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Saturday, March 17, - - 19
-Read summons elsewhere.
-There will be services at Creight's
chapel Sunday night at 7.30 o'clock
-Mr. A. L. Porter was confined to
his home Friday on account of sick
-We had all kinds of weather Fri
day-rain, snow, sleet, sanshine and
Lewis Aekerman, Goshen, Ind.,
says, "DeWitt's Little Early Risers
always bring certain relief, cure my
headache and never gripe." They
gently cleanse and invigorates the
bowels and liver. McMaster Co.
-If yon w-..it cheap up-to-date vis
itizg cards, wedding iavitations or
anythiug in the engraving nlie, read
B. Brandt's advertisement in to-day's
issue. He always guarantees satisfac
-The oympathy of the community
goes out to our friend Mr. Geo. B.
McMaster in the bereavement he has
sustained recently in the death of
Moses Smart, better known as "Peg
Leg." "Pax vobiscam."
M. B. Smith, Butternut, Mick., says,
"DeWitt's Little Zarly Risers are the
very best pills I ever used for cos
tiveness, liver and bowel troubles."
MeMaster Co.
-Mr. Goo. H. McMaster received a
telegram Taursday saying the tele
graph offce would be moved up town
as *-;on as the office could be pat in
readmess. They will occapy the offce
vacated by Caldwell & Beaty, next to
Dr. D. Aiken's oIse, on Washington
street. This wiHl be a great conven
ience to our business men.
-Charlotte, it seems, is kept in a
constant state of excitement over the
smallpox scare. Thursday's Evening
- -speaks of another case. This
disease seems to be conined entirely
to the colored population. Every pre
caution should be taken to keep this
dreaded disease out of our little city.
So far we have been more fortunate
than neighboring towns; however,
we can't be too careful.
To sesure the original witch hazel
salve, ask for DeWitt's Witch Hazel
Salve, well known as a certain care for
piles and skin diseases. Beware of
worthless counterfeits. They are
dangerous. McMaster Co.
-The theatre-going people will be
delighted to know "Faust" will be
played hare at the Thespian hall by
-the Labadie Company April th. The
-Labadie Faust Company is probably
the only company of its kind on the
-road this season that carries two sets
ofscenery. They have a large and
- small set so they can give a complete
performnanee on any size stage. They
-also Larry .ali the electrical ef'ects,
switch board, lamps, wires, etc., neces
for - 'catspectaularj
action. *
Mrs. 'Harriet Evans, Hinsda
writes, "I never fail to reVt~
bhildanfrdm croup at once
On6 Minute Cough Cure. armila
not feel safe without it " Quickly
cures coughs, colds, grippe and all
threat and lung diseases. McMaste Co.
Allew Uaserpise.
Among the enterrises mentioned
in Friday's State, we notie the fol
lowing: A commission was granted
to T. H. Ketehin, J. E, Matthews,
C. E. Cathcart, F. A. Neil, all of
* Winnsboro, as corporators of Winne
bore Cresmery Co. The capital stock
Is to be $1,000. We predict much
success for this new enterprise. The
Columbeia merch ants say Fairfleld but
tris always in demand. For some
time 800 pounds have been shipped
weekly from Fairi.;'d tarmers.
Services will be held in the follow
ing cburches on Sunday:
Presbyterian-11 a. m. by the paw
tor. Sunday School at 5 p. m. Prayer
* meeting Wednesday at 5 p. m.
* Associate Reformed Presbyterian
Rev. C. E. McDonald. Service at 11
a. m. and 7.30 p. mn. Sunday School
at 4 p. m. Pray~r meeting Wednes
-day at 4 p. m.
Methodist-11 a. in. by the pastor.
Sunday School at 4 p. m. Prayer
meeting Wednesday at 4 p. ot.
Baptist-Preaching at 11 a. m. and
7.30 p. m. by the pastor. Sunday
chool at10 a. in.
[email protected] AND eer.
Mr. A. S. Dougla's is in Florida.
Mrs. W. E. Aiken left Friday for
Mrs. T. K. Elliot t is spending seve
ral days in Charleston.
Mr. J. P. Caldwell will return from
*the northern market to-day.
Miss Kate Wheeler went to Green
wood Friday where she bas accepted a
Mrs. Sease has returned from Tren
ton and is with her daughter, Mrs.
Frank Clarke.
Miss Kellumn, of Virginia, The
-Calidwell Dry Goods Company's new
milliner, will arrive tc-day.
