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e is
her pur
d ability,
nation of
stant repu
Oman jour.
ts" from Mrs.
an journalist
e chief of the
of one of our
a staff of women
rders, will prove
unsel that could
uld give to women
hemselves for news
ttle bearing on the
cases o o who are simply am
bitious to write 'pieces' for the paper.
Women are more useful than men in
discovering and writing up what intel-I
ligent, enterprising, aggressive mod
ern women ;ire doing in The world.
This is a work of legitimate journalism.
It is honorable work, and to do it well
is an honorable ambition. My hints
to those who cherish such ambition
are as follows:
"First. Drop your classes in an
cient history, literary criticism,
comparative philology, etc. Learn to
write a readable haud. Learn to
spell. Give earnest attention to Eng
lish grammar. Discover the relation
of punctuation to sense. Stady the
newspapers until you know what news
paper style is.
"Second. Learn to dress intelli
gently. I say nothing about what is
called dress reform; that is another
question. Remember that in this ex
acting work neither snow nor rain nor
slush will be accepted as an excuse for
failure to cover an assignment prompt
ly and properly. Look pretty, if you
will, but wear nothing that weather
wilspoil. This is a most important
lesson for a woman to learn.
"Third, Get rid of the silly idea
that you must have alchaperon or a mnan
around to protect you after nightfall.
The streets of a great city are as safe
for a women as for a man at night,
provided only that te wof2s does
t oballronted,
work in the sunshine.'
"Fourth. Make up your mind that
'ork is absolutely first in your life.
The origencies of a newspaper office
cannot be predicted. No arrange
ments for an evening of pleasure can
be permitted to stand in the way of '
the demands of the office.
"Fifth. Obliterate personal sensi
tiveness as to the way you are treated
while getting news. You will be
snubbed by women who have as much I
conception of what your function is as,
a butterfly has of the function of a
steam-engine. Do not take them so
seriously as they take themselves.
Their discourtesy to you is a discour
tesy to your paper, to be answered by
,the editorial management, not by'your
'self. Your duty is to your employer,
simply to get the news. No news
paper can afford to be beaten on a
story just because the reporter, man
or woman, has not been treated with*
due consideration.
"When you have learned faithf ally
the lessons above indicated, and -in
addition have grasped the supreme im-1
portance of accurate observation and
truthful writing, you will have made
of yourself a. good reporter, and will
have taken the earliest steps toward
an editorial career in legitimate jour
Consider well; the chief drawback to
the profession, as an avocation for
woman, would seem to be its physical
hardships rather than any mental dis
qualification of the sex. This is proved
by the fact that in the higher rank of
journalism, where these hardships
make themselves less felt, women are
fully as efficient in their department
as men, and receive equal recognition
with them, both in and out of the pro
fession. -Harper's Bazar.
' The Newest Millinery Fads.
The very newest thing in 'millinery
accessories is lace ties with silk'fringe.
These ties are from a 'yard to a yard
and a half long and made of different
kinds of lace, from finest point d'Es
pagne to simple point d'esprit. The
fringe varies in depth from -an inch to
several inches and is white, creamy or
black. The ties are to pass around
the neck and be caught in a bow back
of the left ear, jeweled pins holding
them in place. Ties of chiffou, plaini
or enriched by rows of fine shirring.
set in groups a few inebes apart, are
accompaniments of most of the sea
son's hats and b)onnets. The ties
usually match the bonnet iu color,. al
though black bonnets with ties of yel
low, violet or rose color to correspond
with t-hn osprey or knot of ribbon1
triinming are shown by many smart
mil-ners. Ties of white chiffoni with
a black and white bonnet aire charm
ing for the woman whose complexion
is of the rose and milk variety.
--Painted guills are not a surprise,
,after the painted muslins and silks of
more curious than they are beautiful.
-?Brcadl, flant, stiffifeathers splashed with
d'aisies and pansies and poppies inl
* bold tints are not artistic, and what
ever beauty the quill may have had in
its unadorned state is effectnally
=snuffed out by] this mania for "per
forming on the paint brush,'' as Dr.
Holmes would say.
