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Grim Grasp Caused
Heart Disease.
Could Not' Lrie On
Left Side. |
Dr.Mlles'Heart Cur? and
Nervine Cured Me.
Mrs. H. R. Jobe, formerly of Rirmincham,
Ala., writes from Lidredje, the same slate,
as follows:
"It is with the greatest pleasure that I recommend
Dr. Miles' Nervine and Heart
Cu'e. I only wish that I could tell every
sufferer how much good they have done rue.
Last winter I had a severe attack of LaGri;
which left my heart in a vcr> had
condition. I could not lie down for the
smothering spells that would almost overcome
me and the feeling of oppression
around my heart. I had not been so that I
could lie on my left side for a long time. I
got your Heart Cure and took three bottles.
T have no troubl- now with my heart and
can lie on my left side as well as mv ripht.
Foruieily I had suffered for years wnh nervous
prostration. 1 had tried so many remedies
that I had pot cl *r out o- heart of ? .t
ting anything that would help me. The
nerves of my heart were so affected that
sometimes it would lose beats so it w u!d
Seem to stop altogether. It was on the ad*
vice of a lauy friend that I tried your Kestcrative
Nervine. I felt better after tlie first
few doses and two bottles of Nertine and ]
one of Heart Cure made me feel like a new
person. My heart is all right and nay nerv0
oumess is all gone. I never fail to reeoui
* mend it to others afllicted as I was."
All druggists sell and gu irantee first bottle
Dr. Miles' Remedies. Send tor tree book
on Nervous and Heart Diseases. Address
Dr. Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind.
A Fatal Drunk.
Special to The Stato.
Greenwood, Nov. 29.?Thurs
day night Oue Arnold, a white
farther living about five mile*
above town, carao to SherifT McCasian
and gave himself up to
that officer stating that he hnd
shot, and killed a negro named
l'arker. From othor sources It. is
learned that Mr. Arnold had
been out hunting on Thanksgiv
ing day and was returning to hi*
home. Near to bis home lie met
the negro Parker who wan drunk,
f Parker got into a quarrel with
him and in the course of the diffi
culcy picked tip a fence rail and
struck Mr. Arnold with it. The
4 blow knocked h'm down and the
tietrro had the rail rained to strike
him again when Mr. Arnold,
raising himself on his elbow,
cocked his gun and fired at his
assailant. The load of shot struck
the negro lu the top of his head,
tearing his skull oil*.
Mr. Arnold at once came to
town and gave himself up. Lie
was placed in jail.
Tin lit Nl Pronrrltitinii forM itlnr! ?
fliillc a...I f....? >- - ?
......... ...... H iri in n UUI I 01 urove>
1 u.-teless Chill Touiu. It i* simply
iron nnd quinine in ft 1 hit flcss fortu
No (Jure, no pay. Price fit) cts.
Hie candidates lor olfioos at
the recent election in Kansas
^ have been filing their accounts of
expenses. Jamos O. Perry, de
featod candidate tor justice of the
peace in Prarie Township, suburb
of Kansas City, said he spent
50 cents for cigars. The man
who defeated him, J. T. Barker,
made this characteristic statement:
"Gave nothing to nobody;
made no promises; bought no cigars
and didn't spend a cent dur
ing the campaign." ,
A. J. Snell wanted to attend a
party, but was afraid to do so
on account of pains in his atom-J
uche, which he feared would I
giow worse. He says, "1 wadi
telling my troubles to a lady I
friend, who said : 'ChamhArlniTpa 1
Colic Cholera and Diarrhoea
Kerned? will put you in condition 1
lor the party.' I bought a bottle
and take pleawure in atating that
* two donea cured me and enabled i
me to have a good time at the j
party." Mr. Snell is a rosidont!
of Summer Hill. N. Y. Thin
T remedy in for gale by J. F. Maca- ;
?y A' Co.
Fell Four Stories.
Greenville, Nov. 28.?A fatal
accident took place at the new
addition to the mill of tho American
Spinning company yesterday
afternoon, by which Mr. J.
M. Buyne lost his life in tho
twiukliug of an eye. Mr. Bayne
was a carpenter in the einp'oy of
the contractor who is building
the addition, and he had just returned
from dinner when the accident
occurred. Tho building is
four stories high and he was on
the 11?p floor engaged in taking
I lumber trnm the hoisting appaI
ratus as it came from the ground
floor through a wide aperture.
In sonic way when placing a!
pk?co of lumber on the trucks and,
just ap ho started off with if, he
i lost his b&ianco >kiiJ was ni>rlo?
' through tho op??i ing to the ground ,
lloor, and of course instantly !
killed. Mr. Bayne was about
yri*i.- !ii ano lot.; ). a \ifv; ai. !'
| vuiiu*
| J hunkhgivittg Poiiversat inn.
"Well," said the Thanksgiving
turk.ev, "there's thin consolation j
about it?the moat distinguished I
I man of earth went the block. !"
