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On nn ESTABISED 1844. *
nx e -.a W ,;
-\on to ee.rA m
- .)Down r: ecrr
- And the dirn :o
- P. ep rhi.i -r 9
- ,:'was born fo
Lx' u> worn
7D 49, with the coal bin Piled
.4.4 higlkand her water box full
erwing, backed Sul
- -n' the baggageI
nk". that
-y- -the
15stser SaL
a u rnk .in the baggage car witNI
hbis pile of papers by his side, waiting
for the train to start, he could think
of nothing but that happy reunion. C
Ben had been saving up for this
Christmas with more than the, usualm
stinting and el-dni and the reCsult
of it all now stood before him _, ally
packed in a wooden box.
T w e hr eeaor h 7'
loowithuphetctal bininier.
"What .iin her waeertboe ful
-Halftpkt eight to gh e1cnd- ui
rowled thelentheer. upge
no whre'."criedthe freman who eT:
nae wasStebg"Nie Carithas
wi eof have 1.ucy is wsid waitioof
fo thvera ts. sthy hoe have th tike I b
ofoing, bu thatly haulleuio.
'Beun hebo preint ape thir trin
Chriht-as wim orwithani the mothurl
stg Tndhelfeniinks the rneslt
efi l o stuc l betnh re an h L Qe /
caked in awdgn uswoxw. ak
TA n thmoet we abadrte7:
of th iytis chee. Pacrly henu
tieae priki down he oil aoDi1
lot~ uim a the moen~r. a 10pe
dehnt ofl'e thirole STVwas arl~
he dlo. ied -
tolf respoiht to- es~o
golThe onuclor. a1k)en
110 wasre' ald 11e fryeawoeIT
ne dwes nSteblie toNtink (ofisalt
losig th tri.uyifw fud nd alrhaps
ing0 Chrl~5.\~iy doinnaer. trk It i
At1 exne-tly~t I7.. t t ia ws:h l
and wi~ethe a great isin ta of- th- tri
ltea an (hitia wh "cho~ o-her
We Zil til 11 ti~l' 110h ili IO T
a ~. T~enonthjk'I Lt li et ll buI
- e tuki ~ -enhr nii htle!
othr-wfi ING so. STill UT lht
(UII 1hiiky ii the :1nta
majs elly h St. t tha the pe
av nt hobs th Uis ~ tim-we athen
nra) bubinc, iniq'
Chnrrw bOn
nt e Psbe.e
der b
mor nars
!den norm g
n golden brs
the rin ' g,.\.
sween 11K.ng,
Ns lhe Qladsomer Iv
high and wOAt. -
was a sudden jolting and ,arring n
the train came quickly To a standstil
Some folks,' thinking It a statior
gathered -up their traps. preparator;
to departure, but Ben knew 1etter. t
knew they should be halfway betweel
Sandsville and Ienderson, which Wta
the last stop bei . Edgetown.
Hot box, I. rectonMuttered
to himself,. T
-1Riue ot
:1l elam~uborini~ dIown. he rau 1wit
the" grouip. FLcing eachl other an<l
te enigiU(er and the~ ptresident."
is is a ddstaIrdly plot of yours." thc
' (arson, thne prsiant. wais sayl- Thi
-But you won't force meit to give a
ary suchi CUfn '." I hit
uty. Tfhen \1 we'll hae o uit ote ha
- -\Be
J ; - ob
<K la
t righP er. iebhin:--. dump the
1 president felt him . elf beaten,.
at hat instant Be'st voice. shril
exciement. ran 1 our sharply:
''ing to hav (h priden's
tnr:i: and myfolk-' ( hristmal~S
u-n Iia in:01 rize th~'1 e i-n11fln
'i1i -*s:'l madlyII in'to the bag~crn-ue
ktak fromd it thIe isbtt gunf in
led as~ jl(prent ior Is brother. In
y~ up' onl i/ th enU.In frcom thne
V much (:(dieroe l the' -tikrs,
the hesx itmned.
