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dow a word 1A Grown in the southwest
Changes In the Huniness-ArIZona aa
Cattle-rd--Meth(IM of tie Cow
boys.-Stainpeles Their Terrors.
URING the past
few weeks tie
rise in the price.
of beef has di
,.fred~ attention
- . - a ii e w t 0 tire
- ranchjing b i s i -
A e s s. It had
fallen Into a stateN
of decadeice
owing to the poor retarns of the past
few years, but it is certain that it will
now take on a boom.
'The most conservative recent esi;
mates of the cattle industry of Arizona
and New Mexico put the invested
capital at S56.000,000. This includes
the value of the ranges in-d the cost
of cattle, ranch hotises. cowboys'
horses, aud a thousanl and oie articles
that comprise an up-to-dIate working
cattle range. All grade< of cattle
bring very profitable pices now, au
the ranges and cowboys have seldom
been in better spirits. There are a
score of men, living in rr Ie adtoben
houses with mud floors an i having4
few of the modern conveniences and
comforts of life. who have made great
fortunes in ca .!e ranching in the
Southwest tU. riesin the last thirty
years. About a dozen of these men
Ihave property worth easily from .i,
200.00) to '2,000,00-1 each. anl seil
cattle each year for $O0,) and evet
$80,000. John Akers, of New 'Mexico.
who sold over $90,000 -.7orth of cattle
last year, and -vhse landed posses
sions are over 70,0)(1 acres. lives ia
an adobe house with his Mexican wife
and nine childrea. He cannot read
or write, and has been out of the terri
tory but twice in twenty years.
Stock-raising in the \Wes- began to
be a business at about the close of the
Civil War, when meat, as well as other
kinds of food, increased so much in
price. The Mexicau rauchers in Texa
owned immense herds of semi-wild
cattle of inferior breed, which roamed
over the prairies in herds of fi-omn fifty
to one huudred thousand, of little
value to their owners in the absence
of a market. When beef began to he
scarce at the Ncrth. a few (overn
ment contractors drove some small
bunches of cattle from Texas over the
weary trail which has since become
historic, for the use of the Northeru
a es. In those days steers coulI
' dollars, and sold ai
' n oths
More than one-hl of Arizona's ar-e
. offers good grazing. There is no ind
tense cold, very little building of
barns or corrals is necessary, nor is it
indispensable to store winter food.
Black and white gamma grass, bunch
and mesquite grasses, grow on plateau
and valley, mesa and mountain so
abundantly that after the rains of July
and August the country rolls a billowy
sea of living green. Gamma grass is
particularly nutritious.
htock-raising in the Soutiiwest ter
ritories, where the conditions for the
industry are so favorable, and where
-so little capital is required, is an at
tractive occupation. The intending
stockman, supposing him to have
about $3000 eapital, either t-akes
"squatter's right," by building a hut
on unsurveyed land, or buys 160 acres
from the Government at a nominal
price. A house need not cost more
than $400: Provisions bought, there
is no expense but the wages of the
cowboys, each one of whom, for $30i
monthly pay, will take care of about
250 cattle.
d1owboys may be 'divided into two
classes-those recruited from Texas
and other States on the eastern slope,
und Mexicans from the Southwestern
region. Mexicans are unrivalled as
cowboys-splendid riders, hardy, born
to the business-but they have a b~ad
reputation, and are quarrelsome and
unreliable. Americans are perhaps
less skilled, but they are more order
ly. The cowboy tracks his animals as
Indians do game; dismounting, he
leads his pony and follows patiently
faint tracks in the dust-which, after
aUl, may prove to be those of unshod
The most important matter for the
stockmnan is how to get his cattle. He
can buy them "on the range," which
is the quickest but the most expensive
way. The cattle are bought so many
head, "moretor less," but this mnode
leaves a good many open ings for shar p
witted guile, to which the novice usay
fall a victim. The best way fo:- the
newly arrived settler is to make a con
tract with some responsible drover for
a number of cattle, breed and age
specified. about sev-enty-fiv-e per cent.
of the cows to have calves, the pur
chaser to be free to reject any animtal~s
znot in good condition when delivered
at his ranch.
