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Annually Says Take
In tLt: r : ito Pi ' nrle , B iis,
Erup'tions au-i Geuer.! tD:l Fetelings
indi_at. t t;t ther are co'Webs ix'i
the sytemr.. It aeu.ls a thorough
bL'rushi1:g, anI the b )r brah is
Hood's Sars:spariUa, wili.bh veeps
ail huuor.+ berore i-. Tt great
meie ao r:..licates Sarof!: a, sub
dues S::lt :ieum, neutra!ze3 the
acidity whih car e3 hoaIntiia
in ssert, puri:. the blood anu
tloroughly renovates th:e whole
ph: ical s"G'em1.
." o,9 Sr::rla has b-.dn
taken in o::r fanily :- a ool puri.
1ler and spring :nrfic:iae with satis
!a-tory resulit.." Lsn. I::ir.':o
sos, 135 West Wi lia:n street, Ba:;?
N. Y.' B i sure to g ot Hood's.
Bres:an has3 a papecr ch .:ne so te
high and per_ectly firCproof.
Cough Syrup t c
Cci a. wy 2iC _:g- adrumgi.
A Story of Twi:i.
Lloyd Lowndes and Richard Lown
des. sons or Governor Lowndes of
Maryland. are twins and look very
much alike. - According to a story go
'-ng the rounds. Richard was t-rave g
through ohIo a year ago. when a matn
came through the cars and slappedh
on the bmk. "Hello. Iloyd," he said.
"s"op ov.r ,ud spe.nd the night with
iue at Chillienhe." Richard said hF
wasn't Lloyd. but the man wouldu
believe him, So he stopped over.
Among the people' he met was Mis
May Quinn. She liked him rtnd he
.ikecd her, but Richard had been mar
rled for several years. So he told his
bro'her Lloyd about her, and in proc
-"s of time Lloyd went to see her, feI
in love, propo. ed, and was mnalr.1d
last week. When he told his Lancee
that he was not the Lloyd she firs-.
ndt, but that the first Liyd was
'false. Lloyd and rer.ily Richard, he
had a hard time eonvincing her' he
was speaking the truth.
Tells About Her Daughter's Ilness
and How She was Relieved
I wo Letters to Mrs. Pinkham.
"Mns. PiNsAM :-I write to tell you
about my daughter. She is nineteen
yesars eld and is flowing all the time,
-and has been for about
.three months. The doc
2 tor does her but very
- " little good. if any. I
thought I would
e try Lvdie ' ankx
han. X e
Comp,ound, b: t
v:ant your advice'
. before beginnirig ifs
, se. I have become ,brc
very much alarmed by
about her, as she is
getting so weak.'- WE
C.&ar, Manchester -
Mill, Macon, Ga.,
- " DEAR MRs. PIN K- g
HAM :-lt affords me g
greatt pleasure to tell
you of the benlefitY my
daughter has received from the use of
Lydia E. P'inkham's Vegetable Comn
pound. After beginning the use of
vour medicine she began to mend
rapidly and is novw able to be at her 10
work. Hecr menses are regular and
almost painless. I feel very thankful ti
t'on- 7expect to aliways keep your
Vegetable Comnpound in my house. It
is the best medicine I ever knew. You m
have my permni.sionl to publish th is d
letter if you wish, it may be the means
of doing others good."-MSte. MArn.DA
A. CAMr, Mancel?sm Mill, Macon, Ga.,
September 19. ISW.
- HOICE Vegetables1
'will always fe:dA a ready I
market-but only that farmer
- can raise them who has studied
the great secret how to oi> I
tain both quality and quantity 1
by th.e judicious use of well
balanced fertilizers. No fertil
izer for 'Vegetables can produce
a large yield unless li. contains
at least 8% Pot:.sh. Send for
our books, which furnish full
information'. We send them
free of charge.
93 Nassau S:., New Y ork.
~A:t:minumn ErNT PROOF (ce-m
ftparator., Uz 1 t) 15 cos price
"p-:o-D)at e r bh nrn e. I' : * 15
cows. rr.e s- to $ Th.ey makeri
r att i .. Z IU't-tr. (cat'.ne amA w.rna
free. Don't b nt.aa y.m: hear er.i
'liret t.o the C.nsumer whe.> we have
.ngets we .ua 'reb:ht n..t F.xp,re".
GJB-ON-TiTA I M1F'G. 1..
