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U. er oV
,e ot h making
r. But he pits to the list
e lowing, viz.:/ Alphabetic writ
ing and the Arabic notation, whieh
have always been -the two great en
gines of knowledge and discovery.
Their inventors are unknown, lost in
the dim twilight of prehistoric times.
Coming after a vast interval to the
fourteenth century A. D., we find the
mariner's compass, and in the fifteenth
the printing press, both of which be
yond question are of the same ciarac
ter and rank as alphabetic writing.
From the sixteenth century we get no
physical invention or discovery, but it
witnessed..in amazing movenent of
the human mind, which in good time:
gave rise to the great catalogue of ad
vances of the seventeenth ceninry. To
cr'dit the invention of the tele
- SCOpe,nd, though not of equal rank,
the a ometer and thermometer, and
another field the invention of
the differential calculus, the all in
portant discovery of gravitation of the
laws of pjanetary motion, of the circa
lation of the blood, of the measure
ment of the velocity of light. To the
eighteenth century we refer the more
important of the earlier steps in the
evolution of the steam engine and the
foundation of both modern cLemistrv
and electrical science. This comlpletes
the list.
What is there to be added to this
list? Some would urge that Jenner's
discovery should be included here,
but this claim Wallace would indig
nantly deny. In making such a list,
it is evident the personal equation of
the author undoubtedly needs to be
r6cognized, and different orders of ar
rangement, even if the elements were
the same, wouId be assigned by differ
ent students.
And now what has the record been
since 1800? How does the nineteeth
century compare with its predecessors?
A'brief examination will show us that
inacientific discovery and progress it
is nt to be compared with any single
eentury, but rather with all past time.
n act, it far outweighs the entire
progress of the race from the begin
ninug up to 1800. Counting on the
same basis as that which he had pre
viously adopted, Wallace finds twenty
c. ont discoveries and inventions of the
* first class that have had .their origin
a i the nineteenth century. against the
-- -fiteen or sixteen already enumerated
of all at time.
- amV'Tan - it a ~f
theory of gravitatior, which comes
from the. seventeenth century, stands
out the doctrine of the correlation anid
conservation of forces of our own cen
:ury, certainly one of the widest and
most far-reaching generalization that
the-mxind of a man has yet reached.
Against Kepler's laws from the seven
teenth century we can set the nebular
theory of the nineteenth. If the first
reveals to us myriads of suns, other
wise unseen, scattered through the il
limitable fields of space, the second:
~ tells us what substances compose these
suns and maintain their distant fires,
and, most wonderful of all, the direc
tion and the rate in which each is mnov
ing. Harvey's immortal discovery of
the saventeenth century finds a fall
equivalent in the germ theory of dis
ease of the nineteenth. The mariner's
compass of the fourteenth century
easily yields first place to the electric
* telegraph of the nineteenth, while the
barometer and thermometer of the
seventeenth century are certainly less;
wonderful, though perhaps not less;
serviceable, than the telephone and
phonograph and the Roetgen rays of:
our own day~
SIn addition to the advances now'
enumerated, the great doctrine of or
ganic evolution, supported especially
by the recapitulation theory in em
bryology, finds nothing to match with
it in broadening and inspiring power
in all the past history of the race. The!
same can be said of the neriodic law
of MIendeljeff in chemistry, of the
molecular theory of gases. of Lord
Kelvin's vortex theory of matter, of
the Glacial Period in geology, and of;
the establishment of the origin and'
antiquity of man, all of our own cen
Nothing can be brought from all the
past to compare for one moment in di
rect application to "the relief of man's
estate" (Bacon) with the discovery of
anaesthetics, while by his discovery of
.antiseptic surgery the name and fame
of Sir Frederick Lister will grow to1
the last syllable of recorded time. In
the mobilization of man and the giv-1
ing to him the freedom of -the globe,
the railways and the steamships of
-our century are absolutely without
any elements for comparison in all
that the past has left us.
coats to Fit H .nchbacks.
