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j "* '' ""r V | " :' |
p) w " i* * ? v? i _ m li
Lj i 'x.- . > ???.%. i-*. k.
j) i t.*" t * ?>4 Kl.ii .*.. ?' f'li'bk
" !f ikj ' i..ore lu i'iu*v?n to j-!
th-'r J" * w? w t> hiy r r t h.T^H' ?'
wiv ; i :.. ;>uT< . ??? l th'*V l'
icr.jus t.icy vul. fx*3
p: - *?-: <! > t.rt (J
^ r * j.~'< ? -iiy cures i.i^y nrc given
acJit f .
" in *. i " :? uith -r?v fVujJitist he jL
vi>cu ( : .. . i Wii.c ??i OjrJui ami t i cil- ?
lord * , ... )t&\ . r ; < > I too < 't .v<a j
1 hv c rvrr - r>?.i. . ;-? ,h r.k Kin- 'or e row **i
life cp i res >i d h i ilth, U
a'.' _ :-c< ; onths rr.e," p
W ;' ' '' "
tojn i ii<* r i v.. on. It euros ?
' . iUent. !r ur-v
>?f -i;'.* <V!L:\: ,W
ol t. v \ ! .1 (IcHVlinij. it 3
i ;t * W(;o. - !,
o .. , (" ,?r f.'ni
I'irt .. : ?? Silo, ll t ' - jj
i y '< 1.4>. .. -- .j
I t 1 v ' ? j -rs. AII *c
-n i tiw s >' \V iiid
P f) S1
' StSMKOP &B i
^ir\.".iL hy i
1s Ji?k" Slit* I iscal
Year v.: ncMif* J'V'uary
lot, I
Oi-: IT :k DA IN ED m* tiikj
iV i] Aldernn 11 of ihe'
losvii ?<i i^Uicahter, iS. (J., in
Ooui i . 1 inbled, and by the
author : a? sjm?, to provide
for . u] and necessary ex
pC list's 1 > 1 <w 11.
SI hat the following
Hxos lc and are hereby levied!
for the l j-'tiil year 1003, that is
to io.\ :
1st. A ,.\ of fitly cents on
each $ 1 <; j <?i the value of all real
anu j/Cr . 1 property within thej
corporal iiimtu ol the Town of
Lai.cast i . o. O., due and pay-LI.
1 i ^ ?... ~ I
a me nei veto nrsi and unity tirst ^
days oi October, 1003, at the
office ol lii Town Treasurer ; and
all taxes due and remaining unpaid
on tlie isl day ol November,
1003, shall bo subject to such
penalties and costs as are now or
may hereafter be imposed by the
State laws lor the non-payment
ol taxes when due. And the
Town Treasurer alter default in
the payment ot said taxes, shall
issue execution directed to any
policeman ol the Town or Sheriff
of the County lor the delinquent
taxes, c< us and penalties following
the mode lor collecting de
linquent taxes as now provided
by State laws.
2nd. The following licenses
shall be paid in advance on or
for the h Mowing vocations, busi
nesses or privileges, and it shall
be unlawful lor anyone to engage
in or follow any of the following
busii ess or vocalions within the
corporate limits of tlie Town with
cnl first a\ii g the license herolijul!
