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'V jwllli
! 1^1 ' > 'if!ration is nothing more .
> ' 3 i ; < < "u-inar of tlio oowol* vfig
| *k*' i';t!i: io loss than vital st;i?- fl
' \ i. >:i or (loath if not relieved, m:
F? every co):'?ti]>atod sutfeicr Tj
Pi r.*.:! $ r?? fh??t Vw? nlLmiim w
K ;?#! -oiious fir.ii to remain ;n hit* (a
i iii. be would siHjn y?t 2 "lief, ij
i,, C."iini ipaiion invites ail kind of fc
j <-..i . v.gu 11. Headaches, l>iliouo- M
B i.. -. e?,Ms ami many other ail- B
merits disappear wnen oonsti\
itc! how. Isarorolievetl. Thed- S
ford 's I-lack-Draught thoroughly
I cleans out the bowels in an easy I
8 am) natural manner without the 9
9 purging of calomel or other- vio- jg
lent cathartics. r
I> sure, that you get the orici- \
Et mil Thedford'a Black-Prangnt. JS
\m nir.'le by 1 he Chattanooga Mbdi- EJ
' W circfo. Sold by all druggist* in
M Jo cent ami #1 .00 packages.
*!or?an. Ark., Jlav 45. B
1 cannot ri'ciniinirnil ThcJfordH Block. B
ft; Pranyht ton hlrhly. i in-p It 1* mr tonal* JB
ft; all Uit Unit) and hum used It forth* loot I
- ton year*. 1 nen>r kbcc mi cbUdrro IB
any ntbfr lnxatlm. 1 th';i\ 1 coold p
ncmr bo ablo to work rritbnat It Q
M _ on norouat of bt-lmr troubled ulth
rowtlpatlou. Vour modlrla* U jU
,JS all that kola m?' up.
C. It. HrKARlJt.VD.
k Ordinance
To liaise Supplies lor the Fiscal
Year Commencing January
1st, i<)o:i.
Mayor .*r.<l Aldermou of the
Town of Lancaster, S. C., in
Council assembled, and by the
authority ol the sumo, to provide
tor supplies and necessary ex
penses of the Town.
Section 1. That the following
taxes be und are hereby leviod
for the fiscal year 1903, that is
to say :
1st. A tax of fifty cents on
each $ 100 of the value of all real
and personal property within the
corporate limits of the Town ot
Lancaster, S. C., due and payable
between first and thirty first
days of October, 1903, at the
office of tne Town Treasurer ; and
all taxes due and remaining unpaid
on the 1 at day of November,
l'JU:-}, shall be subject to such
penalties and costs as are now or
may hereafter be imposed by the
Stale laws for the non-payment
of taxes when due. And the
Town Treasurer after default in
the payment of said taxes, shall
issue execution directed to any
jlnliceman of the Town or Sheriff
of the County for the delinquent
taxes, costs aud penalties follow
intr the mode for collecting de
linquent taxes as now provided
by State laws.
2nd. The following licenses
shall be paid in advance on or
for the following vocations, busi
nesses or privileges, and it shall
be unlawful for any one to eugage
in or follow any of the following
businesses or vocations within the
corporate limits of the Town with
osit first paying the license hereinafter
stated for said calling or
business; and whore the license
is based upon income from said
business or vocation for the last
fiscal year ending December 31st,
1902, shall be the basis for the
amount to be paid, and it shall be
the duly of each person, firm or
corporation following any busi
ness or calling where license it
based upon income, to turnish tlu
Town Trensurer, upon demand
with a statement, under oath
showing the amount derived from
said business or vocation for the
last tiscal year ending Decent bet
31st, 11)02, and in any cabo where
license is desired to follow an}' o!
said vocations or businesses during
the tiscal year 11)03 that art
based upon income lor same, by
beginners, new comers or transient
practitioners, the lowest
schedule shall he tho amount to
be paid for the year or any part
thereof, w her not otherwise specified
Attorneys at Liw, each or
firm with income $500 per
annum, or loss, per year $5.0C
With incorao over $500
I and not over ? 1000 per annum,
per year 10 Or
For each addit ional $ 100 of
income ovei $i000 per annum,
per year 1.0C.
