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This Idea Prevails in the 'tinn
Station#. But it is Nct Substan lated
by OMcors' Records.-Offcerp' ives
in the Way at 3Xanna.
Married men are only enlis d in
the regalar army of the United tates
by consent of the Colonel comm. din;
the regiment in which they a ly to
serve, or by special permissio of the
War Department. This reqipremenT
is conspicuously posted in the recruit
ing stations, and is generally knowni
to applicants for enlistment before
they appear for examination. Not
withstanding all, in the recruitiu
station on Third avenue, near- Ninth
street, of which Major Whitney is i I
charge, at least one hundred men are
turned away every week because the
acknowledge that they are married.
Deception is so often practised that i
is guarded against as carefully as it
can be; but the precautions are ueces
sarily ineffective, and it often hap
peis that a married man succeeds in
enlisung. Whether or not he joiLs
his regiment before his qualification
is- discovered in a mere matter u:
Men "desiring to enlist in the army
of the United States for the term of
three years" are required to declare
they are not sworn-that "I have
neither wife nor 6hild."
If it is discovered that a recruit has
falsely declared himself single, he i.
put under arrest technically, and the
department is informed. Action at
Washington is prompt and always the
same; it is directed that the man be
discharged from the service "without
honor." This is not a "dishonorable
discharge;" but it prevents a nan
from again enlisting in any branch of
the service at any time and under
any circumstances. The recruiting
officer is held responsible for the ex
p ense incurred by the Government ill
- an's case. If it should happen
that the recruit safely reaches San
Francisco on his way to Manila, he is
returned immediately to the recruiting
station, and all expenditure on his
account is cb.rged up against the
officer who accepted him. It is not
often, however, that he is detected
when so far on his way to his regi
er day I found myself with
arried man on my hands,"
Whitney. "He was sent
he office at Newark-ar
morning, and seemed to
sing recruit. In the after
fe and mother-in-law turned
objection or two, and I
fellow in. His excuse was 1
dn't know' a man had to be
when I asked him why he
join the army, he said h3
nd tired of his mother-in
berated him half the time,
d to get anyplace away from
idn't care much where. I
the department, and they
is discharge 'without honor
applicants always say, ac
the Sergeant, that there is
pendent on them; it is their
argument when confronted
equirement that shuts them
et week one such was fol
a recruiting offce by a wc man
by in her arms, who pleaded
husband should not be en.
cause hedrvas her solo sup
no of the clerks said he
-e that the womanK
time of it when the
and alone. The
or Whitney calls
a "constitutional right" of every man
to get married; and enlisted men fol
low their own inclination in this re
spect. They are discharged, how
ever, at the expiration of their en
listment time; and if they want to re
enlist they must have the consent of
their old commander. A man who
has done faithful service for fifteen
years the colonel wants to keep; so he
gives his consent. The form of en -
-listment paper is then chang' I; there
Sis inserted a clause which .-eleases
SGovernment from all resp<.nsibil
ity for the wife and family. No claim
can be miade by him for a pensi.' on
the strength of service; he reduces
himself, in fact, to a single man i'
the eyes of the Government, and on
*this condition only is ho re-enlisted.
Wives and children are left at home
when the regiment moves; but they
can rejoin it when it returns to its post,
and there provision is made tor them
-involving no expense. Nowadays,
*by order of the department, they can
buy fuel and provisions at the com
missary stores- at cost price to the
Government. "That is all the Gos
ei-nment concedes to the married en
Mated men," 5-<- an oflicer. '"It
doesnt want th;. : n the army. It
won't accept thea - s recruits; and it
discourages single men from being
anything else. Obviously, it is a good
thing-particenlarly in this time of
war. The wife of an enlisted ma'n
isn't any use at nll to the regiment;
on the contrr-y, she is a restraint on
her huisband's daring. A man will
think of his wife and child, you knowv,
-hen there is danger near."
-do not thiuk," said an o.Sier.
single onicer put his wife and
'ra his duty on the firing
line. -It cannot be shown, I believe,
that more deeds of conspicuous'daring
were done by bachelors than by mar
ried men. Many-in fact, I might
say, most-officers in the regular
army have wives dependent on them;
butit does not appear on the records
that their family responsibility held
them back from their duty..