Artificial flowers pasted on quiis,
much in the manner in which botaui
cal specimens arc placed on cards for
;ae keeping, are another oddity of the*
: she must
er duties and
ce of confinement
.s by takiug outdoor
alk every day, or a spin
Cle; in short, she must exer
e bo ly andi mind in a healthiful
anner. and she will find the bloom
of vouth and health remain with her
or years after it has faded in other
omien of the same age. "The ordin
ry woman, says a celebrated physi
ian, "leads such a monotonous exist
mee that her mind has no oecupation
mt worry; she is almost made up of
orry upon worry. What she needs
s come out of herself much more than
ihe does. She must have intercourse
ith more people and take more exer
ise. This can be done without neg
ecting home, and every right-minded
an will do his best to secure for his
other, or his sister, or his wife,these
ids to the retention of youthfulness
)f body and mind."-Womwan's Life.
Viicountess Harberton on Dreas.
At the annual congress of the sani
rv institute, held at Southampton,
Egland, recenly, a paper on the
"Hygiene of Dress" was read by Vis
ountess Harberton.
She dealt rather severely with the
present style, especially the skirt,
hich she said is not only heavy and
exhausting for walking, bat trailing
in the dirt of the streets it collects
disease germs and distributes them in
the form of dust all over the house.
She also ascribed woman's tendency
to grow old fast to the worry of hold
ig up skirts.
Of tight lacing she said: "Con
striction injuries and congests the in
ternal organs; it causes displacements
and all sorts of diseases." She laid
the blame of this pernicious practice
upon the skirt, which "makes the
eneral outline appear wider at the
feet, so a violent constriction of the
centre of the body is resorted to in
order to break the clumsy outline that
reslts from ignoring the true form."
Uniform of Army Nurses.
Directions regarding the new uni
forms to be worn by the army nurses
ave been sent out by Surgeon Anita
. McGee. The costume consists of
waist with adjustable cent's .and ar
pron of white linen worn with a skirt
nd necktie of army blue galatea. A
aket of the galatea is also provided
o be used when necessary. Caps are
ot a part of the outfit. Chief nurses
are entitled to wear, in place of the
a of red silk, knotted
age of the nurses' corp~ s
ed form of a Greek cross of dark
anel, edged with gold.
Good Newafor Feminine Anglers.
Women anglers who dislike the bait
g of the hook will be pleased
know that india rubber worms arg
aid to answer quite as well as the
eal w:>rm. They are practically in
estructible, and save the trouble of
)rocuring live worms and constantly
haiting the hook.
The Newest Fashions.
Ribbon will be used-in a great va
iety n~f styles.
Black and white effects are noted
nong the latest Parisian lancies.
The popularity of velvet for gowns,
>mbinations, undershirts and wraps
already assured.
Honespuns, checks and plaids are
ather faddy just now for whole suits
d make desirable walking and shop
ing gowns.
Buckles are an important feature of
he season's trimmings and dress ae
essories. Those of cut steel are es
)cially popular.
A few umbrellas in browvn, red and
)ue have been seen. In high priced
mbrellas gun metal, gold, jeweled
nd pearl handles are used.
Directoire vests of tulle and of real
ace, trimmed with laice flounces, are
'oded back over the tops of the hat
ather than left hangingover the face.
Though some fastidious women al
rays wear gloves of one color, black
)rshades of gray or tan, white gloves
re still worn, as well as gloves of
ieutral tints.
There are short box coats, long box
oats, and box coats tha: are half
ength. They are stylish in effect,
t it takes a woman witL. style andt
ood clothes to carry them cff.
The ever popular ribbon corset is
hown in three sizes, and in pale blue,
ink, violet. black and white. These
re very dainty for a slim, girlishm fig
ire, but no earthly use to a stout per
The new shoulder scarf, which is
nade of the same material as the
wu, and edged around with a frill
)flace or of the goods, is exceedingly
~raceful, and gives a Persian touch to
rtoilet. It is worn low oiver the
dioulder and fastened at the waist
vth atfancy buckle.
It is a question whether or nol
.merican women will take kindly to
)OX coats, which are deemed very
mart in Europe. Beaver and felt
loth, livery meltou and rep are used
or their constrraciion. The liniugs
hiis season are white or black moire,
,f soft, heavy quality.