Practicing Physicians.eacU
or firm, with income $500
per annum, or less,per year 5 0C
With income over $500and
not over $1000 per annum,
per year H 10 0C
For each additional $100 of
income over $1000 per annum,
per year 1.0C
Dentists or tooth extractors,
resident, each or firm,
with income $500 per annum
or leas, per year o.UC
With income over $500 and
not over $1000 per annum,
per year 10.Of
For each additional $100
of income over $1000 per
annum, per year l.Of
Dentists or tooth extract
ors (transient), per week
$0 00 ; per month 5 Of
Brokers or commission
Merchants, each or firm,
wiui iucoiuc per annum
or less, jur year 5.0C
With income over $500
and not over $1000 per
annum, per year 10.0(
For each additional $100
of income over $1000 per
annum, per year 1.0'
Telegraph Companion or
Agencies, each, tor business
done exclusively w ithin
the Town ot Lancaster,
but not including any business
done to or from
points without the State
and not including any
business done for the Government
of the United
States.its officers or acents. 40 0(
Express Companies or
Agencies, each, for business
done exclusively within
the Town of Lancaster,
but not including any business
done to or Irom points
without the St ate, and not
including any business
done for the Government
of the United States, its
officers or agent*), 40 OC
Kerosene Oil Companies or
Agencies having stationary
or portable Links for receiving
and storing of oil,
each, 50 0(1
Kerosene Oil Companies
or Agencies having no starved
Her Child'* Life.
*'In three weeks our chubby
litfcle boy was changed by pnen
| tiioma almost to a skeleton,"
writes Mrs. W.Watkins, of I'leas
ant Citv. O. "A terrible cough
net in, that, in spite of a good
doctor's treatment for several
weeks, grew worse every day,
We then used Dr. King's New
Discovery for Consumption, and
our darling was soon sound and
well. We are sure this grand
medicine sav d his life." Millions
know it's the only sure cure for
Coughs, Colds and all Lung disj
eases Crawford Bros, and .1. F.
i Mackev & Co. guarantee satisfao[
tiou, 50c, $1.00. Trial bottles free,
? tionary tanks, but selling
> in original packages, each 50.01
Oil, creosote or fernoline
companies, eacli 10.01
! Fire Insurance companies,
ouch, per your 5.01
Lile Insurance companies,
(resident agents) per year 5.0(
Life Insurance companies,
including mutual or co
operative companies(trani
sient. agents) per week
r $5 00 ; per month 10.01
Sewing Machinecompaiiiert
or Agents (transient) per
! urunL' *fck) CO nnr mnttt K O/
' I Photographers (resident)
in permuuout building,per
year 5.0C
; Photographers (transient)
j in temporary halloing, per
| week $2 00 ; per month 5.0(
11 Auctioneers,per day #2.00;
I nor year 1O.IH
: Harbor shops, per chair,
'Main Street, per y. ,-r 5.0(
Each additional chair, per
year 3 Ol
) Rack street, per year 3.<K
Each additional chair, per
year 2 0(
) Hotels or Hoarding houses
with transient rales exceeding
$1 00 per day, per
I year, 20 0(
Hotels or Hoarding houses
with transient rates not
> exceeding per day,
per year 5 Ol
Restaurants including right
to sell tish indoors only.
II per quarter #5.00; per
year It) 0(
Meat Market, including
J right to soli tish indoors
I only, on Main Street, pel
I year 2A Ot
J On back street, per year l.YO<
i Dealers in IDh ot oystern,
! indoors, per year 5.0(
.' With street privilege}, per
[quarter $ 10.00 ; per your 20.Of
$.iIhh, Livery or Feed
Stupes, or all, per year 2Y0'.
