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o's New Tarifm.
taric which will go
March 1, raises the duty
. all kinds and their com
from 20 cents to $1 per
Children's tricycles without
es must pay 25 cents per
ogram instead of 20 cents. as now.
"He Laughs Best
Who Laughs Last."
A hearty laugh indicates a
degree of good health obtain
able through pure blood. As
but one person in ten has
pure blood, the other nine
should purify the blood with
Hood's Sarsaparilla. Then
they can laugh first, last and
all the time, for perfect hap
piness comes with good heatth
Hood's Pm cure liver ills: the non-irritating and
only cathartic to take with Hood's Sarsaparilla.
In the Philippines the law .;hich re
lates to the property of married pec
Die_is entirely in favor of the wife.
Any property a bride may possess is
never by any chance settled upon the
husband, and if he is poor and she
well off, he can only become at most
an administrator of her possessions.
After death, unless she has executed
a deed in her husband's favor, under
a lawyer's eye; the property goes to
her children and blood relations, but
none to her husband.
A married woman retains her maid
en name and adds to it that of her
-isband with the prefix "de" and the
taldren bear the names of both par
The husband symbolically endows
the bride with all his worldly posses
sions after tho marriage. In fact, it is
clearly a case in the Philippines of
"what's yours is mine and what's mine
is my own," as far as the women folk
are concerned.
A woman with the blues is a very un
comfortable person. She is illogical,
unhappy and frequently hysterical.
The condition of the mind known as
"the blues," nearly always, with wo
men, results from diseased organs of
It is a source of wonder that in this
age of advanced medical seience, any
person should still believe that mere
force of will and determination will
overcome depressed spirits and nerv
ousness in women. These troubles are
F'indications of disease.
Every woman who doesn't under
-stand her condition should write to
Lynn, Mass., to Mrs. Pinkhiam for her
advice. Ber advice is thorough com
mon sense. and is the counsel of a
learned woma -i of great experience.
Bead the story of Mrs. F. S. BENNErr,
Westphalia, Kansas, as told in the fol
lowing letter:
"lDEAE MRS. Pnmor:-I have suf
fered for over tw.o years with falling,
enlargement and ulceration of the
womb, and this spring, being in such
a weakened condition, caused meto
flow for nearly six months. Some time
ago, urged by friends, I wrote to you.
' for advice. After using the treatment
which you advised for a short time,
that terrible now stopped.
"I am now gaining strength and
flesh, and have better health than I
have had for the past ten years. I
wish to say to all distressed, suffer
ing women, do not suffer longer, when
there is one so kind and willing to~
aid you."
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound is a woman's remedy for wo
man's ills. More than a million wo
men have been benefited by it.
farmer who raises fruits,
vegetables, berries or
grain, knows by experience
the importance of having a
large percentage of
in his fertilizers. If the* fer
tilizer is too low in Potash the
harvest is sure to be small, and
of inferior quality.
Our books tell about the proper fertilizers
for all crops, and we will gladly send them
fre? lo any farmer.
o:: Nassau$-. New Yorki.
fore you say it's to good. -I' sold under
a GUARANTEE, a;.d w.ith thousAnds of
merchansh:.ndlingit weha-e had but few
tottels returned. It will CUR-E Croup,
Coughs, Colds, Rheumatism and all
Aches and Fa1ns.
so. 21.
51i1ious ness
"I hve sedyour valuable CASCA
RETS an n rmper!cct. Couldn't do
without hm I hvusdthem for some time
(or indigestion a,d biliousness and am now corn
p lesel.y cured. Recommend them, to ev;ery one.
Once tried. you wi: nevecr be without them in
the family. EDw. a MARx, Albany. N. Y.
easane'. Paeaab. eo er.. Gaste 20oo .
Sterlig r,-,-.; Ow%nny. C'4eegn, Xontrea?. er York. 3S1
0-*TO-BAG Sie~nraecdval
Why She Was Away-A Wrecked Fad- "
The Exception-Their Up-to-Dato Cro- *
dentials- Their Horrible Mistake-. g
Fuly Explair ed-Hear Him Out, Etc. +
IIe walked to'ard home with rapid strides, .
