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ijats That Will ete U'erlst the Year
Jtonnet-From Snowdrop to A-ntumn
Green- Calture and Vattu of the Lily
and the IriM--Hardy Plants and Shrubs.
- E CENTLY, culti
vators of fiowers
are beginning to
r-ea:ize thle folly
... IV
7 Inn:-Is for thle or
-nmenttat ion (f
their ;roiads-a
cu.stOm wv h i e it
confines'lts CtreCs to tire )I font
months at the 1wt, leaves the garle.n
alost entirely denuded at the end o'
the season and necessitates beginning
all over again each year. Whether
on a large or small scale, th- system!,
in the case of those wlo own or leasr
their homes, is as short-sighted as it
is improvident, and to th.. genuilit
flower-lover usatisga-tory. Wiat
should be aimieid at in any garden,
is not one etret. however stasaug,
but a succession of effects appropriate
to. and expressive of tit passin.g
months. The most skillful arrange
ments of bedding out platiti weary.*
the eye and starve the heart. A
chord of music, no matter how ri':h
the tones, how perfect the intervals.
of which it is composed, if iucessantly
reiterated becomes:- first tire5'ome,
then maddening. Wihat w N unt in
our gardens is not OnO V101' ol*
even one pretty tune, but a synplholy,
beginning with the delicate treIolo
of snow Jrops anid crein'is, a:id ending
in the grand finale of the cirysanthe
mami, The "leddingoui plants"
speak the idle ohatter of afternoon
teas, the hardy plants the langu:ge of
poets at' philosophers.
The landscape gardener hai never
lost sight of those truths, but where
ever given fill scope has avaied hiu
self of the possibilities contained ii
many hardy plants alost forgotteu,
or indifferently regarded by the
present generation. Believe me, oiu
great-graniiparents knew precisely
what they are about; their gardens
had a dignity and grace, a signieauce,
which our modern ones lark, hnt
which they need no longer lacit. Firs,
must come the convictLion of our m1is1
take, then careful study of means an
ends. The first cost may be a lit tH
startling, the desired result not as im
mediately apparent as under 'he oh
system. but a garden once stocket'
with good, hardy, well-chosen plant
will be the source of inexhaustibb
pleasure and artistic development
' Saving in expense an<
ingoof c . yas.
American abroad finds nothing mc
* ~ surprising than tihe glimpses of beau
gained from windows overlooki
court yards and rear enclosures
foreign cities. A little splashing fo:
tain encircled with handsome plan
as with us, but of good, solid masour
Truly we can learn many a lesson
thrift and beauty from the "effete ei
izens" of European countries. L.
ns then rise as one man anid banis
ash barrel and garbage pail from ou
back yards, and make thean little oasi
of verdure if not of bloom. Few am
the spots wvhere nothing will grow
thanks to bountifal nature's adaptive
* tudy your ground. Note wher
the sunshine falls earliest and remain
longest; note if there is any spot wher,
water settles and remains after rain:
or melting snows.* This last spo
should be given an outlet by dlrainim
it into an alley. Or it may be deepli
dng, say three feet, and a laver 0~
stones, cindiers or brickrs placed at the
bottom before anything is plantem
upon it. No plants can long survivq
water settling and freezing about th<
.Lay out your beds generously, grudg
ingly adlowing for domestic purposes.
Examine the sz'il and suiply what it
lacks. If you do not trust your own
judgnient in this, get some one who
knows to advise you. Devote at least
as much thonght to all these prepara
ilons as you would to the lanning of
a new gown or luncheon party, and to
the selection of what shall be planted
a thousand times more. (All beds and
borders are the hetter for being raised
somewhat in the muiddle-. Inform
yougelf of the nature of the plants
.. you 'desire to cultivate. H~ possible,
visit all the line gardens and lawns
within reach. No matter ho'w inferior
your own resources, som:e valuable
hints are sure to be obtained, aud uoro
fessional gardeners and florists are
generally willing to talk to people who
appreciate their work. Study works
on floisiculture. make diagrams of beds
and. arrangements, plant imaginary,
gardens and, finally, decide on what(
seems most likely to succeed well un
der the existing conditions. Allow'a
margin for the evanescent summlfer
flowers, annuals, etc., which help oit
wondeyf~uly, especially in the first
season or two,- and be sure to plan for
succession of bloom. Such a garden,
ce started is as satisfying as a good,
*d bank accont.
dy for natural and picturesque
Mass your plants--a clump,
3 here, another of lilies there,
spirea in one place, of rud
nother, of scarlet phlox or
gass elsewhere. Around
ardy shrubs plant narcis- ~
corners,which the lawn
t invade, plant our na
carlet "Turk's cap" or
tiger lilies. In the
t in clumps tall
own the muidle:
e edges--not in:
srCsCrivE ErTEcTs.