) AO dealers, transient >r
others ise, in horses or
mules, not doing business
Jin licensed stables, per
j week $10 00; per year *25.0(
l Public Drays, one horse,
$5 00 ; two horse, per year 7 5<
Public Harks, one horse,
| $.r>.00 ; two horse,per year 7.5(
j Dealers in ice, per season 5.0<
I Itinerant traders or ven
j ders of any goods, wares or
merchandise, per day $1
to $3, in the discretion of
the Mayor.
Public billiard, pool, bagatelle
tables, each, per year 10 0(
* Bowling Alleys, lor each
alley, per year 5.0(
iShooting gallery, per day
$1 ; per week $3; per
month 5.0(
Bill Posters, per day $1 ;
per year 10 0(
Circuses,equestrian shows,
menagerie, per day $10 to
$50, in the discretion of
I the Mayor.
Circuses, for procession in
the Htroeto, and located out
of town, per day $10 to
$50, in the discretion of
> the Mayor.
Theatrical performances or
Vtuui vAinuiiluim^HUi lUdffl,
per day $2 to $25, in (Tie
discretion of the Mayor.
Bicycles, with pavement
privileges(exception Main
Street) each, (each bicycle
to hear license tag) 1.0<
Agents for sale of pianos,
! organs, clocks, stoves or
| ranges, per yoar, 25.0(
I Dealers in Patent Rights,
, per year 25 Ot
Fertilizer Agents, per year 20.0(
Agents or dealers in engines,
gins, presses and
( machinery, per yoar 10.0(
. Hanks, State, those whose
capital is less than$50,000,
, $15 per year ; whoso capi
tal is $50,000 or over, per
. year 25.0(
? ? ? - ?
| Merchauts, stock $10 to
> $500, per year 2.00
Merchants, stock $500 to
) $1000, per year 3.00
Merchants, 6tock $1000 to
) $2000, per yea. 4 0C
Merchants, stock $2000 to
) $5000. per year 6.00
Merchants, stock $5000 to
$ 10,000, per year 8.00
Merchants, stock $10,000
to $15,000, per year 0.00
Merchahts, stock $15,000
to $20,000, per year 12.00
( Merchants, slock $20,000
to $30,000, per year 15.00
Merchants, slock $30,000
to $50,000, per year 20.00
Merchants, stock $50,000
and ove?\ per year 30 0(1
}! Drue j-tores and Jewelers
licensed as merchants.
) j Building Contractors, cmj
ploying one to live work.
| men, per year 5 00
Buildi"2 </On'ractors, cm.
i lii-o I r, .,??
) I " ' v *VJM ? VII IX)!
nieu, per year 10 00
! r<nibhng 'Jo;'* *. t*r,r?, (-m)|
ploying more than ten
. workmen, per year 20 0C
Newspaper.;,each,per year 5.00
New papers with Job of)
lice combined, per year 7 fro
Job ollieo, eaeh, per year 5.oc
' Painters or Tinners, working
out) to five hand*., per
' year 5.oc
Working five to^en hands,
per year lo.oo
Working more than ton
^ hands, per year 2o.oc
Oculists or opticians, or
specialists on throat, oar,
jttvo or nose, per year lo.oo
( itdilroad COUlpaniOri, ? ;?< li,
)' tor business 'i- no exc-tos
lively within the 'own of
?| Lancaster but not inclu 11
ing any business done to
,1 or from points without the
j State, and not including
(any business douo t??r the
I government ot toe l.'nit??d
IStrtten, klo odi. jorb <ji~ ?<s
! aimii I j nr .
I ...o -O.UII
* T? U-piioue cotnpaniv ,<; .1
lor business fcAi.iua'lively
within the town of
11, w.cajder, but not iuclud
) log any business done to
or from poir.N without the
) State, and not including
> any business done tor the
I government ol the United
j Stale?.its ollioers or agents,
I lor each 'phone, per year .75
Bottling works, soda water
or otherwise, per year 5.00
Blacksmiths, per year, for
1st forge $5 ; for each ad^
it it inn 111 tnrrr? ?fc '-i
Carriage or wagon repair)
era or carpenter shopH,
separate or combined, per
year 2.So
) Hrick manufacturers, per
year 5.oo
) Hook agents, yer year 5.oo
Lightning rod agents or
dealerB, per year 25.oo
Land surveyor*, per year fi.oo
- Cotton ginneries, first giu
f5; each additional gin,
per year $3.
