud
denly they laugh, and suddenly they
weep. Always they cry and jangle;
that is, unless they be still while they
When they be washed, anon they
ther therd noa elan mome than
hem,ith aic ad spe rwl, and
aith feetmore sorrow and woetf"r
th l thei amippehan ..hels
lof h ichmaesigae. t
theyeie 120 yoa.ngtter s,c sar
then asn aw ihvcendwt
hand.cThe watepo consl b'uhe
dnthe lanv'h, rear/suddnl sten
whee.Ay Wome ryevd aFemle;
Tro i,unless thy brsti hilethey
W.e thdeyod be.:se,annte
make teseve yea agauin.e Wih
throhdrseaseuliand ometx.
with feetbled wihn andn sesto
aithoal thei ml f y ac,thttll.
toe 1264elingt as despoet retaul
ahn dis caed helas xeto
'e me n trisevea doctr Fe utl
iddtougive yursdi . Pinham'sit
Wasetrobled wimoun a urinl. heatio
acrosse smallm of mweak,es that all
gone afelited whasendnt liketapo
befre te sun ti scalnotrsa bt
reivelyttlou benuable remdy lt ise
igoned . to e MorsLdi. Pinkham
feefore Ir bogntkin your madical.
TIhose sympedors twc yr w ithes that
waste anitd awru-dow onhdiio ofathe
befrthe. I cnotl across too
hiyof Iyaete our vableles of the
trul a aboon to dmwok."
From Mrs. MELLIES E. HEnBt, Lex
ellgtaon, Te.:Ms Pnhm
wi,fens ohedc backacould notp
petite, andy hueown codtis. of also
-ystem fli coul th wl, crossl tbear
rom aetaken r bottles of E.Pik
asVegetable Compound bd ofLiel
Wash, a nw feelmake. Irecommn,u
am ale todovey woarknow.
FrmP r. POL .IESL Pw
ywke oadythes ack he fcl not
had fallen aing fASCARETmS tendbl ter
ing-don insaredch. I hav ntobe
tk cstwpon bote soe ia but aftrntk
ham' egetCablaet Compounhd nd feeul
like a.i aie t W ocan ot reopen yoough
medoCacae to. evrE womAN,o.
570iGentw Ave. Phaei, Pa.
Bie a bentkr~CA ARTS n te
aver S dspenrd $ a beGen 1tr.25b.e0
...o CUscres. FCONSTIPAO...
Etelin er dCmano, Avle..o ?hsentrn. Pa Yr. si
lerynt arnabe. iof n T asWelGoos. io
Rgd. Use SPcentyCa( o i.lO.2.O.
50EU Sprain.i ack ndAe "k
nted. EM' .i.n MY iCr. P.
l -r
es a specialty of fancy stock
inest product of his farm. To
natural colors of the wool or
e white in particular must be
with dirty brown or yellow.
years and find it for all prac
thing I have ever used. . To
ar, furnishes life to the coat,
.y.. and leaves it smooth,
ss. I use it with luke-warm
best. Thisforms a rich, oily
ubborn scales and blotches of
: Qabt. Co.. ClacduntL.O
o o o 0 0 0 0 0 0 o 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 0)
A Good Match.
"The doctor and wife seem to be
well mated." "Think so?" "Yes.
People call h!m a quack and he calls
her 'Ducky.' "-Life.
Deauty Is Blood Deep.
Clean blood means a clean skin. No
beauty without it. Cascarets, Candy Cathar
tic clean your blood and keep it clean by
otirring up the lazy liver and driving all im
4urities from the body. Begin to-day to
pnis_ pimples, boils, blotches, blackheads,
.nd that sickly bilious complexion by taking
;ascarets,-beauty for ten cents. All drug.
3ists, satisfaction guaranteed, 10c, 25c, 50c.
The Plymouth, Mass., Woolen Company
,as been incorporated, with a capital 01
400,000. G. W. Moses is president.
To Cure a Cold in One flay.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All
lr:ggists refund money if it fails to cure. 25e.
Philippines contain 123 miles of rail.
ad. So, 14.
ito-To-Baeo for Fifty Cents.
Guaranteed tobacco habit cure, malces weal
men strong, blood pure. soc. Si. All druggista.
H orsemeat constitutes chicken feed at San
Jose, Cal.