r ,ol ior said calling or
buain s; ami where tlie license
iu based upon income from said
business or vocation for the last
fiscal ye r ending December 31st,
1V02, fiii ,11 he the basis for the
amount 10 h, paid, and if shall bo,
the dui,) ol each person, firm or 1
corporation following any busi-i
oess or calling where license is
based upon income, to furnish the
Town Treasurer, upon demand,
with a statement, under oath,
showing the amount derived from
said business or vocation for the
laRt fiscal year ending December
31st, 1902, and in any case where
license is desired to follow any of
said vocations or businesses during
the fiscal year 1903 that are
based upon income for same, by
beginners, new comers or transient
practitioners, the lowest
schedule shall be the amount to
bo paid t\?r to 1 year or any part
thereof, w hen not otli rwise specified
Attorneys at Law, each or
firm with income $500 per
annum, or less, per year $5.00
With income over $500
and not over $1000 per an
iiiim, per year iu.uu
For each additional $100 of
income over $1000 per anno
in, per year 1.00
I'raet ieins* 1 'hysiciaii8,each
or fi* in, wit It income $500
per annum, or lcs--,per year 5 00
With income over $500aml
not over $1000 per annum,
per year J 0 00
For each additional $100 of
income over $10OQ nr annum,
per year 1 00
Dentists or tooth extract
ors, resident. c-,ch or linn,
with income $500 per anmini
or leap, per year ~ 00
With income over $500and
not over $ luGO per annum,
per year 10.00
For each additional $100
ot income over $1000 per
annum, per year 1.0(1
Dentists or tooth extractors
(transient), per week
$3.00 : per month .5 00
Ilrokers ?>r commission
Merchants. ouch or firm,
with income $'>1)0 per milium
or less, jut year 5 00
Willi income over $500
ami not over' $100!) per
annum, per year 10.00
For each additional $100
of income over $1000 per
annum, per year 1 00
Telegraph Companies or
Agencies, each, lor business
doneexc1 naively witi?in
(lie Town of Lancaster,
hut not including any business
done to or from
points without the State
and not including any
business done for the Government
of the United
Si a 11'? ?.i I . i tl11 <? r< <ir -i > f .1 > fill
7 * 1 XJX'
Express Companies or
Agencies, each, lor business
done exclusively within
the Town of Lancaster,
but not including any business
done to or from points
without the State, and not
including any business
done for the Government
of the United States, its
officers or agents, 40 00
Kerosene ().l Com panics or
Agencies having stationary
or portable tanks tor receiving
and storing ol oil,
each, 50 0C
Kerosene Oil Companies
or Agencies having nosta"Some
time ago my daughtei
caught a severe cold. She complained
(if pains in her chest and
I 1 - I ? *
n?<i h iirm congn. I gave tier
Chamberlain's Couge Kennedy according
to directiona ami in twe
days tdio v.as well ami able to gt
to school. I have used thin remo
dy in my family for the past seven
years and have never known
it to fail," pays James Premiergset,
more, .?! ?, Ann do Bay.J una:
en, West India Mauds. The
pains in the chest indicated ar
approaching attack of pneumonia
whi'h in t.h's instance wn{: undoubtedly
warded oil by Chamberln'n'a
Co-igh Komody. It conn
torac'H an ! tendency of a cold
toward pneumonia. Sold by J. F
Mackey \ Co.
i tionary tanks, but selling
i in original packages, each 50.00
Oil, creosote or fernoline
> companies, each 10.00
Fire Insurance companies,
each, per year 5.00
Life Insurance companies,
(resident agents) per year 5.00
Life Insurance companies,
including mutual or cooperative
companies (traili
sient, agents) per week
$5 00; per month 10.00
Sewing Machinecompanies
or Agents (transient) per
week $2 00 ; per month 5 00
Photographers (resident)
in permanent building,per
year 5.00
Photographers (transient)
in temporary building, per
week $2 00; per'month 5.00
Auctioneers,per day $2.00;
per year 10.00
Harber shops, per chair,
Main Street, per year 6 00
Each additional chair, per
year 3 00
i Iiaek street, ner ve.ir " 00
Ivach additional chair, per
year 2.00
Hotels or Boarding h ;i*es
with transient rates exeeeding
$1.00 per day, per
year, * 20 00
Hotels or Boarding houses
| with transient rates not.
11 exceeding $1 00 per day,
j per year f? 00
, Restaurantsiucliulii .. r _,!d
I to sell fish indoors only,
per quarter 00 per
year i 0 00
Meat Market, inelnding
J right to sell tisli indoors
only, on Main S'reet, por
year '25 00
! On back street, per year J5.00
j Dealers in lish or oy>ters,
indoors, por year 5.00
; With street privileges, per
quarter $10 00 ; per year 20.00
Sales, Livery or Feed
Stn1 'es, or all, per year 25 00
, All dealers, transient or
otixirv. i*e. in horses or
rnu'es, not doing business
in lieonsed stables, per
I. J- < / u n AA
I w?*ir?\ -t i" \j\J , ptT Vi'Ur ifiO.'HI
i Public Drays, ono horse,
i $5 00 ; I wo horse, per year 7 50
Public Ilack0, one horse,
$5.00; two horse,per year 7.50
Dealers in '< ?, per season 5.00
Itinerant traders or venders
of any floods, wares or
merchandise, per day $1
I to $;>, in the discretion of
j the Mayor.
