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Thursday, Marcb 29, - - 1900
- -Mr. Robt. Y. Clowney announCes
himself this morning for county super
- vitor.
-The northbound parsenger train
was actually on time Tuesday morn
iog. The first tiwe in "many moons."
-Millinery opening March 29th,
St and 31st. It will pay you to see
this display of new goods.
The Caldwefl Dry Goods Co.
Mrs. Harriet Evans, Hinsdale, Ill.,
writes, "I never fail to relieve my
children from croup at once by-using
One Minute Cough Cure. I would
uot feel safe without it " Quickly
cures coughs, colds, grippe and all
throat and lang diseases. McMaste Co.
-The many friends of Mr. Jno. A.
DesPertes will be glad to know he is
steadily improving at the hospital in
-Religious services will be hold at
the A. I. P. Church on Friday and
Sa'urday at 11 a. m. and 7.30 p. m.
These services will be conducted by
the Rev. R. M. Stevenson.
-R. E. Ellison shipped yesterday a
lot of fine large mules to Augusta,
Ga. These animals are rather large
for this market. Mr. Ellison leaves
for Augusta himself to-day on busi
"I used Kodol Dyspepsia Cure in
my family with wonderful results. It
gives immediate relief, is leasant to
take and is truly the dysp ltic's best
friend," says E. Hartierink. Overisel,
Mich. Digests what you eat. Can
not fail to cure. McMaster Co.
-One of the promoters of the Winns
boro Creamary has just purchased
from the Biltmore farm of Vander
bilt a very fine yearling. His grand
dame, Managold, took the ffrst prize
at the Werlds Fair.
-Messrs. J. E. Coan and David A.
Crawford will be the candidates for
intendant of Winnsboro for the com
ing year. As to who will be the
nominee of the party the Democratic
club will say to-night.
To sesure the original witch hazel
salve, ask for DeWitt's Witch Hazel
Salve, well known as a certain cnre for
ies and skin diseases. Beware of
worthless counterfeits. They are
dangerous. McUaster Co.
-Rev. Mr. Watson is drawing a
very good crowd every afternoon and
night at hit services at the Methodist
CLarch. Mr. Watson is a most ear
ne,t and interesting speaker. The
* W nnsi.oro people s,hould not fail to
atimud inese ser vices.
-Mr. Frank Fennell and Miss Liz
zie Hcod were married at Blythewood
SMarch 2th. They are spending a
fwdayr the groom's mother it.
Chester.. 'om there they go to
Bellmc -;., where Mr. Fennell
ewis Ackerman, Goshen, Ind.,
"DeWi(s Iittle Early Risers
ring ain relief,, cure
-' invigorates the
bowelkand liver. McMaster Co.
-A s an evidence of the increase of 1
the prodaxction of wheat and ether
grain in the county since the estabhish
mnent of the jour mill at Winnsboro
the oil mil! company are now engaged
in the construction of a large grain
warehouse for the storage of the com
ing wheat and corn crop. The build
* ing is one hundred feet long by thirty
feet broad.
-Invitations have been issued to
the marriage af our prominent young
merchant, Mr. John B. Mackorell, and
Miss Corrinna Elliott, the.accomuplished
daughter of our townsman, Mr. J. C.
Elliott. The marriage will be sol
emnized at the home of the bride's
parents at 3 o'clock p. mn., Wednesday,
April 4. They will leave on the 4
p.m. train for a week's visit to rela
tives in Fairfield county.-Lancaster
- M4. B. Smith, Butternut, Mich., says,
"DeWitt's Little Early Risers are th.e
very best pills I ever used for cos
tiveness, liver and bowel troubles."
McMaster Co.
-The Labadie Faust company,
which will present the famous drama,
Faust, at the Thespian Hall April 5th,
* ~ is p,robably the only company ef iti
kind on the road this season that car
ries two sets of scenery. They have
a large and a amall set so they can
give a complete performance on any
Vzd stage. They also carry all the
etretrical effects, switch board, ]amaps
w ires, etc., necessary for this grand
electrical spectacular production.
*-Tte books of registration for the
approaching town election closed on
Eaturday last. Those who have not
regi'ered cannot vote in the election
* to he held on the :ecord of April next
for intendant and wardens of the town.
Only t wenty-four persons are entitled
to. vote under the 1-w. Why is this?