The third way of procuring stock,
which was originally the only one, is
to go to Texas, Oregon, or Utah, the
* three best sources from which to draft
cattle. buy the animals in "bunches"
from different owners, and start home
ward with them as soon as the spring
- sun causes the grass to crop up on the
prairies. Riding on trail is aauunder
taking requi:-ing the natural talent of
a trapper and some of the astuteness
of a commander, adroitness, firmness,
a quick eye, and a quicker hand with
-the revolver. Great mountains have
to be crossed; vast stretches of dreary
-plains have to be traversed; rivers full
o.f dlangeroua quicksands it e~.
regions, are terrifying to cattle. On
the approach of one, the herd should
be collected in as small a space as
possibie, while the men shoulb con
inually ride arOund them, calling to
each other in tones not too loud; for,
like horses, cattle derive courage from
the v-oice ail presenceof man. Sune
timaes. however, a steer more alarmed
tha, the rest, and unable to contain
his terror, will make a dash through
an opening in the guiariian lhalu.
His ex.ullple is sure to be foilowed,
and in two miutes thme wim le he-rd
will have starmpeded --a surg'ing mas
of hellowing, tt fled bpeasts, ru:shiug
leadlong through the storm.
Once fairly started, they will run
for twenty, thirty, perhaps forty uiles
at a stretch, many of the cattle be-ing
killed by falls or trodden to death.
white "bunebes" stray from the main
herd and disappear forever. It im
dangerons work. and many a cowboy
ha lost his life in a stampede. The
run has taken the cattle far o(Y the
trail. and led them perhaps into elose
vicinity to hostile lndians or crafty
( reasers2. Often oil these oca
sions men do not leave their saddles,
except to chaiage horse:4, for thirty-six
Arrived at the ranc:h. the cattle are
branled, and then caref niiy dis
tribSted. lom ere, a few miles
farther on otherM, and o on, until the
whole herd is "turied out." If young
steers are kept two years on the
range, they can he sold as four-year
ol,s at an illcreaLe in value of from
ten to itteen dollars per head; thus
the ranIchnman nearly doub:es his capi
tal in that short time, providing his
losses do nol- exceed five per cent. and
Ie has I(lack on his side.
.in connection with the cattle bmsi
ness the truth that "ai man oat West
is a miau" is asserted by the poorest
cowboy. Tiat marked feature of
Ameriea, social equality, must never
he forgotten by settlers fresh from the
East. The coiboy assers his perfect
equality with all comers, and let a
tenderiont' once get the namne of be
ing possessed by unsocial pride, there
will not be a mana in the cattle region
who-while otherwise he would read
ily share his last bite or sup with the
tranger-will not. for his real or sup
posed arroganoe, be eager to spite and
injure hiul. In no bmustess is Pop.
larity more iudispensable, in no waik
of life i-i a man so dependent upon tho
good will of his neighbors as in stock
:asilg on the plains of the West.
New York Post.
A plan of the University of Aber
deen, Scotland, is to form loan cllee
tions of naturat history for instruction
in schools. These will I nlied it
" in last . Tisre, .
less than half the hours of stdushine of
inlud sections, and a lit tle more than
a third of the sunshine of places on
the soutth coast.
The distribution of seaweeds is v-ery
eneral. Thfre found in Arctie
seas, in temiperate 7relirth
the equator: they grow along shore.
east and west. aud they are fond- fr-ee
floating in the oceau. So common are
they indeed andl so low in the seale of
vegetable life that thete was a time
when no one paid any attention to
them. They were looked upon as
worthless, if not noxious, and were
regarded as unworthy of attention
eveu by botanists, who gronped and
ec-assed themt with ferns, mosses,
lichens and fangi. Even Linuat-us so
treaedl them, and the sea itself seems
to cast thenm on the beachi as refuse.