Here it Is!
.too.ione? 1{:w IEpCTC'
- :a~ and . t"- ::rd a'.:iet
.y 2cens. in -tamr
BOOK Pi WI-I'.3tHiN O%.
ter Literary Deficiency-Tho Main Point bi
-HiII Own - Desperation - His Best
Hope-Not Very Concolin.-The Spirit
of Ite,carch-Company For Dlnner,Etc. D
;: coli' taik :bout the classies in a very In
knoingwy at
':e wai 11'e in :atheflat:c3 and in art ?
rmad*+ om11' dirplay:
ia wiz4a_culturi"i 1L znom liS:ed: bOtii Il
inl pog.ry an-.n ;t .
a:t hv ee'er st:'; real a (!o- bo ew
se -n:&n got it wrong.
-asi tgtoIn kt7r.
,The Main Poir.t.
"Kirby Skaggs is a great talker."
'-Does he ever say anything?'-- v
Jhieag R: IeCod. o
lis Own.
O..ten"Z (reading a book of poeul% lm
.--"Pa, when was the ronantic age?: 9
Pa-"When I was twenty, Ostend." e(
-Chicago News.
"I hear about the fool-killer some- rt
i:nes. Who is he?" asked Cholly. w
. There itn't any fcol-killer:" re- tr
>lied the othEr man, savagely.-Chi
:a Tribune.
Eisf es.t Ilopa".
"Cau you give re no hope?" he T
ildiv erried. b
"es," s.:ectly smiled the young o
,ri; "if you go out very quietly papa al
uay not hear you."
Not Very Consolin.
Huamorist-"The ediitor makes fin
>f my jokes."
Soacer-"Well, I don't see that you Ic
avo any kick coIning. That's moro
than you are able to do."
The Spirit of Remearch.
"Ma. oh, ma!"
"What is it, Georgie?"
r "If you had married somnebody cilo
'sides pa would 1 ha' had red hair at
blak hair?"-Indianapolis Jonua!.
Conpany For Dinrer.
Tounmc Jones-."I didn't eat halft
enough dinur."
Jimmy Brown-"What'd you have N
ir dinner?" a
Tommy Jones-"Conlpany."-Ohiob
State Journal.
A Discreet Retreit.
"My Frenclt protessor went ho:ae b
and wrote to me that he couldn't teachi
ae any longer e.cept by mail."
"Why not?" f
"ie said my prounueiatiOn thre,':- d
ened to ruin his." c
iThe wrong Line.
"It's too bad," said the condoling
friend. "I thought you were right in
ine of promotion."
"No," mournfully replied the man J
ho had lost his job. "I was right in f
the firing line."--Chicago Tribune.
In 'Thorough Subjection.
Mr. Meeker, who had gone to the a
front door to answer the postman's s
ring, put his head inside the door of c
the room where Itis wife was sitting. ,e
"It's a letter for me, my dear," he e
Iohe-- "topp T na
her, Margie. What
traighim in thatrn d.
had better play we were engaged,on
t he would play we were married."
Philadelphia Press. i
The Trail of the Sleuth. ml
First DetectiVe-"That was a very thai
at. piece of work. How did you thg
ess that man was a woman in dis- ti
Scond Detective-"I asked him the
ho was sitting there and he said cro
ranse. '"--New York Press. do
Hard to Rtemember. aga
Miss Pepprey-"Why, she doesn'a eqa
oh as if she knew her own name." ene
Miss Newitt-" She doesn't, half the sto
M mss Pepprey-"Really?" the
Miss Newitt--"Yes, you know she ter
aied a Polish nobleman."-Phila- in
lhia Press. ha
One Style ot Satire.ri
"This cartoon of yours has a certaim pal
meent of humor in it," remarked ish:
me Paris Scavengeur. . o
"es," answered the artist. I~n
ld to supply that." he
"Well, don't do it again. t, de
roys the artistic symmetry of your
'r. You must try to learn to be a
agar without being fuLnny." e
E.ptiined. p
"I must confessi to a great deal of th
goisn," said Willie Wishington. fe
"ndeed?" resp'onded Miss Cay- an
"es. I think about myself en- t
iey too much." Io
"h, that isn't egotism. That's er
n el the usual humca tendency toF
orryov er tridieL-"-Washingtonl Star.
A Sure TeM-.
