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Tuesday, April 3
and see Faust at the Thespian
all Thursday night.
-Mr. J. B. Burley announces him
self for County Supervisor.
-"Hang gut the banner, - thet Out
ward wall, the cry is stik ',y come"
aud always a elvdIdatS.
-Mr. lutto will have charge of the
railroad oZeG at night during Mr.
Skinner's illness. Lr. Brown, of
North Carolina, is doing the day work.
Lewis Ackerman, Goshen, 1nd.,
says, "DeWitt's Little Early Risers
always bring certain relief, cuts my
headache and never gripe." They
gently cleanse and invigerates the
bowels and liver. McMaster Co.
--Miss Thomas, the new lady opera
tor, has arrived and begun her duties
at the new telegraph .2ce on Satur
day. Miss Thomas will board with
Dr. and Mrs. Quattlebaum.
-Some time ago we reported a cap
tore here of two men with a wagon
load of goods who gave their names
as Lamond. They will be tried in Co
Inbia this week and Messrs. W. B.
Gilbert, J. M. Elliott and J. B. Steven
s.n went to Columbia to appear as
To sesure the original witch hae]
salve, ask for DeWitt's Witch Hazel
Salve, well known as a certain care for
p'es and skin dic-ses. Beware of
worthless counterfeits. They are
dangerous. MeMaster Co.
-Don't fail to read "The Hustler
advertisement of Q. D. x'ord.
He has black and colored .As,
percals, ducks, piques, dimit si.ed
swis.es, cordiroys, organdies, malls,
a.vns, clothing of all kinds, hats,
saocs, slippers, gents' furnishing
goods, etc. In fact you gan ad any.
*,th:tg to suit the mest fastidious tast
- in his line of goods. t
-We have been requesled to pro.
teM against the taking of flowers from
thst graveyards in town. The com
piaibt bes been made that children,
both white and colored, have been
plucking lowers from graves. The
chi:.dren have done this doubtless
theghtiessly, and we feel thArt it 1e
nesessary only to menti,n it to pre
Tei a repetition. An- admonition by
parents surely will make theta realsU
the wrongfulness uf tuch conduct.
"I used Kodol Dyspepsia Care in
my !amily with wonderful resvlts. It
giw immediate relief, is pleasant to
take and is truly the dyspeptic's best
friendi,' says E. Hartgerink. Overisel,
Mich. Digests what you eat. Can
r.ot fail to cure. McMaster Co.
* -William Dixon was up before
Magistrate Cathcart on Saturday for
?iolating the eighth comtmandment.
William took an irresistible fancy 'to
a pair of small plyers. tihe property o1
Mr E. W. Matthews. The engistrate
-Thid ixercised hi
an opportunity of ramanat .a
tleerrors-Of his ways that he might
mend them. He was ined eig. dol
Jars er twenty-five days on the countl
chaingang at hard labor.
-~Mrs. Harriet Evans, Hinsdale, Ill
writes, "I never fail to relieve my
cbildren from croup at once by usini
Ozie Minute Cough Cure. I weuli
not feel safe without it " -Quickl:
[ care' coughs, 'colds, 'grippe and al
threat and lung diseases. McMaste Cc
-Monday being salesday, quite
crowd was in town; not as large
crowd, however, as usually atten'
sales. This is due, probably, -to tb
fact that the' farmers are very muc
behind and were necessarily comnpello
to remain at home unless forced b
some special need to be in town. Th
sales were smaller than they have bee
for years. The clerk of court onl
sold one tract of land, which was pal
-chased by E T. Bauch for $501. Thi
Ia. was sold kvvirtue of an orderi
the suit of Aan\ A. Williams vs E. I
Freshley. In ad ition to the land so]
- only a solitary or was offered for salt
which was bought by - Hall for $1i
gsari,. TheKidYaAlways80ld
- Un=itmeed Loser,
ihe following i8 a list of letteri
mna.'ig unclaimed in the postofle
* -n.aboro, April 3, 1900:
1is Maade L Gladden.
* a Natie Jackson.
Mia.Chery McDill.
Miss Bessie Paton.
Ma Alice Singleton.
Persons calling for the above lotte
will please say they are advertised.
PrestoL. Rion, P. M.
