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Baler's Heroes Wortlay to I.ank With t11
Cid and With Lycurgias-Heil Out Fc
I 37 Dayt, Feeding on ata and Snake
anti Vejectn; All Terms or strreiwel
Hollow-eyed and exhausted, th
remnant of the Spanish garrison a
Baler hasarrived in Manila. They fin
themselves heroes, for the word ,
their plucky fight has gone out to II
world. They have endured a sieg
such as few troops iu history have ei
dured. They have starved. and man
of their comnrades accepted honora)!
ieath rather than an inglorious sit
render. Tiirty-one camne back, i
ctuding a Lnieutenant--wh is th
lion of the hour-and a surgeot
Twenty-nine are culisted men, bi
they rank as herojes. The suffering
thev endured were terrible and th
Adds against them were great. B
for more than a year they held bac
the insurgent forues, and at last wo;
rom thewn such adtatration that th
stri n was allowedl to marca o:
W iW-all the houors of war. it wa
his for which they had fought, a
they had long given up the hope
oeing rescued or relieved.
Baler is a little town on the eas
.oast of Luzou. There is the leas
bit of a bay there. The Baler Ilive
lows int) the bay. Just before i
reaches the tide water it makes
turn around a hill, and this hig!
ground shuts the town out of sigh
from the bay and sea. It wts arcun
this bend that I.ientenant Gilmor,
and his boat crew with rapid-fire gun
from the Yorktown were captured b;
the insurgents. At that time it wa
made known to the world that a Span
ish garrison had been left by the con
luerett nation and apparently ha
been forgotten by its Government.
The history of the siege is as fu!
A garrison of ifty-ono onieers au
nen wit in Baler when the insur
rection broke out against the Spanish
But the soldiers were able to hol,
their own and live in the barraoks fo
some time. As the insutrgents pro
.rressed and grew in strength a stron
force was sent before Bater and an at
tempt wale to capture the Spaiardl
The Spaniards were under the com
mand of Captain Don Enrique de la
Morenas y Fossi, with two Secon
Lieutenauts, i)on Juan Alonzo
Zyas and Don Saturnino 1Iarti
Cerezo and Medico Don Rogelis Vigi
de Quinones. On the Captain's orde
ll ammunition and supplies wer
taken into the church, and on Jun
:7, 1898, the little garrison too
refuge in. that strong edifice. Th
stone floors were pulled up and th
material so obtained was used i
barricading the windows and door
The belry was fortified and used as
place fromi which to carry on sharf
shooting while the soldier was pr<
teeted fronm the insurgent lire by a
extemporized stone wall with por
holes. The insurgents suffere
severely from this method of warfat
an,d attempted on many occasions t
dislodge the Spaniards. The fire
attempt was in August.
The siege had been thoroaghly lai
'- -aanim- Trench buildin
fore the insurgents were under il
walls and battering at the door
They were so close that they wet
safe from the Spanish guns and wvei
ahouting in anticipation of victory a
'they hammered against the gret
door, the side door and windom
Zaptain Fossi made a tour of inspet
tion, and in doing so passed the ketti
of boiling soup. He hurried on hi
rounds and saw that his stronghlto
was fast giving way uder the blow
of his enemies. When he agai
entered the court two soldiers war
with him. They were directed
pick up the kettle of sonp and hiurr
tc. the balcony leading to the windo'
over the great door. The stones tha
were piled before the window as
barricade were torn down and the sas1
was thrown open. The besiegers sup
posed that a' parley was wanted an<
ceased their battering, stepping bad
to se-e what whs going on. The kettl
was poised on the window sill an<
then its steaming contents were spille<
upon the besiegers. There was a cr
of pain as the scalding liquid fell upoi
the upturned. faces and bare shoul
ders below. Those th i were n
touched ran away, and their less for
tunate fellows writhed and .staggered
toward their trenches. - Volley aftea
- volley follo is-ed them as they ran, ani
when darkness fell they had retreatet
to the farthest trench, defeated in theia
attempt to force the strougchold of t
The suffering was, terrible. Pro
visions ran low. From the start th<
garrison was put on short rations,
which were reduced as time went on
until the soldier&aid~ oflicers were
compelled to live on1 rats and ike,
of which there seemed t-. be plenty in
the church, and on an occasional dog
which would come within range of the
gyns and close enough to the walls tt
be retrieved. This may seem dis
gusting, but it was life or death to the
besieged. They tell of a day when
snake made themi a meal. And as
they stood about their officers at the
train last night their sanken cheeks
and sallow skins attested to the suffer
ing they had endiu-ed.
