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Saturday, March 10, - - 1900
-See Clerk's sale elsewhere.
-There will be services at the Met b
odist Church Sunday night at 7.30
-W. R. Doty & Co. have bougbt
the old Beaty building. The price
paid was $3,100. The reporter hears
this valuable property will be im
proved and made an ornament to our
Mas. Harriet Evans, Hinsdale, Ill.,
writes, "I never fail to relieve my
children from croup at once by using
One Minute Cough Care. I would
uot feel safe without it " Quickly
cures coughs, colds, grippe and all
throat and lung diseases. McMaste Co.
-Mr. James P. Caldwell leaves this
afternoon for the North to buy his
new spring stock. Mrs. M. M. Ross
will help select his millinery. This is
proof that Winnsboro will be thor
ough "up-to-date" in that line.
-Mr. Peterson, the efficient and
popular night operator, expects to
-eave Winnsboro soon for Rock Hill,
- and Mr. Mason, of that place, will
take his place here. Mr. Peterson has
made- many. friends here who will
dislike to see him leave.
Wit. Orr,- Newtork, 0., sais, "We
never feel safe without One. Minute
Cough Cure in the houise. It saved
my little boy's life when he had the
pneumonia. We think it is the bect
medicine made." it cures coughs and
-all lung diseases. Ple.sant to take,
harmless and gives immediate results.
McMaster Co.
-Do you like to get letters? If so,
read Jno. H. McMaster and Co.'s ad
vertisement, and .they will tell you
how to please your friends. When
you write letters good paper and extra
good writing is very important. It
you want good paper call on John H.
McMaster & Co.
-Representative Wilson, of South
Carolina, has introduced in the house
a bill for the relief of the estate of
John G. Brice, late a resident of the
county, of Fairfield. He has presented
with the bill a petition from W. Wait
Brice, a son of the deceased claimant
as executor for the estate. asking for
the passage of the bill by congress.
The claim involves a war claim grow
ing out of the late civil war, and has
been referred to the commiittes on
war claims.
To sesure the original witch haze!
salve, ask for DeWitt's Witch Hazel
Salve, well known as a certain cure for
piles and skin diseases. Beware of
-Th cia~dl bys reanxious to
cometo Wnnshro t seethe eclipse
of the sun provided the citizens can
* ofter them sufficient barracks. This
should give the Boro people great
pleasure to have the boys with us and
rig-h her. try to get
r ~reduced rates o ~r~lrads in
order to bring others. Superietendent
Mchiahan will thro w open his ca
pacious residence to a number of his
friends who are interested in astrono
- my. Why not others?
of ~1I//AA
Services will be ield in the follow
Ing churches on Sunday:
Presbyterian-11 a. m. by the pa;
tor. Suniday School at 5 p. m. Prayer
meeting Wednesday at 5 p. m.
Associate Reformed Presbyterian
Rev..C. E. McDonald. Service at 11
-a m. and 7 30 p. m. Sunday School
at 4 p. m. Prayer meeting Wednes
day at 4 p. m.
Methodist-11 a. m. by the pastoi.
Sn'day School at 4 p. m. Prayer
meeting Wednesday at 4 p. m..
4, A Frightful Blunder
-Will often cause a horrible Burn),
-Scald, L'ut or Bruise. Bucklen'. Ar
nicsz balve, the best in the woirld, will
kiti the pain and promptly heal it.
Cures Old Sores, 'lever Sores, Ulcers,
Boils, Felons, Corns, all Skin Erup
tions. Best Pile cure on earth Guly
25 cts. a bo;. Car0 guaranteed. Sold
by McMaster Co., druggists.
Mr. W. G. Creight has gone to Thom
son, Ga.
Mr. T. K. Elliott spent Friday in
Mr. T. G. Ferris went to Spartan
burg Friday.
Mrs.' ~ . H. Mgley wen1t to, Cp
~mbia Friday.
Mr. J. Jii McD-mnaid has returnerd
fro'm Columbia.
* Mr. Andrew Mobley, of Wood ward,
spent Friday in town.
Mrs. Edith Lyles, of Carlisle, is
visiting Mrs. Walter Till.
Mrs. Ann Elliott teturned fromi
Charlotte Frihly after a visit to her
Mr. E. W. Hanahan returned to
Charleston Friday after a~ flying ':i-it
to the-Boro.
Little Miss Laucie McDowell weit
to Ridgeway Friday to vi-it her
For Over Fifty Years.
* Mys. A Xstow's QOTHING SYRUP
he Seeun need for over fifty y ears i
mj.ii5 af mothers for their childrei'
while teothing. with perfect succes .