*A curious illustration of the ad
vance of the cutter's art is shown*
nowadays in the making of clothes for I
hunchback men. Forty years ago, as
*middle-aged persons can recall, the
coat of a hunchback man was likely to
fall more or less loosely from him,
while now his coat is niade'to fit him,
as far as it goes, as well as any man's.
While the tailor overcomes many ordi
nary defects of man in fashioning his
clothes, he cannot of course overcome
this one, but he can eut garments that
* will make the least of it, and will ft1
the wearer with the same appearance
of trimness as that wvhich character
izes every garment designed w ith I
care; and that is what he does.-New
York Sun.
Determined to Knowr.
Half the world does not know howI
the other half lives, but it is always
trying to find out i~tchison Globe. d
-all- a
singer, C
e married in
0itioli, renolllc
time all his rightS,
rank, aSd asumig the
rth, ater one of his castles.
SromaniC larriage WAS celebrated
ecretly, but in a perfeCtl legal int-a
ner, by the RegistraCenfsul-Gneeral
was witnessed by the - TIe re
uj-ivscj e re
r Seriif -Margarita; and so anxious
was he to guard against the vessel be
ing recognized that he stipulated that
adl drawings and photographs of it
should be handed over to hin, and
hese he burned with his own hands;
noreover, he caused all portraits and
uegatives of himself and of his wife to
2e bought up at any prrice, and these
were likewise destroyed. We are giv
ing here only absolute facts. Shortly
afterwards the ex-Archduke and his
wife set sail for South America, and
the vessel was duly reported to have
arrived at Monte Video, and departed
for a destination unknown. But from
that moment every trace was lost of
the ship and all on board, no news as
to her fate having ever been heard, al
though many a search has been made
long the coast by order of the Emi
peror of Austria and his Government.
Adventurers and treasure-seekers
have been at work, as it was well
known that .Johann Orti had on board
over one million two hundred and fifty
thousand dellars in specie; it is be
lieved that he iutended to have bought
an estate in Chile with the money, and
to have settled there, but that the ves
sel foundered off Cape Horn daring a
a terrific storm which raged on the
coast shortly after the ship had left.
From time to time since then the most
startling rumors have been set afloat
about the missing prince having turned
p; one being that he had been one of
the leaders of the Chilian rebellion,
aving divided his treasure among
his crew, buried his ship, landed on
a lonely coast, etc. His own mother,
who died only a few months ago at
the Castle Orth, believed her son alive
to her very last hour, and expected his
return. The Swiss Government is of
a different opinion, and assumed the
death of the Archduke, and paid over
to Fran Orth's next of kin a large
amount of money, which Johann Orth
deposited as a settlement for his wife
with the Swiss authorities before his
eprture, and there is little doubt
that the Santa Margarita lies at the
ottom of the sea, and that all on
oard perished. -Strand Magazine.
How a Man and Wife Corresponded.
One of the houses on my route is
he lhome of a tr'aveling man who
spends about half his time out oft
said a New Orleans lette
When he goes~ on a trip hj a
ife exchan r ever
egular as the clock. The-i ya
mad the one the received were always
erfectly blank. All they ever con
ained was the address, and those that
ame to the wife had even that printed
nstead of written. I confess the
hing made me curious, and I thought
ip all kinds of theories-sympathetic
nk, secret marks on the edges and a
lot of other nonsense for which I
ever discovered any-evidence.
I happened to know the drummer
retty wvell, and, meeting him one
ay, I couldn't resist asking him about
he blank cards. "So you've been
rying to read 'eta, have you?" he said,
aughing. I expectud that, and took
t good naturedly. Then he explained,
"My wife and I are naturally poor let
er writers," he said, "but we want
o hear fronm each other every day so
is to know that nothing has gone
rong. We used to write like other
lolks, but it was a hard job, atnd one
vening we got to looking over some
f our old letters and they seemed so
atupid and forced that we were really
shamed of ourselves. Then we
bought of this blank card scheme,
ud it has worked like a charm. It
ueans simp~ly that all is well. Before
go on the road each of us knows the
)ther's programme, and the receipt of
lards means that nothing has happened
o change our plans. The saving of
.nk and imbecility has been enor
ous. "-New Orleans Times-Demo
Miss Proctor's Youthfui Critics.