M re'. winslow'ssoothing -yrup for children
ce ting,softens the gums, reducing infiams
tion. allays pain.cures wind colic85 a bottle.
Piso's Cure tor Consumption relieves the
mst obsth'ate cough.s.-Re~v. D. BUcBMUEL
LEB, Lexington, Mo., February 24, 1N91.
An Accomplished Quleen.
It is not often that a husband and a
!rif'e are able to wish ei'&h wother
'many happy returns" on the same
day, but the King and Queen of Portu
gal are in the enviable position of be
lg able to do so, says a writer in Cas
sell's Magazine. Domn Carlos was born
an Se:ptember 28. 1S63, and his con
sort, the Donna Amelia, on the san'ra
ay just two years later. The Queen
f Portugal is a daughter of the late
Comte de Paris, and she is the most
bea.itiful queen in Europe.
There is, however, another point be
sides her beauty on which the Queen
f Portugal cnn claim to be unrivalled
Nimong the royal ladies of Europe.
What other clueen can say that she
has received a medal for savi:g life?
Donna Amelia is a strong swimmer,
and some years ago she plunged bold
ly into the Tagus and saved two chil
ren from drowning, for which brav(
:eed she received the coveted diplo
ta. The Queen still enjoys a swim.
td' any morning during tile months
f September and October she ma:y be
seen at Cascaes (the Brighton of Port
gal) swimmning further onIt to sea
than most of her subjects would care
to follow her. A cutter manned by
luejacket-s is always in attendance.
The Queen is also a daring horse
woman, and rumor says that when
first she came to Portugal she mnadv
lerself unden iab)ly unpopulair among
cetrain section of her husband's
ourt by~ this very accompishumnt
Udies and geutlemen in waiting are
probably as capable as any o:ne of ad
iring a bold andl graceful rider; but
when in addition to admiring the.1
ust, perforce, emulate also, the feel
Ing of admiration is apt to be swal
owed up by others of a more physi
rally painful nature. The Queen chose
o ride 'cross country, and to ride
ard; the envrions of Lisbon are hilly,
stony and intersected by frequecnt
alls. No matter; where the Queen
vent the gentlemen and ladies in wait
Ing had to fellow. This was some
ears ago; now the Queen keeps to the
bigh roads, and rides almost unattend
But Donna Amclia's graces are by
o means merely physical; she is an
~arnest student of theology, and she
bas also made a thorough study of
the principhs of medicine, and has
>ssed all the examinations in that
school bef'ore the faculty of Lisbon.
5;zrda That Can Grou- Newr Eyes.
The 'Tustara lizard of New Zealand
s said to be one of the most ancient
orms of animal life now existing. It
,riginally possessed four eyes, but
iow has to be contented with but two.
t lays eggs, and these take no less
han thirteen months to hatch out,
he embryos passing the winter in 'a
~tate of hibernation. These remarka
Ae animals are found only in one or
wo places in the colony, and they are
-apidly becoming scarce, as collectors
~rom every part of the world are con
inually on their track. They are about
~ighteenl inches i-1 length. and, like
any of the lizards, are said to have
he characteristic of being able to re
'lace porticns of their limbs, etc.
-hih have been destroyed. One owned
y Mr. Carl Hanser of Awanul had
he misfortune to lose an eye some
ie ago, and now a complete eye, as
~erect as the undamaged eye, has
gwn In t-he place of that lost.
Remarkable Performance of a Maniae
WhQ Jumped Overboard.
From the New York Times: The
Ward line steamer Seneca. which ar
rived here yesterday from South Cu
ban ports, brought with her W. H.
Seymour, engineer's yeoman of the re
frigerator ship Glacier, who was res
cued from drowning after he had
thrown himself from the ship into the
sea near Cape Cruz. Seymour came
aboard the Seneca at Santiago in charge
of Surgeon Burns, U. S. N., of the
cruiser Cincinnati and an attendant.
He was mentally deranged, and was
bound for St. Elizabeth's hospital for
the insane at Washington. While the
Seneca was on her way to Manzanillo
on Nov. 22 Seymour became unruly
and was placed in irons. On Nov. 22
the Seneca left Manzanillo for Cienfu
egos, and Seymour was allowed to
have the liberty of the main deck aft,
so that he might get a little fresh air
and exercise. Handcuffs were still
kept on his wrists in order to prevent
him from making any violent demon
st'lations. At 10:30 o'clock the stew
ard apeared upon the bridge and In
formed First Officer Reed whose watch
it was, that a passenger was overboard.