Five hun'1r dI IllaoS Io the ran
0 die th* enine--it's only thir
1 ] "IMr. Pour)In. No one
I ik I t-onid :nn old 49." sail
I' up th ir ayn formn of si.iten
l en. "Whant don you kun-x
vu pleri .r. my;v fntther. Jobh,
ncn ;'-arvo -c on this road
rode in the cab with him.
me how to work the lever and,
whistle valve and all the .rest of' i
If you could only get sonie one to fil
"I'll tire." replied the president quic
ly. Then turning to the trainmen 1
said: "This boy and I will rui.n. t1
train. Go back and tell the passenger
that we . re going right through. The
you.can stop here or go on with i
Just as you choose."
Then the news was passed along t:
train that a substitute engineer hk
been found and the. train was to.g
through after all.
Aboard the engine. his gloved hand
wielding a shovel.' was the presiden
of the road. while Ben. with his fat.
out of the cab window, kept his 1e1
hand on the throttle. .
In the meantime the brakemen he]
a short consultation with the co
ductor and had concluded that the be.
course for theni was to quit the trai
and leave it to its fate.
A couple of the male passengers vo
unteered to act as brakeman and e-1
ductor, and with this strange crew t
train presently got under way.
It had been dceided that as troub
probably awaited them at Henderso
where a large rowdy element was R1
eated. the train would stop alialf mil
this side of the town for the. passe
gers. and then Ben was' to runithrong
Henderson without stopping.
On the station platform a grough
a hundred men were grimly awalin
the arrival of the train. Its approac
had beei 1raldad by its whistle fi
minutes bekoj.
"If the train slows up, board her, an
pull off the engineer." commanded tb
head of the gang. "If she doeen't sN
shoot it the scabs, and. si is-a th
windows you can!"
Suddenly a hoarse shout went up.'
"Here sne comes! Bless me if sh
iin't slowin' down' cried one.
- "1Ready, boys, with yer briekbatse
crT1d the ringleader, revolver in hand
Leaning far out of the cab pwipd
his face snitched 4aSi4a
1!e log in: Brim the Christima- cut)
mot., high; From the wassail-bolv,
vdin Now the flamec leaps up
I evel-y! With its ruddy soul.
Noel -In the glowing blaze
iters fing, How the dancers spain
eful bell DJeitest in the' maze.
swerng! imble Harlequin!
the revolver lowered his weapon] me
p rang forward. in
lld on:" he yelled. "It's Ben: i' dir
ewas no need for the war'ningio
ren hadl secognized the la atth 3
einstant and with one accord ha
'hands dIropped. '[hey would have ga
on shot their ow~n sons as to do eg:
nto Ben. * r
,the president had his Christmas an
bhis mother after all. and so did be
.and the boy th:ought It the hap- po0
tChr'istmnas he had evcr known. ('0
rng the day M1r. Pearson drove th
to see him. and when he departed10
left behind him at 'heek for .90(l at
1tel prloise that wihen Ben was ml
encough he should run At ever'y a'
'ui I wvon't promise to act as fire- h'
nagain." the president had :added 4d
hingly. i
riis all happened thirty odd years mt
.and the erstwhile train boy is now
neral manager of the roadi, and a
y dignified gentleman, indeed; but
nWf Edg.etown way no one ever cails Cl
nanything btut plain Ben.-Douzlas.
~r skie Lboty, in the New~ York Her
The Victimized Baby, Prote-ts.
When I'm older l'll he ad;
Now' my hie is horid ad;
Folks give' me( at Chrirmas tmie
Toys that only. cot a dime.
A H~oliday' Echo.K
-- b d Ixe le, sir" he a -
I ~
C -
*', -,'.
fl :7
Ceteal flakes
I slllo~:;1o~eak.
Ii i4.~ U
e~- j -41w seas6z~
4 antI parlors
4toe bough~~~
soon again.
h~4~ Mir
at!ox~ ipay
- advMi~e~.
(~' un Snapdra4 ~. come:,
W ith his in* ~ ire,
Aid hi~ least plums
smothered i the fire.