"Yen," groaned tue 'possum,
gloomily, "but thoy wore not
broiled and rotated afterward
j tor the benefit of blockheads !"?i
Atlauta Constitution.
A Minion Voices
Could hardly express the
thanks of Homer Hull, of West
Point, la. Listen why: A severe
cold had settled on his lungs
caufling a most obstinate cough.
Several physicians said he had
i consumption, but could not help
him. When all thought he was
doomed bo began to uso Dr. j
| Ainp'8 JNpw Discovery for Con-1
sumption and writes?,4it com-1
pletely cured me and saved my
life. I now weigh 227 pound?."
| it's positively guaranteed for j
Cough?, Colds and Lung Iron-J
'He*. Price 50 rent.' and *1 00 1
[Trial hottloo t'reo at Crawford!
| liros. and J. F. Mackev <\r Co.
| A kind-hearted clergyman was
lately compelled ,ti> dismiss a i
gardener who used to purloin his
fruit and vegetables. For the
sake of hia wife and family he J
pave mm a letter of recommendation
and this is how ho worded
it: "I hereby certify that A
j B h?s been my gardener for
I over two years, and that during
j tliat time he got more out of niy !
garden than any man I ever employed."?iNew
York Tribune.
COl'ftllN A.\I> <-<M,P?S l\ C U1J..
K<*i'ohiiii*>imIiiOi)ii off ?. Weill
! Uiiowii ? liU'ouo I'liysiciait.
i I use and prescribe Chamberlain's
Cough Uerxiedy for almost!
j all obstinate, constricted coughs, 1
I with direct results. I proscribed j
| it to all children of all ages. Am
l glad to recommend it to all inj
i need ami seeking relief from
colds and coughs and bronchial 1
affliction*. Tt is non narcotic audi
safe in the hands of the most pro (
fessional. A 'Universal panacea
j for all mankind.?Mrs. Mary k
j Mklendy, M. 1)., Ph. I) , Chicago,
111. This remedy is for sale by ;
J. F. Mackey, Co.
(ten. Baden Powell, the popu-l
lar English warrior, was at aj
J luncheon recently where a cole ,
brated physician was his fellow
| guest. The doctor was chaffing
1 the soldier and said: "How do
you feel after killing a matt professionally?"
The Genera' replied
in his characteristic silky
tone: "Oh, I don't mind it much
more than you do, I dure say "
Von Know V? iinl Von ArcT?!({i z
Whfti yon tnkf f'? r?>ve'? Tasteli'-io C 11 >'
'I'otiir \y foroiiJa is ;t'- :.t
prinipij on pvnrv hntN* thowif ^ /it
it is simply iron ho?I Qninim* in ?
t&at?le?h form. No uure, ny pay . >0
Suit Against the Sugar Trust.
Trenton, N. J., Nov. 28.?Robert
J. Trimble has filed in the
Court of Chaucery a bill, asking
that the American Sugar Refin
ing Company be restrained from
dealing in coft'ee ; that it be restrained
from selling sugar at
less than cost, and that the directors
of the company bo compelled
to distribute among stockholders
a portion of its undivided
profits, which the bill allege**,
amounts to about .i'50,000,000.
This bill is an amendment oi
one that was filed by Mr. Trimble
in May, 1900, to accomplish
similar purposes, and that was
dismissed on demurrer on techri
oil grounds, with leave to file an
amended bill. Mr. Trimble charges
in his bill that the company's
charter gives it. no authority to
deal in eofiee, and that as a result
ot the fight with Arbuckle
the company is selling sugar at j
less than cost. It is also alleged j
ii.nl *
Mini an a iff nil ?7I I. II IS UgUC SOlllei
$">0,000,000 of undivided profits
have been expended, and that'
unless the order asked tor is
granted the remaining undivided
profits will also be spent.
State Labor Commissioner
Varnor, of North Carolina, in his
annual report, will recommend
that the Legislature enact a strict,
lav regulating labor of children
in factories and will urge that the J
employment of children under 12
years of age be forbidden.
A Guod Cough itlndh-ims
Frem ihc Gazette, Toowoumtm Australia.
i find Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy is an excellent medicine.
I have been suffering from a
severe cough for t'ha last two
mouths, and it has effected a
cure. I have great pleasure in!
recommending it.?W. C. WockAU.K.
This is the opinion of one
of our oldest and most respected
residents, and has been voluntarily
given in good faith that
others may try the remedy and
bo benelited, as was Mr. Wookner.
This remedy is sold by .J.
F. Mackey Sz Co.
New York and Louisiana capitalists
have combined to construct
an irrigating canal t>4 miIr?M 'oner,
which will through WV.'.OOO
acres of rich rice lands and t he
oil b?lt. Ad electric roa i n to
bo built along the bank. The
source of supply is til** AtchafalJiivor,a
branch of the Mississippi.
Will Not lIl?l<OIy Mglit Under
A tiuslicl,
Oknti.kmkn I will not hide my
light under a bushel, for I want the
people to know wha? your Cioooh's
Mexican Syrup litis done for me. I- or
four years I have been afllioted with
Asthma, atul could not get anything
t.? do me any good until 1 got your
(looohe's Mexican Syrup. I took three
hottled ami it yured me entirely. I
give you this hoping it may hemeans
of saving some one from a
horrible and premature d-ath.
