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U. nusual Occupatio a Which 3ean a Goo
Living, anti S netimes a Fortune.
A former so iety woman of Nev
York City who e fortune is now gon(
finds in house decorating a means oJ
support. She akes orders for interioi
decorations, neuiding walls, wood
work and fur ishings. .Slie not onli
makes the purchases, but superz
intends the workmen. Her friends,
admiring t taste shown in the fur.
nithing of er own home, suggested
.that she 've the world the benefit ol
her talent
In a "estern city a large home
delicacy association, which supplies
tearco , clubs and railway cafes, is
control ed by a woman. It began in
a smsIl way, the originator being
askedj to bake things for a luncheon
rooms Her first contribution was
gingerbread. This was homemade
gingerbread, and evoked enthusiasm.
Theni there was a demand for cakes,
rolls, salads, pickles and jellies. The
demand continued, and the associa
tidn was the outcome of her experi
Ore woman who on account of poor
health was obliged to give up teach
ing bought up. a lot of bog and mash
laud in a little New Jersey to .vn, and
lencing it with wire started a frog
farm, sending the legs to the market.
She fonnd a frog crop easy tr> raise,
and it is said that she has made from
$3000 to $5000 a year out of this un
usual enterprise.
A young French woman whose
home was the joy and eenvy of her
friends was asked one day )y one of
them if she would out of pity arrange
the petitioner's home, for in spite of
many pretty and costly things it had
"that stit look." The success she
made in the rearranging of her friend's
home was so great that the question
was suggest2d "why not make some
pin money by putting homes in
order?" So she advertised to do
dusting and artistic arranging "by
the hour." Her first customers were
so well pleased that they recommended
her to4 their friends, au now she
has more than she eaa do.
A Southern girl has found a unique
way of earning her living and is, in
deed, making a fortune. She raises
mocking birds and sells and rents
them. She gets the birds when they
are fledglings-sometimes from the
nest just before they have to fly or
when in attempting to fly they fall
helpless to the ground and are res
cued; or, sometimes, when they break
a wring, which does not hinder t-heir
singing and makes them content in a
cage. This young woman will never
sell her birds to a Northerner, for
- she knows they will die when brought
to the North, and she loves them too
well for that. She rents them to visi
tors at the hotels and cottages who go
~ ~e ~ f~r he wintem.
: The New raris Coifture.
A new coiffure which has already
bjeen adopted by many French women
is decidedly piquant to some faces.
The hair on either side is waved
part is waved in soft, irre'gular waves i o1
i~nd dressed in the shape of a large d
mussel shell, which (s made to fall i i
dver the forehead. One large puff,e
made with the hair tied together and uJ
-placed high on the head,-formis .the w
chignon; this puff is pulled out softf
and wide, the hair being carried for
ward and the strand bent, as when
making an 1830 puff. The remainder
of the hair is then lightly twisted and
arranged around the base of the puff.
A comb placed at the back gives a
pretty finishing touch. . .
The artistic hair dresser insists thatt
every comb and pin, how or buitterfly
placed in the coiffure should hive a
reason for its presence. Hair not
puffed or waved does not look well
with jeweled pins, or fanciful ospreys
and bouquets disturbing its severity j
and destroying the effects of its be-1
coming simplicity. .An Empire comb,
placed at the base of a low coiffure is
inconsistent and in bad taste. The
whole reason for these combs is either
to support the hat or as an ornament1
pure and simple. If as an ornament
-its [proper place is in front of the
twists, which come no higher than the
level of the top of the ears.
MThe gauze butterflies, particularly
the black .ones.-'spangled -with jet or
=gold or silver, which go so well with
the sequined lace frocks of the sea
son, are not as becoming to everyone
as. -one might imagine such pretty
things to be. Tulle bows of white or
'in light colors, spangled or plain, are
less trying if less beautiful and most
-of themn are very pretty and becoming.
Tulle bows with applique designs in
lace are particularly pretty, giving the
effect of a lace bow against a cloud
like colored background. -New York
Commercial Advertiser.
The New Styles in MillInery.