But all did not endure. Worse than
that-all would not endure, and it
must be recorded that four men de
serted when they saw the helplessness
of the situation. These are their
names as given in the oflieial reoort,
together with the dates on which they
a'bandoned their fellows: Felipp~e
Herrero Lopez, deserted June 27.
1898; Felix Garcia Torres, deserted
ine 29, 1898; Jaimie Caidento y
dal, deserted JTuly 3, 1898. an'd
e Alcaide Bayona, deserted May 7,
kness came, and before the door-s
pened to them in arn hionorablet
eighteen of the forty-nine had
hey were compelled to bury
time, and the churc- became ver.
foul. Fevers prev'ailed, and the sur.
geons said that the building must be
aired or they wond all die. Bat thi'
could not be doue. A window couhl
not be freed from its barricade (A
stones witbout adijiting a shower o,
ballers. The door could nut b,
openedl witliut letting in the army.
i. ey said that they would die where
they were. The Captaiu camne down
with slckness in the early part of 0.
toar, and )n the 2.1 of that imoti
he died and was biuried in the elueh.
L iemenan ~ t .n 4.\!uS JayL- w
after Ii super-ior Athicer.
Fael becac exhiiisted, and noth
iu was let witht which to ico.k the
littce rie' tha- was left to each a'i.
The iusurget. theiselves wived the
pbe Tis; wa'i' :dong? in Avi ,
andi' the bcesieger. were growin.i
patietil wviith their stabhoral enemy11.
G reat piles o) W X were gal hered
and hibought into ea:ip and carefUlly
tie I it blaite'. Che Lieuteiant
watened the work progress and aftet
awhilc reallzed that hle wa' to ht.
Smulud out. 4-lis force vas then down
tj thirty-!ive, wiile tle iunrgenit'
seewel to be swarinig ei ndi the
reaches. Yet he deter;ined (m f
miovemnent that woubd eud t heir cree
in opeu fight rather thuti be burned
liLt, rat' in a h le.
Th dt day camie when all was realv.
The order was given anul siliitlv the
ua4,ire sol"diers shoiuldlered their hales
of wood1, and nude: .h cover of dark
neLSs adAvalice1 cu the inteh froml
every direction. Then it wtha
the great dn:r of the church swliul
open1 anld the Spaui aruds poured olit.
Th *ey ma-le ai chcarge, firing as' they
rau. Tle insneint leader was sir
prised at the suddenniess cf the sally,
and 1efre lie coul check his trooin
his ary had abanwvdoied the trenclie
nearest the church and were seeking
the protection ,:, the faer t
earthworks. The Spauiaids threw
thet'lselves dov.ia anl ke u as,
hatrd a fire a- i'ey coab1. P'art oI
their iunoer were tobi oif to ary
their dead in the treache', aiI thi
work of disinterriu- their comrades
began. T"'he Church liwas cpeued and
s eeter air peuetrate] h'eieat I the
gloomyl 'ate:. And tltro was tire
Wood, in no place ht tiFipin4'
sacceededI in lighti a Thai
nie' t the soldiers we'i like deni .
aul brouglit it great quanuties 0o
Sood, so that for :I ti they ha
sufficent. The next oPta the insar
.ents rliied and the Spaniards with
drew to the chareh. B',t they fouutu
habitable and from! tha: time oin th
r sic-kiess decreased.