() the days of. zirth.
And the ng ~ akin!
~ heap the Chri a.~ heai th;
IIa~e the Yule log i~!
do of ground pine Opiug. A
~it~ and de~Sert~ on. e Christm~
ncr ;alAe %l~ould be o a1ne:i~ed,
'~iblt*. ;S
uh~ I)
C (UL)Y ~
Add iA~4~e 6b
;s, one t:~~4 4001
h milk. on~ n
i three cups c.i~'\ ha
~n sifted two te~f~ .~akin~
wder; then stafl(l our in
d place:. Have read xi cutter jj
shape of a doll abe t five lnche~
ig. Roll outa portion of tl~ dougi
a time. abo~tft-~alf' cli thlck~ cu
0 dolls. Brush ea4 t with milL
d Ilrc(Ige hightl~' W wdered su
r: twe small curraflts . ?eyes anc
ke in a moderate oV -k-When e~h:
eor:ttO time skrt of doll ~virl~
jilt's of frosting. W P separately
sheets of waXe(l taper imnUl ready tc
That Wonderful ree.
The Christmas 'roe h s the unique
stiliCtiOn '~f~groWiflg -Ith Ilie same
gor in ~Il cli? arm frimit
ike .Tonahs g iii a
(Thy or tWO. to
c~-ent its grc igli
j)roiong tir ac
xstomt'd him
Charles -
But for t1 es
it' heepnmg a
urely rehi C
i((l Out rn S
A to a re
ival genera I F.
Too Good to v.
If the sinai! boy w always as
~OO&I as he ~s on Chr tmas Eve lit'
~-,uld Certainly (he 301 ~.-r'uck.
(hri~luxi~~ M in.
lb h eUU IOvU.
Is Encouraged by Londaa
ago a London new vspa
" Ucoupol in1 its issue ill
purchase!r to put on it ih1
othe horse he -tuessed for wvin-.i
certain race, aid promising
to-the slce5ssul guese.
was to induce people to buy
?Zaper. and this object watS
heved to 'at unexpected degree.
- y oon n ingenious inan imn-.
on this simple plan. Aud what.
s Frown to now is'this: ou buy,
say, one -copy of ISporting Luck.
ad a very extensive ecupou on
pges .ou are told, perh.ps, that
H1t, be divided between those
- correctly the first. second,
fouirthn some approaching
' 1hmfollv .four columns with.
lines ea'h for you to put
As no ~11mIt'to the number of
t b~e sent is,.and plain paper
ed if cofpetitors desire to
tra sheets.
luAe.inlOuricolumns is free;.
--you pay a penny a line.
re otered a. "certaifnty con
System,"*by- *hieh you can
,number of horses, and the
lreieve yottbf the trou
coupons by'arrnging
you in every possible
se six .horses. These
in 360 ways, and
six names with 30s.
360 coupons filled up
per arranges teago up
,*hich, will require
a. payment of 1484,
thers do
aty scores of thou
distributed by the
,and how . much
to the paper by
ry much like to
usiness. It is
e in cab-loads
a permanent
hundred peo
ing and sort
Wor is said to
* rgt. In
U give a heart.
The worst things are :lways corr*
tions of the best.
The better days vill Collie only
yOU do your best to.day.
If. you lose the habit of giving y
lose the happiness of living.
People who clear away new pat
will he bruisedl by the thorns.
- It Takes more than high price
lmake a ibiing highly preeious.
S We nmy need many f life's liat
tships to e hr lome:+ieknes<.
'l!i g off a lad ha bit is bu t spi
'ng out am rope to hold youi till tI
:xt seige cf the temptation.-Ramtu
Knew His Buxsines.
In days gone by. in a country tow,
there lived and wrought a stonleeutte
who, besides be&inlg reckoned skillft
in designing 1(om1bston s. was alIs
credited wi2th a (ritical taste ini th
epitaphs iniserihe d thercein.