It sootheib child, soften~s the runis,
-allays a-l pain, cures wind colic, an~d
is ti.e be-t renedy for diarrhoea It
will relieve. the poor lite inffer rr
lmmecdiatelh. Sold by draggists in
*every part of the w'.rld. Twentv five
cents a bottle. Bei sure and ask fo.r
"Mrs Winslow's Soothing Syrup."
* ui ti.. no ather kmd. l117
Mothers, when your children are at
tacked by the dreadfll croup, you
need not despair; Dr. Bull's Cough
Syrup will relieve and cure them at
once. you can always depend on this
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Will cure Croup without fail.
Doses arc sm a' and pleasant to take. Doctors
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(ConversE Concept.)
When it was innounced that Paul
Leicester Frd's new novel, Janico
Meredith, was in the publisher's bands
the public wited for its appearance
with the liveliest interest; and indeed
the popularity of his former works
fully justified them in displaying so
much eagerness. What it would be
like, no one could guess, for the wri
ter's versatility is one of his most
characteristic qualities and one ot the
reasons why his works have been so
widely read. One is purely fiction;
another has a political setting; still
another has an historical basis. flis
thorough knowledge of human char
aster enables him to present his figures
to us in a most real and lifelike wa
his knowledge of the era which forms
the setting for his stories can be ;rusted
in every particular. Connecting these
two is that electrical power of combi
nation, that faculty of creating oat of
nothing which is the possession of
genius alone.
It is no mean skill, this art of re
cording dry facts, delinsating charac
ter and describing the times all at once,
painting them into one brilliant pic
ture that once seen is never forgotten.
Such a book is bis latest production.
It is an accepted fact now-a-days that
the historical novel has done inuch to
increase the knowledge of history
among people in general, for by put
ting facts is an interesting form. they
are impressed more forcibly upon the
reader's memory. With this book at
hand, we will not be the ones to deny
this tiuth. Give a student who dis
likes history an account of the Revo
lution to learn, and Janice Meredith
to read, and we venture to affirm that
as a result be will gain twice as murh
from the latter. In the recoid of
events as to time, place and circum
stance, Ford is minutely exact. Those
favorite toys of many writers, dates,
are brought to netice only when abso
lutely necessary, yet he follows clearly
and distinctly the struggle of our fore
fathers for liberty of thought of action
through all its shifting scenes of defeat
and triumph~. With a lively intensit y
he. displays the seeming hopelessness
of the cause-the country, half royal
st, half American in sentiment, pluno
ered by Hleseirn and Englishman; the
feeble army suffering from cold and
iffcultie.s the steady fire of the comn
nander's faith and hope burns ?>right
ntil it kindles a similar flame ins the.
eat t of the lowest private in the ranks
and surmounting every obstacle wins
he hard fight. One of the severest
rals is discontent in the armyv a.nd
iifection among the people. Noth
ing daunted, the general does not give
p. Ford spares himself no tronha"
n putting in details, character sket ches.
ictures of the state of the countrv,
and glimp'es of the social life of tee
imes, weaving them into this wee of
leasant history. In vivid contrast
re the purposes of the two forces
he one, believing the contest mer
port, laugh and enjoy themselvea; th
ther with an intense purpose in viwa,
ight courageously for principal a
rery graphic illustration of this d&ffer
nce the author gives us on the iiigu.
f the battle of Trenton encamped in
he town lie the British, confideatt ,f
heir safety. The night is wikii,
bey plunge into inbrriment. Ravelsn
nd fea-.ting are at their height. Eves v
essian is a brute from strong d i'nk.
n the opposite side of the rivs", in
pite of snow and cold, the Cottinsen
als are preparing to cross. Over t hi-~
ullen ice-blocked stream they imn c.e
heir rafts-they land and push on.I
urely they will not attack Generae
hall's foree with that bandfu of
en? Yes! and conquer it too in a
way- 'hat sends every inactive Ameri
an nnrrying to the ba' ner unlfurled in
reedom's name.
The author's backgr.'und in is
reat traged~y is as Wei drawni as the
forground. Read where you will,
ou can obtain a no more charming or
tuthful description of :Ihose old days.
otted all over the cuintry are cozy
arm-houses, where so short a period
efore peace reignsd supreme; now.
ll is anxiety and confusion. The
oinage has depreciated in value; the
veil-stored barns are dlaily ransacked
y friend as well as foe, and trouble i
onstantly anticipated from~ the rong
A searcity of food, of clothing. ci
vi-ything but courage to fight to the
eah follows. However in the miidet
f dire nesed and distress, old age atnd
outh alike find time for social pleas
res. Can any thing of our day egna'
hat genuine free-hearted hospin.
hich distintguished our ancestors?
