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iiursday. April 12, - - 1900
-Mr. J. Riley Stewart is conined to
his bed with grippe.
-Two more colored people died in
W!nnsboro Tuesday.
-Easter opening April 10th, eon
tinuing through the week, at
Mrs. A. L. McCarley's.
Lewis Ackerman, Goshen, lad.,
says, "DeWitt's Little Early Eieers
always bring certain relief, czre my
headache and never gripe." They
gently cleanse and invigorates the
bowels and liver. McMaster Co.
-J. D. McCarley A Co. have en
larged their store. The partition be
tween the old dispensary has been re
-Mr. A. Lee Scruggs was married
Wednesday afternoon at 4 o'clock to
Miss Etta Bell at the home of Mr.
Allis MsMeekin, near Jenkineville,
the-Eiv. Mr. Spigener officiating. Mr.
and Mrs. E. G. Scruggs attended
from here.
To sesure the original witch hazel
salve, ask for DeWitt's Witch Hazel
Salve, well known as a certain cure for
piles and skin diseases. Beware of
worthless ceanterfeits. They are
dangerous. McMaster Co.
re SALn
Two hundred bushels of home raisea
P. C. Mellichamp,
Backlick, S. C.
Attention, Firemea!
Attend regular meeting of Steam
Fire Company this (Tharsday) evening
at 8 o'clock.
G. B. McMaster,
M. I. Smith, Butternut, Mich., says,
"DeWitt's Little Early Risers are the
very best pills I ever used for eos
tiveness, liver and bowel troubles."
MeMUaster Co.
Masale Meeting.
The regular monthly communication
of Winnsboro Lodge No. 11, A. F. M.,
will be held this (Thursday) evening
at 8 o'clock.
By order of the W. M.
C. M. Chandler, .
W3President Kie has
- .to be present at the 20th of Vay cele
bration of the Declaratloa of lnde
peudence- in Charlette next monk'
If he4 esmes'ill give our people an
* ~ selves of this opportuaniy.
X. D. 5r1G3M5 DEAD.
- Mr. ii. D. Spigener died at his home
at Ahston on Tuesday of typhoid levere
He was a native of Richland county,
and had been merchkadising at Alston
for several years. .He was postmaster
* there .at the time -of hi. death. He
was a highly respected and good citi
zen. Mr. Spigener was about forty
years of age, and leaves a wife ~and
several children, who will have the
sympathy -of his many friends in the
The fnneral was held at the family
burying ground near Columbia on
Voleale Eruptions
* Ar. grand, but Skin ErRptions rob
life of joy. Bucklen's Arnica Salve
cures them; also Old, Running and
* ever Sores, Ulcers, Boils, Felons,
Corns, Warts, Cuts, Bruises, Burns,
Scalds, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
- Best Pile care on earth. Drives ont
Pains and Aches. Only 25 cts. a box.
Cure guaranteed. Sold by McMaster
C.., druggists.
Anothes conviet Leaves
John Whittaker, convicted at the
last term of coart ot assault and bat
tery of a high and aggravated nature
and sentenced to one year on the chain
gang, made his escape on Tuesday
night. It will be recalled that the
Harrisons with whom Whittaker had
his fight escaped a few weeks ago,
and Whittaker has been anxions th'. t
-the Harrisons should be recaptured.
- This may have had something to do
with -his determination to depart.
Whittaker had been made a trusty
and did the cooking for the gang. A
few days ago, however, so it is said,
another convict was given the job of
cooking and Whittaker had to work
like the rest. It is upposed that this
also had something to do with his
iight. Up to the time of going to
press ntothing had been heard of him
- -s.is tie lle Kind You Usi Ala Bought
Mr. Editor: For some weeks the
newspapers have been bringing us re
ports of terrible snfering from famine
In India. For two years the crops
have failed in that unbappy country
* and the people, who in their most
-- prosperous times ar e poor wIth a
poverty which we never saw, are
starving to death. Five millions of
themu are needing food and are almost
at the point of death, and tbe number
is increasing. It is some months be
fore -another harvest can ripen for
their reaping.
It is proposed that our peop:e give
something to their relief. We call our
and infuenzainvariably leave
with a bad cough. For
such ohnW.BlP Syrup
Is ' recommended. af won
remedy gives relief at on
conquers the worst cough overnigh
and soon effeetsathorough cure.