They were the playthings o~f children,
but nothing more.
In British Central Africa, although
it was supposed that giraffes were to
be found along the Loaugwa River,
noi authentic information had been
watained util recently, when a giraffe
wssoby a European prospector in
the Marimba district, and its skin was
sent to an army otticer, whlo shipped
it to the British Museum. The exist
ece of the giraffe in Marimba is (con
sidered remarkable, the area in whkich
they are found being v-ery limited, and
the number of animais seemis to be
very small.- When the one in ques
tion wvas shot, a herd of about thidly
five was seen. The nearest distance
north of Marimba in which giraffes
are known to exist is north of Mareres,
while on the south, Matabeleland is
the nearest giraife country.
The Maryland Geologie.d Survey,
which has enjoyed a reputation for
carrying on scientifi:: work of a high
order, has recenitij~ started a series of
investigations ini forestry in co-opera
tioi with the division of forestry of
the United States D)epartmtent of Agri
euttre. Alleghany County has al
ready b~ieen examined for this forestry
snrvey. aind the work will be extended
through the State as fast as the topo
graphie maps are completed. A biolo
gical investigation of Marylantd has
also been commeniced as an adjunct to
tme State survey and the Department
of Agricutuire has assigned members
of its scientific corps to examine the
distribution cf the fanas and iloras
of the western part of the State. Re
ports on the life zones and0 areas will
be published from time to time by the
State geologist.
Triboluminescence i nneltl
given to the em ~ t ihu
heat that occurs
substacee, hke'
non has been f j
3. Pope. to be pL
saccharin unde'
the bluish-white
adp ! m nt e
rroceir of Leather Making From the
Fresh -iin to tie Finished Article.
The leather manu was lasv hoisting
binnales of leather up from the cellar
by means 6f a pulley rope, weighing
it and loading it on the Cart which:
stood at i be door ready to carry t lie
load to the shoe n.anulaeturers. lie
looked up, howet er, at a question and
paused to wipe the perspiraiwn from
his brow.
--Tell von albout leather? Well,
that's a Iong story. You see, there
are tifty different kinds of leatl"-r if
there is one, antd the pruveeSes
through which the ides go between
the time they leave the stock vsrds
and the time when the shoe man gets
them are iuany and varied. There
are steer hides, calf skins, goat skins
and others, which are prepared each
in one certain way.
"The green skins comc from the
reat stock vards in hicago and
kansas City to the tannery, which is
enerally Ibuilt on the bank of a pure
stream ~and nlear woodland. At the
tannery.tike hides are at once placed
in great vats tilled with fresh cold
water, and left there to soak fo-: two
or three days. The water tends to
soften them. Then the skius are put
in a long trough and run through a
sort of slide, while heavy hauinerS
pound them to a greater softness and
pliability. Water is played on thema
in a steady stream. When the work
in the trough is finished the hides are
placed back in the vats, and they soak
there a little more: for a day or so.
The next move is to keep them four
or five days in the sweat pits. The
sweat piis are (aig out inl the sides of
the hills and the skins are hung up ill
rooms inside. It is daugerous for a
man to stay in one of these 'pits. ow
ing to the fames of ammonia which
.te fronm the hides after~.they have
been contined for a little while. They
are powerful enough at times to over
C0oe a person. Utit the workmten
know what they are about and do no
imperil their lives by reiaining too
long in the place.