*The hats and bonnets for the season
are very picturesque, and while some
are not very different from those of a
year ago the slight changes make for
beauty and "boecomingness." The
velvet toque of immense size is among
the new styles for the season, but its
tendency is to dip ov'er the eyes, while
the chief charm of last season's toque
was that it wvas a frame for the face
and displayed the pompadour to its
last fluiy hair. A rather pretty new
stylie in toques has a low crown, a
ruling brim, and while coming further
over the forehead than last -year's
variety is dented directly inthie centre
of the front, making place for a big
how of panne or satin, or for a breast
of grebe and a soft osprey. A great
cho'a of bright tinted velvet, with a
barrrette of pearls or steel,1is also very
effective, and looks wonderfually pretty
when the color of the hair is carefully
c/~~ dered in choosing the velvet. Tne
'Sonnet, with tiny c.-own, flaring
d. long strings of tulle or vel
uaint and becoming to th
o has a picturesque face
,-bonnets are made of rib
gathered slightly am
'n row like i'ose petals
'bed with rows of vel
Aatin or lace. Chou:
.and velvet leaves adi
and jeweled brooces are used to fasten
the tulle strings which are intended to
be twisted around the neck twice and
fastened at one side.
Susan B. Anthony Abroad.
Two little stories are told about that
stanchest exponent of democratic and
republieaa institutions, Susan B. An
thony. On one occasion she actually
undertook to introduce one of the
greatest lords in the king(iom to two
poor little girl employes on a London
paper, and, as if this were not suf
ficiently heinous, she told him frankly
that she had forgotten his name. He
did not tell it to her, anl if Gibson
could have caught the expression of
his lordship's face he might have pro
duced his masterpiece.
At another time she was invited to a
swell luncheon to meet the Princess
Christian, the Queen's'daughter. Af
ter shaking hands with her and talk
ing a few minutes Miss Anthony sat
down. Presently some one came and
told her she must not ;it whiile royalty
was standing. Some of her filends
say .that her eighty years and the
fatigue from the strain of the past
weeks justified her in sitting. Others
say that she could have stood up two
hours if she had had a suffrage speech
to make, but that the awful breach of
etiquette was due to that spirit of her
Quaker ancestors which made them
face death rather than take off their
hat to a king. Miss Anthony herself
only laughs and "refuses to be inter
viewed."-Washingion Post.
Haw Lived Under Four Fiazg.
On July 24 the, Daughters of the
Republic of TexaA observed in a quiet
way the eightieth birthday of "Mrs.
Anson Jones, widow of the last Presi
dent of the Republic of Texas. Mrs.
Jones lives in St. Louis with her soD,
Dr. C. E. Jones, and in spite of her
eighty years is hale and hearty, taking
much iuterest in thei Danhters of the
lepublic-of which she is one of the
mothers-and in her chnrch.
31rs. Jones has lived nuder four
flags, few who can say that being in
the land of the living. She was horn
under the Stars and Stripes, came to
live undcr the Snake and Caetus of
Mexico, saw the rise and the honor
able retirement of the Lone Star of
Texas, witnessed the rise and the fall
of the Stars and Bars. and is again
under the Stars and Stripes, happy
and coutented in her old age.-St.
Louis Repul):ic.
How to Stick in Your Hat ?ins.
With the hair dressed low an elastic
can he substituted; hat, in the case of
a coil worn high up two pins nnst lie
used. Let them be of moderate length.
and take the trouble to ran then
in among the trimming of feathers, s o
that a hare bit of straw is iot dataged
and left exposed to view another time.
The point should pass throngh the
hair on the top of the head and just
penetrate the opposite side of the iar.
so that ii is fixed firmly, timangh the
pins remain invisible. When the ha:
or bonnet is lavishly trimmed this
course is easier, naturally, but a sailo:
hat with its plain hand canm be treated
in the same way, the pin going ae-ross
just above the ribbon.
The BodCadeFts f ansas, a coma
pany of yo-mg girls gowned in blue
and white, with their own drum corps,
attracted unusual attention during the
parade of the Grand Army of the Re
public in Philadelphia. At the bril
ian av in receptions of the various
ganizations of oya women a L
th the G. A. B., which were visited H
turn, they received cordial and even on
ithusiastic greeting. Their novel
nner of expressing their patriotism
s considered -one of the pleasing a
atures of the encampment. t
-- al
Ring For Wash Dresses.