"re von sure she is as gentle and4 e
ateent and amiable as she seems?" 01
ssked the friend. e
"~ot aite sure,'' answered the p
yong ma~n who is in love, "but P'n d
; oing to find out."
"I'm going to get her to ca.ll some- c.
boy up over a long-distanice tele- t
phe and then watch her."
Daner of a But4ness Education.
" This love letter that you wrote toa
me-" she said, and then paused in
"W ell, what of it?" he asked. a
"I rotice," she answered, "that 15
ha been manifolded." .
"ang it all!" he explained, as ho
iamed his hat down on his head and
statedl for the door; "I never did be
lieve in giving woman a business edu
cation."-Chicago Post.
He Conldn't Hlold It Al!.
"Madam," said the tramp, as a
middle-aged lady came to thme door in
reions to his knock, "would you.
give a poor old man a bite to eat?"
"Why," rephed the lady, "you are
certainly able to earn a hymig. You
swerwd thei wander~'~'er. "I~ ata ld
c eogh o be t..n yo"r granudfather:.
A ~oment" later ue was seatedi in
a itchen nd 'othinig she had. im
.. a,.r- '-a to' 'go for h.a.
Professor Beal. in a paper to the
uericau Society for Promoting Agri
Itural Science, reports that seeds of
large number of important plants
ill germinate af'er being k->t ii teen,
It not after tventy. year .
An analysis has been male by M.
cmionssy, of Paris, of the litl -
s of Clay that are h::; oll bik i
1 eaten by nitives in S:ue parts of
)kiu. Tue i:lt:i:dl is ike l"a'i n
appearanre nl c,m1)ouiti), a. d
itisn utriti;us sub>=an:cewh
A natent wa-' edt.
>i< of Charlote.r ' man
an apparata. f.r m:asar
Iccity of "o1 w' '
peeially the :eoceity of pt :uiinh
a single shock or COncal-;io oi 'r
:h as is caasedl by the rep rt of a
earin or other egT ci T'h p
ratus cousist5 of a holiow bo: or re- 1
>tcle closed on 21 sidem and pro
tied with a hole in its cover: this
)le is elosed by a riid lid held downli
a spring, which id when' sudden!.
ised by the action the -und
1e can'es the interrpittl(on of ele
ical ctrrent.
A life-sa-iug ll: ie whi: was
sted recently cti L:ake 1ih a' is
gasoline C:!"'1e prpeled li:'b.at.
te self-righid :. lr1)ertiis (Oi the
at were not a:I-t,:t by the additioai
the engine, which is placeti in the
ter air-tight compart me::t. The en
ne is geared to tWiu-srews, so that
ther screw may be started, stopped
reversed ind,ehendent o the other,
i it is possible to turn the boat in
very small spae Seventy-n'.e gal
s of gasoline, sa irient for a run
'8SO miles at the inmaximaum speed of
veu and One-half iLIes per hour,
l be carried in a reservoir located
a forward compartment.
The Medical Record says that excel
it results are beirg had with u-rgi
i dressings of Conunou1 wood pu!p,
el as is used as a base in th inan2
cture 'of paper. Wien maccrated
water it swells up and absorbs foar
five timles its weight of lignid. Ii
tai::s heat for a lo:g tiie and :a;es
better poultice than tax"eed or
read and milk. It can be infused
itl emollient oils or with antisepti.{
r special purposes; and it is well
lapied as a substitate for silit
indages for it dries hard an l rigid.
rdinary clean paper. b:ile i and
aked in water ti!l! redaceed to a per
!ct pulp, or paper mache, wou ld
btless answer the same purpose
here erude wood pulp is not obtain
A marvel of ingcn ily is the me
anical per"petual calendar cvu
:rncted in leisure hours by -I. Albert
aot, of 3Mans. It consists of but
ye. wheels-with a total of ninety-six
seth-and nine levers or catches, yet
is designed to indicate the day of
ae week, the ate and the month,
atomatically, for centuries, and to
ow the 29th day of February in ac
ordance wit our ca that is,
very three
nt turies
ie Bayonet
e fire of the ui
e destructive everym
of the assailants is
r losses, but at last a s
k firing line of the latter go
4oint blank of the defenders
latter see many more sahdi
rding up b)ehind. The defender
ot feel themselves beatea yet, but
- know that their assailants' lire is b
in growing egnal, and _more than:h
allt their own. Sandenly thez
my fixes bayonets and his baglesa
id the charge; the defenders have
ad still beneath his ire adl day,
y have seen their comrades scat
ed on all sides by the deadly but
sble tap of the rifle bullet, they
ee been strengthened by the merry e4
t f their own guns against the ap- Iy
ig blast of the shrapnel, but n w
enemy has ceased his noise. I He
reat bully; they were not afretd
his muskets and gnus, they he :e
so far shrunk froma him, but n(w
is coming to knife thena where th iy
nd. They are but stricken gamel
siting the coup de grace. A fu 1
yog the defenders will not fhu :ia s
a now; they, too, fix their hayonets ~
pared with the bitter hieroisni o r
lost to fight it out. Bat most men 3
er ertain death worse than ques
alde dishonor, their nerve a crack
d they fty. Thse fight is over, and
eonet, if it has not drank a drop
bbood, has not the less directly
ded it. - From "flow solaters 1
ghtt' by F. Norreys Connell.