Perhaps it would not be amiss 0
suggest how these successive eifects
myav h obtained. Snppose prepara
tio':., to have beenr uade in the fall, as
they should be, and coiining oi.r
seves to hardy, perianeit biltb :1.
plaits exclusively. her, ii brie!, i
about what the amkateur arer may
have a1"liost without .fort after 11'.
tir-t piatini g: Marcht and April,
ean-,ues, s1ow-dross., hardy vlet.
tile iit"vy, flowariitg ntl!t.tits', tulips;
May and .1 nue, mniy of the ab ~ ie;
tioue *le rses of a. !e, ir i se Of Vi -
oJ s tls an11d color::, 1 i ies 1
niiks. spireas. deuit zias. nuies. or;
e~lzal poppies --ill hrt, unw is tlhe
mosit prodiga! of :.I1 th uh.lhe
list conl be intdeiiit.ely cXtenlet.
Julv anl Anugeast are the tiiV WoIn
for iauy Ihwering ipInts. Tle hybruid
roses are rest ing; fhe early boo in
balbs have vani:t iv- u from sighen
ti re lv. Iut1l sce what wA nOw have:
H-oll vhiek, mag-u i li'ai l'i G'i cirg t
phu1-a: -Japanese irises. the I le':
hwa dcl ilies ( i rat t, al! oiettt
vari-ties of lilict he'ou gi ug to the
specie! :11m orl Lane-efOlini fauldy-. au 1
ittaul x ot.hers: tile -lelpliniuI or giaut
larkspur: the htlose. - .are white
i rose an-1 sc-arlet. t:h! achea. a pure
white flower resemli-!ini the fever few;
the A Ings liy or aia W : the I- tran3
nesa th radaki, -umier earys*V
authiemu-i--a great aequisitiol to auly
ciliectio n. 'l st oF tIese last we-h
-into Sep.'teCinber.
--is com-i Lx T.
Tlhen eaal tihe late-bw)i(it ng anem
on1eS. 1) clASS o har-ly I-bu I lUm.
nukuoi v ti the amaen.,u alit oui' I
: Lntow %N 1e r diispelnsed withs . aul
anta iii ui, and.- hirl in raik inl tihe Iloral
ki.Ll u.- l. teiv ros beinig the firSt. tu>
lily seomi. nd h1ow u-iuv more e
sils these, omitted for Ila..
or throuai ovecr-igh. Add to the.
tie vebomi:M rose a i I Iee It
emin-ntiv easy it is to havec. a 1ra".
betlltifl pmilauent gaird i iht iil
* he a delii t to ti artist, ai .1 te -
tiulal feast to the possessor.
; Add tO i these, it one ihe so o-.'
the finer a'nials. a:nld folia'-e pla-its,
an1t, aV ; mlter of cor:ise, vi 1 how.
ern 0 nu-1 11 No-vnein.werevev
vis eaa tin-1 sapport. Sa .: : 'h
de i wI! lie the loime vi bird. hee au
batterliv, who will give it its fin:
totneh-l of grace antd beauty, and whI
Ihe or Le who has plIiaitel it Irasse:
on to the uudiscovered contry it wil
I remaii a precious legacy to the hi
Gam1e cockil in Porto Rico bring t
" high as $100 each.
- The chance of t wo fla'ger-pria- -s bz)
ing alike is not one i sixty.four bil
Ie . al ile i, th per ety bi-ae
re is matchless for favor, tendeIrnless, (
tv gestibility anld for heat giinhg pon'
ag1t is believed to be had luck to e
in the finger nails ou Friday, antd mat,
u- curists say their businens is lighte
s, on t hat day. ...,.-...-.m-niit
r-ore~TI years.
-A clock is b~eing constructed ft
Liverpool Street Station, ini Londo,
The initerior of its case conl alto
fiv pesnst dine comnfor-tabiy.
