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G'.m-Bearing cuartz Underlyina 3laulat
taz-ved! Garnets In Abundance-Lake
Uecrge Mamonds-Agate as Stalned
L GIZst--ears in Fresh Water zooks.
RPlesidents of New York customarily
lcok to the West and SoL", and to
foreign countries for precious and
se CMius stones in their natural
state, but in the Empire State are to
be found some of the most beautitul
known. Underlying New York City
are gem-beariiz guartz reins, -but
these -aults era now locked and in
accessible. The seekerafter precious
stones long ago gave "p his place to
the rea-estae dealer, who has made
more moey in building up than tLh
other c .1 h a 1 y igging down
An 1ide ! th-- te i d bl;et
of the rre'ic"s stoes fcuind in Ne'v
York Sige may b3 gathered from i
visit to th Timtny-Morgan coliection
of gems, belongmg to the State
Cabinet atAibany, and to the Mineral
ogical Clab's collection in the Museum
of National Ykistory. On Manhattan Isl
and are found'the yellow aquamarine,
or beryl. the pale-green beryl, and
the small, transparent red garnet, the
quartz veins bearing them traversing
the archmean rocke. The same veins
irrilvewhers in the State towaxds
the Adirondack -region. In Lewis
County, however, precious stones are
most abundant. - Here are found, in
particular, great anautities of purple
and red garnets. -At Newcomb, in the
same county, -beautiful crystals of
brown tourmaline are found. Prof es
sor Beecher, of Yale, made this dis
covery some time ago. In Richville,
in the townthip of De Kalb, the finest
crystals of pyroxene are picked up
from time to time. Cut into gems
weighing from three to thirty carats
each, they possess a peculiar charm.
They are of a rich, cily green, differ
ing from the tourmaline, peridot, or
green garnet.
One of the most valuable of the na
tive precious stones is the titante or
sphene, which is found in the "Tilly
Foster" mine, uear Brewster's, in Put
nam Courty. This crystal is of a
brilliant golden substance, and a great
favorite with lapidaries. Cut inlo
gems, it shows a greater play of color
than the diamond itself, it is said by
Mr. Kunz, the Government expert. It
would be one of the most remarkable
gems but for its softness; in beauty
aud coloring it is unmatched. A sin
gle stone, in its natural form, brings
from $100 to $300. In excavating for
the ship canal on the upper end of
New York Island, crystals of smoky
quartz were found in blasting the
magnesium limestone. So exquisite
in their crystallization and natural
-olish were they that they had only
to be cu~Idnto smoky topaz.
v near i Count
seems jo be the home of the Gaii
line. One of these stones, of the col
lection-of. ?lihu Boot, Sr., is as thiel
as a mai"-s neck. Occasionally th
crystals are transparent enough to af
ford gems of from one to five carat:
each. In Orange County, near Sus
sex, on the New Jersey line, crystal
of sapphire are found, but they ar
not sufficiently tra parent to be c
much value. B ly they have bee:
..ow-likre a pet
---where it. is fractured c
ight strikes it in a crtci
Altnone., strictly speaking,'it is ne
a precious :stone, the pearl has bee
found in many of the fresh vate
brooks and rivers in this State. Fea1
River in Ny ack has produced numbers
as have also several of the rivers i
St. Lawrence County. These pearl
bring from $1 to $100 eacL Gen
erally they arec not white. but mise]
interest attaches to the tinting-pink
violet, purple and brown, 'the near
being always the color of the shell1 ii
which it is formed. The so-calie<
"Lake George diamonds" are mor<
beautiful than valuable. When fou(<
in their natural setting of calciferont
sandstone. they are more beautifa
than the diamond of the Africar
mines when it is first brought t<
light. They are found in great pro
fusion in Herkimer County, and thej
are usually set in pins and charms.
Jewelers' say, however, that nowhere
do they look so well as in their nat.
ural state, and mineralogists discover
them always with delight. The cry
stals, when they are fine, are snowy
white, like Carrara marble, and when
free from flaws, very beautiful. Some
times they are found so minute that,
when carefully sorted from the mud.
it takes from 70.00i0 to 400.000 to
weigh a single ounce; and each cry
~al per-fect as the largest. av
ighteen perfect faces. Generally
so-called Lake George diamonds
-jn cities are no more crystal or
-t:: than are rhinestones bought
Farh~ cuit from Rhine pebbler.