1'uMie biliiutd, pool, bagatelle
tables each, per > oar 10 00
H.iwRiig Alleys, lor each
alley, per year 5.00
Shooting gallery, per (lav
$1 ; per week $3; per
month 5.00
Bill Posters, per (lay $1 ;
per year 10 00
Circuses,e(juestrian shows,
menagerie, per day $10 to
$50, in the discretion of
i the Mayor.
Circuses, for procession in
the streets, and located out
of town, per day $10 to
$50, in lho discretion of
i the Mayor.
Theatrical performances or
other exhibit ions,not local,
per day .$2 to $25, in the
discretion of the Mayor.
Bicycles, with pavement
privileges(exception Main
Street) each, (each bicycle
to hear license tag) 1.00
, Agents for salo of pianos,
organs, clocks, stoves or
rang^, per year, 25.00
11 Dealers in Patent Rights,
| per year 25.00
1 K?. i tili/or A peats, per year 20.00
1 Apents or dealers in en
1 lilies, pins, presses and
1 machinery, per year 10 00
Uaiiks, Htate, those whose
capital is less than$50,000,
I $15 f>er year ; whoso capital
is $50,000 or over, per
year 25.00
Merchants, stock $10 to
$500, per year 2 00
Merchants, stock $500 to
$1000, per year 3.00
Merchants, stock $1000 to
$2000, per yea. .. 4.00
Meichants, stock $2000 to
$5000. per year G.00
Merchants, stock $5000 to
$10,000, per year 8.00
Merchants, stock $10,000
to $15,000, per year 9.00
!>lerchahts, stock $15,000
to $20,000, per year 12.00
Merchants, stock $20,000
to $30,000, per year 15.00
Merchants, stock $30,000
to $50,000, per year 20.00
Merchants, stock $50,000
and over, per year 30 00
! Drug stores and .Jewelers
licensed as merchants.
Building Contractors, employing
one to five workmen,
per year 5 00
j Building Contractors, cm;
ploying five to ten work
men, per year 10 (>0 '
Building Contractors, employing
more than ten
workmen, nor vear 90 00 !
; Newspapers,each,per year 5.001
i Newspapers with Job ofI
lice combined, per year 7.5o
I Job office, each, per year 5 oo
Painters or Tinners, wcrk ins;
ono to live lutnds, per
year 5.oo
Worl.ing five U; low hands,
J per year lo.oo
! Wot I ing ttaore than ten
j hands, per year 2o.oo
Oculists or opticians, or
specialists 011 throat, ear,
evo or nose, per year lo.oo
i Kali road companies, each,
lor business done exolus
ivoly wiihin ti.e town of
Lancaster, but not including
any business done to
or Irani points without the
State, and not including
any business dona lor the
government 01 the United
Slates, its cdicers or its
agents 25.oo
' Telephone enmpnem s,<? .ch
! lor business done e.wL;.?t.
lively within I ho town of
! Lancaster, but not including
any business done io
1 or from points without the
i Slate, and not including
any business done for i lie
J government of the United
J Slates,its ollioers or agents,
for each 'phone, per year .75
Bottling works, soda water
or otherwise, per year 5 oo
Blacksmiths, per year, for
1st lorge $5 ; for each adI
ditionul lorge $3. .
Carriage or wagon repairers
or carpenter shops,
separate or combined, per
year 2 5o
Brick manufacturers, per
year 5.oo
Book agents, yer year 5 oo
Lightning rod agents or
dealers, per year 25 oo
Land surveyors, per year 5.oo
Cotton ginneries, lirst gin
$5; each additional gin,
per year $3.
