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* ?
Short Locals.
i ?
Wednesday, March 4,1903.
?Work on the graded schoc
building is progressing nicel;
?Mr. A. B. Ferguson sold on
his last ye.ir's crop of cotton, 12
bales Monday at 10 cents.
There'will be preaching at (Jill
Creek Friday mormngat.ll o'elno
and two services on Saturday an
CSabbat h
?FOR SALE?Several dozei
Drown Leghorn eggs pure breed
lit' cents a dozen. Apply t
II erbert Voung,Enterprise olfic
?Mr ll.B.McManus and Mis
Dora Long, daughter of Mr am
fc.rs James Lon :, were marriei
by, J N. Kstridge, N P , tit hi
liomo Sunday, March 7, 1903.
?You ban better see us be
f<.re you spend your CASH
e've got some bargains.
Lancaster Mer. Co.
? Henry Young who ischargei
u with killing J. II. Williamson i
a barroom at Hamlet, N. C., ha
been captured in Monroe. Ther
wus a reward ot $400 for his caj:
tu re.
?Chester wants a union dr
pot. She has four roads ain
thinks she should have a unioi
station. It would he a greato
accommodation to the travclim
Ollhlie tllJlTl to t'liowtnr
?The Lancaster Ohapto
Daughters of the Confederate
will meet <11 Mrs . Mnttie McCar
dell's Thursday afternoon a
4 o'clock. Full attendance rr
? WANTED?To buy Sera]
Iron, all kinds of Metals, an<
Hides of every description Wil
pay highest market price, Brin
to my shop. J. E Patterson,
v 4t-'2-4??3 Lancaster,S.C
?The chain pang which is nm
working in Bnford township, v.i'
m >ve in a few days to Cook* hot
1 toins on the road leading frnr
Toxahaw to Kershaw, to put i
h rock till on a piece ot unusual
ly bad road.
?The ham of Mr.J.II. Weir t
Walkup, N. 0., was destroyed h
lire last Wednesday night, th
lire having been discovered ?hm
1) o'clock. Mr. Weir's loss i
lieavy, probably $'2ooo. Beside
his large barn; he lost all his cor
and two cribs that stood near bj
and two valuable mules. Th
origin of the fire is incendian
lie had no insurance.
?Mr. E. F. Bell, of Roc
Hill, District Deputy of th
Woodmen of the World, is e>
|>ccted hero this week to d
some work with and for th
Lancaster Camp. lie passe
^ through town several days ag
011 his way to the Fork Ili
section of the county to orgai
ize a camp.
^ NOTICE?Our customers wil
please bear in mind that froi
this date we will sell tor CAS1
only. Wo can sell you more an
better meats for the cash than w
can on 30 days' time. So we wi
_i!ll * * '
sini iook ior your patronage i
the future. Send or ring phon
J4'2 Yours to serve,
1'orter & Wherry.
?Editor Connors was called I
Columbia lust week on accoui
of the serious illness of his lit.il
grandson, Charles Norwood Span
The little feliow died Sunday an
the funeral and interment too
place Monday. Mrs. Connors h;i
been with her daughter for roui
time before the death of her littl
eon. The many friends here <
the young mother, Mrs. Spam
will sympathize with her in ih
^ allhction.
?The work of planting 01
a tshade trees on our streets, undf
the auspices of the ladies of t!i
Friday Afternoon Ilook Clu
and the Cranford Club, was b<
gun last Thursday on Duula
street, and now both sidus ?
that street from Main street
_ west are lined with pretty elms. 1
With proper attention and pro- T
tection for a few years, these and
- trees will add greatly to the are
j appearance of that street as inci
well as to the comfort of those L
^ who travel it and those who con
live on it. This work is highly
' I commendable and we hope to 1
0 see it continued from time to $t>0
time till all the bare streets are A
8 set with trees. non
' ?About 10 o'clock yesterday con
u the barn of Mr G. 15 Barron
was destroyed by fire A small />>.