Cures Grip and Influenza.
Doses are sman an pett ttake. Doea
r -oommend it. Pri5e s ta. At all
selves poor but we have bread
enough and to spare, and it seems that
we ought to spare something to meet
this appalling distress. Others are
moving and thousands of little sums
united will save many lives.
D. E. Jordan.
(Contributions can be left at the
Winnsboro Bank. Capt. Jordan has
kindly consented to receive the money.
Ejsmar.k's Iron Nerve
Was the result of his splendid h ealth
Indomitable will and tremendous
energy are not found where Stomach,
Liver, Kidneys and Bowels are out of
order. If you want these qualities
and the success they bring, use Dr.
King's New Life Pills. They develop
every power of brain and body. Only
25c. at McMs.ster Co.'s drug store.
Mrs. Nancy K. Rabb died at her
home In the country on Wednesday
morning in the 78th year of hsr age
She had been conined to the house for
about fye years, but was not thought
seriously sick until about ten. days
ago. She was a daughter of John
Watt and Nancy Kincaid, of this
county, and the widow of the late
J. Glazier Eabb. After her husband's
death, Mrs. Babb took charge of the
farm, and has managed it sines with
considerable success, displaying tact
and administrative ability of a supe
rior order. She was a most estimable
lady whose life was a useful one Not
only in her private business did Mrs.
Rabb exhibit her powers of intelligent
labor, but she employed them in the
church. She was a devoted member
of the A. B. P. Church.
The funeral services will be held at
her home at 9 o'clock to-day, and the
interment at the Brick Church at 1
She is survived by the following
children: James Ralbb, Clarence Rabb,
Eev. Horace Rabb, Charles K. Rabb,
Mrs. W. P. Castles, and Mrs. W. H.
Rey. W. E. Sitzer, W. Caton,N. T.,
writes, "I had dyspepsia over twenty
years, and tried doctors and medicines
without beoit. I was persuaded to
use Kodol Dyspepsia Cure and it
helpedime from the start. I believe it
.. dgsts whatoyo
oMaster Co.
eemmie Ax eexe.
Miss Anna Beaty went to Cola.m
bla Tuesday.
Mr. E. B. Ragsdale spent Tuesday
in Columbia.
Miss Clara Beaty will spend Easter
with her parents.
Mr. T. H. Ketchin spent Wednes
day in Celsmbia.
Mr. F. H. McEachern spent Tues
day in Winusboro.
Mr. J. E. McDonald wont to Chester
yesterday on business.
Mr. T. F. Davis came up from Kil
lians Tuesday evening.
Mrs. Stanton returned to Wlnns
boro Tuesday evening.
Mr. Ed. ML. Wilson passed through
town Tuesday evening.
Mr. Mannis Baum, of Camden,
iited-Mrs. U. G. DesPortes Tuesday.
Mr. Isaac Wtthers, of Columbia,
passed through the Eoro Tuesday even
Miss Isabel Douglass was expected
home Wednesday to spend several
Mr. Q. D. Wiliiford and his,.little
son Lsntie returned from 'Edgmore
Mr. James Wilson Hanahan returned
from a visit to Richmond and Wash
ington Tuesday.
Miss Janie Flenniken came up from
Columbia Wednesday and will remain
over Easter Sunday.
ror ever Jifty Years.
MEs. N fISLow's SoorEIX4 SYRaP
has been used for over If ty years by
millions of mothers for their children
while teething, with perfect success.1
It soothes the child, softens the gums,
allays all pain, cures wind celic, and
is the best remedy for diarrhoea. it
will relieve the poor little suferer
immediately. Sold by druggists in
every part of the world. Twenty-lye
ents a bottle. Be sure and ask for
"Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup,"
and take no other kind. 1-1-17
AISTORY 03 '76.]
The suggestion thas Prof. Davis Write It
is Endorsed.1
To Editor of The News and Heraild:
The State's editorial on "A History
of '76," like most of its editorials, is
timely and important. That a history
of that interesting Deriod is needed,
that it should be written now before
all the actors in that great drama have
passed away, and that Professor Davis
is the mans to write it, are truths which
have forcibly presented themselves to
the minds of many citizens. We have
good reason to believe that Prof.