'igl Game in American ~ 3arket.
Acorrespondenit ingnires as to the
Eat upon our domestic game5 suply
the sale of foreiga ga:ie. 'Ie
eeet of the sale of game actnally ita
rrtd would, of course, not effect tno
melCtic suppiy ia any way whatever,
lees it might he possibly it toc ims-.
rted stock were so plentiful and so.
ea )as to lessen the demand for na
ve secies. That is somectmnlg
hic'h is not likely to happen. The
snai conditions are t'aese-that
'hue there is ins the market some
ttaly imported foreign game, by
the greater proportion of the
me clabelled as foreign is AmecricanI,
a iis sold illieity nader a foreign
aun. Brazil birds are American
nail French pheasants arc American
dieedgrouse.-Focrest and Stream.
Phophate rock is mined in South
aroiina and converted into a flionr
a the mnis have been foun-d many
aee substances which give evidene
E life before the deluge. Thes
Lutedlbian relics have attracted the.
itietion of seientists of two wvorlds
'her are monster tusks, teeth of al
;izs and shapes, fish bones in gr-eat
uannity, all of which is ground u
udue1 ae to produee the great Si,utu
wen net ji -
.:eeve man~ alwaJ.< likes to sit niu
o aa leser woman at dinner, b-ecaaze
m..,.. --wO.l.5. -irrerr>tpOs a man
Chinese TalIs of His C'iood in tba
Old Countr
"When I was a bc said Moy
ee, tea merchant, larynan an:
aterpreter, at 213 N Ielafaro
treet, "I went to scho, my native
illage of Shin-King,ghty-seven
iles from Pekin. I weven years
.d when I started to ool and, of
>urse, the teacher wasnan. Now
hero are women teact in Chiua,
hinese women, but is a net,
1ino. We sat on sic with desks
efore ns and studied al. At ten
'ears old I could write y well, and
ad to learn every word a long les
on by heart. The Ther had 9
tick, and scmetitmes, not often'
ic would nunish a 1. either b1
triking hitn on the 1: or on th:
eat of his trousers.
"There are no bad vs in Chin,
is there are here in thi.intry. Th
oys are respectful anoolite to al
vho are older than thselvea, an
vhile they have their rs and thei
n they do not think fun to hut
my one.
"You have een boysaco a pACiE
toe on the sidewalk a,lwhen a pel
ton stoops to pick it upa have see
hat package (for there a string tie
o it, and a boy at t other end c
.e string) move awaynder a crac
u the fence. That i, old trick i
"The boys here in :terica do n:
now what long schooours are.
vent to school early itho mornin
)efore the birds begato sing. Afti
bat we went to breakat and then
tinner and in the eveng to suppe
those were long, ionjays,. the bo:
acre would say, but e Chinese bo:
id not say anythin;abont it. V
ast sat on our stoc and sung o
ur lessons all at tlh same time
lnd as we could.
"Vacation came aug in the ho
rest time when the rb was gathere
Then we played: at fing kites.
:id not, as boys do h e, fly kites a
.iie. No, there wat season for
ud we flew them a no other tim
ho boys in China w on stilts it
as boys do here, an. play at bli:
fold, hide and seek ad leap frog, I
all in a different wayroni here.