Lumber yards, per year 5.oo
Lumber agents or brokers.
per#yeur 5.oo
Concluded on Third Page
A Little Boy's Life Saved.
I have a lew words to sty ro
garding Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy. It, Raved my little boy's
life and I feel that I cannot
praise it enough. 1 bought a bottle
of it from A. E. Steero of
C f\ ~ .. ,1 ?. 1 I ? . 4
vruuuwiu, o. 17., ttuu wilt11 t |;<?i
home wj tti it, the poor baby could i
hardly breathe. I pave the medicine
as directed every ten minutes
until he "threw up" ami
then I thought sure he was going
to choke to death. We had to
pull the phlegm out of his mouth
in great long string*. I am positive
that if I had not got that
bottle of cough medicine, my
boy would not be on earth today.
?Jokl Dkmont, I n wood, Iowa
For aula by J. F. Mackey Co.
Ryou huTfn't a regular, healthy increment of th? m
wo|g every <Hy, you're I'l or will be. Keep jour ^
bow ols ojm'JI. wel I. Force, In tlio nhnpoof wlolout
phjflo or pill poison, 1* daticerous. The uniooth^t.oanicHt.
moit perfect w?y of kivping the bowels
clear and clean In to take
PI'MAnt. I'nlstnhle. Potent. T i.tn OixmI. Po'lood,
N? v?r Hlcki'ii, Wuaknii, ?>r ? t|?-, 10, 1i. ami CO cents
Iwr b?i. Write for free rumple, and booklet of?
health. Atltirar, O
Bobedulo in > iTrct Jan. 13, 19>:i.
Heart Down Head Up
No.33. Daily No :il Daily
I 9pm Lv Charleston Ar 3A>t>m
22 inu A SwntnerviUo Ar 3 Minn
I 59pm Ar Khigsvlllq Ar 12 60pm
Tnes i tr.iius, X s 33 and 31, will at ponly at
Sumtnorville, HranchvilU*. Oraiigrburt- jihI .St.
Between Kln;.'.->vllls and RlackahuriT
Keatl Down Head Up
No.33, Daily Nu34. Daily
I.v i'i"-rsvi;ie Ar M6-pm
0 i.spin Ar C m-'oii Ar iisoum
u atom Ar ntawha Jet Ar 9 10am
h 2 ipm Ar Ruo't II.II Ar v I5um
m . . ArTlr/ ih Ar 8.Stain
9 eli,mi Ar Yurkvlile Ar s idum ?-t.i
iin Ar Sharon Ar S'.Vum
;> 35pm Ar Hickory Orove Ar s ten
t> M)pnt Ar Stntrim Ar > PAam
10 lAput Ar Ulucksburg I.v 7 t .im
l'r tints Nor. 'U a 1 ;n vt.jx? a nil important
stall. ns bet worn i\ t:i"xv!lle and lllw'isburK.
llet,ve >t Kock Ull'. nul Ma: <n
Pond O <t?n lfeml T'p
So.):, Paiiy No.34 >>aily
C< n"i I.v 1{<)"'.. 1 I'll Ar i > 0pm
o iknirt Ar Tirzan.Ar 10 Hptn
rt :il.nii Ar Vorknllu Ar li.Oipm*
f Kl.itn Ar Si nron Ar k 'tiiito
7 ii. ijn Ar Hickory Urov.i Ar >pm
7 lo.rn At Sro/rtiaAr l.m
7 HUam Ar It) ivkshuitr I.v P topm
l.' I inn Ar Marlon I.v a -iipm
>s. a 1(1 "A slop at principal stations between
Hoi k Ui.l anil Marion.
lletwvn M irlon ami ItlarksVurc;
Iti'Ml |V)i?i tread I'p
No.Cfl 1 ?aily us Sun So.fiT, Daily ' n Sun
OOiatn I.v Marion Ar H fsiptn
UO.pm Ar liluriisliurK Lv ooptn
'l'i 'n No. 't:t a ill connect at Hook Hill with
Savannah lIvtRlon No ii foi ( ha'rlotte, iVanbtur'.nii
and N? a York.