An odd thing in rings is one sold th
e the express purpose of being worn
ith wash dresses. It is a sort o'
ck suit ring, plain but pretty, neat
not gaudy. The setting of gold t
as a plain rita around the edge like12
ie frame of a picture, and the stonie
invriably a large turquoise. The
verage size is about three-quartersot ti
inch. in oval shape. It is not mn. s~
ended that any diamonds should be ~
rorn with this plain ring. (One ring hi
considered enough, and it is in per- t
ect keeping with the costume. a
Wash For an oily Skina.a
For an oily skin with large pores an
uthority advisee washing every nightu
s-ith hot water and pure castile soap; h
hen, with gentle massage, apply a
;ood quality of cold cream. Glycerine
s beneficial to some skins, but injuri
s to others, so every individul must
note the efrect upon her own. In the ~
morning put about a teaspoonful of .
tincture of benzoinl in a quart of cold
water, and wash the face andi hands
ell in it.
The Winter Colors.
Light neutral colors will be in vogue
for the winter.1
FashionI Fads and Faneies.
Smooth cloth gowns will be much
in vogue.
Handsome stiff silver bracelets are
out in a heavy rope pattern.
Red and pink have taken very many
of the foremost seats in fashion's court
this season.
The demi-long coats in white caout
chouc or waterproof, in a thin and
supple quality, are very stylish.
The rage for jewels is on the In.
rease, and they will undoubtedly he
used more than ever this season.
Elbow sleeves are almost universal
1 worn, sometimes with long gloves
adsoeimes with no gloves at al.
Thedpullback and the princess are
~realy revived. The fewer seams~ and
the fewer darts the more fasi~ionahle
a woman appears.
A legion of wonien will nndo" ate1!v
bail with undisguised delight the ai.
nonemenit that cation shirt wai't
are to be worn eutirely thtrough :he
winter season.
The new s'upple wee of taitetn
sik are in great use this senaom, bot
tor gowns and accessories, to ss.y up
ig of the pretty dotted : ::' strie
patens and the weaves imrr-i w.:
satin in contrasting colora fo f- -'
Ganzy materials, like neh' le
pirced and buttoinho.k. N.T ii
of this pierced shiit :1:- hla "
brightcooyed comel ribb9J whi.-t
ies a stM~ i 0
Napoleon's Example Failed.
A iau and woman were before Ji,- ,
tie Lyuu. in a district court. a few a
ys ago. (lisputing a claii for a dre5ss- b
niakers bill. Tll wvolnlu1 waVs ;I dres- C
iiitker. ht. inzin wAils the hii id ofr
tlhei wo)iinl who bought Oh d11rtss -.u14
wvho ws willinig to p:iy f.r it. ulit her
ui.1.t1d wLouiIl n1o1 givt heIr the ioniley.
et b1;141 J)l idl hIf I the bill. I protte.'t d.
:nd lit- IhmI( lght 111:11 w:is :l 1114 gir
1lientI wVis wortli.
lit- hadti l l.i .'iluou,s hi w hr. witi
1:wyestlSid. "it' w\4. y belie l th it'
Iiieo (is of the privat11e sreltary to
Ptolo1. 1 114 Emperr *iu Oit dowi to
one-half every one of theI litn es
.ll phiie' r1 i-essuii kors' hills. I t
says. ulr itheri ore. hi: t11t iissin k-,
ers iterer comlplainail. 'My ellln "
sillly follotwin N Xill in'l-o-N' et'N1ni'l.
ois ifaerestin tiespior in..oliesit- ti,
bul are n 1 ew. It suigestel i fio t
S:tue Rey years :oan. th Wen
thINi Worth. the dressmaker inl voue a
under Napoleoni llL. woiuld inike an 9
excelltd .inister of tace' '9
But the lin ers c lient was 1t ahlhe
must ip:'y Ohw hill in f ull.--New York S
Herald I
No facts on which spiritlualism is
built arere aled to us plainly in Holy a
Scriptu res,-Rev. Dr. Moreland.
