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no. d
- -Mr. A. M. Strickland an M
Wilkinson are here for the purpose
placing automatic sprinklers in ti
new warehouse.
Pneumonia, la grippe, coughs, cold
crop and whooping cough readi
vield to One Minute Cough Cur
Use this remedy in time and save
doctor's bill-or the undertaker'
McMaster Co.
few days since that Dr. Theo. Qua
tlebaum graduated from theNashvil:
University when it should have bee
Vanderbilt University.
-Winnsboro is steadily improving
Mr. R.C. Gooding is improving hi
residence, also Mr. Elemming M<
Master. When these two houses ar
completed they will be a credit to on
little city.
J. D. Bridge, editor and proprieto
of the Democrat, Lancaster, N. H.
says: "I would not be without Oni
Minute Cough Cure for my boy, whei
troubled with a co..gh or cold. It ii
the best remedy for croup I evei
used." McMaster Co.
-Dr. Theo. Quattlebaum has re
ryned from Calumbia where he
passed his examination before the
Sfate Medical Board. His many
friends will be delighted to know that
he has decided to locate In Winnsboro.
Bear the The Kind You Hlave Always Bought
signature -
Miss Helen McDonald who is quite
sick was reported better yesterday.
Mrs. Henry Elliott is quite sick at
her home on Bratton street.
Mr. Thomas Cathcart has recovered
sufficiently from his recent illness to
Ne ume his position with the Caldwell
Dry Goods Co.
Some of the results of neglected
dyspeptic conditions of the stomach
are cancer, consumption, heart disease,
and epilepsy. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
prevents all this by effecting a quick
ure in all cases of dyspepsia.
McMaster Co.
Dr Bratton Elected to the Rectorship of
St Mary's
A special to the Raleigh News ond
-hOservir from Tarboro, N. C., of May
School to-day unanimo1usly ~elected to.
the rectorship of that school Rev. T. D.
-Bratton, of Spartanburg, S. C. Mr.
~Batton is rector of the Episcopal
Church1 at Spartanburg, and holds the
chair of history in Converse College
for Women. He is the son of the Iale
General Jonn Bratton, and both by
blith and culture, as well as personal
character, is d 'ought to be pre-emi
nently fitted for this exalted Iosition.
By allowing the acoumulations in
the bowels to remain, the entire sys
tem is poisoned. DeWitt's Little
Early Risers regulate the bowels.
Try them and you will always use
them. McMaster Co.
A special to The Sate from Hopkins
Sdated May 18, says: The community
as to-day called to mourn the death
f one of its most belove I ladies, Mrs.
hoi A. Myers, wife of Capt. J. A.
yesand daughter of Col. N. A.
Peay, of Fairfield County, S. 0. Mrs.
Myers was Miss' Mary English Pesy.
She was a lovaly Christian lady, un
tiring in her -kindness and ever ready
to extend a helping hand to the needy.
All feel the great loss the community
has sustained. Mrs. Myers leaves a
husband and five sons, one sister and
three brothers to mourn her death.
She was a member of the Episcopal
Church. Mrs. Myers was in her 57th
Don't think you can cure that slight
attack of Dyspepsia by dieting, or that
it will cure itseif. Kodol Dyspepsia
Cure WILL cure it;i it "digests whUat
you eat" and restores the digestive
;rst ealth. 7 Pcat rayer
tor. unda School at 5 .Pae
p. m. Prayer meeting Wednesday at
5 p. m.
St. Johni's Episcopal -Services at 11
a. m. and 5 p. m. Sunday School at
4.30 p. m. Services on Friday at5 p.m.
Baptist-Preaching at 11 a. m. and
p. m. by the pastor. Sundaiy School
For Over Fifty Years.
3 a used for over fifty years by
of mothers for their children
thing, with perfect success.
the child, softens the sums,
-n, cures wind colic, and
e-~ medy for diarrhoea 11
the poor little snfferex
SSold by druggists ia
Jthe world. T wentY yfive
~. Be sure and ask foi
slow's Soothing Syrup,'
other kind. 1-1-17
r. Wik p W ronchitis.
Duer ar mD pein to take. Doctc
fre o.mer it. Price za cents. At all druggis
s, Col. R. 11.Gray, of Nashville, Tenn
y is in town.
SMrs. Hessie McCarley returnedt
3 Winnsboro Friday,
Miss Marie McCants has returne
a from Charleston after taking in tc
L- reunion.
.0 Mrs. W. Ri. Elliott returned Prida
n from Union where she has spent seo
eral weeks.