Officers' wives, it was said, follow
the army as far as it is safely pcs.
sible. They took up tjeir station at
Tampa, when the Cuban e:pedition
was being prepared; and when it left,
most of them came North to live wih
relStives and fricuid. 'When th ar-ny
was being brought back. the htels in
the neighborhood of o1ntauk Poinu
were crowded with wives ad chi-'.
dren. who waited on the shore whiie
the troops were being lauded. It v-;s
male a rule with the wives that thero
shoild h no crying and comp!aining,
and, with a few esceptions. this was
lived up to. The husbands were
taken away just as sotni as leave coubd
be obtztined.
Mst osler in service in the Phil
ippines, it was sabl, have !iir vive:
and fa:nilies with then. Every tran
port leaving this part carries wounen
and chilIren to add to the clony i!
"I hear. said an olicer. "that the
women are getting in the way in Ma
nila. They are a brave lut. but 9es..
sioaally they are disturbiu..; to a .mi
dier when an engagement is jusat in:
front uf him. ft is a wouler io m.
that the department dces'i nake
then all stay at home instead of p:
viding for them on the trans'rt."
NeW York Po3t.
The Sandwich lslanders es:imalo
the beauty of women by their eght.
The finest shops in a Chinese city
are those devoted to the saie of cof
There are in csistencie more thau
700 biographies of Columbus. written
in various languages.
A wealthy Chinaman is rarely seen
in the streets with his wife. and never
rides in the same carriage wit'h her.
Berlin has the smallest. elephant in
the world. It i3 but thirty-hin3
inches high, and weigIhs 1I pound.4,
It is a ccmmon piaelice among Jap
anese young ladies. when they desire
to make themselves very attractive, to
gild their lips.
In Kansas, since 1859. every year
ending with the figute has been a
great corn year, while every year end
ing with a cipher has shown a failure
>f the corn crop.
Men buried in an avalanche of snow
ear distinctly every wrd uttered by
hose who are seeking for them. while
heir most strenuous shouts fail to
)enetrate even a few feet of snow.
The animal that lays the greatest
iumber of eggs at a time is the
vhite ant of tropical countries, whie,
recording to a high authority, pro
iuces S86,400 each day during the
A snail's pace was carefully ob
;erved in Florence, Italy. Several of
he molluscs were placed between two
oints ten feet apart, and started. It
vas ascertained that the fastest snail
n the race traveled at the rate of
Smile in fourteen days.
At the time of the flood the women
>f Babylon were arrayed in headgear
,nd dresses almost the same as the
tyles fashionable in this country five
r six years ago. This is proved by
ngraved stones andl anona
tored in the British Museum.
The son of a Yorkshire clergyman
'nsman has just died in Me!
ere as minister of the
of England," he had
. .r urd the most seri
ous operations without flinching the
fraction of an inch. The average
Chinaman will resume the required
position and hold it like a statue.
When the knife touches his fiesh he
begins a slight, monotonous moan and1
keeps it up until the ordeal is over,
but he gives no other indication of
pain. Whether this is dlue to nerve
bluntness or stoicism, or a comabiaa
tion of ~ooth, I have never been ab:
to determine, but the fact remaaias
that the Canton hospital uses less
chloriform or ether than any other
large institution of the kind on
earth."-New Orleans Times-Demo
Biaaest Crab in the World.
The largest crab in the world is
now on exhibition at the Rutgers Co!
lege museum, New Brunswick, N. J.
It is a Japanese spider crab. and
measures eleven feet from tip to tip.
The crab has only recently beeni
mounted. It was iiresented to the
college in 1871 by the late Rfobert ii.
Pruyn, then United States Consuil to
Japan. For years it was negleete1.
although its value was appreciated,
and lately W., A. Rocbling, ani alum
nus of the college, offered toi pay the
expense of mounting the giant shell
seb. Tht. shell mueasures twel ve by
fourteen it hes. The. pin Therso
at aned with teeth that reeIbe h
human mnolais, and th ja-v htti
end nf the treinandoas oug Jeg :-.
nre si inches. The teni legs !I
very mu'h likc bamboo fishinv pl.
They are !ive feet long, and vary. far
three to eght inches iu c rean er
ence. The curator of th musn
says that thera are only fiv.e of thi
species of erabt in existene, and that
the next largest is in Germ-wy Th
one the'e is hat &x feet fro tp to
Mhe Brave SoIler Mounted His Adiversar
and Dispatched Him.
