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M?||)I||J|| I" " " " , -V
? I . .
EJjb of your Corset,
it does rwot fit!
itor Tiliman was uf ?.g }>i- ictluence
in behalf of '1 .Ibert and .T. j
H.Tillman, as against HywardJ
"'whose candidacy,'" the dispatch
said, "was not sanctioned by
Senator Tillman.'1
Today your correspondent called
on Seuator Tillman at his home
here iu regard to the story in The
Constitution. When he read the
* article, the senator remarked :
""It is a piece of newspaper work
that is made when no news
can be found. It is the most
f absurd thing I ever heard
that Hey ward should get a sanction
to run for governor. Any
man is free to enter the race ami
I have nothing to do with it. it
is the biggest piece of foolishness
I ever hoard of."
The senator went on to say that
the old lines of deinarkation of
Tillma?n and anti-Tillman bad
been obliterated. Men were sup
porting him now, who used to be
antagonistic. Continuing he
said : "I have gained more
friends than 1 have lost and liij
this campaign no canditate will
bo Vuleu itu or ugaiiinl by either
of the olu (actions. 1 am only
drawing lines when 1 see a Republican
disguised as a Democrat
A who has the impudence to enter j
. the Democratic primary."
Continuing the senator said lie
hud nothing to say or do with any
iarf of thocandidates in their respect
ive races. This was positive and
To My friends.
If with joy 1 tell you what Kudo)
did for mo. I was troubled
v.'iin my stomach for several
month? I'pon bein^ advised to
use K idol, I did so, ?! 1 words j
;in?>o! ft>|i th frond if h o done ?
fit? A neighbor had dyspepsia o'
that h* It ad ' ri -d mo-1 cv r\ thin ;
I -
,i vi* ' im \ o!
t.?W. Kry, Viola, fot
Health Kinl RtroDKth, ol n i ?> 1 and I
jcrmal activity of tho
nr^HiiH Kodol, the i/reat reoon-i
^tructivo fonio, ores nil stomach
tod If " 1 'roubles, i:, '!; ti, ??,
f n ,i | i >
food you eat. Take. a dot- ; ift! r 1
moals. Crawford Hrog.
K ? a. Ul'l \j\J Tt
Ask your mercKar-l for tSt
h Accept no substitute.
1 Royal Worcester Corse
(A wnwrirsTrw ?,? *cc
k NK NATO It TiLliH AN NAY 1 !'
Takes Absolutely no !* .! in
(Juhernatorinl Font ;. I
^Special to The State.
Trenton, July 2'J?' re ap |
pearedin.tho Atlanta institution
yesterday a tele m from j
Charleston saying th. t in the;
gubernatorial race fs<ni?nal lines
were beintr drawn m : i'm >? I
? wr -T ?7
SETS f /JM^l
r j^Ml
JfT1* ! \ / ft
,rA w
l CO. ^^ wr*"^y^rur /y
If #
A Hide to Deaf It.
Altoona, Pa., July 30?Knjf.iiieer
George Kiinmerling was
! instantly killed and his lirenian,
II. M. Nicely, fatally injured in
I wreck at Pack Saddle, 50 miles
west vf Altuuna, at noon today.
| Their train, the fast mail, left
A1 toona for the west about an
hour late, and was running at
the rate of 70 miles an hour.
At Pack Saddle, there are two
reverse curves. The locomotive
left the track as soon as it reached
tlie curve, and ploughing
| across the roadbed plunged
over a 50 foot embankment to
| the Conemaugh river
T<? Cure a Col?l in On l>ay 2
I q vativa llenniA l\.?? *; ?,?
" t.rTablets.
All tlrugjrist refuml the
moru-y if it fails t-o cure. ft. W.
Qrovp's signature is on each box '2i>cfs
Charlottesville, Va., July .'10.?
Conductor J. C. Hammer of
Southern passenger train No. 7,
leaves here at noon, southhotul,
srot a personal difficulty with Thos.
Coles of Coversville, Ya., today*
When the train reached North
Garden, Coles had gotten the
couductor down, and the colored
A. II ? ? ? ?
purrer, nenry itanuoipn, went, to
the conductor's assistance just as
the* latter fired at Coles. The ball
struck the porter who W A 8 almost
instantly killed.
Ocala, Fla., July JO.?An unknown
negro was lynched nt
San Antonio, Pasco county, lest
night for criminal assault on a
while woman. lie was identified
by his victim, after which he was
strung up on ? tree i/i sight of a
railroad station and his body riddled
with bullets. The negro had
not been seen in San Antonio
previous to his crime.
