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W r,~"' "Tl
removes from the soil
M f^Bri ^ar8e quantities of
*bM Potash.
. The fertilizer apyplied,
must furnish
bA enough Potash, or the
^ land will lose its proRead
carefully our books
on crops?sent /ret.
y_j Nassau St., New York.
Published Wednesdays by
Entkkihisk Publish inu Co.
A. J. CLARK. Editor.
One Year, - - - $1.00
Six Months, - - .50
Three Months, - - .25
Wednesday, Tulv 9, 1902.
The Barnwell Sentinel makes
this comment upon the senatorial
race: "Just what effect
the candidacy of ex-Governor
John Gary Evans for the United
States senate will have upon
the result of the election is, of
course, problematical, but it is
safe to assume, taking into account
the- political past, that
Mr. A-bury C. Latimer will be
the greatest loser." Yes, and
it may knock him out of being
in the second race with Colonel
Elliott, who, it is conceded by
many, is the strongest man in
the race.
Open Letter.
You are doubtless aware that 1
am a candidate lor County Supervisor.
It is possible that I may
uot see ycu before the campaign
opens, but I hope to see you then.
1 am in the upper section of the
county and this section has not
had a representative in any of
the county offices tor a number
of years, and 1 think it would
only be lair and right to allow us
a representative, and I ask you
to give me thi3 honor. I have
had a good leal of experience in
bridge building and 1 think 1 can
make a great improvement in
working the roads and I promise
that if I am elected to this office
to give mv time and care to the
improvement of the roads and
countv affairs generally. Hop
ing that you will give my case
serious consideration and turn
out on election day and cast your
vote in my interest, and thanking
you in advance tor what you may
do in my favor,
I n>?. ii/.nro I 1 >
i t? til > v^iu o i i u n ^
J. A. Hyatt,
It. Van Wyck, S. C.
Mr. T. J. Cunnigham who was
in to.vn yesterday, told an interesting
story of the RiicceMful offorts
of a fisherman in the Catawba
river lie went down to his
lower place below Rocky Mount,
the other day a Mr. liollis, who
has the place in charge, drove
up w;f' a wagon load of fish, one
attuibjon which weighed 23f>
pounds. Besides this there was a
large quantity of catfish and other
varieties, that were caught in the
fall trap. Mr. Cunnigham helped
to eat the large fish, and the
neighbors in the surrounding
l>anntv a'? ra ]i Kara lit? nrnni/laS
with All the firth they wished. The
river seems to be literally filled
with a fine variety of fish this
summer.?Chester Lantern.
th* /f The Kind Yto Have Always Bought
9 v ^ '
Ilow the Evil Flourishes in th
Smaller Cities of this State.
Laurens County News.
One Saturday night severs
weeks ago two of oar policeme
raided the rooms of one of ou
citizens and there found eigh
young men engaged iu gambling
Each was required to put u
bond to the amount of $5 eabh
But if you will examine the book
you will not find their names
The entries were made in fictic
ious names. This gambling hel
has been running in the ver;
heart of our town and in the sam
building that one of the aldermai
has office. The first that thi
writer ever knew of its existent
was when his attention was call
ed to it by an ollicer of the law
That was som^ months ago, bu
no effort was made to close it up
Every night a light could be seen
in that upper room. Now that tin
raid has been made and the ol
tenders lined?but not exposed?
tlie den will probably go to othe
quarters. There i6 a law against
this very common evil and i
should be enforced. The arrestini
ollicers are not to be blamed fo
making a ficticious entry, for tin
guilty parlies all promised neve
to do so any more. The object o
the law is not only to punish tin
the offender, but to effect a re
form. It this reform is effected b;
withholding their names, tin
names should be withheld. Liu
has the reform been made? Thosi
officers have taker, on thernselve
a great responsibility. If thosi
men contnue to play their "hones
game," those officers are to blame
They should he more watchful ii
the future than ever in the past
They are "on to em" now and cai
spot them without trouble.
For some time, a great injus
tice has been done here. If a lev
negroes are caught throwing crap
in the pasture, they are pullec
and lined, but white men are al
lowed to play poker at night fo
large stakes and go Scott fre(
Dont stop pulling the negr
when he breaks the law, but pu!
the white man as well. A whit
man should be dealt with mor
severely lor he is supposed t
know better, having had greate
advantages ; and his influence :
certainly greater.
If A Man Lie To You.
And says some other nalv<
ointment, lotion, oil or allege
healer in as good as Bucklin
A r 111 e a ^solcn f o I 1 Kl m tin rl
years of marvelous cures of l'ilo
Bums, Cuts, Scalds, Bruises an
Skin Eruption prove it's the bei
and cheapest. 25c at Crawfor
Bros, and J. F. Mackey Co's dru
Another Date Set.
London, July 7.? King Ed war
passed a favorable day and lb
verbal report given out tonigh
was (hat his majesty is still doin
The use by the l'rince of Wale
of the word "recovery'' when h
referred to the king's progress a
the inauguration of tlie Iiaphat
Nurses Home of (iuys' hospiti
this afternoon is regarded in man
quarters as indicating that th
royal family considers the king'
case most hopefully.
King Edward will be crowne
between August 11 and Augue
15. Ilis recovery has been s
v* i will ii ft/1 ont lufn/it Aw?> t l? ? 4 *l?
| i u|/iu auu nanomuiui jf uiai LU
above decision was arrived at tc
| day. iNo official announcemen
j of the fact has yet been made.
l'he pageant through thestreef
and the ceremony at Westmini?
ter Abbey will be much curtaile
from the original plan. Thei
majesties will drive from Buck
ingham palace to the abbey, th
same route as taken at the open
ing of parliament.
The Visitors.