The attacks on the ch:urch were iew
after that, anii the sieg seled doWa
into a wait, the intentit:i ng to
starve the Spaniards into surreider
ing. Bat the 'Spaniards woitL'l not
starve, At night they gat l?ered cabaz::
leaves in the garde . Ti1ey cooke.1
atheit' rice and ate whaiever they coai'
tind. 'The story goes that the bat.
which flew abont in the ansk wer
captured. Be that as it may. they at4
what the cook set before themi, aUt
ithey asked no questions.
0 Many times they were in commiuni
t cation with the insurgent commaudes
and were asked to sarrender. Th'
d answer always wast "We are outuna
gbered, but we will die of starvatiot
_ r die fighting. We wil
were adimiredby their'!temies. Slo wi'
e they came across the m~ontain road
-the road that Lieutenaut Gihtuor,:
e traveled as a captive --until they eaane
C to San [sidro, where they emnbarket
Son the Rio G3rande de Paimuau:.>:,, ar
triving at (adaba. Then the:. .r
in the American liues, and si'ies theni
they have ben shown the courtesv
edue to such brave soldiers.
So ended the defence of lBaler aml
so) ended the one page of glory in lt
chapter of a nation's dishonor.
Variedl Career or a Tree.
Men versed in wooderaft lt tht
vieiniity of New Bruswick, N. Jr., are
puzzled abont the experiences of ai
,large cedar tree on the property oIf A.
V. Sehenck. Until about six months
ago there was nothing to distingnish
jthe cedar fror nmany other: except
taitwsone of the ttuest looking~.
trees on the place. Then a gale of
wind gave it a decided lean to the
Shortly after it recovered fromt this
another gale of wind blew it back to a
v-ertical positious Once again a gale
of wiud blew it ou the slant, and t. few
weeks ago a gale from the opposite
direction not only restored it to an up
right position, but overdid matters to
isneh an extent, that the tree has a de
cided slant to the northwest again.
Through it all the tree continues vig
Audaciy of Amnerieau Wocmen.
The remarks, of Emuperor Williaut
to the two Americ-an women who coi:
nered him on his yacht and forceed
him to listen to long argnments ini
fav or of the new woman wtill dlonhltiese
becomne historie. None but A'ueie.cm
Vw olen wiould have attemnpte?d such an
act. Their ar -uments must hiave
been tiresomie to his imuperial mjajesty,
yet he c.annot be half a bad fe!!owv.
for wte are told that he heard themc
throug~h with patience.
T he Emnperor replied to themt: "f
agr ee with my wife, whoc says .th:
Iwomen et.nla not m~eddaie with aux -
thing bayonad the fouir k' --kiide:-,
kirche, kne:he and klei'ier 'ehibireii.
church. cookery and clothin -
ie wa;:1 r weasts-lie V~j',.
De Witt C. Cregier. n-May.'- cc
Chicag:), went to thes Wiulyv City i
1S53, and was urged to accept the
nomination for Mayor. "Of a ci:v of
60,000?O' he asked. "Wait tweity
five years and ask mec then." Ue nias
elected just a ciuarter of a ct a:: y
A Socdiet's Lampj.
A German officer has intventeri a
lamp for use in war times, which can
be cariied in a soldier's kntam-;i
without adding rmneh to the wigbr
It is suippliedl with acetyiene :-tand'.
destined for use on the battlefield t:'
The belief that is slowly making (t3
way into the rnmetropolitan ruind of
New York that half of the nlipes of
its strees are preventable ia due to a
growing appreiiation of the valie Of
zele-p as a res:oraive. The jrevailing
lack (f knowledge on th: beneivs of
sleep Is well shown by the conduet If
the anrage volnwvoer regiment b-fore
it gets "whipped into halje. s3y. the
Arry and Navy Journal. Tho trn
mon idea in ih'- mind of the recru
that II ht can't kil the: coInry'
eneie.-. at least he is .o indiate Mar
neth and mre; r ;tCp. TIL he pro
~Ereds to do with the usual entiasmd
of the recridt.
Whi 'he serious work of the (am
praign is on. ho-ver*. he soon find tht
sleep i 1o a A a m hle ri 1I d w t h.
