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| Expensive
i L %^m
1 RfiYfM lSjPPPS$'
\ it^si'lL iSUilULu i
I and* BON TON m%l
$ at the same price voa
Af been paying for poorer
' i Put think of tho difTon nco. Th? y if '
the latest styles, and you will like tl
K take any otht-rs, and if your de.a'er does
S Insist that he order them for you.
\ Bssai Wjfasfer
Rockefeller a Diver of $100,000
a Year tor Ten Year*.
Washington Jan. 20.?The general
education hoard recently
quartered by congress lor the
promotion 01 educational work in
the United Slates organized hero
today. Tho board consists of W.
H. Baldwin, Jr., Wallaco Butterink,
J. L. McCurrv. Frederick T.
liates, Daniel O. Oilman, M? rn*
Jv. Jesup, Kobert C. Ogden, Walter
H. Page. George Foster Peabody,
John D. Rockefeller, Jr.,
* aud Albert Shaw. Mr. Baldwin
wan elected chairman, Mr. Pea
body treasurer and Mr. Butler
ick secretary and executive olli4
cer. The business offices of the
board will be at 1IG Nassau
street, New York city. One of
its main objects iH the promotion
of rural free schools in the southern
states, although tho charter
contemplates educational work
in all parts of the United States.
Pending the granting of the char
ter tiie board has been at work
for a year "under article* of association.
At the beginning of its work
*la generous friend'' as stated by
the board, subscribed $100,000 a
year for a period of ten years,
which sum, the board says, has
enabled the demonstration of the
a possibility of effective work and
* the practicability of philanthropic
co-operation with the public
authorities. It developed today
^ that this donor was Mr. Rockefeller.
Other sums of money,
smaller in amount also have been
received. A recent report that
vast sums of money were to be
placed at the disposal of the
board is announced officially to
be absolutely without foundation.
To Chmb flnlil
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine
Tablets. Ail druggist refuad the
money if it fails to cure. K. W.
Grove's signature is ou eadb box a&ot.s
Lieut. Blakeney, who is in
charge of the naral recruiting
station at St. Louie, says thai
more than 50 per cent of the men
who offered to enhat have been
rejected because of ''flat foot."
V lie aaya that more caaea of flat
foot are found in the cities than
in the country.
* _ .
WANTED?Agents, male and female,
to sell our remedies. Good pay.
Nature's Remedy Co.,
nl0-03-lyr. Washington, L>. 0.
: , ' vV /Vl \
* B '
onos ct^ ' ,y\ I %
,? all j 1 I
hem. Don't t(' ' 'If "I Bt I
r*fiix'0} pfi ^(.''uv If
u* j? ?
: htju wnne is iimv he i*. irmnnt
sections where the blacks uiv
few, it ia sure to assert itself in|
any community, eilnor in too
South or in the North, where the !
negroes exist m any considerable
numbers. This is a law of nature,'
and the president may as weil
lly in the face of any other law of i
nature and hope to succeed in,
abolishing it. It is an impossibility,
and every practical man j
must know it.?Richmond Times I
a splendid chance to earn spending
money very easily working tor us in
their leisure time; the work is not
hard, and any woman or girl who has
a little apare time will do well to
avail themselves of this great opportunity
to earn money. Send us *2.~>
cents (silver) and we will ?r nnr...
send you the Cloth with full directions,
prepaid by us anywhere in ttie
United states so that you can couimence
work at once. Address
LIANTINA CO., Koxbury, Mass.
Dec. 10-02-Hmo.
A magazine devoted to the new
California school of mystical
thought publishes a remedy for
fear, as follows : "1. Say to yourself,
'I'm not afraid,' 2. Report
five times. 3. Take five fullbreaths
vary slowly." This is something
to keep in mind if you ever find
yourself being chased by a mad
bull, say, or a nervous billy goat.
Th? Kaay Pill
I)eWitt's Little Early Risers do
not gripe nor weaken the system.
They cure biliousness, jaundice,
constipation and inactive livers,
by arousing thesecretious,moving
the bowels gently, yet effectually,
and giving such tone and strength
to the glands of the stomach,liver
and bowels that the cause of the
trouble is removed entirely. These
famous little nilln otort a A ^.,1
(tonic effect upon the organs involved,
and if their use is continued
for a few daya there will be
no return of the trouble. Crawford
Bros. I;
Koosevelt Ought to Know Jt. I
['resident Roosevelt insists
upon giving the negro political
and social recognition, it in his
high privilege to do thia, and nobody
can prevent him. But,
howovor conscioutious he may
be, he is making a stupid blunder,
and it he keeps it up he is I
going to get. the biack man more!
and more in trouble. Every time
| he brings the negro into pronii >
j nence, ?i;hoi politically or soon I
ly, lie arouses the raco instiucisj
of the whites, and the president j
Ishould have discovered before!
this that raco instinct is not a i
matter of ;ection. It is as broad)
I as tho Coned States; it is asj
| broad as the world; it exists
wherever there are whito meu.i
1 __ , , . 1
- . ? . w miiv* - ^ u&at A*
ov & Co.
DiuljJliOi Free Offer.
rpHB COUPON below tilled out w ith your
*- uil.ln.- .vni v. ah ;i two-cent stamp,
to Mrs. M A Hilton. Korabaw, S. c., within
th? u? xt. thirty days eetltl> s you to r package
containing* noinc Treatment discovered t.y
Vrs M summers, Notre D une, ind, which
euici leucori bea. ulceration, displacement,
falling of the womb, tie ustrual disorders, hot
Nasties. tumors, growths, and nil femnle trou
bles. The tree package contains ten days
treatment, ?nd it you wi.-,n tu continue, it w i :
cost you about two ve cents a week to guarantee
a cure. Kill out the spaces below, send to
Mrs. Hilton, ?nd you will receive the free
treatment by return mall.
