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Men and Women
?who are In nerd of the
beat medical treatment
should n^.t'<4ll
way at once, ate b* la
r?eoKnli*d m the
leading and u?w?u?'
cesBful specialist.
You are ia(? In
placing your ?t?e In
bis Uaayte, as hays the
longest established
and has the bds{ reputation.
He etrta
where others fall;
there is no patekwork
or experimenting in
sonal attenllen by Dr.
Hathaway, also spedr.
uathaway. elal counsel from his
associate physicians
IT 1IV11 UVVV.J.'MI J , tw i?*\ 11 m> MIUCI V U?V/' IIOl. *1
jrou rnn not call, writ* (or (res booklets and
question blank*. Mention your trouble. Krerythins
strictly oonfldeulial. J. Mcwtoi
Hatha way, M. 1>.
Wl inuu'it IS'I'd'jr* SH't s I'rrjHt1 St .Atlan'a.'li'
New Trains Fr?ni file Norfli
To induce tourists from the
Fast, North and West to visit
Florida and other Southern re
sorts, each vear the Southern
Hail way undertakes to do a little
more than in previous years to
make the resorts of Florida and
the South more attractive to the
people of the Kast. North and
West and this season have out in
service the best tourists trains
that have ever been operated in
the South.
The first of these trains estab
lished is "The Chicago and Florida
Special", first trip southbound
January 5th, 19<>3. This
train will have through sleepers,
from (Chicago, I'i!tsburg, Cleveland.
Detroit, Cincinnatti and
Louisville nr. 1 are run through 1o
St. Augustine in vi-rv quirk time.
Train will ron-ist of very Vw??
Pullman earn, dining oars ami
club < :irt^, nr. Between Chattanooga,
Trnn.. and J:w !; on
ville. l la . there will be also previdod
or. 'Ills tr.'.in a firvt c'a.-s
coach. wJ;i !i will be of nuir'i ao
com me lation to travel bet ween
Ch d fanrerr *. A'b'nta. Murun n:i:!
Jacksonville Between driMn
nooga and Jacktonvillc 'be train
will only stop a! Rome, Atlanta
and Macon.
Northbound this train will
leave St. Augustine, 8:li> a. in ;
Jacksonville. D:'Ja a m; p..ss At
lanla, (3:2o p ni ; arrive Ciuciu
null iipv! >?"w?rn i n ir nluon
M |""vv
the sleeping cars diverge lo various
lines reaching Chicago, Detroit,
Cleveland and 1'i'tsburg the
same afternoon. This "Chicago
and Florida Special" was inaugurated
by the Southern Railway
two seasons ago, hut this season
the train will he better than ever
before, and will do very much
towards diverting the people
from Chicago and the Northwest
to resorts of Florida, instead of
as heretofore they going to Mexi
co, California, etc.
Southern Railway also operates
a train known as "The Florida
Limited," which is a through
train from Cincinnati to St. Aug
tine, schedule time of train between
Cincinnati and Jackson
ville is twontv four hours. The
run from Jacksonville to St.
Augustine is made in an hour.
This train has through sleener
from Cincinnati to St. Augustine ;
Chicago to St. Augustine via
Louisville; Kansas City to Jacksonville
via Memphis, Birming
ham and Atlanta.
Northbound this train will
leave St. Augustine f?: 10 p. m.;
leave Jacksonville 7:45 p. m.;
arrive Atlanta next morning;
arrive Cincinnati sa me afternoon.
From the Lis? Southern Rail
way win e>t*^'t h, first ir>n
southbound. January 12th, 1
their famous "l'alm Limited,51
wbirh is probablv the finest train
in the world. Thin train southbound
will leave New York
(daily except Sunday) 12:40 p.
in.; arrive 'Jacksonville 2:20 p.
m.; arrive St. Aucurdine 3 :30 p
"Northbound this tra'n v*
1 1 ve St. Auerustine (d?ilv ox
c-pt Snnd"") 11:10". m. : '"av?
JnC -0 ? | > ?'.? , to ; Ml'fivo
V e?- Yortr f: 1X ??. m.
I'llia train, lue t'aiui niiiiitc"!,
in addition to double daily ser
vice operated all year-rouud be
tween New York and Jackson
ville via the Southern Railway
It is haul to describe the map
nif\rence of these special Florida
? aiiib tto i bu Uy i ut? uO liibtir
Railway ; about all that can br
said of them is, that they are
composed of the finept cars thai
the Pullman company can build
W. II. Tayloe,
Asst. Gen. Pass. Ant.