Since the advent of General John
F. Weston into the office of Commis
sary General there 193 been evid
aryfGeral therG-he a ordinates
i and employe. di the Commissar., Jen
e ral's Department. He is loved by
everybody. General Weston's army
Icareer has been eventful and interest
ingly full of exciting incidents, of
which the following instance is perhaps
as striking as any. It was told by an
ofiicer at the Army and Navy Club a
day or two ago:
"There was in the army no more
recklessly daring subaltern than was
General Weston in his young days.
In 1868, when a lieutenant, he met
with General Sheridan on an expedi
tion against the Cheyennes.
"One evening, after going into
camp. a small herd of buffalo was
sighted. The lieutenaut had thrown
off his saddle and put aside his arms.
He caught up his belt. in which were
revolver and knife, and leaped upon
his bareback hoise. After a race he
caught up with a huge bull and
emptied his revolver into his side.
The bull faced him. Weston was
several miles from camp and had no
more caitridges.
"Determined not to be laughed at,
he dismounted and drew his knife.
le walked to one side of the bull and
the animal turned. He began to run,
but the bull kept his lovered head al
ways toward him. Ie kept stopping
and turning natil the sweat poured
from him. At last he managed to get
behind the bull and with a leap landed
upon his back.
"The buffalo, with a snort of terror,
dashed forward in a mad, lumbering
gallop. The soldier worked his way
onto the brute's shoulders, fastened
his fingers in the mane and began to
hack awav at the throat of the terror
stricken buffalo. It took time, but
finallv the knife went through the hair
and hide.
"The brute gave a wheezing, roar
ing congh and fell forward, plunging
its nose into the earth and throwing
the rider fifteen feet in front. Wes
ton was bruised and stunned, but
the brute was beyond doing him any
"In his early youth Weston was for
a short time an iron molder in Louis
ville, Ky. Recently he visited the
city. lis fashionable friends wished
to make much of him, but their visitor
slipped away, and for a d'y could not
be found. He passed that day with
an old Irishman, a molder, now re
Tho Man Who Couldn't .Ce Flattered.
"Now, you," she said, as she
turned over the leaves of the boo
for which she wanted him to subscribe
"are a man whom it would be useles
to try to flatter. Do you know
she was a sweet, demure looking gir!
with those big, sad eyes that seem T
look right into one's heart-"do yo
know," she went on. "that nine o
of every ten men will grant almo.
auy favor within their power if o
only tickles their vanity?
"It is necessary that a person w
seeks to earn a living as I am fore
to earn mine, shall acquire a knos
edge of human nature. I have
come so proficient in this study t
I can tell at a glance whether it will
best to flatter a man or to talk co
mon sense to him in order to obta:
his subscription.
"As I told you when I came i
you are not one who cares for flattei
things I might say to the
next cice and so obt
would all be wast
"Ah!" s'
1 hs own
is wiffe and child, a bright
girl, went to remain a few days with
him and cook for him. Sometime
during the night she was awakened
by something lying across her face
and thinking it was the baby's arm,
she pushed it away and went to eleep
again. In the morning when she
awoke, she was horrified to see a large
snake coiled around her baby's neck.
Its head was elevated and its tongue
darted out viciously.
Tho mother was paralyzed with
fright, but believing that the reptile
Iwas about to strike the child, she
grasped the snake with her hand near
the hesd and threw it from her to the
far end of the room. Then she
screamed for help. Her husband
cme to her rescue and killed the rep
tile which was of a brownish hue and
very thick in proportion to its length.
It is believed to be a copperhead.
Pittsburg Dispatch.
Of all the races peopling this mun
dane sphere not one has such an ex
traordi nary spirit of imitation as that
which inhabits the Philippine Islands.
No .cooner does a naew fashion arrive
from Paris, Vienna or Berlin in shoes,
trousers, hats, shirts or neckwear, no
maatter how extravagant, than the
Inidia'u and the half-breed immediately
TUhe Amnerican troops had ben: i:n
Mdanila ,uly a few days with their
brown su.its before the stores on the
?E.ota were besieged by natives and
hailf-breeds bap~ng all the browni
elch obotainable, woo!, cotton ar silk.
and in a few (days they V-re all
ai-raved in suits of the same color as
those worn by the army of occupation.
