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Short Locals. ?
^ Wednesday, July 9, 1902. ^
* it
?The engine and boilers for 8<
^the new mill have arrived, 16
^carloads it made. a
?Born, June 28, 1902, to a
Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Steele, of
OK, a 11 pound son. A
-?-The Lancaster (Jotton MiUs ^
spaid a 3 per cent, dividend to ita s<
stockholders on the 1st.
?The Carnes school will open
on the 14th, with Miss Maggie ^
-Kagsdale as teacher.
? Rev. J. M. White will preach
a special sermon to children at .
Unity next Sabbath at 1 1 a. m
I tl
?The Rich llill school will b
open next Monday morning in.] h
charge of Miss Dora llinson. ja:
?Union services will bo lieldj
iu the Baptist church next Sun-i"
day night. Rev. W. (J. Ewart K
will preach. n
?In this issue Mr. \V . 1J. AleM
anus of Taxahuw announces his (c
* candidacy for county sup?rinteudent
of education.
?Mr. Samuel I'. Davis o. Jhejj
* Osceola section has en.i-?i-vi in! (
the U. S. army and is now m oar- j ^
cacks at Columbus, Olu.? ?'
?Two negroes w?r * nod be tc
4'ore Magistrate Caske\ tst weel< ^
dor violation of laborer' contract,
ftoth were convicted . .. l sent to 'p
the chaingang. tc
?Mrs. Wylie Vaughn of the ^
Heath Springs section dropped P
dead last Saturday and was
buried at the old Sale in graveyard
?A section of the trestle
-across NVaxhaw creek on the S. 8(
<J. & G. E. was burned last Sun- tc
-day morning. The trains had to C(
"transfer there for a day or two, a'
but the damage has been repaired.
?Mr.J.A.Hyatt of Van Wyck tl
Announces tor countv sunerviaor.
%? *" "
He also publishes in this issue of
The Enterprise au open letter to e,j
^iie voters of the county. ^
?Robert D. Mothershed was y
adjudged insane Monday and b<
taken to Columbia Tuesday by hi
Deputy Sheriff J. F. Hunter and r<
placed in the hospital for the in- cj
?Mr.J.Y.Hammond is home h
from Texas where ho went a E
few mouths ago. He says he
likes a country where ho can
get a good drink of water when &
lie is thirsty, hut that you can't g
get it in that part of tho world.
?WANTED?Scrap Iron of \
<every description and Old Machinery.
Any kind of fire
wrecks or stocks. Write for
particulars. Address J. B. Gar- '
lunkel, Columbia, S. C. 4t t(
?The forty fifth anniversary 0
<if the Tirzah Biblt* Society wd! 0
be held at Tiizah church on July p
3i6th. Rev. II. W. Bays, D. I) ,
v ^vill deliver the address. The
public and especially friends of
the cause are invited. e
?The dwelling house of M r. G. ^
\V. Sims in the Heath Springs j,
section was burned Sunday about
"2 o'clock p. m. The family was j,
Mway from home and all the J
household effects were destroyed. $
It is thought that the fire was of Cl
incendiary origin. There was no
insurance so far as we have heard
<*nd the loss is probably $300. h
?The Fourth was unusually J
it moi bnen \lorttr ( b? ...
uvi o, xunii j KJI IUO VYIJllt5 ^
people went into the country on (j
various kinds of outings and an ^
excursion took the negroes to w
Ohester. A very unusual thing |
occurred that day for the south? jj
[ ^<the popping of firecrackers, shootf
ng skyrockets and ronian candles.
Some of it was indulged in early
that morning, and in the early
veiling an avalanche of it 03- <
urred on the grouud* where the
laptist ladies were dispensing f
:ed refreshments to the swelterig
public. Mr. L. O. Payseur *
?nt up four good sized balloons. *
?Considerable rain fell north ^
nd east of town late yesterday ]
?The store and stock of Mr. <
l. W. Chance at the cotton mill 1
as badly damaged by the <
:orm. [
?A barn on Judge Jones' 1
lace was struck by lightning t
nd completely destroyed last I
aturday afternoon. A horse t
as killed by the same stroke, ?.