The stairway leading to the towt
hi of the Philadelphia City Hall cz:>utain
r 598 steps, an 1 is said to be the talles
continuous stairway in the world.
e Every inhabitant of the .instria
illage of Storbeek is a then playe:
- Th childreu atre tanghit toS play chtes
just as they tare taught to iead an
sihe lonigest tunnel in the worldi
e that of S . Gothanl, on the line of thi
s rilroad1 between Lucerue an.1 Miha
t ialy Its lengt~h is nine and o:i
half miles
Threwere in1 1~;: over three
ffouriths of a miliioi people livia;~
s outhu of Philaidelphia, and Charlesttt
iandI Baltimnore were the only cities o
any impor-tauce south of Philadlelphi:
Paut Brown, who died at his hotm
near Sedalia, Mo., the othier darv, al
the age of 108., was called the 'Miss.
- ouri Samson. When he was ninety
eight years old he carried logs sii
teen feet toug from at clearing to hlis
farmI house, where he split theit intoj
fence rails. On1 hiis one htindr-ed anci
eighith birth-lay he jumuped oiver- the
backj of a kitehen chair to sho')w his
E',r.t I nulia swuranent-.
Soeof the most wonderful swa -s.
orient, and 'iotaly amoiig thesear
the wiry little Gur-kas of Iudia. The
sword they use is .iniue unlike :any.
thing to be seen elsewhere. Then
"kukri--i- i hat is th~e namie I thev
give it--is shori, heavy and iiae.&
bent, with the cuttir; edge on the
inner side of the curve, like a si.-kie.
Its blow is usually delivered fromz be
low upward, with the "drawing ec.-'
Theae brave and elever dwvarfsi are
now stanch allies of the English, but
formerly would charge in irregular
squads hard to repel by imusketry,
dire under the bayonels. itio upwardl
with the kukri, andl then dart away,
~leaving their victira abnaosL split in
halves. TIhey wvould also steotp under
~the horses of the cavalry, rip t hemi
open and slash the legso heidr
as they fell. Even the mzediaeval
legious can hardly outdo their actural
pertormlance. It is said that they
uave been known to decapitate a buf
falo with one blow of tihe kuki i.
A Couutulrron Ann~ eredt.
SThere is a bright len-year-uld
youngster in Bangor, Me,, whose
aunt hadL a fad of keeping an auto
graph album. &m re ipprYeiative
friend wrote upon one page tl~e quiota
tion beginning "Whact is so rare as a
ray in Juhne:-" etc. The yeuugste -
n quiestioni was lookuing t-ver the bo~ok
oa 1315ce to put his namle. lud uec
iced ibis. The next page was iacant,
MZake Primoner% of Themselves by Craw.
lina- into Live ovterx.
An oyster shocker found i:I the
shell of 1he bival. c what he called a
--~fht's the first oie of that kind I
eve found in a Long Islaud tiyster,''
said the old shneiker, "anI i've been
sltekiut r olon, the sontut fot twenty
years. Patt sneh crabs are freilleutiv
foi.1 in 'irgilia oyst1er shell anl
cau .ikred ''reat dtlicai-o trhen yont
c~nhof them 1t sumnia'1 [
i0i.:1 1 found. en-..nshI baiby eratb
in ovs-er shells to ;ill an ortiuIlry size
c)9 c ot. A yoati 'v"nia" sav theum
and clap.ei her hand a: 1th .iglt.
l piaked l-i what I would take for
thet2, nd Sai.1d nilitouilt thinkiuz.
She took :n1. upl tn ieker than a Inice.
and. ti r She rawith t heia as if she
had drawn 1 a prlize.
--Why do they g iitd ovster
Virginia s'Il'kc that ame instio,
andt' lie s:id;! it va-; hecalse tiey were
loS:esoIne a.1-wnI int for comilnny.
Bat I ":'t blie've it. Thwt old
meau that cralir t. hi uk. a:il we kiowy
they dot. Neih eri does; a 1)hlster.
I tlink ...e bigges'l lool in water is a
lobster. I suoo: e you know how n
catch lobsters in the -ouint T ae .
box, bore holes int the side of it, a0-1.
sink It. Pat on: your Ioy so yn iai
kntiow where to 1ind, tie lux. L.eatv
the box Sauk :ll nilht and go oni
next iujrniting. haal it up1), an1d yol vj
got a box full of lob'oiers. And lte
nuiiv think aboutt is that they go into
tle Itoles ba.-kwar-l. Even peop:
ii at their heads ?iO les wher
tY-'v are lookintt It takes a lob
Ste'. to back into a bathc, and yke
o4) doing it. .11 is are smtat. Yoli
have to play with item t" bite. 2nt
bolbszters. thav b.ek rig'i into) yo:1'
arms. Iiigges fools that livi.'