A Fright!ful Blunder
Wi. often cau,e a horrible Bui
* Scald, Cut or Bruise Bucklen'b a
nica ~Salve, the best in the world, u
kill the pain and promptly heal
Ca -' O'd Sores, Wever Sores, Ulce
Boi.- Felons, Corns, all Skin Eri
tiore. But Piue cure on earth. O
20 e.* a box. Cure guaranteed. Si
by McMaster Co., druggists.
Mrs. Gerig is conined to her he
with grippe .
Mr. Fleming McMaster has bi
siek f'or the past few days.
Misu Franois Creight has been
bed sick ever since her return fr
* Ne: th Carolina.
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Creight k
both been sicir with grippe for theI
Mr. J. HI. Skinner was repor
same better Monday.
C A S s2 OC Z
The ind ons
when your children are at
tEyed th dredful
=ood no,degpair; Dr. baups
syrup will relieve and cur the at
once. YoucanalwaysdependoXtbis
=awvlos remedy; it always 6res.
Will cure Croup without fail.
Dooes are ama and ptlsnt to take. Doctors
recommend it. Price 25 cts. At aU druggistA
r K srzcnC D"AR
News reached here on Monday
afternoon that Mr. Patrick M. Spence,
of Ridgeway, had died at his home
there on the same afternoon. Mr.
Spence had been siek for about ten
days of typhoid-pneumosia.
,Mr. Spence was one of the best citi
zens in the county. He was a man of
the highest character, and everybody
had the utmost confidence in him.
The funeral services will be held at
Ridgeway this afternoon. He was 68
years of age.
That Throbbing xeadaahe
Would quickly leave you, if you
used Dr. King's New Life Pills. Thou
sands of sulferers have proved their
matchless merit for Sick and Nervous
Headaches. They make pure blood
and strong nerves and build up your
health. EasN to take. Try them.
Only 25 cents. Money back if not
cured. Sold by V.Master Co., drug
euNE A"3 69ING.
Capt. T. W. Sligh spent Monday
in town.
Hon. Harry B. Laws passed through
the city Monday.
Dr. J. D. Palmer, of Ridgeway, was
in town Monday.
Mr. J. M. Higgins, of Morgantown,
spent Monday in town.
Mr. W=. Mackorell, of Blackatock,
spent Sunday and Monday in town.
Mrs. Henry Muldrow is visiting her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Creight.
Mr. Will Creight spent Saturday
with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. B.
Mr. Jin Rion esme up from Co
lambia Saturday and spent Sioday
with his parents.
Major T. W. Woodward spent
Mondaylin town. Nis many friends
were glad to see him out again.
Rev. W. E. Sitzer, W. Caton, N. Y,
writes, "I had dyspopsia over twen,
years, and tried doctors and medicines
without beneit. I was persuaded to
use iKiedol Dyspepsia Cure and it
helped me from the start. I believe it
to be a panacea for all forms of indi
gestion." It digest. what you eat.
MoMaster Co..
In e Episcopal,
an artillery offcer in the
American Revolution, and lived and
died in Winnsboro. Major Henry
Moore, who was his comrade, states,in
his memoirs that he had the tombstone
that now stands at Capt. Mitchebi's
grave -erected. This grave has boan
there over .enadred years, and the
inscription is almost ineligib4'. The
town council should see to.the preserv
I ation of this old soldier's resting place.
-This is due not only to the memeyT of
Sthe soldier himself, but to the perpe.tu
ation of the act of patriotism and
kindness of.Major Moore in erecting at
a his own expense the present tomb
I Mrs. Calvin Zimmerman, Milesburg
y Pa., says, "As a speedy cure 1or
coghs, colds, oroup and sore '%. At
0.. Minute Co"p Care is ua'* Led
SIt is pleasant '.': ehildren ~ ~t . I
heartly reeomisend it to eiiirs." It
-is the only harmless remedy that pro
duces immediate results. It cures
bronelitis, pneumonia, grippe and
throat anid lug disaues. It will pre
-~ vent consumption. McMaster Co.
d xas. JAn iti ieALE DEAD
. Mrs. Jane Lauderdale died on Mon
day afternoon at half-past two o'clock
She had been sick several days with
the ,rlp. She was a Russell, and was
twice married, first to Montgomnery
Lemon, of which marriage two ch:l.
dren surviTe her, Mrs. J. O. B'oag aznd
Mrs. J. W. Bolick, of this place, thei
e to the late D. Lauderdale, of which
t marriage the following children iur
vis her: T. W. Lauderdale, 0. RI
Lade' dale and M&rs. J. L. Bry son, o
Winneboro, and Mn,. W. T. Blakeiey
of Lanrens.