?A handsome mirror belong- '
lg to Col Springs fell during
io storm Monday and was j
roken. It was a present to
im bv bis father and mother
nd eo.->t $400. 4
?'l'he county board of regis- i
at ion will be in the town ol (
.t-rshuw on tne 25lh ol July for t
;e purpose ol registering bitch 1
oters as under the law areonti- r
ed to register. Those not regis- y
?red and so entitled should bear 1
io date in mind. J
?The annual picnic of the 1
iberty Hill Killos will bo held ,
l the Warrenton place on Friday,
1th. The congressional candi- ^
ates fortius district are expected j
) speak and the public is invited
> attend.
?The trustees and patrons of i
abernacle school are requested i
> meet at the school house on
uesday 15th, at 5 p. m., for the J
urpose ol making arrangements
tr school this uext year.
J. 11. Stewart,
Ch'ni ll'd Trustees. 1
?Ira Adams, the 19 vear old .
>n of Mr. G. 11. Adams of fac t
>ry hill, died last Saturday of ;
msumption after an illness of ,
bout four months. Ilis remains ,
ere buried at Douglas church (
unday after a funeral service at (
le home by Rev. Mr. Murphy. ,
?Mrs. Annie Courteny, moth- (
r of Messrs. Mack and Leroy 1
ourteny of the UK section, died '
ist Wednesday at the ago of 85 1
ears. She was a consistent mem- '
er of Bethel Methodist church (
ad died in the full hope of the J
sward of the faithful in His !
iuse. *
?Last Saturday afternoon a
ail and rain storm struck the J
.lgin section and considerable
3tton was almost totally ruin:1.
Among the sufferers were
lessrs. K J. Harper, J. B. Ilains,
Ed Sadler, colored, Ilobt. (
hillips and Alex Haper. Mr 1
. 1). Bailey's crop was slightly 1
amaged also. 1
?Cards are out announcing '
le coining marriage of Mr.J.W. 1
lasseltine, formerly of Lancas- ?
ir but now of Kershaw, to Miss i
hiisy liell Cauthen, daughter (
f Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Cauthen ,
f Kershaw, which will take ,
lace tomorrow in the Methoist
?Sheriff Hunter scooped in i
ight more gamblers last Sun- i
ay night about 2 o'clock. They ,
-ere gambling by a light down
i the field just north of town,
hey came up Monday morn ,
il* and nleaded miilt.v nf 1
O I O J "* (
erly conduct and were lined '
5 each, which goes into the
ounty's exchequer. '
?Mr. II. It. McMamie, who |
as for several months been act- j
lg as night policeman here, lias
een appointed State constable
) fill the vacancy caused by the 1
ealh of the laic H. J. Fade. He 1
as given the necessary bond and 1
ill enter upon his work prob I
bly this week. He has resigned ]
is place on the police torce. <
I*lle*lnr> Ciirf*
Money refunded if it ever fails.
'Jomea to L. <? C.
Mr. P. W. Hardin will leave
or Lancaster today, where he
;oes to take the position of sup
crvisor of track and trestles on
;he L. & 0. road. Mr. Ilardin
will be succeeded by Mr. E. P.
tligh, of Spartanburg.
The L. <fe 0. is fortunate in securing
the services of a man like
klr. Hardin?capable, industries
and always reliable. He has
)6en in Kock Hill for twelve or
lfteen years and has demonstrated
his worthiness. There is no
letter track man than himself,
ind lie leaves his road in fine fix.
Success to him.?Rock Hill
Death of Mr. Ilvuni Anderson.
Mr. Llenry Cr. Anderson died
it his home near Port Lawn on
luly 4Lli after a long and paintul
lluess caused trom an injury received
about 5 years ago by a
jale of cotton lalliug upon him.
lao liau nover been able to walk
>r sit up since that accident. Lie
rvas nearly 53 years of age and
eaves a widow who was a Miss
Ingram of Toxas. Their only two
children died in infancy.
Mr. Anderson was an uncle ol
Mr. Walter G. (Jureton of this
;>lace and a brother of Miss Maggie
Anderson. lie was a memjer
ot the ^Presbyterian church
md a good man and excellent
litizen. His remains were buried
it the old Anderson family buryng
Insured for $1000 Hut Got thily i
Iu a recent letter from Mr. D.