. Mrs. Gettys, who has been viitien
D at Mrs. Henry Elliott's, returned t
.her bome in Camden Friday.
a Miss E. G. Dwight, city editor o
r THE NEWS AND HERtAD, is expected
home from Charleston to-day.
e Mrs. Boulware and children, o
Tampa, have arrived and will spend
the sammer with Mrs. Walter Till.
Mr. McKeown, who has been visit.
ing his sister, Mrs. Jno. J. Creight,
has returned to his homr in Brooks
ville, Fla.
Mrs. Thomas, of South Texas, Mr.
and Mrs. Flinn, of Ark., and Mrs.
Newy, of Tenn., who have been visit.
'ng at Mrs. W. C. Beaty's, returned
home Friday.
The many friends of Miss Mamie
Cummings will be glad to know she
will reach home within the next week
or two. *Miss Cummings has been
spending the winter with her sister,
Miss Naunie, in New York, and is
now visiting friends in Georgia.
H11s Life Was Saved.
Mr. J. E. Lilly, a prominent citizen
of Hannibal, Mo., lately had a won
derful deliverance from a frightful
death. In telling of it he eays: "I
was taken with Typhod Fever, that
ran into Pneumonia. My lungs be
came hardened. I was so weak I
couldn't even sit up in bed. Nothing;
helped me. I expected to soon die of
Consumption, en I heard :of Dr.
King's New D ;-.. ery. One bottle
gave great relief. ntinued to use
it, and now am w Aand strong, I
an't say too much in its praise." Thfis
marvellous medicine is the surest and
;qickest cure in the world for all
hroat and Luneg Trouble. Regular,
szes 50 cents and S$- a ttles,
free at McMaster ggi a e
very botegar M M3
Mfr. Edio .?
my former
entrance ofs-zw
waiting on the pdnes&% V*
ing for admissian on theb ay
booming of cannon announced t
approach. Presently we could see
smoke from the guns and thenin
tinctly could outline the big lean*
colored monster slowly being towed
into port. It was an exciting scene,
and I could but recall the scenes of
thirty-eight years ago, when I stood
near Vinegar Hill on Morris Island
and listened to the booming of big
guns in the attack and defence of Fort
Sumter, and watched with interest
and emotion the progress of the first
big artillery duel in the war of the
lost cause. Presently we were on tho
boat, and as she glided smoothly across
the Cooper River we watched intently
the approach toward anchorage c~f this
agent in the destruction of the Spar.
ish fleet in the harbor of Manila.
Thursday morning, wishing to get1
ahead of the crowd that we felt sure.
would be on band, we boarded the
electric car for Magnolia cemetery.
Several of our party had never seen
this beautiful city of the dead, and
those of us who had, were perhaps
even more anxious thin they to take
in afresh its solemn loveliness. Its
natural scenery is grand, being inter
spersed with pretty little lakes and
inlets, then, too, the majestic live oak
and lovely magnolias are the pride,
not, only of Charleston, but also of the
State. And the hand of art has been
lavish in it~s decorations, and on every
hand are to be seen tastily arranged
and neatly trimmed shrubbery orna
menting the scores of well laid off and
diligently kept family plats. There
are numbers of the inest granite and
marble monuments, also mansoleums
with numerous splendid vaults for the
reception of the dead. in our rambles
and admirations one of our pasrty re
marked that if a person felL prepared
for death and expected to be laid in
No Bight to Ugliness.
The womani who is lovely in face,
form and temper will always have
friends, but one who would be attrac
ive must keep her heahb. If she is
weak, sickly and all run down, sbe
will be nervous and irritable. If she
had constipation or kidney trouble,
her impure blood will cause pimples,
blot ches, skin eruptions and a wretch.
ed complexion. Electric Bitters is the
best medicine in the world to regulate
stomach, liver end kidneys and to
purify the blood. It gives strong
nerves, bright eyes, smooth, velvety
skin, rich complexion. It will make a
goodlooking, charming woman of a
run-down invalid. Only 50 cents at
uninfter Co.'s drug store.
be rob
IThere ba~n~-.-.-.
Memorial Association of we
beautiful granite shaft in the
erate soldiers' plat, on which are
eled in clear cat letters the .names\
the dead generals o h ofdrt
~army fromi this State. The last name
1s our own John Bratton. I suppose
oters fall their names will be added.
-Lovely wreaths and garlands bad bee&l
placed on the veterans graves by lov
in hands on Wednesday 10th.
