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M*%if U Nii I > ( U i us.
In the cotton markets of the
United St.Pt?s for t!.e !i.~* week
tb?ro l:a? be*xn waged one <>f the
^.renUsc c lUfMijriitH lu tha iuatory
of thor.ade. The centre of the
conflict '< 'nested in the pit of
the N V >) !-" cot *f>o < '
}| |) (^ ? * ^ o * 1 ? > nrrl^j?
h-?v- .? ' *vd r?>?lt?ly. K 'fh day
II^CP I > VI- w >. 1 ll| , 'I II!"
r at i rcn'" of the hears
1 :t t! e have not !o?t heart a lid
t!?pv continue to atm^U* v tiiantIy.
Tl?? pi' phinc tori*-p con-upf on
the wfi.* pivle of New Kugland
matiuf u turerft and dealer*, aspiptod
bv a strong pool of New
Orh .ii cotton merchant;'. These
repr?.'jO"iits the bull* on the tnar
ket. On the other are n tuneroup
veteran merchants in this
city a oil Boston men whose onini
;np h,?**e been the linnmiatitifi; I
torc.es in the cotton markets for |
tnnnv year* past.
Tl le Napoleon of the aottou
bull. v;f the prpscnt cn iv1- ?,:i ir. J a
man. eomparativelv new to the,'
cotton trade. He took op the|
leadership or the struggles J nht
at a time when the recognized
lender of the hull force? ^topped i
aside nod announced "That the
apogee of the cotton rnnrhpt had
been reached." Even his one- ^
mien, the hears, admit that he
hoi r. pe?-focf command over the
market? of the day in this city t
and in New Orleans and Liver- i
pool. P
Thi? Napoleon of cotton is Dan- t
iel ,T SuUv. Tl* is a member of t
the New York cotton exchange i
and make? head quarters in thin i
city at the office of S. M. Weld &
Co., through which firm practical
lv his transactions arc cleared. r
Since spot cotton touched ten
cents a pound, and the prices for ^
cotton fur delivery in March and {
May have bordered on that figure
numerous renorts have boon cir- .
culotod felling of the profits of
% I
hulls. Some of these reoorts.
wh'V1! are giving rrpdsnro in
well-i"formed circles, state that'
the New England olioue. with
T# I
which Mr. Sully is associated, has)
cleared approximately '1.000.000.
Mr. Sulley, himself is credited |
with making more than a halfi
million dollars, in the campaign
which however, according to his)
own statements, has not ended.
It is esfimated that on the upturn
in the market in which
prices advanced from Scents to)
10 cents a nound. the Su'lv pool !
carried over 500,000 bales of cotton.
A cent a pound in cotton is)
usually reckoned as an advance!
of $5 a hale.
Tncre has been an advance of |
$10 a hale in the price sine" Mr.
SnMev took up the leadership]
wnicn war nep<.??ed Iron) thej'
shoulders of Theodore li. i'rice f
his own desire. 1
This represents an advaneo of J
000 fi(>0 in the value of the U
rotten ' eld by the New England I j
pool. Of thrtir holdings, however, L
a pnrf has been sold and bought, .
according to the exigencies of the
markot.?N. Y. Herald.
? . ? j , (
I'lio NIotiiitoH Ik the .tJuii.
A we'ik stomach weakens thoj!
man. Oorauso it cannot transform |
the rood he eats into nourirdiinent
Health and strength cannot be '
restored to any sick man or weak a
woman without first restoring f
health and strength to the atom- y
aoh. A weak stomach cannot
digest enough food to feed tis- f
sims and revive the tired and run 1
down limbs and organs of he
hodv. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure r
cleanses, purifies, sweetens and c
strengthens the glands and membranes
of the stonjach, and cures .
indigestion, dyspepsia and all,1
stomach troubles. Crawford Bros. |i
. k
rn dress evfr rrrrrt
STN rt ~>^4r? E w f/C- :*v ? f? ?x
m?iii Mtfl tCSEc
I :
rou iic
I Fatal Malady Now Prevalent
Anioni; Horaes. pure
i i. tu ?j?. .. unde
special to 1 he State. ,
Clemson, Feb. 2-1.?Dr. Ncsom, wher
he state veterinarium, iH roceiv- the o
np bo many letteis from various find \
ipctions in reference to staggers had
hat he has found it impossible the >
o answer them all. Tho rollow- durit
ug letter will be of interest to Me
li&ny throughout the state: usele
To the Editor of The State. j8 ge
As it is quite out of the ques- w^en
ion to give personal answers to | ^pco'
ill of the letters received from
ntirena of South Carolina and r
leorgia regarding a horse disease ft^oeB
lommonly referred to as staggers M,rt.v
[ take this method of saying to w^'^
hose concerned that more and ^
nore cases appear every week, w^nr
tnd just at a season when horses sihlo
ind mules are so much in demand two <
'or farm work it becomes a very (luar1
ierious question. The losses in
South Carolina from this disease
luring the past year are estimated
at about $10,000, and it is
prevalent 111 Maryland, Virginia, ,MI
North Carolina and Kansas. 1
iad diagnosed the disease as *'?? !