To sickness, when disinreciants are .1p
needed i sink and basius, se car- o
boelie aicid, allowving fouir tableso 'r
]udcs1011 rttrrocsae
inls to each pint of' cold wvater. Pu
dowu the r ipes and let it stay at half
hour be:ore flushing. . r3
Ediucate Your Bowels With U&scarOTt.
Candy Catartic, cure consation forever.
it,5c. . C. .Ctailo e.ruggists refund money. pi
--A poet of tht right tp is one Who of
ixiz:des retur posi-tage.
an lWnd
Two trhaeng alesl t oeash soutisrn
state. *:I.00 arnt1 ex penuses. Perisuanenat posrition.
Eperiel 'indt at direcs ar. Aidrenti
Peerless Toest.y of rifI g., Hedord City. Ya
AAne Caruegie wvil! give a pul.lie librar3
ualding to odaeauat. Ohilla. So. 43.
To Cure Constipation FroreTer.
Tak e Gascarets Cau:idyv cathartic. 10c ojr250.
Ut C. C. C. Ian to cure, druggists refund money
--The theyre' hat n ooit go-e ficet, dt
nbists on going --to the theatre.
't' mIt is an M W nd
Tht Blows Nobody GoV .
That smal JAh or pain or cweakness is
the "iwind" th.at directs your attentio
to the necessity of purifyigyour blood by
taking Hood's Sarsaparilla. Then your
'Whole body recei-ves good, for the purified n
bloodgoe:, tingling to every organ. It is :
the remnedy for all ages and both sexes. m
UU R'"~~ E -
CRUP1 and ('OLus. Gramtrnother used Ir. wh~i
Dot you? Ws5 the -'restest& micin. lcc rOi.sul'! b
dl dnigta aut g.nea stores. Na'ke only ."
GOOSE .RR A l.W 1 "' 1, : - . ., i
0Instance ILlustrating its A&buses 0a
the Continenit of E~urope-.y
Chicago woman who reccently spent tGrn
brief season in Germanly speaks inl ou
ms of condemnation of the custom, plut'
to universal there. of tipping ser- 31
nts. The practice is not confined to ve
ehotels and inns. but guests at the ear.
iate houses of the rich are expected
ross the palms of those who attend
their wants. This woman, in relat- figh
g her exper'iences3, said: "When my
sit came to an end I was in such a Ift
lemma as to what was the proper 1pan
ing to do in the way of feelig the .
vfts that after some deliberation I il
ent to my hostess for relief: 'Yoll Gre
ive such a retinue of servants.' I slaid eve
her. 'that I simply cannot fee them chil
1. I want you to tell me which ones __
1 l expect a remembrance and what
mor'nt it ought to be.' Whereupon
e d me that the question had come
pso often in this very way that she
ad at last hit upon a plan which her
sboad agreed was a good one and
hich had been in operation for a long
me in their household to the entire
atisfaction of all concerned, inc'luding
he servants. She showed me a locked
ox in a dark nook in the hall. and
ato a slit in this her guests dropped
~hatever amount it was their pleas
re to give the servants. Once in six
nonths the box was opened and the
ftelte distributed among the staff,
he gifts bjeing proportionate to the
laee held-the butler, footmen, room
naids and others who come In direct
motact with the guest receiving th.C
ager amounft-which,I can assur~e you,
was the greatest kind of relief to me,
nd seemed a go'sl Idea to adopt else
ALer I was saduced to try CASCA
E T8 I wit never ibe withou't them in the house.