Train Mo. 34 will tntikn connootlnn at Rook
lit ! m i'b Suvauiub oIvIhI >n No 33 ii on. charIt
> . -.hlngton and New York.
N<- "*.3 and HI bundle th outfit I'uHtnatil?rawtnx
Rn n I'lepin); < ar- between s. . York and
Cburles on, v't < omxien o Rock H !. and
I' .i.i Gar b liven Hock 1! It aiifl V7 ishiitgton.
Kor further Info mat on ml Ir
K \v HUNT, D.P A., CharIcrton, s. c.
W. IT. TAVr/>H. A <i P.A., Atlanta, U?.
S 11 11A H I) 1\ ( K.i,. P. A.. W asli in(; t< >1 ,1). C. WL
iiANi:asti:u ?fc ciimss
Let ween '> heater ami Lancaster.
Schedule In KfTeet November9lh, IIKdS.
itflily I'Jxc.Cpt St'tlflU ?/.
Southbound Northbound.
m>. ii\ ao No. iTj. No. 14
M :A :T~[?M |A S
I 0(J 8 15 U Lv ... Ct'Onlor.... Ar .5 I'OI 8 00
lo II H "M' " Orrs ' 5 till 7 4fl
10 it 8 23 * ' ... Iviiut .... " fl !0 7 40
lu 37 8 4.V* "...Hichburp.... " 5 uj 7 30
10 47 8 11.1 <C('U1 Vlllu.. " 4 AO 7 23
||?)3 0 0.1 "...I on l.a?n..." 4 31 7 10
11 It l? If. (JracvH... ." I 15 7 00
II 30 0 3?l <1 Ar.. La noun tor.. L.v I uo e 45
)?. M. A. M. >' "..'A
No. li. leaving liUioiHtcr t'45 ... n.,, ;i uoa
clo^o connection at Chester win. ?e>morn
Hallway No. 36 f?.r Chur oile uim points north;
and 8>enbo:?r t Air Lino "At.nuia Sp i. ?" for
Allft > it irul t\n\n t * <*?. -i? ai-a .... ^ * " ?
.. ii vi nuu v unniu
X Northwestern Hy. No. 10 for Lend.', N. C
and intermediate points, and Southern Kali
any No. 33 (or Columbia ami point* south.
No 17, leafing Chester Reu a. m . connect*
with Southern , No. 3'1 fr.iu Coi jtulna and
point* south; tdT.tboard Air CI no "Atlanta S(>o
clal" frotu Northern an J l-.astcrn point* and
Southern Hy, No. :t:t from Northern and KaaV
eru points, and at Lancaster with S. C. A U. 15.
for Ulut nr.
No. 14. iVi.liiR Lancaster N tf> p m., connect*
at Lancaster with 9 C. A O '. trou Camdoo
and Marion, southern Ry. No. .'I atChi ster for
Charlotte and point* north. _
No. IN. le ivin,' Chester ib.OOa m.. connict.su
Chester with nouthem Hull way No. M frona
Columbia and point* south.
J. M. IIKATII, i'resilient A
C.-nM. !'*?. Airent..
Dr. E. S. McDow,
South Side Catawba House, )
Up-Stairs. t t + j
rhone ?; \ ?P?n Day
a 12, lyr 1 none ) and N'ijfht.
Tradc marks
*rV#SEl?j T* Designs
rvfTyy>^ Copyrights &c.
Anyone sending nnketrh and don? Motion rt n>
quickly ascertain our opinion free who'lior ail
Invention i? probably patent able. t'ommunlra.
florin strictly confidential- HANOBuiMI "? Patent* A
^ iit fri?o. oldest tiirency for "'tiring patent*.
1'ntanta taken tlimmrh Munn V ( >. receive
i ipr<vil no tiff, without cliarao, In Hio
$ci?Mtfic Jfmcricati.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. l.nr,/*?t clr
dilation of any *, lent IIP: journal, 'I ciinS, fll a
y?mr: four months, $1. Sold by all nmvudeolera.
MUNN ? Co.36""0"1-" N?? Yo'k
I Urancb-Olloe. tU& V ft-, Wushiuglou, il. C.

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