Miss Lida Yarborough, our interest
ug correspondent from Jenkinsville,
v1aiting Mrs. D. E. McDowell.
isa Far.nie Creight is expected
*the first of next week, after a
onthe' Visit to friende in North
Th3 Kind Yes Has AMwas Beeglt
Why cough and risk consumption,
when the celebrated Dr. John W.
Dull's Cough Syrup will cure you at
oraOe? Itneverfalltocurethroatand
lag troubles. For bronchitis, sore
Will cure a Hacking Cough.
Doses are small and pleasant to take. Doctort
recummend it. Price 25 ets. At an druggists.
"Spring, with that nameless patho in
the air
Which dwells with all things fair,
Spring, with her golden suns and
silver. rims
Is with us once again.
In the deep heart of every forest tree
The blood is all aglee,
Ard there's a look about the leafless
As if they dreamed of Aowers."
The above quotation from the im
mortal Timrod typifies this lovely
mor:ting with its foretastes of spring!
How dreary has been the winter
with its cold winds and rains, and how
welcome is any herald of spriog!
Owing to the almost incessant rains
but little farm work or gardening has
been done. Here, as well as elsewhere,
the cat crop will be almost a failure
on acount of the hard freeze.
If only the weather would con'inue
favorable for a while the familiar
"gee and haw" will resound through
the land, for the farmers are getting
anxious to prepare for the planting
The Buckhead postofee has been
removed from Mayfield's store to the
resi dence of Mr. J. C. Feaster, with
Miss Augusta Salyer as postmaster.
The improvements at Buena Vista,
the resi dence of Miss F. G. Feaster,
progress steadily, and, when com
pleted, will make it one of the most
Idesirable homes in the country.
The Rook Creek congregation are
pleascd to have Rev. E. A. McDowell i
as pastor again. Days of service are
first and third Sundays, at 3 p. w.
We understand that the owners of
the quarries at Blair's are hoping to
work them this summer. So mote it
be! Anything that develops old Fair
eld is a matter of rejoicing to her I
I hope the county commissioners
will have the road leading ta Ashford's
Perry by Capt. T. M. L'yles' place
worked, as it is almost impassable.
March 10, 1900. Nimperte.
Fer ever Fify Years.
Mns. A DmSLow'S Sorsm SYaUP
as been used for over fity years by
millions of mothers for their children
while teething, with perfect success
t soothes the child, softens the gums,
esall , cre wind colic, ad
y itFrh'oea~~1t8
y~ ,~ onr little - snferer a
:fld by druggists in
bote eworld. Twenty- f
sis btte.Be sure and ask frti
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup,"
nd take no other kind. 1-1-17 r
"A XoTr2BLU occasio1."
Bakimor. ssm.
The Greenville (S C) Ne ws prints T
n interesting description of a supper
iven last Saturday evening by theg
verseers, second bands and section tt
ands of the Piedmont (S. C.) cotton ti
ills, one of the most succeseful is- oj
ustrial enterprises in the South. Two p
undred and ifty guests were present i
ad "the tables fairly groaned under ~
he tempting edibles prepared for the
ocasion." Twenty-five yoeng ladies
arved the guests in a most obliging ..
nd delightful manner. A number of
peeches were made, that of Col.
ames L. Orn, the president and treas
rer of the Piedmont Manutacturing
ompany, being the leadiatg one.
:oonel Orr told of the beginning of
ue ezterprise, the obstacles it had en
cuterd, its nresent solidity and
rosperity and the thorough good
feelg which existed between the
ompany and the employees. By way R
f encouragement Colonel Orr read a
it of twenty-nine graduates of the
edont mills who are now filling
ositions as superintendents in var ious
outhern mills, besldes great numbers
ho have gone from Piedmont and
are filling positions of trust as over- T
seers all over the South. He urged
pon the young men present the fact
hat as the saperintendents and over- tI
seers of to-day were filling the places ej
f those who are dead, so will they p
have to fill the positions of thos-:. who a
are now living. Col. Onr iumpressed p
pon them that only three words- al
nergy, character and intelligence- b
ere needed to describe what is neces- tI
sary Ior them to fill these positions d
with credit to themselves and their al
ontry. The description of the so- a:
cal event concludes: "In what other 3
section of this great country do yon d
find the president of a great corpora
tion and his sweeper boy sitting at the
same table enjoying each other's so
iety and exchanging ideas of what is T
best for the advancement of themselves
and the interest of their employers?'' ir
Remarkable Rescue.