The ship was at once stopped and
backed up to where Seymour, who is
a large, powerful man, was seen swim
ming, handcuffed as he was, toward
the shore which was between three
and four miles distant. A starboard
boat was lowered away with all speed.
First Officer Reed took command of
the boat, and it was manned by Fred
Hausen, George Thompson, Christo
pher Knudsen and Louis Larsen, sea
men The boat made at once for Sey
mour, and he was iagged from the
water and taken back to the ship
When the maniac was overtaken he
was still swimming on his back, but
he made no resistance. From the
time the steward made his report to
the moment Seymour again stood on
the deck only fifteen minutes elapsed.
It was probably one of the speediest
rescues on record. Second ( tcer Par
ker was in his bunk when the alarm
was given. He was sent for to relieve
the first officer, but the rescue was so
speedy that it was all over before he
had reached the bridge. When Sey
mour was asked why he had jumped
overboard he said' "I thought I'd
take a bath. That was the only way I
cnuld get home."
The Wron; Record.
"No, thank goodn^ss, he isn't ceal'ing
here any inre:- exclaimed the pretty
girl in blue with a stamp of her foot.
"I verily be-"eve that that young man
wvouldn't take a hint if it was willed
to him with lifty ihousand dollars iv
goverinent bonds attached. As a
shining example of viat a wooden au
tomnaton would be in a trance. he is
e. distinct success.
"H~e called here the other evening, a-s
he had beenD doing for some time, and
I thought I would see if I could awa
ken a little enthusiasm in him. I
turned the conversation around to
Hlobson and asked him if he wourld'.
ike a chance to equal IIobson's rec
'Wouldn't i!" he exclaimed. with
glowing face, 'just1.hink of his tak-ing
that boat in there and sinking ber
without losing a man"'
"That settled 't! I yawned in hi:
face andi looked at the clock, and
slowly but positively froze that
youg man outdoors. If by any chance
ho should call here again I'll (all the
colice!"-Petrot Fren Press.
"Love and a Cough
Cannot be Hid."
It is this fact that makes
the lover and his sweetheart
happy, and sends the suf
ferer from a cough to his
doctor. 'But there are hid
den ills lurking in impure
blood. "'The liver is wrong,t'
it is thought, ''or the kid
neys." 'Did it ever occur
to you that the trouble is in
your blood?
Purify this river of life with HIood's Sair
saparilla. Then illness will be banished.
and strong. vigorous health will result.
Hood's Sarsaparillnt is the' best known, best
endorsed and most natural of all blood
atrh- "T su.ffered from rhildhood
with bcat arrh. Was entirelr deaf ir. one ear.
Jod's Sarsaparil'a enrer ime and rcet"red
oru~ heatrin'-." 31its. . S'roixEs.31idland,Tlex.
Sire r:yes--Hamnnvr in the blood made
my dau'nher's eyes sore. s r at we feared
blnd'e.a. until Hood's Sarsaparilla made
herwe" E. B. Gao:: Hnuniker, N. H.
HooIrd's Pilla cur~ liver il: n,on-irriatin.z an!
the only catharic to take w ith lHood's saraprilla.
An Adventarous Earonet.
Sir Claude Champion de Crespigny,
Bart., is credited with having more
lives than the a7erage cat and with
possessng .nore marvelous good luck
than any other personages in the pagesl
of Debrett. Here is a catalogue of his C
broken bones and the manner in which
they were sustained: Two leg bone.t
(ballooning), three arm bones (hunt-1
ing), three ribs (steeplecha.sing), one
rib (cab accident), one finger (horse ~
kick), two fingers (boxing). To this e
may be added repeatcd visitations of r
concussion of the brain, none of which. t
however, have seriously affected the e
gallant baronet's health. The name of i:
Sir Claude has not been nmentioned for e
a long while in connection with any c
thrillingly narrow escape .from some T
particularly agonizing kind of violent s
death. Perhaps it is because he has i
now reached fifty-one. In his earlier C
years episodes of this kind were fre- e
quent, as the list given will show. t
T HE pleasant method and ben
by the California Fig Syrup
of plants known to be medicinal
and acceptable to the system. I
Its perfect freedom from ev
liver and bowels, gently yet pro
In the process of manufactu-,
by a method known to the Calif
:o avoid imitations, please remeir.