< ur<? IlhoiimnlNin :ui?t ('aiarrh
itl l<'l' illlt'loc 1 uiln. Cohin
1% o ll*l?i: <?? try.
To cure the most desperate rheumatism
or catarrh take Botanic
Blood Halm (B. H. H.) the wonder
of the ago. Cures when all alse'
fails. It kills the poison in the!
hloorl and irivna u r>nrc i?o..l?i.?.
i-- - - t " ; " 1 ? "j :
blood supply, stopping a\. ^tiawing,
shooting aches and j. in (
the bones, joints, hack, and real
.-j 'iiig, dropping in the toioa.,
e ?.i t
;t p^rni v*?nt cf,?*e i ' 'lit*
* isp<! r<>r old, >>h . i
ui :du\?! T4(J\ ice given.
A Negro Comes liaek to Prison
After Thirty Years.
On Tuesday Police Officer
1 Nebens of Fort Mill brought to
the penitentiary here a negro
named Hollis Truesdale, who
was convicted in 1S72 in Lan
caster county of breaking into a
store at Fort Lawn and was
sentenced to IS months in the
I State penitentiary. lie served
1 fou?* months and then escaped.
'The owner of the store saw
Truesdale, recognized him, andj
had him arrested. Since his |
i escape 30 years ago the negro
has boon living at Fort Mill and;
hears a good reputation.?The'
Birmingham, Ala., July 3).? I
, lu the Sayr*. ton mines near her? 1
i today, a I rtmk in the roof of one
i room in the mines caused a
great mass of rock to tall, and]
j Oamillo Oastore and Patrick j
1 Rnzatii, two miners, vwe instant-!
Ily killed.
j Paris, July 30.? A dispatch to
The Temps from Tarbes gives!
neves of a terrible fire at Lonrdcs,
the town famous for its shrine to j
Our Lady, to which many pi I - I
; grituagos are made. The lire b?*i-1
gade was unable to check the
tlames, and, when tlie dispatch
was sent, an entire block of
ihouses had been destroyed and a
'number of persons had been'
j victims of the tiro.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought .
III Print.
The Editor's Wife-?I'd just
like to know what you wanted to
buy me that measly old calico
dress foH
The Editor i humbly)? Ue-j
cause, my dear, 1 thought you'd i
look well in print.?Southern
Chamberlain'* Colic,Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy has a world
wide reptuation for its cure. It!
j never fails and is pleasant and '
| safe to take. For sale by J. F. I
I Mac key & Co.
London, July d'>? "Tnda\" .
T *
lyays that Richard Corker i
i negotiating for a house on Carlton
I House Terrace. London.
Dr. M. A Simmons I.Ivor Modlclno Clour- !
ihoCoir.plt xion I'iVri Ho'ivuticv io . thr Mm. 'j
euros Hcuilacho, Ueu'tilu .? , .Howe * .
n?l (.Ivor
ttmvMYM mm
. m
^ <"*V,
?<>' 7. 5T
; ^ ||
4:?fo. ".'v. . : I.n.tfon, ?.-K. Or. fot
imk iii:stI'tt's x\<;i.ixii it. rea vd '
BllM ! .... <IM, .MUlril I. blue ribbon.
r?i.rni>ii(lii f. ll.-ruM. ditntrrno oubaff. i
tiiliiMiannil iH.iiiUiniio. iluy i>'> ui.r DiukkisI,
or sorid !? . i: iij. . for PKrtlrii'.itrs.
uikonI. fi. ll. r l"??r u .V.'.'rr,
I rt 'i:i i! lli.H. llt.tlbOlt Uj; i.ut.'s. .- jld hv
<ui uruiTtfi.Ht*.
BlOO nmlUuM rftllLA., PA
KtMiUdo CKIA jsfkfir...
r;>.^v - . j
K.^ ggi/ k'$\lf<f0ir i'Mi. $
!' " ' i '.
|l K
* V v# f" >* -'?")[ ..&
! !
jviJ' mEXR AN l&jfil I'lLlbs
J To cur i MT. K HSADAOHK,! 'i
1^ - U Ai. CONSi f PATION.i ,
r "> r! I -^c nrltiiv. - "-J .
, ..hubiiwh, ,i y -win pur rv yut'r*
jbl .c ' BtK r. ?youroonr.nlo/.lonj
Inn F A J r? AS ft '..!LY. Thoy ire! ,
ltr?-'!U.r> CO' tftij. ?HCr ?G C^HTS. J
at unco, and you will bo u^U
It's this
Yon can 1>tj rn ;
Powder, etc., c
with Steam or
only one propc
Rnnlrl nnrl tlmi
It ^ivea immcdiat
.linen cloth. snturott
loosely upon t ho \vn
lea wliel an c-:;e<l)i
you have tried it.
h fowl hp.