I, it because hietore onie can~ exercise
tlhe elective fianchise he mu,t produce
hi- t ax receipt-and that is too much
tronble-or are there other reasons?
-irs. Calvin Zimmen ruian, Milesburg
P'a , says, "As a speedy curo for
conghe, colde. croup and sore throat
Onie Minute Cough Cure is unequaled.
It ia pleasant for children to take. I
heartly recommend i! to mothers " It
is the only harmless remedy that pro
duces immediate re-ults. It cures
bronchitis, pneumonia, trrippe and
throat and lung disases. It will pre
vent consumption. McMaster Co.
-Bob Milling on last Tuesday, tak
ins' umbrage at Ed. Trapp, undertook
to settle a little personal matter with
Trapp in a way tba't accorded with
prim~itive justice, br,t contrary to the
common law. He and Trapp rgot into
a d'ifficulty as the result of Milling's
assninption of the right to do so and
Milling was seriously cat. Trapp was
before the intendabt We4nesday and
ed two adlara. Milling being un
Why cough and risk consumption,
when the celebrated Dr. Jobn W.
Bul's Cough p will cure you at
once? ItneverM'=to curethroat and
lung troubles. For bronchitis, sore
throat and hoarsenessit is invaluable.
Will cure a Hacking Cough.
Doses are small and pleasant to take. Doctors
recommend it. Price 25 cts. At an druggist.
ai 7to at:tend court on account of
his injiries will make his excuses to
the municipal authorities later.
-The long dislance telephone has
come to stay. After Bever%l months'
experiment here to see whether or not
it would pay to keep an office at this
point the American Telegraph and
Telephone Company have inally de
cided to make this a permanent ofice.
All day Wednesday workmen were
engaged in putting up posts and run
ning wires from the outer edge of
town to 'the office of the company
Hereafter the sending of messages
will be as secret as telegrams. In
telephone parlance the company will
put ,in a booth which insures entire
Rev. W. I Sitzer, W. Caton, N. Y.,
writes, "I had dyspepsia over twenty
years, and tried doctors and medicines
without bcneit. I was persuaded to
use K*dol Dyspepsia Cure and it
helped me from the start. I believe it
to be a panacea for all forms of indi
gestion." It digests what you eat.
McMaster Co.
-The 'harlotte Evening News
speaks of a most enjoyable entertan
ment last Thursday evening at the
home of Mrs. Ella Parks, of Pineville,
where Miss Fannie Creight and Miss
Mamie Jordan were visiting. The
News says: "Miss Francis Creight,
who is a splendid elocutionist, eon
sented in her graceful, winniDg man
ner to contribute a number of recita
tions. The recitations 'Larca,' 'Geie
vieve' and 'Tennyson's Bugle Song,'
held the audience spell-bound. 'Poor
Lone Creature,' Miss Creight designat
ing Mr. E. E. Williams as the 'poor
lone creature' and Mr. Tom Smith
came in for his share in 'The Usual
Case' wherein he 'got leIL' greatly to
the amusement of the hearers."
Wm. Orr, Newerk, 0., says, "We
never feel safe without One Minute
Cough Cure in the house. It saved
my little boy's life when he had the
pneumonia. We think it is the beat
medicine made." 1t cnres coughs and
all inne~ diseases. Pleasant to take,
harmless and gives immediate results.
McMaster Co.
-The gentlemen interested in the
Wininsboro Creamery have compiettid
its orgadation within the last few
idys. In.a uiet way the project hasi
b or some time-no r a
em * , atsome
I0 . .t will not be many days
for the company will begin the t
anufacturing ef butter on a large 2
ale. The object of the company -is a
fmnd a way for the adjacent farmers c
readily dispose of the milk of their t
arms. The company at present will L
erate altogether on cream purchased, '
iaing no cows of its own. In this
ay those who have cows can fmd a
ady sale for all the milk they can
pply. The scheme is a good one. (
tis the beginning of a new industry ~
nour county which we hope will be ~
e means of suggesting to our people E
her means and ways of utilizing the C
~anv sources of wealth that lie almost r
; our doors which need but push and ~
interprise to develop our county into
i flourishing and prosperous comn
unity as any in the world. The ~
atral advantages we possess are
amrous and the resources are almost
nexhautible, which if all were
reght into play by divrersifying our
dustries would put her in the first
rks as regards material prosperity.
