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; LANe
Vol. XII.
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Livingood, of Eh
Whiskey has prolonged the:
MR ADAM LiyiNHQMt 01 lojrs old.
13 TH
It HaA proToftSflC wHOy JShuftand lives aft
it baa Ma. *n<3 Mn, IMtteond, and tftera
Vs no other medicine in ttic world wtilab
b-111 Keep the srsfntn tn norm"! condition,
prevent the dewy of the flw?re?, st-rermth d
the heart octi^n ar.dLrrriah the blood
Kite Duffy's Pure >Iaft TPfuslcey. It Is an
Absolutely pare sftnmlPTft rvnd houlc, freo
from futtol o1! and otbvr 4insrerov? tfi*rodients
so common In most whiskies. It
etires fcrlc ronumnttnn, bronchitis, catarrh
asthma, malaria and all low fevers,
dyspepsia. and luviy-rates tho brain. It
makvs the old you.yt; keeps the yeutijj
Ktronp. P? pot f.'A irosw hr.dy full of
drurs and medtrlnes wM.t. poHtni W?o ryntoni.
Duffy's Pure Mall Wh'sKey |? thrt or.ly
avhlskey renoirnixcd by- tl:? (rovrnmcnt as
a medicine. This L> o gunnntre. It Is
absolutely pure -d contains no fusel oil.
It la prescribed t ?vr?r 7.MW dookors- and
used exclusively Ui over tMJ'KJ hospitals.
It Is the only reliable anT absolutely pure
stimulant and tonic. ft has saved the
lives of millions ?f podjrte nhe past fifty
years who have used it as their only
. medicine.
g Dev. Mr. Pnreher Suggests a a
Change in the Declaration H
ot 'I heir Purpose. 0
To the Editor of The S ate.
Since onr whole system of crimii>mI
courts and criminal jurispru
deuce and general criminal proc- .
edure seems to l?e maintained for .
the purpose of defending and
protecting those who commit ^
crimes of violence, such ?h murder
and other kinds of homicide
and assaults of a dangerous and j
desperate character, and also for
the purpose of providing respect- .
nhle and lucrative positions for ,
judges and solicitors and abnn- 1
l 1 _ . r O
uhiii proniHDie occupation ior
lawyer?, und since onr criminal .
courts s??crn to accomplish vorv
little else than the furtherance H
^ and attainment of these objects,
would it not be very well for the ?
legislature to adopt certain meas .
ures which would render theRe
objects still more easy of attain- p
W ^ meut?if that bo possible? The
following are suggested :
A change of venuo shall be
granted whenever the attorney a
tor the defense shall desire it.
The lawyers for the defense '
shall have unlimited privilege in a
the matter of challenging and ^
objecting to prospective jurors.
Any manifestation ofintelligence,
incependence and judgment or ,
incorruptible character on the '
part of a prospective juror shall *
disqualify him from serving. r
No 9V)dence Bhall he admitted
to which the prisoner or any one H
of his lawyers may have any
Unlimited time elmll be grant
ed for (he trial of each case. '1
Since the exnense of the conrf?
Hnl&ripR of judge and eolicito. and p
otlv " (>(Ticorf?, payment of jurors, n
witnesses, etc.?are defrayed out \
* of the ta:;ts collected from the
people, it matterR not how heavy ti
thes^ evj , . tfl may he,and thero r
M fore the trial of each case may be \
prolonged indefinitely. The ut r
must coiJBiueratioii iuuat, ue given j a
T> 05
rerson, Pa., who have been
ir happy union many years
lr. Livingood Is 91 years old ai
'e is 84. They are both hale and 1
1 feel vigorous as a couple 50 ye
Reading, Pa., Feb. 15, 1
Rochester, N. Y.
iontleuien?I take great pleasu
Iting to you telling the benefit I a
lug from the use of DufT/s Pure
liskey. I have been taking it In
intlties every morning and evenli
uiuber of years. I am 91 years ol
excellent health, good appetite, ai
ng all my own farm work. 1 know
llskoy Is giving me renewed str
1 prolonging my life . I feel as W<
r as ten years ago and I feel a
1 yet pass the century mark. 1
nestly recenimend it to all old p
was recommended to tue, and has
a bleaslng. My wife is 84 years ol
rer falls to take a dose of this Wl
petlrhJg. She is also In perfect h
Elrerson, Chester County,
y the judge to the desiri
onvenience of each lawye
erned in each case. The
nay be adjourned at anj
nd as frequently as may
ired and !?.r whatever p
nav bo convenient to the?