.thiladtelph.lia inuutir.
Uie who usIast wait nee.1 nolt ivrr.
Absoltitc rest belons only to the
Tribulation is; the pailtway of
Not all new 1 Iooul hav d i
No mian (nn 1:tke atiug tiPn i h
is someiithint..
To~ nars iajuries is. to rd
brood of iserlez.
WorthIlesAness is one of the
costly iin"s iu itie world.
The only evil that ia any i1o,'
over us is the one we love.
nue who has a Imliud to think W
soon have a thinking miud.
Failure is the one thing often tt
suceeeetd better than snceess.
The man who nieve'r maie
- ever makes anythijg eCjJj
. . e est g ..ry of Canat & is.
R'is miodetu progress, but its vasO
aucient wihlerness. li yon e .
the samieness and npro:iaec.
it everyting youi knUow, go wh
last year. to the upper tera-~,u
.i~a&he-'ttawa lis the Gat
neau, app.earing to come fromt widel
distant regions have their origi
r close together and are t~wins. Behol
t. these two children of the lakes niot:
re ished fronm the same generous lbreas2
T'race their courses, and see thai
r. though journeying far, in widelv di:
crent dliretious, they finally alr-ive a
a comruoui dlesttiatin
Nobody knows all aLbout ihat h al
wvater conntry aronud the sonree c
the Ottawa. It is a prolific game re
iou, wh ete sports.neai rarely go, fo
all the hning they want ne.rer t.
the railroad, There are( ilenitr o
deer' close to abniost auvT Canallia:
P'acifie station west of Pernbroke. au
,It IS not toneh tronle to get a chase:
at a motuse5 in t wo) days from Deun
R iie res, Rlockeligec, or 3Mattawa. Not
mnany nuting parties start fromn
there either, anti [ suppose the rea
son is that for thousauds of miles to
the west the woods, prairies andi
mountains lie closec to~ the railroa:1
and albiord limiitless oppo0rttnities.
Frederie Irlainl, ini Scribn:er's.
5lhooting in thme Fict..
The reliable rules for shooting iiy.
iug birds are as follows: H-old a trinle
low for a bird apparently fiviiuf
straig~ht away frm thegnI odjs
above abird rapidly risinig without
ridle-mnotin hold the saIme for' a bird
going straight away and elose to th I
.roun'.d; hold abo've and1 ahiea-1 of
birds rising~ and going t' right ani i
left 1: hol ahead ouf birds gob n .' ra
ton night and1 ef: hol d 'dhead andt' be
low birds going to, right and left aut-i
lowering: hold (eaid on an itueome'r
'and give it to him gntiekl v.* for e very
yard the closer the smaller the spreadl
of shot); hoh lt ead of birds paussinog
above yon. Last, but not least. nerer
(check the even swing of the gun int a
qtureriug shtot.
At a goose or dutck p:atsinag oveL'
henad I prefer to f6rst truily cov'er the
mark, then advance the gnn till ontly
the tip of the bird's bill is visible, or,
when raither high, till the muzzle
leads its object by the proper dis
tance. and then instantly pull Ihe
trigger. When the gn has to lead
the bird in this position, no hesitacey
should be indulged in after the muz A
has passed ahead of the bill. for thel
shooter cannot then see his game. aud
any sudden change of flight may
prove disastrons. TIhiis is a shot a~t
wvhich most men fail by shooting be
hind.--Edward W. Slundys in'Oa':
lug. ________
Canoeing a Fine Sport-.
I know of no form of severe mus
cnlar exertion which is so little irk.
some as paddling a canoe. Rowing
is galley-slavery in comparison. With
the paddle there are not less than
three variations of position on each
side, which bring new munscles into
play and relieve the weary ones: anti
The First SUk Hat.
In an English newspaper of the date
of Jan. 16. 1797. appears the following:
"John Hletherirgton, haberdasher. of
the Strand, was arraigned before the
lord mayor yesterday on the charge
of breach of the peace and ineiting a
riot, and was required to give bond
in the sum of 500. It was in evi
dence that Mr. Hatherington, who i
well connected. appeared upon the pub
lic highway. wearlr.g upon his head
what he c da sik hat (which was
.ffered in erikence). a tall str'mture
having a siiiing lusti-r and va'ulatc-d
to frighten tinidI people. A; a ma-e:
)> fact, the offie:- of the (-:own stated
:ha: several women fainted at the un
isual sight, while children screamed.