We had great spct fighting b
les. We would fid these in
lields and train themo light and
would lay wagers on 'hich would '
jst as you do here o prizefight
"No neighborhood iLChina can
ford to have a bad bo: in it. S
pose a Chinese New 'ear, when
are all shtoting fire rackers, st
one would shoot a reviver. Th
would be great tronbe. Not c
would the one who sho the revol
be punisihed, but his relatives
neighbors and the ma;istrate of
district would be pad shed or re
manded, because in China
things must not happen A stral
ould walk through my village a:
night with no one to hurt him.
wonld be safe all the titie. It is
o in this country.
"We had great sport in shoothn
pparrows with bow and arrow, an'
body ever shoet at perso s as
boys do here with airgtyss. The
thout hurtii
ine years old n
my father gave me
hen I was twel
a tea merchant
ught mne to tia
erit years ago
*s old) ~L we
a wife. 3
other found
t know her.
I1 we were mi
wife and Ca!
She is the or
ianapolis, and~
in Indiana. I ha
C.inajeighteen tim
1 t1 ~. lized American c1
n, and . elections."-Inldit
'o News.
-Large or swNay Books
"Te day of big books has gone b:
marked a New Orleans dealer
he eve3ing, speaking of some"
at fine publications. 'Up to af
arss ago all the art-prints and hai
aie limited editions of standi
s wore either folios or someth
nst as large. There's a beauhi
t t ofDickens, for instance, prin
=G. The illustrations alonec
thy 830,000, and it represent ed hi
.tr mark in the mechanical ec<
mue at that pecriod. But look at
ze of the volumes. They are alm
biigand heavy as standard cy
caaas! At present the tendenc:
et the other way, and the majo:
thhreally fine books that are be
ushed are small and light.
maal cover measurement is from
y seven to six by eight inches,
ost of the standard novels are c
gg ot in that size. One reason'a
ieooks have gone ont or favori
ikke you at Girst bhish as rather i
h,, ut I'm assured of its import
v ppblishers who have made then:
lictiae stndy. The big book c
Mr d in bed. It's to'o heavy tc
eld wwhen one is in a reclinng y
on while the small, compact
ie can be handled as easily'
ingzzine. The great, massive i<
f the old timies made nice ornam
for the centre-table and came in hm
erter tiyounger children to sit o
table, but to really read thema v.
ob for an athlete."-ewV Odi
A Cure For Lem'rosy.
~ To dozen speielns of the i
knowwn nVenezue!la as the tan
have been sent from Washingto
w wii for the purpoe of meitu
test of its aleged po-,ver as a cure
eprrosy. The plant will i)3 teste
the eprosy hospita!s there, wv
l073 lepers will atYord every fat
for a thorough trial. Surgeon
miehei, of the 3Marine Hospital,
als ent half a dozen bottles o
liqid preparation to Iolakai,
this will be used for immediate
whle plants will be set out and
vate with the purpose2 of Prov
unlimite fresh matter for furthe:
Wonerful stories are current in
czueaabout the marvelous cam
uroerties of tua ta when appl
leposy, a.l the Government
sicias attach considerable impor
to teevidence given tnrem.
propped.also to test ~ ~ he1
land tjj;
Excellent CoverinZ For Woodwork.
One of the most common obstaciea
presented to the house-decorator is
that of cheap wood-work. Some
times it is extre0lelY difcult to give
a good finish to the common doors
and frames that are found in many
residences, or it happens that jnst the.
shade of paint needed is impossible.
to blend. To obviate either of these,
conditions decorators are now c;ering
wood.work with chintz or burlaps, aUL
,he effect is exceedingly good.
Arrangu ;I:;]iower=.
HereC ar.e five golden rules that.
should be observed by those who often
arran-e f:ower. Use plenty oL fohi
r n . Put your ilowers in very lightly.
Use artistic glasses. Do not usenmore
than two, or at most three, diferent
kinds cf flowers in one decoration.
Arrange your colors to form a bold
contrast, or, better still, a soft liar
l mony. The aim of the decorator
r should be to show off the flowers
not the rises that contain them;
therefore, the simpler ones are far
preferable to even the most elaborate.
Glasses for a dinner table should be
either white or a deiieate shade of
a green, brown or rose color, according
,f to the flowers arranged in them.
Artistic Peasant Furniture.
