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Published Wednesdays by
Entkrprisk Publishing Co.
J. CLARK. Editor.
One Year, ... $1.00
Six Months, - - .50
Three Months, - - .25
"Wed ne^dav. August 0, 1902.
Per ? '"rru! Commissioner.
(m Fairfield News aud
H ! ! oi Max 7, 1902.)
Editor News and Herald :
The ''thv-e ot Railroad Commissi*
r. ri-o e o! L'reat responsibility
ui.'i it l- iii-uiv important inai ll
In tilled with the right man. A
Ivuir.Kt.i Commissioner should be
- "I road and liberal
urn I. trine! 1:1 business grooves,
v. l 1 ' -'nrpened by friction
wit e\ <-v ' v business transacts
11-'. ' 1 > diould be a man ot
sr.fl' : nt nr..-ill courage to enforce
his views in the interest ot pub
lie welfuic, and at the same time
not ignore the just interest of
railroad c rporations. He should
have ha t .1 aioa*ure o? success in
the conduct of his own business
before entering an the heavy duties
connected with this olliee.
A man who meets all these re
quirements is Hon. J no. (J.
Wii'linc whnco en ?id ill nr v fnr
Railroa ! Commissioner we most
heartily endorse. Mr. Wolling
is now in the prime of lite, lie
is one of the country's largest
and tnos? successful farmers. He
is a public-spirited man, as is
shown by his great interest in the
school of his community, the session
of which has often beei;
extended by his contributions
He is deservedly popular it
his own community, having re
ceived 1-iS) our of the 1 50 votei
cast ai 1118 nome nox 111 iuuu
lie is also very popular in tin
county, having twice hea<loil the
ticket for t he House oi Represent a
lives. Then, too, Mr. Wollinj
has had seven years experienn
in practical railroading, havin/
been a machinist liy trade, serv
ing in tiie capacity of a locomo
live engineer.
in asking you to support him.
we feel sure that whereever
he may be he will be fount
to be a man of the highest type
of Chri-tain character, whost
reputation is unsullied, whose
peculiar fitness for the office lit
seeks is recognized by many,
many citizens of
Fairfield County.
Bryan Oil the Hero id.
Mountain Lake Park, Md
Aug. -?in the presence of an
audience of 4,000 persons, as
sombled hi the amphitheater ol
the Mountain Lake Park
Chautau-|iian association, Win.
Jennings Bryan prefaced his ad
dress, which was of two hours'
duration, with a denial that he
will again seek to become the
Democratic party, his denial being
contained in the following
i ,;I hope you will give mo credit
with possessing a higher ambition
than to be satisfied with the
office of president of the United
States. I am too Democratic to
covet an ambition that only a
few of one generrtion can share.
I prefer the honor of being a
private citizen, an lienor greater
than'that of a king."
A New Orleans Man Doesn't Be- '
lieve in them, but he Tells a i
(From the New Orleans Times- r
Democrat.) v
' Dreams are curious things, t
and as a rule 1 do not take much
stock in them," said a man who
lives up town, "hut a thing
happened here in New Orleans a
in the halcyon days of the c
! Louisiana lottery which made t
me a little shaky in my unbe- t
lief. The city was honeycombed t
then with lottery schemes and li
a man could make almost any p"
! 1
kind of a bet on the turn of the '
wheel. 0
"A friend of mine ha and old- t
j fashion nogroo woman servant t
'a* his house and she was in the
li'iiUr nt' 11 j'Ofi ni i n ir I Liner.; ()iiil
morning she toM him she had j
dreamed during the night that!
'three certain numbers had won
prizes in 1 he lot tory. Ho laughed.!
but ho remembered the numbers,
and in some way the thing made
an impression on him. Down- p
! town lie met a friend and told 1
him about it. 'Suppose we play j
the numbers just for fun,' he ,,
said to his friend. 'No dreams <j
in mine, old follow,' the friend *
said laughingly. '
r? J ^
"My friend placed it alone, j
To his surprise he won about f
$-100 He told the old woman *
of it. She got up the next morning
with another dream. He ro. i
memberod the numbers. Hornet *
1 his friend. He told him that he
' had won the day before on the
. old woman s dream and mat
t she had dreamed again 'Suppose
we take a whirl at the
thing to-dayhe said . 'No said
1 the friend, 'lightning never
strikes in the same place twice.
9 "So my friend went it alone
. again. He won all right again
9 and his winnings ran tip to over
! .f 1,000. He told the old negro
- about it, and when she got up
* on tin? hhird morning she anp
nounced that she had another
i dream in the wee small hours
- and she gave my friends the
numbers. Again lie met the
same man down town and told
, him the story of his luck the
1A .. i r i \ f i i j* 1 i\t\f\
uiiy oeiuru. Jiurt' man
1 .in on dreams," lie said, 'and
3 got another tip to go on. Wanti
to try it today?'