"After the turn in the swear pits
the hides are ready for scrat)piug. 1!
takes a trained tanner to know just
ho w long to keep them in the sweat
pits. When the thing is done right
the hides should he just about at the
point of Iecomiposition before they
are taken out. Then ibare-armedIll men
stand ready vith long, sharp knives,
which they work over the skins witn
both hands, removing all the hair and
the small partieles ef flesh so that
there is not a shred of it left. Eazi
skin is gone over thoroughly and
tossed into still another vat tilled
with a liontid in which there are smal
strips of h en k. The hemlock
tiO::. it o a
on want. arkj icermeae
skin throuo ea~. t eraThe D t
procss isgh every pore. The n
dry hid thiat of drig -Thn ofs
oisps dOrit to give it the pee liar
'k over i gotiee in ea her.
two b' 1ieietstrd~ t for
shipped to the '.c..'her sellers in New
York and other cities. We have
nothing to do here but weigh thema
and send them off to the shoemeen.
That is the way that sole leather is
prepared. "--New York Sun.
IPlants That Sem to Reason.
"Do plants think?" said a St. Mary
planter. "Have they powers of rea,
son or any way of determining what
is going on acound themns The ques
tions seem rather fantastic, I admit,
but they are prompted by sonme very
curious observations made at mcy home
only a few weeks ago.
"My daughter, who is very fond of
lowers, has a morning glory vine
growing in a box on her windo w leage.
While watering it recently she no
teed a delicate tendril reaching out
toward a nail in the side casing. She
marked the position of the tendril in
penil on the wood, and then shifted
the nail abotut an inch lower. Next
day the little feeler had deilected it
sef very noticeably. and was again
heading for the nail. The marking
and shifting were r'epeated four or
five times, always with the same re
sults, and finally one night the ten
di, w hich had grown consideralbly,
managed to reach the covete-1 sup
port, and we found it coiled tightly
around it. Meanwhile another bun ch
of tendrils had been making for a
hook that was formierly used for a
thermometer. Just before it reached
its destiuation my daughter strnng a
cord across the window sash directly
above. It was a choice, then, be
tween tbe old love and the newv. and
as a morning glory ailways seemis to
prfra cord to anything else, it
wasn't lon~g in making up its mind.
Ina very few hours the pale, er'isp
little ~tendrils-which, by the way,
convey a satrprising sugg'estion of
human fingers-had commenced to lift
toward the twine. Next day they
reached it. and took such a firm grip
that I don't believe they possibly
ould have been disengaged without
breaking the fibre. Scientists are n->
doubt familiar with sneh phenomena,
and, if so, I wouldl he very glad to
learn whether they have formulated a
theory on the subject. To me it seems
imply inexplicable."-Newv Orleans
T iaeA-emocrat.
Giant Music 1r01.
The greatest musical inistramient, or
rather music box, ever constracted,
will be cxhibited for the first time at
Maris exhibition in 1900. Its in
- tor and builder, Antonia Zibordi,
an Ialan, devoted fifteen years of
onstnetit.He has be
sepeethe ima
hi~'ez bton oyhn
The First S1M-JE"
In an English newspaer of the date
Df Jan. 16. 1737. appear thaolowng:
"John Hetherington, haberdasher, of
the Strand, was arraigned before the
lord mayor yesterday on the charge
of breach of the peace and-inciting a
rot, and was required j'give bond
in the sum of ?500. If as in evi
dence that Mr. fHetheri'n, who i
well connected. appeared u n the pub
lie highway. wearing up0 his head
what he ra!!d a silk hat (which wa=
>ffered In evidence). a t structure
having a shining luster ani calculated
o Frighten timid people. '.s a mattr
fact, the offleers of the down stated
hat several women fainted at the un
asual sight, while children screamed.
logs yelped. and a young s1 of Cord
ainer Thomas. who rag returning
rom a chander's shp was thrown
-lown by the e:-owd whi&had collected
and had his right arnrbroken. For
:hese reasons the defenant was seized
by the guards and taken before tho
lord mayor. In ex'en1ation of his
:-rime defendant claimed he had not
violated any l::w of the IngdioYm. but
was merely exercising a ight to ap
pear in a headdress of hl own design
-a right not denied to any English
Start Right 5oW
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The original thirtees States con
tained 3!,785 squitre oiles, or 208.
