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I Eve ih the GOvernm2rt.
e r-.k and file of the army nc
ct is 'more freauently commented
n than General. Otis' extreme con
cie!ntioUsn:ess in matters of petty detail.
says- the Chicago Tribune. During an
dvance on the north line recetly nc
omlpany had to lie down at the lde o
he road for shelter front tne wel-direct
nyoi ti~ insurgents. One of the
privates had dropped his haersack im
the-middle of the road away: back. ;md
after the company had ?aid down:, e
almly stood up and walked down th
oad toward the lost haversack. 11e
ade a fine target for the insturgcnt- .and
the bullets rattled around him pretty
"Here. conic back here. O'd
'elird the Lieutenant of the c' mpay.
bou'tt be killed."
"Well." re-lied O'Mlalley over a
shoulder. "I might jet as well be kied
as have General Otis a rutnni mne u:;
hill and down dale and comin' over IC
me house ivery mornin' and a savl .
*O'Malley. why don't you pay the Gov
ernment for that ha;ersack?'
Then he calmly walked on and gmt
the" lost piece of property and. al he
came bark kni sat do---n ;uzt in time to
escage a volley of Mausers. he threw
the haversack on the ground and said:
"And when lie does come to-norrcw
mornrin' to me house I'll ;ay. 'Oi,. me
little man. vot're dead wrong. I never
lost no haveysack. There's your bloody
old potato bag. Take it to the Govern
menft with me comoitmlent.
A bushel of wheat, as an equivalent
amount of flour, can be shipped from
Minneapolis to almost any point in
;Idtern Europe for about 20 cents.
- For Men Only!
Who are sufferinr wi h Coughs. Colds. A th-.
m: or Bronchitls. King's Wild Cherry and
Tar, 25e. Pleasant and it cures. BcUwEL:
& busI Co.. C harlotte, N. C., and all med
a dealers. No cure, no pay.
eky was the first State to gi-e
suffrage to widows, granting it
e hats are worn for three years
of raourning by every grown
ores after the death of a tmem
roya! family.
The Forelock."
unti sickness overtakes you.
ired feeling, the first rheu
first gvarrings of impure
fest, take Hood's Sarsapa
-ll rescue your health and
a serious sickness. 'Be s.rre
ftee Grov3.
se bushes witt rr"i
ng their branche.
ie taller tree aiong
are pinientos. ironi
T:e Icrulv Nimart Indiil:;edl In by (eriu -
is , a .i -. Good-Nature Apcitte. sid
itie I', now 1;at.chterns-1;atherlot;;
c i i; r tir a-A I)raiatic" W\"indup.
- kn:e':: whenr! Ger'
e56Z winw: a tttaced .(
y himself to the
rac. and that
-iie wa.s himself:
either could we
u1dertand why a
bi, goodl-natulredl
undian, with a
face :tlbo. as savtage as that of the
man ia the 1t:.ou, should attach the
suggestive name of (eronira, but
we di. know that Le was the best
ri-ler, the best h-iid with :t rope, the
best traiier, in fact, the best it!!
around va.nero on the range. He
was the oldest man, in point of ser.
vice, on the ranch: had been there
before the iew owner purchased it,
and employed an entirely new out:it.
No one qnestione'l Geronimo; e-en
the new boss. who was not a tender
foot, accepte.l him along with the
other fixtures. and the Indian came
and went as he pleased. Always on
hand at the spring and fall rodeost, or
roud-up, where the rush, excitement
and danger were as exhilarating to
him as mescal, and where he was in
valuable for his knowledge of every
brand in the Southwest. when it caine
to the monotony of riding herd he
would disappear, eventually return
ing after several mouths' absenee,
ragged, barefoot and hungry.
We did not question him; we knew
where he had been without, that-he
had been in the mountains or desert,
throwing off the surfeit of civilization
he had accumulated after a stay of one
or two months on a cattle range. So,
when he rode up to the ontfit on his
pinto pony and, with a broad grin on
his face, mumbled his "Buenos dia
senors," before renewing his acqlaint
auce with the cook. we took no more
notice of him than if he had but re
turned from a brief errand to the
ranch-house. There was one thing
at which his pride balked, and that
was the contraction of his name to
"rtony" by [the Americano vaqueros,
but constant. repetition finally accus
tomed him to even that.