4 " 'No," said the friend, 'no
dreams in mine.'
"Well, sir, by a remarkable
streak of fortune my friend
played and won again, and he
won about $1,800 on the third
day of betting on the numbers
the old woman had dreamed.
Now here is a thing that actual
ly happened here in New Or
. leans, and to be honest about it
my scepticism on the subject of
dreams was softened a little by
these happenings. 1 knew all
, circumstances as well as if they .
had happened to me, and it is J
no fairy tale. Since that time,
while not professing to believe
' iti dreams, I have yet had more
respect for the extraordinary
; stories of this kind which wo
hear from time to time."
Two liritish Deserters.
Special to The State.
Beaufort. Aug 2.?Two sail
ors who had deserted from a
British ship which is loading *
phosphate rock at the Central
mines, were captured by Dep- <
ity Sheriff Jenkins a few
niles from town this morning,
'hey were placed in the county
ail for safe keeping until within
, day of the ship's departure.
Vhen captured the tars were
miking lively tracks for the
roods in the hope of eluding
heir pursuers.
Inoculating Hats.
Lisbon has been attacked by
rat plague and all means to
heck the pest have proved fuilo.
The municipal doctors think '
hey have found a way out of J
he difficulty. They have iuocu
ated some rat's with an infect-J
mis virus, harmless to man,
nd have let them loose. Many'
ats are now feeling the effects |
i rue virus, ana it is expected
hat the city will soon bo rid of j
ho plague.
Soar* the /} Kind YOU HaVb Aiways Bought ;
jiguataru J*~'
id'/'/ C ? 7V> thf ('it :> /IN 11, r 1
loifll Of' ijtllH'HSt
The Town Council has passed)
n ordinance requo.ng privy do-1
iosit.8 to be carried hevomi thei
own limits. The council can do
his work cheaper and nu.rc sat-j
sfactorily than private iuuivid-:
isls, provided a swtlL'ie.it number '
>f persons will ontraet with if'
cf do so. The town will do the'
vork at tho fallowing rates per;
rear, payable in advance, viz:
<125 for private fam lies; .50 j
or hotels, and 52 for boarding
louses, provided iw<x.<j are made
ind placed be|??w the privy seats,
tnd provided parties contracting
vill come forward and pay the!
ibove nrnctints to the Town j
l'reasurer. K. Ik W.vlie,
July 20. l'.K)2, 3fc Mayor, j
Italftiuu* from thw North?ra Wuuil .
in ra Fyny-Uolenm, Che oerta'ji ooro for comgfiju
Littleton Fetnnfe Colt eye.
One of the most prosperous
schools in the South. Room lo
200 hoard in.: pupils. Twentyfirst
Annual Session begins Sept.
1 7th. Large illustrated catalogue
on application to Rev. M.
Rhodes, A. M , President, Littleton,
N. O. july 30-6t
Unity lives siro destroyed In summer by.
eluiiem Infuntuir. The nttneU >f tl.<- disease
Is sudden. its progress Is soincllint s terribly
rapid Mothers wbo htvtKlven their children
^ ^ ^ ^ ^
p p <f p P
Are You a Judge
of Good Printing?
If you are, we will have
110 trouble in securing
your order for JOB
printing every day?
that's our business.
We do firstclass work
at reasonable prices.
Any kind of printing
all the time.
Enterprise Pub Co.
Lancaster, S. C.
Dr. E. S. McDow,
touth Side Catawba IIoii&p, /
L'p-Stair#. t t t J *MM
Phone 96 I ?Ppn r>?y
H2,lyr 1 none w \ and Nijfht.
* #
It is our policy no
goods from one season
clear out these goods \
k,. ... ... ...
We mention a few c
| while they last:
All colored lawns a
lards, swiss all colors
and madras, organdies
silks, ladies' shirtwais
ored silk parasols and
summer hosiery. See
from 2 1-2 cents to i<
! numerous to mention,
tion to examine our t
we are sure of your tn
Lancaster, S. C-, Ju
lughes Go's. ?
vcr to carry over any summer
i to another, so in order to
ve are morking them down at
^35^ jffissa $2*.
; THEM. '
)( the many bargains for you
md dimities, silk batiste, fou,
lace and satin-striped lawns
; in the new effects, summer
ts, crash and duck skirts, col
umbrellas, men's oxfords and
our great variety of +
SS and *
3 cents and other things too
You have a standing invita[ualities
for comparison, then
pectl ully,
Hughes Co.
ily 15, 1902.

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