Being requested by the disconsolar
weep)ing reliet of one of his fellos
townsmen to p'hice on the slahI of lie
dear departed the words. "My sorros
is greaiter than I cani hear." hie tool
care to sipa(ce them~ out so t hat am
addendultilivm ws possiblde. and was b;i5
nto meanis suriise d ait he-r visiting hiin
a few monthus atfter to ask himi. ns she
was aboutr to remna rry. to effaje thea
iniscripition and eutitrute a more lit
ting one.
"No lieed( for that. imarm." was hi
reply. "I always looks to the contin
genieis whiere t here's wi(dL(es lef'. ..\il
lhat' 15watnted to thle insciript ion on
that toiiib is jes' to add the word
The Rtih L~ose the Ability to I-njoy,
The wealthy soon beecomec sat iatedl
and fr.il victims to ennui, which is
worse' t han weariness. See these in
their boxes a;. the operat. Below them
anid a 1ore thlemi emitiitsiatsin Runs riot
whieii De IReszke Or Sembhrieih sings.
They appllatud innguidly with dlaiinty
10 i upon t he gloved han rd. They do it
he(autSe they'. think it is expeede of
h~emi; lm their eye~s deo not light up'.
th eolor tids nio eentne into theijr
te s. tleir beosoins do noet swel] with
emofgf 'n. No: t hey are t ired,. they atr
wornjj eut. t Ihey lht v. gonie t hritgh teo
Inu itb. and eve musj1111-e esa ilat litgye
hem. They really- are to te ieu. Ini
hi highest ganllery si I imeni ane womn i
who get i iuh iaoie ot Of 1 lie nliigsie
thain these peopele. They get del ighi;
andP( of delight t hosee who hav~e to(oC
imuchI arc soonm ine-apabele.--John G;il
Inol' Speed, ini the Woi, ' it I
inveti on , ofl Ingiitouls EDiri.
The ~ Earl eof Wemyi Vs :md Mairc-hi has:
'dopiedi by thle war~ ofic. andi whieb
enna h~e u-ed asi i 5pae~l. I ikax N r
aw. andtc alse) as :t 1ueti sieldh. 'I hi
n-:eiiu iniru 1tme-nt .ill theCome pat
ofl ey ly.ki Uiis ek
L Iefrigerator Car That 14 Te ed in Win
ter For the rurpose of Preventing tho
Contents From Freezing-Paper Also
Effective as a Protection.
The use of ice for heating purposes
s one of the most curious devices men
ionld in a bulletin soon to be issued
y the Weather Bureau on the subject
if protecting perishable goods in
transportation. A new kind of car
is puble lined and has at each end
lour galvanized iron cylinders reach
ing from the floor to near the top. In
-miimer these cylinders are tilled with
ce and salt. tamped down hard, and
t is claimed that a refrigerator vehi
le thus equipped does not need any
*enewal of its stock of ice on a journey
Alear across the continent. The re
narkable point. however. is. that the
:'ar is iced in winterjust the same for
he purpose of -preventing freezing.,
[ce is normally thirthytwo degs. Fahr.,
and it is very reluctant to give up any
f its temperature. ITence when it is
rero weather outside tle-cylinders of
-elatively warm ice aiet as stoves. help
jng to-,keepPp the thermometer inside.
i device by which ice
e p ? proteetion against cold
'onsists!:in thowing - upo'i the car.
when the weather Is near the zero
point, a strgam of- water, which
',romptly freezes and forms a completet
uoat all over the vehicle. This pre
rents radi.-tion of heat from the ear.
and so tends to keep -up the tempera
ture inside t -iV a 14".1 fro.aontly
iticpted in the transportation of ban
atas, which are particularly suscelptI
ble to cold. Fruit of this kind is put
into paper bags Inside of heavy can
vas bags and covered with salt hay
when the teiperature is dangerously
One very curious fact that has been
ascertained is that perishable produce,
such as fruit and vegetables, will
stand a lower temperature when the
ear is in motion than when it is at rest.