~e uanina ! ismrely a catchi pen!,y
- e.
Ro-se quarig is the mineral Bedford
contributes from its: coarse granite.
lis a shade .og pink, not excelled, if
egnalled, by any found elsewher-e. A
mineral res-embling jade is the moon
tone peristerite of Jefferson Ccunty.
'is is a white substance, with a bluze
'f color. Wollaietonite is found
parte Lake. Thro-ugh the en -
al moraipe pebbles. of'black
a -fIot across'--can be
are an intense black,
-basanite of~ Lidian
are used-by~3ewl
iarat of th~e gold.
United States
emi Prod ne
", just is
eneern -
its use in the making of stained
glass windows: "Plum Island, one of
the broken line of morainal islets
reaching from the northeastern point
of Long Island across the Sonnd to
Watch Hill. R. L, abounds in pab
bles of variously colored quartz, de
rived from the disintegrated rocks of
the Connecticut shore and carried
soutliward to the upel or sEccond
moraine by the i-e-sh-eef. '%any ot
th.ese pebbles are Very richly colored
--red. Tellow, purple. ctc.-nad hs:e
bcen locally called agates, and Col
lected, both here and on the neighbar
ing Gooze sland. by parties from
Co'nnecticut. Tho rebbles are used
fm the sam: purpose.-, a tained
glase-that i.. leaded together-- tue
iron staining sho-ing beautifilly by
transmitted hght. Thit form f wi
Lenis C. Tifany The pebbles ate
verv abuu:lant, and are continy
oifed. washed and polished by the
surf. and metaos pild on the
beach in " Onc ''r . per
s:ns make a business of viting h
islands in a sloop and gathering the
best colored and most alhactive
stones. "-New crk Post.
Larplanders drink. smoked seawater.
The landerabs of Cuba inn with
great speed, _ven outstripping a horse.
The wcol -in the back ot a shep is
a shepherd's barometer. The curlier
the wool the finer will be the weather.
Cannon are said to have been in use
as early as 138. while artillery con
structed cf brass fret appeared in
A club is now being formed na Paris,
the members of which swear never to
shake hands with any one unless wear
ing gloves.
The Malay language is spoken - by
more than 40,000,000 persons. It is
said to be easy to learn, as it has
almost no grammar.
A small packet of pepper was con
sidered a handsome present in the
Middle Ages, pepper in those days
being a very costly condiment.
Mummy photographs is the latest
form taken by the French fad for
grewsomeness. The faces of prelty
women are placed on mummy cases.
Omuibnses were iutroduced into
Paris in 1820. and each was drawn by
three horses. They were introduced
into London in 182'3 by shillaber. a
One uf the liugest lived birds on
record died recently in Loud;>n. It
was a parrot named Ducky, the prop
erty o! the Prince of Wales, and %as
said to be a century and a quarter old.
The gravestone over the burial place
of John Foster, almanac maker, in
the old burying gonuht. Duie_-t
ter, Mass., *;rars the inscription,
which was Mctated byhimself. "Skill
Was 7 Cash.
A.'n expert has written to explain
that stage fright really comes from a
disordered stomach. He argues from
this fact that persons meditating pub
~lie appearance should be careful of
their die. and adhere to regular habits.
Fojken Swennsson. a tenacious
Swede. was diifting in a boat on the
Smoky River, Kansas, smnokinig a pipe.
The boat went over a 'iau and cap
Isized. Sweunson kept alis head abov
Wmadi in Seattle.
ct~ly that the tire-alar~n
system or tho city was working very
baaly. Investigation of the~ boxres
-showed that "yellow jackets" had
Iclogged many'of them by deposits of
clay, w'hich Lad hardened. Thec wasps
had ciaawled through the keyholes and
built their tire-proof houser.
Ging~ For a Lost renrura.
STreoasure Island" is a omance
whc snot likely- in these days to
jind a co unterpart in the world of
reality. bnt an intimation brought to
our notice that an expedition is in
course of --preparation to enden-or to
recover the gold which was lost in
the ship Gene~al Grant, under ex
traordinary circumstances. in May.