Rush-seated chairs and settees with
mahogany or stained wood frames are
it .aint pieces of furniture shown in
the art furniture shops. The wood is
ometimes stained forest-green, silver
gray like birch bark, soft, light brown,
or dead black like old oak. The rush
r seats sire usually light reddish brown
or pale yellow like willow. Across the
broad, flat topkof the chair or settee is
painted a motto in old English letter
ing, the first letter of each word paint
ed in a brighter color than the othei
letters, after the fashion of old illum
inated lettering. Across the back o
a low inglenock seat is painted th
sentiment: "East, west, home-sbest,
in black letters, the capitals in scar
ilet. Across the top of a solid book
- case of black oak, with mullionei
panes, appears the legend: "Book
- are a substantial world, both pure an
good; round these our pastime an
our happiness will grow " in letters <
scarlet and white. French, Scotc
t and English mottoes are drawn upo
e to appropriately ornament the sid,
vi board, the hanging plate rack, til
rs" study table and the treasure ches
a- The effect is delightTully quaint ar
p pretty.--New York Commercial Ai
we vertiser.
e The Shrinking or Gingham.
nl In iaking up dresses of ginghat
cr Madras, pique, etc., especially wi
an+ domestic naterial is chosen, the goo
he should be shrunk before cutting. TI
ri- may be done by dipping the fabl
ach quickly in water, allowing it to i
er main long enough to wet it thoroug
Sor ly, but by no means soaking it. L
He it from the water and drain with<
not wringing; hang so that threadsr
straight, and shake from time to ti:
puntil almost dry, then press carefu
w'o-~ith a hot iron. The rapid dry1
ethius induced will result in the desil
osishrinking. Heavy linens andf
French.or s' amnghams do. not,
should be cut inaibyace o
Lhe thread, otherwise they wf/
to hang unevenly after their first visit
t> the laundry. A very common
source of dissatisfaction in the appear
inance of wash-dresses made in the ma
i~terials above described is to be traced
(tto the employment of a too fiue ma
rhine stitch, which often puckers
seam badly, especially if the material
has not been shrunk previous to mak.
ng. Even with exceedingly fine or
~a1die a medium-sized stitch is pre.
erable, especially for long seams suel>
as occur in skirts. This is a defec't it
jhome dress-making that should be
ye qually guarded against in the stitch
ing of veiling cloths, India silks, 01
t. til gin ghains. .t-ven wuere stitchini
.u.is emloyed as garniture a smoothe:
effect~will be gaiued by setting th<
machine so as to bring fromx eighteel
to twenty-t we stitches within the ic
~'In stitching up bias seams in gin~
ahe ams or other wash fabrics these wil
be best sustained by backing ther
ewwith a narrow bias str.ip of same mi
era. Stayed in this way there neel
rdbe no fear of disaster after laandering
ing-Harper's Bazar.
Re le2ipes.
'ostBaked Corn - To one pint.C
-canned corn add one pint of mill
t- three tablespoonfuls of sugar, tw
thebeaten eggs, one teaspooniul of sal
t ta very little pepper, one tablespoonfi
>.o of butte- and one tablespoonful<
is flour, moistened in a* little cold mill
:ytyBake one-half hour.
ngCupid's Salad--Cut out hear
teo shaped pieces of tomato jelly (thi
revewas hardened in a large, fiat vessel
nd and lace on crisp leaves of lettuc
- U~Prepare a cup of stoned olives slice
7h id chopped cucumber pickle; n
iti mayonnaise and place a litt
- heap upon each red heart. Very I
C ractive-ooking salad and original.
eoast Peppers, Sardine Filling.
R nt oat six large green peppers. Pe
) ft the thin skin and take out the,
1ies Stuff with minced sardin
p. ain) and roll each pepper in grat
a: heese. Sprinkle a plate lightly wi
cees e, lay the peppers on, pointi
from the center, and garnish betwe
with tiny white lettuce leaves or b:
aat of blanched celery.
aStuffed Onions-Select large Spe
us sh onions, cut off the tops and ta
out as much ci the center as possi!
without letting thenm fall apart 1
with sausage meat, season with p<
taner and salt, place a piece of butter
totoach one, and steam until they
a tender, or they may bo put into
for overed stewpanl with two-thirds of
daatacfil of butter and stewed ur
itvit Cheese Tarnovers - These m
Car e made small and dainty to be nice
hs Grate a cup of cheese, or, it
theh armbly, moist kind, roll it with
t and jhns; then with a paddle stir
test Iether a half-cup of sugar and a hi
lti-i-ttaspoon of ground cinnamon with
indicehese. Prepare a mece flakey
tee.e.dough and roll out into small circ1
Yen- then put in a spoon of the miit
itieeaad cover with the dough. Mois
i tith tote os with milk and bake mic<
hy-y-Fine to serve with coffee, chocolati
neeeeother beverages.