Llulircut* IoL?alicla
fVt^ Sl
& *Wfiy
Nc njre's Greatet
Liver, Kidneys,
Acts directly on the Liv
fits of despondan
by a
\ Cut This Out
nrul present with mi Ct* to C'iiaw
Knni? iI ? s . Dru(.r^ists. Lancaster
S C ., ami receive a i.ir-.- iloliu
p.ich it months* tr'.tini ill
1'lKlt ;K .S CKLKKV CUM^
TheiJr. a*. Ill I unil Vervi' Totii
Care Sittisl
money refunded.
^ T ! 1. V. I. I? I A [, WON :?KK <) 1 Til
gjj Nirett*-.'ot ! Ct-'it. ry.
A \ 't. I
i ift - f<*t ul u.i. .?? ' > mil. . i .
s 1
^JS ' ii 1'V .1 v M.i.-k.-v A- . IV . I >i
|>im I initio. inur.t'i
v v .'A . I
W/& vi ...
fsi \
?j ' '?i !. i *'. '
5T.^ ' S ' - * V * < >'v,3
' ' * lit & ' * I o
food. It gives in< '
the fo il you
caii t;ii. It. i
liln v. u 1 ?
ten with w< ik I m ichs tl ve <
OureiaSl sion
Pr?*paivl on. / by i . < \
TLaaC (1 V/O Iwiii - - *. li. v'v
Raddlo Sores Mexican IlI'jRtanK !MnI-?
nt is just what you nets:. It take i>ifw6
>ui.shixl to seo how quickly it heals bores.
illsi it
x x way:
yourself with Fire, with
>r yoti can scald yourself
1 lot Water, but there is
r way to cure a burn or
is;} w* iiciiKf
ST Liniment^
e relief. Clot, a piece of ?ft. oM
t it with this liniment. i?k?1
and. Von rati have no adequate
out. remedy this is for a burn until
>.u ha" - a t'ird afTMot.-.l with Roiir. dr n
|H>'iltiy iln>ou?i' usi. Mexican Alnstar.jE;
staxuaud rinatb Uj : ultry Livelier*.
>t Remedy for Diseases of the
Stomach and Skin.
cr, relieving dizziness, constipation,
cy and all the troubles caused
l disordered Liver.
&/"?>! STCTFBQ T read MY
? iJlOiiiiiO i Free Offer.
,A rniiR roui'iiX ?* ft..''1 out with your
ISr i uddr >s, ami stint .vlth . two-cent stump,
. to Mis. Al A Hilton, Kersnaw, s. C., within
A8 this next thirty davs, entitles you to a package
containing :i notne Treatment discovered by
I Mrs. M. Summers, Notre Uarno, 1ml, wblcu
I cures lcurorrhoe.i. ulceration, displacement.
v j faK.ng of the womb, menstrual disorders, hot
) ^9 flushes,' tumors, growths and nil female trouhr
I hies. '1 tie Iree |ia> hatf contains ten days
treatment. and if you wish to continue, it will
cost you ahout twelve crnts ;v week to guaruntee
a cure. Kill out the spaces below, send to
ga Mrs. Hilton, and you will receive the free
1 j treatment by return mall. .....
^ ! Xame
j Town
-X'v i Count it
& \ \
I Uftween Chester and Lancaster.
W I Srhedulo hi Kffect May lath,
i Kanrrot.
" '
iKi Nor ih tioui.O.
uK '*'" N'?- '* N.. I'' Ni? H
iSjp I V A M. ,?> M..A rti
jJT; 1 ?? 8 U'J 0 Ia A.- ? if>. x Oil
| ID s |s " Knox ' j ?> 23] 1 41
laT ! I !<ii Kioto ir* D ? 7 33
At i u.,.. o os
'Jk.' I 1 ' " HhkcoitiviIIO ' 5 t S 1 23
'in |fip| a .?3 :* * "...Fort I?nvn..." 5 3d 7 lu
II I' !' 001 * "... .lirunvs... . " 7 00
i ^
j j ? ^
KjB I . i-v'! -L*-U K
.1 . .*'? .1 !..? .l.tilVl
Ml I 'I. .Vi si. A A I Cui 'xiU'v
\* a
- . . ... ..i fro.i
i i: 7
; i.\<
[ ,, | liK A i 11, I
r? I ,\ TorrM fjlvrr . yplftOA
itip.ui ?. . -i L'n
U-nito ' 0r- A Simmon.- f.lv1.- vu stienri
slu. a',f>' ,} . - . x.

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