1806, seems to promise exciting times
fortheadvntuerswho roay partici
pate in it. The stoi-y is that the Gen
eral Grant was on her way from Mel
bourne to London with a number of
miners returning from the Ballarat
diggings when she was becalmed off
the Aackland Islands, and a heavy'
swell drove her on to the ohore, where
sho entered a rift in the rocks and wa
gradually driven into a care. Here
she sank, and of more thsu eighty
souls aboard not a dozen were saved.
Severatl insuccessfuli attempts have
been made to recover the gold. The
new expiedition of which we ahall
pobably hear more later, has made up
its mind to succeed.-London Chroni
A Qi~u'r Wa~gona.
An up-to-date florist frotu Yew JKr
ee 'ho nas quit3 a busines:. beti:
notted plants and cut flower5; bas~ a
nipie wagon 'viib which he i~sit.
his customoers on t.;ie upper we:i lie
'f t.Yn. It is a& imiuiaturec grec.
house on wheels. The fra:k;:. with i't
ani. the sides and roof are made o:
snati naa.es of glasrs. In the rea:-e
the wvagon is the door tIro::;h whic'.
pla"ts are removed for doiivery. Jun
i~sde this doar-iC a toy store. rc
muh larger than those used in
do's house, and le-ading fromn it and'
poing its nose out throuigh.the solid
ear panel of the house is' a bit o
stoeppe,.from v:hich a small'-loudI
o smoke trails away in thle rea- as
.te wago.u moves along the street.
New York Times.
-.aitv if Yntt.
wiliuot b'elieve, and thne is that
mother was jast . s .,** !ahm a:
the same age. As a matter ol facrt
techances are even that she was het 'J
N Mfore sewage to Be DIscharged Ite
the Seine.
From a Paris Letter to the Pall Kail
Gazette: There really seems to be a
reaenable hops That visitors to the Ex
hibition nex y-ar will find the capital
travenesd be a iimpid ri-er instead ot
b., the foul. muddy and malodrousa
stream that has been an' off'ense to the
eVe ad the i notrils for a l'o;G time
pa. Fair prmises of a ze!ne that
should no more b a recipient of aew age
have becn heMp I st, long inv the cit
auIthritio; that Parisians hal almost
left off r 'un-ing en thrir realiz2t.ir
b't t la the iC rnterminable delay
underster'd to bc- nearly ever in real
ity thy dela- was inevitable, as the
wor th a-cmplishe- '-sE no~t 0n y
blit bad to be caryred -it i
the f ^e of the bit-cract 0ppoSitirn
The entire soag of the metropo 1
o hither,- gone te thac i r.in' r ^m
nlvrr noned "' of i: -i!b i~
fin thi_ Mcst u1neirabl wa:it wil.
al! pour into one huge centrl drain
ard be carried off to te-o immens
suburban sewage farms; situated To
spectively at Mery and Trial. A largo
portion of the Mery farm is already i
working order, and was ofilcially '
ited a day cr two ago by the municipli
delegates. Mery is a high-lying sandy
plain, known to the local inhabitant3
as the Sahara of Paris. With the help
of the sewage it is to be converted into
pasture land, and it is to be hoped
that when thus changed this desert
will aid in the solution of the problem
o supplying the capital with pure
milk. A few yaars ago such expecta
tions would have been scoffed at, but
the results obtained with the sewage
farm already in existence at Gennevil
"iers have converted the most hardened
skeptic. In fact, the inhabitants of
Gennevilliers, whose land has gone up
enormously in value, have just erected
a statue to Durand-Claye, who caused
the new system to be applied, and
whose life was threatened by his fel
low-citizens when first he proposed the
innovation. Ole of the land-owners
whCse property was to be taken by the
Trial farm demanded 10,000,000 francs
damages, and that sum was positively
accorded him by the jury of the io:al
court. On appeal the amount was re
duced to 100 francs, but the original
figure Is an indication of the hostility
the scheme aroused iu the first in
Revolution of the Industry Brou-ht
About by Submarine ISoat.
The submarine boat will revolution
ize the cvster industry, says Lippin
- nie'n in Chesapeake bay,
cruisir.g, the old Argonaut frec.iient'y
settled down on oyster beds an-, wIth
the permission of the owners, piocured
all the oysters desired by reaching
down through- the sea door. The new
.\rgonaut can emplo e
gathering cys
'face when
* this deep
will go. and. gath
nest- eponges. put them or'
the market a?. a price no greater than
that paid for the common varieties.
