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Tuesday, Ma- I, - - - 1900
-Mr Hugh S. Wylie is out for
County Treasurer.
-Read Mr D. E. McDowell's an.
nouncement for Sheriff.
-Mr B. G. Tennant announces him.
self this mornirg for Sheriff.
-Mr John J. Neil announces him
self for Clerk of Court in this issue.
-Mr John W. Lyles announces
himself for Clerk of Court this morn
To sesure the original witch hazel
salve, ask for DeWitt's Witch Hazel
Salve, weli known as a certain cure for
piles avd :1-in diseases. Beware of
worthless counterfeits. They are
dangerons. McMaster Co.
-Mies Amelia Lauderdale has been
quite sick and went to Chester Sunday
for treatment.
-Mr John G. Wolling is a caudi
date for the House of Representatives.
Read his card.
-BARGAIN-Gents' collars, good
shapes; 6 for 25c.
The Caldwell Dry Goods Co.
"I used Kodol Dyspepsia Cure in
my family with wonderful results. It
gives immediate relief, is pleasant to
take and is truly the dyspeptic's best
friend," says E. Hartgerink. Overisel,
Mich. Digests what you eat. Can
not fail to cure. McMaster Co.
-Bishop Capers.held services in the
Episcopal Church both morning and
evening Sunday.
-Mr. A. L. Porter, who has been
quitc sick for the past few weeks, was
reported much better Monday.
-Read the card of Thos. F. McDow,
of Yorkville, who ii a candidate for
Solicitor of the sixth judicial circuit.
Lewis Ackerman, Goshen, Ind.,
says, "DeWitt's Little Early Risers
alw.ays bring certain relief, cure my
headache and never gripe." They
gently cleanse and invigorates the
bowels and liver. McMaster Co.
-Potato bugs are a pest-Paris
green 1ills themont. J. H. McMaster
& Co. have it in any amount. Cane
seed. Don't forget them when you
want it.
-The Caldwell Dry Goods Co. have
a very handsome line of negligee
-Hennies, of Columbia, will be at
Thesplan Hall to make photographs
for one week only from May 3rd. All
sizes and styles of photos made. Call
,at once. Six good photos for 35c by
LWin. Orr, Newsrk, 0., sas "We
never feel safe withent One Minute
Cough Care in the houise, It saved
my little boy's life when he had the
pneumonia. We think it is the best
medicine mide." 1t cures conghs and
all lung diseases. Pleasant to take,
harmless and gives immediate results
McMaster Co.
-The Caldwell Dry Goods Co. ca l
your attention to their "hot weatber
goods," millinery and shoes. They
- e r -your patronage and d
will etheorts to please
you in goods'and prices.
-I have moved my beef market da)
from the old stand near Law Range ~
and will be in the old Habenicht build
ing during the summer, where I will
sell ice in connection with my beeflu
market. William Rosborough. M
c A.O Q 22. A.. the
Bears the The K(indi You Hats Always Bought i
-- bur
ATHE WATER Surrt.-The follow- val,
nigis tha repc:'t of the policeman on
the water supply measurements takenaf
on Monday morning: wa:
Cisterns. Capacity. ft. in.
Court-house. .17 0 16 11 ~
Depot...........16 7 8 5 u
elliott's ...... .-11 3 9 3
Neil's ...... ....17 7 16 1 this
Miller's......... 8 8 0 wit
l'hillips',........1 5 10 7 ~
Cummings'..... 17 8 17 2 g
College.........15 3 16 0 cou
Smart's..........16 6 15 2
Millinery! Millinery!
Are you willing to be ccnvinced that troi
we can scil you choice up-to-date mil. the
linery goods at the lowest prices? f hea
you are, kindly call on us before pur- foe'
ehasing. J. 0. Bosg. like
_____________________ Ida
Red Hot from the Gun Bitl
Was the ball that G. B. Steadmian, wh~
of Newark, Mich., in the Civil War. car4
It caused horrible Ulcers that no treat- mo
mient helped for 20 years. Than Buck- goo
len's Arnica Salve cured him. Curcs taik
Cuts, Bruises, Burns, Boils, Felone, hay
Corns, Skin Erupticns. Best Pile cer:
cure on earth. 25 cts. a box. Cure Evt
guaranteed. Sold by Meclaster Co.