Mrs. Lauderdale was in the 75tl
year of her age. She was a womai
rs of wonderful energy and considerabli
business sagacity. The fnneral ser
.ries will be held to-day at the A. R. P
Church at 4 o'clock p m.
H r. Editor: I heard atwsa a
it. that he had received a letter from
rs, citizen of Greenville in which he sa;d
P " have to take stock iin fie new nmill
daong us. It will keep me hard a
to pay the assessments and we won
get any dividends in1 the L r mill. 1e
two years or more. The rai,:oads gi
me a good thing out of it." What is ti
matter with Winnsboro? There
men plenty of capital here to double ti
capacity of the present mill. O0tb
is towns are doing this I repeat, wh
oom is the matter wi!k Winnsboro?
ted & Maa adCira
ngKDadYu hauAlwaskBq
T'he friends and acquainlAnCS of
Mrs. JaM LAZDERA3:3, Mr. and Mrs.
J. 0. Boag, Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
Bolick and Mr. and Mrs, J. L. Brysol
are invited to attend tho funeral ser
vicea of the former this sfternoon at
4 o"clock at the A. R. P. Church.
3r. J. M. Beaty has accepted % posi
tien with the D. A. Tompkins Co., of
Charlotte, N. C. He left on Monday
forlhis new home. Mr. Beaty has for
quite a number of years been identiled
with the business interests of the town
and was one of the leading dry goods
merchants of Winnbore. He gave
up the mrcantile business to go into
the milling business a few years ago.
He has been in chief control -d the
fairield Cotton Mill sime it has been
in operation here, bat resigned to as
cept a position with the D. A. Tomp
kins Co., which affords a wider field
for his talent and push. For the pres.
ant the family of Yr. Beaty will remain
in Winnsboro. Mr. Beaty's many
friends wish him abundant success in
this move, and none wish him more
For over Fifty Years.
]Ws. Wnqstw's SooTWe SYRUP
has 6oe used for over ifty years by
milli ,ns of mothers for their children
whila teething, with perfect success.
It toothes the child, softens the guns,
allays all pain, cures wind colic, and
is the best remedy for diarrhoea. it
will relieve the poor little saferer
immediately. Sold by druggists in
every part of the world. Twenty-five
seats a bottle. Be sire and ask for
"Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup,"
and take no other kind. 1-1-17
Mr. Editor: I note with pleasaro
the card of Ur. It. H. Jennings, ex
presing a willingness to enter the
race for State Treasurer. He has filed
the office of Clerk of Court for this
county for nearly twelve years, and I
ds. not think he has ever had a supe
rior in that capacity. I know him to
be an honest, conicientious and capa
ble oSezr, a consistent Christian gen
tlemen, who would do honor to the
oflee to which he aspires.
I think I voice the sentiment of the
Feaxterville Democracy when . I say
that he will receive every vote east at
this box, and hope that he may receive
that merited compliment at erery pre
cinct in Fairfield county.
Yours very truly,
J. G. Wolling.
Of the Fairfield Assoelation to Cen'ense
With the Crooked Eu Church Satur
day and Sunday, April 25-29, 19O.
1, A M-Organisation and dewo
Christian best serve hiis church? Speak
er: B J Quattlebaumf, W R Briseoe,,
C P Wray and J B Curry
11 30 A .M-Some' of thie greatest
needs of the churches of~ this associa
tion and how to meet them. *peakesT
HE Ezell. W R Rabb, WH Martin
and B H Yarborough.
1286 3*-M-Intermission.
2 P Ml -Talks on missions: 1. State,
byr E A McDowell. 2. Home, by T 3
Rabb. S. Foreign, by J Li Freeman.
S P Ml-The churches' attitude to
ward prohibition. Speakers: IC A
McDowell, C P Wray', W R Babb and
Dr. Scott.
10 A K-Eegular exercissa of the
J nday school.
11.3* A K-Short talks on Sandayl
school work and mnethods. Speakers:
J B Carry, Ellison Jones and W 11
11.50 A Il-Sermon by ? A Mec
owell or 3 L Freeman.
J L Freeman,
,P Wray,
spain'sGreatest Ne.