Sh w!!! al.: try pearl fish'ing. nnw
cueducted at an en('rtous expLnse or
life. for hy a strange freak of nature
jwnr1 oymters arc goewrally founr1 in
!lrlities. where hadi Mat~3hPr prevails
au-l h'urriaca- and] typhiorns are irr
nun.Tese ihe Argonaut. under the
Weef. reed not fear. an~d her div'rs.
1,nrin of gathcring up 1heoytes b'y
t)M sinaie bandf.ul. een gather them by
(l:o bushl~
E.- lanJ-. the TWor! 't rctic.
Tho 'v:rk of establisinig an effective
pcolice control over dliversC races and
subject populations is not confined to
India alone, says William Cunningham
in the Adiantic. It is ccoming to the
front in every part of the globe. The
problem of governir g diverse races on
the same soil is th rolitical pro'clem
of the future; and i: is one which Eng
land has dealt with in India, with ter
riblo dif!!culties and many mistakes.
but yet vwith such suc~s~s that she does
not shrink frcm tryig to face it in
other parts of the globe. This is the
meaning of Engjsi~i imperialism; we
see that polie control is necesa3ry, if
the control of civilization 3ed bar
barism is not to be a con'tinue-d onre
to mankind: there murtt be strong
civ'il authority stablishes. to keep'the
yeace and puni:in the wrong-doer,
whether black or white, and Englisg.
men are ready to undertdae this police
control. wherever we are called on to
exercise it. W3 do not grasp at it; we
know the cstrain it inolves and the
:leasonslt it [email protected] bu~ t e tvi!n:
shirk thle respon.sibility vhlen it comen
to our h:Eds.
"A GenteWin~
of Western Birth"
Ye!/s 'a sw~ete story i'o humanity than
th~e announcemenlt that the herth..g.'et
andra '2-Hin-bger. Hoerd's Sarsapari!a,
. elts of t!he bIle of an era o'f good healibi.
F s b one reliab!e :pecific fr the cur~e
of a! blood, stomatch and liver ftrb!es.
WAould Tbat lie Could.
"'Young anrn.'' said the fatherly in
'lividiual. '-If you continte at this pace
you will sh~eae yo:u days;."
"Would th::vt I ecd." responded the
youth. who dea~itsut tibbons ten hours
out of twenty-four. "If I thought I
could shorten :my working days I'd try'
-a mile-a-mine nae. ".-C'hicgn News,
Bert TOM Spit Wna Smokse u Wae Ale
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lant. They stand high with the publl".
I have founrd Piso's i ure for C'na mpio
a un!ainmeii--. N- LOT. In^
e . oving tor. , .Oct 1. 1V91.
iow i the Time to P1snt Straw errie*. o.r fr? t
nblicailons teilhowto maike mon t h:C e=.
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Guaranteed tobacco habit cure, makes 'reat
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aan Th he: to purebase one
Deauty Is Blood 1jeeP'
Clean blood means a clean skin. No
>eauty without it. Cascarets, Candy C0 bar
;c clean your blood and imep it clean; by
tirring up the lazy liver and driving all im
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Just as in the case of practi-ally
every great scientiie achievement,
there has for some monthe past been
an active course of speonlatic in
various channels respecting the prob
able uses to which liquid air could be
put with benefit to mankind. The
X-ravs came in for their share of this
sort of discussion, much of which was
uninfcrmed, eome of it harzful to the
accurate judgment of the people, and
some of it sugestive. Liquid air has
been hailed aE a great po-ver agency
and as a refrigerant, capable in either
capaciy of revoluticiizing existing
methods. Later developments have
served to cast doubt somewhat upon
these sweeping claims. It is found
that there is a serious difficulty in the
storing of the power, with an alter
native of running grave risk of el
plosions or of suffering less through
wcate. Thus far little progress has
been made toward the general adop
'tion of the liquid for either purpose.
Meanwhile a new field for it has been
oened-that of sut gery and medicine.
There is little doubt now in scientific
minds that this new agency will prove
of raiae in mauy branches of their
"A day or two ago one of the boys,
In looking over some magazines that
had been piled In a corner by the book
case in the library. came across sev
eril copies of the Youth's Companion.
and as he lifted the first copy off his
eyes rested on-a waffle. Of course it
was somewhat dried, but it was
theless a waffle. Lifting a fe
copies he discovered Mar
five were counted.
or the
"I buve beenl using CASCARETS foi
InsomnIa. with whc Ihv ibe ffillcted toi
over twen ty years, and I can say that Cascareti
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T Rhc5 MAPR QECo,5'rGREo
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NO-TO-BAC darrge"byalldu
. Redwood Getting Scarce.