Mrs. M. J. Williams, Mil
e Marion Spencer of Thomasvilli
Ga , Miss Virginia McCollum c
Polkton, N. C., and Mr. Newraa
McCollum of Bushnel, Fla., ai
vijiting at Mr. W. Q. Caskey1
D in the New Cutsectiou.
it Miss Nellie Lathrop of Ricl
burg is visiting her .aunt, Mrs
p T. J. Strait.
Mr. Munelyn Hoke of Lesli
8 is visiting his sister, Mrs. W.I
1 Mrs. W. S. Langlev and Mis
v Maggio L'ardue are visiting i
e Chester.
Mr. I). A. Williams attende
8 a meeting of the board ot trustee
e of the Connie Maxwell Orphai
age last week at Greenwood.
t Mrs. W. B. Alexander, ne
. Miss Nannie Hudson, and he
three children, Miss Margarita
o Masters Furman and William, (
Nashville, Tenu., are visiting s
- Mr. L. C. Pay sear's.
Mrs. Susan B. Hudson of !lop<
41 Ark., is visiting h? r daurhte
1 here, Mrs. L. C. Tavsvrar.
r Mr. and Mrs. (I 11. (Jatlin
b leave today for M r- liead Cit\
r N. C., to spend tl.o summer o
I the seacoast.
Mr. 11. M. Johnson and fa rail
stopped over i" town ve*terda
on their way from Cheraw t
^ Gafney where they are moving.
Bears th# /) Ito Kind You Have Always Boug
Items from Koek Hill Herald
u Miss Irene Cunningham, (
Lancaster, is with her aunt, Mr
* W. 11. Duniap.
lg Mrs. Mollie Terry, of Lancaste
] spent Wednesday afternoon i
. the city with Mrs. W. A. Fewe
r on the way to Charlotte for
j visit.
? Messers. llarry Foster, Marie
I. \\7i t1 A t " \?r:i
ft it utri njMiwii UllU Viourgo >? 11
e ianis, of Lancaster, spent Sundt
e in the city,
>r Orders have been issued by tl
is ollieials of the Southern Railwt
notifying station agents and oti
ers that Col. A. Tripp has bet
appointed Assistant Superintend
I dent and Mr. E. 11. Shaw Divisic
Freight Agent, head quarters
, both these gentlemen being
Blacksburg. Their duties exter
8 over that part of the Charlestc
j Division lying between Kingsvil
(t I and Sumter and Marion, N. C
d and GalTney.
g Col. Tripp went over the ro.'
Wednesday with Mr. J. II. Sand
General Superintendent of tl
Division east of Atlanta ; Mr. I
Southgate, Engineer Maintenam
d of Way; Mr. T. K. linger, Su|)e
e intendent of the Chasleston L
it vision and Mr. K. W. Hunt, l'a
ir oai\ rv/teu A t SkAiit V? On ??/\l *
p odiifici.-i ii^tin in uiiiiiii t annin
"I'ho retention of Messrs. Trip:
R and Shaw must he very gratifvir
e to the people along the S. C. dr (
it i Ex. road. They are exoellei
d gentleman and fine railroad me;
d .....
y oASToniA.
e Bean tbe The Kind You Have Always Bouj
it Card of Thanks.
Editor Enterprise?I Mease a
e low me space in your paper I
>_ thank the good people who ga\
' me assistance during the illne
of my son, Ira. I assure evei
one that their kindness was Krea
lv appreciated and hope tin
(iod mav blest each and every 01
r of them.
G. R. Adams.
Kheumacide cures rheumatism t
neutralising the acids in the blot
and driving them out through tl
natural channel*. Hold by J. 1
Mickey A Co. inarJV-6
? . .. ..?? k i nmvvm ?.,! 1 n? "
I sPRir
+ Stocl
1 + Com
. Nothing Wa:
Prices Lo^
make it easy for you to buy.
y mother and all the children can
? store at small cost. Selling for c
to undersell, and that we are doini
m trade.
- A Lucky Strike in D
>f Stylish and cheap to suit thr
best selected and undoubtedly the
r, ?quality considered. Black Dre
]" liaatine mohair, wool albatross, w
a cord and storm serge.
T- - - Big Silk Purcl
To be exact?1500 yards of the
?y need a silk see ours early. We
?? colors?Crepe de Cheine, Japanes
3000 Yards Wash D
)n We were fortunate in securing
,e|of a manufacturer below cost ol
' y I
percales in dots, figures and stripi
is, hams?all shades. Batiste Lawns
X{ Organdies in new effects. Silk Mi
vas Suitings. Our whitegoods b?
,j*. J
?i stock of Embroideries and Laces
8" buyers. White India Linens, Vic
>p! Organdies, French Batiste, Persia
lish Long Cloth.
- htbt
Go where you will, you will no
ter fitting clothing at anything 1
which we offer you the choice of <
l- Diagonals, Clay worsted, Serges
U) For style and price come to us.
ah of other bargains which time and
'y mention of.
ij Williams-Hue)
tHES CO. y
The father, the
be clothed at our
ash we are bound
g and winning the
ress Goods ifty
buyers. The
: cheapest in town
ss Goods in Brilool
cheviot, whip
iase - %
choicest. If you
show all the new
e and plain Taffeta.
ress Goods.
the surplus stock
f making?French
es. Madras Ging'1
nrl Q O f 1 ri C f f ? rvo/4
mivi uaun
ills, Duck and Canirgainsand
arc for you thrifty
toria Lawns, Swiss *
in Lawn and Kng>
HING - t
find finer or betike
the prices at
Cheviot suits, Blue
i and Cassimeres.
w* u K ii nrl ro/l?
vv~ 11(1 V i l ill iv i i LU B
space forbid the
les Co.

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