snd jembers of the Chicago bar
ter arise when the judge of
~ers the. rooni, auxd renr
n+il thie indge is seated
The Only Thing That Gives Relief."
r. E. Latimer, Bioxi, IisS.,
ai an itchy breaking out on her skin,
and1 she sen'(s Si for two boxes, saving:
"'etterine is the only thing that gives
e relief." This is strong language,
disinterested and voluntary. It cures
all skia diseases, tetter, itch. eczema,
sit-rheum, etc., and never fails, 50c.
a bos at druggist or send stamps to
J. T. Shuptrine, &avannah, Gs.
Not So Looney.
Lunatics often assume a superiority
of intellect to others which is Quite
amusing. A gentleman while walking
along a road not far from the side o
whl"h r.n a railway. encountered a
number of Insane peopie out for ex- En
er.ise. With a nod toward the raii
way lines, he said to one of the luna- B
-irs: '-Where does this railway go
:o?" The lunatic looked at him scorn'
ully for a moment and then replied: to
'it doesn't go anywhere. We keep it
here to run trains on."--Agate. F
7,L;; s COL ' oath that he is the
s.nlor partn': of theiir oiTof F. J. ( IrEY
1'o..udoin, husine* 11nth idi Trmidi - t
:uj state.aforcarid, aD EDLta i w I
the sum r" NEr 0t CATA1I'; that cannot b
cured by th,e use of FAI.I K C.ATAUR
Sworn to before ie i uhscrihed in my
presece, this ith day of Decembe, . C
SE :1. A. i). I23$' A1. W. (iLEAtit)N
ii's Catarrh' Cure - taken internally. anc
ctdir etly on the 11d a:d fn mnoils Irtacc
of the syste1. e1 roEr -oled, .
SlbDrgst. .".
1all's Family Pillas.re the best.
A neculiar thing about bridal pairs is that
they are sotet when green.
-o ('u ai cold o 1 st n ay.
Take LAXAT'.iE E iO MtO04 1:iy w.r.T'. tl'
llrg~~~ cfmfldthInonr3 fit f.IIk~to cn"c.
-. r S n inatura .s on each box. .,c.
(3RO r r'inaw99ot
ctn. alofy pa:n c!:irs wind co. i, -. c a b'ttle,
It's funny that a fellow isn't "in theswim
- when society throws him ov--rboard.
'he Best Prescription for Chilln
-'t Fever is a bottle of GionVE' TAs rELEss
S itasteics fori. isompe-in:.pay. rice.c.
d The averaae man som-what resembles a
lobster. He's not so green after he's been in
ht hot water.
Thirty minutes is all,the time required to
me dy'e with PUr\AI kADaL.:S DYE. sold by
t. all druggists.
"A man can't be expected to settle down."
ays the Mausynk Philosopher, 'whean he
can't settle up.
I u'e Piso's Care 'or C insumption both in
my family and practi+e.--Dr. G. W. PATTER
soN, Inkster. M ch.. Nov. 1S9t
BIl VITALITY l *. debilitat4l or . xhad
by r. iine& Invioraiz Tonte. FE.L $n
r, Ld.t3 Arch S t iltide phia founded 1871.
It seems so odi that love is blind, and yet
;l- can fln.1 a way.
it --
11y PECIAL BUGGIES with long bod
ing undter seat, Steel or Rubber Tirel
ed with stick seats. Buggies with W
i9 PneumatiC Tires and Ball-Bearintg Azl
'~' aGET OR WR R18
Factory Loaded 2
" LEADER " loaded with Smo
RIVAL" loaded with Black
other brands for
Win'chester Shells are for sale
~havng them when you buy an
COUP aus 4 0L .8. (Jrandmother used it. why
not you? ls the gratest; m. dicine kno,wnl. Mold ii'
e.drtE~1t 3$L C. Rs oy N .
- - for alirmarmer of
A 0u i Is c If lLO O 5e p c (0
Tis is a most v.alu able B ck
fororhe ucuusehold, teach n:: as. it
does the easity-.dL.tinLgushed It
.ke symptoms or dlerentL D,seases,.