.. y lettar would be too long were
to undertake special mention of
tithe of thefexquisite chiseling and
suture ornamenting the profimiou
seu ftmna . I will venture to
I aa~-0-aly .twos wbich impressed
he A large rattlesnAke coiled
Revolutionaryarble shalt of an old
every time I seeofficer. it strikes me
desion for an orril ing a sta
. place of the dead. Int to the resting
* any snakes on mine. T wouldn't want
sculptor though is wThe work ot tedh
other is over the grave of Eatie Bird
., and represents a wo an in life siz
sitting on a pedestal wit head bowed
the dreus falls in meat and natura
folds to the ankles, and e bare feet
neck and shoulders, arm and hand
d seem to be the very perfec ion of art
e while the face, not beautifu but per
feet in feature, looks down 'upon yoT
with a life-like lustre and e pressioi
7 of eyes that I have never s en any
whiere else in marble.
We were all aoxious to see wher
Dr. If anahan was laid, and afte dili
gent a--eh and inqoiry we foun th
plae : and some of our party ah
tear amt others dropped a flower o
the b Jlowed spot.
But I have written enough for or
letter. More anon.
R R. Jennings.
Volcanic Eruptionsi
Are grand, but Skin Eruptions rob
life of joy. Bucklen's Arnica Salve
cures them; also Old, Running and
Fever Sores, Ulcers, Boils, Felons,
Corns, Warts, Cuts, Bruises, Burns
Scalds, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Best File cure on earth. Drives out
Pains and Aches. Only 25 ets. a box.
Cure guaranteed. Sold by McMaster
Co., druggists.
The Canton (Miss) Times is edited
by a man who is prominent in medi.
cine and agriculture. In a recent
number of his paper he tells his plant
ing contemporaries "how to get poor
and stay poor." Here is the receipt:
"Just keep on doing what you have
been doing all your :life. Don't raise
much corn; don't raise hogs; don't
raise colts; don't have but few cows,
don't feed and care Ifor them-starve
the calves; don't have any sheep; don't
have good gardens; don't raise many
potatoes; don't raise any fowls, but a
few chickens, and let them scratch for
a living; have a good many dogs;
don't work any more than you are
!bsolutely forced to; don't put up any d
improvements; don't circle your land,
nd be sure not to fertilizo it any.
Don't have any shelter or hay for
our little stock. Be sure to keep up
ith your neighbor in dress style and
Tquippage. Don't take any papers,
~specially agricultural ones. Don't
>uy any improved stock. Don't miss
own once a week or oftener, and al
rays be on hand at every gathering,
risit and have visitors often, hire all
he-labor you are-able~ ges, growvl
hout hard times, and envy the fellow~
Fho has money and call, him a Shy
ack. Don't stay in thelfield any more
ban You can hep and don"i work
ourroh-eofat,. nrpher so
into tite and eat all the cobs-and shtz
ere Spend every dollar as fast as you
orit. Don't taeany interest in pub
or-affaiirs, and bieeall the office set
teera tell you. Lay all your misfortur
~her and poverty on the times and t
the other fellow; never think you cans
Swrong or possibly be at fault. E
patiate upon what you would do
you only had the money to do on, ai
ratG>,hat you will do after a while. B
heW < all who have the means and we]
do pyou, and especially those iv
coc?-A if they don't all. Lastly, rail
Doj - ton and hire it hoed and picke
yo' -?all or most of these things, ar
Ag will get poor and stay poor.
Was the result of hi's Iron serve
Indomitable will anbcq splendid h ealt
energy are not found whe.1 tremendon
Liver, Kidneys and Bowels we Stomac]
order. If you want these gqr ot.
and the success they bring, use.ou
King's New Life Pills. They devel1 it
every power of brain and body. Only1
25c. at McMaster Co.'s drug store.
Bears theThe Kind You Have Always Bought
If you have piles, CURE them. No
use undergoing horrible operations
that simply remove the results of the
disease withoat disturbing the disease
itself. Place your confidence in De
Witt's Witch Hazel Salve. It has
never f-ailed to cure OTHERS; it will
not fail to cure you. McMa.ster Co.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of,
-- Clconses and bemairies the hair.
cer resas hto lestore Gra7
SOc.andsl.Wat D
Sample sent ifiyou say so.
It~s unlike all others.
Box, post-paid,15~ cts. in stamps.
:It's Sold Everywhere.
The Electo Silicon Co., 40) Cliff, Street,
New York.
nery for
b.ve received
Seilors; also a L
tock of Trim
Something nie
p orters and ir -
,iud Infants' Cat
MRS. J. D.
tromingelon, in assorted flavors, 15c.
toyal Desert in assorted flavors, 15c.
(Prepare these in two minutes.)
alifornia Fruit in jars and cans.
reron Cling Peaches; none better.
ed Raspberries.
ed Cherries, pitted.