[tis fortunate for this infant industry
hat those who will take charge of it
asit commences its existance are the
oremost business men of this section
-noted for their uush and energy and
apacity for handling successfully
hatoeer they set their hands to
The Kind You Have Always Bought
A meeting of the Munleipal Demo
cratic Club will be held in the court
house this (Thursday) evening a S
'clock. G. H. McMaster,
Presidc nt.
C. K. Douglass, Seeretary.
Gone to Columbia.
Mr. H. L. Elliott left on Tuesday
or Columbia to take charge of the
rarehouses or Mr. Ed. Robertson. Our
whole community regrets ths,t oar
ong and genial townsmloh should
leave us to make his homet for the
utnrf elsewhere. Mr. Elliott is one
of one most populae and pr)miising
oug men. For a number .it sears
be has been engaged as one~ et the as
sistants in the banic at this place and
has won for himself num enviat-le repu
tation aw a business, man. His pnpn
larity as a business man is etnly
cqualed, it niot excolied, by his per
sonal popularity.
A Frightful Blundecr
Wini often cause a horrible' Barni,
Scald, Cut or Bruise Bucklen'a Ar
aica Salve, the best in thbe world, will
kill. the pain and 1,romptly beal it.
Dures Old Sores, 'Vever Sores, Ulcers,
Boils, Felons, Corns, all skin Erup
tion. Best Pile cure on ear tb. Only
25 ts. a box. Care guaranteed. Sold
by Muater Co. druggists.
Mr. J. Q, Davis spent Tuesday in
Mr. A. S. Dotglass has returned
from Florida.
Mr. Wm. Henry is here working as
might operator.
Miss Berta Darham was in the city
sbopping Tuesday.
Bewfle Thae iund You fiave Always ought
Mt. Zion Society met Tuesday at 10
a. ni. for the purpose of arranging for
the entertainment of the distinguished
astronomers who it is hoped will make
Winnsboro a point of observation of
the coming eclipse which takes place
about 8 o'clock on the morning of May
28th next. At a previoL' meeting of
the society a committee of two, con
sisting of Messrs. J. M. Stewart and
J. Q. Davis, had been appointed, who
were instructed to communicate with
the different observatories throughout
the country and ascertain if they
would have observations at this point,
and to extend to them a cordial invita
tion, whieh was done. This commit
tee has not yet mide its report to the
society. While it appears to be con
cedrtd on every hand that Winnsboro
is in Lhe line of totality of the eclipse,
the:! lu no actual knowledge that such
is the fact possessed by any-wA.In
view of this fact and to settle the
question beyond peradventure the
society instructed Mr. J. W. Hanahan
to communicate with the naval observ
atory at Washington, D. C., and as
certain if such was the fact, and also
to extend to the gentlemen composing
the party of observation from the naval
observatory an invitation to make oar
town the government station, or at
least one et them, for South Carolina,
if more than one such etation is t6 be
in this State. Invitations will also be
extended to the corp of observers
from the other large observatories
throughout the country.
The society then adjourned to meet
at an early day for the purpose of
arranging for the entertainment of the
distinguished scientists who may pos
sibly be with us on that occasion.
Vor Over Fifty Years.
has been used for over ffty years by
millions of mothers for their children
while teething, with perfect success.
It soothes the child, softens the gums.
allays all pain, cures wind colic, and
is the best remedy for diarrhoea. 1t
will relieve the poor .little snferer
immediatel5. Sold by draggists in
every part of the world. Twenty-five
cents a bottle. Be sure and ask fer
Mrs. Winslow's Sooth~
and take noot
Thes spring festival of music and art
be held at Columbia April 26th and*
ith is an assured succens, and will be
of the greatest~ gatherings ever
~nvened in the South. Excursion
kets will be sold on all railroads and
Lrge crowds from neighboring cities
il attend. The art league under the
uspices of the ladies of Colunibia, will
ave on exhibit such specimens of work
om New York, Philadelphia and
hicago that~ has never been brought
auth of the ~Mson and Dixon line
efore. The concert will surpass any
vent ever known, and never since the
y of the wonderful Patti or the
nowned Jenny Lind will such a
ice be heard as that possessed by
ie Eleanor Meridith, whose wonder
al suprano contains all the richness
ud culture of her former rivals and
atisies even the most critical; a- Emil
'aur, the great leader, remarked, "her
ork combines a high order of miusi
al intelligence and great dramatic
ntensity." There will ba twelve for
ign notables asisted by a chorus of
'orty voices under the direction ot
'rof. May ser, of the Presbyterian
ollege for Women. The harpist, Mr;
ohn Chestire, is known the world
ver as "The Apostle of the Harp,"
hid has appeared before all the
rowed heads of Europe, where he
as been lauded with medals and
reaths of honor, and was ordered to
ive a special performance before the
present Queen of England, who said
"from the first touch of the golden
wires she lost all consciousness to the
outside world." Mr. WilMiam H.