T1... noticed the hats of straw or felt
wiu. a blue polka dot band, and in a
fG: days all the Indians and half
br-eeds "were wearing the same kind of
Ihats as the Americans.--Manila Free
Ito Suec-m
ces toCha
Vien Special to thet Lo_ 10
.5: The Vienna opera ho.
year stages "Fledermaus" with i 0
artists, as does also the Berlin opera
house. Unfortunately this masterpiece
was the Indirect cause of its compol
er's sickness and death. On Whit
Monday "Fiedermaus" was played at
the opera. and Strauss was persuaded
to conduct the overture himself, as the
representation was for charitable pur
poses. Doctors: bad forbidden him to
undergo any fatigue. as he suffered
from chronic affection of the bronchial
tubes. The master was always excited
while conducting, and had been espe
cially warned against any sudden
change in temperature. He left the
opera in a heated state, took cold and
felt ill on returning home. Although.
astenishment filled the opera house at;
the freshness and vivacity of Herr
Strauss. who was 74 years old. and the
vigor with which he handled his baton,
it scon appeared how weak be was, and.
how little fitted his nerves were any
longer to bear the fatigue and excite
ment of public appearance. He was
soon afterward seized with general
feebleness. and was unable after that
day to leave his room. but nothing
sarious was apprehended. He worked,
nccording to his custom, during the.
night., sometimps till the morning, at
'h- composition of a ballet. "Cinder
elle." to be acrTed at the opera house.
T.h . wrk gave Strauss much pleasure,
and ho 'esed the first act, which he
had jli; eor! d. tn be Played be
.'re him hv his stepson. the pianist,
FHprr Erpstein. He intended to finish
t.o two other acts at Tsohl. Salzkam
m-rgit. to whien plnae he was to have
enovtd soon aft' for the summer. On
I Friday ho was reized with shivering
ind pronolinced inflammation of the
iungs. -rhich pursued s'!hn a rapid
course that 'h doctor declared the
case hopeless en Saturday morning.
Duriug his delirium the great composer
talked of his music. but when he partly
recovered consciousness ho expressed
hopes for recovery and entertained no
Idea of death. of which he alwaya dur
ing his lifetime was so afraid that !he
word was never pronoimeed before
hin. His List worris to the do-torsq
"vere "Anf F'hen. ---'~Tfe
paIn!esly, siurro'inded by his friends.
H islast thoughts were devoted to the
pr egress of his mulsic.
. S;'timsin (icorgia fish.
T. Pt -utin n boug-la a catfisi
was ~nnb in linwssorive!;
11-1 extr',Iel' lir(
hake 'be Shake:
.lts go whe.n Dr. King's
-cd. Some med'c ncs stop
UNN . s h~l ~arlo t'., N.
ostumo now Inclines tow
Iy Wife Had the CAhifs
ttle of Winteremaith's Chill Cure
She has never been t othered with
Miss LuiaYe rtreesbhad tLie chills
d broke them with Vw inter
Cure."- W. E. .';obberly,
ddi-ees A<'rE UJ PETER~ a Co.,
s in the Bloodl.
tell" In human beings as
oos it tell so quickly as la a
Shealth when the blood be
and impoverished. To purify
oive tone and vigor tot tbe sys
.ce Person's Remedy. A splen
,igorator and unrivaled specific
.nis of blood and skin disease. Ad
JCE Prr.sos. Eittrell. N. C.
The MIorinfg Post,
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.t., b .t for News it leads
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ale ::h. N. t.
will be gzrand marshal in
Jewey parade.
At and Smioke Tour I.Ife Away.
o easily and forever, be mag
e, nerve an d vigor. talie No-To
er-wonaerannnae -
druggists, .Oc or 51. Cure gu aran
.dcet nd~ sample free. Address
medy Co.,* Chicago or New York
oap often presents a bar to the hobo
Findiley's Eye Salve Cures -1
are eyes in ja.e gEo by
r-iii."r box. J. P. HAwrEP'. lDecatur.
Texas. ___-~____
Piso's ( re for < ons mption has no equal
ass. Cou:b tmdicine -F .1. AB~orr. .3R3:e
t c- St , Buffa o. N. Y.. May 9, 1SJ.
Now is the Time to riant trawberries.
Ouf free pub lcat ons tell how to make money
on them. S ra wherry S :ecli lista. -sittre lN.C
"Necessity is the
Mother of Invention."
It *was th~e necessity for a~ reliable blood
puriir and Ionic Itat brouight into exist
ence Hood's sapj.mita. It is a higtffy
conlcenfrated extract prepared by a corn
bination. proportion and process peculiar
to itself and giving to Hood's Sarsapa
riffa unequatled cuatv power.
Tio Birthptsee.