M liver was ini a very bad shape. and my head
ehed ad I h:at 6treacht trouble. sow- since ta
g Cae2Ts. I feel fne- My wife has alo used
hetn with benelci iesutlts for s'.ur stomach.' n
J 05. KEELI.G. }11 Congress st.. st. Lounis. M!o. d
Pleasant. Palatabe. Potent. Ta'te -OC fi
God, ever Sieten. Weaken. or Grine.1 . 2t.W
Iirllmg eedy t orpt", itag. Meintr# eat Tork. S1S
I0-TO-BAC NEWaaE" ~ ait
iThere has 'oeefl a u -
~ens~ for seillgi'ur. .eP'I
A .Iecag Man
Says: One bots Chill and Fever
onie cured me oure .ge of Chblis
d Eever. I trio. othe-s without -n
uJell t. - W. J. Moonr. 1146
Wholesale, bv .. & D:~ C-. r
harlotte. N. C. ')y; ill dealers, 50 .
mts. No cur-. I
--Maybe weil kele eigarettes
Blow Ardidn~eys g
r. Bobb'Sparatue aiu Lidney ills. Sa.TU
e tree. Add. Sterz Co. Cbicago or N. Y.
Draught coiunts at rae, but never tie:
Inuch as draft.
.H.G iN.s S(titt.. Ga.. .Ire the
y' uc'(Cs ni rIspeci'li-t4 in the
vr d. .re thirqtar in ad'et* e
mft inl anther ot this paifer.
culd n .t get atitlIiout pi.-o' Cure
r t.cons umpjoi. -) ys Oeine.-irs. E'.
311ULrO.. Needii:L" October =1 is>L
Mhats done Cnundone, esiecilally
it's a hard-boilec
Beauty ;oa Lseep.
Clean blood m clean skin. I'
nuty without it.rets, Candy Cathar
clean your bid keep itclean, by
rring up the la and driving a I im
ritiea from the Begin to-day to
ish pimples, brotehes, blackheads,
id that sickly biamplexion by taking
ascarets,-beautyen cents. All drug
at, satisfaction tteed, 10c, 25c, 50c.
At a recert l.show In 'ngland
me sweet pea: were exhibited
h'li were grouoi seed taken
Cm the tomb i English iumnly
uied some ',00rs ago. The blos
mis wero- of a ete pink and white
d were less tihe ordinary s'ze.
IGrand R~emjesay.,'%rhornton
I have been suiith indigestion and
pepsia. I tri'l ta rem'dits as %Tell
Vri e:.iuent p s. without fa ll. -
1in~ducd~ ito t:' r TS D1spopSIa Remed yl
A the tirst dos' rel ie. It it a grad
ruy. I rOeoriia a., worthy of a trial
ll who iish tw bed. .
A. 1:.;sio':. Atlanta. Ga.'
'. ce- pe ., ,u-1.H dltggls- or 6,1,
price. e-x jit.- i by Tyier D)yVpei.5ia
ml~edy CO.. 45 .\ [list.. Atlanta, GIL.
alformations -mg gold fish are
.dued by thene!Fe )Y3 agitating
Sf.--rtilized egit a certain stage!
their develoom.
Cures a Cotor cold At once.
, Conquers (p without fail,
.8 the best srouchiti. GiPl C,
Hoarseness. Wping-Cough. au ,
for the cur Consumptilon.
Mothers praise)octors prescribe it.
Small doses ick, sure results.
No him: Old can atftond t,- Ilt
wiihoc it--Every. h.hold
cin ar to have it
Fun With - Check Book.
renles-lHrownl L; just. ben umtrriedl.
ile othewr hen1144i ltll discovered
rly inIv 1 his 4oimal carier 1 l Mr.
S11il~ varlw,l "df was mlos t unlbulsi
'slike :n1d waeuril. So lhe o1P(pned
a<-t-on titi o r iin a iearby h11:i
d broulghit thlittle Idy a chteK.
\'ith all 1,f his aetn'e. six weeks o
Valulei ti i and gilam seVenlte
ita :1heek wh~it lhe '-trefull liilii
rkswee iint4'Ii toa hono i atli
\out 1 hat I injie Mir. .Jones-Brow
as aled away ;Tiromi town onl blu
'. Oin his retdUru lit' askedl his lit!
,ose! how" shet w:as gettinig onl W
r ihitk book.,
h ank eva':i: -wful
1(a 1 N- "Ti ,d all my c'heeks. at
T 1hey easti .l!--they senit lthe
d o you - 1 ,. r
tmeTo I'.
and rag.et so I wrotI~e them all
re::h and .c I-t hemU agin. It's
enoof the best .yeapons to use in
ingg he ubignitona~ cocki'oach is a
aree of Pajris green and oatmeal.
iis isspea nder the paper's en
ry shelves and on dishes set
re' the most do conlgregate they
p'rtake freely and then expire.
at aution riust be exercised, how
,',o keel) it -ont of the way o
di' or theC household lpets.
of pan, Curb, Splint, Capped
-, oe'endons, Cuts, Kicks.