Crepe de chine is seen in the new
neckwear. and is iu short ties. four
er five inches broad, with real lace or
narrow rows of the pretty machine
made laces in fancy designs ou the
nds. They come in white anid in
colors. The white will lausnderi, and
is the most economical.
'achine stitching is playing a very
prominent part just now as dress
decoration. Cloth gowns are trimmed
ith bands of the same cloth stitched
nd restitched with heavy silk thread
iu facy patteru,, plai~is, squares,
points, bias lines, straight rows, etc.
oontrasting silk is often used, or a
c., Etc.
early-eall ime
e t) e og. on, and it talke
ie. 1 y.
-Chicago Record.
. In Luck.
First Dear Girl-"l have no friend3
to sp'eak of."
Second Dear Girl-"Lucky friends."
Up to Date.
Marketmau-"Well, little girl,
what will you have?"
Little Girl-"Have you got any
horseless radish?"
Making Proareas.
"How are you getting on with your
"I can start it all right, bat I can't
sto) unless I run into something."
Chicago Rerd.
One of the Awful Couseqiuences.
"Maria. who is that pounding on
the piano?"
"it's the hired girl. We can't affor.d
to buy beefsteak any more, amd she
has to have some exercise."
A Standing Grievance.
"There will always be more or less
frictiou betweea the United States
and Canada."
"Yes; they will keep working ofr
their confounded ten-cent pieces on
IHe is Not a Specialist.
"So your neck pains you?" ssid the
"Yes, terribly:" wailed the patient.
"Sorry, sir, but I can't help you;
I'm not a specialist in rabber."-De
troit Free Press.
Vancy ana act.
"You and voung Chubbleig don't
speak to each other any more, Ethel.
What is the matter?"
"Nothing, only he told me one day
when we were at the park that I had a
swan-like neck, ana I told him he had
a swan-like walk."
Dining Out in the Desert.
First Lion-"Any choice, old
Second Lion-"FI'l have a little of
gi~dak if on don't mind."--Life.
-.The Only Drawback.
Smith--"Brown has just ficished a
fting-machine that he has been at
work on for the last ten years."
Jones-"Indeed! And is it a suc
Smith-'"Yes. with one exception;
it refuses to get off the earth."
A4 Generous Souveni3r.
"Is George so much in love with
the Chicago girl?"
"I should say he wag. He gave up
yachting on her account, and when
he sold his boat he took the extra
mainsail and had his shoeuiaker make
Laura a pair of canvas shoes out of
An Expert Opinion.
"M1y ideas," said the young man,
haughtily, "are at least twenty years
ahead of the times."
"Great mistake," said the railroad
man, gravely; "great mistake. The
way to avoid collisions in this life is
to run strictly according to schedule."
-Washingtou Star.
The Temper of Timmnins.
* "Timmins seemed like a very mild
little fellow."
"MIild! I guess not. He's a per
feet terror whenever his wife gives
him a chance."
"Htowv is it that I never noticed it?"
"Because he never gets the chance."
-Cleveland Plain Dealer.
A .Justifile Complai:it.
"There is too much system in this
school business," growled Tommy.
"Just because I snickered a little,
the monitor turned me over to the
teacher; the teacher tarned me over
to the princial, and the priueipal
turned me ove-~ to pai."
"Was that all?"
"No; pa turned me over his knee."
A severe Attack.
"I have to be home every night at
10 o)c'cock," said the married man,
"o account of the baby."
'How old is she?"
"Thirty-two years."
"Ys thirty-two years. You see
the baby is my wife; she never got
over her infac."-Detroit Free
That Boy!
"If you "-an heh> it," said the girl
in blue. "never let any one buy your
little brother a drum."'
"Why not?"
"Well, just as Lieutenant Brown
seemed to be reaching the point of
proposing last night," exclaimed the
gi in blue, "Willie, who was in tihe
next room, sounded taps on his dram,.
ael the lieutenant took it as a hint."
-Chiago Post.
i:e-vondl His. Depth.