I 7 lm.
What May ho Done in the Senate
This Week.
An uneventful work is about
all that can bo said of the work
done in (ho senate. A number
of bills have been introduced,
but as yet by far the majority of
them are still in the hands of the
Senator Marshall's child labor
bill has been reported back to the
house and mav come up this week
for discussion. It is conceded
that tlie bill will not pass without
much opposition and it is
said that several of the senators
have tucked away in their side
pockets well prepared spee.he?
for and aeainst the measure. The
debate may bejrin any dav, but i
its advocates feel encouraped I
from the fact that when the hill
whs in Ihe hands of i ho committee
on commerce and manufactures.:
and public notice had been iiivon
*n all interested to appear before)
the committee, only three mill
nrppiilppfc presented themselves
and thev franhlv admitted that
if a child labor hill is passed that
they prefer the one f (Tore:! hv J
Senator Marshall and tacitly I
I promised that they would not j
I oppose it
| The compulsorv education bill
* fTcred hy S nator tJaysor ha
heen report< d favorably and at
I hia request lias been made 17.e
special order for Wednesday the
2S,h mctrnt in)mediately a!'? r
the n ornin?r hour, wl ' ii it eotn?
in fnj' a <;/ of f)il rocdintr. Tin*''
' measure will, perh ips. he (lis. i
posed of b.pfr re the eh"' ] hiltor
. hill is taken in, for h\ rn ?,y cm
i i* considered the companion of
j t he i*t her.
i ?ie biennial se.ss.on imIis have
come hack to the senate wiih i
I l\#Tl !l tiviinrtl \r ami Mu'iiriril v* r.i
porta attached. It will ho neces-1
8ary to change the constitution)
before it can become eil'ective
and t)iis alone can only be done
by submitting it to the people in
the shape of amendments to be
voted on in a general election.
Onlv a few house bills have
come to the senate, and although
the general assembly has been in
session nearly two weeks, it will
hardly get down to steady, regular
work until after the elections
which will be held tomorrow.?
State, 26th.
, , ? , , I
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Sought
Bears the ^ ' ' I
ilgnatu; of /J, /u; < -'
!' Jin: Till nrisi sli it;' 1 mm ler !
j lake to eAsas-itrite ? very editor
ill >iie Stal^ sviio li h hr uelcil
! Iiim a liar, a trambh-r, a thi"f Mtid
I?e t he a-* ? .. iiii.ilipu?> mur
derer. it would !.? were- i.y t<
in.port ?ev. r?l e ir !oad.-> ot am :iu|
li't K<11. 11 1?6 SIM<.1 j.! rilk't i ill
1 hi infernal und. rt.Jdu,, t!a S.>e:h
.('aroiiiia I'resv A?c( < iation vm
!n> a tliinu of the past. < >m tin
other liao'l, it he w<re to iiim
' 11inii lor an editor ihal !i.? I sni '
anything good of l?iui a popgut
! U r i! 1 111 lui C 11 Hi :M ?I? \ t ???? I ?*rxt ? 1
1 o the hen'l of anv man win!! !
a. a.a.n.- !.-!} :l.-> -,.-U
WAN *'!CI) -F.v?,ry ;>.>r m Mi..* i '
j !!" 'rj* ' i' h ^stli/nn. to ,* ! :
( ".i- to." ;t .;if < >. if .. . i ?.
1 "i j .? . it a ''r
N aI nf'?,
ii lii-uj-l ry V*' it-iii !>;( on, i?. (J. '
f&crtey to Loan.
York City I made arrangemo
by which I can negotiate loans
$300.00 and upwards on first. m<
gages on improved cotton farms
i per vt lit. luitrtiBii on ?uujs oi * n>ui
and over, and S per cent, interest,
sums of less thsn $1000.00. No c<
mission or brokerage charged?on!
reasonable fee for abstract of tit'e
It. E. WYLIk,
Att irney-nt-T.av
I.ancaster, S. C., .Sept. 3, '02?Oni
Dcn't Forget
That first-class colored g
eery store.
The Novelty Grocery
lias been established on College
near F. K Masaey's residence.
R. Gregory, Manager and Sec
tary and Mrs. s. R. Gregory, ass
ant clerk. We sell as cheap as
cheapest anil as good goods.
are cordially invited to c.ll on
and be treated right.