Or. M.1A. Simmons T.lver Medicine Clears
the Complexion, gives Houvnncv to ."he Mind
Cures Headache. Keifula ?' ? c-h
ml Llvar.
The new business written
by the NEW YORK
LIFE during the first six
months of this year was
more than $150,000,000
paid-for business. This
-1 ?
surpasses me record ot
anything ever done by
any company except the
New York Life.
A. J. CLARK, Agt
Lancaster, S. C.
Menstruation matte Regular and I'alnleas
and i'atns In 8ldc*. Hint and L,1inbn cured
Slmaiunw Squaw Vluawtneor Tablet*.
Another Uprising in China.
Honolulu, Feb. 1.?The Pacific
Mail sfearner China lias arrived
here from Llougkong and Yoko
liama on her way to San Francisco.
She brings the newB that
large importations of arms and
ammunition aro being made by
the Chinese in violation of (he
agreement of the powers. Vessels
disguised as trading beats
aro going into the interior laden
with war material. It is thought
those unusual importations ol
fire arms and ammunition are be
ing made to a reform element
which is plotting to overthrow
the Manchurian dynasty.
1'hero aro many members ot
the reform party in Hawaii and
they h ?ve contributed liberally
tor the support of the agitators
iu China.
The curious "hairy Ainus" ot
V ithem 'span hold the bear in
extreme saucily. They catch
the bear young aud bring him up
on milk, a nurse being deputed
to film. Then he is transferred
to a cage, and when he is old
enough to he slain, on the day of
sacrifice the whole village turns
out arinod with bows and arrows,
the cage is opeued and every one
shaves to send home the fata!
shaft.. She chief prays the bear
i?? pardon the violence done him,
requests benefits from the now
d? tied ?*hreads snd presents otfer
iTi^ 'Liny 'hen behead and skin
the bear and begin an orgy which
peveral days.
I**.j( to Work.
wonderful activity of the
new . enhiry is shown by an enor
toons demand lor the world's
best workers Dr. King's New Life
Fills. For Constipation, Sick
Uuadaciie, Billiousness, or any
trouble of Stomach, Liver or Kid
Deys they're unrivaled. Only 25c.
Ht Craw ford Rrna on<l -T W Mn..l.
The Kind You Have Always ilonurli
iu use for over 30 years, has b
and bei
All Counterfeits* Imitations ami "
Experiments that triilo with and
Infants and Children?Experience
What is CJXS
? ? ^ w a* vt
Castor ia Is a harmless substitute
goric, l>rops and Soothing Syrup
contains neither Opium* Morphii
substance. Its age is its guaranti
and allays Feverishuess. It cure
Colic. It relieves Teething Troub
and Flatulency. It assimilates tl
Stomach and Hovels, giving licnl
The Children's Panacea?The Mo I
cenuine CASTO
Bears the Signs
The Kind Yon Have,
In Use For Over
x* ( ttt? tt mtp
vTl JL J 1 L w J /1\ I r
s| Wants to do your JOB 1
:j5| do printing every day for
| we want to do yours. If yc
^ will soon need another suppi
^ Note Heads, Bill Heads, E
)J Books, etc., and probably c
& tionery. This (jr
X kinds of print- Good Print
jU right here at Ts tIlf1 onl
S . . . . . kind we tt
take a pride in prices right.
JjJ of our office, VS. ??^
with the best printing hous
both price and workmanshi
s Enterprise Publ:
111 Lancaster, ?
The History by Miss Ida M Tarl
November McClure
Great Story <
% Star
"Miss Tarboll's work is of unequalh
meat' of the clay. Her story has live
work and win and lose their battles w
removes the tale from the dry stateme
color of human interest and the vivid
sympathy. * * * The results of hei
reaching ; she is writing unfinished hi
"An absorbing and illuminating
quostion."?Chicago Inter-Ocean.
"The most important announcement
?New York Journal.
For other great features of 19o3 sen
Mc C L U
10 cents ? copy, 11.00 ft year. Send us the dollar, at Uf
scribe through your dealer
The Enterpris!
Ring us up or write us when yc
t? and wLiclt Iiivm Lot tk
onto tho signature cf
an iiuitlo under Ills pevvision
sin?*?. its Itifhncy*
iO to deceive you in
Just-as-good" are hut
endanger the health of?
> again ?t ?ipcrliuci)j?
> for Castor Oil, Parais,
Tt is Pleasant. T6
ic nor other Narcotic
>e. It destroys Worms
s Diarrlnen and Wind
los, cures Constipatioa
nc i'oo?, rajnl it .'-i
I tliy an.I. natural -Iccx*.
[bar's Frioml.
iture of _
Mways Bought
30 Years.
ICCT. new YORK orrv.
1? POIQl? &
, X V t 1\ I vj I -v ^
other peopie, and y
>ii are not out, you
y of Letter Heads, g
nvelopes, Receipt |\
>ther kinds of sia- ;'Jr.
and all other A
ing is done &5
'/ home. We ^
the product |1
and can cope JX
es in the state in A
p. Address, j|j
Lshing Co., k
bell which hocrun ill fV>*?
~"fc(?* ?"
'3 is the
idard Oil.
?(1 importance as a 'documen
in it ; they suffer and
ith the verisimilitude that
nt and clothes it wi'h the
rainbow garment of human
work are likely to lie faristory."?Boston
contribution to the trust
t made by any magazine.'*
d for our prospectus.
R E' S
> E:\kI 25th Slrtrot, N'cw York, or ?ub?
I Does all kinds of
Job Printing right
J here in Lancaster
)U want printing done

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