erebro-spmal mening"tis nearly t <->
% o|
i year ago, but many of the dis- an*. ;?
iases did not seem typical of this iiiin
lisease. I have recently forward- rv nn.:
id to the bureau of animal indus- t?-m i
ry at Washington six of the nn.i u.
Drains taken from horses that | pVu-c .
lad died of this disease. A parial
report has boon received and
ho disease proves to be cerebroipinal
meningitis, or leucoeu- vine,
jephalitis. place
This is a disease of the nervous there
ivstem, affecting chiefly the brain room
ind its covering membrans. Most '
)f the brains taken out recently Hn(l
lave been conjested, some blood
lerum around the brein, and in this
?ither the right or loft lialf of them
he upper portion of tlio brain ?now
cerebrum) there has been found humf
i large area of degeneration. This
annot be seen on the surface,
>ut if the brain be cut open what Ever1
ippears to be a large ulcer is it cor
ound in the substance of the h C.
>rain. This in the principal lemon ^'B(^
,nd is responsible for most of the jja '
II symptoms. p.
The symptoms are those of p r
learly all the other forms of so- b Mf
ailed "Htappers," and death pen- ?:" *N
?rally follows in one or two daye rf>
f not very soon after the disease
s noticed. The caudo of the dig- ?u*.
535 pV 1 Mo jvfl,
(I ll 4 if **
MJk^ . V . J" i :?*? * ?*t U 0 *" I At
T PROPERLY ' 5 A fuN linc of
MO OORSET j * ? l0t of Capes?mi
Ptf>r?^CP?SC rn Neckties, Coll
vVl uvl) 2 other things to 1
war ' | 808
^ 9m XAVuro TUSM i t R.M
I ?** w W*IAVVB* I J
?r not well understood, but
ray* associated with mouldy ^ fifl Iffl
bad water and unclean surlings.
; remedy is to Rvoid the flftllW
is, use only the best food,
water and keep the animal IjMr F
r the best conditions as to
1 iu?do. Iu one case 1 saw
e a number of mules died, Wc IlOW ll.lVC
nly bad environment 1 could ? i- ? ~
CX LUllipitlL 1111^ \
was that a lot of rank weedp ,
been rrifiwed down around Stock p V'ACCS
*ron and left there to decay ITT C1TI
ijr a rainy spell of weather. A IjJj
dical treatment is almost
88, as the loaioiifiof the brain From the plain, ch
already occurred when the
, i Call and see us or sei
itoms are noticed and cure
morally out of the question have a death in your
i so much of the brain has _
lift decayed. Cold shower
i to head, doses of one ounce
hloral hydrate, one ounce Lancaster, 8. C., 0
, or four ounces of whiskey, _______
relieve the symptoms for a
>. When the diseuse appears
. disinfect and whitewash ?
arn, and do not use a stall * ?*' *
e a horse has died. If pos t ^
abandon lots and barns for ' * /dWKT*'*^'..I:.
>r three months and provide j; *?
ters elsewhere for all horses! k - y_v $>?''&
on the place. fey'
(i. F. Nesom, [; _ >"
\'., I v: >i III. ^ / - ' ? 'J
i r?- of Ski it I ni4*n ts for 4'uturrli
I III; I k'oilluill Ui rcnrv. 1 f " /- / '
'r'irv wl'l Miiro'v ties'rov the ?"nv' nf \
t ran |?1* toly (lerixm'e the whole sv* i f ?<
ten . 'it 'it? t i h roil cli I > e must on- 11 r ISf
. r i. n - .1 . / f J 0 nw
/ II'
.11 <!' thi-v \\ . s 'I ! foM I ft\f
' tn |ioMiht) rl?i vo front the i ftj f / % CI
. ?.?! r?. 1'iire. ti :iiiuf't ; .re I l>\ ! ' .1 ~| V. s
\ < . Ti, 'si >. ' . i -ii r, /\ x * JL I
t il-' n unterr ,?llv, itr'iiu/ il-rert v up /As i - ^ I
Hull's f'n'.iri ' Pure ?>e s'
' 11 < vepnlno It i* i;?U"n ltitirn.il v (%<?i/ . f"
l ie is Tnloiln. Ohio, hy F .1. f'herv v ft /.V . '
''lie-nils free. Sri' I hv Hr";'!.'!-1. V / 111
ie per hoiilo. Hull ? Family 1'iil* ur? , ' i Af^
i> cheapest hotel in Louis-j x j ' A A
Ky., is the Salvation Army's x gjyi
. A room can he obtained >\\\\~\ FOB IN
for r,0 cents a week. The j' | ? ' . ?. i
s are heated with a eras stove 1
iept at normal temperature,
the linen is clean Sixty C
emen of misfortune sleep in
hotel everv nieht. All of
a re grpat travelers and each : . ._
? the softest ppot on the iron Doil t OXT
)prs of n freight car.