H. dear young wife to greet;
Sometimes she coaldn't wait, and so,
She'd meet him on the street.
But, O:'. this time the house was dark,
The blinds were all drawn tig!.t,
The dinner dishes, still unwashed,
Were scattered left and right.
No frying beefsteak could he hear,
Nor boiling cof<ea smell;
The once bright home was turned to gloom,
For what he could not tell.
Dat through the mist that filled his eyes
He saw a dainty note;
He opened it and quickly read:
"Dear 3ohn, I've gone to vote."
-Detroit Free Press.
A Wrecked Fad.
"Do you keep chickens?"
"Can't say I do. They were all o
stolen last night."--Clevelnd Plain
The Exception.
She-"All the world loves a lover."
Despairing Suitor-"Yes, exceit
ing the other fellow who loves the
same girl."-Life.
Their UVn-to-Date Credentialc.
"But the family hasn't the hall mark s
of ancient lineage, has it?" n
"No. Just the dollar mark of c
present success. "-Cleveland Plain I
Dealer. k
Their Horrible Mistake.
Editor's Wife-"Wake up! There o
are burglars in the house, John!"
Editor-"Well, what of it? Let ,
them find out their mistake, them- ?
selves!"-Puck. c
Fully Explained.
"Breakfast late again-and I got
Bridget up at five o'clock."
"Yes, Harry; but you mustremem- c
ber it takes slow people such an aw.
ful long time to be slow."--Puok. I
Hear Him Oat.
Waggle-"Yes, sir, a man never t
knows what happiness is ,until he
marries- "
Mrs. W.-"I'm gladto hear yousay t
"And then it is too late."--Life. f
A Guarantee of Quietness. t
"Are you sure that the room you
have to let is quiet?"
"Ah! Best assured of that. There
is a singer in the next room, and it a
must be ouiet or she couldn't prac
A Sharp flint. f
Father (calling from the head of the
stairs at 1.30 a. m.,."F annie!" t
Fannic-"Yes, pap; is it?' C
.Father- "I wish you a~c ask a
that young; man where he wou901ike t
to have his trunk put whenit comes."
-Chicago News.
A Uypocrite- t
Diggiu' bait?"
Tommy-"Dat's de bluff he makes,.
but it's me private opinion dat he's
spadin' do garden fer his mudder."
New York Journal.
MIust Try Something Else.
Binks-"Say, old man, do you know l2
of any cure for insomnia?" v
Jinks,"Counting 1000 is said to be n
a remedy." P
Binks-"Confound it; that's what n
everybody tells rme, but the baby's ii
too young ~t count."--Phladelphia u
A DeciddAdAAntane.
He-"I guess it is pretty well
settled that the new people we have
been taking will not be allowed full
citizenship." c
She-"Oh, won't it be nice to think i
that there are some people belonging ~
to us who cannot call themselves just
as good as we are?"-Indianapolis .d
ournal. h
Looking For a Grievance.
"It's hard to be happy, once you've e
gotten a reputation for saying say- d
eastic things," remarked the sad-eyed a
man. h
"What's the trouble?" A
"I've lost another friend. I com- t
plimented him on being the most
ool-headed person I ever saw. He t
took it as an allusion to the fact that .
e is totally bald. "-Washington Star.
The Unexpected Answer. P
Hearing a faint rustle in the dark h
hallway below, the elder sister, sup- g
osing the young man h'e.d gone,T
eaned over the balustrade and called tI
"Well, .Bessie, have you lauded ti
him?" ci
There was a deep, sepulchral silence ti
for some moments. It was broken by ni
the hesitating, constrained voico,e f
the young man: a.