"The study of the occult sciences
interests me" very much," remarked
the new boarder. "I love to explore
the dark depths of the mlysterious, to
delve into the regions of the un
known, to fathom the unfathomable,
a:: it were, and to--'
"ay I help you to some of the
lasI profess'r?" interrupted the
And the grood woman never knew
why the other boarders smiled audi-I
bly.-Chicago News.
Proved the Exception.
- so difficuit to do two things
.-eiarked the facetious jailer.
*And keep iiipY' asked Olt prisoner.
"Yes; keep it up for years."
"For instance'" said the prisoner in
"-Well. you van do right whie you're
dloing time." answered lm jaiier.
1ortunuately for tle Jiiler there wiere
bars between the prisonelr an11d himU.
Chieago Post.
Why Do You Scratch?
When yon can cure yourself for fifty
cents? All skin diseases,such as tetter,
salt.- rheum, ringworm, eczema, etc.,
can be surely cured by an ointment
alled Tetterine. Any number of tes
imouials shown fo tie asking. Noth
ing else is as good. Unless your drug
gist has it, send 50e. ln stamps to the
manufacturer, J. T. Shuptrine, Sa
vannah, Ga., for a box postpaid.
The Tribute Was Genuine.
Edward Terry. the actor. tells of a
>retty incident that occurred during a
our in Australia. says the Detroit Free
Press. "Do you know what I consider
he most glowing triibute I ever re
-eived? The conpiinent came fron a
hild. There was a crowded house. an
ntent audience, and humor had for the
nstant given place to pathos. You
night have heard a pin drop, and I felt
he tension of the house was at break
ng point. The lntense silence was
roken by a childish voice-a girl's
ho. turning to her parent, asked in a
>roken voice: 'Notler. is it real?'"
rain Workers and Professional 3en.
"I have for a long time been subject to
niest severe attacks of Headache and never
round relief except from Lee's Headache and
Nuralgia llemedy which always cures.
"J. L. ArP.
"Westehester. N. Y."
Wholesale be BuIwsLWL. & D rsx Co., Char
lotte. N. C. Netail by all Medieine dealer:.
)Y- and 50!.
Cue Failing oi Women.
"Of comse." lie said inqtiuirigly,
"she has a gooi edu1iciation!
''Best 11n the werld. an1swered his
wvife. ".Spent three years at a ilnish
iug school just before siml nmi% her
So'i.ty delt."
"I wonder what kinid of grammar
they u ied." he went ol.
--In sure I don't know. Whv?"'
--( nothilnW mu11h. It's evident that
some of theso girls' schools msit use
a rlamnuar that gives nothing but
:1se s tlultation iirk' and I amin
inildly cur:ous to see one."--Chicago
That is the best part of beauty whieb
a picture cannot express.-Bacon.
"Duty Feed
Man and Steed."
Feed your nerves, also, on pure blood ij
you v ould have them strong. Men anc
omen 'who are nerzvous are so because
their ner'ves are starved. When they
make their lood rich and pure 'with Hood's
Sarsaparilla their nervousness disappearn
because the nerves are property fed.
"I woniler if it'ean be true that on'
afire with ice?" said th
aid with t' pec aC . - .
hadn't forb e me to n'ention the
subjet I might recur to the love I have
for you," said the youth with the red
owl tie and striped collar.--Indianap
ols Journal.
Two travelung salesmen in each Southern
state. $.-0.00 cud ex penses. Permanent position.
E~xperience not absolutely necessary. A ddress
Peerless Tobacco Worn s Co., Bedford City, Va.
The royal deer park at Copenhagen
overs 4.Z00 aere.a.
IHew's This ?
We offer One Hundred Dollare Reward for
anu e'e of Catarrh that can not be cured by
Ill's Catirrh Cure.
F. J1. CanszEY & Co., Props., Toledo. 0.
We, the indersigned, have known F. .
Cheney for the last 15 years. and believe him
perfectly honorable in all business trasnsnc
tions and financially able to carry out any
obligation mtadjes~b th~r nm
W~sT & TarLAX, Wholeale rgO t To
leo. Ohio.
WALDISC, Kr'CNAs & MAntvis, Who'.esale
Drusgists. Tcl'-do. Ohio..
Hll's' Catarrh Cure is taken internally,
ating directly upon the blocd ana mucous
eurfaces of the sys~tem. Price, .he. per bottle.