Bruuises, etc.. by using
Alsoan~ nvduablc iremedy for inan
Wheatutn internall ii.t~ enre
Cranps an d Colit. it is the best
antisp~tic hown.
Everyrbolte is arrr.d. So&i by.dMc
andtluggrib genefaf! . RFnuty siLe, 25t
ulor 'si.5"-e **. n $ c
P.'ared by EARL S. SL0AN, Besten, Mass.
it. 'S -BLT F10
en uaraced fo r C:aiarrb,Co
Coul Almost Prove it by Chemistry.
Thoas A. Edison. like, other gre
entisistZ a be'liever in a dli
vering power. althou~gh poputi
tion has argely ,.redite~d hinm wi
Isbelef in uch thIngs. 1n a*:c'fnr
ttion be btween himt and 1,ne (I.
'urnal,. he 'aid r'ecently: "Too ma
oppiA have a microtcoP-e Idea of t
reator If they wvould only study 1:
onnderful works, as. shtwnl in the n
rall laws of the univ'eIr antd in N~
re e herself iseen o te' ad
e lie vould Utt look for them), th
'cul d h ave a m'uch broader idtea
r. Ge eat Enginee-1 and of I
t'ine t'por.i Indeed. I, 1an alini
rov e is exit'nce by ene mstry.''
The wear in 'ar.l' ~ ''g
)rod u( male i~Wi' h t'~
ines the feae.
To cure
- N I
The ECn1 t
Ie experime~t Of PI P]ti1 i-I
wn eicalvps trte in nU5 l s
s in ial., Mx2ico j4I other coun
to the diseaSe ft9 the ur U
o rendering t1 contit'y fref'
rovu so successftul that Gover
i;eener:l Brooke has begns k
e mualariadilstriet of tuaba with
e re.The huaypu 'Ia prodig
er ' and absorbs great quanti
of moisture. which. in warru ell
es. is so conduci've t4 malaria.
Dizzy? Then iyour liver isn't
acting w ell. You suffer from bilious
ness, constipation. Ayer's Pills act
directly on the liver. For 60 years
the Standard Family Pill. mall
doses cure. 25c. All druggists.
want your moustache or beard a beautfu
brown or rich black? Then use
E4 CTS. or DRJGG:STS. CA f. P. MALL a CO. NA5HUA . -
Catarrh Cannot be Cured
With local applications as thycanbo rh
the seat~ of the disease. Cartii bodo
eetuonf thedisease. and ia order to cure
,onstitutional dremean dies. Hl'
it yo must take 'inte redesn as
catarrh Cure is takcl en tcosv and act di
ectly on the blood and mu ciu n rfaCe. Ials
Catarrh Cure Is not a k medicine. I n Was
prescribed by one of the best phystotans In
this country for year, and is sgUlr Pre
acription. It iscom tedof the best toies
known. combinedmi ouebestboarfes.T
acting directly on the Muto inres Ts
perfect combination of the two ingredients is
what produces such woderful rests i n cur
ing catrrh. Send for testinial. free* .
in CF CHF lY Co'. Props., Toledo, 0.
Sol by 3)ruggii-A Price. '6C.
H.lls Famiy Pills are the best.
Custom house officiils have a keen sens
ofI duity.
Dot Tobafco Spit and Smoko Your LO way.
To quit tobacco easily and forever, be mal
atic. #ull of life, nerve aud vigor, take NoT(
Bac. the wonder-wor'cer, that makes weak me
strong. All druggists, W0c or W. Cure guaral
teed. BooliIet and sample free Addres
Sterlin nemedy Co.. Chicago or Now Yor)
-A man never adds manv Inches to h
ight by standing on his dignity.
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L ie . Rese. 931 Arch St.. Phil. P
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See our Agent or t* direct
e h,)on Elevating.
