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Oe Yar. - *
Sic A.Luths. - - -
Saturday. September 29, 1900
News and Courer.
Senator Beveridge's speech at the
Republican mais meeting in Ob-ago,
Wednesday night, is of the same
quality as the one he delivered in the
senate on the sama general subject a
few months ago- 200,000 copies of
which were printed for di-tribution
and then burned by order of ibe Re.
publican campaign committee-and
this is enough, perhaps, to say of it as
a whole. The eminent gentleman con
trived, hovrever, to put some interest
into one part of it.
"If the opposition," he said, "de
clare that we ought to set up a separate
government over the Philippines, be
cause we are setting up a separate
goverament over Cuba, I answer that
such an error in Cuba does not justify
the same error In the Philippines. I
say that for the good of Cuba more
even than for the good of the United
States a separate government over
Cuba, uncontrolled by the American
Republic, never should have been per
And again: "The resolutiou bastily
passed by all parties in Congress, at
an excited hour," declaring that the
people of Cuba are, and of right ought
to be, free and independent, "was an
error, which years of time, propinquity
of location, common commerce, ma
terial interests and similar dangers
surely will correct." "The President
considers that resolution a promise.
And so the unnatural experiment is to
be tried. What war and nature-aye,
what God hath joined together is to be
put asunder." "I say that it will be
an evil day for Cuba when the Stare
and) Stripes come down from Morro
The distinguished orator was care
- nl to say that in expressing these
views he spoke for himself alone, but
it is to be remembered that he is not a
private citizen, and did not speak as
one 'He spoke as a United States
Senator, representing the party in con.
trol of the government, to a mass
meeting of the party in the seco'nd
largest city in the country.. Had he
spoken as a private citizen his speech
would not have been worth noticing;
it certainly would not have been tele
graphed all over the country; and it
to equally certain that it would not
have been delivered in the same place
and presence. [t is of interest, or the
part we have quoted is of interest,
only because of the position of the
e. r, which affords the assurance
t he did not speak for himself
alone, but was reflecting (lie senti
m'ents of other leaders of his party in
what said.
s 'nba has been a
block the way of the
eve ir PhilIp
pine policy was a opted. of them
ha;ve carefully avoided disenesifiytt4t
pulie. None of them has tried i
any place, to explain why the Philip
pines, and Porto Rico, should be sub
jugated and annexed as an incident o
a arfor the liberation of anothei
colony of the same power; why Cube
should be Independent "of rig'ht,'
and its sister islands should not be so.
Senator Beveridge alone troets the
diman~eity frankly and sqnarely. The
noble declaration of American prin.
ciples by the Smerican Congress, re
Iterating the words of the founders oj
the Republic, and applying them tc
other straggling Arneric ans for out
own time, was "paw~ I at an excited
hour," and wsa in0 error," which it
+ to be "corrected" te.-'d er on some
convenient pretent or oth.r- "propin
Fquity of location, common commerce,
material interests," or any thing of thai
kind. We ought not to set n. a sepa
rate governiment in the Pnihippinest
becanse we ough. not to have Met up,
or ipromised to set a'p a separate
government in Cuba. We can correci
our error as to Cuba in time. We
must avoid committing it in the case
of the Philippines. What "war and
nature bath joined together" under a
Republican administration, though sep
arated by the sea, or the g' he, is not to
be put asunder by tue opp i-mt, br,
cause the hand of Provide. --i, in it
all," and because. finally zand suffi
ciently, "all men who understand
production and exchange understand
the commercial id va-itages resulting
from our ownership of them, the
richest possessions triat ever belonged
to any nation."
We may exense the rest of the speech
for th3 sake of this part of it. It is
the most honest deliver inca on the
question to which it relates that the
country has had so far from any Re
publicto autharity.
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G'reeneiuie New.*
President McKinley has shown a
decided appreciation of the superb
qaalificat ions of college men in politi
cal affairs. On the commission t bat he
sent to the Philippines last year to in
vestigate and report upon the candi
tion of affairs in those islands were
President Schurman, of Cornell Uni
ver.ity, and Prof. Dean Worcester
of Yale, we think. President Seth
Low, of Columbia University, is to be
offered one ot the places on the com
mnission to negotiate peace with China.
President Eliot, of Harvard, is spoken
of for ambassador to Italy, and will
probably be offered the position.
* It has not been many years since a
popular impression prevailed that col
lege-bred men and college professors
were impractical, that they knew noth
ing outside of their studies and recita
tion-rooms. It was always a mistake.