Da modern ideas resemble those Puri
an ones of refinement and goodI breed
hg? Janice Meredith, the heroiue,
may be takenm as one type of the Revo
ltionary ber uty and belle. Thei
trmness of her mother frowns upont
he girl's fickleness, thotught lessness
and fondness fot- teasing her lovers.
But conventionality wearies her. Im
Robbed the Grave.
A startling incident of which Mr
John Oliver of Philadelphia, was the
subject, is narrated by him at foito-s:
-wa in a most dreadtnl contdition.
My skint was almost Teilow, eyes
suken, tonigue en'ated, pain contin
ustylv b 'ack and hides, n' pte
grada A'y growinsg wecaker day oy day.
Three phpiciansa had giv'en mte up.
Fortun'-tely, a friend advised tryisag
-Eec ic Titters,' auiC to my great jy
and surprise, the first vottle made a
decided improvement. I continued
their use for three weeks, and am now
a well mn. I know they .-ved my
life and robbed the grave of aniotter
vicim.m" No one sbor.ld f~i! to try
them. Only 50 cents per bottle at
u Mester 'n.' 4rno- store 6
petuously her warm heart leads hei
on, sometimes too far astray, int
di?iculties from which she is rescue<
only by her hard Puritan sense, ani
each time she resolves to be good "to
please mammy." Throughout thi
book there runs a streak of quaint
spicy humor and a halt conceale<
pathos, mingled with a delicate satire
which make the scenes so realistic, so
t! ne to life that the reader almos
Iforgets he is living in the nineteent]
and not the eighteenth century. Bu
swho are the actors in this great play
The leading role is occupied by Gene
ral Washington, our steadfast guide
while as subordinate characters ar
he 'familiar figures of Lee, Gates
Cornwallis, Howe and a host of oth-r,
-each has his part in the composit
whole. As clear in its outline as i
head on a cameo is the portrayal o:
every character.
Taugible, live beings they seem t<
us, of real flesh and blood. True t<
the records also are they; Lee unfaith
fal, has betrayed his trust; Gates
scheming and politic, leaves the fiel
at a critical moment; Howe with hii
fine mind is unmanned by his anima
instincts : Corn wallis, zealous but lack
lug in military ability, surrenders all
Washington the general becomei
Washington the friend and in his caml
life is conEideiate of others' comfort
anmindful of his own, always un
slfish, courteous and tender-hearted
Until the clese of the conlict this mar
plays the principal part, and power
tully is it acted. It is easy to read hii
lifo's motive; it is easy to see how wel
Lin iives up to it. Were it not for the
orig nality which pervades each pag
o t ibe book one might almost imagine
tat the .riter had written it with i
biiry ot the United States by his
side, for be is unerring.
The drama of Paul Leicester Ford's,
in which the .times may represent the
background, the Revolation the
tragedy act, and - forefathers the
actors, is destined to take its place a
one of the relialie historical novels of
the present century. "Red Rock" i
a tine picture of the South, socially
and politically during the Reconstruc
tion Period. Jance Meredith is the
IRrvolutionary era in a series of word
pictures, which interest and instruct
ita readers, numbered by the thousands
Both will live.
Carrie Aiken Elliott.
[Miss Elliott is a daughter of Mr.
T. K. Elliott and is now a student of
Converse College. Her criticism of
"Janice Meredith" shows that she
thinks as bhe reads.-Ed.]
A Thousand Tongues
Could not express the rapture of
Anie E. Springs, of 1125 Howard at.,
Philadelphia, Pa., when she found that
D . King's New Discovery tor Con.
samption had completely cured her of
a backing cough that for many years
bad made life . a burden. All other
remedies and doctors could give her
n> bo'-- but she says of this Royal
Cure-4it soon removed the pain in
my chest and I can now sleep soundly,
so'mething I can scarcely remember
di ng before. I feel like sounding its
praises throughout the Universe." So
wisl every or~e who tries Dr. King's
N~w Discovery for any trouble of the
Throat, Chest or Lungs. Price 50c.
and $1L00. Trial bottles free at Mc
Miaseer Co.'s drug' store; every bottle
Jis Allie Walton Eve-t~
with an elegant dinner last evening at
hier home on Monte Sano. The oc
casion being the annoancement of the
'ozgsgemient of Miss Ella Russell
a dignr to Mr. Howard Van Eppe
Wiicox, the marriage to occur April
The~ t able decorations were extreme
i. artistic, the colors used were yel
low and gr een. In the centre of the
large round table was placed a tall
siier epergne filled with yellow daf
f-dils and trailing sprays of aspara
gas fern; beneath this was a large
centre piece of Mexican drawn work,
over green satin. A t intervals over
the table were plased cutglass vases
r:!ed with a profusion of daffodils
a's silver catndelabra held yellow
The place cards at each guest's plate
wer.e beautiful; they werelhand-paint
e. and formed of two hearts tied with
3 e!ow satin~ ribbon, on one was
visted a delicate spray ot lillies-of
tai-vailey, arid the date of the an
in.fcemleij, 'and on the other a ar
r.ge~bell and the date of the wedding.