Mr. IR. P. Olivia, of Barcelona
Spain, spends his winters at Aiken
S. C Weak nerves had caused severi
pains in the back ot his bead. 01
using Electric Bitters. America's great
est Bicod and Nerve Remedy,. all pai
soon -left him. He says this grand
medicine is 'what his country needi
All America knows that-it cures live
nd kidney trouble, purifies the blood
oes up the stomach, strengthens th
Lerves, puts vim, vigor and new lif
into every muscle, nerve and organ c
the body. If weak, tired or ailing yol
need it. Every bottle guaranteed
Sonly 60 cents. Sold by McMaster Co.
. r. Editor: Please publish the fo
lowing letter received from a lady C
a e county. It is one of many pleai
ig evidences that our people nos
almost realize how important it is for
a ruged and gullied .countyllike Fai
I, eld to have more railroads and ho
* much the county has been depopulat4
y and relatively impoverished by faili:
Sto get them. If this lady's entansis:
rr could be imparted to the men a ral
Sread would be Luilt. G. H. Mic'd
10 March 30thb, 1800.
s Mr. McMaster:
D.:ar Sir-I read your remarks wi
rr the clipping from nuother paper
Lithis week's NEW's AiIn HIJatD abo
a railroa I that might go by Wim:
boro. Now will the men of that tnv
do nothing to induce the company
build through this county andI
Winnboro? I do hope, dear sir, th
you will take it up with your (C) ra
interest and do your best t-> get t
road. 'Ti. almost as direct a roi
from Knaxville via Greenville
y; Winnboro and on to Southport as 1
1C' aer and if any inducement fri
the people will bring it tbrough this
county, do let's have it. What would
induce them? WevA it likely come
through this part of the county? We
surely need a road to Winnsboro. The
bridge that crosses Broad -River at
Leeds' could be used - by this route and
bring the read through country that
otherwise can never- have a road.
Surely this ii Fairfield's and-Winus.
boro's chance ad may be the last
chance for a road up through here. I
am a woman and can't do what I want
to, but surely the men will do what
they ought and get this road. We can
give them the right of way through
the county surely, if that Iwill induce
the coming. Can't you do something,
Mr. McMaster? I hope you will half
All Tz NXws &AD EL.L every
week with railroad talk and see if that
will help. Plese excuse the liberty
taken in 'writing you this; but I knew
that you are public-spirited and inter
ested in a railroad golag through
Winnsboro, and I am so much inter
ested in getting it through this part of
the county. bo trusting to your good
nature I ventured to write.
Very respectfully,
A NIght of Terror.
"Awful anxiety was felt for the
widow of the brave General Burnham,
of Macbias, Me., when the doctors
said she could not live till morning,"
writes Mrs. S. H. Lincoln, who attend
ed ner that fearful night. "All thought
she must soon die from Pneumonia.
Discovery, saying it had more than
once saved her life, and had cured her
of Consumption. After three small
doses she slept easily all night, and its
further use completely eured her."
This marvelous medicine is guaranteed
I to care all Throat, Chest and Lung
Diseases. Only 50c and $1.00. Trial
bottles free at McMaster Co.'s drug
--Subscribe to Tim NZws AND HEZ
Wa. Orr, Newerk, 0., says, "We
meer feel safe without One Minute
Cough Curs in the hosise. It saved
my Jtte 'boy's life when he had the
pneumosia. We think it is the bert
inedioine made." It cares coughs and
all lung diseases. Pleasant to take,
harmless and gives immediate results!
McMaster Co.
The Eminent Kidney
and Bladder Specialist.
There is
country me
tive. Many
oapplex e
vance the kidneyp
the vital organs, or te e sle
break down and waste away cell by cell.
Then the richness of the blood-thealbumnen
-leaks out and the sufferer has Bright's
Dsease, the worst form of kidney trouble.
Dr. liimers swamp-Root the new dis
covery is the true specific for kidney, bladder
nd urinary troubles, it has cured thousands
of apparently hopeless cases,'after all other
efforts have failed. At druggIsts in fifty-Cent
and dollar siz. A sample bottle sent free
by mall, also a book telling about Swamp
Root and its wonderful cures. Address
Dr. KCilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y. and
mention this paper.
We are sole agents in Winns
boro for Heinz's goods.
When you need Pickles,
ask for Heinz's, they
are the best,
Heinz's Dill Pickles are
SHeinz's Sweet rand Sour
IHeinz's Cucumbers in bulk.