502.400 acres. u .1898 the United
States containe-d 2.72 (16( s'tlrE
miles, or .1,588373.:>I5 teres, in or
ganized states. ]t alq coutainei
886,271) square miles. 0 567,212,801
acres of territory not rganized a.
states. This does notineluide th
new fcreigin l)&Issessioi aqutired b
the war with Spain.
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change will throw ont, eployMel
various vor.ng men thai sel to ("ur
-livelihood k making th
rAi star rides. But the
ned to tb
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Overdoing It.
Hicks-It's all right indulging in
little hyperbole when you are mais
ing love to a woman; but there's suc
a thing as overdoing it. Wicks-As fc
eample? Hicks-Why. Dubleupp. H
has been married three times, and h
told Miss Kwarry the other evenin
that she was the first woman he eve
loved.-Boston Transcript.
Cures Group and Whooping-Cougi
Unexcelled for Consumptives. Give
que, sure remus. Re~fuse sub~stitutes.
Dr. Dui lis cueBiues 73 jal,:ofor~d
Treen That Lire on Bardsq.
On the enttlying spurs of the Sierr
Madre mount:;.!ns in Mexico a tree wa
recently discovered which catches an
eats bIrds. The tree was long. sle:
jer limbs, which dorop like the 2am.
lar weeping willow, (ut the momer
i bird alights or. the trees the branche
iurl upuutti~ and silently encircle th
trd and crush It to death.
A botanist who discovered thIs ri
narkabie tree touched one of th
imbs with his hands. The brane
closed upon his finger.s so 3rmly the
it tore the skiui when he wreched
W. D. Howells savs that genius:
simpy hard work. But that is n<4
the reason why every man who thini
he is overworked regarels hitnself
a genius. T1he trouble w ith mxo.
'genises" is that they (don't knv
how to work.
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A Close Shuve.
Custoerl-Is this a shave I'm ge
Barber-Why, certainly.
Customer--4)h. all right. But
rhought it seemed more like viviset
Saiving Himself Trouble.
"He seemsw to lbe an nutnarnal fatl
er. IHe nevetr goes near thec baby."
'Tht's only bee'nuse Ihe's afraid 11
might learn ahow to 19%~ cre of it."'
4oklynl Life. *,
ico hats 7.500 miles ot' raiiroad
ikc uadded4 440 durui i.S1 R
Mexico's puoc debt has been re
fanded in New York city at an interest
rate that will mean a saVing of $1 ,000,
000 a year. The Mexicans bate dis
coveied that the .oney center of thc
world has shifted from Europe to
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if!.Mlnroe sm.. Clajenzg0.
Patti's Finar.c'a! Cleverness.
It is j ust forl y years since Madame
-Patti coml00tokxoJf arnot ii?840000gvho
.oa triumphs, acc.Grdinfg to the Wes'
ri Mail. The fair mistress ,;f Craig
-Ncs may hec t:u'y sa~id reve: to have
Iknown failure. She had no ear y
- struggies. When only 16 she began to
captivate the world, and she has kept
h er scedenlcy evr since. Patti was a
'bine operatic airs. and the. tale Is told
that the future prima denna, standing
-on a chalr, and being promnised sIx
pence for an encore. repiled that she
culd rnot do It at the price. but w:-u d
ithrow in two encores for a s al ng
What DO You Wat ?
There is nothing
thaL money can buy
ibat we do not sell- ex
cept bocomotives. bcats
-- and live animalS. WeC
. . can saVe you Monet: On.
everything you buy at
al seasons of the 3 ear.
Our general Catalo e
contal ns30 ags as' 1
rncy Chairs, 75c to $3.0 10,00o ilustrtions.and
quotes wholesale priceWs
to consumers on over
100000 different artIcles.