Mrs. Michael Curtain, Plainnield, b
Ill., makes the statement, that she tl
aght cold, which settled on her 4'
ungs: she was treated for a month by
her family physician, but grew worse.
e told her she was a hopele's victim
f consumlion and that nao medicine -
old cure her. Her druggist sug
gested Dr. King's Ne w Discovery for
onsumption; she bought a bottle and
to her delight found herself benefited
from first dose. She continued its use J
nd after taking six bo: tles, funnad her- o
self sound and well; nIOW does her
own housework, and is as well as she .
ever was. Free trial bottles of this
Great Discovery at McMaster Co.'s
rg store. Large bottles 50 cents
nd $1.00. 6 C
Rev. W. E. Sitzer W. Caton.N. Y., i,
writes, -'I had dyspepsia over :xwenty c
years, and tr ied doctors and rwedcines x
without h nefia. I was peras led to is
ue Kedol Dyspepsia Care ad it a
helped me from the atart. I believe it t
to be a panacea for all forms of ia.'i- a
gestion." It digests what you eat.
MMnta 1*.
Are grand, but Skin Eruptions rod.
life of joy. Bucklen's Arnica Saiv..
nres them; also Old, Running aid
Fever Sores, Ulcers, Boils, Felo,.c
Corns, Warts, Cuts, Bruises, Burr,.
Scalds, Chapped Bands, Chilblao.&
Best Pile cure on earth. Drives o'i'
Pains and Aches. Only 25 cts. a box
Unre guaranteed. Sold by McMas..i
Co., druggists.
Mr. H. T. Williams, of Waxhav7.
N. C., was in town Friday.
Bismarck's Iron Nerve
Was the: sult of his splendid heal
l-domitable will and tremendou
anerg are not found where Stonach,
Liver, Kidneys and Bowels are out ei
rder. If you want these qualidi 5
md the success they bring, use Dr
ing's New Life Pills. They develop
avery power of brain and body. Onl
?5c. at McMaster Co.'s drug store.
Mrs. Calvin Zimmerman, Milesbure
Pa., says, "As a speedy cure for
:ughs. co!ds, croup and sore throat
Dne Minute Congh Care is uisqualed.
Lt it pleassni for children to take. I
aeartly recommend it to mothers." It
4 the only harmless remedy that pro
cles immediate results. It cure?.
Dronchitis, pneumonia, grippe and
.hroat ard iaug dismes. It will pre
rent consumption. McMaster Co.
"I used Kodol Dyspepsia Cure in
my family with wonderful results. It
gives immediate relief, is pleasant te
:ak and is truly the dyspeptic's bep
rriv d," says E. Hartgerink. Overise .
Wich. Digests what you eat. Can
0 et fail to cure. McMaster Co.
Wn. Orr, Newprk, 0., says, "We
2ever feel safe without One Minute
Dough Cure in the hoise. It saved
ny little boy's life when he had the
3eumonia. We think it is the be-t
nedicine made." 1t cares coughs and
ll lung diseases. Pleasant to take,
tarmless and gives immedate results.
WcMaster Co.
Ir Ignats and Children.
The KlWd Ysu lin Always Iugbt
Aloes the
gatuo of
;ank of Ridgeway, of Ridgeway,
S. C., Plaintiff,
J. W. Ray, Defendant.
Summons. For Relief.
'o the Defendant above-named:
OU are hereby summoned and re
Iquired to answer the complaint
a this action, which was 1iled ini the
Se of tha Clerk of the Conrt oi
oimmon Pleas, for the said County,
n 5S.b March, 1900, and to serve a
opy of your answe totesaid corn
Wand 6 Law Range, Winn ..
uth Carolina, within twenty days
~ter the service hereof, exalusive or
e day of such service; and, if yon
i to answer the complaint within the
mre aforesaid, the plaintiff in this
:ion will apply to the court for the
lief d'manded ini the complaint.
Dated 15 h '(arch, A. D. 1900.
Plaiintiff's Attorneys.
o the defendant, J. W. Ray:
Take notice that the complaint to
~ther with the summons, of which
e foregoing is a copy, together with
e complaint, was filed in the offce
the Clerk of the Court of Common
Icas, at Winnaboro, County of lair
ld, in the state aforesaid, on 15th
larh, 1900.
3176t Plaintiff's Attorneys.
B. M. Grier, Plaintiff,
H. Jennings, as Administrator of
the estate of John H. Clamp, de
ceased, M'. R. Clamp, W. Fletcher
Clamp. Lillie Read. Jessie Clamp,
John Clamp, Eliza J. Meruggs, and
The Bank of Ridgeway, Defendants.