"She has.''-Doston Jour'nal. ci
"Nellie,' spoke the youie;. with an
'.ir of coc.idence, "only say the word
a::a you and I will sail'lcgether on
he rough sea of life, bravely buffeting t1
wares. tri:n"mg onr sails to meet 11
Ie adverse trinds th't-' It
"Go, Geoffrey,'' interrupted the ic
midu. "Yot jn this age of the si
wold. Thke main who takes me on g
tat journey Sust offer me a first ti
abin passa' on a steamer." c
Whe -n Geoffrey sailed out of
er p.csence with a decided list to
e, . What's is:cc th a
ScGInt-:1b'c riome?*'
1t t:3 .erV Ilie 0 V
_____ +ry I:7.:y t o 1ui:sih 'a'
teIlsai sar;::t'r'rr- *t*
nItre, Rofrigera- "
,.. t r.a. PAc'ure-,, L_- -
Pricc f- tn73, ivemr re, *
Mirror', naby Carr'a,e?, S-orc.: i:dc;ing, *_
U pholstery Uoods, Clocks, CrLckerr, Tin-'
waro, etc.
Catalogue No. 59 rhows wonderful tar
'ains in P..:oa, Organs, B:cyc:es and .
Bew,ng Machinea.
Our IC-color Lithozraphed Catalogue
No. .i shows Car;ots, Rugs. ..rtieres :i:d
Laco Cur:ains in han:d-painted e'or.
Carpet sewed and ihued fre., and freig t..
We manufacturo **
Clothic (t5.50 to "
$2l.90) cut t o your *\
measure, guaran- ,
anteed to fir. and .
nrepay expressa'. t.s
e o 7hows amples 29/
Cloth and many N./ a
har:ains in Shoco, . / ' i,
Hat-'. Mackintosh- "y
e?, and Gcu:' Fur' rricc 3.50. :,
Why ray retail prices when yon can
buy eica per than your local dealer? All j
catalogues are free. Address this way :
Dept. 310 Baltimore, Md. -r,
Ee Russians Make Further Study of Or
ental Peculiarities.
The russians have been making
mething of a study of Chinese man-;
ers and etiquette, and their periodi
als are reporting what has been
arned. The latest number of Russ
iriestnik says it is not surprising that
e Celestrials consider Europeans
abarians when they see continually
hat they consider bad manners and
reaches of etiquette on the part of
*hite men. The proper thing, accord
1g to the Chinese notion, is diametri
ally opposed to the European Idea.
or instance, when a Chinese wel
omes a visitor to his house, he does
ot remove his hat, if he happens to
are it on. He puts his hat on if he is
aught without it. The seat of honor
t the table is at the left of the host.
t would be considered an offence if
se guest inquired about the health of
he hostess, or, still worse, expressed
desire to be presented to her. A
hinese takes offence if told that he
oks younger than he is. The older
he man the more he is respected, inde
endently of his qualities, and, there
ore, a Chinese wishes to appear older
aan he really is. He willingly for
ives many offences, but should any
ne happen to tread on his foot he
ill refuse to accept the most humble
pologies. When a son-d!es in a Chinese
,mii the bereaved father considers
proper to show strangers a smiling
ountenance, no matter what his suf
rings may be.
The Russian newspaper asserts that
acre is a -'finister of Etiquette in
ina known as I.i-joy. Ancient books
manners are accepted by him as au
ority. Th~e books include 200 vol
ns. Some of the rules are Dracon
nin their severity. A Chinese can
t even build a house according to his
~sie. No matter how rich he is It is
t proper for him to build a finer
a higher house than that of his
igbor if the latter happens to be of
perior rank socially. In Chinese
ruette there are eight vaieties Qf
e bow. Ignorance of Chinese ideas
propriety with regard to the bow
soften caused embarrassment.
A Chinese. displeased with his situa
on, will not tell his employer the real
~ason for resigning, but will give
or healtih or the death of a relative
a pretext for leaving. Such things
.e led many persons to regard the
uese as insecure, but this does
er injusticC. They are also unjust
cosidered to be cold, unemotiona!
d indifferent to the sufferings of
thers. As a matter of fact this ap
earance of stolidity is only a spec!.
en of the wonderful self-control, and
e iron force of character with which
s race Is endowed.
hscians Treatmecnt That Is Gnar.
i-iteed to Be Efreat1ve.