In this Catalogue
.-: 1 yWillfindevCrythling
. to Eat. Wear and Use,
everything found In a
homne. in a hotel, in an
ome, in a church, on a
rarm, mn a barn. and
;alg Il e, $40.?5. every kInd of merchan
dise for every .possible
WP 1s41 a Lith
o1graphed Catalogu9e
which sh(wTS Car
pets. Rugs. Art
Squtares. .-. Portieres
and L.co Curtains in
their real colors.
iarpetts sewed free.
IIning furnished free
and freight. prepaid.
Our Made-to-Order
clothing Catalogue
il'adclies, 6c to $75. sIm ples ofeloth
tached, offers suits and overcoats froM
5.5 to *2'.OO. ,eUt C. x. D-1 xpres
age paid oit clotlung everywhere. We
lo issue a Cpeclal Catalogue of Pianos,
r us, Sewing Machjineo and BIcycles.
ere is nothing you buy that you cannot tuy
ought here as cheap as your dealer ca1. All
talogues are tree. Which do yOU want?
ddress this way
.U.TSmORE, 3D., U. S. A Dept.2l4
HFX.1M1T16M T.P-N1 % I lAt K.I.aGRIPPF.
CRO'P anl 4 0lA!$. Granmother umnd it. why
atlyou? It's the gresatest nirdi ine knowa. Sod 1)
all arugglots and general stort's. Mad on by
000SF. (3REAE JIEt o. ( c'lE*swu0K L%
We again offer the cleanest seed wheat on
the market, and from probably the largest
crop yield in the State, If not the United
We had 55 acres In wheat this year, and
the crop averaged 20 bushels rer aere.
Where we had a goed stand, not winter
killed, we had over4.0 bushels ;er acre. One
hundred busheis of our wheat will contain
less cockle seed than one bushel of ordinary
Eeed wheat.
F. ice 91.15 per bushel or cars at Charlotte.
Bags hold two bushels and are new, nc
charge for bags. Terme: Cash with order.
Al1-I011 l lllze o.
Per FRED OLIVER, Pres't.
--TitF. GEStIKE hav W. L. Doustas'
same and star on bottom.
Take no substitute claime
- to be as good. Largest maket
of g13 and q3.ti0 shoes in th
9-world. Tour deaier should kee
them-If not. we will send yo
- - a paIr on receIpt of price. Stat
kind rf leather, size and width. nlain or cap to
Catalogue C Free.
W. L DOUGLAS SHOE C.. Brockcten. M
. Costsonly 25Cets.
A guaranteed Cure for Catarrlb, con
uplon - n-i IHayFever. All druggists
*1.00 W. L.SMITh & 60.. Buffsle.N~ Y.. a o
The Tin Tags taken
and R. J. R. Tobacce~
all of this list of desirable
'have your good chewing i
Every man, woman and child
they would like to have and can b
Write your name and address
tioning the number or thte present:
dIfferent kinds of tags mentioned
1 Match Box. quainlt dlesign.iiniport
471 Ciz. S K.44rle, ork an pon 5
3 ealt an.. P'epper, 'ene each, ijuad
ri il 1.1 ete on white mn'tal....... 1
SIazi~r, hlelow ground. Sine Engh'sht
R ute ri!''ri; le plae h~t
-- Sigar }tii trel pl'. fl~t (115.t.E
y Scamp Box, cterimg silver.....0
ina Enife, t wo lel.................10
11 Butcher Knife.8-inch blare......0
12 tlhears', 8-inch idekol.... ..........1
1.- Nnt Set. Cracker. .4 Picks, zsilver....