Iogs yelped. and a younrg son of Cord
wainer Thomas. who wvta reiuning
from a chandler's shop. was thrown
iown by the crowd which ha-d coiler-ted
Rund had his right arm broken. Fer
:hese reasons the defendant was seized
by the guards and liakn before the
lord mayor. in ex-enuation 'of his
::rime defendau: elaimed he had no:
violated any ::.w of the kingdom. but
was merey exercIsing a right to ap
pear a headdress of his own design
-a right not denied to any English
..tart. Hight Now
And guard ngaivt winter's triaI!. n
Eimulsionl will give) You Flesh and Ione.
'ou'il feel diIY'rert. -0' and -il.00. Al1
dealrars se-1 it. (ir:tuteed. EUHwELL &
D.y Co., C'ha:-[gtte. N. C.
The original thirteen States cun
teinxed 325,785 :sqsnare niles, or 2(8,
502.400 acres. In 1Su8 the United
States contuintd 2.720,160 qu:re
miles, or I. I.73.:i0 acres, in or
ganized states. It alMo contait ed
38e-,270 sqn:.ro miles. or 567,212,8011
acres of territo~vr n't organized as
states. This does not include the
new foreign 1ci-ession aicquired b)y
the war w1ith ipain.
A Ploctor% Advice Free!
About Tetteriie. Dr. M. L. Fielder
of Eclectic P. 0.. Elmore Co., Ala.,
says: "i know it to be a radical cure
for tetter, salt rheum, eczema and all
kinired diseases of the skin and scalp.
never prescribe anything else in all
skin troubles." Send 5.e. in stamps
for a box of it, postpaid, to the man
ufacturer, J. T. Shuptrine. Savannah,
Ga., if your druggist doesn't keep it.
The motor-paced bicycle rae? are
increasing in lopilrity all the tiic.
Even in feats of purely physical speed
andI endllralnce, jmechgaiii--s are made
to enter i in more snd mUore, and the
ciange will throw o,;t. of eito(yneut
various young wen that usetd to calru
an honest livelihood by mnaking the
pace for the star ride:'s. But they
iA.migitt as well be resigned to the
e.41orit is fate.
Ld he~d the r tong:1d, wev should knz
.noth~ing sbo::t the c~irpton of the blooc
if it <wecre not for 1!:s aa:'crtisemrnen yo
mighQtt ne'Ver kno-lO'I4LN dS 0t5L
',. sr...u~s eiie
- '- -
Overdeing it
Hicks-It's all right indulging in e
little fikperbole who y'ou are mak
, ing love to a woman; but there's suci:
- thing as overdoing it. Wicks-Aq for
has beetn fnarrieud tht-ee times, and he
told Miiss I(marry the other efeini
that she was the first woman he ever
*lov-ed.--Boston Transcript.
Cures Group and Whooping-Cough
Unexcelled for Consumptives. Gives
Dr'. j~u!|~': crur: iliouplus. T~'iial, of,J
Treen That f.Ii-e on Haurdg.
On the ritlying epurs of the Sierra
M!adre mountains in-Mexic~o a tree was
recently discovered which catches and
eats birds. The tree was long, slen
'.er limbs, which dorop like the fai
lar weeping willow, but the moment
i bird algbt. on the trees the branches
curl upexrd andt silently encircle the
sird and crush it to death.
A botanist who discovered this re
narkahie tree touched one of the
imbs with his hands. The branch
closed upon his fingers so 5rml;y that
ft tore the skin when he wrached it
W. R. Howelcls says thait genius is
simnlidy hard1 work. But that is not
the reason why evuery man who thinks
he is overworked r'egards himself as
a genius. The troutble withI most
"geniuse'" is that they don't know
how to work.
Stisp pe wh n rina vti -r,'' n o. 4
tu y(1r' owns and ad jLoini nix con 5'tes: no cans
vainrg: .stratj~dh isry. WI5r' per' week and
ex peuT. V esrly ('rnntrac't. rapt'] promotion.
x'eptonalt opp->rsnty. Address Maunfac
turers, P. 0. 1Box ::E; I-hiladelphjat, Penn.
A C'loqe slat' e.
Customer-ls lthis a shave I'm get
Customer'u- ' h. all riught. But I
th"'ught it seemied tuw're like vi visee
5aving TI~mnrCI Troule.
"'110 seems' to be( xiu untitural fali
Cr. He n(eve'r goe's nearu' the baby!,.