Dr. 3. C. Ross writes from Manches
r, 'England, in regard to the epidemic
grip in America. Hle says no mat
r how severe the form of the affec
n may be, it can be cured if proper
treated with decoction of cinnamon
'thin 24 hours of its appearance. His
Lethod, established og eight years'
ractice on cases 'of this class, is by
Leans of cinnamon administered in
.rge and repeated doses, so as to sat
rate the tIssues of a patient suffering
me fever of m!crobic origin, which.
us from a fitting nidus becomes an
afitting nidus for the reception of the
irobe. The microbe then ceases to
cursh and the fever runs a mild
iurse. If the disease has existed for
hours and upward the treatment
~acica!y yields no result whatever.
7here the symptoms have not been
~veloped more than three or four
ours the patient can return to hi's
ark within 48 hours. The method of
eatment is, if the influenza has not
tisted for more than 24 hours, to or
r the patient to take half an ounce
decoction of cinnamon every half
our until six dosas have been taken.
fter this half-ounce doses are to be
ken every hour untIl f4l hours have
apsed from the commencement of the
eatment. At the expiration of the
Ihours the same dose is to be re
ated every two hours untif' the temn
:ature falls to normal. After that
if an ounce of the decoction is to be
yen four times a day for tw~o days.
he patient is instructed not to leave
a house for 24 hours after the tem
~rature has become normal. SoraZ
es the patients complain that the
mnamon makes them feel sick, but
ore is good reason to belicve that in
:-h cases the feeling of nausea arises
m the influence of the grip on the
imentary canal, and not from the
mmon, because in every case where
C teatmnt has been persistently
ainued the nausea has ceased
Adve-nturous Cireer.
ol. Funston of the Kiansas regiment
at recently distir.guished itself in
Philippines is only 28 years old.
is saidJ "he has been a reporter,
ught Indians, explored Death valley,
ent two years in Alaska, been as
stant secretary of the Topeka & San
,Fe ragroadI, served under Gomez
ba In twenty-three fights,
oaAunddan was ck for te
n e of-Easc
eb resttb
;~ r 0 0 Swollen, Sorn
ing, Sweating Feet and In
s ing i ails. Allen's Foot-Ease makes nev
or tight shoes easy. At all druggists anc
shoe stores 25 ets. Sample mailed FREE
Address, Alien S. Olmsted, LeRoy, N. Y,
-Probably 6,000 spindles and 200 loom
will be added by the Griffin, (Ga.) Mann
facturing Company.
A Wonderful General Remedy.
Dr. Sloan's Liniment iskuown by borsemel
the world ovae r. Tt:e fact that it can be us
in any way that any liniment can be usei
makes it invalua.le for strains, sprains, sore
ness in muse-es and similar purio.es. 'lh
fact. furthermore. that this remedy is re
:ma kabl - in its penetratinc qualities is great
ly in i-s fav<,r. Where Sloan's Linimenti
used the necessity of excessive rabbin-e I
d ' .e away with. as it penetrates quickly'i
the seat of the trouble and thus relieve- paii
with ut the ne-ssity of undue fric'ios
which is liable to make swollen or nflame:
joints. tender muscles ant tendons stil
worse. Dr. ilonn's Liniment c"n be givei
with great advantage internally in cases o
col;c. cramt, etc. This famous remedy wi:
also be found as valuable for the use of mat
either in:ernally or externally.
A copy of his Treatise on the Horse, whicl
is replete with much- useful and valuabl- in
to: mation in rega-d to the cire if this nobl
animal. will be sent to any person writing D
Sloan. Boston, Mass.. for it.
-A cotton mill is to be erected at Mo
bile. A:a.
I 'ae found Pi-o's Core for Ccnsumptioi
an un,ailin med-clne. F.R. LoT,180 ::cot
St,, Covington, Ky., Oct. 1,18S.
-America has 519 manufacturers o
leather gloves.
Beauty Is Blood Deep.
Clean blood means a clean skin. e
beauty without it. Cascarets, Candy Cathar
tic clean your blood and keep it clean, by
stirring up the laz liver d driving a im
purities from e in to-day tt
aanish rnpl bu s, blackheads
and that sickly biious comple::nn by-takini
ICascarets,-beauty for,teh cer. All drug
gists, satisfaction guaraned, 10c, 25c, 60c.