Consumers of the choicest pi
->ay for cheap and worthless imit
the best of its class, an article
p.urchasers. The California Fig
and sale of its excellent liquid 1:
t nwledge of the Compn nd i
ifee yar ao,fo te peiaz
noepesn otetseadn
I o
ene a akey 9hc, ? ad
pleuhtascantmewhod i ange
oflp.ans nlon to be engeicnao
an whoceptgaled to tdh syten. yer
ts pefc t fedoSmok roea
l ito cras and boel r ely ye pro
iIn thlie, neroesso andirtakeNo-Tu
by, th od kn-orwr tte wealime
ong aoid imitatists, leors.e gremn
pay Boroea and woampless.Adres
the best wof ts lags, ahn artiempo
prches. T hen Coaif,00,00a Only
Erands ae itemlentliui.
knowlee To BoheWr Comanyantd
fifteeCatharsao, ore thenst.pioevr
.25.rIeC pleasantit,dreggste nd on
wllrassis minr arevodingo the worth
Fur day. Al
ShCoe isaonikeatkcFrer
C. . . lon drofst raleundaoe
nt the ndialea layerig axed 2
yer. bkey wc. tisad
pays pern anpont ofed No5 fto $100erouy.
es firt ay' usei ofDr. Kins pan
re rso.Setrial istl and nrgeatic free
LUwoemat to IdaoY, e es
ao, J.arriENE man s thlpet he hs-h
blr and d e ro of ig )opl therfr J .C E .
.domusiness heSCity o Tu oLie Aan
and qutatoba-oesily anthid fvrm willa
the u of NE, neUndrD DtLAe foT
, he ndcry aer.CTAn that eswannoet
;r. FEANKggts 50 r. Cre gEY.
orn. toeoet and subs rie. dinemy
r1esedyC, hichao or Necmor,.
Ein A. k at.18 nt.aA . Ca. Es O,
all'Catarr uroes aken intenar, and
Cand of th syste. cued otstionireal
old byc Dgi t. C. fi,dugssrfn oe
Coado Fminyerls are tohejo hest g
wiTot turef send st . tioRn a hre mica!
IewC.rC. Cor tllo ure dit refod tetmonals
Masann the ael: aclyer.st,~d~
is esently curew.seohands.oTereu
er, ieoer caniottle ord oe treat- e
h o weraylit oe ae, te
>N the muscle maof th ewtha roIsth
y motiornr uo te fiorehea F. and'
ek.nns, ne in ouhae i les, rub.
opond aay re m yorfac, ex-sidrmwl
stin theymo Ore prepared DOLLArs os
om adryo as kof AU th at uner
nd cureir byteusess The H.Ly CoAn
Sy the befort m sapsnd powdbers, ind,y
faeregularly ths thdrect e to
eggy reaotedy yoblic
HalsCt r-Cr stkn neni n
Lcsdrcl nteblo n uossr
- iU -
ingfia effetsed of they relnw plesnt
Companye fullusae o the Companyf prta
lyuastibe anpefsentisng the inatl
tsyup Comne pefetvirngten ing the a
xte YSemy EFFEU ALLYIG. t a
urpobeonablnufaityn and selling
orely weeithout wneaetnin oriither .
n fig re ompas teffrs,y atpest
bthaiornia Fig Syrup Compan: no
bess itflation manfacturedaby othrr
a ~ uetion..T oeit n~ra ea
mAs thoroupablu oftsyn th sub
jectp Coany provng hat crop thil
uxtiremanyb pYreveted F it asi
ferot.er Caifniga FiaSre
purcenae of Pofatngansellng
oe eecal litleffo nsbect n ohe
Potshe writtenbys aethoritis, isatee
wuld fk mot emiento pheyicans.r Ase to
cst ifitaiony mautried y fohr
The Poash t,NwYck
Quto ti ae t i:o.n.Icttet
jrect hrdaspoentha cro.fil
ures an beprevnted, by.using
fertiFer1contain n- a arg
. .caderge Cofmotsh:icno.