A remark made by a s-year-old boy
cn a certain occasion was the natural
result of confusion in his small mind.
but iit caused amusement to the by
standers. The house in which he had
first seen the light of day had been
torn down to make room for a wider
street, and the little boy, holding fast
to his father's hand, viewed the ruins
with grief and amazement. "Why,
papa!" he cried, sorrowfully. "Why.
papa. I wasn't born anywhere no-..
was I?" ________
Ex-Congressmfan Simpson says be
enjoys his editor~al duties more than
he did his work as congressman.
I ~To cure, or
tesuty in Blooa ideep.
Clean biood m'eas a clean skin.,'4
y without it. Cascarets, Candy Catra
tic clean your blood and keep it clean, 3
stirring up the lazy liver and driving alt im
urities from the . Begin to-day t
anish pimples, boils, botches, blackhe4ds
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To Cue Constlpation Forever*
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-There should be lots of "rcks" iti tho
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Tetterine is The Name of It.
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salt rheun. ringworm or tetter, nothing 9il]
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It has cured thou-ands and will cure you. Nu.
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Men strong, blood pure. . 60C, #2. AM druggist,
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Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup for children
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lhou!d he Planted in th! Fall and Coi.
ered till Sprny.
Strawberries set in the fall will give
good cr-p of large, carly berries pro
-ided the plants are good and the soil
ich. The most importan-t point is to
tave vigorous plants of the very best
-arieties, so that they may make a
tulck, large growth 'bSfore winter sets
n and be ready to bear a heavy crop
:lhen the spring cpens.
The best plan for a beginner it to
crite to some reputable firm who
nakes the growing and selling of
trawberry plants -a regular business.
luch a firm will not only sell. u
dlants but gir - -a e t and reliabi
nfrfratiOn as to what varietles -
'plant. 1vw to plant an.d how to cul
tivate. It will n.zt. pay to plant th
sloven grown. run down phnt
usually to be -begged ,f one's neghter
Better -plant none.
An enterprising house wifn can. wi:
the best improved varieties on a smal
garden plat, make not ^nly enough ti
RU-pply her own family, but also sel
berries to amount t. a neat slum o
pin money. 'for fine ripe, fres
strawberries sell themselves aimos
anywhere. Such plants often yiel
more clear profit than the whole farn
Then next spring, after the crop o.
berries is-.gathered, the plants can b(
worked cut and will bear a still large:
crop the spring following.
There is more Catarrh in th is section of the
country than all other diseases put together,
and until the last few y-ears was supposed to be
incurable. For a great many years doctor.s
ronounced it a loc1 disease and prescribedl
?ceal remedies, and by constantly failing to
cure with logal treatment, pronounced it in.
curable. Science has proven catarrh to be a
constitutional disease and therefore requ'ires
constitutional treatmnent. Hall's Catarrh Cur".
manufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co'.. Toledo,
Ohio, Is the only constitutional cure on the
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An Unhappy Name.
I remember hearing the followin!
story from the late Canon Bardsley
author of "English Names and Sur
names." There was once a woman
"a little 'crackey,' I think," said th
canon, by way of parenthesis-who ha<
a son whom she had christenle
"What." H{er idea seems to have beel
that when in after days he was aske<
his name, and kept saying "What,'
amusing scenes would follow, whi
was likely enough, especially if th'
boy was careful to pronounce the as
pirate. Such a scene did, I believe
occur once when he went to school
and was told, as a newcomer, to stant
up and furnish certaIn particulars
"What is your name?" asked th<
teacher. "What," blurted out the boy
amid the laughter of the class. "Wha
is your n~ame?" asked the maste:
again, with more emphasis. "What.'
replied the boy. 'Your name, sir:'
roared back the infuriated pEdagogue
"What, What!" roared back the terri
fled urchin. The sequel I forget. bu
I believe It one of those cases in whici
the follies of the parents are visited or
the children of the first generation.
Notes and Queries.
Mlan Could Not ILive.
A French naturalist says that if th
world were to become birdless ma:
could not inhabit it after nine years
time. In spite of all the sprays an<
poisons that could be mannufactured fo:
the destruction of insects the bugs an
slugs would simply eat up orchard
and crops. - ___
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a 391-page ilustrated bcck,
thatcostz 6s Vc. t
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Address this:
BALTIMORE, MD. Dept. 214,
--OR-- 7j,~
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G'O- 'i XE L f.v1 I! 1 ) . ),B ' L. .