)thheCuc' and i 3cans of Pre
vI vnt ng l such D-eae-, anid the /' M t .
'ill[I timppe-t Remedies whica will al
levvrte or cure.
ap- :ss ages, iero!isely mulsen4ted.,
Thhe 12ook is written' t an a
ireerfrom the tehnical terms which
rener most Doctor Books so
a vaaueess~L to the generality of
rea esters. Tis Book it' in- -, lV
'C'oende sthsl30tgnld to beet .service in ,~
ittn the F amuity, d is so) wo.red
as to:se reatiy understood Uy all
0.5L Y 60 et. PO'sTPA ID.l /
tist Postage Stamps Taken.
stt- ain so m tuh informauition Rela-. i
the ire..aDisease, t,ut very proper- I' M
Zthe veyting r:ertamfinge to C,ourt- .
tohip, M '.arrage anti thet Prudue
to- ttnonad Itearing of Healthy -
altf. Familics,together with Valuable
,enean Prescriptions. EX
theeplannationsof ilotanica! kractice,
oretuefOrdinary iterbs,&c
pie Cxrtv;a.1iEX.
134 34Leonard St., N.Y. City caess
4.y. -
willl' ~ -
.. Also cigarZette and othel
ES TE.. Tobaccobabii+ -
tients board and lodge in the Instit;ttion.
e-s or call at
g Plain Street, COLLnBIA, S C.
ines; Corliss. Automat-c, plain side
)ilers, Heaters, Pumps.
Saw Mills, from smali Plantation Mills
the Ilearviest 11111s In the market.
.Al kinds of Wood W)rking Machinery.
our and Corn Milling Machinery.
Complete Ginning Sy.stems-Lummus,
an Winle and Thomas.
Engines, Boilers, Saws. Gins In Stock for
ick delivery.
/. C. BADRAM & CO.,
1326 .Main St..
OLUiBIA. " S. C.
o ooo cO o uo w;&f
This is Whby I can
. . J T : BUlT N0W GOD.
The Instrumentls re ren e na h
srarranted by rep aUnhinyo oubar
eldor,Cd by me, Makin. yF ou1
Write for catalogue to,
General French, the dashing British
caalry leader in South Africa, is nol
an Irishman. He comes of. a famill
long settled in Dorsetshire, England,
that probably generations ago came
from Galway, where the French clan it
es and drawers
. Fancy Buggies .
ire W.hels,
s. Buggies
CT -
~hotgun Shells.
keless powder and " NEW
powder. Superior to all4
by all dealers. Insist upon
I you will get the best.
& 3.50 SHOES j1o*
Worth S4 to$6 comfpared
with other makes. 2
Indors.ed by over &
The genuine .have W. L.
Dogas' name and price
stamped cu bottom. Tlake
~;no subOstitute claimed to be
as good. Your dealer
hould keen them -if
not, we will send a y-ir
--- rce pt of prce ane C
olisize, and wid-h, plain or can toe. Cat. free.
cayiISW. L. DOUGLAS SHOE 00., Stockton, Mass.
It mire- nervOu's sy.tem to do . WA C'O
C- O is the or.ly cure that REAL.LY CURES
an noti -- you w ben to stop .-old wiah a
guaarnte that three bnxres will cure any cape.
BA C0-CUR r';d*xh.uid". t'will
cur-on. A ti t/ rist4'r bi mail prid.
$1 15x:a bxe $250Booklet tree. Write
EC EKALh C.iEMICAL C0.. LaCrosme. Wis.
Booler T. Wash
the .gtory sif his
gives his views on
anndall his best speeches. Weit-, and cired
peple are cifline advanced orders. A bonanza
foren . Writ e to- ay. We would like to engage
a fe able white men to suoe intend 'gen e.
o.. 12-924 Auigeil Building. Atianan',.
No Medicine to Swallow!I
.s I .JIiS -fit ted money rcudd.
0o; treo ippucan. Send
21ANING G ROE RY .C-3., Manning, S. C.
ho LE GTS- A- on . - .- s-- C. AY)' A
ENTITON is facilitat d if you m.entn
A .ap.r whed wineadve -l~ --' -*14
cae~Boot o testimonlis and 10 dare' astmedt
s. ar L2.oQI.EsnSOSS. 5.1 5. AUMIi -S.
Lg EhCo.. E. Ln'.egas. N. 3. fr igulain.

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