Sold by all Drnggists. Testimonials free.
Hala Family Phls are the b t..
Finidle'ys Eye Salve cures
Sore eyes in 3 days; chronic cases in 30
days, or money back. All druggists, or by
mail. 25c. per box. J. P. HAYTER, Decatur,
Piso's Cure is a wonderful Cough medicine.
[rs. W. PtCeER'r, Van Siclen and Blake Aves.,
brooklyn, N. Y., Oct. 20, 1801.
of Spavin, Curb, Splint, Capped
[ock, Soicre enons, Cuts, Kicks,
Bruses, etc. by using
A'o'a invaluable remecdy for man.
Whena taken initernially it cures
Cramps an d Colic. It is the iest
E erv bottie is wanianted. Sold l'v dealers
ndi d'ruggists generally. lEmnily 'si:', 254
1orse size,.50c and $ .co.
Ppared 'by EARL S. SLOAN, Boston, Mass
A Mother Stork's Dev'ction.
nig ay sto:-ies of the affect ion
f diumb cventures for thcir young. hiO
frot a1 ermlanf paper' iS spelliirly pai
thetie: "At~ Ne.'~uendorf the lightning
struck the gable end~ of a barni whlera~
fo- venrs a pair. ofsok had built
their nest. Th~le Ilhunes~ soon 'a ugi itIi
ne 'sI in whlicih thec hellss birood wasi
stork now. protctinig spread:Lt out het'
~in' over the young ones. with whioml
she was burned alive. althouigh sh'
mi ht have saved hierselfC easily by
. .t -1hisia Herald.
TO cure, O
Don't b,
can get th
more, wb
1 cheaperi
See our Agent or write direct.
renalty of Absent-31lndedness.
A wealthy but absent-minded resi
dent of .McPierscn, Kan., recently
bought a safe in which to keep his
valuables and bing unable to remem
ber the combination scribbled it on the
plastering of a near-by wall. Subse
geently he ordered a calciminer to p:.ut
a new *oat on the wall. The meni
orandum was obliterated and it be
came necessary to have the safe blown
Better Goods for Less Money
We can save you
money, no matter where
you live. We would not
te spending nearly a
million dollars a year i1
we could not land goods
at your station cheaper
Matoan you can buy them
for elsewhere. You will
never know how much
you can save until you
see our free Books.
Our 304 page Cata
Oak China Closet, $10.95 loge of everythincr to
EAT, ' 1SE and WEAI,
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thing you buy, quotes
wholesalc prices to con
sumers on over 100,000
difrerent articles. and
has over 10,U0 different
Our Lilhographed
Catalogue sho-.vs Car
pets, R n gs , A r t
Corsets, 30c 44 $3.00 Squares, ... Portieres
ani Lace Curtains in
their rea l colors,
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colored plates you can
tell exactly how these
goods will look on
ye'r floor or at your
window. Carpetssew
ed free.linig furnish
ed_ free and freight
Buggy Harness, $4.20 Our 3Made-to-Order
lothing Catalogue witi samples of cloth
attached, offers suits and overcoats from
$5.95 to $20.00. (Sent C. 0. D.) Expres
sage paid on clothing everywhere. We
also issue a Special Catalogue of Pianos,
Organs, Sewing 31achines and ilieycle%.
A postal card will bring you any of our
Catalogues, one or which costs us 690. If we
were niot almost certain of your order, we would
not be mailing free such expensive literature.
Which Book do you want' Address:.his way:
RALTIMORE, 31D., V. S. A. Dept. :l4
(From the Baocrus Truns, Oct. 10. 1899.)
Brocktou's prosperity is so closoly allied
to the prosperity of the shoe industry that it
will. uo doubt, prove a matter of intercst to a
larg,: number of people to learn the actual
average earning capaeity of-each individual
empltyed in the makingiof .the world-famed
Brockton shio. For illustration: At the fac
tory of the W. L. Douglass Shoe con-pa.ny the
pay roll for the week ending Sept. 30, eelud
ng superintendent, foreman, salesman and
all elerival help, shows the average earnings
of the emildyes, large and small. to be $13.54
ier week. This was n.t an extraordinary
week. It wae the customary pay roll.