Evtt i. h does not think so hims-!f
he is soon made to underl :and 4 by
the stront prot e tf hiS vemnrade'.
\Vhen .ien t. ,1ohn 1'('intoek. F. S. A..
was I y., r re:-rui rag ;- regiment la
one of the New York ity\ ariores h?
found that. the recruits were making
night hid1.-ous w their horsrplay.
'i enu woire apparting earb day
mor1e and more rnII down. and finally
Lienti. M.eClin -o:k lined the command
np atn rnde a little speech to th-m
en the value of sleip. A! ii tcned wir h
li st less a re unti: the spaker sabi:
"Rpemier that Ger. Grant once s.ld:
'Two hrurs rleep-) is wor'th hervy re
rrements.'.This, was enottiuh 10
let light rint. :he tousIrd heads of the
. recruitis, eri ihat ight the armory wa*
as 5til! ia agaeyari.
No": t':1t our soldiers are' belml*
'.rought face to face with climatie con
:11tions to which ti.-v Pre totally uin
acetns:onied. it ought to '- imprss.d
on then tueasingl tit they catnnot
.ifford to und-rrate thr 'ahie of slum
"er. Thfe M-dcal New- of Newv Yo:'k
;vs on t:is very subject: *!t lwell
itoich raore to the exhausotn iei nt :.
.o insufft!iet lcr p on s; - e hc :
nights than to the actual int3nsity of
:he daily hetiT. Anyithing tha: is ca'
na ted to add fu rthr. to nct iurna
sti:tce and walefln1ets eserv
espoe~al atten ion (1u:-ng the hated
eason." Snwh advice. of courz. i; no
7 ed- f or the veteran. uit t, many
of oar regtIn:(nis are '.ad up'iof raw
ier'.ial tha: th comm (rlingctti1tK of
ier.- takirg thcm to the ho: climate
.f the l ilippinTes wll .- w1l to oh
myve the warung souinded by the
r edial .icurnuai.
lriisoht and French lit Fanto Domo.-.o.
In 1i'! the B:-*is1 invaded th: I 'and
of San to om ingo. They awandlonedt
in 7SS. after spendfing in ;he invasion
$100~.00.i and 45.000 livee. in P1b
ruary. 180i2. "'. r Frn-h vet-ran
trtoops. sent by Napt-l-on. h 2:nded there.
Trhey nm.- with fenble rasance, unri
were soon ini contro! of nearly the
whole island. In the amlumnl of10
Napoleon sent 10,.000 nmore troops, mak
ing 32.000 in all. Three-qu:ers of the
French army perished. an.d the rem
nant abandoned the island in 1803.
Beauty Is Blood ieepe
(sean blood means a clean skin. No
: eauty without its Vasca3rets, Candy Cathar
:ie ceeh your blood ana keep it clean, by
ttirring up the lazy liver and drivinlg al im
suritiesj rom the body. Btegin to-day to
--tthes, blackheads,
"What's in a Name?"
Everything. 'when you come to medi
cines. "4 .ureaparilla by any other name
can ne'ter- egp~zl Hood's, becaui of the
peculiar combination. proportion and pro
cess by 'whicht Hood's possesses merit
peculiar to itself, and by 'which it cures
'when all other medicines fail. Cures
scrofula. salt rheum, dyspepsia, catarrh,
rheumatism, that tired feeling, etc.
of Sp'avin, Curb, SpJint, Capped
110ck, Sorei Tedons,( Cuts Ki.
CraInp candA oic It'isya the bee
ant y ie ia- knoranti ihhedh
a &ct ty ret-e t., w ai in:1. .celd -ahnet
n'ddta::. W~se n. rea m.:ndl a et .
Cilor he sp . .i S:.m. tt
P.-rpa~re DE"st SLAN Best, a
sung AS ATH ARtIC r tebs
medicinet w. e.i er-d Tn the hoo. Lao
wekm OwT*De wsfanti ah edachesi or
tJodgy.e Cred.. m of our g CAtA RETn
andtheyre re C he porni n althoegd aost
imOd4at. e otedmredasaroftet.