The following are the eens~us ennume. roS~
ratort for Fairfield county : so)
Township No 1, Robt R Je ffarcs; No has
2, Jno B Morrison, Walter A Blain; the~
No 3, D M Dixon; No 4, W F Scott; bas
No 5, N A Peay, Jr; No 6, Thomas HI
Jones; No 7, Joe Coleman; No 8, Wm cui
G Hinaiant; No 9, Jas T Young ; No to 1
10, A L Scruggs; No 11, Wm B Yar- "
borough; No 12, Thos M Jordan; No Th:
18, W Beykin Lyles; No 14, James M Wi
Stewart. her
;Ml1I1ln Given Away. bor
It is certainly gratifying to the pub- ~
lic to know of one concern in the land.
who are not ofr-aid to be generous to Sil
the needy and suffering. The. propt-ic- :bia
tors of Dr. King's New Discovery for 3
Constumptioni, Courhs and Colds, have Ga
giveni away over teni miliou trial but- V
tlee of this great mcedicine; and have the
the satisfaction of knowing it has ab-' 3
solute!v cured thousands of hopeless:g
V cavs. Astbr::a, Urohchiti, Hoarse
nes- and all diseases of the T biroa!.
Chest an'd Lunrs are suired by it. Ca!t 3
erCo , druggista, and get a '-D
*free. Regular size 00. and ver
dbettle guaranteed, or price tivi
A. . S ~Mc
Mrs. Jno. M Lnin.>n died :t he
home in the county mqt Sstardiy, am
the funeral services were hed i
Sunday. Th birial took p'tce a
Milling'd Cro;s-Rads. Mrs. Lemmol
was a daughter of Robt. Young, at
honorable Fairlield family. Sho wa:
married when 17 year. o't age A
Christian .voman, she Wa. a devotec
wife and mot)her. She wa; a can
sistent me:ber of the Presbyteriai
Church, and was instrumni;tal it
having the ehpe' at Milling's Cross
Roads i'(cted.
She is survived by her husband,
Mr. John M. Lemmozn, and children:
Messrs. William Lemmon, Law Lem
mon, Mrs. Mary Milling, Mrs. Jame.
Cathcart, and Misses Janie and Belle
For Over Firty Years.
has been used for over fifty years by
millions of mothers for their children
while teething, with perfect success.
It soothes the child, softens the gums,
allays all pain, cares wind colic, and
is the best remedy for diarrhoea It
will relieve the poor little sufferer
immediately. Sold by druggists in
every part of the world. . Twenty-five
cents a bottle. Be sure and ask for
"Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup,"
and take no other kind. 1-1-17
Parsuant to tha call of the county
chairman the Democratic Clubs in the
county 7met on last Saturday. The
following is a partial list'
President-T L Johnston.
Vice-President-Robert Moore.
Executive Committeeman- Jno G
Delegates-John G Mobley and Jo
M Gayden.
Preaident-T H Ketchin.
Vice-Presidents-W C Beaty and
W G Jordan.
Executive Committeeman - T K
Delegates-T q Ketchin, J U Stew.
art, W. C Beaty, E B Ragsdale, J E
McDonald, J M Elliott and T K Elliott.
President-S R Johnston.
Vice-President-II S Wylie.
Executive Comritteeman-Robt Y
Delegates-R U Jennings, R Y
rurner and U G DesPortes.
"-T8 ZA'AVl Oo Bts Y
Mr. J. F. L. Habenicht spent Siun
lay in town.
Mr. Joe Cummings spent Sunday in
own with relatives.
Mrs. James Bryson is spending
everal daysa in Chester.
Mrs. Chas. Dwight will attend t
[rs. Mclver Gregg Lis expec e -
to visit Mrs. G. II. McMaster. Co
lias Besie Timmons is visiting Mr.
Mrs. Douglass, of this county.
[r. Ed Porter came up from Co
thia Sunday and returned Monday.