"'That's oulyi becaiuse' he's a1fraid he
might leain htow to 1:% car of it."
Brooklyn Life. -
Meieo has 7.500 builes of' railroad.
brrn ddn4 nii~
.Mexico's public debt as been re
Funded in New York city at an interest
rate that will mean a saving of Si .000.
000 a year. The Mexicaus have dis
covered that the -xnoney center of thC
world has shifted froiLu ope to
F-estored anrd thie eyigs curcd by using
Fit diey's, Eye Splve. So pain, tsre cure or
no'ney b-ack. - x. Ali cr-ugglste, Or by
asi, *-2c. petr LluX. J. 11. HAY-rria, Decatur,
I ex.
I be-vetv l'' cure for ( o:tumptioi saved
my bet lixe last !mer.-ir-. Al.LiA.
iluLi.'., L.e R<.y. .M ich., ctober I'J I.
Fits perman ently cured. No flts or nervous
ress after Arst yay's use of Dr. Klfnes Great
Nerve Restorer.strial bottle and treatise fre
D<. I. i. KLINE. Ltd.. S Arc p I P
S-TAT 01' Ot o. Ciry og ToLEDh I
LrCAS CortT,
pAK J. CH Es Ey iakre oath that he Is :he
Alior partntr of t-e firm o' J. 2. CHENEY &
(o..doin- aines in the -ity o. ' oledo.' oun
tr an< St-ite a ores ii. and thateald firm wlL
'y the sum of o:r HUSDRED POLLARS for
e .h and 'vre: v v tse of errtntI that cannot
he cured by fic rte of HALL'S CATARR
FnAN7 -1. CHENE7.
S ;rm to, brfore me and s.:bscribed in my
- ee, thi Sh dav of : ecember.
8,-A. D. 8 A . W . G LE ASON.
I .- I.Notary Puibx-c
Rail'. Catarrh x ar- is taken interally.and
acts directir on the *bood and mucous sur
fNcos of the nit::m. ner.d for testimonials
ree. F.'.. CtEYEY & Co., 'Zoledo, 0.
Sold by Druggiat-r. '..c
Hil's Family ill- are the b.:rt.
Sick headache. Food doesn't di
gest well, appetite poor, bowels con
stipated, tongue coated. IV's your
liver! Aver's Pills are nver pills,
easy and safe. They c-e dyspep
I sia,'biliousness. 25c. All Druggists.
want votar noustaen. or beard a beat:tiful
- bown or r- i'. ak'i hen s
CS c . -. p , i.& Co. N 15.h.N.
'Price, DoubleValue
About November fl-rt snoe w'Ide-wake
tirrcbant in thji :own -,i have on sale 35
i aine sam P)ls of
ed Seal Shoes.
I bese cai be s--Id *1 abe ha prie-, and
vh * they last w:l! p-ove "p'.kins 'or cash
buyer'. 'e only have' >!x-e lies tosell
1hese en he reserved now. Me'rchauts in
terested can addres
Send your name and addr on a
* postal, anrd we will send you- our 156
e vage illujstrated catalogu~e free.
Oofor the best writtet
g 5--J*ic adv ertisernen
Remedy. This offer closes Nor. 15.Writ,
forpar Mrs.JOE PERSON T"uxu.
ticu'r e K i i reil. N. (
Ma kes miillionl think.
A [" T 'SPECIALTY: sel1 to Ayery ne
RUL 111 gro: hI; :nootey; dead easy: n(
fake: sil' prtM for eve*ry se pr.:ven that out
ptJri do tnt girte *atisfactiori in: every res ect
Agrnit coining nione~y: everything lesivimate:
Op.-i and above~ board: send 15 cents stamps o1
ivrtfor agents' oufit nad guaraneo. Bostoi
Cemical Comnpany, ili.hnt.'nd. Vn.
and Wh!,key Eshiis
I.E cured at home with
out pa in. Book of par
tua ia ficulr 10ent Fryo EE.
of Spavin, Curb, Splint, Capped
h-ock, Sore Tendons .. Cts, kicks,
Bruis:-es, etc., by usingr
Aho n tivlu able1C remd for nun.l
Wh en tae itnally' It cue
Cr.amps an d Coli. It is the best
I2acry bottle is w:at d.i c Sol h del.ts
d I-gats b;cnr ally fan iy size, 25c.