11J quantity of corn and fodder ,,
I i therein was destroyed The . .
o J loss is probably *$150 The .V^11
e | origin of the lire is unknown. ^
s There was no insurance on the
d property. ' r'
d ?Our Mr J M. Hood is al
s ways in the market to buy l
mules and cattle, and don't t j
; >'ou f?rset u- ? ? to t
I. Lancaster Mercantile Co. g(
?The ol 1 Chester and Lenoir con
Railroad, now the Carolina & N. roa(
1 VV., is no longer a narrow gauge sun
ii road. The change to a broad or er(3(
s standard gauge was completed on pOS
e Monday of last weekand schedul L|le
es are being made regularly with l]l0"
broa 1 guage trains. rail
>. ?Mr. J. G. Starnes who lives '1
d ! just beyond the State line lost suit
n hi* two barns, their contents, city
r consisting of a lot of fodder and | Kat
\t1 other roughness, some corn and (l'ev
f ! a good mule. The lire is thought L.
rlto be incendiary and an arrestlheii
.J has been made The loss was ell,
? | probably $1000 or $1200. | 'I
t ?L. C I'ayseur lias plenty of'^s ^
i all the new and popular games mo1
? tlinch, authors, logomachy,
p parcheasi, etc. f25-3t JV??
il ?Mr J.II Steele's moathouso ft
II' was entered by a thief last y
g Wednesday night and 300
pounds of meat carried off ni0
!. Bloodhounds failed to run the c<in
lV track only a short distance \i0
II | Robert Hammond, colored, has oo
| been arrested and other arrests 1 ..,;i
>> 1A
mav soon follow (;;i]
!i ?Mrs. Berl hn Billing* rec dvort mo
I a chock Monday tor $333.33 in Wi
payment ot policy he'?1 by her Bel
lnte husband, it. A. Billings, in O.
.. the Family Protective Union. 15
*e Mrs. Porter's, which is $1000, VV.
lt and which should have been due He
jg in advance ot Mrs. Billings', has \Vi
)8 not >et been paid, but we under Re:
n stand the claim has been ap- Ro
j proved. Gn
e ?L. C Payseur has goose pb*
feathers in 5 and 10 pound At
sacks 40 cents per pound. 3t ^
k ?WANTED?Faithful person offi
e to travel for well established
: house in a few counties, calling
o on retail merchants and agents. \
o Local territory. Salary $1024 :
d a year and expenses, payable *
o $10 70 a week in cash and exII
penses advanced. Position pori
mancnt. Business successful and ;
rushing. Standard House, 334
U Dearborn St , Chicago. dlO.ltit
11 ?WANTED?f> young men s,,i
[I from Lancaster county at once ]
(j to prepare for positions in the be
e government service?railway of <
jl mail clerks, letter carriers, cus da^
n torn house and department dis
ie clerks, etc. Apply to
lnter-Stato Corres. Inst ,
Cedar Rapids, la
.. ? .
Appointed by the (Jovernor, r
e Governor Ileyward has apn
pointed to ollice the following ?lv
ollicers for Lancaster county : eni
k .Inn. A flnnlr A mliiAi' am
d W C. Cauthen, treasurer. J W1'
W B Bruce and J. A Hyatt,
'u county commissioners. 001
(loo W 1' .vile, member board (be
l? of registration.
'8 Magistrates. W. I\ Caskey, Prc
Lancaster, Gills Creek and Cane | Ch
it Creek townships; D. K Hall, '?d
<r Indian Land; C. .1 Griffin,!to
ie ! Waxliaw ; Wm.Carnes, Buford ; 1 "
I) J J. Roberts, Flat Croc'; ; J T let
9 I Cauthen, Kershaw; II. W. Mob Pa=
pi ley, Pleasant fiill ; VV. F. CreuA;
shaw, Cedur Cruet. I
jlstrates* and Constables9 Juror*
Salaries. mi
'lie salaries for magistrates new g
i constables for this county day to
as follows since the recent J A
ease : W 1
Lancaster, magistrate and 1 L
stable, .$350 each per year. YV 1
Lershaw, each gets $100. M ^
Leath Springs, magistrate \V .
, constable $75 \\ 1
ill other magistrates of tho J M
nty get $50 a year and their T \\
stables $00. ^ 1)
Itecover Lands. J
uit has been begun by the
<r i i * a 'i. i> i i ! were t
s ol tlie late A. I . lilacs of! .
11*11 .in rst w
:1c 11 ill to recover possession
our acres of land deeded by Y?*Y 8.
lilac ; in 1851 to the rail 'j \\i
i company, now the South- ^
, the stipulation of the deed j ^
lg that the land is to revert j
lis estate whenever it ceases .
a inn.l lit.? -L> A
?o uocu iur J)lir i
es of the railroad " The
tention is that since the rail- J U
d company has granted ..
dry persons permission to (
;t buildings for business pur- j j
es 011 the land in question, , r|i
y are not being "used for ,j
legitimate purposes of the . ,
road " ]0jj
die defendants named in the y
; are : Southern Railway, the \
of Roc* llill, V. B Mc- ^ .
lden, J. 1> Scruggs, R. T. j
veil & Co., B. N. Craig, W ,{]
Koddoy <fc Co., A Fried- .
m, Ratteree Bro- , Ed Few- ,11
R. L Sturgis
die attorney for the plaiutiiVs .