Miss Mary Proctor, the astronomer
Lnd lecturer, takes a deep interest in
iocial settlement work in the big
,ities, and frequently gives her per
tonal services toward entertaining
oor children and adults. Generally
ter lectures are very well received.
any of her audiences often manifest
)etter at tention .than those drawn from
iigher circles. Now and then there
ire exceptions.
On one occasion a bright-eyed little
oy who sat in the front row with his
tyes fixed upon the speaker, was asked
iow he liked it.
"1 guess," he .said, "it was pretty
~ood, but she ought to talk about lions
na tigers. That's better for every
At another lecture a youngster criti
tised her as follows:
"It's all very well to talk of weigh
.ng and measuring stars. There are
iome people, of course, who believe
hat sort of thing, but if she canf -fool
is boys with such fairy tales she's
ery much mistaken. "--Philadelphia
satur day Evening P ost.
Aerican Horses in thte P'hiippines.
Contrary to preconceived opinions.
emerican horses stand the climate of
he Philippines first rate. Captain
Vheeers troop'ofjthe Fourth Cavalry
mounted on horses brought from
he United States. After months of.
ard service these horses are in excel
ut condition, and, strange to r-elate,,
hey have stoodl the heat and the wet
etter than the native pouies. Out of
ie eighty-three horses brought with
in Captain Wheeler has lost only.
hrce. One died of distemper and two
ere shot. Thus does the -American
orse, like the American soldier, prove
is speriority everywhere he goes.
laniln Amerian-.
e Organi entp
iblcal ) 'YS*
yjewelers xdvertise
. in r ngs- the fact re
slight varia
t thety are but th tm
of tile style.; in. V1- 0 at the time
f th .tle ue aisrael out
oses piloted'the ch ildrf t Is are
the boudage o1 F the boi s aoe
liuded to in Ihe I v he beo on
enesis and Elodu . preyhstri
>,nnd among ae the bronze age and
he g nee -ou builderS. jero
hetage of 11w mt n the Babylo11iats
oou, meno t % ey prob
ore them. anid froin A Grt ' The
bly were in rud c were 11T
-ig vr Ill earl lY til? ( the SM7
rings ental 'l h d thei
Purely oI .1r.g a we-sage and
exhibiting the king's signet as author
ity was obeyed implicitly. The Ro
mans ha a marriage ring of iron with
a jewel of adamant. signifyig ete:nity
and constancy. History mentions a
magic ring p6sessed by Kin4 Selomon
of which the Jews and Mohamnedans
have abundant traditions. It was by
means of this riug as a talisman of
wisdont and power that Solomon was
enabled to perform those wonderful
acts and accomplish those vast enter
prises that have made his name :,o cele
brated as the wisest monarch of the
earth. The later Romans wore a pro
fusion of rings, and the more effemi
nate had rings for summer and winter.
In siekuess, when disinfeciants are
needed in sinks and ba-ius, use car
bolie acid, allowing four tablespo:on
fiis to each pint of cold water. Pour
own the I i:es andl let it stay a ha!f
hour be:ore flushing.
Educate Your Dowets With casearete.
Candy Cathartic, cure con3tipatiOn forever.
10c.5c. It C. C. C. fail, dr ggistsrefmdmoneY.
--A poet of tie right .ta!p is one who
i:cludes reiturn cstage.
Tlwo trav.litig anlesmnen in each Southernt
Atate. * 1.0) ntl -xperset i Permaneut position.
Exiperieu-e uot abSolutely nece4ary. Addresi
Peerle-sm obiao Worl o Co.. Bedford City, Va
Ar.drew Carnegie will give a public librar3
iOldIng to Canneaut. Ohile. So. 43.