IS. lioney, secretary, treasurer
md manager ot the assessment
jompauy of Yorkville that miured
(?) l'rot. L. tShurley lor
M000 and which has paid his
vidow the proceeds ol an assessneut,
that official says: "We
lo not guarantee $1000 on any
a* i f\i\f\ - - -I
iukui v. > hi ill, y %3U f 1 UU<J 18 I II?
liaximutn amount paid on the
lealh of any one member." "We
pay to the beneficiary just wbat
is realized from an assessment on
:he membership of the division
to which the members belonged.
Jar division was not full when
Mr. iShurley died, hence the lull
?1000 was not paid. Mrs. Shurey
received about $790."
f Tenth Sprint/* Gets the School.
The Southern Educational As(ociation
offered to donate
?1,000 to some community in Lan
master county which would dojate
a like amount for the establishment
of a school to combine
with an academic department
3uo or more industrial branches,
uid fuither to help support said
school for the first two years of
its existence. Three places in the
uounty, Tradesville, Fork Ilill
tod Heath Springs competed lor
the school and each promptly
raised the necessary amount but
Lieath Springs offered additional
inducements in money subscription
and a site for its location and
secured the school.
Like offers were made to other
counties in the State but they
have been withdrawn and Lieath
Springs will be the only place in
the State at which one of these
schools will bo established.
Heath Springs is fortunate in
being the successful competitor
for a school of this kind. It i9 a
iplendid location, and its excellent
mineral water, the healthfulaess
of the vicinity and the morfil
and christian tone of the community
will doubtless attract
pupils to it from all parts of the
county.?Saturday's Ledger.
l'yny-Haltsm Stops th? Tickling,
sod quick / Si lay? Inflammation Lu UlO UlTOSk
- - r"
Heaviest Ruin Ever Known With v
Severe Wintl and Considerable H
Hail. x
The most disastrous storm that fl
ever came this way struck Lan L
caster Monday afternoon about ^
5 o'clock, when it rained in tor- (
rents for nearly an hour and the v
wind blew a terrflic gale, shifting '
first lrora one direction, then 1
from another. '
Five minutes before the storm ;
was raging, there was little in ^
sight upon which to base hopes
of even a good shower ; but, all p
at once, a cloud came up from I
the north-east and the rain came \
down in torrents, the wind blew '
furi?*Tisly and the hail peppered }l
down, the lightning Hashed and i '
the thunder pealed. The ruin| "
over, the people ventured out to i 1
survey the damage and to find!*
that the streams ahout to.vn had '
been converted into raging tor | *
While the otorm was in prog '
ress the norm wall ol the old ^
Masonic building fell and crush
ed into the windows ot Mr. T. II. 1
Davis' dwelling. A strange ^
freak about it was that about 6 '
leet of the upper portion 01 the
wall was lodged upon the roof ot '
Mr. Davis' building, though the ^
top ot the wall was ouly about li
feet above the eaves ot the Davis *
dwelling. This wall had been j *
left standing with a view to util- p
izing it in the proposed new'5
building. Hut it weal over and v
down. The streets were strewn 1
with limbs and leaves from the ''
trees. Lightning struck the *
steeple of the Methodist church
and tore up a small section of J
the tin that cofered it and tore
off a few shingles and knocked s
out several bricks. The light
mug escaped to the ground over 1
the guttering and thus saved the *
building from much greater dam- 1
ag*- j
The greatest damage was to
property at and near the cotton 1
mill. Three new tenant houses (
belonging to Sheriff Hunter were |1
blown literally to pieces. He
had two other cottages that were 1
made untenantable and lour '
store rooms that were pretty bad- J
ly damaged. He estimates his
damage to the 9 buildings at
$1200 to $1500.
Mr. G. B. Barron sustained
considerable damage to buildings 1
in the same community. The
dwelling recently built by him
and occupied by Mr. W. B. Gulp,
was almost a total wreck, being r
lilted off the pillars and badly
twisted and wrenched. The '
trame ot his own dwelling that (
was being erected by Mr. J. H.
Vt.t-.w.o Kl ,1
uirti iicn naa uiuwu 11Uw 11.
