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rs. And erson, ;i
4 woman of J acksonvi
Recorder of Deeds,
* her signature to the f<
Lydia E* Pinkham's
" Dear Mns. Pink ham : ? Ther*
have not at times endured agonies a
I wish such women knew the value
Compound. It js a remarkable me
I ever knew and thoroughly roliahlt
" T havo seen cases where wome
nont benefit, who were cured in loss
Vegetable Compound, while other?
came out cured, happy, and in perfei
with this medicine. 1 have noA'er u
benefit. A few doses Restores my s
the entire system. Yonr mcdicr* 1
I fully endorse it." ? Mits. K. A. a
sonville, Fla.
Mrs* 1h
When women are troubled with irr
ness, leueorrhuca, displacement or uleei
feeling, inflammation of the ovaries, 1
indigestion, and nervous prostration, tl
Apd true remedy. I.ydia LI. i'inkha
removes such troubles.
The experience un<l test inn
women of America go to prove, };
PinkliamN Vegetable Compound
onrc by removing the cause a?nl i
ami normal condition. If in don
M ass, as thousands do.
No other medicine in the world
Tinnnalified endorsement. No ot her
of female troubles. Kefuso to huy a
ornnn forfeit If wo cannot forthw
Vl^jJ|||| aboro testimonial*, which will pro>
ww v
A somewhat remarkable text
book for the use of young German
soldiers has just been pub^
lished. It deliberately instructs
soldiers to inform their auperiora
of all kinds of ofFencea committed
by their comrades. Services
of this character are stated in the
text books to be a high duty and
worthy of commendation. If the
soldier hears anything derogatory
to his officers or the kaiser he is
to fetch a policeman.
A ftcmarlinble Cnn??.
One of the most romarkable cases
. f . -.11 J ?
01 a coin, ncep seated on the
lungs, causing pneumonia, in that
of Mrs. Uertrude K. Marion, Intl.,
who was entirely cured by the
tine of One Minute Cough Cure.
She flays: "The coughing and
straining bo weakened me that I
run down in weight from 148 to
02 pounds, i tried a number of
remedies to no avail until I used
One Minute Cough Cure. Four
bottles of this wonderful remedy
cured me entirely of the cough,
strengthened mv lungs and ro
stored me to my normal weight,
* health and strength." Crawford
r ?y.'wi?ir -mr? ai
V ' " rt
i^Ovi^p HI
/ ". v " . <v=: ' a
I bt
S^STM ' i.
**? ,. :.r w' lbi
rkM i?
. yj ::
prominent society [J(
11c, r la., daughter of T
West, who witnessed
? ? | ^
3llowing letter, praises 4r.
Vegetable Compounds p1
^ SC
? are 1 >nt few wives and mothers who
nd sui h pain as only women know. *
of Ii\?lia K. lMiikliam's Vegetable di
dicine, different in action from any \\
n doctored f^r years without pcrir.a- :)(
than three months after taking your
< who were chronic and incurable 1:1
I health after a thorough treatment 1'
sed it myself without gaining great m
trength and appetite, and tones up
l is 1 een tried and found true, hence -,
sokkson, 220 Washington St., Jack- ?
? 1
,?.! L.' *- - M- i ? "
iiu nu, j iiuuucipiua, l*a., says :
Hits. Pinkiiam: ? I foci it my duty V1
ul toll you the Rood I have received in
u E. Pinkliam's Vegetable Como
been a groat sufferer with female 1
ying different doctors and inedicine3 n'
nelit. Two years ago I went under tl
m, and it left mc in a very weak si
1 had stomach trouble, backache, ei
limitation of the heart, and was very !