.. ? . . That first-class
,, . eery store.
? hill'* fu n ^fimio.
i'thing is in tho name whan ThG Novelty Gf'<
r?ep to Witch Hazel Salve. nft? been e?tablish:?J 01
l)aWitt 11 (Jo. ot Chicago, ru'?r K- It Maaaey'a
vor<iil, Home years ago, how J1 (,reF'wy'
i i t iir-i. i tary and Mrs. H. K. (Ji
lake a Halve from Witch nnt clerk. We Hell as
I thflt 1 * R for Pil^c. ch<*npt>vt unif ih
, i.. !.. M1 .oh.iig and, j are coruiuily invi:ed i
tiding piles, ecz mR, cuts, niM' he treated right.
?, hrnipPH and ali skin dip 1 C ft
. S.K-. h?. n?!0- A Lnegory
i ai ha t gisen ri-o tnu n<i
wurt'di k connlerfpitp. 1 ? ? . U1
. . ... , , ')r M. A Sli?m. r.a r.lv? r
i<.r iMC?itif? genuine. I th<-comph'.. iiuucu
ij i curu Hu4um.iu, Ku(< . .u s. '??wU
Lnoo. | nu Liver.
atter When You j '
cry department has Its little bar- J
tell yon, Ilere are a few items 1
i and there throughout this I
largain Giving Store. f
1 75 cents up. Blankets 50 cents up. S
>es at 95 cents. Ladies line shoes $1 00. w
i $2.25 and up. Boy's Suits 90 cents up. s
45 cents and up. Children's Hats at m
Ladies Jackets?must go at any price. A X
List he sold regardless of cost.
ars, Cloves, Underwear and numerrus J
>e sold as chap as the cheapest. Call and ?
ILES. The gyga-^Wof: I
kft *? jjfr'dlfcfl,
ii y h b 13 v&gp a
in stock and will continue to keep,
Df Coffins and Burial Caskets. Our
eap Collin up to the handsome Metallic Cases,
nd us your order when so unfortunate as to
family. Prices within the reach of all. y
>ter Mercantile Co.
cl, 23, '02.-tf. *
-v-^v ^aiggp |
'J? teiSMM
L COOKS fi!^
jellied Always Used/v ?
bS Perlecl Satisfaction -U v?', / /'
KORMAT|Ofy ADUlitVj ^ ^ v ,,
toiitef! vfton Cil Co., v )> ^ /
IVAl^NAH. OA. ^ --'A- - " 1
, ^ ^7A* 1
777 ^ ; -1 r
jet WW
rolorcd cr.) 1 W+Mk W Pi !pj mBjlBB
' CH ^gj/.^sp ^SESs lCti0r *1
)cery Dyspepsia Cure
t? College yt. ^ 1
residence, s Digests what you eat.
*r and Seere- .. L ? . ..
reffory, assist* This preparation contains all of the
Cheap as tfir digesUnU und diKeaUi all kinds of
i vnniu v7>. food. Itfrlvealnstintrellef and never
io ? it oil n to cure. It allows yon to eat all
the food you want. The nioatseasitlve
stomachs can take it. iiy its use many
/"* . thousands of dyspeptics have heen
vj> \^U. cured after everything else failed. Ia +
unequalled for the 6ioinHeh. Child*
?re? with weak stomachs thrive on It*
,NV ^;c.um( k " Cures a32 stG?nt?cf? trcublos
t., liu.vt. pgcparwd only by 1.. CMJEWiTT*(i?.,<;iik'ago
* ? ?- 1 Ths II. UaUotoDUinar/4 timestatsve. ?Uo,

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