3. WV. D. Donglass leaves to-day for
musical festival in Spartanburg. -
liss Elizabeth G. Dwight is ex- Sa:
ted home from Washington to-day. lov
isa Patti Elliott leaves for Spartan
g to-day to attend the musical festi- 3
[iss Bessie McMaster has returned co0
r spending : . ral days in Ridge- Iti
r. IH. L. Elliott spent Sunday is
2 his family and returned to Co- br
bia Monday morning. thr
rs. Walker returns to Ridgeway ver
morning after spending some time --
b her daughter, Mr's. A. L. Porter.
aster Tallie Douglass, of Wash
on, ar~rived here Friday night and
isiting his grandparents in this
Erave Men Fall
ictims to stomach, liver and kidney Ai
bles as well as women, and all feel
results in loss of appetite, poison cr(
the blood, backache, nervousness, kil
iache and tired, list'ess, run-down
ing. But there's no need to feel thl
that. Listen to J. WV. Gardner, siz
ille, Ind. He says: "Eectric
ers arie just the thin~g for a man
n be is all run down, and don't
w'.sther he lives or dies. It did
'na give me :cw strength and
d :1ppetite than anything I could
.I can now eat anything and
e a new lease on life." Only 50
s, at. McMaster Co.'s drug store.
r'y bottle guaranteed.f0
here is ran epidemic of grippe and tel
ola in -ur' town and community; bo
Smember of almost every family 01
heen sick, and in some instances
entire family; bowever no case
proved asrions.
r G L Roeborough, who has been
ec ill for the past few days, is ableJ
e out again.
r Charles E and Mliss Jennie C
ma=, who have bceen spending the
ter' in Rliverside, California, came
ie esterday.
[iss Basie McMastern, of Winns
, is visitir~g fri.mn4 in town.
, Ja; R1 D~ePories assisted at the w
moans-Tayer i wedding in Colum- fat
lia SdLia Riosborough, of Augu-ta, cr1
spent a few clays in town. pet
ev and Mirs Turnipseed are visiting C.)
;arenits of the Ise in Greenwood. SUI
hrs A L Ot t and chilar.:n ate visit- 11
relative. in~ Orangeburg L * in
pril 30, 1000 wi
I. B.Smnh, Butteinut Mh , says,
eWin's Limre Early JRiacra are the
-, bst piils I ever used for cos
iness, liver' and bowel troub:es."
r I We are having fine spring weath<
j now. The farmers have started the'
plows after one week they lost, owin
to the constant rain that fell near]
every day. It was very heavy attime
and did much damage to the land, ani
the seed that was planted. The ]an(
that was prepared for planting wa!
worse flooded and torn up than it ha
boen since the May flood of '97.
The grain crop is the finest at thi
date than it has been since the yea
The health of the community is i
little better now than it has been foi
several weeks. Nearly all the sick art
convalescent. There was hardly a
family in this section that escaped the
grippe, and nearly every one down at
the same time.
Our community was shocked to hear
of the death of our old neighbor and
friend, Mr. J. A. Weldon. He had
been unwell for several months, bat
his death was unexpected up till a few
hours before he died. An old, honest,
upright and good citizen has paseed
away. He died at his son-in-law's,
Mr J A Gibson, where he had been
living for several yeard.
The White Oak High School will
close its session in a few days.
A!r Clarence Mobley has been ap
poii.; d agent and operator at White
Oak in place of Mr J M Neace.
WI.at has become of the Fairfield
Memorial Association? Up to two
years ago this association was in a
flourishing condition. The 10th of
May, decoration day, was always
looked forward to with great interest,
and on that day we always had a fine
address from some old ex-Confederate,
a fine program carried out and the
graves of our xoble Confederate dead
lovingly decorated with beautiful
flowers. Have our gallant dead been
forgotten? God forbid! And what
has been done with our Confederate
monument that our Irue and loving
ladies worked so hard for many years
to erect to the memory of our noble
dead? Can't dear old Fairfield with
the twelve hundred dollars already on
hand raise a supplement sufficient to
erect at least a plain shaft of old Fair
field granite in old Fairfield's capitol
to the everlasting memory of old Fair
field's noble Confederate dead? I
think so.
Many hearty congratulations go
down from this community to Mr and
Mrs J W Weathersby, the former
home of Miss Nannie. She was al
ways admired and was a favorite of
everyone when she lived among us.
May j.y, peace and prosperity be with
them all their days.