patom can r.-b ow writalehot oas,
. Wqae Deav.Oe w e l t et e nt.o One subjt. o
- Ptash, ritten . b. y an hr.Uxini nati.w.
wodiket sen t vy f aheomer, f do r o in
Bstie al l rt n so uie
a~ IC d 1i~. .u rinot [ivte inI
aend runn'. ~i
cjlg o tol . , lfl
clubs: fi nd Ia ,
plaersn c . o~O
Send fr C.sato;:C.o, ,ase ac aTI t r Gn .
nero so wh a ne t aaigL O#7
- ;I
ly mPO Fo,mauacue
-in th iqi laaipicpe
e fom mot rereshng t thetast
ce, and its acigS anufactuedns
the,ia i the ideald laxative.e
e omms ersigto the taste
der to get its beneficial effects, and
ted on the front of every package.
. about the same price that others
d and to be everywhere considered
its and tastes of the best informed
ighest success in the manufacture
become important to all to have a
Company was organized.more than
t laxative remedy which would be
nown. The great value of the
by the sale of millions of bottles
e true and genuine remedy named
Sonly, the knowledge of that fact
4Per Boltle.
Sen wis to sin th ser r0Oi
-1PgIODr,yadish. 0c
- P e. EIesLe Bet 1C
1"CaIifornza Fg Tomato, c
i 3 " Brilliant Flower Seeds, 1.'c
- ot.$1.00, for -14 e ents, "1.i4 I
~~ 1* irie, together wit oh
ra l of ht noedCata o no E
- obwen you once try ~zer's
- onts Onion edS. nd
-- ~ .bl.Oata gnae e 'so.A
J('IiN A. 'A.. .GL.D t).. .ACROSSE. 9 :S.
I It i n as matter to claim that a
rem t(I y h, s w.'onderfuli eurative power.
'I he manufacturers' of
le aveit tolIt hosewhavefenpermfa
rently and positialy> cured-fR:l
.'ris.C ) to m:k.- e ms. Amiong those
who have recent. y written us volunta.
ry lette:s saying ther had been cured
are: Reiv. J. b. Foster. Raleigh. N. '..;
I tr. .T. E. i ohinsoni, Edm'r. Goldsboro,
N. C Daily Argus;Mr A.Daus.a prom
inent merehnflni. iaco", G ..Mr.W.R.
Unike,a railrs'ad man.Kansas City,Mo.
kenmiede Will 'lure You.
Maru c ture.i hv The BOBBITT DRUG CO.
El 1,E141H. N. (
oll ty rte:tgeeraliy. Price 8I1perbott'e
DO 0r Smalley and t.
OtD e Creek self-feed
standrd of the world.
Also all sizes of Cicclarx
SBaws, and the celebrated
AWS B. C. Picket ill
JIorsePowersfor oper
ating. ElloaMachinery,
Feed Mills, Root Cat.
ters, Corn S~hellers.
mi.L.Y MFG. CO.,seUeakers,ManIwo,Wia,
' g;; "Thrilling Stories
of the Spanish American War
y Returned~Heroes," ".th nt
shed. For terms ad territory, address
. E. LUTHER PUB. CO., Atlanta, Os.
E CAN'T fl5T
c do-we don't
~nowhowto. We Is the best that can be
an make poorcr made. It costs you no
wn chae inzk, more than the poorest."
unny booklet "H ow to Make Ink Pictures "free.
ARTER'S INK CO.. Boston, Mass.
se.Book of tesumoniassad10d 'tramn
'ree. Dr. K. H C5'V'Ir'C CoWS En; D, Atlanta 0.
MPand Whiskey Esb1t
out Book of par
OP rdL t om wth
tisent FREE.
eurious Way in Which the t uallpi Deposit
Was Found.
A favorite story among the Arizona
miners is one regarding the curious
way that the Hualipi mines near
Kingman were discovered. The 10
cality had long been known to have
gold and silver wealth. Hundreds of
prosrectors had vainly hammered
away bits of outcropping rock and
had dug prospect holes throaghout the
region until the country looked pock
marked. A few thousand aollars had
been wasted, too, in feeble attempts
at gold mining. But all the prospect
ors had finally abandoned the region.