14 SIx Reprs Tatem .Sprrns...... 45
15 t Stxsach Roger.- K ires- and For ks .59t
N Relier.32;:5 libre ..... 110
17 Bse1a!1,".utt o."..... .... 5t
15'i a'ch, cnemi wine'l and '.t, gularer.
teed good. timle 1-e..... . ..t
39e Ai.:m Clock. rii ke-]. waerrsamed... 200
.j (arers, 1.uckhcrte 1:andle, greed
S This offer expires N
Address all you r Tags and th
5xxxxxxxx xxx
-x xxxxxxx
Mav be you do not need anything in our
line now. tut if you should, now or later,
consult your interest by writing us for prices
and estimates before placing your orders.
Now is the time to buy a Rice Huller or
Rice Thresher. We sell the BEST.
I Meet All
Competition I
Will place with re
sponsib!e parties.
organs or Pianos
on trial and pay
freight both WayS
if not . found as
OR6ANS S;"uo
MAN $185up
Write for cata
.M. A. Maloe,.
Columbia, S. C.
Tbe imith Pneumatie Ruction Elevating.
Givning and Packing System is the Simplest
and Mo!st Emelent on the Blarket; Forty
eight Complete Outilts in S.*th Carolina;
EAh One Giving absolute Satisfaction.
Slide Valve,
Automatic and Corliss.
My Light and Heavy Log Beam Saw Mills
Cannot be equniled in Design, Effeiency or
l'rice by any Dealer or Manufacturer in the
South. Write for Prices and Crtalogues.
1326 Main St.,
COLUMBI. - - - S. C.
Why take
Nauseous Medicines?
IAre you suffering with
Are you suffering witih
Are you subject to COLIC. FLATU'
LENLY or PAINfS in the
Do you suffer frcm I ETION Er
Do you feel L &NGUOR. and D,
ITATED in the morning.
Aromatic Schiedam
Pleaant teltati,8t'
'" StoiaaIs A
. s
Free. Dr I.E GREEN 50s51. Box ta
eBr. Ricord's Esseuco of U(r~ ?.7 2
ard, no.er-feiling reedy fnr alcaes of. nervenas
m entalhysical debi ivy, los nalahty and nwe
mature decay n.bh'sexe.; positive. permanent
cuere: foll treatmcent 65, or ir a betrle: -stamp o -
crtular. J. JAifQUES, Agent, 1763B~~s
EITTS A. B. Stroud,liraetville,Gia,
NI.Wrote: You have given the
..baby world a price:es~s boon in
your TEETHiNA (Teething Pow. -
der-). Thanks to- ourai .ktte
darln gto-wnom wheg
TEEHI'MA, .s fatark<d
OETT", M D, St L0 & o
Plans or$195.
Duy areet from the
manufaucturer. Satisfae
ona guaranateed.
EN.er to LLE,,
s will pay for any one or
and useful things, and you
obacco besides.
'an find someting on this list -that
laily and send the -tags to us, men
o want. Any assortmnent .f the
boe will be accepted.
21 Si.. Reer'1 Teaspoons, bes' qua!; 50
:': ies and Fcr ., 'im each, Uuck
nrni handles................... ..
:nCcek. a-day. Calendar. Therinona
eter. Baromieter.............. M
24 lennngton Rifle No.4, 2?r 32 al .1000
Tool Se:. no-. playthings, but real
c ICI... .... .........~O
very h'andsomxe....
~7~at.h.slidstier, tli ,i.. ....;.MIW
6 Sewing lischiine, first class, with
5'.! attac.hment ..................2C
9~ n Le.hester liepeating bhot Gurr,
12 guage........... ......... ....25 -
So3 hin.fe. Winches er, 16-shot;: -esl...20
Sitot Gun, double-barrel. hammere
1l9...... ........... .-..... .-.00
3 Giar rosewood. inlaid withimoth
ers f-pearl............... ......2000O
38 Bcycle, stant'ard mrake, ladies or
gents.......:..... ...... O0
34 After Dinnier Coffee Spoon ic1!d
silver, geld t ow!.........3
ri riar weed P1,...............?4
ovember 30th,.190.O
correspondence about them to
c0 CO., wiNSTON, N

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