No theory has been suggested to ac
gount satisfactorily for this phenome
uon, which fs certainly Interesting. It
Is suggested by the Weather Bureau
that- growers may derive suggestions
of the utmost *falue from the weather
reports and predictions, thus ay
aIpment -o:the
ery Mi
is wa3
wonderful. Fruit wrapped in he
;p- brown paper will endure fifteen degr
more cold than without it. Potatoes
as o times packed In barrels lined w
lap)er. anId( when the weather Is tint
ally severe rte bairrels are cove
ou with Paper also. Clams anid oyst
are similarly shtippedl ini paper-lii
Its barrels to keep them from freezi
andi~ ears for' transp~orting perisha
to mlerchiandise are quite conmmonly lr
with Papler. There is said to be no
~ ug like it to keep out frost. Ei
shipped inl crates with separate pas
board divisions and covered with
~layer of oat chaff will endure a vt
low temperature. It is observed.
the way, that pickled eggs are injur
by old more quickly than fresh one:
Food prodlucts in cans or glass mt
no he shippe when the temperatt
blwfreezing. A well-ventilat
dry ellr isthebest place in whi
Ides-gee plspotatoes and vegel
e lsgnraHy. the temperatture beli
froma thirty to forty-five dlegrees. A
1)1(s are not made unfit for usc 1
freezing if they are allowed to tha
graduailly. Tropical fruits in storni
shzould be kept at front sixty to se
em ceres. Minteral waters expost
to a temperature below thirty degre(
soon spoil. Beer may- be shipped in a
outside temperature of ten degrees,
the kegs are packed in hay or sawdu2
and fresh stable manure.
Bt ter freezes at fifteen (leg.FPahr.nn
when thawed beconmes strong quickl~
Milk should never be allowed to freez<
Pork is injuiredl more quickly by lig
temperatures than other meats. Br
these ar'e only a few of the useful bit
otf itnformnation which the Weathe
Burea u has garthered andl compile<
from the experience of shippers a]
over the c'ountry.-Washtington Star.
A fool chatters, a clever man talks
aphilosopher thinks.
'The law of gravitation senms invert
el when 0one sees it is the heavy
weighits w.ho rise in th. world.
Inijuist ice hats stabbed more mortalb
than .usti' has hung.
.itr t us a -ga llop on our' hobby- horse
and! we'll run down every friend t
Friendship thlat wvill weatheri twc
loans is The teal thinie.
Iu'n'u decspise ar lobsier. Why. he~
hasrlth. en t re :: very e xclusivc dinne
A d:.try is a bo~ok in wihich no one
W\omen for'give. mien forget.
Tofotd motiirihers clil d ren r'esemle
11'wets to chi ( 'ross pait ch, t histies.
I-.ath afftords ni mtr,- in~cU~on ltos
exititi, thban :u old hant prtateIt
ni the tcet of beamy .
If :11 -he laircot-: we'r.' vgo w'mnit
wotuld expir~e of hrnken lhearts.
Damte N mre and I ameii ;rundv
Iiiave lii many a i " i.eroppina" uym oinu .
-Pi!.( 41piaa cord
A RAT SHOWED HIM THE [email protected]
Gold Ore Disclosed to Mr. I* 1dsby by a
Rodent'sCaurious Hbit.
The actions of zAtrading rat led N.
R. Ingo!dsby' the discovery of a rich
gold mine in ~ zona. He named the
property the Rat Hole Mine.
Mr. Ingoldsby is in Denver, Col., on
the way to his 'ome in England. He
has been spending several months nuar
Mammoth, on thg.San Pedro River, in
Arizona. His purpose ,"to enjoy
the li ij' and make a -ea ot
the animals and minerals-of tgQgth
west. He pitched his tent in ths'Ltinon
of the d6 lPerg/1n the Santa Cata
rina Mountains.,
He had no neighbors, and was for a
long tin*~bl toac* t foi the
appearaee of sma &Uel
left lying about hk
noticed '
sometn a lays left in its place.
Thli as' usually a bit qi tpne or
wood. The culprit he found to be a
large rodent, of the species known as
the trading ; The habits of the ani
mal made an study for Mr.