Two cowboys on their way across the
Territory fiom Ash Fork to the Col
orado R:-er in the summer of 1880
camped seven miles north of where
Kingman has since grown up on the
line of the Santa Fe. They had sev
eral sticks of dynamite with them for
use when they reached the Colorado
River. They hat the dynamite at a
safe distance from where they rested
and camped, among some boulders.
The next day was so hot and the
horses and men were so weary that
the journey was delayed another day.
Along in the afternoon when the ther
monmeter ranged from 110 degrees to
117 degrees in the shade, the dynamite
in some unexplained way, . went off.
Of course, the cowboys went over to
see wLat the dynamite had done, and
'n looking about among the broken
rock they saw even with their unprac
deed eyes that it had opened some
very promising gold ore specimens.
An assayer at Prescott later report
ed that the rock was worth from $700
to $800 a ton. But the cowboys -sold
their mines before any development
had begun upon tLem for $2,000 alto
gether. 1'rom that time to this the
Hualini mine has been worked. It
has had half a dozen sets of owners
and has made each set rich. The pres
ent owners have had it since March.
1801, and have gotten as high as $25,
000 a month from the property. Not
only that, but the accidental explosion
cf the dynamite on that hot summer
day led to more careful prospecting-of
that region on new lines of Investiga
tion, and the widely known camp of
Chloride, Ariz., .is one result. The
camp 1ias yielded $6,000,000 to the
wealth of the world, and now the San
ta Fe railroad Company is building a
branch road there to aecommodate its
great mining bvinesc.-New York
iicanrugs Frem the Snops.
Flannel matinees lavishly trimmei
with cream lace and ribbon.
New muslins with dainty rosebuds
scattered closely over the surface.
Yokes and high collars made of
white satin covered with cream lace.
Cameo brooch pins surrounded on
the outer edge by mosaic enamelling-.
Linen and duck ,uits showing strap
ped seams and insertings of embroid
Lace bows of point d'Alencon at
tached to a stock collar of - shirred
Light pink and blue muslins with
large rose designs interspersed w'.th
black polka dots.
Pearl-gray cloth costumes trinimed
with white satin and endless ro'ws of,
machine stitching..
Many new stock collars -finished
with square or circular tabs -4a-he
back, variously trimmed.
White ribbons in varioup widths
showing designs of cherries and their
iaves in natural shades.
Bodices of cream.guipure having the
principal portion of the Vattern out
ied with gray chenille.
Dark-red cloth walking Jacaets
piped on the edge with black velvet
outlined with gold and black braid.
Dry Goods Economist
Re Gets the Worst.
"Eleanor, when we are married, will
you love me well enough to cook for
me?" "Yes, dear Henry; but you will
have to hire somebody else to do my
cooking.-Detroit Free Press.
We are State Agents for and Make -a
Specialty of Equipping Modern Ginning -Out.
fits with the-iproved
the simplest and best.
we also control the IMPROVED MRA
FEEDER, the simplest andmost efietGin
e derin existence.
Machinery and Mill1 supplies of all kinds
at Tianufactrures' Prcs.
Now Is the time to pla'e anuor fra
rhrehing Machin~e. Get the best from us.
stt Agent Liddell Co.,Eagle CottonGinC4
L. B. -MI H, AGENT. Mul ins, S. C.
Cntracts Taken to Furnish Complets
Eqi pments for
One of the la-gest manufacturers of 3'lou,
M ill Machine' in the e oUntry, and hain
ud ml. on the mo-t Improe pns ad
at prices to complet.e wi ii any one in the
trae We guar.tee the prdcafout
mills to eua the grades oet best Wotrn
mills. Befr pla'ing yororders write to
me. I als handle copeeline of Wood.
Working lMachinerly, Saw lYs11l, Ene -
gnes, 1oiers, and corn 3flhlaand Ms.
chinery 'n General. h
for 16 years. I have bitup my trade by sell
ing the very hig est --lass of m<chinery and
am in a better piton to serve the interest et
my customersthm ev, r before.
V. C. BADHAW, Oolumbia, 5. 0,
1326 Main street.
Upward. Writs
me for Cat
_____ -- Columbia, 8. C.
. ofrthe C1um
ba- Business
b, S. C. Free scholarship on conditions.
a road fare paid. Cheap bard. 'Positions
secured. Notes accepted. Epnses 4.oan
partly be paid by woring in theo ege oMw.s
a .ws asas, r -.

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