Yours under obligations.
Uou 'I'....-. o
... .. ..n. i?. n *Hvru:n, Mcotl
To we, O.
Consumptives try it. It cures a
simple cough as if by magic, and it is
the best remedy for whooping cough
Price 25 cents.
Ethics ot a Kiss.
A ktori id n peculiar proposition.
Of no use to one, yet absolute
bliss to two. The small boy geld
it for nothing, tlio young luaii li<tt>
to steal it an J t tie old man ).,i. t.
buy it. The baby's right, tho
lover's privilege, the hypocrite1*
mask. To a yotiug girl, faith , U
a married woman, hope, ar.d to
an old jnaid charity.? Baltimore
WANT hl>~ All person? suffering
villi Kidney IrnnhiM'S, \n rif** af tmoe
r-1- <1 Inrgt- ! ble lor 2"> > i m*,
in? rt trial t.)
Natn i Reined > o ,
olJ-Ot-iyi . Wa:?<Hingiori, b. C.
The Kind You Have Aiwa
in us? for over 30 yea
Ail Counterfeits/ Imitath
Experiments tliat trlfl? ^
Infants and Children?IS
What is 1
Cftsteria is a harmless {
goric, Drops and Soolhl
contains neither Opiiuti,
flnl)St!tin>n. 1 l..n !i?-? t- i-1""
and a'lays Fevcrishness.
Colic. It relieves Teetlii
and Flatulciiry. It assi
Stomaeh and 15o\vols, ^i
Tho Children's Fauaoeur
The Kind You'l
Sn Use For
Ring us up or write us
j I/O I Oil
! ! Cilonn Shrinks C.ii
* o -
Springs Mineral \\
! I market. Why? i>
j are the purest anil I
from Glenn Springs
reliable that, in its
I leviating suffering i
being made into 1110
it and we know thai
have said, that it is
of Ginger Aie will I
lighrful and relreSprings
Mim ra! W.
F.xperts pron??uncf it the
you will be convinced. Ask
! i
1 The I7.
.{ft Wants to do your
Jgl do printing every d
\f4 we want to do yours
1^2 will soon need anoth
Note Heads, 1 >i 11 H
I pi Hooks, etc., and pre
'*5 tioncrv. This /? :=~~'
\'*4 i 1 - , n n~
j- km. so! pun I <-?
\5 r'-i-'ht here at
<3 - * I * II
<5v 1 a ke a pt icJe in p i'n>
10* ot our ohice,
'V with the best pnntii
both price and work
| ft T?!?r?
j*\ *
( A ,???v sjL*^~?. k? 'A. cxhju*> A?/to
ys Bought, and which hns been.
rsf has borno tho signature of
id lnis been mad? under hip. pernal
superv ision since its infancy*
low no one to deceive you !:i this*
?ns and " Just-as-good" are but;
tvith and endanger tii'* of
xpcrienco against Expcrhuonti
substitute for Castor i rang
Syrups. It is Pleasant. Tt
Morphine nor otlici N.ireotJo
guarantee. It destroy?. V/oiuis
It cures Diarrhosa and Wind,
ng Troubles, cures Constipation
inflates tho Food, regulates the
ving healthy an:l natural sleep*
-The Mother's Friend.,
5TO R! A alwAva
he Signaturo of ^
lave Always Bright
n \j&r V r.o kc
T w> V * t??
i rfift^ Docs all kinds of
11X54 J?b 1Vintin? rishl
*8 8i??iP here in Lancaster
when you want printing" done
i/rto& ??
- - ( i ^
t^er A!o, niiulfi el
*jii'M*, is tho best on lb.,1
ecause an ingredients ust 1 I J
best. Because it is made
Mineral Water. 'Hie old
natural state, lias been :u- ;
or over iOO year.: is :. >\v
st delightful drinks.
t v?u will say, as r:t 1 >:
" Til 15 BEST." Drinkers
>e delighted to gel this be- {
It ng drink, macie of (iieuu , ! j
IU'. j |
tin.'-i .-ti the inark u. TV it and
your dealer for it.
W \LJH ? A & A? ? ' Jf " V. ''\/ O J
Cv.^'>22:^. , >"
lay for other people, a ad y
;. If you are not out, you M
er supply of Letter Ilc.uls,
leads, Envelopes, Receipt R
>bably other kinds of sia- 5^
3 J Printing jj u,g ;s _W|1C ft
1 on}y II home. Vv'e &
in<I we <lo It
n,H,t. |j Liu: j>? O' i vicL j\
, & andcanrni)c
houses in tho in ^
jnaniship. Aov.ii ess, H
Publishing CN
nstor, S. C. Eg
, 4( * v ' >jj
W*.vn. ?* aW-'? ' /WT . ?W m 'i '-Y V*-*

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