Rieger, the tenor, has a voice of mel
low quality which is seldom heard,
and his mezzo voice is of superb love
The prices will be in reach of all;
85 will be the admisEion for two per
sons to all three performances, two
nights and a matinee; single tickets
will be $1.25 each. Any order cent
to Bryan's book store will have prompt
attention, and the best of seats will be
reserved for all strangers attending.
Watch this paper for later news in
regard to excursion rates.
Bers te The l(ind You Hlave Always8Bought
Miss Nellie. Brice, who has been
visiting her sister, Mrs. J. M. Turner,
at Stevenson, returned to Chester
That Throbbing Headache
Would quickly leave you, if you
sed Dr. King's New Life Pills. Thou
sands of sufferers have proved their
matchless merit for Sick and Nervous
Headaches. They make pure blood
and strong nerves and build np your
hes,lth. Eas; to take. Try them.
Only 25 cents. Money back if not
cure. Sold by McM~aster Co., drug
The Eminent Kidney
and Bladder Specialist.
The Discoverer of -wamp-Root at Work in
Wis Laboratory.
There is a disease prevailing in this
country most dangerous- because so decep
tive. Many sudden deaths are caused by
It-heart disease, pneumonia, heart failure
or apoplexy are often the result of kidney
disease. If kidney trouble is allowed to ad
vance the kidney-poisonzd blood will attack
the vital organs, or the kidneys themselves
break down and waste away cell by cell.
Then the richness of the blood-the albumen
-leaks out and the sufferer has Bright's
Disease, the worst form of kidney trouble.
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp.Root the new dis
covery is the true specific for kidney, bladder
and urinary troubles. It has cured thousands
of apparently hopeless cases, after all other
efforts have failed. At druggists in fifty-cent
and dollar sizes. A sample bottle sent free
by mail, also a book telling about Swamp
Root and its wonderful cures. Address
Dr. Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y. and
mention this paper.
Mrs. Jno. DesPartes ca ne up from
Ridfeway Tuesday to spend several
- Spain's Greatest Need.
Mr^~R. P. Olivia, of Barcelona,
Spain, spends his winters at Aiken,
S. I. Weak nerves had caused severe
pains in the back of his head. On
using ElectricBitters, America's great
est Blood and Nerve Remedy, all pain
soon left him. He says this grand
medicine is what his country needs.
All America knows that it cnres liver
and kidney trouble, purifies the blood,
tones up the stomach, strengthens the
nerves, puts vim, vigor and new life
into every muscle, nerve and organ of
the body. If weak, tired or ailing you
need it. Every bottle guaranteed,
only 50 cents. Sold by McMaster Co.,
Mrs. garah Hall has been spending
some days with Mrs. Martin on Gar
den sfreet.
A NlIght of Terror.
'Awful anxiety was felt for the
widow of the brave General Burnham,
of Machias, Me., when the doctors
said she could not live till morning,"
writes Mrs. S. H. Lincoln, who attend
ed ner that fearful night. "All thought
she mast soon die from Pneumonia.
but she begged for Dr. King's New
Dascovery, saying it had more than
once savd her life, and had cured her
of Cons ption. After three small
dosea slept easily all night, and its
furtheWf use co~mpletely cured her."
'elous medicine is guaranteed
all Throat, Chest and Lur-g
.Only 50c. and.$1.00. Triai
e at MeMaster Co.'s ug
For Tanuts anid Childresi.
The Ktni Yes Have Ahraps B gt
Eear se
at and four Wardens for the Town
f Winnsboro, S. C., for the ensuing
ear will be held in the Town Hall, at
W obel~ro, on Monday, the 2nd day
" A ari!. 1900, from 9 A. M. to 4 P.M.