To Care Constipation Vorteve.
Take Casrarets Candy Cathartic. 100 or25.
4 c. C. C. .:.1 to cure. druggists refund mOney1
--The theatre hat n unt go--in fact, it
insists on goin- -to the theatre.
"'t is an Ill Wind
That Blows Nobody Good."
That small ache or pain or tweakness is
the "il! lund" that dirccts your attention
to the necessity of purifying your blood by
taking Hood's Sarsaparilla. Then your
iole body receives good, for the purified
blood goes tingling to every organ. It is
the re medy for all ages and both sexes.
CROP and ('0L1J$. ,ratwsother uised it. Why
not YOU? I's the greatestmex.diene ktown. s1;.i -
It Is Contended That the Treatment
Came from the Flowery ingdom.
Few people while enjoying the deli
ious sensations of the massage at the
hands of an expert operator are aware
that to the Chinese we probably owe
he treatment. While the question as
o whether massage originated in Swe
den or China has been much discussed,
the latter ecuntry is evidently a strong
claimant. According to long-time
Chinese ideas, life is entirely 'depend
ut on "air currents."~ which are desig
nated as the prinmary aura of the or
ganism; so long, then, as the body is
permeated by the air current it is
proof against disease, and the object of
hysical exercise is to cir'culate the air
rurrent. To effect this the Chinese sys
.ei is divided into three periods, each
period occupying a hundred days. the
irs period commencing at the time of
the now moon. The patient musa: rise
at 4 o'clock .in the morning and walk
outside his house, taking seven deep
inspirations, an~d, immediately after
this, two youGi. who have been spe
tialy trained commence a gentle fric
tion all over the body, starting over the
:ardiac area. At the time of full moon
afurther set of inspiratory exercises
ire taken. Later on. in the second pe
iod, the various parts of the body are
ubbed with wooden planks until the
nuscles are handened. and it is not un
Ill the hardening takes place that the
eal physical exercises are taken. Be
Lween the fifth and sixth month is the
period of greatest activity, the Euro
pean dumbbell being replaced by large
aeks filled with stones. It is in the
third period that the back muscles are
hiefiy exercised.
Sour Stwuaoh
"~ Ater I vros Induced to try CARCA
ET, I will nev~er be without them in the house.
y liver was in a very bad shape. and u.y head
ebed nd I ha'2 stomnach trouble. Now, sIrnee tak
K Cscarets, I fee! One. My wIfe has also used
hm wh beneflcial results for sour stomach."
.Jos. a..LHLo, tel Corngress St., St. L'euts. M.o.
P sant. P'aatable. Potent. Taste Good. IX
od. ever Sicken. Weaken. or GrIpe.10ce. tc.50c.
teriI. Eemedr Compay, U.ie la otres. New York. SMs
IOTO-BAC iSo"C axdniyalGo~r
Arn cnterprising liquo~r firm has en
iou. so much so that if 15 drops oif
balloon ascensions ini Ceyi"it- ^""d
while ascending to drop smlai sample
here has been a reduction uf 2G
~ensse for spiliig ligd'or in Liverpool,
g Mau
s Chil and Fever
ere sse of Chills
al others without
W. .T. MooRE.
%e t. hv . vEL & UUNt Co..
Whoal . iteta by all dialers, 50
-.-May'b W t imokele.s cigarettes
Yet,. --
How A* Yur Eidneys 9
at la P cure all kidney ills. Sar
D Uoh t 1S edr Co-. Chicago or N. Y.
pio -.. .....
D)ratught count i iyacht race, but never
as imiuch as atdt
-y%'ss.oC att:nta. Ga.. are the
i.l nc- e i c ,io sy srieciliets in the
.nly 1. be r..1 offtr in adlertise
wor.d. . e cout of this pa-er.
Ment in at _( .
- CO111Dtgel; alOnk without Plito's. Cure
,)oldD-' ion. It l a scures.-.1rs. E0.
mo . eedham, Mas. ctober := 3A-.