Copyj Summons for Re2ef
the Defendants above named :
TOU are hereby summoned and re
[quired to answer the complaint in
ts action, which is filed in the office
the Clerk of the Court of Common
less for the said County, and to serve
copy of your answer to the said comn
taint on the subscribers at their offices
yove The Winnsboro Bank, Winns
ro, S. C., within twenty days after
e service hereof, exclusive of the
y of such service; and if you fail to
iswer the cornplamnt within the time
oresaid, the plaintift in this action
ill apply to the Court for the relief
smanded in the complaint.
December 23rd, A D 1899.
-Plaintiff's Attorneys.
o the Defendant Eliza J. Seruggs :
Take notice, that the complaint
tthis action (together with the sum
tons of which the foregoing is a copy)
'as filed in the officelof the Clerk of
ie Court of Common Pleqs, at Winns
ro, in the County of Fairfield, in
e State of Souith Carolina, on the
;h day of January, 1900.
Mareh 16th, 1900.
3-7-60 Plaintiff's Attorneys.
For Sale or Rent
M. Beaty on Bratton street, north
SM. Zion College. Apply to
S12w J. M. BEATY.
Shake in Your Shoes
Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder. It
ures painful, smarting, nervous feet
nd ingrowing nails; and instantly
akes the sting out of corns and bun
ms. It's the greatest comfort dis
overy of the age. Allen's Foot-Ease
aakes tight or new shoes feel easy. It
Sa certain cure for sweating, callous
.d hot, tired, aching feet. Try it
-day. -Sold by all druggists and shoe
tores. By mail for 2.5c. in stamps.
Mail package F'REE. Address, Allen
Kidney Trouble Ma You Miserable.
Almost everybody who reads the news
papers is sure to know of the wonderful
_cures made by Dr.
Kilmer's Swamp-Root,
.the great kidney, liver
and-bladder remedy.
- It isthe great medi
cal triumph of the nine
teenth century; dis
covered after years of
scientific research by
Dr Kilmer, the emi
nent kidney and blad
-o' m.y way der specialist, and is
wonderfeL successful In pronptly curing
lame back, idney, bladder, uric acid trou
bles and Bright's Disease, which os ths worst
form of k idney trouble.
Dr. Kioner's Swamp Root is not rec
otmendedfor everything but ifyouhavekid
ney, liver or bladder trouble It will be found
justthe remedyyou need. Ithas beenteted
i so ho spital work, in private
practe o helpless too poor to pur
chase rproved so successful in
a that a special arrangement has
beenade ffby which all readers of this paper
who have not -aready tried it, may have a
sample bottle sent free by mail, also a book
telling more'about SwamNp-Rot and how to
find out if you have kidney or bladder trouble.
When writing mentioii reading this generous
offer in this paper and
send your address to
Dr. K ier& Co.,Bing
hamton, d. Y. The tam
reguarlifty cent and irome of swamp-n.T
doll as re sold by all good druggists.
BRED JACK this season at Win
S-ro. He is fifteen hands high. black
wih White points; Weighs nine han
drz-d pounds. He took the first pIrize
at the last tate Fair. Insurance, Te
Dollare, J. I. WHBEELER.
Large Fat Mackerel.
Shiredded Cod-fish.
M inCle Meat,- in tins and
Cr anberry Sauce. Extra
Best Olive Oil, 1-2 pints.
Yacht Club Salad Dressing.
Canne Fruits, Vegetables,
ndMeats in town.
Eva ated Fruits of all kind.
E4.yCakes aad Crackers,
Spartanbu~ Steamn Bread,
always fresh, at
d... It io the b a gd th
Ay wifenn tin and hro peah:r
.ae changre of life. At every tryir g
i . i in a womnan's life it bring 3
i~th, strength and hiappincr..
'\,'s f~t co of medicine dealers. J
joradvice fi ca.ses requiring specia
-ixtions, address, giving symptoms, ~
"'The Ladies' Adviso Department.'
The Chattanooga Me'cine Co., Chat-.
+:s'~ga, Tenn.
"MS. BOZEN?.. LEWIS, of Oenavile,.
Te~s, saya:-"I was troublkd nt nmont'y
;n?.-rzvar with terible pains In mry hcnd ;n.1
back,. but have been entirely reiicvcdi by Wine
"The Bow-leged Ghost und Other Stories."