Mr. Culp's household lurniture, J
especially his kitchen furniture
and cooking utensils and crockery
were almost totally ruined. J
The stores occupied by Plyler A: i
Dees and by Mr. Culp were also J
slightly damaged by llying timbers.
The new mill came in lor a
good share of wind damage, about ]
100 squares of the rool having s
been blown off which entails a ?
loss of probably #450 or #000. j
The boiler room ol the old null
was tlooded with water to a depth ]
of about 7 teet and of course ,
I everything stopped. 1
Several sash of the old mill ,
were blown in and the machinery
badly wet, but the damage to
that mill was not heavy. Two
of the mill cottages were badly
damaged and hundreds ol garden
houses were blown away. Mr.
W. S. Langley's buggy house was
ulcn lilna'n itntvn oml ?l?ia T<\li
?? * v*vtf tl HUU MIIO liVil
ter's was blown olTits foundation. 1
Lightning struck Mr. G. A. 1
Wall's house near the depot and
damaged his cook stove inside, J
though the dwelling was not dam. j
aged much. A tour room house j
that is being erected on the pro
longation of Arch stroet by Mrs.
J. E. Johnson, a widow lady, was
>adly wrecked. What is called
he "Centennial" church, colored,
in Judge Jones' Caskey place
vas also moved oil" its foundation
uid Mr. W. H. Rives' barn was
inroofed and the roof blown
ome considerable distance and
leposited in rear of Mr. Borey
Cunningham's barn. Mr. Manly
Jroxton's barn in West End
v?8 blown down and over a nearly
fence. The big cow barn on
Jr. W. T. Gregory's Lathan place
arm was destroyed, and his diary
vagin, which was in the barn,
ladly damaged.
A tenaut dwelling and six
mall harns on Judge Jones'
limitations e ist of towu were
ilown down Monday. The
Iweilii.g was blown into splinters
ind badly scattered. In it at
lie time were a negro woman
mil child who were in bed. The
Kidding was blown from over
hem and in a few moments later
he chimney fell barely missing
lie oeu upon which iney were
yiug. Judge .Jones estimates
is losses irorn the storm at
.Joe Foster, colored, was among
he sufferers too, his dwelling
taving been demolished his lurliture
and furnishings broken lip
lnd badly drenched by the rain,
'he colored socieiy Hall" on
Jtiulap street was blown down.
Among ihose who sulFered
rom damage by hail were
dessrs. J). Robinson, N. B.
fJousar, Mrs. O.J. B. Gregory,
md .John Edwards, all of whom
vere badly damaged, their cot011
having been beaten leafless
md almost limbless. Mr. N. I'.
Robinson was damaged some
iy the bail. East of town Mr.
3. T. Thompson, Mr. Wright,
dr. Jos. M. Caskey, Mose Jackion,
colored, and all tenants on
Judge Jones places were dam*
iged badly by the bail. Besides
die bail damage to the cotton
crop there is perhaps a greater
lamage to the corn crop on the
ow lands from high water. The
irea covered by the rain was
comparatively small. It never
extended three miles west of
town and not over twelve east,
there being a good season as far
eastward as Union church. At
lieatb Springs they bad a fair
rain, but very little wind and
no bail. Mr. T. Y. Williams
was also among the sufferers
from bail last Saturday, but a
greater sufferer from the high
waters Monday.
All are agreed that the rain
tere Monday was the heaviest
3ver seen by any of our people.
Ihe rainfall was prodigious for
>o brief a time. The water ran
)ver the high embankment be*
.ween here and the depot and
was probably a foot deep in the
Episcopal church.
I'll*' Vr?'*<'ri|?tioii for.Malurltt
diills and fever i? a bottle of Grove's
tasteless Chill Tonic, it is simply
rpu and quinine in a tasteless foru*.
S'o Cure, no pay. Price 50 otu.
Important to Trunteen.
There are fourteen of the
Evan's Arithmetical charts,
tome maps and two or three
unall globes in my otlico at the
Districts to which these supplies
belom*. trustees of the
same will clo me a great favor,
by calling for them at their
earliest convenience.
A C. Rowell,
Co. Supt. of Edu.
$100 Reward, $100.
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