. ..,ret be undore, especiallv
if it's a bard-boiled e;g.
eauty IS Bood lieep.
Ciea blo jJ meass a clean skin. We
beauty without it. Cascar4s, Candy Cathar
tie clean your blood and seep it clean, by
stirring up the lazy liver and driving all im
purities from the body. Begin to.day to
banish pimples, boils, blotches, blackheads,
and that sickly bilious complexion by taking
Cascarets,-beauty for ten cents. All drug.
giata, satisfaction guaranteed, 10c, 25c, 5c.
At a recent flower show In Enrian!d
somne sweet pea vines were exhib=ted
which were grown frorn seed taken
from the tomb of an English'mummy
buried some 2.00 years ago. The bios
soms were of a de!!-ate pink and white
and were less than the ordinary sze.
"AGrand Remedy." says Mr. Thornton
-I haro Iee saffer!t:g with indigeitt'.n and
dydpesTa. I tried-. all the reniedlesas well as
several e:inent phybi.:lans. without avail. I
was Induced to try Tyner's lyspepsia Remedy
and the first dose reileved ite-. it is a granut
remoedy. I rco-enind It a-; worthy of a trial
by aU who wish to be knred.
A. E. ToSNToN. Atlanta, Ga."
50 cents per bottle, at ;!l 'iruggists. or sent
for pri:e, expro pakt. by Tyner lbyspeia
Remedy Co.. 4. Nlitcheln St.. \tlanta. Ga.
Malformations among gold fish are
produced by the Chinese ly a.itating
the fertilized eggs at a certain stag
of their development.
Crres a Cough or Cold at once.
Conquers Croup without fall,
s the best for ltronchiLis. Grippe,
Hoarseness, Whoopig-Cough. an
for the cure of Consumption.
Motherspraiscit. Doctorsprescribeit.
Small doses; ouick, .'.re reSults.
-No hu'sehlcl can afford tn be
witlhiut it-very husehold
can afford to have it.
Fun With the Check Bcok.
Jonest-BroWn had just beeni manirried.
'.ike oiher benedivil he discovered
early iI his colllubial career that Mrs.
J onecs-lBro wn's, ituethods of' distribitting
his hard ealrned polf wa N ost unbusi
nesslike aul ia:Ieful. So he opened
an :e lounit for he-r in 1 nearby bank
and brought th111 ttle lady a check
With Ill of hIs ltioniile. six weeks or
his Vihluliet' tiie. and sole seventeen
la itrg-5ize cheek books. NJlts. TJoue.~
1Browvn at length isneceeded in ma~king
omt ai cheek whichl the enlreful b:mik
elerks were wiiiing to honor.
3irs. .Jon.<-Brown~ was elated at her
ste(T.,s. So detlighlted was she that sit.
spel;:an -euiire af ternon . wlith her
check book. TJo her uinhomided .joy the
h~a - every check she hatd wrt
time Mr. JTones-Brown
swas called away from lown on ,busi
ness. . Oin his riurnm lie asked his litfle
spouse how shep was gettinig on with
lier cheek lbook
sitinliy. "The banik was awfully
kind. The14y cashed all1 my cheeks. and
what doe you thinfk?-they3 sent them
baick to me! Thle chee~l;$ wiere a bit
torn and1( ratgge~d. t-o I wrote them tall
out fresh and used them agtiu. It's
Nirs. Jones-Browti now receives her
weekly moniey in cash.-Harper's Ba
One of the best weapons to use iu
fighting the ubiguitouts cockroach is a
mixture of Paris green. and oatmeal.
If this is spread uder the papers on
pantry shelves and on dishes set
where they most do congregate they
will partake freely and then expire.
Great caution must be exercised, how.
ever, to keep it out of the way of
children or the. household pets.
of Spavin, Curb, Splint, Capped
tiock, Sore Ten dons, C uts, Kich.
Uruises, etc.. by using
Also an inluabale remcdy for man.