David himself is by no. means indiffer
ent to this claim of public service
we may almost say of duty-upon
himself; but his exacting professional
labors have thus far left him no leisure
for any outside duty however impor
tant. It is therefore a special p:easure
board of trustees of the -outh Caro- so,
Itna College instructed the qxeentive WO
committee to provide for the appoint
ment in June of an adjunct in Prof. to
Davis' overcrowded and overworked roi
department. When this is done, it is tOe
hoped he may be able to devote a per- set
tion of his time to writing the history '
of '76, as well as to other public ser- ste
vice of great interest to the college
and to the State, such as the prepara- ril
tion of the Centennial Catalogue, to
which the Society of Alumni has til
already invited him to undertake. No Pe
ether man is so well fitted for either tie
work. X m
No Right to Ugliness. Ian
The woman who is lovely in face, er
form and temper will always have
friends, but one who would be attrac- thi
tive must keep her health. If she is Li
weak, sickly and all run down, she t
will be nervous and irritable. If she Mr
had constipation or kidney trouble,
her impure blood will cause pimples, an
blotches, skin eruptions and a wretch- isf
ed complexion. Electric Bitters is the ths
best medicine in the world to regulate set
stomach, liver and kidneys and to
purify the blood. It gives strong _P0
nerves, bright eyes, smooth, velvety if
skin, rich complexion. It will make a an
good-looking, charming woman of a bu
run-down invalid. Only 0 cents at bo
McMaster Co.'s drug store.
Rallroads Rave Oranted a One Fare Rate del
for the Round Trip. dei
The railroads have granted a one ws
fare rate for the round trip which in- rat
sures a large crowd from the neigh- ca
boring cities coiing to the spris- s- he]
tival to be held at Columbia, il Co
26th and 27th. There will be e Ki
night concerts and one matinee. ig
orders [for seats will have prompt at- cal
tention by sending to Bryan's book ma
store. The subscriber's tickets will be qa
fve dollars, adrsitting two persons to
all three concerts. fre
The artists have all been engaged ev
and are the beet that could be gathered
together. The soprano, Mdme. Elea
nor Meredith, and the co,tralto, Miss
Clary, are both said to possess the
inest voices ever brought south. The
tenor, Mr. Emil Riuger, and the bar- fl
tone-bass of Mr. Henrich Meyn can
not be equalled. The pianist, Miss
olia Schiller, and the harpist, Mr. 0
John Cheshire, will uphold the in
strumental part of the entertainment.
The chorus, under the direction of Pa
Prof. H. J. F. Mayser, is now holding coi
rehearsals and the selections are promn- On
ised to be a treat of the occasion. A I
mixed chorus of forty voices will sing is 1
Win. S. Bennett's "May Queen", and du
the "5cene and Spinning Chorus" -br
from Wagner's "Flying Dutchmnan"th
will be sung by a chorus of sixtyve
The srt feature of the entertainment ne
will be free to all holding tickets, to
the conc ejrts It, 2he. - in' p
ggudlgefthis. cliyands.ej. me
,f the exhibits will be of the rarest Wf
ever shown. hae
The Cincinnati academy of art will M
rurnish works of students and teachers. ?
Mr. Christy's collection of pastels '97
rom the Scribuer collection of New ~
York. frii
Collection of water colors from Mit
Louisville, Ky. .-- not
Two photographic exhibits from
Washington, D. C., one a reproduc- Es
tion of mural decorations in the con- g
gressional library, and the other an
exhibit of artistic photography.
An exhibit of minatures.
Remember, the dates are April 26th
and 27th, and that the fare on all rail
roads is only one fare for the round
trip. Send orders to Bryan's hook
store, and the best seats will bere
served. - - i.e
Mrs. Harriet Evans, Kinsdale, Ill., MD
writes, "I never fa9j to relieve my 185
hildren from croup 'at once by using Wi
Dne Minute Cough Cure. I would apj
at feel safe without it " Quickly S
ures coughs, colds, grippe and all lunt
hroat and lung diseases. McMa-te Co. 190
-- Wi
Wr. T. K. Elliott Interviewed a4 so the Col
Proposed Road---Ho speaks very cgg
En.ouragingly or It- tioe
A notiCe has been published in TiE Iani
\EWS A&xn HERIiw by Mr. T. K. roa
lliott and others, which is the pre- S
liminary step towards securing a Char
ter for a railroad between Winnsboro
nd Camden. The notice attracted
sonsiderable attention here, and a
-espresentative called upon Mr. T. K.