'Unless something is done to de
crease the present ratego cutting red
wood timber from the California
forests the supply will be exhausted
within the next generation. The red
wood is of slow growth, the tree not
reaching a marketable age in less than
fifty years, and then the timber is
only valuable for telegraph poles and
lesser uses of commaerce, whereas if
the iree is nermitted to attain its ful
growth its tinmber may be impicyed
for any nu.mber of ornnamental pur
poses. The tree itself is par'ticularly
beautiful and is found only in Cal
ifornia, where in maturity it is from
t enty to twenty-five feet in diameter
and reaches a height of from 100 to
:00 feet. It is perfectly straight and
for nearly' half its height there is not
a limb. It lives to the age of 1,000
years some writers say 1,500 years,
e~t imzati ng from the number of rings
rund the trurk. The timber is
largly uised for wainscetings, panels
andi 'eilings. and being of a smooth
grin readiiv takes a line finish. The
lumber is shipped to the eastern states
n large cargoer-, also to Australia,
New Zealand, India and to other
parts of the world.
Bound to Be Good.
Brown-Does that new restaurant
get up a good meal? Jones-Splendid.
Even the proprietor :Unes there.-Ohio
--The man who has lost the use of his
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and druggists genera liy. Faily size.:c.
Hlorse s:ze, soc. nad Sz 00co
Prepared by EARL S. SLOAN, Bcstec' Mass
"Major. believing It a good plan to
provide for a rainy day, had taken the
ingzie from the pile of Compan -
ions, and removing a few copies of tha t
paper, had placed first a waffle, then
two or three papers. then another waf
fle, and so on unL., the pile constituted.
a sort of Youth's Companion-waffle
What Hie Wanted.
War Hero-All right. I will accept
your offer of $1,000 for an article.
What shall I write about? Magazine
Editor-Oh, about nine cr ten pages.
oney refunded by your m~
SFifty-on years ago, we begIn ouT i
prese~nt plIn cf doidg un .s of Sto -
]_tg direct to the consumer. as
- -tundthoUsaLds of people Ivi in
all parts of thscour try whopay cash
for their merchantuse. were Tired f
I-,lng tLe ug proflts their lotal
deaieswere cnarging
We .!na hegen SeRInc eerrefe C-ur
- n goods made in cur-own tactortcs.
nses. cmisting of e7erything ''-u EaT.
to 53, ivrt!: cu g er. 3-r~hn c'!
. e. c-erytbing f*'ain
home. in an 'ee. !D a hr
tel, -un a farm. ( r ! r a ba rn.
and M are Sa-n.gmrCV
to-day for nearly t , Inl
i"on veopie, wvhe 1':%e in sl!
Darit,-: f the - -.ld - Our 3" 4
ag-e Caoe cC:?*.V' tu.pe ;~ i C
End Ia. t -: u ir, r
&wiriv Machinc, "4'.1%s-mtcul
$7.5'.t $27. Our Lit hogr pihed Car
p Cataiogue sh-;s Carpets,
1gs, .g s Squars--, Poitier
n. Lace Curtains in their real
colors. Carpets sewed free, li
ing fu:nishcd free and freight
Sprc n-;d.
Our ade-t--Orde Clothing
Catalogue w' i -f cloth
attached, foffevrs sntit md oier
S coats frm 63.i to f0.00. Ex
pressage paid on rlnthlig every
here. WT als issue a Sper ia! catalogue
f Pianos, Organs. Sewing f'aclhines alad
;iveles. Whi- -h Catalogl. ro yc"- r at 7
dre- this war
1-1LTIMCEE, -D. Dept. 2
-L n --'rT
e1011 an ofe t l.erani edhe. r tIitt. on
III rurS . so1 -
gj~~~t. ni.- :,u~. M
We again offer the cleanest seed wheat on
he market, and from probably the largest
rop yield in tbe State. if not thO Unite-l
We bad 3-5 nres in wheat this year. and
be elop averaged 29 bushels per z&re,
Where vv bad a good stand. not winter
kied, we had ever 40 busbelej er acre. O
bndred bushels o '.-ur wheat will coutain
less cockle seed than vne bJhel o-f ordinary
cee4d wheat.