When taken internaliy it cures
Crainps and Colic. It'is the best
Everv bottkc is wagranted. Sold iv dealers
and druggists gendaslfr. Family ~size,:5c.
Ilorse size, soc. :nd :j1.co.
P.epared by EARL S. SLOAN, 80sten, Mass.
A guaranteed cure for calarrha. Cor.
umptons,n-i IHayFever. All druggists,
1.00 W. t. SMITHI&o-. Buffalc.Ne.Y.. c roo r.
Could Almosi Prove it by Chemistry.
Thomas A. Edisomn. like other great
scientists. Is a believer in a divines
governing pjower, although popular
ntion has largely credited him with
disbelief in such things. In a cnver
saton between him and oene <-f his
ntiates, says the Ladi-s' Hfome
Jourr.al. he said recently: "Too many
people hav-e a microscopic idea of the
Creator. If they wvould only study His
wonderful works, as shown in the na
tural laws of the universe andI in: Na
ture herself (seen on every hand. it
~e pie would but look for them), they
would have a much broader idea of
the Great Engine'er and of His
diine power. Indeed. I can a4lmost
rove ils exisience by chemistry."
The weaker b.ranches of evergreens
produce male Ilowers, the stronger
ones the female.
To cure,0o
The Eue4lyrt g9fIHbfJit
The cxperimeat of 16A'iQ.D te Wel
known enCalypttfs tru e g n al clii
tricts in Italf. MexiCo ani oth coil
tries subject to the disease 9 ie Dg
pose of rendering 4.1 coil;ftryfd
has proven so succesful that Gover
nor eneral Brooke has begin stock
ing the malaria districts of Cuba with
theye trees. The 6nealyptus is a prodig
ious grower :!ild absorbs great quanti
ties of moisture. which. in warm cli
mates, is so conducive to malaria.
Dizzy? Then your liver isn't
acting well. You suffer from bilious
ness, constipation. Ayer's Pills act
directly on the liver. For 60 years
the Standard Family Pill. Small
doses cure. 25c. All druggists.
want your mous tche or beard a beautiful
brown or rich Mark". Then use
So ers. o" Dav.m.% on R. P. NA%.L & CO. :ASMUA, N. H.
Catarrh Cannot be Cured
With local application, as they cannot reach
ihe seat, of tihe disease. Catarrh I a blood or
constitutional disease, and In order to cure
it yon must take internal remedies. Hall's
Catarrh Cure is taken internally. and acts di
recti ron the blood and mucous GUrfaoe. Hall's
Catairh Cure is not a guack medicine. It was
preecrihed by one of the best physicians in
this :outry for years. and is a ru pre
.c.ription. It'crpsdof the bet tonics
k -n'vs a. combined with the best blood purifiers
acting directly on the mucous surfaces. The
perfect comblnatioa of the two ingredients in
what peoduces buch wonderfal resulte in cur.
ng catarrh. Send for testimonials. free.
F. J. CH Eiz-Y & Co., Props., Toledo. 0.
Sold by DruggiAt, price. 75c.
Halls'Family Pills are the best.
Custom house officials have a keen sens
of duty.
Don't Tobacco Spit and Smoke Your Life Away.
To quit tobacco easily and forever, be mag
retic. full of life, nervo and vigor, take No-To
Bac. the wonder-wor!'er, that mankes weak met
strong. All druggists, 50c or 5l. Cure guaran
tcd. Booklet and sample free Addresi
Sterling Remedy Co., Chicago or New York
A man never adds many inches to hi
height by standing on his dignity.
Fits permanently cured. No fits or nervous
tess after first day's use of Dr. Kline's Greal
Nerve Restorer.$2trial bottle and treatise freE
Un. lt. H. Kusz. Ltd..951 ArchSt.. Phil. PA
IJ- 4
iT3 B ~ ICTS
- -
CO TSO8004
TuItion low. Alt tooks FhllEE.
8th year. Send for esta'otte. Address. Dep't20.