't- esize, go. :tn J ico,
P.-:pared by EARL S. SLCAN, Boston, Mass
ha r.,.am 0cnt~Sn.5 t~ifOIth ET
- a e e th rlail atC .)0 toie l o f. a
O U R OFFER L . - "' s *~' e at d "-ii ls
our a .en "P.r c er' . * ur mI.:.y
e: r t e is t' . -. -- 3 . t.n. -. . - --m.
# a::.--, -rt: NrrtusAr. tavtr.v'co.
Patti's Finar.c'ai Cleverness.
Tt i ust fr;y' years since Madame
P atti com00(:OlcI ai:ot ii':5q0c00rv1t
scal triumphso. ac coriling to the Wes3
er Mail. The fair mnistrr-s i.f Craig
y-Ns may 1:e t:u'y said ine'. to havn
known failure. She ha-d no ear y
trugges. When only: 16 she b;an to,
~aptiva.te the world, and she ham ke-pt
ber ascendency evr since. Patti was a
n-ere child when she first tegan to war
Ke operadic airs, and the tale Is told
hat the future prima denna. stand'ng
in a chaIr, and being prcrnised six
ence for an er.co:>.re plied that shr
:oud not do it at the price, hut wruld
'rom in two .'nenres fr-r a sh Iiing.
mon. re_
What Do You Want? I
There is nothing
that money can buy
that we do not sell. ex
c lOUolV es, boats
p live animals. We
,I-, cal saveyou money on
everything you buy at
ael seasonsof the year.
oar general Cataloe
co- tadina304 Pge,. as
F CaChairs, T.C t 0 10,000o dustraios, ard
- quotes wholesale prie -
to consumers on over c
~ 100 different articles. a
In thiS Catalogue
> := youvilitindeveryt I
- t o 1Eat. Wear and Us,
everything found in a
' home. in a hotel, In an
omen. in a church, on a
rarm, in a barn, and
(;zg J:-, $10.5. e.-ery kind of merchan
dise for every possible
We issue a Lith
onraipie.i Cataloue
whieh sho-s Car
pets. R ugs, Art
- Sqttares... Portieres
and Lace Curtains in
tiheir real colors.
Carpets seWe4d free.
lini furnished free
. and freight prepaid.
Our M3ade-to-Order
Clothing Catalognle
Wc'afs69C to $73- withl samples ofclOtih
attached, offers sujits and overcoat" fromn
L5.25 to S20.00. Nenvt V. 0. D.) Expres
sage paid on clothing everywhere. W e
also issue a Special Catalogue of Pianos
Orga . Seing 3achines and ricyee
Tfere Is nothing you buy that you cannot bliy
bought here as .heap as yourdealer can. Ail
Catalogups are free. Which do you want? -
Address this way:
11ALTiO1310E, MD., U. S. A. Dept.211
;RHIIE UM iT SM. il.lA I* IF1A o K. Lat;alPPF.
CROUP and 0LtiS. Grand:nother used it. why
not you? Wt~s the greatest rm. idc!ne known. So.t
.%ai rng~lits and g..fl4.J sors:r. NSta1C nl 1
We again offer the cleanest seed wheat on
the market, and from probably the largest
crop yield in the State, if not the Unitdc
We had 355 acres In wheat this year. and
the crop averaged 20 bushels per acre.
Where we had a good stand, not winter
ki led, we had over 40 bushels Ier acre. One
hurndred bushels of our wheat will contain
less cockle seid than one bushel of ordinary
Eced wheat.
Pi ice $1.15 per bushel on cars at Charlotte.
Bags bold two bushels and are new, no
charge for bags. Terms: Cash with order.
Per OLUVER, Pres't.
$3&6$3.50 SHOES NADE
Worth $4 to $6 cenpared with
- IJndorsd by over
5-'-- 1,00,000 wearers.
TiiE cE5uixE hate W. L Dnias'
} aname and price star.ped on b~om
Take no suhstitute claimed
S to be as god. Largest makers
of 93 and 53.50 ooes in the
-world. Tour dealershould keep
them-!f not. we will scnd you
-aaa pair .v receipt of price. State
ind of leathebr. oize and width. niln or cap :oe,
t Catalogue C Free.
. L. DOUGL.AS SHOE CO.. Breckcton. Mass
~A3, ('eeirg Pos
A guranted C r or Catarrh, Con
anumption -n-' HayFever. AIlid ruggists,
$100 W.fi.SMITB&GO..Butffale.N Y.. a rou
Best ouhSyrp TesGood. Use
The Tin Tags taken fu
and R, J. R, Tobaccos
all of this list of desirable a
have your good CheWing tob
Every man, woman and child can
they wouIld like to have and can have.