PIice 901.15 ,!rbua
- Rifles, Repea
(Loaded Shot1
I- r) AH reliable de
/'FREE: Se
page lillustrated
amm'unition mna<
e N \\
Th'e Tin Tags taken
and R, J, R, Tobacca
Sal of this list of desirabh
have your good chewing
rery m::n. woman and child
they would lilo: to have and can L
Write your uamne and address]
Stioning the unumber of the presont
d ifere.nt kinds of tags montioned :
1 a Er. quaint design, import
er re~ Jpn................4
8 Ec.-se9 % eh. ood teel.....J
4 cil' - K:is, cr1:and Spcon 3
5 Sl n-. Pe;;per, one each, onad
6 Ba--,-hIlo grud. !!eEnglish
Pij 'er Enihe 'ri!le pla~e. best
...ni~.....-.d. ...... ............MI
11 merKne 5-iach Uist:e.......1
- 11 : hears. i r ikel.... ...... .. .1
' tu e'. '.Oaci-or.6i Piczo, silver....
ii ' ]bis r5r Tele SO-cr. .........
15dSr~ ach Re ur Tigs and thg N
IEvor. 32o ;;EYNLD..... TOBA.
1ela so al why -nci ryi ....... 5
xX"--:Tx Xxxxx
Hs- -e you do rot need anything in our
la' no-M, ilt :! you Ehon-d. ncw or latO?,
censult your interest by writing us icr prices
enI est:~mates before placing your orders.
.-v is the time to buy a Rice Huller or
:; heser, We sell the BE$ I%
Best Quality
Upward. Write
m., for Cata
lonus. Terms
EASY. Aid-ess
Columbia, S. C.
The r.ith Pneumatic Suctlon Elevating,
Giuning 'od Paeklg System is the Sim-plest
and M!oit EMIlcient on the Market; Forty
eight Compi.te Onts in S-tLh CarclinaL
Eab. OUe (.igD.- absolute Satis[action.
Slide Valve,
Automatic and Cortiss,
31y Light Fnd [IHavy Log Beam Saw i~lls
Ca-n't be equalled in Uesign, Eiciency or
:rice by :tzy Dealer or Manufneturer in the
South. Wri'.e for Prices and Catalogues.
1326 Main St.,
C0LUME[A. - - S. C.
lWhy take
INau3eous Medicines?
Are you saffering with
Ara y33 suffaring with
KiYI1. or BlUHER TRO!3lE I
Lre you s-3ject to COLIC, FLATD
L-E-10 or PAT.43 In the
; Do you a rar f rom RE TEN Tior or
Ltfg Shotguzns, .mnunition
run Shells. Winchester guns and
tre the standard of the world, but
ost any more than pqorer makes.|
alers sell Winchester goods.
nid namne and address on a postal for 156
Catalogue describing all the guns and
le by the
frorn SCHNAPPS -
as will pay for any one or
Sand useful things, and you
tobacco besides.
nn lhd somethin on this list that
ae-FRE E.
paily and sendi the i?ags to us, men
ye iwant. Any asortmlent of the
ibo:e will be acept-nd.
21 Sli Bcrers' Teasceo:1e, best qa!. .5e
22 Knives arAd Fcro6 si'c coch. bck
horn ha:dles..................20
Clock. &day. Calendsr, Thermom
eter, Baromo:or...............60
24 Remingto Eiff No. 4, 22 cr S2<al mA
)2 Tool Set. no: playthiigs, but re~
o..... ... ....... ........ 750
7 h o d s r~i..IE.....I...1!
28Srr .'acie'. frm rI Jese. m
- 1 alla tchments........ .. ... ..0
:2 1'i.chester I-.paring rhot Gun,
I 0 Efe.$tr'br.cs: r.2ie c's...
1l ...... .................... :o00
32Guitar rceawodu, ir1aidi with mojth-.
ei cf peart.................... 000
23 Bicycle. ganda.rd maeke. ladies or
34 After Dinner Cofice Sroor sclid
a5 1rxr weea r-r................ 40
ovember 30th, 1800.
correspondence about thern to
Price 50A.

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