It was a day or two after his return
from one of his seai-yearly vacations
that he took his rifle and followed the
trail of a mule deer into a broad canon
filled with live-oaks. He had not been
gone over a half hour when he came
bounding back light and swift as a
shadow, as though his namesake svas
after him. "A bear, a bear," he said
in his guttnral Spanish, as he ran up,
'an grande oso," and began coiling in
his hand the hair rope with which his
cow pony was picketei. Three of the
Meian vaquros leaped to their feet.
and, running to ibeir horses, also took
w1 their lariats and mounted. I knew
vist was coming: they were going to
asso bruin; they had often told me
low it ws done, and now I should
are an opportunity of witnessing the
por t. "But ,would the senor, if hi
ot ma int,is
most complete bacl souersanit. For
ward lunged the bear, an:d then camE
the narrostiest s:tuea. oC all. for ti
Ci(onl:< blOw ot his p)weful !Jf1e
brok the tree of the sadle aisih
1id r, "i:er bl'ing to his feet. ieisf)e
to one sie and cautiu l le apin ::
tiI he rechd 1 ph:ce f safety wh
too hU:liim a)me little timi., for thlat lis
iern al _.': e a d h re e
l; :ea llh., hear: rope etn ghi t) li:-t
hI'. a c:'ose .econdt in the-a' ;M
ended with the wineir ny a lie-oa
tree. There Were but twt rolpe:; on
the bear now, anl \Citii tih.e loiiel
weakeniin under the strain and fri;th
it was tlhougLt b)st to end the cou
ieSt, whllich1 w as gr:aduatlly ge't'inl; in:
nuequatl:l, 5't th.e \v;quiert' who1 wa:.
stripped :!f his ponty went to the
br oken saiddle a:tl, s:_nrting hii; r:i1,
from1 its !eathern sheatu, eiletd tth
fnu with a forty-fou;:.- -t. 1.0:1:4
oune .eZion Where it :ins Ct1 atil Doa,
at:1 Another W here Almnost None ail-.
An English professor named Fir
child has recently been visitiug a place
on the coast of Peru about three hun
dred and fifty miles south of the eqla
tor, known as Payta. He says this i.
supose(1 to be the dryest spot on thl
face of the earth. Another pee:ilinrity
of this co:,t is that it has risen about
forty feet within historic times.
The average interval between
showers at Payta is seven ycar .
Whcn Professor Fairchild visited the
place in February there had been.
sonme time before, a drizzle lasting
from 10 o'cleck one evening till noon
the next day. Tuis was the first rain
that had fallen in eight years. He
found ni:ie species of plants growing
in the reinvigorated soil of which seven
were annuals whose seeds must have
remained dor'naut in the ground for
eight years. There is one plant, how
ever, that rana:;es to live for seven or
eight years in the dried-up river bed
and yields a living to the few uativen
of the region.
This is the colored cotton of Peru
whose long roots, apparently, enable
it to suck up a little moisture from the
sub-soil and keep the plant in bearing
during the long drought. Some of
this cotton is imported here, and mixed
with woolen fibre and is also used in
other manufactures.
The opposite side of the world fur
uishes the counterpart to this almost
rainless region. It is among the hilis
of Assam, where the elevations con
dense the moisture brought by the
south monsoon and pour a deluge
upon the Cherapouji station of the Iu
dian Government. The anulal mean
rainfall there is about 620 inches and
in the exceptional year of 1861 it
amounted to 790 inches. Nowhere
else does the tropical downpour equal
that which descends upon this district
among the Khasia Hills. The rains
begin in March and continue almost
steadily ti,ll the middle of November.
That part of the plains adjoining th
rivers is under water for eight
every year. During this period
is no communication, even be -
neighboring villages, and to thi.
forced isolation is attr d t
that there are con
"TnREE years ago I was badly affiiot.
ed with Eezema, and used Tetterine
n ith the most gratifying result. I
mae a permanent care after doctors
Lad faiied to relieve me. I have symp
+ous of :t breaking out on another part
:r my!prson,so you will please send me
r.ne box Tetterine by return mail for
'he 50e. enclosed. W. L. Monuce, 124
St. Marks avenue, Brookiya, N. T."