S. R. Gregory & Co
$100 Rewar<
We hereby t iler a i
if'100 for I ho approht n?ion a
conviction or tor evidence toc<
viof the party or parties \\
rol?hed Rov. W. F. Linle of ah<
$P>50 on fho night of tlio 1"
in^t . 111 lhe town of Lanoast
South Carolina, and an addilioi
reward ot 20 per cent, ol I
money recovered.
1) F. HKLMS.
I.atic: sfcr, S C., Nov. 20, '0*2.
mjw m t
fesi r;.:.
fc-MrV * rV* * *
K?8 tt
r*\ a k i
u 3 \icp?>o-n (Lm1
Ijm. j? ?> rw v* i v> ?,,? a
P s ?3 e ? t" r ^ :\': y c u e a ?
Tins pr> icn ji .u n:J ; ! of
digestuuis and <ii . u all kind;
food. it, gives Kc>; tuirelici aud ne
fail* to cure, lb ilIIo'v.s > iM to eat
the foo 1 you want. Tl;? tuo; tseasii
stomachs can take ii. by its use mi
thousands ot dv<n**pt.i'** have b
cured after everyi liiDf cUe .'.itlud.
uueoiiailnl for the Cli
rcu wiLii vvciiiv .stoiua^liij tlui ve or
Ouves ai! skr.iaf;h
Pr<'paro{l onl v by P.o. DiWitt&Oc ,Ohl(
Tim *1. tx-ule contulusSVi tliuvilbeMu. i
?' M
Ri th f \ j&M % ITS
WiVJ C? S> 4 1+J4 2 ii
Who Heats His Wife
hy negh < ling tin- taking out
, life insurance. A little econo
in daily life wr 'ild permit
j carrying of a policy that wo
protect the wife from wan
I yon died, or would mature ;
i h< n< lit you when you neer
, moM. Confer with A . .1 CLA
:it I .an co -tor and lot him s)
\ you what the proatost con'p
on earth, Til K NKW-VO
, LITE, can <lo for you if
live. A.J.OLAKK,'
A o' a t
1 Tnko Laxative Bi
- Scvua Mffiion boxes sold in pas
.it.ia vrj'rtini, \-\znzz
;f Eureka L
yt at
j.vu j This Liniment will remove spavi
j ringbones, and all cartilaginous
ty a when applied in the earlier stage
disease. One of the most comm
nesses, however, among horses and
v' sprain of the back tendon, caused
' loading and hard driving. Ashcraft
Liniment is a never-failing reme
Liniment is also extensively used fi
rheumatism, and stiff joints of all Y
i \ til ^or c1liron*c
ro- f* i 4;A ment Is without
/'/ tions will cure i
i?r r^S . Owing to the
J[k Eureka Linimc
all tumors ai
cnt* 11 *s ^ot
rP. destroying all j
ist- /,/ , Users of Asl
'J1P Cr- -member it slioi
chronic "scratches.1' ns if acts as a c
Price 50c. bo
Closing Out
r ttm rw *
:: si 8 r
% iUi
A Hi |
na) | I
lj10i On account of the dissolution
of our firm, a notice of which
appears che w here in this paper,
we are now offering ou^ entire
stock of Dry (loads, Allocs audi
Clothing at and below
~?'J[ n r "?i v <n r- f y er i I
A. . ?>. WW A - W A ? k ?# L * * ?? W I
S i Pr\c?f
It) women Shoos we offer all
g our $' 'tO, % 1 25 and H I 50 lines
at . '?0e and $ I ' (> (V|r
'P ' <) line a! $ 1 10 and $1.15 ;
^ and our ! 'li. >0 and $3 00 lino tit
. Ul 75 and *2 00.
the! In Men Shoes we o(b r Split
1 01! Tic* wonli * 1 'J" for .vr>c. Host
ver I
all | ftt 10. Best Oak Kip Ties
ive for $ 1.20.
een (K)0(l Sheeting at 3c a yard.
I* Host and heaviest made at he
'14* We will ?nve von good plaids
25 in wide for -1 Ac a yard Rivles
erside, best made, at 5i
^ In Men's Suits
We offer the best that money
- will buy from $3 50 to $10.00.
All at cost.