r any of the lawyers cone
n either prosecution or de
If any criminal should b
icted or if a sentence siioi
mposed upon any erimina
rhich he is not satisfied,
rial shall be granted in
nstance; provided, howeve
very motion for a new trial
>e considered for such per
ime as the judge may fix,
10 case for loss than one n
'rovidod further, That sue
rial shall never take place
n a less perjod than on<
rum the time of the cone
f the former trial. If a
lew trial the sentenceshoul
>e unsatisfactory to the pri
,n appeal to the supreme
hould ho granted iit eve
tance. Every such apnea
>e considered for a period
ess than one month befor
[ranted by the judge, an
upreme court shall conside
ppeal at its leisure In
nterval of tir.e between
nd trial and between thes<
rial?, and pending the cor
tion of a motion for a now
nd pending an appeal t
upreme court, the prisonei
>e allowed to give bail, n<
er what hia character mi
,nd no matter what crime h
lave committed; and Ii
;iven bail, to go at large w
/f from any atrnnge or u
een causes all the above
I>eWUt's Witcli Haeel 8
^he only positive cure for
deeding, itching and protr
>iles, cuts, burns, bruises, e
nd all abrasions of tho ski
Vitt's is the only Witch
5h1vo that is made from th<
inadu'terated witch haz<
thers arc wunterfaita. I)e
iVitch Hazel Salve ia ma
ore?coonferfcita are ma
eii Cluwiuru i>rou.
2R EN'
i Yfarq
married 65 years, say Duffy's Pure Malt ] 1
beyond their golden wedding,
I* for K ^
y.^rt 11M. I ]
lt Whiskey ',
Caution.?When yon a?k for Duffy'* .
Pure Malt Wlilakc) lit* sure yon ?et
the veil nine. I 'nserti ptilonn iIi-mIw, I
nilnilful of the excellence of fiiiu I
preparation, will *(ry to moll yon
cheap ! ml tat loiut, nml Ko-onlled Malt 1
Whiskey nubvt Itutcn, which are put
S? on the market for profit only, anil I
iJr which, far from relieving the nh*k,
nrc positively harmful. Demand
OjVk "Drffj-'i" nnd he sure you vet It. It ]
In the only absolutely pure mnlt j
\C^? whiskey whleli ronlnina medicinal.
| ud|| he nith-vlvlnij ijuulltlen. I.ook for I
I pi If the trade-mark, "The Old riumlit," j
I jj on the luhel.
II T^e Rt'ntiine Duffy's Pure Malt WlilsJt
key Is '
f Se'd It All Clspsnsarres,
or direct at J1.0Q a bottle. Refuse Imitations
and substitutes, the re is none just as '
Rood an "Duffy's." It in the only whiskey I
recognized hv the Government an a modi- .
cine. Valuable medical booklet sent fro*.
Duffy Malt Whiskey Company, Rochester. '
1 ' 1- ]
*s and tioned measures should prove inr
con- sutlicient. to procure for criminal
court a sentence mild enough to suit
r rime ! him or his family or his counsel,
he do the solicitor or solicitors who
criods shall have conducted the prosejudge
ention and every one of the jurors
erned who shall have been in any way
fense. connected with the case, shall be
e con- required to sign a petition to the
nld be giivernvr recommending a full
I with I and unconditional pardon,
a new j i^ay be objected that such
every measures as the above are utterir,that
ly superfluous since the objects
,.n\U8f aimed at therein are already
ion of fully secured by our present
Af criminal courts as they are now
iiontn. conRtitutod and conducted. Suro"r
'y murder and other crimes
w against life and limb are the
? v?ar safest crimes that can bo comlusion
mjtted, 'no white criminal
w*10 ',aa an^ ProPerty or friends
Id still or jrfluence jK jn danger of sufsoner,
fpj-jpp- unv hp?v*r nnniohmont of
cour all. Why, it may be urged, |
I Vh n evory^l'n^ already provided i
5 to protect every Bucii criminal, <
? no matter what crime ho may !