; in fact, I ached all over. I find
is the only medicine that reaches c<
troubles, and would cheerfully rec- a
nd Lydia E. iMnkliain's Vegetable a,
ouiwl to all suffering women."
egular or painful menstruation, wealt*ation
of the womb, that bearing-down
ackaehe, llatulunee, general debility, k
liey shonhl remember there is one tried j|
iu's Vegetable Compound at. once
>r.y of some of the most noted
>oy*md a question, that Lydla E. K(
will eorreet nil sueli trouble at il
restoring the organs to a healthy ! w
bl. write M rs. I'in L I mitt t* f / vn?* i
' A
has received such widespread and
medicine has such a record of cures
my substitute.
ith prrxlnoe the original l?>ttcr? nmt signatures of _
re tli?*lr nlnolnto gi,niiliii>ni!i<?. 1
i K. Iluklmin Mtxticiuo Co., I.ynn, Mum,
The profession of bridesmaid
seems to be grow ing in New York. ^
For some time it has been the
habit at weddings in that city to rt
pay bridesmaids. At a recent al
wedding there were no fewer *
tlian 15 bridesmaids who were all H
pNnctnally paid. Besides the Qj
beautiful dresses given by the u
bride's father, they each received di
$25 apiece for appearing in the P
wedding train. There are young 'jj
ladies who accept so much as $100
for their office of honor. One ai
girl wiio is much sought after for ai
her beauty has appeared as bride- ^
maid at more than 200 weddings, R|
and has in a short time amassed
quite a goodly sum, besides re- ^
juwiviug lunuy cusuy presence.
U'orkhiK Orrriluin.
Eight hours Jaws are ignored B
by those tireless, little workers? tl
Dr. King's New Life Tills. Mill- f*
ions are always at work, night 0
and day, curing Indigestion, Bili- hi
ousness, Constipation. Sick Head- tc
ache and all Stomach,Liver and gi
Bowel troubles. Easy, pleasunt, ft
safe, sure. Only 25cts at J. F.
Maokey Oo., andCrawfordBros. it
drugstore. [&
To the Editor of The Sun?Sir :
lie following (statistics of the] ^
iv11 war, wi..i 11 come from t h
cords of tlie War Department,
ay prove of interest with regard
? your leader ol Dec. 31, and the
tter ol "Veritas," with your Tlio Kii
mimenlfl of today : in nsc
In one action one Union regient
lost 92 per cent. Three fjr\ M
nion regiments lost between 70
id 80 per cent. Seventeen Un- ^'<1
n regiments lost between 00 , j,c^
*ji\ . . IT . lntant
id <0 percent, i'orty-one Union
'giments lost between 50 and 00 m
t?r cent. These numbers are all \
iken Irom the muster rolls on
le in the War Department.where
1 1 , U
ich man is accounted tor by coiitai
nine. The severest loss was by
(Jo* 'ederate regiment at Gettys and a
urg, 720 out of 800 men, or 9o Colic,
ar cent. Another lost in one ami 1*
ittle 82 per cent. Three lost Stoma
i one battle between Oo and 7o Tiio C
ar cent. Nine lost in one battle
it ween 5o and Go per cent. Cfilll
wenty nine lost in one battle
ipr :,n rmr naul
Longstieet's division lost at ^
aines's Mill and (Jlendale 4,
18 out ol 8,831 men, or over 50 ^
.r cent. Several divisions lost in
>rne one action over 40 percent. .
I?e roll ol killed and wounded 'I rjfl
Liring the four years of our Civil A -LLU
Jar, North and South, was 600
ien a day. There were over 2,>0
actions ol sufficient irnpor- BBBBB
nice to be identilied by name.)
i 1982 of these a regiment or
lore was engaged. In 112 of
lese actions the loss exceeded
JO men. This does not count iHfljftffitatJ
le innumerable small affairs on j
le picket, line of an outpost ser- j V
ice in scouting and recounoiter- \ijj|
The total death roll in the
oith was 360,ooo ; in the South _ _
early as much. This excludes! * **
lose who died at home as a re- j
lit of exposure, wounds or disise
alter discharge. Counting Exceilc
iese, the losses in tour vears ex
^/i^u -- ,,m * '
;cucu i/uu,uuu men. 1 HIS I TO 111 !
population 35,ooo,ooo, North' The 1
lid ?>OUlh, Ot Which 4,000,000 I Ford
ere slaves. Out ol this popula-| v?tio
011 there was an average iorce > 1
upt in the held ol C5o,ooo men | r T '
1 the north and something less) w***"
uin loo,000 men 111 the South. I
These statistics speak lor themdves.