Bristle Twine, Babbir. Saw Teeth and
Files, shafting. Punley.. Belting, Injectors
Pipes. Valves and Flttings.
IVATAfurnish conveyance),tosel
I ~our large line tobaccos it
one or m->re counties in every section c:f thi
nited Sta.tes. Good pay to too right man. Rt
HI . PA1 TERLSONToubacconlist.-J hxton.Va
A P'ractical Critielast.
Scienlce metets occasionally with hu.
moous. rebLuffs. P'rofessor Hlelet
(Cm'pbell. who until n. year ago) occu
p iedte 4lhaiir of domestic economict
i the Kanmsas unIiversity. Ietured ont
eveig before a literary .society it TI
ot-tof-tihe-way town. At the end 01
th aiddress one of the committee,
tall, gaunt woman. said aloud:
"Wel: I thotught I was going tC
erni somethinig. but it was just a lo:
of ordinary hiousekeepinig mixed ur
wilt long words nobody conid under
stnd "-Philadelphiat Post.
L'nnny refunded b? yTour
- HEche.,
the G)
too0 g(
the wi
- ou get as good
~ ~ , eap the benefit
that way
- See our Ate ntor virlts directF
The Smith Preumati' -tdetion Elevating,
Ginning and Packing , ystem is the Simplest
and Most Effleient on the Market; Forty
eight Complete Outfli in Sxtth Carolina;
Each One Giving absol te satisfaction.
Side Valve,
Automatic and Coriiss.
3y Light and Hea y Log Beam Saw Mills
Cannot be equalled n Design, Efficiency or
rice by tany Dealer or Manufacturer in the
Southi. Write for F lees and Catalogues.
V. C. BA HAM & C0.,
1326 Main St.,
ZOLUMBIA, - - - S. C.
I Meet All
Competitiorn I
Will place with re
sponsible parties.
Organs or Pianos
on trial and pay
freight both ways
if not found as
PIAROS $16 p!
Write for cata
M. A. Malone,
Co!umbia, S. C.
A shark's gg is one of the oddest
looking -thin s imaginable. It is un
provided Wi h shell but the contents
are protect by a thick, leathery cov
ering. almo t as elastie as india rub
ber. The a erage size is two irches by
two and bree-quarter inches, and
the color is almost pure bla-k.
It requir s three years bcfo.n many
species of irJs acquire the'r natural
$3&$ .50 SHOES UN ON
Worth $4 to $S compared with
other makes.
Indorsed by over
1,000,000 wearers.
TIM GESUINE base W. L. Dengsas*
- es &ad price *Urf.ed Oft bettein
Take no substitute claimed
to be as good. Largest makers
of s3 and 68.50 shoes in the
world. Your dealershould keep
them-If nct. we will.send you
.. .-r' a pair on receipt of price. State
kind of 1 ather, size and width. e9!ain or cap toe.
Catalogue C Free.
W. L. DOUGLAS SHOE CO.. Erocidon. IMasS
W I NTED AGENTS f'or our Cotton
Boo ; It begins at Sc. and runs to 1ic.;U
flgur s the 16ths and 20ths from 300 to 7001
like 'hot cakes;" ter meshberal. Also for
the ible Looking Glass. It teaches the f
:B i: by.lilustratron gen tseglro
4.t 0.0per day. Write to-day.
JT. . NICHOLS & CO., Atlanta, Ga.
Buy direet -from the
manufacturer. Satisfac
tion guaranteed.
Ilas-erstown. - - - Md
* .". Tompon's Eye Watu
05Sly25Ouits. &
WANTED-Energetic man as County Su
perintendent to manago our business
in your own and adjioining counties; no can
vassing; straight salary $18.00 per wveek and
expenses. Yearly contract. rapid promotion.