SHeinz's India Radish.
Heinz's Celery Sauce.
:Heinz's Tomato Catsup.
fHeinz's Preserves in bulk.
Heinz's Apple Butter and
Heinz's Mince Meat in bull
and glass.
This is the season for evap
orated fruits. We have then
Sin Prunes, Apples, Peache'
and Apricots.
bDyspepsia Cur
uDigests what you eat.
. It artioially digests the food and aid
Nature in strnteigand reosu
nstrctng the exhausted di es
toan. Itlis helatestd iu
cat~ and tonic. Noete I
an we It in e .K
tstantyjrelieves and permaneatdyemt
ra, Indigetimon, Heate
e i nee,Sour Stemnach, Naases
alletherresults of lRSi St5M
o Prepared by E. C. De tt s..
n emM A EE O
sWtmeners , e
On Your Spri
We ape 19ead-y
811owirig 81
A beautiful line of Wh
Checked Muslin and Piqi
were contracted for last A
prices; you can have ther
Hamburg, Nainsook and:
We are also showing a
Spring colors in Prints,
Duck and Zephyr Ginj
bought cheap. The earl
We will show you good
Sheeting and Towels, and
White Damask in two,
yard lengths. These ar
quality, 50C and 75c.
We have many new thi
be interested. Give us a
The Caldwell Drj
-MULjES, a few good Kares, amne
-Combination He. and a fev
-Plug Horses. My' mlse
are Sner than I have.
ever handled.
I will sell the above stock *hep foi
cash, or on time for good bankabli
I will pay the highest sash price .fer a]
classes of cattle, fat or poor.
1 have a few nice BUGGIES that
wili sell cheap for cash.
I have employed Mr. Arthur Owen.
for the present year. He will be gls
to hay. his friends call on hi3 ame ii
some busiess.
A. Williford,
....sher. ..
by the customer
The people who a.re the wisest jag~
Sof qualities and values. Our
offering of
and .1B ot her lines of Staple anet Ta
*ro.ceries can b>e ~acce.ted a. thbe t
g rodmceu. We searche d that ;mar
fotr the .icest (not the e&espe4
god "the re- alt oo nour seecess
ba *0- or our catUomer.
o% .recOiw'.d a Ina lo
eNaxc $eed P<
W Y dA
ng Shopping.
to Help You-bi
)Pirg Ooods,
te Goods in Plain Lawns,
e. Some of these goods
ugust, before the rise in
a cheap. Also new lot of
Lawn Embroideries.
large and varied stock of
Percales, Colored Pique.
;hams. These goods all
y buyers will get the ad
value in White Spreads,
have a special bargain in
two-and-a-half and three
factory ends; splendid
ngs to show and you will
Goods CompanyT.
Farmers, +*
,+. Attention I
crie.s is DoW c bmplete.
W e cater p et e.y for the farnerm
rae. We ke-tw wbat they ae-d. i
are pr(ped t; seive 'hem and a' ot
t6mn prices.
We ab a carry a nice line of sho,
snDL everything ususily -
gebercsl store>ee oot.
as.G~d -~lvc to -u --
* . BB & C
Dihi P'ans, CLetchin Pans, Dairy
Pana, Pudding Pan., Jelly Pas,
Wash rans, Columbia, .ScolIoped
L and Plain e'ie PlateG, Tea, Bowl
ad Gravy Iraier, Graters ,e
Iwhips, Toasters, ;Stove Kettles,
Dish Kettles, Tea, Tahie and Bast
ing spoons, Colsader, C o ff a
stands, Biscuit Catters, *M, &c
hfXtsAT Or
e jom SALE BY
1)BD JACK n U-isen at W
bor. fle is MAfenc hands high,1
ith white points weigh ice
)ta- at the last 6tate Fair. fasaas
i)ll. J. I- EXL
Visiting Ca
InvitationS, Effit.
A full assoriment of sty
to select from.
Prices to compete with af
Never Iggh*r;
Often Lowe
Cards printed from plat
*1.epr 0l.
New plates from
0a t 01.0
Send all sich ordr 40
Wteu&kW k..le ..
.** HERA
8 *TE -NM
Ver.by POR-'~r7 P
Case.sad Ce.a
sad s of oss
RO-c Thf.&.f r i
hau - astage- thebam
h Tm. -oas,

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