An elaborate Uliater of teni conre~s
a servett an.d the entire affir ws
--erfect in every detail, making it wne
of I : bandsomest din ners ev< r give:
x. Augua.--Anu'nta Chronice.
That Throb'bing Headache
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cure l. Sold by McM aster Co., drug
Miss Mar) Ella Cathesart has re
turced to Charlestou after a vi'it to
r atives ini town.
2, eTh Kind Yes Hats Always Bcught
M rs. Calvin Zimmerman, Milesbnrg
Pa ,s)y, "As a speedy cure for
cngbs, colds, croup and sore throat
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vry best pilla I ever used for cos
iveness, liver unid bowel troubles."
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Rev. W. E Sitzer, W. tCaton, N. Y.,
writes, "I had divpepsia over t i enty
years, and tniyd doctors and medicines
withbont b..nefit. I was persuade'd to
use Kodol Dyspepsia Cure and it
helped me from, the start. I believe it
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esion" It digests what yo~u eat.
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I always bring certain relief, cure my
I headache and never gripe." They
gently cleanse and invigorates the
bowels and liver. McMaster Co.
For Tafants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
ears the
signature of
I hereby announce myself a candi
(date for the office of Sheriff for Fair
-ield County, and will abide by the
action of the Democratic primaries.
For Sale or Rent
J. M. Beaty on Bratton street, north
of Mt. Zion College. Apply to
3-1-2w J. M. BEATY.
Annie L. Williams vs. Elias L. Freshley.
TN pursuance of an order of the Court of
.LComuon Pleas, made in the above
stated case, I will offer for sale, before the
Court House door in Winnsboro, S. C., on
next, within the legal hours of sale, at
public outcry, to the hibest bidder, the
following described property, to wit:
All that plantation or parcel of land in
Fairfield County, containing
-more or less, know as the Home place-.
this being the portion of said 'Elias L.
Freshley of the real esta-e of J. C. Fresh
ley, deceased; bounded as follows: On
the north.by the public road leading from
Columbia to- Monticello; on the east by
lands of E. L. Freshley; on the south by
lands of Mrs. A. M. Kestler, and on the
west by lands of Mrs. A. M. Kest er sitn
ated on waters of Broad River, in town
sbip 11, and being the same premises con
veyed to said Elias L. Freshley, N. E. Ful.
ner and A. M. Kestler by deed dated Feb
rua: y 15, 1895, and recorded in Book A. P.,
pige 319, in Clerk's office, Fairfield County.
One-half of the purchase money to be
paid in cash on the day of sale, the bai
ance in twelve months thereafter, to be
secured by the bond of the purchaser and
a mortgage of the premises. The pur
chaser to pay for all necessary papers and
for reeording the same, and for all neces
sary revenue stamps.R. H. JENNINGS.
Clerk's Office, C. C. C. P. F. C,
Winnsboro. S. C., March 10th, 1900.
Need Stationery of any kind?
We have what you
* tione e
an w e . -rt ou
T ,-ET
stationery of any kimd come
and see -ours before buying.
And when you start to write
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are in need.
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Large rat-Mackerel.
Shredded Cod-fish.
Mince Meat, in tins and
Cranberry Sauce. Extra
Best Olive Oil, I-2 pints.
Yacht Club Salad Dressing.
Canned Fruits, Vegetables,
and Meats in town.
Evaporated Fruits of a'd kind.
Fancy Cakes a~d Crackers,
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always fresh, at
Notice to Voters
Tnle .Books of Registration for the
next Municipal Election, to be held oni
April 2th next for Inten' lant and four
Wardens for the town of Winnsboro,
S. C., will be open for the registerlng
of voters at the store of John M.
Smit h on Januar y 1, 1900, and closed
April 1, 1900. All voters in this elec
tion are required to register within
~thi~tio~. -J. E COAN,
Snnervisnr of ERai;tration,
On Your Spring Shopping.
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titan deliverin
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NetE MEA~b
and evervhisg ja jeW Ib dens
as cheaply aSW wearws lms
- theState. S
Every penny a :M
home is kept at 3 eme
with a fullsckoaset 3r -
Cases and ColBs, coazastaR bad
aid use .f: hearse whenr~usd -~
Thankfal for past ptr~eayl.Id.
tation for a share in the furv
Calls attended -. L-at- aU*ia
gg [ [email protected]

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