Our stock of Ladies' Dress
I Goods at cost. Ladies' Capes
I and Skirts and all kinds of
' I 7 n.lnrnTanr ? twl Ml
vy hvivi iiv/ch tiii'i Uim 13 ? C Will
v sell*at manufacturers'cost. This
d sale to continue for 30 days
Funderburk Co.
Garden Seeds
Best for the "Sunny South,"
because they are specially grown
i and .selected with a full knowledge
j of the conditions and requirements
of tho South. Twenty-live
years experience and practical
j growing of utl the different vege]
t.ihle.s enables us to k now the verv
!' best, and to offer seeds that will
give pi easure, satisfaction and I
profit to all who plant them.
Wood's flew Seed Book for 1903
(Mailed oil request) is full of good
thing.-, and gives tlx most reliable
i liCnriiuil inn tiiUkiii ml vmulu l"?t h
uui J I j*or ^jie i.'arm mi.l Garden.
!: k ' I T. W. WOOD & SONS,
Seedsmen, Richmond, Va.
MV I WOOD'S SKKD BOOK nlsn tells a)]
I; |v I about tiros* and Clover Seeds,
Seed Potatoes, and all
VOW ! Farm Seeds.
Write for Seed Rook nnd prices of any
Farm Seeds re<jaired.
? f _ ~aa
ry jtTfT.TW^K?XY^P'i'f^'?)f WSSBSBES^fK^SBd
Cure a Cold in Oi
romo Quinine Tablets, j
t 12 months. This signature, ^
... -y , ,
Jniment. '
in, splint,
growths s
s of the /if
on lame- /|j/\ ^ /?i\*T
mules is 1 aV jTtyyg>.-\f
's Eureka l\Vv
>r chronic
dnds. ,
scratches Ashcraft's Eureka Linii
an equal. Three or four applicathis
disease in its worst form,
wonderful anliseptie qualities, the
nt shoukl be used in the treatment
id sores where proud flesh is prcsh
healing and cleansing, entirely
>arasites and putrefaction,
lcraft's Eureka Liniment must reiki
not be used on feverish parts,
:ounter-irritant and stimulant,
ttle. Sold by
Crawford Bros.
Attention is called to the fact
that the license tax tor 1903, imposed
by council 011 all occupations
and callings enumerated
in the schedule already published,
must be paid in advance,
and that it is made a criminal
offense to engage in said business
or calling without first
paying the licenses to the Town
Treasurer, who will receipt
Attention is also called to the
Tax on Dogs, which goes into
effect Jan. 1. 1903. All dogs
found ciT the prt mises of the
owner without the tag furnished
by the Town Treasuier, on payI
meni of the tax of $1, will bo
taken up and after 3?> hours
killed. 11 lb WYLIR,
Dec. 30, 1902. Mayor. '
The Best in Current Literature *
'I 12 Complete Novels Yearly
$2.60 PER YEAR : 25 CTS. A COPY
An Ordinance
Providing for nn Annual Tax on
All Dogs Found Within tho
Limits ol the Town ot Lancaster.
He it ordained by the
Mayor and Aldermen of tbeTown
of Lancaster in Council assembled
ami by the authority of same:
Section 1. That an annual tax of
' one ($1 00) dollar is hereby assessed
I and levied against the owner of each
dog or bitch kept within the corporate
limits of sa*d town, to be paid on #
or before January 1st, 1908, and on or '
ttelorelhe 1st. day oi .January each w#
..nd every year thereafter. '? hat upon
1 'he payment of said tax, the owner of
*aid dog or bitch shall be furnished
, by the Chief of I'olice with a tag,
. hiclt .-hall l>e immediately placed
' upon said dog or bitch by being at|
I ached I o a ? ollar. ?
. Sec,. 2. That any dog or bitch found
running at large without the tag pre ril.ed
in Section 1 of this ordinance,
.-t><-II ti - ;zed and impounded hy t he
: ulcere of the 'J own. and unless tho
-aid tax of one dollar, together with
an additional amount of twenty-live
cent ?, for ' he taking up of -aid deg or
hitch, is paid within thirty hours #
ft n ; itne of seizure, t hi n .-aid dog or
bitch shall forthwith tie killed.
Katitled hy the Mayor and Ablermen
in Council Assembled this 2tit h
day of July, 1902.
?-? I It, K. Wyiie,
, hkai. / attest ; Mayor.
( -v- j (.'has. D. ilorea. Clerk.
m Day II ?
^ry /j on every 1
\ box, 25c. B y.

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