A pril 28, 1900. Sentinel
Working Night and Day
l'he busiest and mightiest little thing
tat ever was made is Dr. King's New
Life Pills. Every pill is a sugar-coat
ed globule of health, that changes
weakness into strength, listlessness
nto energy, brain-fag into mental
power. They're wonderful in build
og up the health. Only 25c per box.
Sold by McMaster Co., druggists.
,at The Caldwell Dry Goo
Tthe Thbe Kind Yoa Have Always BO~ght
-We take orders for wall paper.
ples on hand to select fro. -. Prices
r. The Caldwell Dry Goods Co.
rs. Calvin Ztmmerman, Milesburg
,says, ' is a speedy cure for 1
ghs, colds, eroup and sore throat jf
a Minute Congh Cure is unequaled. l
s pleasant for chIldren to take. I Z
rtly recommend it to mothers." It
he only harmless remedy that pro
es immediate results. It cures'
nchitis, pneumonia, grippe and ,
oat and lung disases. It wiU pre
t consumption. McMaster Co.
e a pest that robs us of our
>p of potatoes. Paris Green fin
Is thern outright and saves .
Scrop. We have it in all ml
e packages to suit you, even
you want a small amount.
forage. It is the best for
r country should you need ant
age. Come and we will
I you about it. We have or~
th Early Amber and Early in
ange Cane Seed. an
Don't forget us.
,H. McMaster
& Co.,
Druggists. TO
Beware of a Cough.
L coughi is not a disease but a .nymp
I. Consumption and bronchitis, -y
ich are the most dangerous andyo
a diseasee, have for their first indi- tina
ion persistent cough, and if prop- or
r- tr eated as soonl as this congh ap' 190(
rs are easily cured. Chaamberlain's and
agh Rernedy has preven wonderfully hav
cessful, and gain~ed its wide repnta- can
a and e-xtensive sale by its success o
cuing the diseases which cause Si
ab~s If it is not beneficial it SU
I noi cost you a cent. For sale by o
Master C3., druggists Api
The One Day Cold Cure.
?or colds and sore throat use Kcrmott's Choco
L~axative Quinine. Easily taken as candy
For I ts and Children.
; The Kind You Haye Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of .7
s Rev. W. E. Sitzer, W. Caton, N. Y.,
writes, "I had dyspepsia over twenty
years, and tried doctors and medicines
s without benefit. I was persuaded to
r use Kodol Dyspepsia Cure F.nd it
helped me from the start. I believe it
to be a panacea for all forms cf indi
gestion." It digests what you cat.
McMaster Co.
Mrs. Harriet Evans, Hinsdale, Ill.,
writes, "I never fail to relieve my
children from croup at once by using
One Minute Cough Cure. I would
not feel safe without it" Quickly
cures coughs, colds, grippe and all
throat and lung diseases. McMaste Co.
Solicits a snare of the public patron
9-26 Iv
All persons are hereby notified not
to trespass upon tha landd of 'he un
dersigned. The law will be enrorced.
Notice of Sale.
MAY next, we will offer for sale, be
fore the Court House door in Winns
boro, S. C., within the legal hours of
sale, the store-house and lot in the
town of Blythewood, S. C., known as
the J. D. Hogan store-house, which is
bounded as follows, to wit: On the
north, south and west by lot or land
now or formerly owned by W. J.
Johnson, and on the east by the South
ern Raihvay Company. Said Jot con
tains one-fourth of an acre, as shown
by plat made by W. B. Elkin, Sur
veyor. Terms, will be announced on
day of sae, o. may be had before sale
on application to J. E. McDonald, at -
torney at law, Winnsboro, S. C.
4-28 3 Owners in Fee.
Agents For
e are sole agents in Winns
>ro for Heinz's goods.
N~hen you need Pickles,
ask for Heinz's, they
are the best,|
Heinz's Dill Pickles aer , -
-Ieinz's Sweet rand Sour|
ed. IE
?-einz's Cucunibers in bulk.|j
-Ieinz's India Radish.I
Heinz's Celery Sauce.
deinz's Tomato Catsup.