.\,-o. i' conformity to an Act of the
eners i Assembly entitled "An Act
a pre vide for the election of school
rste.s, the management of the pub
ic schools and the disbursement of the
~chooI funda~ in Special School District
No. 14, at Winnsboro, in Fairfield
eunn,- " an election at the same time
ad :ace will be held for one trustee
to * .orsent the town of Winnsboro
,' I. oard of trustees for said school
The following named persons are
ppointed to manage the election, viz.:
D. E. McDowel'. W. R. Elliott, Jno.
A. Hinnant.
By order of Council:
3 24td Clerk.
We are sole agents in Winns
boro for Heinz's goods.
When you need Pickles,
ask for Heinz's, they
are the best,
Heinz's Dill Pickles are
Heinz's Sweet rand Sour
Heinz's Cucumbers in bulk.
Heinz's India Radish.
Heinz's Celery Sauce.
Heinz's Tomato Catsup.
Heinz's Preserves in bulk.
Heinz's Apple Butter and
Heinz's Mince Meat in bulk
and glass.
Thi is the seascn for evap
orated fruits. We have them
in Prunes, Apples, Peaches
and Apricots.
The One Day Cold Cure.
For cold in the head and sore throat use Ker
mott' Chocolate Lazative Quinine, the " Ont
On Your Spring Shopping.
a'~1R~d~to I TA You bi
We aPe F kedg -0Lelp OU9
Slhoxxring 8sprirg 0oods.
A beautiful line of White Goods in Plain Lawns,
Checked Mu"slin and Pique. Some of these goods
were contracted for last August, before the rise in
prices; you can have them cheap. Also new lot of
Hamburg, Nainsook and Lawn Embroideries.
We are also showing a large and varied stock of
Spring colors in Prints, Percales, Colored Pique.
Duck and Zephyr Ginghams. These goods all
bought cheap. The early buyers will get the ad
We will show you good value in White Spreads,
Sheeting and Towels, and have a special bargain in
White Damask in two, two-and-a-half and three
yard lengths. These are factory ends; splendid
quality, 5oc and 75c.
We have many new things to show and you will
be interested. Give us a call.
The Caldwell Dry Good'is-nf
I am now displaying the grandest line of SPRING
AND SUMMER NECKWEAR ever brought to this town.
I can please anybody when they want a Tie. Come early
aid get first choice. You have missed quite a treat
i you have not seen my big stock of NEGLIGEE S S
They are perfect fitting and well madef,1fhe ne4est
tW ~s ot inthi dea met, nd e s are simply grand
ome and give your eyes a feast..
When you are In my store look through my line of
ATS. I have a great many new things to show you this
season in the Hat line.
Yours to please,
Gut this ad. out and s6nd it to us with one dela us e
l4y the grandest brgain over heard of and ta sr die
tisx hn y-o ae,ytee pe h~1U e& 2
esrs .uternfacLltlrer. Akron,eIsA Ohcioa
p Thhe nout Co.s-.any 400 Othou ~g hy l ablEditor
(~jJ J)jt Comb pinaton Horse. and ae few
5.- ' ~ T -jo.r,mla ever hn I and le od.
n -&. Iw? ma l e te,gs aove soc s a for I .L
cas or o im or goo bankabl
p 'apfcer ko,Oi
bthcutmer classesnor ct1re.-t or.
ofqlitiesIJJ[ 11 andvausOr
DiDiof ern ofsIJ haTeARfwnceBGIVEDha
OATS,E CORwNoo,Mre, fo
and al othr lies ofStapendCmeinaetmpoy edrMr. Arthur Oewen
Groeris cn b aceptd a th Pisngo th orsesya. He WmI..esga
prdued Wesered th mak t hae sfri.1er th 51nan d d
gods'ndte eul f u seucceeshanfad
EartheRhighend GashririceeedrPall
of ales Mca RLE vale , O.urasor,S
Visiting Cards.
Invitations, Etc.
Ak full assortment of styles
to select from.
Prices to compete with any
Never H_-igher;
Often Lower.
ards printed from plate,
$1.00 per 100.
,ew plates from
50c to $1.00.
Send all such orders to
Watehmaker & Jeweler.
M-Wekl' a Toar1in i
eekly,1.56 Tainkvm
311L HIEAD ~
[email protected],Eb,
*and everything in job lime doe /
as cheaply as anywhere else a
E-very penny speMnt
hme is kept at
with a fall steek of Omakow,
Cases and Cofns, eonstaatlyses
and use of hearse who en~
Thankfader past patronage a
tation forta share in the fsars ins
UNs attendi at afb,Tura.
0E1 3 6 ~E1

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