The amount earned per week, however,
does not always tell the story of prosperity.
The number of weeks employed each year is
the determining factor in the wage eairners'
prosperity. The Douglass factory has been
closed but one week this year, and that for
the usual summer stock taking, and it will be
closed but three days the latter part of De
ember. This would make but nine days out
of the year that the factory is closed, which
is surely as steady work as the most industri
ous sho'emaker could desire.
Owing to increased business, another ad di
tion is to be made to the Douglass factory.
It will be 100 feet long, 40 feet wide, and five
stories high. It will be ready for occupancy
early in December. This addition Increases
the capacity 25per cent. The W. L.Douglass
SShoe campanv has the largest factory in the
and $3.00
Mr. D
|turers was
collections ar
hC The best remedy for
OUr Consnmption. Cres
S U Coughs.Colds,Grippe,
yau nes, Atma, Whoopng
congh, Croup. Small do'.e' : quick, sure results.
Dr.Bltlsiscure Co~:uiaiwn. Trial,r:ofor.
- HLLStoates.lC ,
P I can d atom e wit
out pain. Book of par
ticulars sent FREE.
Bl.M.WooLLEY, M.D.
Ananta8. isa. Office 104 N. Pryor St.
S3& 3.50 SHOES N OEN
V Worth S4 to $6 compre
with othier imaks
InLdorsed by Over
1,000,000 weaers
The genuinelhav W.T
D1'auniad name bo i to k
s.amped on bottm. .' ae
aiisegod. Your iea'er .
now dcunhould keep them
'kind of' eathier. size, and width, plain or
ca o.Cauauigue Cifree.
Thel best ink mavde, but no dearer
thanU the poo~rest.
Bes Cogh yru. rastes Good. Use
A Frank Surgeon.
Dr. Colies, an eminent surgeon of
Dublin, who died in 1843. was remark
able for his plain dealing with himself.
In his fee book he had many such can
dd entries as the following: "For
gving ineffectual advice for deafness,
one guinea. For attempting to draw
out the stump of a tooth, one guinea.
For telling him that he was no more
ill than I was, one guinea. For noth
ing that I know of except that he
probably thoug'ht he did not pay me
enough last time. one guimea.
, naes ref'umded by your I
intoobiga-hurry.? If you
a best at only a dollar or so
y not take itI It will be
n the end.
WANTED AGENTS Ior ..ur C tbon
oo, it legIns at e. :nd rIn to lie.
gu the i~ihs am:!'20ths fromn E".1 o Ma
. 49C 1.e -k :* ..niy We. I sels
uise --it eakes'' ter rns trl. A :soforE
ihe ble Looking Gjar. ft tee -esthe1
En bie by ilustrtor: ;agentsmiaki g frin
$4.t? t0'*10.t 0 .er day. Write to-da
. .. NiCHOLS 4 C(O., Atlanl a, Ga
Tommy Atkins' Discipli e.
Tomliny Atkint. nore Cp -eially the
Irishminl of that 11:1Un1e. 1n1a11 ages often
to work in a little humor n conjune
tion with discipline. The oyal Inils
killen Fusiliers were marcl ing to their
Musketry caulp ad halt d for 11he
iiiIht at. the little toWn 0 ' Kesh. The
surgeuil captain attacic( to the regi
mnt for the nrirch preferred to sleep
in the hotel, and his ent was not
pitched. Four men we e told off next
morning. however, aec rding to cus
tom. to strike the do-tor's tent. and.
marehing to the spot there it should
he. found a vacaney. "Where does
the doctor stay. any 4vay?*' asked the
old soldier of the p) rty. and he was
I told that the doctor1 had slept at the
hotel. When the suifgeon captain came
out of the hotel he fund the old soldier
and the three othe men waiting out
ide. and asked tht in what they'want
ed. "arty to trike the doctor's
tent.' replied the old soldier. laconi
eally. Whether tl/e four gallant Fusill
ers had intended/to pull down the ho
tel as soon as thg doctor was out of it
(did not transpire. for they were sent off
at once to tiir coipany.-London
'Telera ph.
A Misnomer.
-What are .ou laughing it? said
som one. as tlie grocery clerk hung up
the receiver.