Youth's C H ASo. IThaE benRD.
P-ittsbur toha-ie Dee Ceo .hisg P.
P'een. afate. Peadir:. te Good. D
Jt2udgie ..i ofea forsng ity ins
keouth's ~ Companion. It hiasu ben i
:-stm ohae h paeIett i f
tie.whne.afe radngi. e/a
*-c' ~ ' v.; ' f
1- '/14TPATION
ITSbt. lo fr frCTS.
, . U1 ,N 1. riG S.Y @C%
ErickmalZkiIg nx Ru%1a5.
In August la-t 1he foundaU ions Were
laid near .yva. Russia. of he fir.
firUb:lek workS creled in the iral.
Tea kilns hav;- !;Pen imlr. wth a e.
uasiwy 0 .00 bricsa nn~ia
I herto a!! the Iirebreks used in the
U:'ra1 have be.'n oi:in;d from Eng:nd.
A Montclair (N. ..).clergyman pub
miy gave a boy a vh!ping in ohuri'h.
ern the back o a v-%w.
Police Coutri Trial andl .Jol;;nent.
.3 m:-:.- A xxy 1-:. erhm .e i* ? ol. -iO rt .
xin: s. --:! pair e a e.':: ? . ' -.
--: e A u jean ;: e:.: ? -r ir ne
A..A.me nlar.:.-.,. c.l n e~d y t e
n iu 11:.. l . r i is 1: la ia '
V! .-e .,: - e.- ws p-r b t e. AT aL!1 dru i$ S.
The ow itng ze who is not 1:
some manner conueted with a D ewa
retion emmiee mu. t feel rather
theO PAYedice, thyknw. t
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W r ers . t ixtitl "L i: . iear f l r it te
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Ahs a .-rII when cii'deth-ers. So. 4!
s (Teethiing Powd
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C. J. MO]
- -'--.
~ om~ BACe
IIIFI M 'i1J.1. N I % D A l. LaG RiPPi'
(H101P n 4 Oct.*=. iGrandmot~ihrr iti 1 i'. why
GM RiKO-i-: ii. .F i..tnr <-L i' i e s
A !'aiet.
roe Croa.'em eng.e'
Ten er-"Wy': n i iis
be eyes like saucer's." Ye:.. and 'howI
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tional remedies. Dafnessis caused by a') -n.
Pmined condition of the mucous lining of the
Eustachian Tube. When this tube gta In
11 imed you have a rumblips sound or imper
feCt hearing. and when It Is ei.tirely closed
Deafness I, the result. and unles the infam
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We think Plsos C for e ons -ption Is
he ao1ly medic. e fct Cough .-EJ r
nRD, Sprlnafield. Ills. OCt- 1: 1894
Look atyourtongue! If it'scoated,
your stomach is bad, your liver out of
order. Ayer's Pills will clean your
tongue, cure your dyspepsia, make
your liver right. Easy to take, easy
to operate. 25c. All druggists.
Want y ur moustachc or bard a beautiful
brown er riei hlac -? Then uso
r Pit 011 f"C(i t. P. - ' * . & o reahSNuA, N. H.
We again offe: the cleanest seed wheat or
the market, ar'd from prolably the largest
crop yield In the State, if not the United
We had 355 acres in wheat this year. and
the crop averaged 20 bushels per acre.
Where we had a good stand, not winter
killed, we had over O bushels ier acre. One
bur.dred bushel.:, of our wheat will contain
less cockle seed than one bushel of ordinary
seed wheat.
Pi ice $1.15 per bushel on cars at Charlotte.
Bags bold two bushels and are new, no
charge for bags. TermE: Cash with order.
Per FRED OLIVER, Pres't.
Charlotte, - - - . C.
$3&$3.50 SHOES UNION
Wcr'h $4 to $ compared wit*
other makes.
Indorsed by over
1,eo0,000 wearers.