The Tin Tags taken fi
and R. J.. R. Tobaccos
all of this list of desirabl~e
have your good chewing tc
Every man, woman and child c~
they would like t'o have and can ha,
'Write your name and address plt
different kinds of tags mentioned ab
1 Match Box. qu-aint ,esign, itoport
5 e al a.. Pepper, one each, quad
ruple pate on white metal....7
6Raz.;r, hellow ground, rime English
ee l.-a p ... e l ..... e.........1 0
Butcer Knie je pabs
a t. ze...e..... .-....10
14 oxersalin a..Ile......45
16 Isnier. or alibre..........100
1U \ ache , s.tn ad eiuaan
tee gear ti.e kepe............50
19t ASe. Calk, Pi k warr... 20
:. o rsTbl Lukon1.lgoo d ;4
h i s ecRoer iexpid Frks Nto
Adres all y3orumr Tag1an th
R . J ' t. REVtdaiNLDS T OC
- '.ahant 'rn whd ant et, v -itra
Ipest is not the best, but the best Is
eapost. and the-best Buggy is none
od, Then why practice economy at
ong end? For a doliar or so more
as can be made, and you mightas wel
as net. Did- it ever occur to you in
Why take
Nauseous Medicines?
Are you suffering with
Are you Suffering with
Are you subject to COLIC. FLATU
LENCY or PAINS in the
Do you suffer from RETENCTION or
Do you feel-LANGUQR. and DEBIL'
ITATED in the morning ?
Aromatic Schiedamn
Pleasant to take, StimUlating,
Diuretic, Stomachic, Absolutely Pare.
xxxxxxxx xx
xxz oxxxxxxx
May be you do not need anything In our
line now. but If you -should now or later,
consult your i:terest-by writing us for prices
and estimates before pLacing your orders.
Now is the time to buy a Bice Haller or
Rice Threshez. We sell the BEST.
C LU1r3IA. 5. C.
We agai r the cieanest seed
the market, d from probably the la
crop yield in 4he State, if not the Unted
We had 855 acres in wheat thlsdear, ad
the crop averaged 20 bushels, per crew
Where we had a good stand, not winu
killed, we had over40 bushels~rer ac O n
hunfred bushelsof our wheat iyilt contai
less cockle seed than orn ushel ofodnr.
-Pilee @1L15 perb'ushe1 ontears
Bags hold two' bushels'
harge for bagi, Terms; Cash wt
Charlotte5 - . .
Free. Dr. E.E REEsa~-n
TS3 Mrs. &.P. Wagnon, Loacilink~
Ala, Wrote: "My nereusittW
baenever slept moraiin
or ZI minutes at a tie abt
ras inp taing~" TET*
yer Dggistforit ""gig
Dr. Ricord's TEmns of Life te~s
ard. evr-failing remedy for all cases et nervous.
mental, y~hsical debl.ity. Ias vitalty andl pr
matue ecy inboth sexes: posittve, permanent
ure:, funl treatment $6, or $1 a beotrle: stsanp for ~~
girclar. 3. JACQUES, Agent, U16 BraduyagN.
will pay for any one or
and useful things, and you
bacco besides.
n Bd something on this list that
e-c-FE E.
tinly and send the tags to us; men
u want. Any assortment of tlie.
ove will he accepted.
2 Si Rlogers' Teaspoons, best quar. !ao
04 Knives and Fcras, si: each, Uck
horn handles..:......... 5
23 Clck. 8-day, calendar, Thermom
seter, Barcmoer..... .. .6.
25 ool Set not playthings, but real
toos.. .~.... ......5
very 1.andsome .......
07 ath, solid silver, fulfl j.'i ....e
2 Sewn Itachine, firs: class, with
all at hments............. 2C
% icheter liepeating bhot Gun; -
2Sut Gun, doub~le-barrel, hammer
:Gitarroewocd, Inlaid with moth- -
er--pearl............ ....... 2000
3 Bkycle, standard inake, ladies or -
4 After Dinner Coffee Srjoon, solid
silvgold bon '.. ......... ... 100
23Brir Wood PIpe............... 40
vember 3th, 1900.
correspodence about them to
30 CO., WINSTON, N. C.
p pp100

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