1bi'e Wax Cherries.
Th*e fruits are guaranteed superior
wor. and extra heavy syrup.
Genuine Cdnton Ginger Preserves.
I9WinnsI~w - -House opens to
Let us ser
lo Doors, complete,
if $1-,0to $1:5
e. Windows, adjustable,
ho 40c. to 504
SHarper'si Fly Traps,
d15 cents,
* U
For Sale'F
For Sa ---.
A TR ACT OF 17 le*
iand, on Little River,
D. Mi. Broom, and bo A CRES OF
:>f t te est ate of R. G. 8 belonging to
ansou and others. nded by lands
For terms apply to imonton, Stev
A S. &W. D.DO~
11-17 Attorneys, Wi
-----. GL ASS.
E rhsey Habits
K.MW at home with
Xne in. Book of par
stent FEEE.
This department is more comphtre
stylish and up-to-da'e. We offer vol
New styles in Ladies' Shoes, Oxford
and Sandals.
ew stock of our splendid $2.00 an<
or men.
Anything you ' Shoes an(
he best at low prices.
We are better prepared to ple-ase yei
rade with us. We sell the be 't good'
The Caldwl] Dr]
There Are
Gold Mies.
Right Atd
-for peOple who hav eared
road.-to wealth is ri t buyh
know.People Who b ae paid $
shoes otasg A we sell fo
and tey were pie who nee
If they folloN
.E / other buying
f&r a rainy
ee ' And that r
_ we have a n
fgd bers and ove
ag Y eae atothe
tstrength coes fuxryo
Insist on "Li<
Never grounc
None Genuin:
If your Groce
Don't Worr3
your nex ueal.
and your worry will be over. Yo
can find everything you want in a
Always keep a nice line of
Give me a "ring-up" and your ordei
will be promptly filled.
J. S. McCarley.
.z r
A 'er, pEr.
-.lored, price Sc
Dotted Mull, Mad r-.4i
Shirting Prints at 3c
Batiste Cloth at 61c. are good bargain
ks White Goods of all sorts and pretty
Embroideries, Lacea and -Braids to
match them.
than ever before. The goods are new,,
the best at reasonable prices.
New styles in Negligee Shirts t
are pretty and cheap. New style
a lars. A beautiful line of Gents"Ties
and Bows in Spring colors.
We have a room devoted er.<irely to
Clothing now. We can ple-Ae von in
a suit from stock or take yofar measure
and have it made for you,
L than ever before. It .Yill pay you to
at the lowest prices.
Goods iOompan~s
that the
1g. We
2.00 for .,,
r $1.50;
led every cent they had, too.
ied the same course in their
its no wonder they failegt o
ty in saving up somekhing
o fissoth t earm isne r
m "t Coffee I s llprecffe
insold n obulok. , aec
ae wilhmkeut cupnsha.Tepak
does soht he aoma eenis nevr
sendcius hslar ancoadrtatbwe
r out pLtitutes athed.Dootacp
dos o hafe Lo fere i tre
The above figures tell a remark
alstry; they represent almost
eatythe percentage of cures '
E 'the wonderful new constitutional~
cure for RHEUMATISM. The
o0'ir two per cent. were not cura
Sble, or failed to take medicine ac
Scordiug to directions. Thousands
haebeen cured. In view of the
fact that many physicians think
Ithat rheumatism is incurable, and
i'that most remedies fail, it must be
true that RHEUMACIDE is the -
greatest medical discovery of the -
ag'e. Particulars and testimonials
~ofmany well known people sent
CO,,18a61(lk, N. C.
7Sold in Winnsboro by McMaster '
SCo,and by Druggists generally. j
Price $1 per bottle.
On farming lands. Easy payments.
No comm;i i ' r"d. Borrowert
pays actual c. . ~a o'r fecting loan. E
Interest 8 per cent.
or A ~.~ ~ ~*Columbia, S. C.,
or . . &W.D.DOUGLASS,
10-4 Winnsboro. S. C.
at t -
y .*
WE / D is no other
W*Jewelry Ouse in this secion to.
give the trade prompt and AS
cient service. We .promise
watchful care in every detail.
IF YOU ARE not now among our
customers try as and see how
well you will be pleased too.
Tie Ojtcia ad Je r,
cHESTEE, . c.
NEWS *.*
and overy thing in wob line done
as cheaply as anywhere else la
IEvery penny spent
home is kept At hom.
vith a full stock of Cusket,
~ases and Comais,. constandlyoa
ad use of hearse when te
'hankfal for past patron
ition for a share -la~
id stand
Calls attended to at all anre
J. M.m~r~sswa

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