-Ir. Walter Al. Dun lap, for- ,
rly of Lancaster. 1 j,
v Ctunj) Woodmen of the p
,Ir. E F. Bell of Rock Hill, RA
itrict Deputy of the Wood Wy
n of the World, organized a H t
rip in the Bclltown section' A'
nday night of last week with' Hoc
members. The o. ganization' A i
i r r
1 be known as Chestnut V .
nip The folio .ving are the
nibers: 11. B. Perry, W. I
llituns, F. Al. Stoguer, J. II. ',n<?
[1, J A. Howze, J. C. Sowell,
H. Bell, W. T. Addison, R. , 1
Sowell, H. J- Beckham, II ' .
Bell, Walter Green, J. J. '
nry, J A Hicklin, J. A.
lliams, J. F. Williams, J. L. ' ,.
id, W. E. Wilson, E B. |
uaey, iv. w. iiicklin, M. J. "
3oii, F D. Green Each ap- ?,n
3d for life insurance for .
)00 or more. ^
riie following were elected
? iVl (.
cers : R .
i. B. Perry, C. C tV
T. M. Stogner, A. L. o
J. W. Bell, Banker. , ,,
I. A. iiicklin, clerk. , ,
I. C. So well, escort. .
). 11. Bell, watchman.
H. J Beckham, sentry. / ..
Managers?J. L Reid, J. F. ,, ,
Uiams, J. II. Bell. ? |
lv I
j J
uervisor'ti Office Days. jag
VIy regular otlice days will A 1
on Wednesday and Saturday A fc
each week. The remaining tl I
ps will he required in the J V
charge of other duties J F
L.J.Perry, R b
Countv Supervisor. S J
. . _ . , S L
tire. F 1
The gentlemen appointed in
i townships last summer and
en books lor the purpose ot i
'oiling the names of the living r
1 dead Conk-derate soldiers; ,,
1 please return said books by .
rob 14ll? to the clerk of the .....
irt. We waiit a record of all
old soldiers, and ask the gcnineii
appointed to please be ^r'
nipt. Oar worthy Lancaster! .ave
a|>ter Daughters of the Con
eracy will on that day present Mi*
each living soldier a badge. Sprin
ey aro doing ail they can, so hcr
us do our part. Time is fast Mr
jsing. Lot us have a record. Rock
W. U. A. l'orter, \ ork
Co. Chm. on Enrolliiieut. and a
*, Grand and Petit, Messrs J.T Fuuderbuik and
i following are the twelve s- 11 Lat,ey 01 Dudley were here
rand jurors drawn yester- a couPie days (ins week.
? servo this year : Misses Lil and Mag Beckham
Howze, went ?u Yorkville ia*t Friday
? Brewer, night to "isit iheir br?,:h?r.
McCiuirt, Mrs L C Payseur, Miss Una
) White, and Miss Dunbar spent Aiondav
ill Chester with friends.
II 1 indue, Mrs. iiowell ol York county
,J McMatius, accompanied Mies R. E. M ines
Harris, home to spend a wime in Luucus*
I McMurray, ler
Tayior, Mr. W. A. Marshall oi Fleas..
' ant liiii, is in town to attend a
\ lucent. i; . .
,. i* . dispensary meeting tins mornlollowiug
petit jurors r J ?
ilso drawn to serve the
?. of court which CO... Mr- M 1 Vis""ll 'UUn'
on tno third Monday, the ta ia?1 ^-'arday accompanied by
* . Ins three olucot sons, Jini bhaunPorter,
011 and Jolm
Small Mrs. J. T. Mac Key and cliilStogner,
dren went to Heath Springs
M Cauthen, Monday to visit her parents,
. Funderburk, Mr. and Mrs. F. 1. '1 witty.
II lv Llarris, Miss Connie Withtrspoou has
J Ferry, returned ironi a visit to her sisCrawford,
ter, Mrn. J. lv. Hall, at MoUonI
.lordau, uelsville.
) Rutledge, Mrs. J. <J. Elliott and little son
Bailey, Eugene 01 Yoraviile came down
Rowel 1, Saturday i<? visit her Ui?ugiiier,
L Laugley, Mrs. .1. li. Mackoreil.
n L Reed.