Elliott for some information. He
ranted an inte.rview, and the qnes
,ions and answers will doubtless be
interesting to our readers.
When seen Mr. Elliott was asked:
I notice you are and others are ap.b
plying for a charter for a railroad
'rom this point to Camden, what have
ron to say as to the chances of its con
sruction ?
Mr. Elliott replied: "The proba
hilties of its being built amount al- fin
nost to an assured fact. Sub'crip
ions to the enterprise to the extent of m
ibout $2,000 per mile can be easily
secured, assuming that rights of way
will be given."
How do you ?ropose to raise the
subscription ?
'$I have not sifted the constitution
md the law as to the power of mnuni
ipaliies to vote bonds in aid of rail- J
roads, but our attorney is of the
pinion that it would be legal. Pre
sming shin it would be legal, the an
town of Winusboro would be asked
o vote, say, $50,000 thirts-year 5 per 01
:ent gold bonds to be placed in the in
b:ands of a trustee not to be delivered an
to the railroad until the road is com
pleted and the first train bas passed
aver it"H
Assuing that the town could
Legally ee schk bnds and would do
are you morally certain the road
uld be built, and within what timei
'I would be willing, if necessary,
go into a reasonable bond that the
Ad would be completed within If
a months barring a mooey panie or
ne such catastrophy."
Vhy have you selected Camden in
ad of Columbia for instance?
'A road to Columbia would necessa.
r parallel the =eathern, while a road
Camden would pass through a fer
and undeveloped country, whose
)ple are a.nxionifor railroad facili,
m and Irould probably subscribe
are liberally to obtain them, and at
mden we would reach two of the
ger systems, outside of the South
, now operating the South, namely
Seaboard and the Atlantic Coast
ome other questions were asked
Elliott, but he was net ready tc
iwer them just now. Though not
ormed by Mr. Elliott, we can say
t the parties at the back of tht
teme are not dreamers or mert
mcnlators. They are in earnest, anc
they ai supported by the peopli
d eneo. 'd, the road will b(
ilt. It is )portunity that Winns.
ro can not - d to let slip.
His Was Saved.
hr. J. E. Lilly, a prominent citizen
Hannibal, Mo., lately had a won
rfal deliverance from a frightful
sth. In telling of it he eays: "]
s taken with Typhod Fever, thal
i into Pneumonia. My lungs be
ne hardened. I was so weak ]
ildn't even sit up in bed. Nothing
ped me. I expected to soon die ,1
numption, when I heard of Dr.
ng's New Discovery. One bottle
re great relief. I continued to use
and now am well and strong, ]
't say too much in its praise." This
rvellous medicine is the surest and
ickest cure in the world for all
roat and Lunt Trouble. Begulat
es 50 cents and $1.00. Trial bottle,
e at McMaster Co.'s drug store;
,ry bottle guaranteed.
Ter In is aa Chilkea.
e Yoeu !ae A s 9aught
drs. alvin Zimmerman, Milesburg
., says "As a speedy cure for
ighe, solds, croup and sore throat
e Mindte Cough Cure is unequaled,
s ple 'ant for children to take. ]
.rtly r mmend it to mothers " I
ho * harmless remedy that pro
ces i ediate results. It cursi
mehitis pneumonia, grippe and
oat an ug disases. It will pre
t eons MeMaster Co.
rer feel
ugh C
I a
es ju
e and
fail to
liO Mfor Railb
cot Crter.
tice is hereby given that, in par
- eo he provisions of an Act of
General Assembly providing for
formation of Railroad Compa is,
iroved 28th February, 1898, Ac of
8, pages 64-70, the undersit ed
file their Declaration and make
licationa to the Hon. M. B. Cooper,
rtary of State, at his ofmce, So.
a bii, 8. C., on the 7th day of May,
0, for a charter for a railroad to be
'tructed from Winnsbore, S.5 to
ad,8. C,. to be known a.g te
p.rate name and style of i
nnsboro and Camden R .. 2.
npany ; ad also that, if th * .
rter Is granted, the said el-e
shall have the right to condemn
d for rights of way and other rail
d purpose, in the counties of Fair
d and Keahaw.
rinnsboro 8. C., April, 1900.
e are soe agents in Winns
oro for Heinz's goods.