THE GKXt15F. have W. L. iangias'
ame and price sta pt on bottom,
Take no slietitute claimed
t go e P 9old. L.arzest mastkers
sV and VI.) bioes in the
w rl. Yelr dealer bhon i keep
t hemn-If ot, we wl!! %end you
a oarna receipt of prire. state
n eather. in and width. plain or cap toe.
Catalogue C Free.
W. L DOUGLAS SHOE CO.. Brockton. Mass
t ge Anotiglh for Unce Sam
a ed i .g o)!c:Ough for yetu.
l .
Ot CfNTAsN ohl
4A~ 5
(E a- -
-The Till Tags taken f
and R, J, R, TobaCCOS
Sall Of ths l ist of desirable
lave your good CheWing t0
Every mn,~u woman and chiild en
tey would like to have and can has
W~rite your name an address ph
tinning the unmber of the preseDt v(
SdiTerent kinds of tags mentioned ;ab
mifan.ian...................... 40
Kn e.. e lae. :.'fd ,'ite.... 4
b e Ki. rk and.o
Peprer. ufne each, '1uad
*. - rhite nmetali.....0
.'w u r:d l e Enla , im
' an o~terling silver....10
1U i:hear~. s-ijel: udekel..i ... ...:
:3N::t set. C-'acker. ii Fiesa, .'ilver.... 5-0
Y14 tSix ltcu'-- Tniile .Sp''r......4.50
15 mix ehRger- ite ives and For:- .tma
1 ev he.r:' ameibre....ls
\' RU'h.~ m utll irt anid -et, rularai
ced goo ::m' bpmEr...........o
1 Aar i : ie, nicke-1. w'arrantred.. 0
0 t Carn:a. hrnm bandi. gol0(
__ This offer expires No~
A ddress all v~ouL1 Tzues arnd the
rchant, sn why not- try i.
xxxxxxxx xx
M~ef D you not need anything in our
. tut if you should. now or later,
!onsult yoZv interest by writg us for prices
ind estimates 'etere placing your orders.
Now is the time *o buy a te Huller or
Rice Thresher. We a .11 the BEST.
Best Quality
Upward. writ_.
- ms for Cusa
logues. Teraw
- EASY. Addrew'
M. fiL. OM.0Mr .
Columbia. S. C.
The Smith Pneumatic Suction Elevating.
Ginning and Packing System is te Simplest
and Most Efflcient on the Mar et; Forty
eight Complete Outfits in s ath (arolinal
Each One Giving absolute satf-factdn.
Slide Valve,
Automatic and Corliss,
My Light and Heavy Log Beam Saw iills*
Cannot be equalled in Desilg, Efficiency or
Price by any Dealer or Manufacturet in thfa
South. Write for Prices and Catalogues.
1326 Main St.,
CCLUMBIA, < - - S. C'
Why take
Nauseous Medicines?
Are you suffering with
Are you suffering with
Are you subj 'Ct to COLIC* FLATU
LENCY :% PAINS in the
Do you suffer from L:TENTION or
Do you feel LANGUOR. a-d DEBIL
ITATED in the morn E'
Aromatic: Schi
Pleasant to take, Stimulating,
Diuretic, 8tonmachis, Absolutely Pure.
THE best KIDNEY1au L Ri:I,55 I
AdRepairs for same. Sbaiting. Puileys -
Belting. lnfectors, Pipes. Valves a.,4Fttings.
A g.uaranteed Cure for CatarraCont
's" toa in.' Ha"?ev.*IAIdrugISt
f.| Thompson's Eye Wate
DROP SY te -
will pay for any one or
and useful things. and you.
baCCo besides.
ii find somecthing on this list that
jly and send the tags to us, men
want. Any assortment of the
ve will be accepted.
9~Kir~ a ichs ep .eath IGunk
5 lc. 'i-ay Cacar 2?erae.
tr, arod Pir............
embioier 3t. 'aelo~1900.
erspondene abutthm
7 aC., WuiNSON Nivr ii ~e. IC J
P-r-'i -!~i',fr~d% i

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