With an intro
duction by
Am erica's
comb iley. An
incurtated vot
r~me of original
hum orous
sketches, yeae,
iuies. A book
that will not
oedr, as it
and heretXOfr
A book to be
read aloud and
yrfien. Contains "The Bow-legged Ghost,"
"W en E an First Baa, "The Ma Wh
oida't Lsugh,' Fsil Titles of Future
Books," "Selling Iocks of Hair," "No Woman, No
Fad " "Society Actresse," etc., etc Thsfis
edition bound in clo'b prlitd on extra fine
=anduely the bethumorous book Tpub
- et mailed postpaid for $.0
trated ** ''.ue mailed free. Gives you the low
es prices on algood books. Address alordenr to,
Puinsbers a Xaaacturera. Akron, Ohio.I
rrah Wweupay Is theratbtr rete.-Edtor-.
On Your Spring Shopping
We ae 1Road-g to Help You bj
8loxwirig Spirq (oods.
A beautiful line of White Goods in Plain Lawns,
Checked Muslin and Pique. Some of these goods
were contracted for last August, before the rise in
prices; you can have them cheap. Also new lot of
Hamburg, Nainsook and Lawn Embroideries.
We are also showing a large and varied stock of
Spring colors in Prints, Percales, Colored Pique.
Duck and Zephyr Ginghams. These goods all
bought cheap. The early buyers will get the ad
We will show you good value in White Spreads,
Sheeting and Towels, and have a special bargain in
White Damask in two, two-and-a-half and three
yard lengths. These are factory ends; splendid
quality, Soc and 75c.
We have many new things to show and you will
be interested. Give us a call.
The Caldwell Dry Goods Company,
I Ne~Sprin NovIfles
I am now displaying the grandest line of SPRIN(
AND SUMMER NECKWEAR ever-brought to this town
I can please anybody when .they want a Tie. Come earl
ad get first choIce. You have missed quite atrea
f you have not seen my big stockr of NEGLI
Iyare peffect iitting and. e. All the newest
;hings out in-this departmnent, and ie styles are simply grand
ome '~nd give your eyes a feast. -
When you are ln my store look through my line 01
-IATS. I have a great many new things to showyou this
eason in the Hatline.
Yours to please, -
Send Us One Dollar.
Cat this ad. nsad sep t touas Tilkome do3ar ad we
Publishers.and imnacLta~ets. Arontes, Ol
[The Wener Copany~e th~s ahly t rei b e..]- r.ii
y the custheers Plant
hepol o asm luesss Ddei sjw~ SMis*~.
GRTSIMAL, IUwlrei.Iind my..~
dal te lie fSpbher nd a ataru krn
roue.cTMeac he Wdicih ~ welzUSSl3S
or the cstoersP lan ts)
oda qaditheiesul of us- Oe ur
offs e frin ofao
rodacey Woe earcheoodrich es
oes; also (~~c S E Y s.
Visiting Card I
Invitations, Etc
A full assortment of styles
to select from.
Prices to compete with any
Never Higher;
Often Lower.
Cards printed from plate,
$1.00 per 100
New plates from
50c to $1-00.
Send all such orders to
Watchmaakew &nJe welew
cOMSThR, S..
In digestior1-71
\Jem' 8
Cihrlotte Caercial Clep,
Cha~ott, N.C.,establiushed in 1391
Er-me, Ga., estab Ised in 1386,
now under one affagement, 0oBre
exceptional savantae to any .ne
desiraig a thoremgbl. practical bus!
ness e:da..ation in the shortest possible
The wn: range of territory eovered
by 'tar ersi~;oymen't -agency -aforde
excepilios chances for seenring posi
tions We will guarantee yreu a posi
tion if yea :ske our guarantee eurse.
The rooms in the sceols are large
and convenient and-irisil lighted. -.
Young me'. or yonag womem may
enroll ini eszber schoo, any week day
during the Tear.
If 'en are~ a sten'orapher, book,
keeper :r t-: .cher and. deaire a peel
tion, .w:-ite the- Piedmont Agemey,
Charlotte, N. C. If ycu are mtea
'.tenograph~er or book-keeper, spend a
few moriths in one e'f theae schoela
and get ourself ii shape for earning
, hould jen desire to be an expert in
inter., s.:ocks, ti-ade diseount, ate..
send 5 -censi in stamps or silver and
"et our:i~oekeot Calculator-just what
For circul3ars and further Informa
tiom. address,
D, M. MeI VER,
with a full steek
Cases .'nd CSms, :eenstl
avid use of hearse whet-rsea
Thaulkfai for paat - n
haties for a share in hxa4
eid stad
vGals attended so at all haes.
imimansw ege

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