--At 'Mrs. N(w blood. She has just
lelillotled for a pound of 5 o'clock
tea."--Detr t Free Press.
rook at yourself! Is yourfc
covered with pimples? Your
rough and blotchy? It's y
Ayer's Pills are liver p
C'tre constipation, bili
bror a r rice b
- W again offer the cleanest seed wheat dn
the market, and from probiably the largest
rop yield in the State, if not the United
We had 355 acres in wheat this year, and
the crop averaged 20 bushels per acre.
Where we had a good stand,. not winter
killed, we had over 40 bushels y er acre. One
hundred bushels of our wheat will contain
less cockle seed than one bushel of ordinary
seed wheat.
Prce e1.15 per bushel on cars at Charlotte.
Bags hold two bushels and are new, no
charge for bags. Terms: Cash with order.
A.,ot Ol&FrilzrC.
Per FRED OLIVER, Pres't.
Charlotte! - - -N. C
Permnanently Cnredi
Insanity Prevented
when received. Seta to 1'm'~ L.:4 BellevuS
Sr.stu:e ~ omgA'9O1 Lreb SL t ..hldMia. PS.
.L Er. E. . oREXN's soi's. Box B. AtI*nta. Ga.|
Factory Loaded
i" LEADER " loaded with Sm
RVAL" loaded with BlaCI
Sother brands for
Winchester Shells are for sa
Shaving them when you buy a
chau, sn why not try it?2
To be held at 0 November 6th to
And we will show you in operation, the
most complete and modern Ginning
System ever put o the market. We
will exhibit the MURRAY SYSTES1 with
be Celebrated E~agle Gins, Cleaning
Feeders and Liddell's direct connec
ted Automatic Engine, Blee Haller and
)ther machinery.
It will pay all interested, to see our exhibit
tud Investigate the merits of the different
nachinery we will show.
W. H. OIBBES & CO., Columbia,S. C.
Headquarters for XachineryaLd 3111 SanDUes;
I Meet All
Competitin I
Will place with re
sponsible parties.
Orgaus or Pianos
on trial and pay
freight both ways
if not found as
re resented.
- from
PIAO $185up
. Write for cata
M. A. alone,
Columbia, S. C.
The Smith Pneumatic Suction Elevating,
Ginning and Packing System is the Simpless
and Most Efficient on the Market; Forty
eight Complete Outfits In S%th CIrolina;
Each One Giving absolute Satisfaction. --
Slide Valve,
Automatic and Corlisse,
My Light and Heavy Log Beam Saw Mills
Cannot be equalled in Design, Efficiency or
Price by any Dealer or Manufacturer in the
South. Write for Prices and Catalogues.
V. C. BADHAM & C0.
1326 Main St.,
COLUMBIA. - - .- - . C
Why take
Nauseous Medicines
Are you suffering with
Are you suffering with
Are you subject to COLIC. FLATU
LENCY or PAINS in the
Do you suffer from RETENqTION o
Do you feelLANGUO(.andDEBIL
ITATED in the inorning?. 1k
Our Red5Sa~qs
Bult for service. Bought for ash.90ol
by leading merchants. Ask for oui- makh
and get-the best that money willbay.
3.K. Orr Shoe Co<I
Pianos for $951i k
Bouy direet -from. the
manufact'urer. SatifaG
tion guaanteed.
. Nanujfacur
'h arerstcWz. -.-M -
T Allays Iritation AdsDigstOi
BRu'ates the Bowels,Strength- '
ens the Child. Mahes-Teething .~
IREasy. TEETBINABelieve~sthe
Bowel Troubles of Children of -
your Dagistf'I ferit rg~st
FFTT, M, D,, St Lois, la
A guarantleed Core for Caarrb, CoO' 4
sumpion o.. HavFever. All druggiss,
$1.00 W. ii. SRiTi&B- - t roD%
H this paperwheitigdvri+es.o
rd Ibound inno ash." in.
sive right of ete i-1
J. L. NiICHOLS .t CO., At1anta, Ga.
Shotgun Shells.
okeless powder and " NEW
c powder. Superior to all
le by all dealers. Insist upon
nd y ou will get the best.

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