-J. A. Bright, of Mitchell county, raise
y300 worth of rice on seven acres of lan
last year.
Don't Tobacco Spit and Smoke Tofr I.fe Away.
To quit tobacco easily and forever, be mag
ntic, full of life, nerve and vigor, take No-To
Bac, the wonder-wori.'er. that makes weak me
strong. All druggists, tOo or 1. Cure guaras
teed. Booklet and sample free. Addres:
Sterling Remed, Co., Chicago or New Yorls
-There are 58 canals of business Im
portance within the limits of the Unite
Old Case of Tetter in Toes.
"C1RAWr0=TILLB. FLA.: Totterine Is wortd
more than its weight in gold to me. One appli
ration cured me of tetter in mytoesof seven (
years' stanning. John 31. Towles." It cures al
skin :iseases. At druggists CO cents box. or b,
mail postpaid from J.T.Shuptr:ne,Savaunah,Ga
-Illinois has a State Board of Examiner
of Horseshoers.
tNo-To-Bac for Fifty Cents.
Cuaranteed tobacco habit cure, makes weal
men strong, blood pure. 500,51. All druggists
.-Berlin is telephonically connected wit:
115 ether cities.
.t rs. Winslod'ssoothing Syrup for childret
ieethinc,softensthe gums. reducinginflama
ticr, a:ays pain.cures wind colic 2, a bottla
-Sice 1841 the cultivated area of Irelan,
ias dwindled from about 4,000,000 acres t
We will give &100 reward for any case 0
ratarrh that c annot be cured wit-i Hall':
CatarrhCure. Taken internally.
FJ.Car.SzY & Co., Props., Toledo, O
-At Des Moines. .a., the Iowa Kn1ttin
Cmpany has been Incorporated with a $25
4n Excellent Combination.
The pleaant method and beneficial
effects of the well known remedy.
STRUP OF FIGS, manufactured by the
CALIORNIA FIG SynUP Co., illustratc
Ithe value of obtaining the liquid lasa
Itive principles of .plants known to be
medicinally laxative and presenting
them in the form most refreshing to thec
taste an d acceptable to the system. It
i the one perfect strengthening laxa
tie, cleansing the system effectually.
diselling colds, headaches and fevers
getly yet promptly and enaming one
to overcome habitual constipation per
manently. Its perfect freedom fronm
every objectionable quality and sub
stance, and its acting on the kidneys,
liver and bowels, without weakening
or irritating them, make it the ideal
In the process of manufacturing figa
are used, as they are pleasant to tht
taste, but the medicinal-ualities of the
remedy are obtaine'd from senna and
other aromatic plants, by a method
known to the CALIFroRNIA FIG Srnui
Co. only. In order to get its beneficial
efects and to avoid imitations, please
remember the full name of the Compan3
printed on the front of every package.
For s ale by all Druggists.-Price 50c. per bottlo
--At Nyack, N. Y., a new knitting ml
known as the Nyack Knitting Company ha
been incorporated.
To Cure a Co'id in One Dlay.
Take Laxative Bromoi QuInine Tablets. Al
brug c Its refund money if It fails to cure. 25.
-The very finest brand of Havana cigc
fetches $1,500 a thousand in Paris.
To Curo Constipation Forever.
Take Cascarets Candy Cathaanic. 10c or25c
aj C. C. C. fan to cure, druggists refund money
--The workable area of coal beds in Co)
orado is 10,100 square miles.
Edcato Your' Bowela With cascarees.
Candy CathartiC, curo constipation forever
lc, lSa. If C. C. C.fall, druggistarefunldmoney
--New Orleans is to have a permanent in
dtrial exposition.
-'Ahat' exclaimed Cheops, as the pyr
amid builders put the finishing touche:
on the great structure. "I will nom
cnvince these insurance companies
Ithat it is possible to construct an ab
colutely fireproof ofice building."
Philadelhia Record.
Fecollar BuddhIst Custom.