Write your name and address piafIi
tlioninag the number of the present yout
different kinds of tags mentioned a bos
I Matc B Ox . qtiainit deign, imix-eri
S 1.--n e lade. god -teel...... 40
, 3 Sc.-s eiownc, good stee... . . o:
4hi.8-. Km.ife, Fork and Xpoon 3
o :-l ati i -r onnh2eueaciad .'
r"uKid. lto vhre-me.a...... ....o a
ti Boue r Re..I.ri p a:
quali.ty ...... . ... ... ... ... ... . .1 0 .:
O .'Sup r heitable lt. bes . :1.1. :
11 I .ic er e. K-in e s i..(ade..... ...teo
12 i ......-nc...:..k...... ...... ....10Q3
13 Nut Set. G aek r.* P 'e ie. .a ..
14 -i R ge~s a le ar~s.... ......4
I . l Aarm o.k. rd, kel. iwarran:edl.... ::co --
A ;This offer expires Nove
Adress all your Tags and the cc
XX' xxxxxxx
MNay be you do not need anythingin our
ne now. but if vou should. now or later,
nsu!t your interest by writing us for priced
ad estimates before placing your orders.
Now is the time to buy a Rice Huller or
ice Threiher. We sell the BEST.
. H. CIBBES & CO.i
. I Meet-All
Competition I
Will place with re
sponsible parties.
Organs or Pianos
on trial and pay
1 freight both ways
if not found as
0 R 6A NS'3 "up
Write for cata
M. A. Maler.e,
ol:ba. 5. C.
The "itrth Pneumatic Suction Elevating.
3ening and Paoking Syst- n is the Simplest
ird Most Effieient on the Market: Forty
ight Complete Outfits in S.wth Carolina;
Each One 0 iving absolute Satisfaction.
Slide Valve,
Automatic and Coriiss.
.1y Light and Heavy Log Beam Saw Mills
raunot be equalled in Design, Effleiency or
Pr~e. by ary Dealer or Manufacturer in the
South. Write for Prices and Catalogues.
V. C. BADHAM & C06.
1326 Main St.,
CMLUMBMA. - - - - S
Why take .
Nauseous Medicines
Are you suffering with
Are you suffering with
Aro you subject to COLIC, FLATU
LENCY or PAINS in the
Do you suffer frcm RETEN TION or
'0o you feel LANGUOR. aiad DEBIL
ITATED in the :04Prning.
Aromatic S8
esoat to ,
Diuretic, 8tOma1cii'shi tIrs
IFree. Pr.. -as'ssm.es
Dr. Ricard's Essence otf~ l
ard, noe er-failing remety forsil caserof nervous,
nientaL pyaical debi icy. 1...' -.itulty an e
rnature decay in both sexe.siti, permaent
enre: foul tretan tor 81abcdt rna o
circ.ular. 2. McQ~UES, Agent, 3no Broadway.Z.
TA. B.Stroud, GrantvilleGa.,
Wrote:. You have- girec -the
bar.y worl't a priceless boon in:
your TEEHiNA Teeng Pr
darlai to wsom we-have given
TEE. flrA. :s fat and cheerful;
~yoarDragist forit. '"'g~ a~g
FFETT, MVL D,, St Lou&s3g
- ~ Pianos fors$195.
Euy direct from the
mnacufacturer. Satisfan.
uon guaranteed.
hi. P. MOLLER,
will pay for any one or
id usefL things, andyo
acco besides.
find somethilng on this list that
--FRE E.
ily anid send the tags to us, mnen-*
want. Any assortment of the
e will be accepted.
Six Ro;ers' Teaspoons, best qr.l 5
Knivres and 1Fer.., si each. buk
e:er. Bareee.... ............60
lernmngton iie No. 4, 22 cr 32<al .100U
Tce. Set, no: playthings, but real
ue t ch . l eeraftUe j ......."
S.wing 31achin~e, f~rst class. 'rith
%i.cher 1:epenting . hot G3un
:::a;:e---. --. ----.. ...........2 0
line, Wnc-hes-er. 1(-ehot, 22-cal. ..CO
Sr or Gtin, acuble-barrel, hainuner
Bk yele, r:andrard unsk-e. ladies or
After Dinner erffee Spoon, 'did
Bivr. W;cd hoie.............
mber 30th, I900.
rrespondence about them to

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