Sold by dr+.ggia;y or by mail for 50c.
by J. T. Shnptrine, Savannah, Ga.
The rush of new postoffices to secure
:he niame of Dewey is still going on and
itte ts in .omc measure to the continued
popularity of the Admiral. A Dewey
aostofice was established the other day
in Wicnnsin and on the heels of it
_amc an appiication from Nor'h Da
Connecticut received from the inheri
:a.ce tax during the year ended Septem
?er 3o. t89. $115.195-30. while the year
>ei:re the receipts from this source were
;133.037.37. The Treasurer siys this de
:icasc is only temporary.
FrraAat FADF.LESS DYES do not spot, streak
or give your goods an ur.venly dyed ap
pearanee. Sold by all druggists.
.\ novelty has just been introduced by
the Waterworks - Company in Dawson.
It consists of a wooden house 6x6x6,
which is placed over each hydrant in the
ci:v. Each of these houses contains a
small stove. in which fire is kept day
and night. By the payment of $t a week
patrons can secure water at any time.
More mushrooms are raised in the
vicinity of Paris than in any other place
in the world.
All except
bad ones!
There are hun
dreds of cough rmedi
cines which relieve
coughs, all coughs,
except bad ones!
The medicine which
has been curing the
worst of bad coughs
___________ 04 '- RICE'S
pf -'= . * up. Enonutou%Mo%Graa. -
(Cloirer and Farrn Neerds. tiend th1%antic anR
'So forII coa o 0. '0
s rtt t: 1-A "J1 A. Sil..R r?l1 (0. LA (PO-;-F ITI A.I/ B ACK
_ _ _ M Z. s ----OR
agents Wanted our Yorur'E:airi-?.r
erms. C. B. Andean& Co.. Q7' E"_ -.
JSU iIORI iF IIABIT' ('RE) CROUP nI OL.. ;randi'therused it. why
OruIP M O IIAI L yi.: i not you?IItsh.- ::rez e.st nodchiknownL. Sonb,'
AT 1:O1C E--PA .. (Ilit LY a!U d1iggi-sts an g n'r..I stere. Nbe only.by
DR. 31; E :- . 0.. l 1lil.'aG7 GOOSE (iRE.tE 1, .1 \. ' ..- i ir n a2. -- '
Don't be in too big a hurry? If you
can get the best at only a dollar or so
more, why agot take it? It will be
' \cheaper in the end.
[email protected] Sec L UGGY *sc
our Agent or write direct. G O
- r|
fl Every one to
know that the
For Drink, Drug and Tobacco Addic
tions is now re-established atColum.
bia S C CllorWrite,
PieonMachinery and supplies of every
descris tion are adv: ucing and Now is the
opportuue time to place your order.
Ez:gi es and Boilers, Saw and Gri"t 9iii.,
Rice Huiler, Grain Driils, Wocd Wurking
write us vhen the market for anything
in our line. I: wi l pay you.
Headquarters for Machinery and Mill
S04 Gr-vaia St., Near uion Depot,
* o oc coo
This is why I can
1ii!i ONEY.
The Instrutnents I represent are fully
warranted by reputable builders and
;udorsed by me. making you Doubly
4rcn red1.
c100tt, RELIABLE PIANOS, $175 up,
Write for catalogue to,
The Smith Pneumatic Suction Elevating,
Ginning and Packing System is the Simplast
and Most Efficient on the Market; Forty
eight Complete Outflts In Sou.th- .'roina;
Each One Giving absolute Satlsfacaon..
Slide Valve,
Automatic and Corliss,
My Light and Heavy Log Beam Saw Mills
Cannot be equalled in Design, Efdency Or
Prie by any Dealer or Manufacturer la the
South. Write for Prices and Catalogues.
V. C. BADIIAM & Co.,
1326 Main St.,
COLUMBIA._- - - - S. C.

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