*"'y wife ha3d plmples on her face. but
she has bean t:id CASCARETS and they
have all disarpeared. I h:A been trouoie.
wirth contipation tcr some time. but after tak
in- the first Cascaret I have had no trcuble
with this aiment. We cannot spcac tc, high
ly of Cascarcts." FRcUu W.RN- MA . -
570u Germantown -d.. P 1 . Fa
-DE, M/R~q 016STEME
P!c:sant. Palatable. 1-tcnt. Tcste Gcod. Do
Good. Ne'.er Sicken. W cakC1. or (ri! e. 10c. 250, t0c.
terlirg ! .:ir Cn .p==r. (h!ce'e. P'ut-res!. New York. 314
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SSend your name and address on a
?postal. an~d we will send you O'2r 156- -
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Q 76 Wichster .Aee oe lisen Crn
?ad1m hiLF D ORBANS
Pianos for $195.
1,uy direet from the
manufacurer. Satisfac
tio~n guarnted.
W~ol Address.
[email protected]@E? Llajerstown. - - Md.
of a $3.00 Shoe
Made by
J. K. ORR~ SHOE CO., Atlanta, Ga
e g.(Teethig Po
- Costsoniy 250ents. A
-Fman or beast
Excelz-is that it Penetrates
to the seat of the trouble im
me di ately and vwithout irrita
ting rubbing -and kills the
Femnily and Stmb!o Sizes
iM!d by Dc.lers ge::eralv.
Dr. Ear! S. *1an, H Oos fon, M~ass.
merc~hant. so why not try it
xxxxxxxx xxx
~in xxxxxxx
May be you do not need anything in out
line now. but if you should. now or later,
consult your interest by writing us for trices
and estimates before niacing your orders.
Now is the time to buy a lice Buller or
Rice Thresher. We sell the BEST.
Best Quality
IMI5 FiolM UPward.
-1 Upwartl. Write
m4 for at
lo-uaes. Terms
EASY. Address
M. ft. MRLORB,
-.Columbia. S. C.
The smith Pneumatic Suction Ele-iting,
Giuning and Packing System is the Simplest
and Most Efficient on the Market; Forty
eight Complete Outfilts In S-)ith Carolina;
Each One Giving absolute Satisfaction.
Slide Valve,
Automatic and Corliss,
My Light and Heavy Log Beam Saw Mills
Cannot be equalled in Design, Efficiency or
Price by any Dealer or Maoufacturer in the
South. Write for Prices and Catalogues.
1326 Main St.,
OLUMBIA, - - - - 5. C.
Why take
Niauseous0 M i ',a
_1 rrsUffering) W0i
Ara you suffering witir
Are you subject to COLIC, FLATU.
LELNCZ or PAINS in the
Do you sa Tr from REr 'EN 'ION or
Do you feet L UNGUOR, and DEBIL
ITATED in the norning?
Aromatic Schiedam
Pleasant to Take, Stinmulatlag,
Diuetic, 8temchic, Absolutely Pure.
gents Wanted ou,"ors~tad ;R n
term2. C. Bi. A.nderon a Co.. 32 Eun st.. D ':ai. -lox.
We again offer the cleanest seed wheat on
the market, and from prob.ably the largest
crop yield In the State, if not the United
We had 355 acres in wheat this year. andi
the crop averaged 20 bushels per acre.
Where we had a good stand, not wInter
Ikilled, we had over 40 bushels r er acre. One
Pu ce 81.15 per bushel on cars at Charlotth.
Bags hold two bushels and are new, no
charge for bags. Terms: Cash with order.
Charltte Ol g Fflli e Co.
-Per FRED 01.IVER, Pres't.
ICharlotte, - N.. C.
spperwhen riting adv-erter S. a8
TPS se. (now Bshop)J0S.S.KEY
Aol gre avhie ith E hap
li~ k p et r,.ults. Ihe ef~ t wer
e anything we ever used.
s our Drugist for it. Irn, e d st
~FFETT, M, D,, St. Louis, Mo,
A guarnteed Cure for Catarrb, Con
Dr. Bicord's Essence of Life E s ,
ru. ne.er-faflin remedy for all cseht of nervous
e ra ecea'i bth eee: positie permann
ei rular. J. J'i.QUES Agent, 176 ras. N. Y.
$3&$3 50 SHOES NION
Wcrth $4 tO$6 comparedwth~
toe ns dubttute clalme
or bea od. rgei' aresoud
'4lither. sie ad width b.Ain or cap toe.
W. L DOUGL AS SHOE C.. Brocton. Mass
?Price 50c.

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