There is something in 1
lis uprising of a people which is \
orthy ol imitation ?Theodore ftnj/yjj
.. Dodge, New York, Jan 3.
o New Orleans, La., Mobile,Ala., The Hi-,
and I'ensacola, Fla., via Southern
On account of the Mardi Gras, ? M f%
> be held at New Orleaus, La., 1*1 |K|
Lobile, Ala., and i'ensacola, Fla.,
le Southern Railway will sell
)und trip tickets from all points
t rate of one fare for round trip. ^
icketa on sale Feb. 17th to 23rd, *
iclusive, and for trains arriving
t above points on the morning "Miss T
f Feb. 24th, limited for return ment' of tl
ntil Feb. 28th, except that by work and '
eposit of ticket by tho original removes tl
urchaser, personally, with the color of 111)
Dint Agent not earlier than Feb. gympathv.
4th aud not later than Feb.28th, u;
pon payment of a fee of 50 cents ' ''"?An ah
t the time the ticket is deposited .
u extension can he had until fluestlonlarch
14th, 1003. Apply to any "The m<
Kent of the Southern Kailwav, ?New Yo
r to li. W. Hunt, D.P.A ,
Charleston,S.U. rorothf.
/. LI.Tayloe, A.G.P.A. -w
Atlanta, Ga. |y/
The many friends of John 10 cent* a cop
, . r , i . , Hcrilx- tbrouith,
lount will be pleased to learn
lat he has entirely recovered .
om his attack of rheumatism.
nam her Iain's Pain Balm cured
im after the best doctors in the
>wn (Monon, lnd.) had failed to B
ivt relief. The prompt relief 1 I 1
oni pain which this liniment af g g fyj
trds is alone worth many times
s cost. For sale by J.F.Mackey yg
Co., druggists. o
liM?WP^I^WUl "^Lee^j^
id You Have Always Bought, and which lias bet ""
5 for over JJO years, has borne the signature e.
- and has been made under his personal
supervision since its infancy.
yjfc /<4Xc*U/l? Allow no one to deceive you in (his.
iiuitcrfeits; Imitations and ?*?Tust-as-good" are but
iments that trifle with and endanger the health of
? and Children?Experience against Experiment.
What is CAS ? OR "A
ria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Paro
l>rops ami Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. Tfc
ns neither Opium, Morphine 1101* other Narcotic
.nee. Its ago is its guarantee, it destroys Worms
(lays Feverislincss. It cures Diarrhoea ami Wiiul
It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
'latuleney. It assimilates the Food, regulates tlio
eli and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
Jhildren's Panacea?The Mother's Friend.
Kind You Have Always Bought
in Use For Over 30 Years.
Th? Gr?*l Highwivy of TRADE and TRAVEL
fit Service Quick Time Convenient Schedules
Any Trtp Is a Pleasure Trip to lhos? who
finest Dinin$-Car Service in the World.
letalled Information as to TlcKets, Rates and Sleeping-Car res err
ns address the nearest Agent of THE SOUTHERN RAILWAY.
t r{Ir M?ns|<ar. Genertil C?M?ii|ar Agent. Attitlnnl f.ea Cmiengrr A/;ar.t,
tory by Miss Tela M. Tarbell which began in the
November McClure's is the
at Story of ^
ifr Standard Oil.
arbell's work is of unequalled importance as a 'docule
day. Her story has live men in it; they suffer and
win and lose their battles with the verisiniiliiude that
10 tale from the dry statement and clothes it wi h the
iman interest and the vivid rainbow garment of human
* * * The results of her work are likely to be farshe
is writing unfinished history "?Boston Olobo.
sorbing and illuminating contribution to the trust
?-Chicago Inter-Ocean.
09t important announcement made by any magazine."
rk Journal.
ir great features of 19o3 send for our prospee us.
ir r i i t tj i; ' c
L 1 ^ IV w )
y, fl.'W iv your. Send us thu dollar. at 145 Kast J5th Street, Now > ork, or subyour
denier iloeit Imo.
up or write us when you want printing done

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