Lumber yard?, per year 5.oo
Lumber agents or brokers,
per year fi.oc
Concluded on Third Page
A U(MJ mi th? ertf.
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Weakness, nervousness, lack ol
appetite, energy and ambition,
with disordered liver and kid)
ney's often follow an attack
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Liver and Kidney's. Thonsande
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ly strengthen the nerves, build
up the spirits after an attack ol
grip. If suffering, try them. Only
60c. Perfect satisfaction guaran
teed by Crawford Bros, and J. F,
) Mackey <fc Co.
I "I oflhi ad lh? tor tare* of tlie dimnM ^
with protruding p'les brought on by constipation
with whtoh 1 was afflicted (or twenty
year* I ran aorosa your OASCARETS In the
) { to .5 a of Newoll. la., and crier louiul any tiling
I to equal them. To-day 1 am entirely free front
' plies and (eel like a new nmn"
i O. 11. Kbits, till Junes St.. Sioux City, la.
ntAOt MASS meiuTf^sp
Pleataat. Pil%r,ablo. Potent. Taste Good, Do
| Good, Never Sicken. \V rnkcn. or Gripe. IPe, 36o, 50c.
* lUrlltf RfK.it, roDipant, I Inlrfat, Raw Tort. Sit
Mft-Tfl HHP Sold .tnd guaranteed hy alldrugI
~U" I U~U 41# giitato Ct: It JK Tobacco Habit.
1 ImmsTKf
Schedule In effect Jan. 13, 1903.
Head Down Read Up
No.33. Daily No. 34. Dally
j 1 topra I.v Charleston Ar 3 50pm
2 2 pin A Sumincrville Ar 3 U|>m
I 4 60pm Ar KIiikrvIIIr Ar 12 50pm
These trains. N. s 33 and 31, will stop only wt
Summerville. Hrnncti vllle, Orangeburg and St.
Ltetweon Kiugsvliis and lllackaburg
I Read Down Read Up
No 33, Daily 0 No.3t, Dally
ftlKprn Lv (flnKSville Ar 12 5'pm
0 Ifipni Ar Omden *r 1130am
8 ?Opm Ar Catawba Jet Ar 9 tOam
. R3>pm . Ar KocW Hill Ar 9 15am w
' 8"i9;m ArTlrzahAr 8 btara m
9 OPpin Ar Yorkvllle Ar 8 12am
I 9 iipni Ar Sharon Ar S 27atn
V 35pm Ar Hlckorv Orove Ar 8 15am
U 50pui Ar Sm\ rna Ar 8 05am
10 15pm Ar Hlacksburg Lv 7 4-am
1 Tr ili.s Noa. 33 and 3t stop at all Important
stations between ivlngsvllle and ltlackNburg.
llotween Rock Hill ami Marion
Read Down Road Up
Xo.36, Dally No.3d Daily
0 00am Lv Rock Hill Ar 10 30pm
fljkum Ar Tir/.uh Ar 10 11pm
eaiara Ar YorUvtUc Ar itiOlpna
d iOatn Ar Scaron Ar V 4dpm
7 00am Ar Hickory Grovo Ar 9 3.ij?oi
I 7 Ilium Ar Smyrna Ar 9 25 pin
7 3ilam Ar IJluck*burK l.v 8 lOpm
10 Cam Ar Marlon Li A Nip:a
Nos, 35 Ami : o slop at principal stations beIwcuu
KocU Hill una Marlon.
lluiwdun Marlon anil lllncksbtiri;
Uosd Down Read Up
No.OA, Daily ex Sun No.07, Daily ox Sun
i 9 0-Mm l,r Marion Ar 8 50pm
2 0ipm Ar MlHOlinburfr Lv 2 50pm
Train No. 33 will Conner: it KocU Hill with
> \ .'iiiah <" moii No. 11 f< r charlotte Washit
n'ioii and Nrvv York.