Airs. J 1 nomas Kunderburk
llunter, , passed lurougn Lianeaster mat
\ aughn, week on ik-c way 10 Anderson to
ack -Linson, visit liei at.ugnier Aim la snok.
4 i?loyd, silt* was aceomp ii.ieU by m-r c?q
11 E Mc.Vlanus, Ernest.
*JlUU"' Mr. J .VI. Will leuvo
'diUurUaj ??u?, -v . V.rk
Ale nanus, . .
m , lO IjllV t*. piill^ Uliv.1 Onlli'll.i OtobX
11 K J' aile, . J 1 =
,. , ' ior ins iit?usvsa neie and in K ?r11
?ugh, br. . , ..
' sbaw anu \ oriiville.
Rodders ^r- L bazmiby and Miss
>e i'ate I Eultt Luici&u) ui*e 111 tile Aoi'iaii
AicCain |ern marvels uuying stoci. i. r
i/.l iiinson, the Lancaster .-.erc??.tile
1 Jones, Store,
lie J Vaughn,
; Steele, | LANoAa i Eii ;> UBS
Jasper Ilorton, | '
i A iiowors, | Eio.n ?.i. ?.. ,<v.i... ^..r
B i'lyler, poade.it o. u,o wee .p i >
i l'ittinan. ioiio?iui^ vn.s;n e :
The iia v.. i
KCONL) WKKK JURORS. .001 ... , ,
dub last Wed May aiie.no>
1 L Blackmon, vvi.n ila p:c.>.Uwu.. Mrs. Leont. i
Steele, p Bake., v. as . \ . :il i
DiiicKiiioii, one. Ai,tr <ju<mit mi-- u rn * I
Perry, tllb meniOtro u..a ^ t>i, 0. . jn t *
Adams, loliowiug ^^giaiiiiiio v%1
' M Walter, oui;
^r? ? "Current Events"?Airs. Glen1
\\ itty, more B. liarrou.
5 Laney, "Shakespeare us a Dduieaior
* Hayes, oJ Woman '?Mrs. W 11. Aem.
B Culp, "l'ortiu' Mrs.J utiles 1. i.iiv>Uiae[
Barr, son.
11 Stewman, "Lady M ieOeUi"?Miss Mule..
^ wr "Ulecpaira"?Artss i'uyoeur.
j \\ lute, Dehghtiui retreshiueuls were
7 11 m?n' served and all those present speut
; ^\e, ' a pleasant ana proliiaoie alterAlderson,
noon. The guests at inia meeting
I 1 hompson, were: An*s Loia 11 aih, Aliss
> I Ingram, Lewis Ilea in 01 Monroe, .Vliss DunJ'
MM?^lier' oar and Aliss J una l'ayior.
/ i hompson, Mrs T. Yancy Williams was
>j rerguson, tjie ilostess ot tne Friday Afterj
Duncan, 110011 Book club at her beautiful
McKeown, home 011 Cherterlield avenue
Beckham, Sr, tliis wcok. Despite the very in.
rp,aS clement weather, nearly ail the
li .l10^8011, members were present and eui
11 all man, joyed a deiigntlui alteriioou.
vatson, Mrs. Lorov t?urin?/s resui an
IV * c* """
article on ''lho Dutcii in the
New World" and Mrs. \\. Mc
W Bailey, D. Browu a paper oil the ".Sleepy
< Gnrder, Jr, Hollow Country." '1 lie ipiotawerall,
tions wore from Washington
> Bennett. Irving. '1 lie programme lnciucl
ed the beauuiul musical coinpoThe
Visitors. sitiou "Voie.es of fc?priu v?" l^yed
by Mrs. Brown. The menu
W. L. Adama left yester- wus .)S temptingly served as it
>r Jacksonville, J? la. was skillfully prepared The
*. \V. B. Dun lap of Bock house was buautuui with astis
s the guest of Mrs. W. J. tic decorations ot palms and the
ingham color scheme in the uining-room
J. S. Wilson and family was pina and green lho meet
today tor a visit to rola-1 iug was altogetner a en.timing
at Gainesville, Fla. one.
is Bo-.sie Mackey of Ileath
igs visited the family of CAPO juihiiC
pother here Sunday.
Walter M. Dunlap of ^ures C^olds, D?.lhj. lppc,
llill, a member Of the and ? Headaches, etc.
bar, came down Monday
pout a couple of days here. kola at aii .Drugstores.

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