Ingoldsby, and he at
night to watch for his.
A silver s ne
morning, and i as pe
of quartz carrying free gotldTht stll
more excited Mr. ioldsbys1ijro EtY
and after several a vpts he su
ed in following the animal to its 1
Nearby -was the fm whfelh'
gold-bearing quertty- baW
Mr. Ingoldsby ma*- au
thorough enough to prove that his dis
covery was of considerable value. On
his return from England he expects to
open the mine , .-.ork Su'
ASking 'oo -
"I will not attenpt to evade i93
question, Mr. Spoonamore," the young -
woman said. with- hIgtened color.
"While we may. not be suited to each
other in all respects, it is due to say
that I would marry you as willingly
as anybody I know."
"You fill me with-"
"Wait a moment, please. You know
do you not, tLat I am the owner o
several building lois away out p -
Linkson Park?'
"Yes, but surely you do not"
-Certainly not, Mr. Spoonam
do not mean to intimate
actuated by mer
from it. Y .
eq t& ~ J'
tip lNo Damore; I antN
eys. come 'a wife without a bridal
:intoseu iIcannot afford one
tch, now. I will y e Your wife when I re
. is ceive the mon ay due me from the city
ivy as rebates on those lots, and not be
ees fore."
are With a ho' :l of despair the baffled
ith lover fled int) the night. He was still
su- Wpung, but t-e couldn't wait forever.
red Chicago Tri-mne.
ers --__________
ted Tied Sapph ires and Canary Diatnonds
The most fashionable jewel just now
ble is the red sapphire. The red variety
edhsol re cently been discovered, and
th- the stones fetch fancy prices- any
.g thing from $200 to $700.
te These new gems vary In shade frog
a a light steel-blue tint, and, again, from
ry a (delicate_ amethyst, to quite a deep
by' ruby-red. 'They are very brilliant,
ed pairticuilar'ly when worn by artificial
st The~ various tints of these stones per
re mit of unusual effect in designs and
a( settings. For instance, a hair orna
:h m nent 'onIsists of three gracefully curl
a-I luig feather's, the center one of spark
g ung mauve stones, the others of bril
.liant light blue. They are tied to
y gethter by a bow of sapphires, and
.their becauty is accentuated by fronds
eof large single diamonds. In a half
moonl the~ sapplhir'es, shading from pale
blue to deep) mauve, appear -again
s enhanced by an inner row of dia
m nondis. aind a triple scroll of sapphires
,with diamond-drops is shaded in the
tsame ray. A wee watch, all a-sparkle
with pink and r'ed sap~phires, Is valued
at $4(00.
Canary-tinted diamonds are also in
high favor. A large one, round in
form, is set simply in a ring of small
Sbrilliants, while fine white diamond,
surro-und it.--London Answers..
Again the Unexpected Happened.
In at well-known town In the Mid
land counties resided two friends who
were very fond of practical jokes and
bore the character of being "two cute
uins." Their cleverness, however, did
not save them from being "landed"
with a bad 'two-shilling piece.
A 'onsultation took place between
th-em as to how to get rid of the false
"Lt' o to the theat'e." said one,
'It's onlyi~ sixpenee to tihe pit. 12l
iry it, and if I get in, all right, you
canl pay and( follow~ me: we shall have
one" night's amusement and be a shil
ling to the' good.'
"A grecl." said the other. No. 1 ten'
dlared h.> iounfter'feit coin at the doors
f the te'mle of the drama, which was
i:nken without examinaticn, one shil
liuad sixjbence b)eing given in
Ne.. 7. Se-eing his friend had safely -~'.
j.wSl the- money box, wvent up glee
fully and put down the Iirst coin he
'-iuld take fronm his poc-ket. It was
halfh :a cro"wn. Imagine his consterna
ion o e'eiving the change-thte bad
n ut ria the use or electrical pow-.
-d b r bu l on in mills and factories
n linm e wi'lospread and almost

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