H Hi* c?mmit in the way of bloodshed, <
? Pave not our criminal courts, in 1
r 8UC the estimate which by their con?ve^y
duct and procedure and by the '
urrAut ? ^
. results achieved thereby they <
?Y?ra have caused the peop'e of the <
IR? er." State, including the officials, the <
' sworn exponents of the laws, to <
? , have of them, been clearly shown i
r H a to be such efficient safeguards i
ma and to afford such sure protection 1
av to criminals of the most vicious '
? n!ay and dangerous kind, that even 1
'fhin<t most depraved and cowardly <
are emboldened to commit dia <
f bolical crimes? 4 And not only i
n ore* does the State go to great ex
> en pense to clear every white man .
- who kills a'fellow-man or black
alve or' ln ^ie ca8e ^ unusually
I atrocious crimes imnnae an
blind, light a sentence as possible, but !(
tiding ?he also does all she can to res- '
zcerna cue him from the censuro of pub
n Do- lie opinion. And ehe succeeds \
Hazel well enough indeed. To have
e> pure killed a man in no sense debars a
"1?all citizen from running for any ofWitt's
flee in the gift of the people of
ide to the State. Far from impairing |
de to his chances of election to either
lOiaucu oi the legislature or tu|
RUARY 4, IQ03.
?ny of ihe executive olIioeB or u
L-ithcr houso of the national con
*rcss (senate or b use of ropre
?entatives), it wc.uld almost seen
that a candidate's election i
helped by his having killed 1
man. It is not an unheard o
thing that one occupying as eolici
tor the position of prosecutor o
)ther man-killers should be t
man killer himself without los:
nf his position on that account
NTay, even the pulpit is not fre<
From bloodshed, and it has beer
shown to be possible for a mar
on one day to kill a fellow-mat
ind a few days after to go intc
House of God tojpreach the gos
pel of the I'rince of l'eace ant:
Love. Therefore what need i<
there of any further measures foi
the protection of those who com
rnir murder and other crimes ol
violence and for increasing the
estimation in which they arc
held ! I cdmit that all this u
true, deplorably true. But foi
that very reason it would seen
advisable that some such meas
11 res as the abovo ought to he
Adopted, for there is still linger
ing in the hearts and minds ol
our people at large a superstitioi
that criminal laws and crimina
marts with all their machinery
were established and are main
Lamed for the purpose of pre
renting crimes of bloodshed b>
mihing such crimes dangeroui
fatal to those who commit them
through the infliction of severe
<iid adequate punishment without
respect of persons and without
regard to the wealth, socia
nr political position or influence
possessed by any criminal, ii
irder that even those who art
not deterred by moral or religiouf
principle might yet be deterred
by the wholesome dread ol
prompt and certain and sever?
punishment, from crimesoi blooddied,
so that the lives and limbt
is well as propertj' of the citjzem
>f the State might be protected
ind made sale. And men seeinp
that in civil matters our courts
ire useful and efticient, and
though needing roforms and ini
provenient in many importanl
respects. yet on the whole var}
3flicacious in advancing and fp
curing justice betwoon man and
man and preventing fraud nnc
wrong, and thus protecting prop
?rty right?, cannot but feel thai
?qiiul protection should be se
ured to life as to property, ant
svan greater protection Hince lift
is surely far more precious than
property. Moreover,every worthj
and manly citizen of courage ant
character abhors the idea of go
ing about armed with a deadly
weapon in times of peace anc
would ami should bo ashame'
ind mortified to acknowledge
that the ptage of civilization it
tup own State and neighborhooc
is so rndo and rough and barbar
3ti8 as to make the carrying o
irms necessary. And so met
sling to the darling superstitior
that the State protects life b>
punishing and thus preventing
"rime, and the hypocritical ant
F?xpensivo farce of the arrest ant
elaborate trial of man killers ii
emacted over and over agaiu ii
aur midst, and the potideroui
machinery of criminal courts ii
nn a ? i . f #t t i\ /\/l *? ^ t U /v ^ 4 h
Ii:rt4 li uu uuvj nt inu t A JJUU30 til Hi'
people whose taxes supper
them, and the chief result attain
ed is the clearing and vindicatiot
:>f criminals, so that thesheddinj
of blood is made safe and easj
and frequent.