'I', alt No 31 wl'l tnal i n nr.ep' lot. t Rook
I Hi:i u ith Savannah division No. 33 frotn CharkVaabit
m n and y w vj irk
I N.is " 3 and 3i handle thriiiiirh Pullman Drawi*
'i .itn earn between Nr>v York and
, .i ar i-Rlou, \'ii Gamut n am. Iioru til, and
I T'tiilt Car ! i een ICooU Ii.lt and WashlnnI
.on r'or fuitlr r Info* mat mi addrc a,
It W. HUNT, H P A., Charleston, S. C.
W II. TA V t 'IK. A ? P A , Ai'ante, Gu.
S it. 11A K '. > t\ 1CK.G. P. A., Washing ton, D.C.
Between Chester hiuI Lancaster.
Schedule In Effect November0th, tSkiil.
Unity Except Snnfiai/.
Southhound. Northbound.
No. 15 No. 17. No. Id. No 14
?'. M.lA. M Matt . ~1*~M7 A M
I ' inj 8 |.Vd l.v ...Cbisior Ar n ?0 8 00
lo II 8 2d| ' Orrs " 6 Id 7 4fl
II) 21 H 381 ' ... Knox 5 10 7 4U
10 37 8 45j? "...HichburR.... " 5 tHJ 7 3d
10 a i s 52 d ".. HahComvlllo.. " I 50 7 'i'4
11 o;t u t)5 "...f'ort lawn..." 4 3tl 7 id
II I a ifi Graces... 4 15 7 ou
11 3o 9 30 d Ar.. Uu tic aster.. L.v 4 >J0 6 45
t . n. |A. 1*1. | | f V.|A. M
No. 14, leaving Lancaster 0.45 u. to,, inaaea
close connection at Chester wiin nouiuora
!!;illwsy No. 34 for Charlotte ami points north;
and Seaboard Air Lino "Atlanta Special" for
Atlanta and point.* went. Also wttn Carolina
& Northwestern Ky. No. 10 for Leuolr, N. C
and Intermediate points, and Southern Rail
way No. S3 for Columbia and points south.
No. 17, leatlng Chester hou a. m.. oonnecta
with Southern Ky , No. 34 from Col iinbia and
points south; Seaboard Air Line "Atlanta Spe
ctal" from Northern and Eastern points and
Southern Ky, No. 33 from Northern and Kast
urn points, and at Lancaster with 8. C. A Q. K. ?
for lilaclHburR. ^
No. 18, Hfcvinp Lancaster 5 15 p. m., connects ' #
at Lancaster with S. C. A U. K from Camden
anil Marlon, Southern Ky. No. ^4 alCbester for
Charlotte and potnlH north.
No. 15, leaving Chester in.00 a m., connectstt
Chester with .sou.hern Kallway No. 31 from
Columbia and point* south. v*<i
J. M. HEATH, President
Gen'l. I'a*. Arent.
Dr. E. S. McDow
Mouth Mid? Catawba lloute, (
Up-Stairs. t t t j
i>hoM 9ti j Office* Open Day
al2,1 yr 1 "on* Bb | and Night.
41 ft
H v74I 13 JM
Track Marks
^^PRRnUp 4 Designs
rTfTn^ Copyrights Ac.
? Anyone nendtng a .keteb Mid deeerliitlon ma? I
I (jnlrlcly a?o?rfatn our opinion free whether an m
1 Invention in probablf B?t?pt*b|a, <"?>mrounloft.
tlnngmrlotlr confidential. HANDBOOK l*1 Patent.
?ont free. Oldent agency for securing patent*.
rmwirw i*bwi mrouun Muim A Co. rocttlfi
\ tprclaJ nolle#, without chanrw. lu tha
Scientific American.
A hnrniMomftlf lltnatratAd w??k1f. I^raeat elr
culatlon of niijr < luntlUo journal. Terrna. $3 a
IW.vJM'M?* Bold bj all new.<Wler*.
MUNN 8 Co.38,Bro*^ New York
Brand* Offlow, OX F Bt_ Waablnaton. I). C.

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