It is a greater mistake now than it
ever was before,- for the reason that
eollege-bred men are taking more in
It was always t rue that college ed
cation was a help to any man. It
could not make a Solomon of a dance,
but it could and did make a wise man
wi-ar. There are many wise men
sound thinkers and judicious actors
who have never been inside a college;
but they would be much wiser if they
had had that advantage,
Numabcrs of pesky little politicians
can be found who sincerely think, or
tink they think, that they know in
finitely more about government and
"practical life" generallyAhan the most
distinguished presidents of the best
collegea in the country; and more than
any college graduate who fools his
time away with books and magazines
and other "literary track." But the
world has come to know that the
thinking man is the wise man; that
questions of government are grasped
and handled with far more skill by
men of trained intellects that by pot
house politicians; and, speaking gene
rally, that the man who studies and
thinks is more capable of expressing a
safe and sensible opinion on matters
of public interest than one whose
thinking never goes beyond the point
of studying how to catch the popular
breeze and utilizing popular prejudice
for the purpose of his own political
Lest we might be misunderstood,
we say again that a college education
is not necessary to correct views or to
a high order of mental development
only this, that all other things being
equal-natural endowments. correct
principles, etc.-the college-trained
man is better equipped for serving his
country and his generation than one
not so trained.
A Night of Terror.
"Awful .anxiety was felt for the
widow of the brave General Burnham,
of Machins, Me., when the doctors
said she could not live till morning,"
writes Mrs. S. H. Lincoln, who attend
ed ner that fearful night. "All thought
she must soon die from Pneumonia.
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Convention, National Baptist Associa
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12th-20th, at the rate of one first-class
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'ept from Washineton, D. C., and
Alexandria, Va. Tickets will be sold
September 10th, 11th and 12th, with
final limit September 22nd, inclusive.
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Colored Odd Fellows, Louisville1 Ky.,
October 2-7. round trip tickets will be
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Rilwav. Tickets to be sold Septem
be 30th, and October 1st, with
final h i ber 9th. Persons at
Snon-coupon static notity
ticket agent several days in va,
of their contemplated departure so
that he moy supply himself with
proper form of tickets.
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sociation meets at Ashville, N. C.,
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all stations on its lines October 6th to
9th, inclusive, with final limit Oato
ber 15th.
For further informatlon call on or
write any agent of the Southern Rail
way or its connections.
Casket which Contains the Remains wan
Washed Ashore.
Rwchmond, Va., Correspondentce in New
Orleans Tines-.Democrat.
It was-not known until very recently
that Gen. Robert E. Lee, the great
Southern commander, was buried at
Lexington in a coffin that was washed
to than place by the great flood of
1870 Col. Craighill, who knew Gen.
Lee well, and who is one of the most
promiinent engineers in this country,
gives this statcment of this heretofore
but Ii tie known subject:
"A curious scrap of history has
rec-ntly come .to my know'edge in
connecrion with the burial of Gen.
Robert E. L e. Ger. L'ee died O.:to
ber 12, 1870. A fe w days before his
death the great flood of that year ia
James River hod swept ev. rything
before it, ,and Lexington was cut off
focmnnnication with the outside
wr.Itwas found that there wa'
not a coffin in' the town suitaible for
t1e ccasioni. In th'is dilemma some
one found a box which hai floated
down the tiver and ,granded Upon
opening it a beautiful casket was fourd
in the box, and in this the body <-I thbe
great commander was buried. Should
anybody be disposed to doubt these
facts I am prepared to verify them
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ty S. R2. JOHNSTON, Esq., Judge Probate
HEREAS, R?. H. Jeiingp, Clerk
~'of Courr, hath made suit to me
>grant him letiers osf administra
on, with Will anniex-d, of the estate
deflects of Mrs. ' hira J. Stewart,
These are' 'her of re 10 cite and ad
tonish all andt i ;gn!ar thes kindred and
reditors of av said Clara J
tewart, deceased, thamt they be and aup
ear before me, in the Court of Prio
te, to be held at Fairtield Cout
[ose, South Carolina, on th~e 26th
iy of October next, after publicu dion
ereof, at 11 o'clock in bhie tore
son, to show cause, if any they have,
by the said Administration should
>t be granted.
Given under my hand this l'7th day
September, Anno Domini 1900.
9i 19-td .Tnd-re of Probhte.
Ontral Time at Jacksonville and Savannah.
Eastern Time at Other Points.
Schedulo in Effect June 10th, 1900.
ex Snall al
LV. Jacksonville dP . I 00a
Savannah (So. Ry )............ 1220 20a
Barnwell ................ 4 413a
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Or ngebu.g .............. ...... 10 25 0
Kingville'..... 101' 438
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Lv. Augusta, (So. MEy. . ...*-00a? p
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IA Edgeffold ......... ..-..-. ---- .
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Vv 'renton .................. 5 00: I3 5 5
" Johnston........ ....... 52ua 41 1120p
Ar. Columbia, (U. D........... 5 210.
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" Winnsboro...... .... 725a
" Chester ......... ...... 751P 118a
Rock Hill . .............. . 23 55a
A . Charlotto ................ ..... 91 45a &
.f .avil ...... .... -5
r kichond .. b--.. T
At(P.R. ..... .... 8612
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S gneld . ...... .....
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