Now if the legislature wouk
State of Ohio' City of Toledo, t
Lucas County. t
Frank J. Cheney invito* oath that ho Is th.
lontor partner of th- flitnof F J. Cheney .<
Co., dolntr business in the C-1 ty of Tolod.
County and State aforesaid, and that said llr:i
will i>a\ the sum of ON K HUNHKEl) Dul,
LAKS for each and ry case of Catarrh tin.
rat.not be cured by the use of Hall's Catarrl
Sworn to before me and subscribed in m
preserve this bib day or Decembej, A l>
4 ? ? ) A. W. OLKASON.
-j sr ai< V Notary Public.
H ill's Catarrh Cttr? .* taken internally an.
?rts dlwtly on I he blood anil mucuns surfuii
of the system. ><-i. 1 for free.
F. J OHBNKV A t *> . Toledo, '>.
Boh! bv <lr'i. . ,
Hal. ? Kauiiiy i'tllH arc the beat.
No. 46
J |
'' p->
; SSlg?ii;3
! ^S-:
| ^&K??^
Absolutely Pure
make some such modificutioifp jf
1 our cnmiual laws us those above
. Riiggepted all Buperptitious mis
conceDtinns pnucorninif mir orim.
inal courtB would be cleared flforay
f and men would realize the fact
i that the state has no real itifcen1
Hon of punishing and thus pret
venting and diminishing orjjmes
- of bloodshed, and that therefore
- in the first place every man must
' look out for himself, and in the
i second place that whenever any
, especially atrocious crime shall
; be committed by a white man the
. only way in which the coirsmu.
nity can be sure of having such
1 crime adequately punished is to
i resort to lynch law. Fnrtheri
more, all thrifty and law-abiding
) persons who might be thinking
) of moving into South Carolina
I and of settling there might be
F warned beforehand as to what
5 they must expect if they should
. do so.
j lu short, let our institutions #
\ profess to he and do exactly what
1 they are and do, so that ail men
t may know exactly what is to be
j expected of them.
I O. T. Porcher.
Greenwood. Jan. 2b.
t . . - . .
.j Trustworthy, either sex, hy
, i Wholesale Merchandise Comna
I i 1
ny of solid financial standing, to
t manago Local Representatives
who will organize clubs mnong
} consumers, Jo per cent -saved
s for our customers. Business no
i experiment but a proven suc'
cess. Salary -tlS.oo a week, ex1
penses advanced. Experience
' unnecessary. Address J)' B.
. Ciarkson, Mgr , JoJ Dearborn
I St .Chicago,111. jani,2m
i William Elliott, Jr., Code Com*
II missioner.
p| Mr. William Elliott, Jr., the
, | now coae commissioner, is a
i son of Congressman Elliott. He
i is engaged in the practice of
i law in Columbia with Messrs.
1|W. A. and Washington Clark
1 as associates. Mr. Klliott is a
' young man of much vigor, is
* equipped with a splendid eduB
cation and has already had ex'
perience in compiling and codify
fying the statutes and laws of
South Carolina. The duties of
^ this office are very exacting, rei
quiring a careful student to
j keep up with the ratiocinations
of successive legislatures as they
1 change and add to the laws on
; the statute books.
.11 r. WlirtlcrCfiil ilitl of IIK9hon>
* "During the winter of 1898 I
1 wan so lame in my joints, in fact
t, all over my body, that 1 ootid
h I i . , t.. * i i
I uaruiy iiuuuic ttiouiiu^ ?cu 1
y bought a bottle of Chnmhorlaiu's
Fain Halm. From tiio iirai application
1 began to get well, and
\ \v?'cured R?id havewoi'adi!-.
.*11 the yf-ar?R. Vtiiki:le*,
Northwood, N. Y. For sale hy J.
j t. iViacaey *V: Co.

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