-Ieinzs Preservcs in bulk.F
Heinz's Apple Butter and
S-einz's Mince Meat in bulk
I glass.
lhis is the season for evap- y
.ted fruits. We have them open
Prunes, Apples, Peaches to se
I Apricots, cons
Notice. Alm
COUNTY. |whei
ou are reqiired by law to work
r section ot the public rotd. put- ti02
them in goodl condition at once,
not later than~ the 10th of May, C
asthe roadIs a:e ini bad comldition
must be worked. Over-eers who
e paid off, or for any othrr cause
not wor'k ur have dac roads
ked, will pece notifyghe Conty On
ervisor at once. moert,
one by order of tt :ount v Board sumfS
mis~ioners thi 'the 21s: day of No c
-il, A. D. 1900. u al
D. . BROOM, o
24 6 om.is.i;ner. 11
Prepare for "it by Buying Light
Weight Goods.
W E can please you in Colored Lawns, Organdies, Dimity
Stripes, Batiste, Zephyr Ginghams, in great variety
of colorings. Prices from 5c to 25c the 3ard.
White Goods of every description, Lawns and Organ
dies from 5c to 50c the yard, Fine Lace Stripe and Corded
Effects for waists. We have the pretties t line of Pique we
have ever shown in great variety of patter as; prices as low as
last year. We can please you in Fancy Dress Goods and
Plaids; also beautiful line Blaek Goods and Fine Silks for
waists and trimmings.
We are constantly receiving additions to this stock, and
can jlease you in style and quality of the goods, and in low
prices. The best that the money can buy is what we offer.
We are still showing the largest and most complete stock
)f Shoes in the county. New styles in Ladies' Oxfords,
3andals and High-Cut Shoes; Gents' Stylish Shoes in black
Lnd tan. You cannot get better value in shoes than we will
ell you.
We are anxious for your patronage and will use our best
forts to please you in goods and prices.
The Caldwell Dry Goods Company.
Send Us One Dollar.
Cut this ad. out and send Ia to as with one dnouar and wO
i.at w ex $e ad fed abs.
tionary than yoav yget son, no th '"en~m ut 1s,
nir ws~br.uand dents thnae tobe inI
oo ata s ful aoO more wod thanw Wese'
arngeuer~ s pr o. auatueretr. iieze Akn hi o.seb~uti
rc rt~ih Dericoar rissedo o pai r e nie.1n
ftr~ ~k.fon lertye a ishndelbotinFL
edfrisetionA frmShichrrrle n~~d o ny$49.A
ecyorC reiaseets,unr a BOUTL OEVLSU1
ocrO.Iltsrtdctogetingk ofaecsipscu1
soe nice rseltsin China_____
edoforispec&o from hChlae
lec yurChrstasPreensA NICE LOT OF HORSES AND
MULES, a few good Mares, a ine
~stngCombinat=.on Horse. and a few:
SLFLE ad COLARPlug Horses. My mules
BUTTONSare hner than I have
e rer bandied.
PINSI will seli the above stock cheap for
RINGScash, or oni time for good bankable
~d Wres aschea an reia-I will pay the highest cash price for all El
LS tey ~n b boght ny- classes of cattle, fat or poor.
II oo ad mk3yor sle- uggies. -
I have a few nice BUGGIES that 1
M.I Cha n dle r.- will s',!l cheap for cash.
Improved Farms secu:ed by firstfo hpre.tya.lbwlbelamd
rages. Iuterest 8 pe cent. [n
not less thani S500, 3 to 8 years. ~ a i ~~~ :!o i n o h
ommissions. Borrower pays ac
xpenses. sm uies
Visiting C
Weddir. g
Invitations, Etc..
A full assortment of styles
to select from.
Prices to compete with any
Never Higher;
4 ften Lower.
Cards printed from plate,
$1.00 per 100.
New plates from
50c to $1.00.
Send all such orders to
Watchmaker & Jeweler,
QHESTUR, 8. 0.
k 1,6a Yearlii Advas
and everything In jeb Urne des
as cheaply as anywksem s
rty penny spa
eme iskept at
1 a full stock of ar lti
is and Coffins, const eati had,
use of heswhen rpi~d
nktal for past Irnsadsed,
rn for a share intb the ,luh
ails attended to at all beuu
.., 3LU ee?8 .
asa4 A

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