A custom peculiar to Buddhists i.
that of wandering about the country
with hammer and chisel and carvi
holy symbols upon rocks by the way
To eures e
Ayer's Sarsaj
Medicine of A
Old friends, old wine
trusty kinds. For half a
hsbeen the Sarsaparilla
hen they were sick and wa
inone too good for you, y
te ordinary kind.
Do the p)eople of New York State
know that consumption. cr tubercu
Ilosis, is surely coming under the con
Strol of sanitary science and that the
death rate from that disease, which
I has been 'the cause of one-seventh of
the total mortality, is already visibly
dimainishinlg? asks the New York
Times. The decrease has amounted to
near ly 1 per cent. a year for thela
four of five years. It is not untn
able to expect that withi4 years
- tuberculosi~i ecome one of
~amflde, and that within
a generation or two it will have
been practically ~stamped out in
Neow York, like smallirox. It is not
cure, it is prevention. that is doing
this work. Just as typhoid infection
esmes in a very great ma.iority of
cases from drin1ring-water. so the germ
of consumption finds its way into the
human system~ largely in milk and
dairy products. Our good friend the
COW is the great source of this dread
-ful infection. Sanitary science deter
-mined some years ago that we must
kill our good friend the cow as soon
as she gets consumptive; and that in
-order to make sure of her good or ill
health we must establish regular In
specion of dairy herds by health
boards having authority to kill all
animals fond to be infected. It is
through this inspection and slaughter
ing of the infected that we owe the
decrease in the number of cases of
Th moenhg ls locomotive
AeSLlUed *rrr1t2 anrams . rite or
terms. C. B. Anderson & Co.,: Elm St., Dallas, I ex.
DRilS IEASLIR ~eeken uante.
.f" i~ Thompson's Eye Water
Et. B. Fare ra!d. Actual Butsiness. Free
FTuition to one of each sex in every county of
*your state. WRIT E QUICK to
GA.-A LA. BU5. COL LtGE, llacon,Ga.
T EETiiiliG
Oldest Lighthonsr.
The oldest liglr thouse in existence is
believed to be that at Corunna, Spain.
It was built in the reign of Tra.ian and
reconstructed in 1534. England and
.France have lighthouses which have
,been built by the Roman conquerors.
The famous Cordovan tower of France;
at the mouth of the Giroade, in the
bay of Biscay, was completed in 1611,
in the reign of Henry IV. After stand
jag 287 years it was still considered to
be one of the best lighthouses in the
world, although its height has been
aonoy refunded by your ii
)arilla is the
Luld Lang, Syne
and the old doctor are the
which the peop!e have boug-ht
ited to be cured. If the best
ou will get Ayer's. One bottle
~ains the strength of three of
IFor -man or beast
E es-is that it Pntae
* ting rubbinrg--andkisth
Faiyandi $afo 6fzes
.old by Deale:-s gener-a!y.
Dr. Est & .Sican, Eosf0on, Mass.
Sc. 21.
4 98 ...
* The above figures tell & remarkableI
4percentage o:. cures made by
th'e w'onderful new c.ostitu.tio al cure
4orfRhlEU.\ZA ISL Th- othar" r cent.I
w.er u ut curab e, or failed to th.e medi
d1 cine acco)rding 10o diredt:ons.'l housandsI
(have been cured. inview of the factthat
4 mno n py icint~ that reuis I
*it must be true that RHEU3IACID)E isI
,tercastreia es : crn ofthe age.
a rri. as. n c ur t re to al lo anpl I
Sold by Drug;;ists generally at $10)~
per bottle.
3P t'ro an otatoe ai"i h lnnt. Lr
?rr~C ate vry! t' .i r ns in i 1 and ~
joiIln~ States. end~ < rderz au-1 I guarantae satis
NOR MAN H. BLITCH, Meggett, S, 0
Best t gh --ErEp TA So. e
D ieO PSM"*W
ces. Bookc of tesr.monias. nd 10 dave' treatmen
,A t DigestioR,
FFETT'S Regnliete the Bowels,
TEETHINA Relieves the
POW~JERSCh!!dren of lAy Ag.