When pou need Pickles,
ask fo- Heinz's, they
aie the best,
Heinz's Dill Pickles are
Heinz's Sweet '-and Seur
Heinz's ucimnbers in bulk.
Heinz's ndia Radish.
Heinz's elery Sauce.
Heinz's 'omato Catsup.
Heinz's Ireserves in bulk.
Heinz's .apple Butter and
Heinz's lince Meat in bulk
d glass.
This is te season for evap
ted fruts. We have them
Prunes Apples, Peaches
d Apricts
/ /
On Your Spring Shopping.
W ape 1eadj to Help You bij
81"owirag Spring eoods,
A beautiful line of White Goods in Plain Lawns,
Checked Muslin and Pique. Some of these goods
were contracted for last August, before the rise in
prices ; you can have-them cheap. Also new lot of
Hamburg, Nainsook and Lawn Embroideries.
We are also showing a large and varied stock of
Spring colors in Prints, Pereales, Colored Pique,
Duck and Zephyr Ginghams. These goods all
bought cheap. The early buyers will get the ad
We will show you good value in White Spreads,
Sheeting and Towels, and have a special bargain in
White Damask in two, two-and-a-half and three
yard lengths. These are factory ends; splendid
quality, 5oc and 75c.
We have many new things to show and you will
be interested. Give us a call.
T he Caliell Dry Goods Oompaiyi
are easier to get right than most
so any other kind. There seems to
be more scientific thought put
into their construction. Still,
there are no end
- of "scrub oaks"
- made, and no end
of slioe dealers who
BZLM ON TE BOLE. -will try to work
- i them off on the un
aybe ithere's more profit
\kind, but we'don't.
ot sell. It's
e can *give 'em any
ort its price and that
adies', Misses'
Children's Slippers.
Send Us One Dollar.
TaCame t at rrnaretouswea ndu leas ate
lueyS.grandset bargain ev, era of anda better di
and ad t ab. boh This estmaysestas 556e
eastr a ltamsm Sba art*
Publiher4and 000 uacturers. hArn, aut
[The wemer comp an y. thoroug iMaM ditr
CombinationatsmHorse.saande aikfew
P'- Horses. My mules -
are an nerhstubay bIiAhave
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I willlasela the aboveetstocks eheapafor -
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oebugg. sfothe eoplet ( are the shepst)g
goodf qadties read ofaluessfal
will beychegpifrhcarh.FrOUR ACOmer
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Visiting Cards.I
Invitations, Etc.
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to select from.
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50c to $1.00.
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Watekmaker &rdeweler.
The Easy Running..
The most -modern Sewmng
Machine of the agemrac:~
ing all the latest improve
ments. Unequaled fotra
bili X:sange W
Dealers waintedina unocu .
,pied territor~y. Correspon
denee solicited. Address,
General Agent,
ciarlette cenrcal Cglleg,
Charlotte, N.'.C., establishediin 1891
Rue Bimi Celep,
Eome, Ga., established 1n 180 '6, a
now under one management, ofers
exceptional advantages to any one
desining a thoroughly practical bnui
ness education in the shortest possible
The wi~de range of territory covered
by our employment agency afords
exceptional ohances for seenting post
tions. We will guarantee you a posi.
tton if you take our guarantee course.
The rooms in the schools are large
and convenient and well lighted.
Yeung men or yeung women may
enroll in either school any week day
during the year.
If you are a stenographer, book.
keeper or teacher and desire a peel.
tion, write the Piedmont Ageaey,
Charlotte, N. 0. If you are not a --
stenographer or book-keeper, upend a
few months in one of these schools
and get yourself in shape for earning
Should you desire to be an expert in
interest, stocks, trade discount, oe.
send 15 cent. in stamps or silver and
get our Pocket Calculator-inst what
you need.
F'or circulars and farther informas
tion. address,
D, M. McIV ,
:he Bow-legged Ghost aud Other Stories.NM
$P tha-an intro- -
A m oions
Bi~And yoi-n
icA bookb
readr ad nd
en . h aa as 'n a h
Coa Ln h, "Ppsbe ireeodutr
andokt he bo
-se aoneg o u ewseiims
trte nte freeo e. GivansT es ouee (th ow
epoeng godksfE. ddresan omt
pat ne.Send fo.-roa. Aewro.cia

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