'h S ithPretiC tgde he Simplest
ainning and packing System t; Forty
Lnd 3Most Eflicient on the arlet; Forty
;Ight Complete Outfits in s(ifth Carolina,
tach One Giving absolute Sa. (action.
Siide Valve,\
Automatic and C~riiss.
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My I.ight and Heavy Log B Ef 'Xiley or
Cannot be equalled in DiesigD? eturer in the
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outh. Write for Prices asti
. C. BADHIA i& CO.
1326 Main St.,
ZOLUBIA, - - -
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. Malone,
O mbia, S. C.
A sharks egg is one of t e oddEst
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provided with shell but her cone
are protected by a thick, sintd rub.
Sering almost as ela is t no lr.ces b:
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the color is n.moet pure bla -
1 It reqtre three .vears bClfore nman:
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1 lumage.
!W. L. DOU LA4
$3 &$3.560 SHOE. UN'
Worth 0-o*~ ma
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lor R. J1. REYNOLDS T(
upIrecals 6wyntt
-is not the best, but te bst is
pest, and th-,-bess Buggy is none
Then why practice ecoiomy at
end? For a dollar or so more
can be made, and you might as wel
s net. Did it ever occur to you 3n
hy take
tIauseous Medicines?
ire you suffering with
ire you suffering with
&re you sibject to COLIC, FLATU
LEo CY Or PAINS 5n the
o you suffer froms E TION or
Do you feelLANGUOR-and DEBIL
ITATED in the morning.
omatic Schiedam
Pleasant to take, Stiuulatifg,
DlretiC, Stomachis, Abolute3 yPR I
__5 x~xxx<xxxxx
Mfay bO you. do 20t need an~thing in, u
M Le n if you should, now or later,
Line now,.u-~s iin sfrpie
consult your interest b,-WrltIog us for priew
and estimates before placing your orders.
Now is the time to buy a Bice Hulleror
Rice Thresher We sell the BEST.
W. H. 013IES & CC*
COalh. - 5C
le e We again offer the cleanest seed wheat on -
the market, and from pro'Ably the largest
youi crop yield in the State, it not the Uted
toe. 1 Staes.
- bad 35' acres in wheat this yeqZ and
d A bushels per
ter crop ad aa good stand, not winater.
Wled, wehad over 40 busees 1.er acre. One
udred bushels of our wheat will contain
s ess cockle seed than one bushel of ordinary
hc 1.15 per bushel on cars atCharlotte.
hold two busel~ are new no
charge forbas
theeIPer FRED
*g. D-.-. iGRZEEN- soM-5.:o B.-AU535E. - "
TTEN ~eon ~ atTIO Is facilt.'ted if you meadion
'S Ers~s.p.Wagnon,Lacbil*
Ala. Wrote signerVoz'litte
ow 20 minteatme. bu
since. t..ing. TEETHINA hs
Askyour DVt frit. ""il .'e
[O ETT, M D, St ois
Ir RIsds Essence of UMlsZf~t.-a
ar eerfailfl r "eyfor all ess.es of 'nervous
Ldd ets1 4 g1 j ei t, Li 'rut y 'sa -'re
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cos w ill pay for any one or -
ie and useful things, anid you
tobobaco besides.
eaac fid something on this Uist that
bpla sphlasend the tags to us, men-.
tt yotiwant. Any assortmen~ft of the
id above will-be accepted.
~ 1 TAGS.
es. i sx Roer.Teaspoons, best -z1 Z
44022 Enires ad Fcrss, sia each, -j~k
23C Clo S-dy -dr - brn fl
:-2 emi ogO1ne No.4, o~
70 255To ol d et, not playtbfhis.
L0tO 2S SID Itchic ls lsw
al l!attae2 -.. -.. -..-20
- V Z .IE ricet 1C- ,t 22-cal ..2600
11 uot Gun duble-barrel,.aner30
1000 er -ci-pea:1
150 33 Biyc, standardl wake, ladies or
g nts. ......
-- 24 After Dnner .'offee Spoon, solid
Ivr ,golecd boil- - ---- ------
Novemeber. 3th, 1900.
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