Spaldings AtMietic Library Should be ugiSby
every boy who w.nt, to become an athlete.
I lo t& i;eau Ati- Guide. (ia11Guide.
1all,'H w t i'iayFoot 0o. 85.A Ofilseti .
oo 2. c1eeth tic ~o. 92. Oficial A. A.U.
No. 37. All Arond Ath o.935 Offc Base Bal
th e Ba w to P unic. . iow to be aBi
No.8. owto Tain. cyc e Champion.
Send! for catalogue of aul sport,.
New York. D)enver. Chicago.
m.aat, so why not t... .it
Which Is Easily Cured at
The Remedy builds up the system-in e*sry
way. removing per nontlysnydOsire rd
*andto 'e *LeinurD ug.Alptiet ewe
under fthe care of skiledgi Al tlute pb ys1c1e
who is a veteran graduate of the cur and diz
years ezalusively in KEELY work.Wrtfo
literature. Large mansion. steam
:.arge Piazz'a'
The Only KEELEY INSTITUTE In the State
Cotton Elevating and Ginning Machinery.
We make a specialty o equipping oom,
e Improved Murray Air istributing Sys
te, the -implest. most effmiIent and practi.
eel cotton ha dli gap aratus on the ma r.
ket. No spike b "1t distributior, no o+ erflow
of order or brek down, no expnse for re
pairs. greatly improved sam ple of cotton.
Write forcatalogue Threshing .laohines.
the best on the maket at bottom prices,
the Farquhar. Now is the time to buy.
W. H. GIBBES& CO., Columbia, S. C.,
S. C. Agency.
Liddell & Co Chaiote N. C.: Eagl Cottan
idell. BridgewaIter Mass' A. g Ct
bar Co., York, Pa.; StraubSaon'y Co.. in
cinnat, Ohio.
Contracts Taken to Furnish Complete
Equipments for
One of the la"gest manufacturers of Flour
1,14I Machinery in tie tountry. and having
p erienced in w"riget-, I am prepared "
buiid =ilia on the mot improved plans and
at prices to complete wi. h any one in the
trade. We guarsntee the products of ovi
mills to equal the arades or the best Western
mils. Before plasf ng your ordcrs write to
me. I als " handle complete line of Wood.
Working ltachineryc Saw MUls1, Ea'
ges, Boilers, and Corn Ellis and Ma.
gi~hnery in General.
Raring been eetablishe& in business here
for 16 years. I have built up my trade by sell.
leg the very big :eat class of m-iobinory. and
am in abetter position to serve the interest of
my customers than ev.rbefore.
V. C. BADHAM, Columbia, S. C.
1=2 .1ain Streekt
Ltpsva:d. Write
- ~ ior for
nes. Terms
EASY. Address
M. fi. MALOMB,
Columbia. S. C.
Why take
Nauseous Medicines?
Are you suffering with
Are you suffering with
S.re you subject to COLIC, FLA.TU
LE 50 7 or PAINS ini the
Do you suTer from RETENTION or
Do you feel L ANGUOR,ad
ITATED in the morn
Aromatic Schiedam
Pleasant to Takte, Stimulating,
Diuratic, Stauahio, Ahsoiutely Pare.
South Garolina ispnsary.
)There are 8t spokes in the two wheels
of a Columbia bicycle. They represent
poeeints of superiority over any other
- L UullillllA! - '![-!!f
Hu ne e adopted the Columbia Stud
uband direct tangent spoke over
7,500,000 of these spokes have been In
use. We have yet to hear of one break
ing from any cause excepst coliision or
other violent accident. The stud hubs
obviate all jpending and twisting of the
spkenyou compare Columbia, Hart
ford and Vedette bicycles part for part
with other wheels you find good reasonr
Ifor their recognized superiority.
PRICES, $75 to $25..
POPE MFG. CO., Harord, Conn.
LOEN~II 1R0iH 0H8Ii & SUPPLI f90
WSTyTDass o a ea?cth tht** *S
Co., NewYurk, for 10 samples and 1'O testimonials.
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